Well, it’s a start…

Barbra Streisand Says She Will Move to Australia If Trump Becomes President:

Streisand is just one of nearly a dozen celebrities who have publicly vowed to move out of the United States in the event that Trump is elected. Other stars who have made the same pledge include Whoopi Goldberg, Miley Cyrus, Samuel L. Jackson, George Lopez, Raven-Symoné and Cher.

Well, a good start anyway.

Venezuela is a Ticking Nuke…

venezuela streets

Let us be very, very crystal clear … There was NO ‘Cuba-like’ U.S. embargo of Venezuela. As with Cuba, socialism/communism is completely responsible for this dire collapse and starvation of Venezuela’s society. And one candidate currently running for POTUS (and his loyal staunch supporters) is using the floundering leftist South American country as one of the socialist templates for how he believes the United States should be, completely and purposely ignoring the cold hard facts and reality. Think about that as you scan and click on the headlines below and read this personal account of a Venezuelan living here in the U.S., watching and worrying from afar as his family and friends still living down there are helplessly and hopelessly experiencing the horror firsthand:

The Pain of Watching Your Country Fall Apart:

It’s a terrible thing to watch the country of your birth slowly tear itself apart in an unwavering death march. That place which first welcomed my half-opened infant eyes is no longer the one I knew, nor the one from the stories I have heard.

I am not talking about the suffering of Syria or the plight of Ukraine, though tragic their stories are. The pain and torment which affects me and tens of millions of others is occurring in the South American nation of Venezuela, one which has tightened the noose around its neck over the last two decades with bad policy after bad policy.


Every single friend and family member who I know in or who at one point lived in Venezuela has either been robbed, assaulted, kidnapped, shot, or murdered. My grandfather was rammed in the chest by the barrel of a gun for his gold-chained necklace. My uncle’s new car was stolen the day he bought it as he entered the gated parking of his apartment building. My godfather’s ex-wife has gone through three kidnappings, with shots being fired into her car during the last attack.

An iPhone or any accessory more luxurious than a Mickey Mouse watch is an invitation for robbery. Thugs on motorcycles lane-split through traffic to knock on car windows for any electronics or high-priced items. Sometimes they’ll kill you just because you don’t have anything to give.

The problems don’t stop when it comes to crime. Beyond the perpetual worry for your life, the entire country, is prone to rolling blackouts, a shortage of basic goods and necessities, unbelievably long lines to purchase anything, and apparently insurmountable political gridlock. In 2016, GDP is forecasted to decrease by -8%, inflation is skyrocketing at nearly 500%, and the minimum wage was increased days ago to roughly $13.50 per month.


During their last visit here, some family members took back the most basic of supplies in order to keep enduring the crisis. These included toilet paper, canned foods, raw beans, rice, and over-the-counter medications like Tums and Aspirin.

Beer has run out in the nation’s largest brewing company, the streets are empty at night as parading gangs of colectivos assault and kill without any obstacles or discretion, and six soldiers were arrested for stealing goats because they didn’t have enough to eat in their army barracks.

To put it simply, the country is falling apart. […]

And the even sadder thing is the writer of the above piece (HuffPo’s Alfredo J. Ramirez), and my Facebook friend Human Rights activist Thor Halvorssen (who is from Venezuela where his mother was born), insist socialism is a great system, even when they look around at Venezuela, Cuba, and even the Western socialist enclaves Thor cites fails to relate how that ‘good’ socialism (non-authoritarian) is also economically falling apart this very day in those countries, even without the oppressive totalitarian ruler(s). He lists adhering to rights and constitutions, etc., but forgets socialism is not based in such individual structures of individual people and their rights, and is only a stepping stone to communism and finally to totalitarianism to control the people and everything within the structure of society. We are seeing it begin in our own country with the “Progressive” measures that have been taken in every aspect of our society in order to breakdown our designated Constitutional representative republic foundation and grow an all-powerful all-consuming centralized government to rule us all. I have respect for Thor and the work he does, but he is just too optimistic still, even in the face of all the living and dead facts and reality of the failed and failing various socialist systems over the past century, and I am disheartened with him. He is not only vocally supporting Bernie Sanders, but has contributed to his campaign. Thor ignores the fact Venezuela’s Pres. Maduro has praised Sanders

So, Thor believes Sanders is the lesser of the three evils. Ugh! What a narrative of how much trouble we are in these days. There is no socialist “Utopia”, and socialism is a miserable slow death of any society.


