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Tuesday Newsfeed: The Exhausting Exhaust of These Damn People…

Biden’s boxcars…

A Truckload of Nightmare Death at the Biden Open Border:

Lawrence Richard: Texas Gov. Abbott lashes out after 46 migrants found dead in tractor-trailer: ‘These deaths are on Biden’: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott blamed Joe Biden’s border security and immigration policies

After authorities found an 18-wheeler that carried up to 100 individuals abandoned in San Antonio, including at least 46 individuals who were deceased, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott blamed President Joe Biden and his immigration policies…

Officials did not say whether the individuals were being transported from Mexico or elsewhere.

Last week, Republican Rep. Andy Biggs described the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border as “overrun,” “out of control” and “dangerous” He also predicted more deaths would soon be discovered.

“There is going to be deaths,” the Arizona Republican told Harris Faulkner on “The Faulkner Focus” on June 21.

“It’s more than the monthly total who were sent to Mexico to await their asylum process, which, by the way, in most cases is going to be bogus. That’s what’s going on in the borders. It’s overrun right now,” Biggs added…

At least 16 people, including four children, were found alive in the tractor-trailer and were hospitalized. The Department of Homeland Security is investigating the incident.

VIDEO: 46 migrants found dead inside truck as temperatures top 100 degrees in Texas

OMG … amid the borrowed Kamala-like word salad is not-so-hidden the bald-faced lie. The U.S. border IS NOT CLOSED!!!

Meanwhile, those trying their damnedest to do what they can at the U.S. border are beyond frustrated and defeated…

Paul Best: PUT ON ‘ICE’ – Biden’s nominee to be ICE director withdraws from consideration: Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez’s nomination has stalled in the U.S. Senate

Thomas Catenacci: Ron Johnson demands answers on leaked DHS memo about transporting migrants across US using taxpayer dollars: Sen. Johnson says taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to “further exacerbate” the border crisis

VIDEO: Jonathan Fahey: The open border will lead to ‘something really bad’

VIDEO: Tom Homan responds to 46 dead and 16 hospitalized migrants, slams Biden border failures

Abortion ‘Hot-Takes’ are Not in Short-Supply:

Oh. Okay, Bobby.

I want to say I’m shocked and surprised by the abject and willful stupidity being spewed by the leftists with familiar faces and familiar idiocy, but I’m not.

Alexander Hall: NY Times’ Mara Gay claims the ‘consequences’ of the Supreme Court ruling on abortion ‘are going to be death’: The New York Times editorial board member also called the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade an “attack on modern America”

Twitchy: ‘Sick world view’: Allow Kamala Harris to explain what the SCOTUS abortion ruling ‘means for the life of your son’

What?!? WTF does that even mean? That ‘baby daddies’ have to now rethink unprotected sex with somebody they’re not willing to be responsible for should she become pregnant? Just outright insanity, right, Kammy?? She’s a gumball machine and the gumballs just roll down from her bubblehead and out of her mouth onto the floor.

Well, she is Joe’s Nonsense Czar

Well, duuuuhhhh…

Alex Nitzberg: ‘Your terms are acceptable’: Liberal actor/director Ken Olin tweets, ‘In States where abortion is illegal the father should be financially on the hook at the moment of conception’ … Yeah, the gods of sacrifice forbid we rebuild and fortify the traditional family unit, and not just single moms with the government as the daddy. And single moms of multiple babies from multiple fathers … how dare we expect women to be, you know, primarily responsible for her sexual habits and the results.

As always, the left coast/right coast Hollywood/Broadway industry has great disgust and disdain for that productive dirty-fingernails vast middle section of the nation’s majority of farmers/ranchers, food producers and durable goods producers. You know, blue collar folks struggling to make ends meet while working their asses off to provide for said left and right coasts with their collective snouts in the air.

But like the MSM branch of their propaganda industry, they are pounding and pounding the false premise that the SCOTUS decision on Dobbs (Roe v Wade) has banned abortion in the U.S. It has not. Some red states did have abortion ‘trigger laws’ in-waiting for the ruling, but I did hear yesterday that one state is being sued over it … and that is the way this works. It’s called “Federalism” but here in the 21st Century their idea of individualism, responsibility and active participation in the republic is just too much brain work for them…

Hold on, now! Hey! Nobody puts Hillary in the corner! She’s pissed because she still pushes the “Trump-Russia” bullshit she bought and paid for with the help of the Obama DOJ/FBI and the dems in Congress. Pres. Trump got to nominate and seat three of the six SCOTUS Justices that are currently ruling on the un-Constitutional mess the activists have been slithering through the courts. She believes those were to be her nominations because she was supposed to be POTUS in 2016, damnit!!! She’s both-nostrils snorting that line of bullshit from her still fawning supporters on social media.

