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Sunday’s Lighter Side: Something for Everyone…


Christine Rousselle: Indiana priest says he’s cured of brain tumor after trip to Lourdes: ‘Thanks be to God’. Fr. John Hollowell says he’s experienced supernatural healing — Dr. Marc Siegel and faith leaders weigh in

7th grader wins $10K by sinking four baskets in 25 seconds

Ryan Morik: 7th grader wins $10,000 after drilling half-court shot: ‘Through the power of God, it went in’: JJ Franks made four shots in 25 seconds to win the prize

“That was one in a million, and through the power of God, it went in,” Franks said.

“The first three, I thought he has some basketball talent, but the last shot, really, I think was maybe more a gift from God than it was some natural talent,” said his mother, Marie.

Franks is a player for the K-12 school’s junior-high team. He said the cash is going straight to his college fund.

Backyard Critters:

She has a name for each one of them, but they all pretty much look alike to me…

My younger sister and I were scolded by forest rangers in The Blue Ridge Mountains when we were little for feeding the wild deer (Ritz Crackers!) and they sternly informed us that the deer will become lazy about foraging their own food if they get used to humans hand-feeding them … “and they’re starve to death in the winter!” My sister was brought to tears.

By the way, any of you other ladies jealous of these naturally lush eyelashes?? “Doe-eyed” indeed! This was sweet…

Canadian wildlife enthusiast Derek Keith Burgoyne was in New Brunswick, Canada, when his drone camera caught a moose shedding both of its antlers. “Once-in-a-lifetime moment,” he said…

Nobody home but us bears…

Cool Finds:

Sydney Borchers: Girl, 9 years old, discovers rare prehistoric megalodon tooth in Maryland waters on Christmas Day: ‘I couldn’t believe it’. Young Molly Sampson discovered a 5-inch-long, 15 million-year-old megalodon tooth

JPost: Archaeologists find 5,000-year-old tavern in Iraq, refrigerator still intact

Joanie Margulies: Archaeologists stunned at ancient moat, handprints found in Jerusalem

AFP: Egypt archaeologists uncover ‘complete’ Roman city

Aimee White: X-Rays Reveal Fascinating Discovery Inside Ancient Egyptian Mummy

Metro: ‘Stonehenge of the North’, built in 3500 to 2500 BC, opens up to the public

Lindsey Charleston: Experts Find an Alarming 340-Year-Old Discovery In a Sunken Warship

Ewww and Ouch:

Angeli Gabriel: Not from a horror film: When insects turn into ‘zombies’: This horror may seem like the stuff of nightmares, but for many insects and the parasites that turn them into “zombies,” this is just another day in the natural world.

Cortney Moore: Young boy goes viral after TikTok video shows shark biting him amid spearfishing trip with dad: Manni Alam of Australia, 8, has gone viral after a small shark’s apparent misfire resulted in a non-injurious bite

Julia Musto: Florida beach ranked ‘deadliest’ in US due to shark attacks, hurricanes: Other Florida beaches also topped rankings

That’s Entertainments:

That’s Disney’s story and they’re sticking to it…

Melissa Barclay: The Original Dark Stories Behind The Disney Classics

Daniel Quintiliano: Gladiator 2: The Epic Sequel to Ridley Scott’s Film Announces Release Date for November 2024

Rather than replacing Russell Crowe’s Maximus, Mescal will portray a different character. In the sequel, he will act as Lucius, son of Lucilla (played by Connie Nielsen), and the nephew of Joaquin Phoenix’s Commodus, the son of Roman leader Marcus Aurelius. As the original film showed, Maximus saved Lucius and his mother while avenging his own family, a lasting influence on the boy…

Jeremy Smith: 25 must-watch three-hour movies to help you pass the time

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BREAKING: Popped the Balloon … Brandon’s “Barn Door” Moment

A little too late, Brandon. A. Whole. Week.
The CCP and Xi got everything they wanted and needed.

Off the coast of South Carolina…

Adam Sabes @ FNC: BREAKING NEWS: SHOT DOWN – US military shoots down Chinese spy balloon over the Atlantic Ocean

While the balloon was off the coast of South Carolina, the balloon was shot down by the U.S. military on Saturday afternoon, according to Fox News sources.

When you watch the video you can see the payload machinery free-falling toward the water below the limp deflated massive balloon. That valuable technology might well be lost to our military and intel exploitation.

Twitchy: WATCH: Chinese spy balloon shot down over Atlantic after its flight across entire U.S.

Brandon … Always a treasure trove of reality-loaded parody fodder for The Bee…

The Babylon Bee: Biden Says He’ll Shoot Down Chinese Spy Balloon As Soon As He’s Done Letting It Spy

I’m hoping our military/intel tech hackers were atleast early-on able to not only grab any/all data off the damn thing while it was cruising freely above us, but halted its ability to collect and transmit any further data/info back to China. *sigh* I have my doubts.

Andrew Miller: GROUND STOP – Several airports closed as spy balloon shootdown causes flight radar gaps

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SPACE: Colder Than the Surface of Mars…

How do you say, “Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!”, in Martian??

Patrick Reilly: This cold is out of this world: Mount Washington as cold as Mars with record-breaking wind chills of 110 below

Ben Turner: Gigantic ‘alien’ comet spotted heading straight for the sun

Emily Lefroy: How to see the 2023 green comet from wherever you are

Jess Thomson: Green Comet in Pictures and Videos

Outer Space Seascapes…

Julia Musto: Webb telescope image captures stunning spiral galaxy over a billion light-years away: NASA said the Webb image would help astronomers learn how galaxies evolve

VIDEO (7/17/2022): Webb Space Telescope allows us to ‘look into the past’: Theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku explains the significance of new images provided by NASA’s Webb Space Telescope

Joshua Hawkins: Remarkable footage shows planets circling a star 133 light-years from Earth

Planetary landscapes…

Space.com: 10 Earth impact craters you must see

Robert Zimmerman: A Martian hill of pillows

Ben Turner: New map of the universe’s matter reveals a possible hole in our understanding of the cosmos

Space Tech and Business:

Doris Elín Urrutia: NASA Finds the Culprit Behind a Webb Telescope Malfunction: Powerful Cosmic Rays

(This artist’s impression shows how the rings might look from close to the surface of Chariklo. NASA/JPL
© Provided by CNET)

Eric Mack: NASA Webb Telescope Zooms in on One of Solar System’s Oddest Objects

Chris Queen (2/1/23): 20 Years Ago Today: the Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster

Kristin Fisher: CNN Exclusive: Inside the secretive process to select the first astronauts for NASA’s next moon mission

Joe Fisher: Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley awarded Congressional Space Medals of Honor: It was the first time in 17 years that the medals have been awarded

Jon Kelvey: Say hello to the Commerce Department’s new space traffic-cop program: With all kinds of debris clogging low Earth orbit, the space above us needs a manager.

Benjamin Ayanian: Space Tourism Is No Waste: Investment in the space tourism market will spur innovation and create new possibilities.

U-FOs and Aliens:


Fatemeh Mirjalili: Dune Part 2 Is ‘More Cutthroat’ Than Part 1, But There’s Some ‘Absurd Humor’ Too

Decades later, I’m still confused…

Ben Hardwick: 2001: A Space Odyssey’s Ending, Explained by Stanley Kubrick

These last couple of weeks I’ve been binge-watching the two season (1963-1965) “The Outer Limits” TV series I loved as a child. While then the alien episodes scared the heck out of me. Re-watching now I’ve noticed the show production was limited to basically 3-4 alien costumes that they would attach whatever clump of hair or slimy trim on in hopes of you not noticing it’s pretty much the same ‘alien’ from a previous episode a few weeks back. But the special effects (which also were reused again and again) weren’t too bad with what the series crew had to work with back in the day, and for a television series with limited network funding to go around (hence, only 2 seasons). Still, the story writing and telling was ahead of its time during that black and white Cold War era … and yes, a lot of storylines depended on Cold War fears and mentality.