The Suicide of Venezuela

Maduro in crackdown under Venezuela emergency decree

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced a sweeping crackdown Saturday under a new emergency decree, ordering the seizure of paralyzed factories, the arrest of their owners and military exercises to counter alleged foreign threats.

The embattled leftist is struggling to contain a raging economic crisis that has led to food shortages, soaring prices, riots, looting and vigilante justice, pushing Venezuela to the brink of collapse.

He accused the United States on Friday of destabilizing the country at the behest of the “fascist Venezuelan right,” prompting him to declare a state of emergency.

Addressing his supporters at a rally in central Caracas on Saturday, Maduro announced some of the actions to be taken under the decree, which has not yet been published…

Let that sink in, and then remember what the alleged leader of our country was ‘decreeing’ around that same time. Again, let that sink in. We are supposed to be a nation of checks and balances and separation of powers, and Barack Obama degrees bathroom usage, of all children’s schools, and threatening to withhold federal funds (See: tax payer dollars from those school systems the federal government sank its teething into and sucked from their paychecks) and with other possible punishments. Recall Venezuela’s current and former leader enjoyed decreeing laws/rules/regulations on an instant whim for every little aspect of life in their nation, and upheld them with threats and strangling actions. This is how it begins.

And sorry, Nick, but it’s all on you and Hugo: Venezuela accuses US of plotting coup as Washington warns of ‘imminent collapse’

U.S. concern grows over possible Venezuela meltdown: officials

Dying Infants and No Medicine: Inside Venezuela’s Failing Hospitals

Protests as Venezuela enters state of emergency: Rival factions take the streets of Caracas

Venezuela’s ‘state of emergency’: How the country slid into crisis

US officials concerned about possible coup in Venezuela

Venezuela looters target chicken, flour amid worsening shortages

Meanwhile in economy-tanking, politically corrupt Brazil, another leftist enclave:

Brazil Suspends President who Blocked Dani Dayan’s Appointment

Impeachment proceedings against Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff: What’s up?

Can Brazil’s next president rescue Petrobras?

FLASHBACK – Just a reminder: Obama Underwrites Offshore Drilling with $2 Billion U.S. dollars

And: Argentina’s former president Kirchner charged for manipulating economy

So. no,Thor, socialism does not work.

Hey, Looks Like “Skynet” is Coming


If you read the Drudge Headlines they give a grim view of the toxic atmosphere the world’s techno modernity is building:

PAPER: Overstimulation leading to ‘constant boredom’…

‘Goldfish level attention spans’…

POPE: Happiness not an app…

PAPER: How FACEBOOK plans to take over world…

World’s first drone cafe … Drinks fly in

BEAST: Drones Being Taught To Overthrow Humanity…

Robot security guard patrols on own…

AI interrogator knows when lying…


Google Gets Beaten to the Punch by AT&T on Super-Fast Broadband

This city embedded traffic lights in the sidewalks so that smartphone users don’t have to look up

And via Instapundit:

21st CENTURY WARFARE: Cameron Warns ISIS Plans to Use Drones Armed With Dirty Bombs to Attack the West.

SKYNET SMILES: Skydio’s Camera Drone Finally Delivers on Autonomous Flying Promises.

FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMED: Pentagon admits it has deployed military spy drones over the U.S.

GOAL: CUSTOMIZABLE DRONES DELIVERED OVERNIGHT. The Army Wants 3D-Printing Build-a-Drone Workshops.

Google’s planning to deliver super-fast 5G Internet from solar-powered drones.