Lindsay Kornick: Hillary Clinton post asserting an abortion ‘shouldn’t be harder to obtain’ than a gun declared ‘dumbest tweet’

The racist will be throwing her “hock a loogie” into the 2024 DNC primary against Joe Biden … or Kamala.

All these master plans the Biden administration wankers and democrats are brewing are in violation of The Hyde Amendment…

Louis Casiano: HHS Secretary Becerra: Biden admin may ‘assist’ transporting women wanting abortions across state lines: Vice President Kamala Harris also nixed the idea of providing abortion access on federal lands in and around states that ban the procedure

Chris Donaldson: Becerra laughs off legality of HHS using federal dollars to transport women for abortions: ‘You’re recording so I wont tell you’ what else we’re doing

Hey, Sen. Fauxcahontas has a master plan…

Sarah Weaver: Elizabeth Warren Suggests Putting Abortion Clinics In National Parks

Twitchy: Heap big CRAZY –> Elizabeth Warren pushes Biden to set up ‘Planned Parenthood outposts’ (tents) on edges of national parks

And the conversation will continue…

Charles C.W. Cooke: Unpopular, but Legitimate

Thomas Phippen,Andrew Murray: Biden making abortion a midterms issue is ‘a slap in the face’ after failing to codify Roe: Liberal strategist


Landon Mion: CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid limiting purchases of Plan B pills following SCOTUS ruling: The pills were in short supply or out of stock on Monday morning on the retailers’ websites


Biden Family Business…

Joshua Rhett Miller and Miranda Devine: Voicemail indicates Joe Biden knew of Hunter deals with ‘spy chief of China’

DM: EXCLUSIVE: ‘I think you’re clear’: VOICEMAIL from Joe Biden to Hunter about NY Times report on his Chinese business dealings proves he DID speak to his son about his relationship with criminal dubbed the ‘spy chief of China’

  • Joe Biden called Hunter in December 2018 saying he wanted to talk to him after reading a New York Times story about Hunter’s dealings with the Chinese oil giant CEFC
  • Files on Hunter’s abandoned laptop previously disclosed by DailyMail.com show that he struck a deal with the Chinese company worth millions of dollars 
  • The Times’ 2018 story pointed out CEFC’s chairman Ye Jianming had been arrested in China and his lieutenant Patrick Ho had been convicted of bribery
  • Hunter accidentally recorded himself referring to Ho as the ‘spy chief of China’
  • After seeing the story online, Joe called Hunter and left a voicemail  
  • ‘I thought the article released online, it’s going to be printed tomorrow in the Times, was good. I think you’re clear,’ Joe said in the voicemail 
  • The message flies in the face of the president’s repeated denials that he ever discussed Hunter’s overseas business dealings with his son 

VIDEO: Joe Concha: Biden reportedly spoke to Hunter about China deals in leaked voicemail

*my shocked face* …

Joe Schoffstall: Biden’s Title IX proposal mirrors action memo from Soros-funded group pushing gender identity into rules: The shadowy George Soros-funded group pushed for sweeping gender identity into Title IX, documents show

Biden blows-up our Independence Day picinic tables…

VIDEO: Stuart Varney: July 4th weekend will bring Biden’s crises together

Breck Dumas: Business leader optimism hits record low amid soaring inflation, labor shortages: Executives surveyed by JPMorgan Chase cited inflation, labor shortages as top challenges

Daniella Genovese: Fourth of July travel: Flight cancellations continue as holiday nears: Delta, United airlines were leading other major US carriers in total disruptions on Monday

The “G” something or another…

‘Tough on Crime’ California style…

Lawrence Richard, Bill Melugin: BACK ON THE STREETS – Drug traffickers freed after being caught with enough fentanyl to kill millions: Drug traffickers arrested in California with 150,000 fentanyl pills released after just days in jail. The men were arrested on Friday for being in possession of 150,000 fentanyl pills. … How about ‘follow the money’ on this, huh?

The era of racial and political bigoted ‘medical practice’…

Carlos Garcia: Nurse resigns after claiming on social media she would deny Viagra to white males who vote conservative


Daddy Joe Bailed Out “Smartest Guy He Knows” Hunter with Russian Hooker???

You know, I gotta maybe change my mind that the Trump-Russia “pee-pee tape” was actually a Bill Clinton romp in Moscow but now I’m wondering if it was Hunter.