When I had completed that original series binge-watch I moved onto the re-vamped “The Outer Limits” (1995-2002) that originally aired on Showtime and Syfy and went out in syndication. I’m watching on my ROKU Channel archives. This era’s series did bring back a few original episodes with remakes, but most of the episodes are newer subject matter mentality and fears, the Cold War over and not so influential. There is more of a science-based sci-fi element, a lot of mind-harnessing, DNA-manipulation and computer/AI interference and future post-apocalyptic mankind as struggling ‘primitives’ at the enslaved mercy of overlords. The ‘alien’ related episodes are less surprising with the humans because we are to perceive mankind is experienced at space travel and open to non-human life possibilities. So, the alien-related stories don’t really have the same effect as when I was a kid. No, the episodes that tug at my peace-of-mind are those that involve the natural threat/destruction of Earth, or the colonized planet humans find themselves on. I’ve seen 2-3 episodes so far in the nearly 4 completed seasons out of 7 seasons involving solar/star major events as the mode of destruction and helplessness involving the/a sun/star and solar activity. This kind of goes back to last week’s “Space” post where I recommended the movie “Knowing”. I think it was about 30 years ago I became awed by the power of the sun and how while it is so unique in our universe and life-giving, it will eventually, with little to no warning, be the end of this world and those we share the Sol System with.

And the classic episode of The Twilight Zone: S3 E10 “The Midnight Sun” remains one of my most chilling watches since childhood, all the way to the twist and turn end. I know The Twilight Zone has a new remake TV show since 2019. I’ll have to check those episodes for a redux of that classic episode.

Which brings me to another movie involving the sun, and its diminishing power threatening Earth, “Sunshine” (2007).

A second crew must make the long travel to the sun to try to ‘refuel’ its fissionable status because it is burning out and getting colder, putting Earth in a dim light and a very cold state. They are the second mission crew because the first mission became MIA. And this ship is carrying the last of Earth’s natural resources needed to build the ship, and the fissionable materials to jump-start the sun. It is my recommended movie this week. Although, I may have done so in a past SPACE post. *shrug* Dealing with the Arctic freeze my area is having this weekend I guess I’m gravitating to the sun’s light and warmth. I mean, getting out and trying to get a firsthand glimpse of the ‘green comet’ is already hit or miss with the clouds, let alone dealing with the frigid night air.

Anyhow, I do also recommend the original and the remade “The Outer Limits” TV series offerings. You can find season-episode guides on Wiki pages for the two versions of the series.

And while we’re on the topic of a unique and rare arrival of a comet into our Sol System and passing closely by Earth, another movie to seek out streaming for is “Lifeforce” (1985). It’s quite a remarkable and rare twist of sci-fi and horror. Right now, this movie is streaming on Freevee, which is ‘free’ and all you need do is download the app. If you subscribe to Amazon Prime it’s already streaming on there.

Meanwhile, a salute to the Biden administration’s approach to China’s illegal spy balloon invading our airspace…

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Saturday “Quick Hits” Newsfeed: China is Exposing America’s Government Boobs … and the Media Tits Too

(HT: Photo FNC)

Our southern and northern borders are unprotected, wide open and are being invaded. And now our airspace is defenseless … by deliberate choice on all three flanks.

As I’ve read over the years, there were Japanese on the ground that looked up and saw the A-bomb before it detonated. But *shrug*, General.

Yeeeeahhh … Let’s just take the CCP’s word for it, huh?

Timothy H.J. Nerozzi: China maintains spy balloon is civilian, claims some in US ‘have hyped it up to attack and smear China’: US officials dismiss assertions that Chinese balloon accidentally entered US airspace, saying ‘this was intentional’

“This is entirely an unexpected situation caused by force majeure and the facts are very clear. China always acts in strict accordance with international law and respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries. We have no intention to violate and has never violated the territory or airspace of any sovereign country.”

^^THIS^^ from the same country that plagued the global air with their bio-weapon three years ago, killing millions worldwide.

Misty Severi: Second suspected Chinese balloon spotted over Latin America

Peter Kasperowicz: US has ‘absolute legal right’ to shoot down Chinese spy balloon, say national security experts: U.S. officials say the balloon’s altitude is about 60,000 feet.

Andrew Mark Miller: China spy balloon shows country is preparing citizens for war that could come at ‘any time’: Gordon Chang told Fox News Digital that US policy has ‘created the conditions for history’s next great war’

We’ve lost our 1980s “Me Generation” edge and the rest of the world and our enemies know it…

James H. Anderson: If Chinese spy balloon escapes US airspace, get ready for an even bigger disaster: The Chinese surveillance balloon should be shot down. If we don’t take action, we are sending a dangerous message to other rogue states

Michael Katz: Expert, retired Air Force Maj. David Stuckenberg, who once led the Defense Department’s EMP Task Force: Chinese Balloon Could Be Dry Run to Deliver Nuclear EMP Device

Stuckenberg, founder and chairman of the American Leadership & Policy Foundation, wrote in a 2015 paper that high-altitude balloons would be the easiest to resource, equip, and launch a nuclear device in the atmosphere that would act as an EMP and dismantle the U.S. power grid.

Specifically, an EMP is a brief burst of electromagnetic energy causing interference that can disrupt communications, fry electronics, and, at higher outputs, even damage such things as planes and buildings.

“Using a balloon as a [weapon of mass destruction/weapon of mass effect] platform could provide adversaries with a pallet of altitudes and payload options with which to maximize offensive effects against the U.S.,” Stuckenberg wrote.

Paul Bedard: Dry run: Balloons called top ‘delivery platform’ for nuclear EMP attack

I’d go one further. China never does anything small. A duel attack of EMPs to cripple us and in tandem with balloons loaded with bio-weapons to disperse over the populations with deadly viruses via airborne and water/food contaminations. With these current balloons invading Canada’s airspace and also Latin America it would be a huge attack.

Twitchy: OUCH! Border Patrol Union weighs in on the Chinese spy balloon situation (Biden hardest hit)

Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) podcast: 2/3/23 – I for one welcome our new Chinese Spy Balloon Overlords + Senator Fetterman is not “Better and Better” as promised. Most powerful military on Earth, foiled by giant CCP balloon. Great work, team.

To be ‘fair’, this administration is “weak” on everyone … except the American people.

VIDEO: Rep. Mark Green: The Biden admin recognizes that this is weakness on the global stage

Those damn citizen journalists!

Twitchy: Report: WH knew about the Chinese spy balloon a week ago but opted to hope nobody would notice it

Boobs in the American MSM too…

These willful idiots are mentally and intellectually unable to think outside the tactical box on anything serious.
Until they wake one morning with no electricity, no broadcasting. No security/alarms. No transportation. No radio capability for police and other first responders to the inevitable civil unrest and anarchy that would ensue. Still, they wouldn’t be pissed and worried if their local high-end coffee shop was unable to make them their ‘regular’.

Twitchy: MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is trying to think of a reason to care about the China spy balloon story

Joseph A. Wulfsohn: Bill Maher rips Chinese spy balloon uproar: ‘Who gives a s—?’

Just a chapter of ‘history refresher course’ for those poo-pooing the current ‘balloons’ issue. Note: Japan was also considering using balloons to deliver their planned A-bomb(s) to our west coast in WWII. Today’s EMP payload would be far easier…

DM: China’s President Xi has ordered his military to be ready to invade Taiwan by 2027, warns CIA director William Burns

Mike Pompeo: Biden’s Weakness on Spy Balloon Assures Chinese Aggression: Steps the Biden administration should take in response to China’s reconnaissance balloon

MORE (In case you missed it):

Ace: Biden’s New Lie on Record Inflation: “It Was Already There When I Got Here, Man”

Emma Camp: Children Lost One-Third of a Year of Learning During the Pandemic, Analysis Finds: “The COVID-19 learning deficit is likely to affect children’s life chances through their education and labour market prospects,” the analysis’ authors argue.

John Sexton: The Nation does it’s best to whitewash leftist violence in Georgia (Update)

I. Love. This. Man…

Caroline Downey: DeSantis Admin Revokes Liquor License of Orlando Venue That Hosted Sexual Drag Show for Children

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Friday “Weekend Reads” Newsfeed: Bad Moon Rising?

No, worse. A Chinese high altitude spy balloon that is currently navigating over the northern states. It apparently came in over Alaska, flew into Canada and then came down over the north midwestern states. The above photo is a photo taken by a citizen of Billings, Montana. He says in the video it’s not the moon because the moon is at his opposite side.

Allegedly Biden said to shoot it down but the military brass advised against it … “overruled by generals”. It’s supposedly flying higher than air lanes in “international air space”. Hmmm? Doesn’t look that high up to me. Pentagon was worried about debris falling to the ground if we intercepted it. Montana. It’s friggin’ Montana. Loads of open spaces.