I don’t think all this will end well…

Invading “Migrants” Remind Germany That Nobody Puts Hitler on a Corner

Europe is in deep cultural and national security trouble. This is what happens when you, rather, your heady leftist leadership governments and the squeamish PC populations make an enemy invasion so quick and welcoming. (I say this because the U.S. is about to do the same thing, in addition to our already asinine border situation.) The sovereignties of Germany and other countries is near collapse as the majority of these Hegira ‘refugees’ have no intentions of assimilating or of allowing existing cultural traditions and norms to stand. They have already begun the fundamental transformation of Germany, France, Great Britain, the Scandi countries and more. The 21st century Crusades are underway and our leaders are not only allowing it but inviting it.

More @ The Gateway Pundit


Sweden’s Political Gaffes Add to PM’s Woes Amid Refugee Overload…

China Successfully Tests New Powerful ICBM That Can Reach All Corners of the U.S.


I guess the Chi-Coms didn’t get Barack Obama’s little gesture of running into the ground our nuclear weapons stockpiles.
Hope and Change…

(Washington Free Beacon) – China conducted another flight test of its newest and longest-range intercontinental ballistic missile last week amid growing tensions with the United States over the South China Sea.

Pentagon officials told the Free Beacon the flight test of the new road-mobile DF-41 missile took place Tuesday with two multiple, independently targetable reentry vehicles, or MIRVs, that were monitored in flight by U.S. military satellites and other regional sensors.

Officials did not say where the test took place. Past DF-41 launches were carried out from the Wuzhai Missile and Space Test Center in central China.

The latest flight test followed an earlier, rail-based canister ejection test of a DF-41 on Dec. 5.

U.S. Strategic Command commander Adm. Cecil Haney said Jan. 22 that China’s multiple warhead missiles are part of a significant investment in both nuclear and conventional forces.

“China is re-engineering its long-range ballistic missiles to carry multiple nuclear warheads,” Haney said in a speech.

The flight test came around the same time that a high-ranking Chinese general made an unusual visit to a disputed South China Sea island. Also, the missile test occurred three days before Defense Secretary Ash Carter visited the aircraft carrier USS Stennis as it sailed in the South China Sea.

Pentagon officials said the visit to Fiery Cross Reef in the Spratly Islands by Gen. Fan Changlong was timed to the Carter visit to the region. Fan is vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, the most powerful military organ under the ruling Communist Party of China.

The Pentagon has said China is covertly building military bases on disputed islands in the sea. Beijing has accused Washington of militarizing the sea by deploying warships and bolstering regional alliances.

Disclosure of the DF-41 test follows a newsletter report last month that stated China is nearing deployment of the new ICBM.

Kanwa Asian Defense reported last month that the new ICBM is in the final testing phase, and its expected deployment area will be near Xinyang in Henan province, in central China.

From that location, the missile would be capable of striking the United States in around 30 minutes, either through a polar trajectory or over the Pacific.

An earlier flight test of the DF-41, also with two dummy warheads, was carried out Aug. 6.

The new missile poses a significant strategic threat because it is larger than other road-mobile ICBMs and the new JL-2 submarine-launched ballistic missile.

The DF-41 is assessed by U.S. intelligence agencies to be powerful enough to deliver between six and 10 warheads up to 7,456 miles—far enough to reach every corner of the United States from launch areas in eastern China…

With all our debt China owns what’s to stop them from blackmailing our government into surrendering our sovereignty to their will and control with the threat of total nuclear annihilation?

VOTD: “We’re doomed. But you knew that…”

What a bunch of fucking idiots.
Here’s a thought on how to cut back on student loan debt. Demand prospective ‘students’ take a damn IQ and mental health test before handing them the loan papers to sign.

These people aren’t even ‘smart’ or ‘wise’ enough to be communists. They are the definition of “useful idiots” for communists. So “open-minded” their brains have fallen out, or dried out, to say the least. And they seriously believe they are so much better than the rest of us, so intellectual and all that crap. Bunch of twat-waffles, all.

Read Rod Dreher’s observation on this idiocricy: Dictatorship Of The Dimwits

We have really fallen since the 1960s days of “If it feels good do it”.