Andrew Kerr & Jerry Dunleavy: Joe Biden unwittingly helped finance Hunter’s trysts with Russia-linked escorts


Jon Levine: Hunter Biden met with Russian oligarch now wanted for murder

Alex Lang: Voicemail Contradicts Joe Biden’s Claims He Stayed Away From Hunter’s Business Dealings: Report

Other news headlines:

Ed Morrissey: LA Times wonders: Are progressive Californians ready for gun-totin’ black people?

Natalie Winters: Border Patrol: Big Tech Platforms Being Used To Recruit Child Smugglers.

Margot Cleveland: Exclusive: Former White House Staffer Confirms Jan. 6 Committee Lied About DOJ Attorney: ‘This isn’t about truth, but about making it impossible for conservatives to successfully enter and leave government.’

News Alert: (Video) Chicago Mayor Lightfoot : “Fuck Clarence Thomas”: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot sure is classy in front of a big crowd…..

Katie Pavlich: The Mayor of America’s Bloodiest City Is Shouting at Justice Clarence Thomas

Libby Emmons: BREAKING: New York Supreme Court strikes down law that allowed non-citizens to vote: The plan would have added some 800,000 New Yorkers to the voting rolls, and would have allowed them to vote for mayor, public advocate, city council, borough presidents, and school boards.


Tim Meads: Disney Offering Johnny Depp $301 Million To Return To “Pirates of the Caribbean” Movie Franchise: Report

This didn’t age well…

Spencer Brown: Remember That ‘$0.16’ July 4th Savings Last Year? Here’s How Much It Went Up This Year

The Telegraph: Joe Biden to block Boris Johnson’s answer to global food crisis: US president opposes Prime Minister’s plan to ease cost of living by curbing green fuels


Monday Newsfeed: The Left Says, ‘JUSTICE for JUST US!’

But, you know, Mark Judson is a very (self-) righteous fella in his defense of killing the unborn and supporting Ukraine, and so much better than you filthy “Christians” who aren’t worthy of more than being Nero’s Torches. Let’s see how they react to this…


Ed Morrissey: EBREAKING: SCOTUS upholds right to private prayer at school functions, 6-3

Chris Queen: BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Football Coach Who Prayed With His Players After Games

Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit:

THE LEFT’S DOMESTIC TERRORISM CAMPAIGN: Troubling calls for Clarence Thomas’ assassination spread across social media after Roe reversed: Threats come after other groups have called for violence to be committed against pro-life groups, individuals and churches.

WSJ: The Justices Didn’t Lie to the Senate: No one in the Supreme Court’s Dobbs majority promised to uphold Roe v. Wade.

The reaction to the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health has been predictably vitriolic and often full of distortions. The Justices didn’t ban abortion; they said there is no constitutional right to abortion and left it to the states to decide. The majority also did not set up other rights to disappear; they explicitly said abortion is unique.

Perhaps the most unfortunate claim is that the Justices in the Dobbs majority lied during confirmation hearings. The charge is that they suggested that Roe v. Wade was a precedent that couldn’t be overturned…

The reason is that the first rule of judging is that you can’t pre-judge a case. Judges are limited under Article III of the Constitution to hearing cases and controversies, and that means ruling on facts and law that are specific to those cases.

No judge can know what those facts might be in advance of a case, and judges owe it to the parties to consider those facts impartially. A judge who can’t be impartial, or who has already reached a conclusion or has a bias about a case, is obliged to recuse himself. This is judicial ethics 101.

The claims of deceit are especially unfortunate because they suggest that the Court is no different from the political branches. This is damaging to the Court’s credibility, whether the majority leans to the left or the right. The current majority won’t last forever, perhaps not even many more years, and Democrats deriding the current Court as political won’t be pleased if Republicans make the same claim when their appointees are back in the majority.

The fury of the left’s reaction isn’t merely about guns and abortion. It reflects their grief at having lost the Court as the vehicle for achieving policy goals they can’t get through legislatures. The cultural victories they achieved by judicial fiat will now have to be won by persuading voters. We understand their frustration, but they ought to try democracy for a change. They might even win the debate over abortion.

I am also noticing a couple of other things happening since the SCOTUS ruling on Dobbs and Roe v Wade:


2. The pro-life right claiming this is SCOTUS having ruled ‘for life’ is as wrong as the left is in claiming SCOTUS ‘banned abortion’. The SCOTUS did neither. They ruled Roe v Wade was unfounded because abortion rights are not in the US Constitution and that it is up to the states to establish law within their own state government(s). While both pro-life relief and pro-abort anger are expected, two wrong views don’t jibe with the SCOTUS ruling. As WSJ editorial writers suggested, “try democracy for a change.”

3. The corporations now boasting they will pay for/reimburse any employee who has to travel to another pro-abort state for their abortion is ironic in and of itself given their bowing to forced abortion China in business.