The balloon has been flying over our military bases and silos…

There’s no damn way this thing is just aimlessly floating around out there. If we can manipulate and navigate drones remotely from many miles away so can the CCP’s military.

This is a picture of a couple of our military jets circling the spy balloon…

Let me just point out that all it would take to fuck up our country is just an EMP detonation over a key area of our power grid. That, or maybe another bio-weapon dispersion over a big city or into farmlands or into the water supply. Don’t scoff. The Japanese in WWII considered using such a balloon delivery system for the atom bomb they were working on while we were working on ours. They did manage to deliver conventional bombs with a balloon, killing an adult woman and five children in Oregon in May 1945.

God, help us…

Adam Sabes, Liz Friden: US government monitoring suspected Chinese spy balloon over northern states: A senior U.S. defense official said the government is closely monitoring the suspected Chinese spy balloon

Paula Bolyard: BREAKING: Pentagon Admits There’s a Chinese Spy Balloon Hovering Over the United States

Meridith Depping KFBB Digital Producer: More background given on intelligence-gathering balloon seen over Montana

WSJ: Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon Tracked Over U.S. This Week: Incident comes days before Secretary of State Antony Blinken trip to China

Matt Vespa: China Sent a Spy Balloon, But Here’s Why We Can’t Shoot It Down

And word early this morning is Canada is reporting they’ve spotted a second balloon.

Anyhow, pretty sure they publicly addressed this yesterday so that some civilian would take it down with a drone so that the military under Biden won’t have to. Second thought, I wonder if the military/CIA are looking for somebody (Chinese spy/operative) that might be navigating this and any other such crafts inside our country or in Canada, and want it to continue in order to pinpoint that person(s)? China has not officially claimed responsibility for the balloon(s). However, China is calling the balloon a “civilian airship” used for “research” … uh-huh. Yeah, I guess that’s one way to cover your ass.

Matt Margolis: China Makes Admission About Suspected Spy Balloon, But There’s a Catch: On Friday, the People’s Republic of China officially acknowledged that the balloon device seen over the northern United States is really Chinese—but denied any sinister intentions… … THIS from the same CCP government that considers/deems any foreigner in their country a “spy” and throws them in prison for bullshit reasons.

J.J. Sefton @ AoSHQ:

Considering we’re living in a world where pedophiles in drag are allowed (way too weak a word) to read stories to toddlers and encourage them to “lick us where we pee,” and where five black cops beat a black suspect to death in a city with a 60-plus % black populace, a black mayor and black police commissioner is an example of systemic white supremacy, does the fact that a Red Chinese military balloon being parked over Montana and that our military has not Hindenburg’ed the shit out of it, let alone allowed it to come within a thousand miles of our coast in the first place, surprise you? Meh, that’s a nothing-burger I guess. But still, what the actual fuck is going on here? Meh, don’t answer that…

Read the whole thing.

Culling the Demcom Corruption Herd:

Mission accomplished but apparently it’s only “elections have consequences” when dems win and punish republicans. In this case, these three ‘made their own beds’ negating their validity and viability on the committee seats.

(Photo HT: FNC)

Gabriel Hays: ‘FIRING ‘SQUAD’ – AOC explodes after House votes to boot Omar from prominent committee: ‘Targeting women of color’: AOC claimed that ousting of Omar was ‘extension’ of America’s ‘targeting of Muslim Americans’ after 9/11

Twitchy: Memes/gifs of AOC ‘preaching’ while defending Ilhan Omar are out and LOL HERE are some of the best

The “Squids”, foulmouthed member, and their patronizing lefties. These demcoms are not nearly as passionate about the American people and our country…

Tears of clowns…

DM: The Squad melts down over GOP kicking anti-Semite Ilhan Omar off Foreign Affairs Committee: Cori Bush calls it ‘white supremacy’, AOC says it’s ‘targeting women of color’ and Rashida Tlaib starts crying

  • Chaos erupted on the floor as Squad member Omar was kicked off committee 
  • Fellow Squad members accused Republicans of racism and white supremacy 
  • Rashida Tlaib half-sobbed, half-screamed: ‘You belong on this committee’ 

Twitchy: And we thought the fart was bad: Eric Swalwell ‘racing down’ to defend Ilhan Omar goes SO wrong (watch)

Stephen Kruiser: The Morning Briefing: New and Improved Kevin McCarthy Passes First Test as Speaker … Keep it up, Kevin. Don’t screw-the-pooch. More of this…

Cami Mondeaux: House Oversight Committee announces investigation into John Kerry negotiations with CCP

FLASHBACK Friday – Kurt Schlichter (4/5/15): Liberals May Regret Their New Rules


Josh Boswell: Hunter’s business partner moved 1,850 boxes of sensitive documents from then-VP Joe Biden’s White House office: Lawyers WARNED HIM about including ‘Obama-Biden transition papers’ which Joe ‘likely did not own’

  • DailyMail.com can reveal Eric Schwerin was tasked with moving archives to University of Delaware in 2010  
  • White House lawyers warned about including ‘Obama-Biden transition’ docs
  • Schwerin forwarded the email warning to Hunter to keep him ‘in the loop’ 

Victor Nava and Miranda Devine: Hunter Biden served defamation lawsuit by computer repair shop owner days before his lawyer called for criminal probes

Ace: The National Archives Were Ordered to Keep Silent About Biden Documents Investigation

Not a joke, I got you covered, buddy. Smile and wave, boy. Smile and wave…

Joe Schoffstall: Biden took out $250K line of credit against Delaware beach home amid Hunter probe, classified docs scandal. Biden made the financial move in early December, filings show

By late afternoon yesterday the Hunter lawyers were clumsily walking back their obvious admission of the laptop and contents were their client’s. But the threats still continued…

Jonathan Turley: Hunter Biden’s legal threats have no merit — and raise serious constitutional and political questions

The laptop’s legal status is also key. To all appearances, Hunter abandoned the laptop at John Paul Mac Isaac’s Wilmington, Del., computer repair shop. That’s different from the claims of Hunter’s sister, Ashley, who triggered a nationwide FBI investigation into the theft of her diary. While she left her diary at a third party’s home, she insists she did not abandon or forget it. Under standard terms of the agreement, an item left beyond a certain number of days at a business or rental housing becomes abandoned property. It can generally then be left on the curb, sold, or given away.

What’s most striking about the Hunter Biden claim is the delay. For more than two years, Hunter has refused to admit the laptop is genuine despite email recipients confirming the content of the communications. The laptop also shows Hunter engaged in potential crimes from drug use to prostitution offenses. Yet he insisted it might all be those pesky Russians again.

Now the laptop is his, and he is fighting mad. Indeed, he’s shocked that anyone would treat his property in this fashion — a property he left at a computer shop and failed to claim for years.

In the effort to target Marco Polo, the Biden team insists it “has operated as little more than a thinly disguised political operation to attack the Biden administration and the Biden family.” That sounds more vindictive than virtuous. Indeed, if the Biden administration started yanking the tax-exempt status of Biden critics, it would trigger an outcry over weaponizing the IRS. (A similar controversy during the Obama-Biden administration involving IRS official Lois Lerner led to a financial settlement with targeted conservative groups.)…

Tucker (who’s a target for the Hunter lawyers) has got it in a nutshell…


Yael Halon: Harvard pulls the plug on disinformation research project led by Hunter Biden laptop skeptic: Harvard is shutting down their disinformation research project, parting ways with its director Dr. Joan Donovan


Demcoms seeing ‘red’…

Peter Kasperowicz: Vote to condemn the ‘horrors of socialism’ splits Dems: 109 vote for it, 86 vote against. One Republican said the measure managed to ‘draw out’ Democrats’ support for socialism

Jordan Dixon-Hamilton: Hakeem Jeffries: Resolution Condemning Socialism Is ‘Fraudulent,’ Would ‘Undermine’ Democrat Agenda: House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) spoke out against a House resolution that would condemn the “horrors of socialism,” arguing that it is a “fraudulent” resolution that would “undermine” House Democrats’ agenda. … And there you have it. HEH! But you knew that already.

Peter Kasperowicz: House GOP preps attack on DC plan to let illegal immigrants vote, reduce criminal penalties: GOP says allowing illegal immigrants to vote would worsen border crisis

Megan Henney: EMPLOYMENT HEADWINDS – Job growth expected to slow as companies put the brakes on hiring … And today’s jobs numbers are expected to reflect all the big tech lay-offs from the last few months, and continuing.

