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1984 – Compulsory Language

Decades ago, when the first rumblings of the need for gay marriage to be legalized came about, I was grappling with the issue.

At first I was okay with the idea. I understood that for a member of a gay couple it would be easier if he was married and a hospital has visiting restricted only to “next of kin”. And for the purposes of a will, it would be easier to cover inheritance issues. And perhaps it should be ok for a married gay couple to have Social Security Rights from each other. And there were other considerations that made me sympathetic to the need for the same legal recognition for gay marriage as for hetero marriages. At first I was an advocate for this issue.

And then I heard the awesome Midge Decter observe on a panel on an NR cruise – and I paraphrase – Mark my words, she warned, the people advocating gay marriage want nothing less than to turn all of our moral structure on its head. They want to make what we consider normal, seem abnormal, and they want to turn all of society’s rules upside down.

At the time I thought she was overstating things.

But then I read an article by the major advocate who, for years, had been fighting for this issue, that everyone should emulate gay couples because their promiscuity is a good thing. Gays are not hung up on fidelity like people in straight marriages are, he said, and that improves their sex life.

Uh oh, I thought.

And later on I sat in horror as a gay woman was chiding her friend in public to be active and get a religious leader ousted from his post because he refused to proudly support gay rights. She wanted it to go up to the Pope and nothing was enough, not even violence, until these things are rectified and universal. Again I thought, uh oh.

All that was decades ago.

Fast forward to today.

No longer can we say “ladies and gents” or “boys and girls” because we might make someone feel uncomfortable. Really?

I said this is only the beginning. And how right I was. Those who succumbed and did change the language felt proud of themselves for doing a good deed. And anyone who disagreed was considered intolerant. But then the good deed was extended. So now we are offered preprinted identifications we can proudly wear – he/him or she /her or I/they, etc. I loved what our esteemed editor recently said to me. He said, “If someone asks me what my pronouns are, I will tell them, they are ‘fuck’ and ‘you.'”

And now we are seeing schools teaching sex ed, even for Kindergarten and young grades. And transgender stories and demonstrations with small children participating are all the rage. Why is there the need for such issues to be taught to children so young?

Why are we taking time away from teaching the three R’s and science?

And If a parent complains about this making of aberrations normalcy, that parent is considered intolerant. Often teachers tell the children, “Don’t tell your parents.”


And if a child considers himself to be a girl when he has a penis, we have to respect that self identity and allow him to use the girls’ bathroom. And if he rapes a girl and a parent complains, the parent is at fault. And further if a person breaks the law and goes to prison and he decides he is a girl, in some states he is allowed to be assigned to a ladies’ prison. He is then allowed to shower with the women, etc. And if he is a loser at swimming when he swims with other males and says he considers himself a girl, he can win easily by swimming in girls’ meets. This is nuts.

More aberrations:

Here is a comment I saw recently on a blog:

So, Covid targets elderly/at-risk & has a 99.9% global survival rate. Monkeypox mainly affects gay men & has almost no fatalities. But Dems are again declaring a ‘public’ health emergency & acting like we’re all at risk to break the law.

This is what totalitarianism looks like.

— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) July 29, 2022

And again speaking of language being perverted:

Gender is not a biological imperative but only a choice. This from a letter to the editor of the Epoch Times.

A talk show host described perversions of definitions being taught in Portland schools.

One assertion, I kid you not, is that two genders is a concept forced on indigenous people by conquering adults. In other words it is a MADE UP CONCEPT. And further, one person was quoted as saying- and this is apparently a real belief someone has – that there are as many genders as there are stars in the galaxy!

I ask you, how can we survive as normal or mentally healthy when teachers believe this garbage? What kind of intelligence can a teacher who believes that statement have, and who would want to trust her child with such a teacher?

We are being pressured to ben ourselves into pretzels to use this new language. To object is to be perverse. Normalcy is now perversion. And perversion is to be accepted as the normal.

How prescient was Midge Decter!

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