Stacey Lennox: Meckler: In the Wake of Dobbs, Radical Federalism Is the Only Way Back to Civility

Matt Margolis: Dobbs Wasn’t a Pro-Life Victory, It Was a Victory for Federalism

Ted Noel: The Return To Constitutionalism Is Hidden In Plain Sight

VIDEO: Mark Levin pushes back on Democrats’ Roe v Wade outrage and calls out Democrats’ protests, rhetoric about abortion after years of demanding Americans ‘follow the science.’

VIDEO: Former U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman: Roe decision shows Supreme Court is ‘reining in its activism’

Twitchy: AOC calls for impeachment hearings on Justices Kavanaugh, Barrett and Thomas … There were no “lies” at the nomination hearings before the Senate. The majority of our congress critters are “lawyers” and should know better. When a nominee (more often than not a judge … unless it’s Obama nominee Elena Kagan) is before the Senate committee they know their own personal ideology or views are not relevant to cases that have come before them or might come before them. All they can do is state the obvious according to the current situation. Roe was law, thus, it is how the nominees viewed it and answered according to the obvious. In doing so they agreed they would then approach each case coming before them according to that current situation. And the Dobbs v Mississippi case was the case that revealed the huge fault with Roe v Wade, and ruled accordingly. So, any threats of “impeachment for lying” are bullshit, especially from the dancing barmaid with a degree in socialist ‘economics’.

Dillon Burroughs: Sen. Elizabeth Warren Claimed SCOTUS ‘Burned’ Legitimacy In Roe Verdict, Calls For Adding More Justices … What is absolutely insanely hilarious here is that the left’s much loved Justice, now Patron Saint, Ruth Bader Ginsberg warned Roe v Wade was garbage from the start and would, at some point, be struck-down … AND was against SCOTUS court-packing.

VIDEO: Greg Gutfeld: Supreme Court’s rulings on guns and abortion in one week is the Super Bowl of Liberal meltdowns. Guns are in the Constitution, abortion is not

Oh, and shove your arguments about what type of guns were in existence when the Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment. Were they able to see the guns we have today they would be envious they didn’t have them during the American Revolution for independence … and would be proud of our having them and fighting to keep them, especially in the face of our current federal government out of control and governing (and taxing/regulating/mandating) without the consent of the governed.

Michael Walsh: Guns N’ Roeses: Rage, rage, against the dying of the Leftist light.

It has long been a dictum of mine that, as far as the progressive Left is concerned, “they never stop, they never sleep, they never quit.” After their twin defeats at the Supreme Court last week, regarding two of their most sensitive issues (both of which derive from their devotion to cultural suicide, which is their principal objective), don’t expect them to give up easily. They subscribe to their version of Islamism or the Brezhnev Doctrine: once they’ve conquered moral or physical tparerritory, it can never go back to the way it was. They see themselves as the heroes of their own movies, good red-diaper babies constantly battling the forces of revanchism and irrendentism, which are you. The idea that they’re the bad guy never occurs to them…

Biden/Harris “leadership” is what you’d expect…

FNC: GOP senator slams President Biden for ‘fear-mongering’ in address to nation after Supreme Court’s ruling: Sen. Tim Scott says a fundamental of being an American is life

Lindsay Kornick: FRIENDLY FIRE – Liberals rage, slam Kamala Harris’ tweet addressing the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade: Kamala Harris tweet on abortion rights slammed by liberals: ‘Literally the embodiment of thoughts and prayers’

Stacey Lennox: Astonishing Testimony From Dr. Birx Lost Amid Landmark SCOTUS Rulings

With several controversial SCOTUS rulings addressing divisive issues like gun rights and abortion, an exchange between Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Dr. Debra Birx during a congressional hearing on Thursday escaped scrutiny. However, if a power-hungry politician, university, or employer compelled you or someone you love to receive an experimental vaccine in the last two years, it may make you furious. And Birx should be ashamed of herself for not speaking out earlier.

The House Oversight and Reform Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis held a hearing with Birx Thursday morning. Jordan questioned Birx on the United States’ participation in and funding of the World Health Organization and gain of function research. Birx was candid that she felt the United States should withhold funding from the WHO until needed reforms occurred. She also admitted the U.S. should not participate in some gain-of-function research, such as any in China.