Daniel Greenfield: Biden’s Afghan Weapons in Hands of Terror Group That Plotted U.S. Attacks: They scouted the Capitol building and killed Americans, now they have our guns.

Rick Moran: Here’s What Biden Reportedly Offered Putin for Peace With Ukraine

Weekend Reads:

After the Comey FBI’s admitting there was a solid wrongdoing case against Hillary and then refusing to pursue it, J6/other ‘patriot’ protest and Gov. Whitmer plants, the Russia collusion hoax, the raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, and the recent revelations about the FBI covering up for the Hunter Biden laptop and also the FBI’s collusion with Twitter, I’m not even sure we can continue to trust the “rank and file” we’ve been defending anymore…

Ken Masugi: The FBI as Intelligence Unit for the Administrative State: Today, the heroes are few and outnumbered as the FBI has become the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party, which is the party of government.

David Horowitz: The Stench of Fascism Is suffocating our democracy.

Jeffrey H. Anderson: The State of the Debt: With Biden racking up over $2.5 trillion in deficit spending during the first 20 months of his presidency, it would seem that we have a spending problem, not a taxing problem.

Scott Greer: An American Hugo Chavez Is Coming: Chavism promises the realization of multicultural America.

Thaddeus G. McCotter: Their Medium’s Message: Received and Rejected – In accepting virtual reality as a substitute for reality we accept a living death. Resist.

Well, mandated and forced ‘population control’, and bio-weapons lab ‘accidents’ will do that…

Sebastian Dettmers, Chris Forman, Andrew Flowers: China will lose half its population by the end of the century — and the ripple effects will be catastrophic

It has actually likely caused far more harm than even a marginal amount of good…

Timothy P. Carney: A major new study shows that masks don’t stop the spread of COVID. Will the mandaters apologize?

Greg Byenes: Pfizer Director of mRNA Research Raises Fertility Worries Over COVID-19 Vaccine … Sure is looking more and more like the China COVID plague was a two tier means to an end of world population growth. Death by virus and/or depleted fertility for future generations. It’s not a ‘funny comeback line’ to say how valuable the sperm and ovum of unvaxxed males and females (and that of their clean blood off-spring) will be in the future.

It’s not race, but culture…

C.J. Pearson: This is the biggest threat to Black America. Hint: it’s not the police. The left founded the KKK and Planned Parenthood and runs the city where Tyre Nichols was killed

My man…

Stephen Kruiser: DeSantis Keeps Staring Down His Haters and Winning


Russell Brand vs Bill “Vax King” Gates…

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Thursday Newsfeed: Everyday is Groundhog Day In Bidenville

We’re never really given an exact measure of time the newsman in “Groundhog Day” spends waking up over and over again and again to the same exact day. We do know that after spending the beginning of that timeframe farting around and even trying to kill himself, he does widen his learned wisdom on several topics, becomes a Hell of a pianist and wins the girl of his dreams and it’s a new day!!!

Well, we’re into two years of Brandon Demcom-hog’s Day with no end in site.

So much for Biden’s 2020 vow to be a “uniter”, eh…

Kristen Altus: Biden, Democrats’ green energy push leaving Americans ‘out in the cold’: Report: Far-left energy agenda pushes home heating costs higher, incites blackouts, former EPA chief of staff reports

And the fed is about to raise interest rates again for the eighth time in a year.

Megan Henney: Fed raises interest rates yet again — and it may not be the last time: Fed raises interest rates by a quarter point but signals inflation fight’s not over. Fed policymakers signal additional rate hikes are likely this year

The Great Invasion: 4.5-6 million since Biden took office, and the demcoms lie and lie:

The GOP-led House got to work yesterday. Bring out the data graph numbers, Jim. Show everyone the undeniable data numbers…

Emily Crane: Rep. Jim Jordan calls Biden border crisis ‘intentional’ at Judiciary hearing

Sarah Arnold: Border Sheriff Says Joe Biden Failed to Respond to Calls for Help Amid Growing Crisis

MaryAnn Martinez: Arizona’s inland checkpoints closed for months as officials warn of fentanyl flooding in

Inland border patrol checkpoints vital for stemming the tide of drugs and illegal migrants into the country have been closed for months as officers are diverted to admin duties, sources told The Post.

“You’re keeping the agents from doing their job; that’s how drugs fan out to other places,” Arizona’s Yuma County Supervisor Martin Porchas told The Post noting how three roadside checkpoints in the area are shuttered.

“That has an impact on the whole United States because drugs, once they pass the checkpoints, that’s it.”

The checkpoints are stationed 25 to 100 miles north of the US-Mexico border and act as a second line of defense. Sources explained how once people smugglers or drug runners make it past the international border they start to let their guard slip and an extra checkpoint can often catch them out…

But the demcoms had their talking-points memo ready with racism and “Fentanyl ain’t a thing” at the top…

Julio has a few more dems on the committee reciting similar bullshit comments on “racism” and “there’s no problems with the immigrants who are crossing the border” in his Twitter thread. SHOW THE DATA GRAPH NUMBERS, JIM! And border city sheriffs, bring the crime data numbers.

Mary Chastain: ‘Largest Crime Scene in the Country’: Arizona Sheriff Blasts Biden Admin on Border Crisis: “I have personally experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a border county. Currently, this is the ugliest I’ve experienced.”

Twitchy: Rep. Wesley Hunt is ‘tired of this administration using racism as a scapegoat for everything’

Rick Moran: Nine GOP States Sue to End Deportation Protections and Green Card Access for DACA Recipients

Matt Margolis: DACA Was Always Unconstitutional

Since about the last half of the 20th century the left has always treated illegal immigrants as some monolithic racial minority and anyone that objects to the blatant breaking of this country’s immigration laws as racists. And democrats have then used that to manipulate and retain a segment of their voting base for decades. Not anymore, as that party is increasingly losing the percentage of Hispanic votes who are fed-up with the dem party’s socialism push and their embracing of illegal aliens over immigrants who did it legally (or are currently waiting) and are now hardworking taxpaying patriotic Americans that demand it be done the right way…

Jack Morphet and Bruce Golding: Mexican immigrant blasts NYC migrants who ‘expect’ hotel living: ‘It’s bulls–t’

“It’s bulls–t,” Bonfilio Solis, 43, fumed Wednesday. “These migrants expect benefits from the government and aren’t appreciating what they’re being given. They’re being very disrespectful.” …

“I’ve been here 30 years. I never got nothing from the government but I busted my ass and now I own my own construction company,” he said. “My first job in America was washing dishes in a restaurant, then a waiter, then I got a job in construction and worked my way up to foreman.”

Solis added: “To see these guys sitting here, expecting everything to be given to them with no effort — it’s not fair to other migrants that are willing to work and are working for a better future.”

“They’ve been given shelter in Brooklyn but they won’t take it because they expect an expensive hotel room. It’s not right,” he said. “It gives migrants a bad name.”

Seriously, it’s kind of like a jewelry store smash-and-grab thief complaining the diamonds and gold he stole aren’t of a higher quality. And by the way, I thought these illegals’ defense for coming here illegally was to escape poor living conditions in their own country. The facility they’re to move to is doubtless of higher quality than what was left behind in their own country… unless it was the prison their governments quite possibly/probably released them from to come here. Yeah, I said it.

Meanwhile, the NGO’s that have been enabling this Biden wide open border invasion these last couple of years have apparently been joined by activists who’ve been instigating these men to stay on the sidewalk at the hotel and refuse to move to the facility that’s been set up for them. The hotel was cleared of these able bodied single male illegals so that other immigrants, women and children families, could be set up in the hotel rooms…

NYPost: Don’t blame the migrants, blame the lefty activists filling them with nonsense

Why do the adult male migrants now refusing to give up on their luxury accommodations at the Watson Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen act and sound suspiciously like American activists on the same issue?

Because activists are deeply involved in the standoff itself — and with the larger effort to ramp up illegal migration, leaving Mayor Eric Adams (and others) to deal with the resulting humanitarian catastrophe.

Like Sergio Tupac Uzurin, an activist with NYC ICE Watch who’s been front and center protesting the migrant move. He claims that some migrants who saw the Brooklyn facility they’re being moved to called it a “refugee camp.”