What gets me about this latest bullshit of fluid gender identity, LGBTXYZ activism vs safety/sanity in the public restrooms is these same people bitching over their “rights” as a DNA male dressed as a female to enter the same public restroom your sister/daughter/wife/mother is using … and then the next morning this same DNA male identifies as a ‘man’ … are the same damn nutbags yelling about ‘cultural appropriation’ because we cook and eat (and God forbid open a restaurant) food not of our own DNA ethnicities (especially if we’re *gasp* “white”) or dare accent/accessorize our fashions with things from different ethnic cultures. Yet, these twat-waffles have no problem ‘gender appropriation’ and the appropriation of DNA gender-based public restrooms.

Sidebar: While I don’t personally agree with it, I would cut slack for those transsexuals who have completely gone through the surgical process of ‘physically’ changing the gender of their genitals.

Anyhow, these fucking people vote…

Deception and Deflection: The Western Left Throws ‘Feminism’ Under the “Refugee” Bus

Mark Steyn is absolutely brilliant, as is Nigel Farage who makes his own rebuttal to the two liberals in the extended video versions of this debate.

“Newborn feminists” (the left always believes they own the language) are obsessed with ‘sex’ and it’s why they are leading the charge against this cultural invasion by “migrants”?

Conservatives have always been the true ‘feminists’. We have pointed out the anti-woman leanings of the pop culture that sees girls and women as so much entertainment and publicity fodder for low-end cultural morals. And while we disagree with the objectification and sexualizing of females in our society we have never viewed women/females as less than any other person in our society. As a matter of fact, our anti-abortion stance is based in the belief that women are actually superior in their ability to have life created and nurtured in their wombs.

However, today’s liberal/leftist “feminists” are showing their true colors. It has never really been about the individual rights of women, but the ‘collective’ political power in harnessing this idea that only leftists/liberals are capable of defending women. Bullshit on so many levels. In these last nearly 16 years of our military involvement in Islamic based countries our military has seen and has tried very hard to bring rights and equality to females (AND young boys) in these backwater cultures that beat and rape and execute them at will for even the slightest imagined insult against their cultural religion.

But now we see the left actually chuckling and shrugging-off the dark ages of this culture being invited into their own socially modern societies where the women have now become acceptable ‘collateral damages’ in the name of ‘tolerance’ and political correctness. More bullshit. And as is stated, these Western government officials are diluting the rights of their own females by insisting they abide by the invaders’ cultural demands, and these attacks are somehow their own fault.

I recall when I was young watching TV shows where during a rape trial a woman’s attire (sultry or not, or even naked) or individual freedom to come and go whenever and wherever she pleased was defined as NOT reason for the defense to excuse the rapist’s crime against her. And now today’s liberal/left feminists shrug it off and, as is stated near the end, have basically sold out women in favor of appeasing these extremely antiquated cultures invading their countries. And make no mistakes, in all this huffy-puffy current LGBTXYZ activism and liberal outrage forcing wedding cake baking and hosting, and mixed bathroom attendance YOU’RE NEXT on this radical Islamic invasion’s radar. Yet, you refuse to see they have no intentions of assimilating to your modern society norms, and you have no intentions of expecting or insisting they do so. You are openly willing to throw your own into the fires as long as your own wretched, fascist, hypocritical and dictatorial ideology presumably survives.

There will come a reckoning, lefties…

Steyn’s closing statement on this current ‘migration’ invasion into the West is stunning. Listen to what he says about the ‘American poem’ nailed to the base of the Statue of Liberty. I totally agree…


2/3rds Of British Muslims Wouldn’t Tell Government About A Terror Plot

Two Recently Arrived Muslim Immigrant Boys Attempt Murder of a 9-Year-old Canadian Schoolgirl by ‘..Choking Her With Chains..’

WOW! Just WOW! Follow the embedded links at the blog to the full original story printed by The Chronicle Herald News, AND especially the link to their retraction, and downright fucking apology, for having printed it: “School bullying story needed more work” … and tidbits like this: “Our story was incomplete and insufficiently corroborated, given the serious nature of the allegations.” … And this was said after they extended the list of parental complaints of this school bullying by ‘immigrants’ at the school. And this: “Readers also rightly pointed out that the headline ‘Parents worried over school kids’ brutality’ was unfortunate. Using the word brutality to describe children, particularly of an identifiable cultural group, is problematic.”

Get the fuck off this planet. Just go.