However, Jordan’s questions about the Biden administration’s message on COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness should shock the conscience. Jordan asked Birx if the government was lying or guessing when it told the public that people who received the vaccination couldn’t get COVID. Birx responded that she did not know…

The leftist MSM is making its lame dissenting opinions

Alexander Hall: Bloomberg opinion piece says ending Roe v. Wade is ‘institutional suicide’ for Supreme Court: The columnist issued a scathing rebuke of the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling overturning Roe v. Wade

Twitchy: Bro, do you even CIVICS?! Max Boot OWNED for whining about evil red states having two Senators in dunk on SCOTUS rulings

Tim Graham: PolitiFact Leaps to Claim Biden Is ‘Mostly True’ That America Is Now an Abortion ‘Outlier’ … No…

However, there will be NO debating or any dissenting opinions in leftist ‘law’…

Paul Caron: American Launches Title IX Investigation Of 8 Law Students Who Criticized A Student’s Pro-Dobbs Views In Group Chat

Reality, the three leftist activist Justices deserve far more leftist scrutiny than the conservative Justices…

Carrie Severino: Courageous Supreme Court’s abortion ruling makes history: Supreme Court ruling’s dissenters made no serious attempt to support legal basis for Roe


Kristan Hawkins: RIP Roe: Supreme Court abortion ruling sets stage for what pro-life groups do next: States have a right to protect preborn and their mothers and pro-life groups ready to help

The left are ignorant a-holes…

Twitchy: Libs are sharing two Statue of Liberty memes in response to the overturning of Roe

But tell your kids how you really feel about them, Moms…

Twitchy: No-limits, pregnant abortion fan declares her own late term fetus ‘not yet human’ (pic)

Twitchy: Sad look on little boy’s face standing by his pro-abortion mom holding a HATEFUL sign (about him and his siblings) will break your heart (pic)

Stephen Kruiser: Unhinged Abortion Left Should Probably Focus on Mental Health Care for a While.

Luc Olinga: Bill Gates and George Soros Take Sides in the Abortion Debate … No surprise the 2 filthy rich ghouls championing decreasing Earth’s human population.


Just in case you missed it, old drunk broad shoves new Congresswoman’s young daughter…

Green boogers…

Lawrence Richard: Texas GOP Rep. Mayra Flores says Speaker Nancy Pelosi ‘pushed’ her daughter during photo op … Imagine if a republican Speaker did this to some democrat’s kid(s) after swearing them in. Pelosi is a disgusting witch.

Glenn Reynolds: Elitist environmentalists hate the working class

As the United States faces skyrocketing oil, gas and electricity prices, the obvious solution is to drill for more oil and gas and build more generating plants. Naturally, that’s off the table because the people who are being hurt most aren’t the ones who set the agenda.

High prices hurt everyone to a degree, but they’re hardest on the working classes. Most Americans drive to work, and even in most places with mass transit there are far more jobs within a 30-minute drive than there are within a 30-minute bus or train ride. Cars also make it easier to take kids to school, shop for groceries in a wider variety of places and stay in touch with family and friends.

With gas prices having more than doubled since January 2021, the cost of doing all these things has also more than doubled. For a family that’s stretched tight already, twice as much money for gas means less money for other things, like food, clothing or education. (And it doesn’t help that prices for those things are also skyrocketing.)

Nonetheless, environmentalists seem happy with these changes…

Robert Spencer: Is the Green Agenda Being Forced Upon Us by Accident?

The Left hates oil and gasbeef (and chicken, and all meat), and coal. But millions of Americans don’t believe the hysterical Leftist claims that these things are destroying the planet. What to do about these folks? A number of suspicious recent incidents suggest that some people have decided to take matters into their own hands and force compliance with the green agenda by leaving us no other choice…

Twitchy: Approval and disapproval polling averages reach record lows for President Joe Biden

Anders Hagstrom: RED WAVE: More than a million Americans switch to Republican Party, spelling disaster for Dems in midterms: More than 1 million voters switch registration to GOP as suburbs break from Biden. Dems are trying to shift the conversation toward abortion

See you in SCOTUS court…

Jazz Shaw: California working on denying gun permits based on “ideological viewpoints”

Mike LaChance: Some Blue States Already Trying to Work Around SCOTUS 2nd Amendment Ruling: “Get ready for a lot of Democratic governors to proclaim they’re following the Supreme Court’s decision while doing everything they can to undermine it.”

Gwendolyn Sims: [WATCH] One American Gun Manufacturer Is Fighting Back Against the Left’s Wrath

Reality bites the left…

Victor Davis Hanson: America Is More Fragile Than the Left Understands: Like a stunned adolescent whose reckless incompetence totaled the family car, the Left seems shocked that America proved so fragile after all.


P.S.: The Need for Speed…

Dillon Burroughs: ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Surpasses $1 Billion At Box Office


Sunday Space by Design

It’s a great time to look up into the night sky. However, sometimes you’ll need to set the alarm in order to wake and catch the show.