Wow, that’s the exact same term used by lefty critics of Adams’ other migrant facilities. What a coincidence!

And though the only rent-payers on the hook for migrant accommodations are New York’s taxpayers, a “cancel rent” banner — a motto of progressive groups like Housing Justice for All — somehow hung at the protest site…

VIDEO: Stephen Miller: This is the depth of insanity to which we have now sunk in the year 2023: America First Legal’s Stephen Miller reacts to the escalating issues with the relocation of migrants in New York City

Hey, NYC Mayor Adams, this is what a “sanctuary city” is, plain and simple, as intended by the activists inside this country.


Growin’ that ‘police state’, Comrades! That additional 87K new IRS thugs just ain’t enough! The overgrowth and overreach of the feds is getting worse and the two-tier justice system and political bias is as palpable as a double-decker crap sandwich on a moldy bun…

J. Michael Waller: Planned New FBI HQ Is Twice the Size of the Pentagon: The GOP House can stop the project and rein in a runaway bureau.

J.J. Sefton @ AoSHQ:

I’m reminded of the scene from Full Metal Jacket where a general, seeing the words “Born To Kill” right next to a peace sign on Private Joker’s helmet says, “Is that some kind of sick joke?!” Welcome to the government of the former United States of America in 2023. It is both fundamentally unserious while simultaneously as serious as a heart attack, insofar as the existential threat it poses to the people. As in “WE THE.” You remember? The People. The ones who are supposed to have ultimate political power and only vest that which is absolutely necessary to elected representatives in order to ensure the functioning of something called the civil society. You don’t remember? Well, you must have had a shitty education, like an advanced degree from Harvard, Yale or Stanford…

Read the whole thing.


Terry Jones: Most Americans Don’t Believe Media, Law Treat Them Fairly: I&I/TIPP Poll

Susan D. Harris: Our Big Tech Overlords Yanked Yet Another Covid Video We Apparently Can’t Handle: How long are Americans going to tolerate sources such as Google and YouTube deciding what we should or shouldn’t see?

VIDEO: Bob Woodward slams media coverage of now-debunked Steele dossier … Oh, that’s precious, Bob. A quite-a-bit-of “little slow on the uptake” there, slick, or is this your feeble attempt at CYA?

Margot Cleveland: Twitter, Media, And Democrats Are All Guilty In The Hamilton 68 Scandal: Besides Hamilton 68, three groups deserve condemnation for peddling the Russian-bots hoax: the media, corrupt politicians, and Twitter.

Twitchy: Michael Shellenberger delivers seriously BAD news to our pals in the media with eye-OPENING thread

Which, oddly enough, leads to the diapered puddin’-head king’s foreign agent princely whoring crack-smokin’ son…

Jonathan Turley: “All Clear”: How the FBI Handling of the Biden Investigation Could Make Things Difficult for Hur

Jim Hoft: BREAKING: Hunter Biden Asks Joe Biden’s Asst. AG, Delaware AG and IRS to Go After Individuals Close to President Trump Who Shared Information from His Laptop … Oh. Hunter has that ‘power’ now, huh?

Victor Nava, Miranda Devine and Samuel Chamberlain: Hunter Biden finally admits infamous laptop is his as he pleads for criminal probe

Thomas Lifson: Running out of money to pay his legal bills, Hunter Biden goes on the offense: Hunter Biden’s lawyers took a new tack yesterday, hot on the heels of news that his artwork isn’t selling very well and the he may be planning to raise money for a legal defense fund

Houston Keene: Biden needs ‘firewall’ between him and Hunter Biden’s legal defense, former White House ethics chief says: Tuesday saw reports of Biden’s allies throwing around the idea of a legal defense fund as the first son racks up estimated millions in debt

Chad Pergram, Houston Keene: House Oversight Chairman Comer believes Hunter Biden was ‘in proximity’ to president’s classified docs: ‘We have reason to believe that Hunter Biden has had some contacts that would be of concern to our national security,’ Comer said

Jim Hoft: Flashback: Joe Biden’s Involvement in Hunter Biden Dealings Exposed – Joe Met with Hunter Biden’s Business Associate AT LEAST 16 TIMES

Leah Barkoukis: Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Just Destroyed the Left’s Key Narrative About the ‘Laptop From Hell’

TBT: Jonathan Turley (12/13/22): The Legion of Democratic Doom? Biden Operatives Plan “Swat Force” on Hunter Biden Scandal

Ace: Hunter Biden Finally Admits the Laptop Is His as He Asks His Dad’s Praetorian of Leftwing Federal Prosecutors to Investigate Steve Bannon and Rudy Guiliani for Trying to Get a Newsworthy Item to the News Media

Twitchy: When’s the media rush to seek comment from those 51 ex-intel officials about the latest laptop news?

The racist rat- race…

Victor Davis Hanson: Race Everywhere: “Whites”—to the extent we can determine any race in an intermarried, multiracial society—do not fit the now ossified definition of an exploitive majority.

Kevin Downey, Jr: The Real White Supremacy No One Is Talking About (Spoiler Alert: It’s the Libs)

Steve McCann: White Supremacy, Racism and Malevolent Incitement: Per the legacy media, White supremacy and racism are the underlying reasons five Black policemen violently beat a Black suspect to death in Memphis.

Kevin Downey, Jr: How and Why the Left Is Making the Memphis Cops Into ‘Racists’

From the “BTW Files”…

Remember when folks warned the COVID lockdowns were basically a dry-run for “climate change” lockdowns and were laughed at? Yeah… Come on, man. Not a joke— They know people cannot afford EVs or the additional cost to their energy bill to recharge them, or the power grid to support a complete transfer-over to only electricity in this country. This will be enforced, and we will be fully monitored to make certain we are complying with federal mandates regarding travel and all other levels of our private/personal daily life…

Collin Anderson: Biden Admin Floats New Strategy To ‘Address the Climate Crisis’: Don’t Leave Your House. Biden’s ‘blueprint for transportation decarbonization’ touts ‘remote work and virtual interactions’

Lorenzo Prieto: Biden Admin Announces New Crackdown On Gas Stoves

Jeff Poor: Sen. Josh Hawley: Biden Administration Is Attempting to Wipe Out Blue-Collar Economy, Culture: Tuesday, during an appearance on FNC’s “Ingraham Angle,” Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) argued remaking the American economy was an objective of President Joe Biden and the Biden administration.

Coffee shot out my nostrils…

Twitchy: Ron Klain learned everything he knows about being a good father from Biden and cue the spit takes

Stephen Green: Netflix Is Cracking Down on Password Sharing, and Here’s What You Need to Know

Matt Vespa: Oh, So That’s Why Catholic Students Got Kicked Out of the Smithsonian

Alexa Schwerha: EXCLUSIVE: Med School Went Woke After Pressure From Accreditor, Documents Show

The University of Utah School of Medicine implemented a series of programs to recruit and retain diverse students and faculty after its accrediting organization said its diversity efforts were unsatisfactory, according to emails obtained by a medical watchdog group and shared with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The school, in response, filed a status report outlining its progress in increasing its diversity on campus.

“This further promotes ideology ahead of quality medical education and race/ethnicity or sex over hiring the most qualified faculty and staff,” Laura Morgan, Do No Harm’s program manager, told the DCNF.

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“Hump Day” Reads: ♪ ♫ You’re as Cold as Ice… ♪ ♫

The photo is Memphis, Tennessee. We’re not seeing that kind of ice here in NEOhio, rather, any ‘melt’ is not slip-slide-fall ice on surfaces in the extreme cold temps. More coming through the weekend.

Meanwhile, I am hoping to be able to bundle-up and head outside tonight after sunset, turn north and see if I can spot the “green comet” on its first night of closest proximity to Earth.

USAToday: Fierce winter storm cancels flights, makes roads treacherous in US; at least 2 dead in Texas


Chris Queen: Suddenly Domestic Terrorism Charges Are a Problem Now That Atlanta Is Using Them Against Antifa

Julie Kelly: Tyre Nichols Isn’t the Only Victim Entitled to the Truth: Americans deserve to see all of the police body camera footage from January 6, not just cherry-picked excerpts confirming the government narrative.

Christopher Chantrill: No End to the Victim Narrative – Earth to liberals: If there is systemic racism in the U.S., you did it.

Sloan Oliver: Resisting the Police: We need to stop with the race baiting that’s intended to inflame passions for the sole purpose of creating chaos across the nation.

