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A review of the Frontline on PBS from Tuesday night, April 12th

I only saw the program once and it is possible I misconstrued some things and forgot others. If I got some things really wrong, let me know. But here is my summary of this outrageous edition of Frontline:

It said it was going to be about Ukraine, so even though I gave up on Frontline and vowed never to watch it again, and that was 35 years ago, I relented and watched. My first instincts were correct, and I will never make this mistake again.

Frontline always finds the way to blame conservatives, Republicans and America loving Constitutionalists for everything. They also always find a way to cover up their real alliance which is with the left in this country. I do not say liberal democrats. I say the left.

The program was less than fifty minutes long. The first half was spent on two things – giving a history of Putin’s rise and showing Putin to be unstable and manic and hell bent on carving his posterity by using tyranny. One good scene was Putin sitting there with his cabinet and he is watching with terrorizing threatening eyes as one by one the cabinet members showed their support of the invasion. One tried to equivocate and had to submit in toto because the alternative was obvious horrible death. At the end of that scene Putin “gratefully accepted” the unanimous support they gave him. That was a good part of the program. It really gave the sense of how scary Putin can be. There were beautiful news commentators and this part was okay. The rest of the first half was a kind of history of how it is easy to understand Putin’s perspective because look at all of those American presidents who gave money and secret help to overthrow governments of countries in Putin’s orbit. OY.

What was wrong with that section was there was no judgment on the part of Frontline to say freedom is a good goal and tyranny under communism is not a good goal. It was all as if America was bad because it was painting Putin into a corner and the only way he could extricate himself was to reverse what America was doing and how terrible it was that American presidents were doing that. The program gave a history of a series of Republican presidents from Reagan to Bush the elder, to GW and, of course the worst of all, Trump, with a mild mention of Clinton being shocked at the intransigent Putin and Obama, the good, being shown as trying his best to help Putin to understand we mean him no harm, only the awful Republican presidents were to blame for the Ukraine invasion. They showed a murdered Qaddafi, which focused Putin deeply into knowing he could be next. But no mention that that was in 2011 – and who was it who was president then? – Not Trump or GW or Reagan. Still even that was made to seem a Republican cause for Putin’s attitude. in 2011!

And there was no mention of Obama telling Putin about his version of the great reset – in this case he wanted to reset our dealings with Russia as a friendly state. (as opposed to Trump, the bad, who, well look later to see Frontline’s version of Trump and Putin.)

So the first part of this program was terrible, but the second part really took the cake. This part spent a lot of time with the 2016 election. With an audacity of a blizzard of lies as if the Mueller report had not disproven the entire conspiracy that Trump colluded with Russians to steal the 2016 election, this Frontline went on and on about how Trump stole the election with Russia breaking into Mrs. Clinton’s email and then using that info to help Trump win. For Frontline the conclusions of the Mueller Report never existed, only the lies of the accusations.

No liberal ever apologizes for wrong doing, even if it is treason. (Today all the news about Hunter Biden and the Biden family corruption in general are finally being shown to have been purposefully covered up but no one apologizes for hiding that info from the public) And Frontline takes obvious lies and repeats them today as if they are facts. No one will ever suffer for disseminating these lies. I don’t know how liberals can live with themselves. But if they are not offended by repeated lies like these, then I declare that anyone who remains a liberal today, indeed a Democrat, should be ashamed of himself.

But they said this program was supposed to be about Putin and Ukraine. And I looked and it was 50 minutes into the hour and still nothing about Ukraine.

Within the last two minutes of this program, which ended at 10:52, they showed the usual stock footage of Afghans running triumphantly alongside American planes leaving, with the voiceover explaining how Trump’s foolish weakness shown in his affection and apologias for Putin made Putin know he could do whatever he wanted with impunity in the face of this weak president Trump. The exit from Afghanistan horror was in 2021 and after January 20th. Trump?

The final minute of the program at last stated something about the invasion of Ukraine with the same imprimatur of Trump’s weakness paving the way. This was in 2022. Trump’s weakness?

And then up came the end titles. The program was over. WHAT?

Excuse me, who was president in 2021 and 2022? You would never know that person existed. His name did not appear once in the entire script, while Trump’s name continued to show up in false contexts over and over until 2022.

And, most adorable of all, not one mention of how Putin did not invade until China’s Olympics ended.

No discussion of Zelensky, his valor in staying in Ukraine and the valor of the people fighting and the horror of the way now war criminal Putin is waging this war. All that was of no importance to the makers of this program.

But why am I surprised? If they are unwilling to praise individual liberty as being superior to and more to be desired than Communist tyranny, what else should I expect from such makers of documentaries?

Disgusting. Never give a penny to this network again. Nobody ever should. No matter how much I like Masterpiece Mystery or Masterpiece Theater, they do not get my money because they lie in this revolting fashion.

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