Madeline Buiano: 5 Planets Align in the Night Sky for the First Time in 18 Years—Here’s How and When to See the Phenomenon: The ordered alignment of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will be visible to the naked eye this week and throughout early July. The rare site won’t be visible again until 2040.

Melanie Layden: Here’s when you can watch a rare five-planet alignment: The rare space phenomenon only happens once every 18 years.

Robert Zimmerman: Has work begun on a dedicated helicopter mission to Mars?

Stefanie Waldek: World’s largest liquid mirror telescope ready to observe: Astronomers must brave a 10-hour drive into the Himalayas to get there.

DM: Mysterious glowing swirl lights up the night sky – but what is it?

Ed Browne: Comet Bigger Than Dinosaur-killing Asteroid to Fly Past Earth

KHOU-TV: Pluto’s Largest Moon Has a Mysterious Red Color and Scientists Might Finally Know Why


China always has to suck up all the air on the planet…

Selim Algar: Researchers knock down Chinese claims that it caught alien signals at telescope … Next CCP China will be claiming the Wuhan COVID virus was an alien bio-weapon.

Bryan Walsh: If aliens are calling, let it go to voicemail: Receiving signals from extraterrestrial civilizations could pose an existential risk. Really. … I agree.

William Kennedy: Aliens May Invade Alarmingly Soon, According To A Late Bulgarian Mystic: Aliens Will Arrive To Earth On An Asteroid, According To Baba Vanga


Saturday “Weekend Reads” Newsfeed: One Small Step at a Time…

Good morning, fellow Spectators. No, it wasn’t a dream. The SCOTUS did the right thing and kicked the issue and legality of abortion back to the states where it belonged in the first place. I have heard back and forth on whether or not the US Congress could have codified Roe v Wade in these last near 50 years but didn’t. And even when the pro-abort/”women’s rights” dems had majorities in both houses and the White House … and with liberal-minded RINO support … but still didn’t codify. It must be asked “why?” Well, as with any issue with the demo-commies they need the dangling issues to fundraise off of and campaign of fear, especially among the impoverished, and minority, communities. Let that sink in. The left/dems premise is that minorities and poor people should abort their unborn generations out of, what, immediate convenience? The left’s demi-goddess Margaret Sanger smiles from her maggot fossilized grave.

24 hours later I’m seeing the false analogy/false equivocation between ‘mask mandates’ and the SCOTUS Dobbs/Roe v Wade ruling is a ‘pregnancy mandate’. And ‘rape has been legalized and resulting pregnancies mandated’. *smh* The left is pure intentional and willful ignorance.

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson: Roe v. Wade was poison: After nearly 50 years the single shottiest most destructive Supreme Court decision in American history has finally been struck down…

VIDEO: Dr Marty Makary discusses the ‘science’ behind abortions and reacts to the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade.

How The Babylon Bee is viewing this as only they could…

Moloch Warns Of Looming Child Sacrifice Supply Chain Issues

Dems Pause January 6 Hearings To Call For Insurrection

Weird: Democrats Suddenly Saying ‘Woman’ Today As If Everyone Knows What It Means

Kavanaugh Burns Down His Home Just To Get It Over With

‘Pretty Cool We Overturned Roe, Right Fellas?’ Says David French Trying To Sit At Trump Voters’ Lunch Table

Twitchy: ‘Mostly peaceful insurrection’ at Arizona Capitol shut down Senate business

I guess Nan ‘wife of drunk driver Paul’ Pelosi couldn’t find something from Bono championing freedom to kill the unborn…

Alec Regimbal @ SFGATE: Nancy Pelosi blasted for her reactions to the end of Roe v. Wade

In a news conference shortly after the ruling, Pelosi read a poem called, “I Have No Other Country” by Israeli poet and lyricist Ehud Manor. (Better known as a song in Israel, it has also been used as an anthem for Israeli settlers in the West Bank, according to Forward.)

In the poem, Manor bemoans the changes he’s seeing in his country, but says he’ll remain dedicated to it out of a fierce sense of patriotism. The last line Pelosi read describes Manor’s hope that the “changed face” of his country “will open her eyes.”

“Clearly, we hoped that the Supreme Court would open its eyes,” Pelosi said.

