A Puzzlement?

Nah. Not if you are a thinking person.

Suddenly, mandates may be ending. Why these announcements this week? Not much has changed. True, Omicron is quieting down, but much worse variants are predicted that we are warned to look out for. Yet suddenly at this very moment, we are getting promises from authorities that soon masks and other mandates will be taken off

Why now?

The liars and hypocrites in Washington have been ruining my life for over two years. in combination with them are those who have refused to recognize that the rules they follow religiously as they obey the mandates from above have been helping authorities who are diluting freedom and removing joy. But suddenly we are hearing thatf is time that what was essential for over two years will soon be irrelevant.

Why now?

The worst pandemic to hit America lasted under two years while they had much less medical knowledge in the early 20th century than we have now. Yet with all of current medical advancement now, we’re into our third year with no end in sight for this virus.

Recently they told us we needed special masks, double and triple masks. No matter that more children have shown signs of serious depression and more have committed suicide than previously recorded. We must continue to fight this virus endlessly with more restrictions every day. Five year olds cannot attend the ballet without masks and proof of vaccinations that do more harm than good to young people. Children must remain masked in most schools despite how harmful that has proven to be to their development and education.

But suddenly we are that hearing mandates will be easing up and may be ending by May.

Why now? What has changed?

Nothing I can see. Just a few weeks ago we were told – you thought the virus was bad until now? Wait until you see the next one headed our way. It is a combination of the worst ever.

So what’s going on?

In quiet, peaceful, always polite, Canada, where they have put up with excesses of creeping socialism for decades and complained not a whit, truckers who cannot work because of crippling mandates spontaneously asked themselves are we going to sit still while they ruin our lives and the lives of all Canadians or are we going to do something for once?

Through contacts on media they organized a convoy to have a party and just line up and drive, to show up en masse – to say to their government ENOUGH!

The line of trucks overnight became miles long. Immediately more Canadians joined in, lining streets, and standing on bridges overhead as the truckers drove by, cheering them on with signs and shouts and moral support. This is a national movement of Canadians peacefully telling the government stop this!

Already Trudeau has begun the lying and insults, and we know that will as well be part of the style from Washington, don’t we? And gullible liberals will believe their propaganda, no matter how unbelievable it is. Read my post on protests and read about the insults of the protestors.

And the convoys are coming to America and American truckers will join and our own tyrants are getting nervous. I hope it works here but I fear it might not.

THAT’S why now.

It has all been a fraud to gain power. That is why they may be caving on their usual fear mongering and ordering us around removing our joy and liberty.

Let’s see who wins, me, one Jane Doe, the entity with the most power in the world, now evidenced by the truckers, ( see my essay on protestors), or the powers of the left..

The fight is on. Let liberty prevail!

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  1. […] thanks to The Universal Spectator for reprint […]


  2. […] thanks to The Universal Spectator for reprint […]


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