Victor Davis Hanson: Anarchy, American-Style: The Left runs Oceania, and we work for their various bureaus.

Edward Ring: Gavin Newsom’s ‘Freedom State’: California-style social radicalism, which pretends to advance “freedom,” is a distraction intended to obscure the coming economic slavery its advocates support.

Scott McKay: To the Left: You Suck, and Your Things Do Not Work: Part One … Three little moments in a sea of idiocy and dysfunction.

Richard Shinder: Fetterman and the Stolen Valor of the Working Class: His appropriation of hardscrabble totems for electoral advantage is not just extremely distasteful but morally repugnant.

Nikolas Lanum: OUT IN THE COLD – Catholic school students reportedly mocked, booted from Smithsonian museum over pro-life beanies: The museum staff allegedly mocked students and claimed the museum was a ‘neutral zone’

Taylor Penley: ‘Ludicrous’ – Biden admin hit for supporting age limits for social media, but not gender transitions: Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said kids are still ‘developing their identity’

Muddled Meddling MSM Meltdown…

Twitchy: Michael Shellenberger shares ‘damning indictment of the U.S. news media’ over Russia collusion hoax

Michael Shellenberger: “Before the 2016 election, most Americans trusted the traditional media and the trend was positive…Today, the US media has the lowest credibility—26 percent—among forty-six nations”. Russia collusion hoax had a lot to do with it

Twitchy: Maybe you can help WaPo grasp why GOP voters are ‘still resentful’ over gov’t’s awful COVID policies

The MSM can help with this…

Stephen Kruiser: The Morning Briefing: Dems Might Be in the Market for a Bus to Throw Kamala Harris Under

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Wednesday Newsfeed: The Biden’s are Infamously Handsy and Palmsy, and Both at the Same Time, Sometimes


Chris Pandolfo, David Spunt: BREAKING NEWS: FBI AGENTS ON SITE – DOJ searching Biden’s Delaware beach home as classified doc investigation unfolds

This is the second time in roughly a month Biden has been “so close but yet so far” from the reality of the major immigration mess he Built Back Buggered

Hidin’ Biden in the “sanctuary city” NYC Hudson bunk– er, ‘Tunnel’…

Bernadette Hogan, Desheania Andrews and Bruce Golding: ‘Disgraceful’: Biden avoids migrant crisis during Hudson River Tunnel visit in NYC

Madeline Coggins: Biden grilled for touting Hudson Tunnel project on NYC trip despite city’s migrant crisis: ‘Ignoring’ reality. Migrant group in NYC refuse to leave luxury hotel they’ve been living in for free

Ruth Bashinsky and Ronny Reyes: EXCLUSIVE: ‘I’m spending $2K a month to witness this’: New Yorkers become fed up with paying high rent next to tent city as cops are called to move migrants refusing to leave Manhattan hotel sidewalk after snubbing Brooklyn housing facility

VIDEO: Biden goes to NYC and ignores the migrant crisis: New York GOP Executive Vice Chairman John Burnett on the migrants in NYC and why he believes Mayor Adams is publicly cordial with Biden.

Michael Goodwin: It’s the land of the freebies for NYC’s ‘entitled’ migrants … And as these elitist illegal aliens throw away and snub the food and shelter set up for them with the city’s tax dollars, the indigenous low income and homeless NYers are denied/refused that food and shelter.

Danielle Wallace: Biden visits NYC to announce $292M mega grant for rail tunnel beneath Hudson River, takes aims at Republicans

Meanwhile, the WaPoop is suddenly aware of the Brandon buggered border problem…

John Sexton: Washington Post editorial board: Migrants are gaming the asylum system … Hell ya say, WaPo!! Ya think??!!???

The dems and Biden are trying their damnedest too. When you hear them bitching that the GOP refuses to “fix” immigration it’s because the GOP knows full-well the demcoms’ “fix” is the same-old “let everyone in unvetted and give them blanket amnesty”. Always has been, always will be…

Adam Shaw: Biden admin keeps pushing for sweeping immigration bill, including amnesty, two years into migrant crisis

And do NOT let the demcoms and MSM try to sell this as a ‘successful border security’ win for the administration. When you look at the numbers of terror list border crossers encountered at Biden’s broken open border it has risen in these last two years because the terrorists are emboldened, and God knows how many went undetected gotaways…

Adam Shaw, Bill Melugin: Iranian illegal immigrant on terror watch list caught near southern border: Texas authorities caught 29-year-old Alireza Heidari being smuggled in vehicle

Ronn Blitzer: House GOP tackles ‘Biden Border Crisis’ in hearing to focus on security, fentanyl: The hearing comes amid calls for DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to be impeached

More Brandon buggering…

Jim Hoft: GOP Lawmaker Calls for Congressional Hearings after US Weapons Joe Biden Left Behind for Taliban Turn Up in Kashmir

Kelly Laco: All GOP senators, Manchin challenge Biden’s ESG climate investment rule ‘politicizing’ Americans’ 401(k)s: Sen. Braun and Rep. Barr are introducing a bipartisan disapproval resolution to challenge a new Biden admin rule

Sweat the paperwork, Brandon…

Matt Margolis: BOMBSHELL: White House Misled Public About FBI Search of Penn Biden Center

Ace: Biden Cover Story on Classified Documents Blows Up; FBI Searched His Penn Offices Back in November, Not Just His Lawyers As He’s Claimed

Meanwhile, thank God he’s not a SCOTUS Justice…

Ari Blaff: Biden Justice Department Refuses to Cooperate with House Judiciary and Senate Intelligence Committees

Matthew Whitaker, David Safavian: Biden’s Justice Department changes presidential pardons for the worse

Also, this x1000…

Hannah Nightingale: MTG calls for investigation into civil rights abuses experienced by Jan 6 defendants: “We have to make sure that we crack down on the two-tier justice system, because that needs to end.”

Remember folks, this is the Smartest man Joe Biden knows:

VIDEO: MIRANDA DEVINE: EVIDENCE SUGGESTS HUNTER MAY HAVE BEEN SELLING CLASSIFIED INTELLIGENCE FOR CRACK MONEY: ‘I’m sure that the special counsel Robert Hur looking at Biden’s alleged mishandling of documents will be cross matching material from the laptop with classified material that was found in Joe Biden’s residences’

Jim Hoft: Zelensky Sent Out Government Decree to Destroy ALL INFORMATION on Hunter Biden’s Metabiota Company on Same Day as Russian Invasion – Then Fire Spotted Outside Intel Headquarters

Gemma Iso: Hunter Biden dilemma: Incriminating evidence shows him soliciting sex for cash

Josh Boswell: EXCLUSIVE: ‘Set phone up so I can spy on you showering.’ Hunter Biden threatened to withhold cash-strapped assistant’s pay if she didn’t FaceTime him naked, texts show – as it’s revealed she’s the FOURTH employee with whom he had a sexual relationship

Conflicting COVID Expiration Date(s): China Plague sure made somebody(s) filthy rich:

VIDEO: $5 billion in potential COVID aid fraud: Watchdog: Marc Thiessen and Ari Fleischer weigh in on the distribution of COVID aid following a recent watchdog report

Jeff Reynolds: Gallup Survey Proves Reagan Correct: Government Is the Problem. The Constitution Gives Us a Solution

David Strom: Randomized controlled trials: masks do nothing … Neither do ‘lockdowns’ to any degree, but they persist. Oh, and F-YOU for holding up the CCP China government as fantastic examples of how to handle anything, let alone the China plague…

Twitchy: Vox: We’ve learned from China that short-term lockdowns could be key in future pandemics

Meanwhile, in an era of ‘safe social distancing’, Brandon, who’s had COVID more than once, insists on being ‘gropy Joe’…

Joseph A. Wulfsohn: Biden grabs NBC reporter’s hand as he steps underneath her umbrella to answer her question: NBC’s Kristen Welker asked Biden about ending the COVID public health emergency

Paul Best: Biden tells Congress he’ll end COVID-19 emergencies on May 11: House Republican plan to vote on resolutions this week that would end COVID-19 emergency declarations immediately

Peter Kasperowicz: House ignores White House objections, votes to end COVID health emergency: Biden’s White House urged opposition to GOP-led bills

Zero Hedge: “It’s Time For The Scientific Community To Admit We Were Wrong About COVID & It Cost Lives”: Real “mea culpa”, ongoing and rapid revision of history, or further narrative management with regard ‘amnesty’ over what “the others” did to those who thought for themselves over the last few years…

J.J. Sefton @ AoSHQ:

Yet the beat (and beat-down) goes on. Three years since the world was turned upside down when a virus now confirmed to have emanated from a Chi-Com bioweapons facility either intentionally, or accidentally-on-purpose, was unleashed upon the world. The other “happy accident” was the crisis that the junta controlling the nation could not let go to waste by using the virus as cover to derail the presidency and virtually 100% certain re-election of Donald Trump. You see, the crisis was not our crisis, it was their’s. The MAGA agenda posed an existential threat to the power and control of the Deep State bureaucracy, illegitimately accrued over the course of a century.