The move was widely lambasted online, with users calling Pelosi’s actions “performative” and “hollow.”…

Twitchy: Emmanuel Macron, whose country has abortion laws more restrictive than Mississippi, lectures America on abortion

Thomas Catenacci: FACT CHECK – Biden makes false abortion claim in address to nation about high court ruling: Biden falsely says abortion ruling makes US ‘outlier among developed nations’. Ireland and Germany, for example, ban most abortions after 12 weeks

They Live Among Us: The left always showing us who and what they really are, folks…

Robert Spencer: Justice Thomas Calls for End to Legislating from the Bench, Drives the Left Even Crazier

Glenn Reynolds:

I GUESS THEY DON’T LIKE AN UPPITY BLACK MAN: Protests Planned Outside Justice Thomas’s Home After Abortion Ruling. I’ve noticed that most of the hate aimed at individual justices I’ve seen on social media is directed at Thomas, even though he didn’t author the Dobbs opinion, Alito did. That’s racism, straight up.

Ana Navarro claims she is a republican. Hell, the bitch ain’t even slightly republican enough to be considered a RINO. Her list of reprehensible bullshit she spews on ABC’s “The View” and in her appearances on CNN is long and extremely not conservative. But Sweet Jesus! This is by far one of the most Hitlerian takes on the Roe v Wade ruling I’ve heard in the last 24 hours. In 5 months from now the family holiday season will be something else in the family/stepfamily that has this raging lunatic monster in attendance who just smeared the innocent ‘special needs’ family members as worthless and disposable on international TV…

Joseph A. Wulfsohn: Roe v. Wade overturned: CNN pundit cites relatives with Down syndrome, autism to defend abortions: CNN’s Ana Navarro also pointed to her disabled brother while defending abortions

If, by happenstance, I and my Down Syndrome daughter ever were to run into this witch I would state loudly to my daughter as I shielded her from Navarro, “Don’t go near her, sweetheart. She’s dangerous. She says you should’ve been killed before you were born and thinks because you were born you are garbage.” And just a reminder that the first to be exterminated by Hitler and the Nazis were those with special needs and those with physical/mental handicaps and illness.

Twitchy: Blue-check ‘Marxist pig’ says ‘violence is a legitimate and appropriate response to oppression’ in response to the Dobbs SCOTUS ruling

Twitchy: CRAZY thread of CRAZIER Lefties proves the REAL danger in America is frothy-mouthed nut-jobs losing their MINDS over Roe

Ace: Quick Hits: “St. George Floyd once blessed an unborn baby by sticking a gun into the belly of a pregnant woman…”

Peter Hasson: Far-left radicals find targets using UGA professors’ map of pro-life clinic addresses: Crisis pregnancy centers targeted in wave of violence over Supreme Court abortion decision

Twitchy: ‘And now we PUSH BACK’: Kick-butt thread directed at Lefties threatening violence over SCOTUS decisions an EPIC must-read


Anna Giaritelli: Biden administration quietly erasing immigration court caseload: ‘De facto amnesty’

Monica Showalter: Biden sneaking amnesty through for a million illegal border crossers

Rick Moran: CANCELLED: Lawyers Who Won Major Gun Rights Case Forced Out of Firm

Stephen Green: The New Narrative: Inflation and Recession Aren’t So Bad, Ackshully

Paul Sacca: Burger King employee received a crummy goodie bag for working 27 years without missing a day, then David Spade stepped up big time

Weekend Reads:

Josiah Lippincott: America Needs a Red Flag Law For Senile Senators: It is high time we came together, reached across the aisle, and passed common sense senile senator control.

J.B. Shurk: 6 Ways McConnell Betrays the Republican Base

VIDEO: Jonathan Turley: Roe v. Wade was criticized by many liberal academics and Supreme Court didn’t decide on ‘what should happen to abortion’: Their argument was not that abortion should be unlawful. They’re not saying anything on what should happen to abortion. They’re saying more who should make that decision…

Andrea Widburg: Dobbs: A return to the rule of constitutional law

John Daniel Davidson: Why Democrats Oppose Emancipation For The Unborn: The Supreme Court’s decision in Roe was as shameful as its decision in Dredd Scott — and for the same reason.

Matt Margolis: The Legacy of Donald Trump

Paul Kengor: Thanking Trump and What Reversing Roe Really Means – He governed as the best pro-life president ever.

Ryan T. Anderson and Alexandra DeSanctis: How the Eugenics Movement Made Race-Based Abortions Normal: Planned Parenthood condemns sex-, race-, and disability-based discrimination in every other context, except when it occurs in the womb.

Glenn H. Reynolds: The leak, the threats, the violence — reaction to Roe is dark day for nation

Eleanor Bartow: How To Win The Debate On Abortion In 12 Clear Counterpoints: The same points keep getting made in the debate on abortion. Here are the many reasons the usual points in favor of abortion are wrong.