So, the now GOP-led House has voted to officially call an end to the Chinese COVID state of emergency, that was supposed to be temporary, but as the great Milton Friedman once stated, “There is nothing so permanent as a temporary government program.”…

Read the whole thing.


More of that liberal “It MUST be done … but NOT in MY backyard” hypocrisy…

Jeffry Clark: Biden-supporter Stephen Curry reportedly moves to block ‘low-income housing’ near his $30 million mansion: Curry and his wife also asked the local government to build ‘fencing’ to block low-income residents from seeing their home … I mean, he has a point but it’s real hard to agree with him and his ilk that constantly live-the-life of the rich and finding loopholes/ways to avoid paying taxes while trashing the rich and insisting they be taxed to Hell and back AND insist on more welfare programs like housing ‘but not in their backyard’. The same can be said for those shitty wind turbines that the left demands replace ‘fossil fuels’ energy, but the wealthy, like the Kennedy clan, along the coasts don’t want the eyesores perched in their seaside waters. Look for the complaints to rise with an 8th hefty body now washed up on shore farther down the coast …

Louis Casiano: Dead humpback whale found washed ashore in New York amid uptick in endangered whale deaths along East Coast: The dead whale was found around 6:30 a.m. on Lido Beach in Nassau County

Never trust the MSM…

Brian Lupo: Trump Lawsuit: Bob Woodward Concealed *Key* Parts of Months Long Interviews With President Trump – Here Are the Redactions Woodward Deceptively Deleted from the Audio


Anders Hagstrom: Elon Musk ignores Dems, meets only with Republicans in first Capitol visit as Twitter CEO: reportMusk endorsed Republicans for the first time ever in the midterm cycle


Ryan Gaydos: END ZONE – Tom Brady announces retirement decision in emotional video: ‘I wouldn’t change a thing’

Ozzy says, “Hold my bat, Tom”

Albertina Lloyd: Ozzy Osbourne announces retirement from touring, cancelling shows: The 74-year-old singer said he is too week to travel from city to city to perform

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Tuesday Newsfeed: Nobody Here But Us Chickens…

The would-be cock-of-the-walk in the White House is completely failing to guard and protect the hen house that is this nation. Not only has he destroyed everything from his desk but he has allowed … and encouraged … several million foxes to invade the yard to roam free and do what they want pretty much unfettered while aiding and abetting their invasion, and at our cost on every level.

Just what “We THE People” needed in this country, another entitlement class living off the hardworking American dime.

These are all single … military age and abled … males. No children or women. They refuse to move from this once elaborate $500 a night hotel to the facility furnished for them with tax dollars— Oh, by the way, these guys have been pretty much trashing this hotel, literally trashing the food and supplies that they’ve been given, have been intoxicated and even reportedly having sex in the hallways (I suppose with local prostitutes or whatever). So, after finally being booted out the doors of The Watson Hotel, they have defiantly made their own homeless encampment near the entranceway.

Their reason for refusing to go to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Red Hook? The illegal alien men say ‘it is too much like a prison’ … which tells me something about the background(s) of these guys that broke our immigration laws to enter our sovereign country, and quite possibly/probably have broken more since getting here. And, apparently, those oh-so-helpful NGOs that continue to encourage all of this broken open border invasion are telling these guys not to go to the facility in Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. These NGOs seriously need investigating. These facilities and accommodations, free of charge from these illegals, are meant to be temporary until they get their legal status in-order and then get a damn job and start paying their own way. Obviously this is not the goal of these invading squatters.

These illegals need a damn plane ticket back to where they came from with more than one Air Marshal on board the flights. Go the f**k home!

Jack Morphet and Jesse O’Neill: No contest: Here’s how NYC migrant hotel is far better than new Brooklyn center

VIDEO: Rep. Carlos Gimenez, R-Fla.: Migrants refusing to leaving NYC hotel shows ‘entitlement’ and comments on Biden’s visit to NYC as the border crisis continues and his push for DHS to allow border chief testimony

David Marcus: ‘LAUGHING IN OUR FACES’ – Biden should deport illegal immigrants who refuse to leave Manhattan: New York needs a leader who can tell Biden to deport those migrants who refuse to play by the rules

Landon Mion: LONE STAR FOCUS – Gov. Greg Abbott announces Texas’ first-ever border czar to counter Biden admin’s failings and the surge of illegal migrant crossings: Veteran Border Patrol agent Mike Banks to serve as ‘special adviser on border matters to the governor’

What the Cluck is Going On:

Nicole Dominique: What’s Wrong With The Chicken Feed? People Are Reporting That Their Chickens Have Stopped Laying Eggs, And Their Feed Might Be The Reason Why

The government is telling us that the egg shortage is due to avian influenza – is it possible it’s the chicken feed instead?

FNC: Estimated 100,000 hens killed in Connecticut farm fire, officials say: The CT property is owned by Hillandale Farms

FNC: Chickens killed in fire at Hillandale Farms property in Connecticut, cause remains unknown

Newsmax: Mexico, US Still Far Apart over Corn Import Ban … We have little choice but import their illegal alien trafficking exports coming through their country, but they refuse our livestock feed. Priceless.

Meanwhile, “The economy is deteriorating” – Larry Kudlow…

Kristen Altus: ‘DARK CLOUDS’ – Economist says recession in 2023 will look like biggest crisis of 1970s: Piper Sandler chief global economist Nancy Lazar warns people are too focused on a recession that feels like 2008, when it’s more similar to volatility in 1973-74.

Harriet Torry, Joe Pinsker: The US consumer is starting to freak out: The flush savings accounts and cheap credit that helped keep Americans spending at high rates since 2020 are disappearing

A Good Day in Court:

Javier Manjarres: Florida Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against DeSantis Administration over Illegal Immigrant Flights

Ben Kew: Federal Judge Strikes Down California’s Punitive COVID ‘Misinformation’ Law

Catherine Salgado: Pro-Life Activist and Father Raided by FBI Found Not Guilty of Federal Charges

Maria Lencki: ‘MAKING MY SON NERVOUS’ – Pro-life activist Mark Houck details shocking Planned Parenthood encounter following acquittal: A SWAT team raided the Houck’s home in front of his wife and 7 children

Needs to go to court ASAP and those pushing this bullshit investigated for ‘ties’…

We used to have a MSM that would look under the rugs to ‘follow the money’ on these stories. No more, as Tucker points out. The bought and sold MSM…

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson: Politico doesn’t want to answer this … Politico has a Hell of a lot to answer for, not the least of which is their direct involvement in last spring’s SCOTUS Dobbs leak that is yet unnamed.


The clueless dumb-cluck…

Twitchy: Several House Republicans join pile-on that’s crushing Biden’s EV ‘savings’ tweet

Twitchy: President Joe Biden tells crowd another of his Amtrak stories, for real

Steven Nelson: Biden claims he had Amtrak train key, rode home 15% of time with engineers

J.J. Sefton @ AoSHQ: So, in looking at this hideous Tyre Nichols situation in Memphis, it reminds me of the story about the kid who goes on trial for murdering his parents, and then pleading with the court for mercy because he’s an orphan. In this case, after begging for mercy, he blames the real guilty party: society…

Lincoln Brown: Two Officers Involved in Tyre Nichols Death Were Hired After Memphis PD Lowered Recruiting Standards.

Twitchy: Historian takes first episode of Hulu’s 1619 Project APART in thread and SCHOOLS Nikole Hannah-Jones

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Monday Newsfeed: Another Week and More Biden Business

VIDEO: Sen. Mike Lee urges action on US debt: ‘If we don’t get ahead of this now, it’s going to get ahead of us’ … Pretty sure that train wreck has already left the station, Mike. There is absolutely no friggin’ way to keep the runaway train on the tracks as long as this administration and demcoms insist on the current ‘Green New Deal’ insanity driving their disastrous policies.

Ronn Blitzer: Biden rule letting retirement fund managers consider ESG factors to take effect despite red states’ lawsuit: 25 Republican-led states filed a lawsuit last week to try to block the rule

Cristina Laila: “Downhill, Disaster, Hard Times” – Under Joe Biden, 71% of Americans Say Country is on the Wrong Track: NBC Poll

VIDEO: Tammy Bruce reacts to polls showing most Americans think Biden’s doing a poor job

Twitchy: Sen. John Cornyn asks whether President Biden and Democrats think ‘$31 trillion of debt doesn’t matter’

Apparently, “think tanks” on CBD gummies and Red Bull **shrug**.


1850 boxes of “documents” were donated and sent to the University of Delaware. The University of Delaware has, for these last 3-4 years, snubbed FOIA requests and refused access to anything Biden has donated to them over the years.

FNC: ‘UTMOST IMPORTANCE’ – House Intel Chair Rep. James Comer sounds alarm on Biden’s mishandling of classified documents after FBI seizes Biden notebooks: ‘Nothing’ he’s done is ‘normal’: Biden notebooks discovered in Delaware FBI raid may contain classified information

Joe Hoft: EXCLUSIVE: THIRD Hunter Biden Email from Laptop with Classified Information Uncovered – Classified WH Conference Call Shared with Hunter’s Ukrainian Business Partners – And SEVERAL More Are Coming

“Where’s the FBI?!?”

Jim Hoft: WATCH: Karyn Turk and Ed Henry STUNNED with Joe Hoft and TGP’s Latest Reports on MORE Classified Docs on Hunter Biden’s Laptop (VIDEO) … Time to raid Hunter Biden’s home(s).

VIDEO: Sen. Ted Cruz: Hunter Biden’s email to Burisma business partner infers he had ‘direct access’ to classified info

It’s not just ‘official’ document files, but any/all the notes Biden wrote down regarding classified documents and their contents…

Jonathan Turley: Forget classified docs, show us the real haul of Biden’s records in Delaware

There has been much discussion of a classified document being found in his personal library in Wilmington, but there is a huge library of Biden documents sitting in the University of Delaware. The university is sitting on Biden documents due to a cynical 2012 arrangement made by Biden when he was vice president and contemplating a run for the presidency.

The president effectively locked away his records by giving them to the university, which has claimed for a decade that it is still working to organize and catalog the documents. He has refused to allow the public or the press to see the documents. With the recent reports that Biden may have included classified information in notebooks found at his residence, the status of the University of Delaware documents is becoming more and more untenable for the White House.

University ‘lockbox’

The University of Delaware has been used for years to shield potentially embarrassing documents from public review for the Biden family, including allegations that the president engaged in sexual harassment or assault as a member of the Senate. The university effectively agreed to serve as a type of lock box for the Bidens to prevent a review of his senatorial records as he ran for higher office.

At great public cost, the university has fought efforts by the media and the public to allow access to the documents. It is a troubling position for any institution of higher education to fight access to historical materials . . . for years.

Now, however, there is growing concern that the files may not only include incriminating information on past sexual-assault allegations but actual classified information. There is already confirmation that Biden removed classified information from the Senate more than 14 years ago. It now appears he also may have transferred classified information from briefings and documents to his notebooks. That raises the question of whether such information is contained in the notebooks and papers housed at the university.

If President Biden is ready to embrace transparency, he can start by finally dropping his opposition to any review of his senatorial documents. At a minimum, the FBI should request access to determine if his violation of classified rules extends to this mountain of material given to the university…

Matt Margolis: Are ‘The Walls Closing In’ on Joe Biden? New Details Raise Questions

A voice that warned us in the past about Biden has thoughts today…

TDW: Obama’s Secretary Of Defense, Robert Gates, Slams Biden Over Classified Doc Scandal, Handling Of Ukraine War

Meanwhile, Biden’s broken ‘open border’ has the flood of illegal aliens invasion now flanking our no longer sovereign nation at the northern border:

FYI: “FY” is ‘Fiscal Year’ and that actually begins counting in October of the prior year…

VIDEO: Northern migrant apprehensions rising from border crisis: New Hampshire residents are encountering migrants on their properties and asking for help.

DM: Now they’re coming from CANADA: Northern border sees 743% spike in illegal migrants trying to cross in a year due to ‘easier entry than Mexico’ – as cops release eerie images of asylum seekers trudging through 12F snow


NYPost: Migrants refuse to leave Hell’s Kitchen hotel for relocation to Brooklyn

Chicago’s mayor dancing on the graves of the city’s victims and closed businesses during her too long failed tenure…

Chicago’s Magnificent Mile of businesses is disappearing as businesses and companies pull out because of crime in Chi-town, and year over year the crime wave grows unchecked from this manorial re-election candidate flaunts in the street…

DM: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is filmed DANCING in streets of Windy City, as crime soars 61% and iconic Magnificent Mile sits 30% vacant after flagship stores fled violent chaos

VIDEO: Jimmy Failla torches ‘tone deaf’ Lori Lightfoot for dancing in streets amid surging crime

Dave Rubin’s one-on-one Twitter research with Elon Musk in San Francisco:

Dave Rubin Twitter thread: Before I share, want to note that after couple hour meeting I asked Elon what I could share and he said, “anything that’s true.”

VIDEO: Dave Rubin: Twitter was built to suppress certain voices


Scott Whitlock: Activist at California slavery reparations meeting denounces proposed payment of $223,000: ‘Not enough!’ The Reverend Tony Pierce insisted, ‘$200,000 is not enough! $223,000 is not enough!’

Absolutely zero grasp on reality…

Pam Key: Maxine Waters: We Have Right-Wing Conservatives Who Are ‘Domestic Terrorists in the House’

Douglas Murray (6/9/22): Democrats won’t apologize for inciting violence

Ronna McDaniel (6/13/22): Left’s political violence tied to dangerous Democrat rhetoric: Top Democrats including Biden, Schumer and Pelosi have all encouraged violent leftists

Taking a bite out of crime…

Daniella Genovese: Lowe’s pioneers system to solve organized retail crime: Organized retail crime cost the industry almost $100B in 2021, the NRF reported


Twitchy: Michael Shellenberger FACT-CHECKS AOC and her grossly false claims about police killings in brutal thread

I also heard on Glenn Beck’s radio show this morning how, after the George Floyd anti-police activism, Memphis PD was having a hard time with recruitment because of retirements and resignations … so, they did things like lowering the education requirements, allowed former felons to apply, and gave $15K signing bonuses. I would sure like to hear the backgrounds and education of these 5-6 “Scorpion Unit” guys.

Keep persisting-in-resisting…


Ben Kew: Federal Judge Strikes Down California’s Punitive COVID ‘Misinformation’ Law

Jacqueline Toboroff: New York May Soon Require Covid Vax for All Schoolchildren

VIDEO: Steve Hilton: It’s time to demand accountability over US funding of virus research in Wuhan

Jim Hoft: WHO Decides COVID-19 Pandemic is Not Over (VIDEO)

Jim Hoft: Renowned MIT Professor and Drug Safety Analytics Specialist Calls for Immediate Suspension of all mRNA COVID Vaccines


So, I guess being a “token” is a good thing now…

Warner Todd Houston: WATCH: Finland Features 59-Year-Old Transgender Skater at European Figure Skating Championships: Finland made a special show of virtue signaling to the transgender community by showcasing a 59-year-old transgender farmer who bore the country’s flag during the opening ceremony for the European Figure Skating Championships in Espoo, Finland, on Wednesday.

“Figure skating is a very conservative sport with various strict rules. In international competitions, same-sex skating pairs are not allowed, and there is no category for non-binary skaters. I hope that every country will start working for equality and diversity in the field”, Wuorenheimo exclaimed.

Twitchy: Finland introduces world’s first transgender national figure skater and we’re officially DEAD (watch) … Eh, join their women’s hockey team and then get back to us, sweety-pie.

Speaking of hockey…

Ryan Gaydos: Hockey legend Bobby Hull, who starred for Blackhawks, dead at 84: Hull led the Blackhawks to a Stanley Cup title in 1961 … RIP, Bobby.