Michael Robison: How Overturning Roe Has Exposed Lies, Ignorance and the Manipulation of You

Cody Wisniewski: From D.C. to Olympia, Politicians – Guarded by Guns – Presume to Tell You How You’re Allowed to Defend Yourself and Your Family

John Daniel Davidson: Merrick Garland’s Department Of Justice Is A Threat To The Republic: Federal raids this week, along with an inappropriate statement about a SCOTUS ruling, underscore the weaponization of the DOJ under Garland.

Ben Boychuk: We’re All Fascists Now, Apparently: Fascism for facile journalists and the knee-jerk Left is like Justice Potter Stewart’s famous test for obscenity: They know it when they see it. And they see it everywhere.

Monica Showalter: Sneaky Joe’s new plan to steal the midterms

J. Peder Zane: This Golden Age of Journalism

Larry Johnson: Understanding the Ukrainian SS Galicia Division Helps explain UK and Canadian support for Ukraine

Mackubin Owens: Ukraine and the Russian Way of War Redux: After blundering around and taking losses for a few weeks, the Russians have remembered how to wage an old-fashioned, World War II-style war of attrition.



Ronn Blitzer & Kelly Laco: SUPREME RULING – In landmark ruling SCOTUS releases highly-anticipated decision on Roe v. Wade, weeks after unprecedented opinion leak: The case before the court centered on a Mississippi law banning abortions after 15 weeks

The Supreme Court on Friday overturned Roe v. Wade, effectively ending recognition of a constitutional right to abortion and giving individual states the power to allow, limit, or ban the practice altogether.

The ruling came in the court’s opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which centered on a Mississippi law that banned abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. The Republican-led state of Mississippi asked the Supreme Court to strike down a lower court ruling that stopped the 15-week abortion ban from taking place.

“We end this opinion where we began. Abortion presents a profound moral question. The Constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each State from regulating or prohibiting abortion. Roe and Casey arrogated that authority. We now overrule those decisions and return that authority to the people and their elected representatives,” Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the court’s opinion.

The opinion comes after a leak of a draft opinion from February striking down Roe caused nationwide debate and promoted pro-choice activist protests at the homes of the six conservative justices. In addition, dozens of pro-life pregnancy centers were vandalized since the opinion leak, Catholic churches were targeted for protests and unrest, and a suspect was charged with attempted murder for allegedly trying to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh…

Where it should have been all along. Who’ve thunk it that “Orangeman Bad” would’ve been responsible for the end of Roe v Wade?

Twitchy: BREAKING: SCOTUS’ 6-3 Dobbs ruling effectively overturns Roe v. Wade … now brace for the Outrage Mob … Indeed. Can’t wait for the Pelosi/AOC/Schumer/etc. outrage as well.

THE MSM begins its conniption fit..


Hey, SCOTUS, how about finally releasing the leaker and their punishment?


Brooke Singman: Trump praises Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, says ruling ‘will work out for everybody’: The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade Friday

So many dems pissed-off the SCOTUS threw out the Roe v Wade genocide/infanticide ‘law’…

VIDEO: Pelosi reacts to Roe v. Wade reversal: ‘The hypocrisy is raging’: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivers remarks on the potential impact of the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Thomas Catenacci: SUPREME MELTDOWN – Rep. Maxine Waters unleashes fiery response to Supreme Court as she reacts to Dobbs ruling: ‘The hell with the Supreme Court. We will defy them’: California Democrat says ‘millions’ will protest Supreme Court abortion decision

Twitchy: Feels INSURRECTION-Y: Maxine Waters goes on insane rant screeching ‘TO HELL WITH THE SUPREME COURT … We will defy them!’ (watch)

Twitchy: Hillary Clinton condemns Roe v. Wade decision, gets reminded what might have been if only…

Brooke Singman: Biden calls on Congress to restore Roe v. Wade abortion protections as federal law: ‘This is not over’: Biden urged protesters to remain ‘peaceful’ after Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade

Twitchy: Welp, it’s official … Jennifer Rubin’s reaction to SCOTUS overturning Roe is the most ‘BATS**T’ we’ve seen YET (and that’s sayin’ somethin’)

Kristine Parks: Roe v. Wade overturned: Liberal journalists rage at Ruth Bader Ginsburg for not retiring: ‘Thanks especially to RBG today for making this possible’ one writer tweeted about the Supreme Court decision

Hey, I don’t have a real problem/issue with this:

See, you pro-abort libs can take care of these ‘needs’ for women…

Groomers at Disney too…

Ariel Zilber: Disney to pay for employees’ abortion-related travel costs after SCOTUS ruling

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Reader Thoughts on SCOTUS’s 2A Ruling of Yesterday…

Reader and TUS contributor BK Masterson sends her latest our way.

Cross-posted from Patriots’ Soapbox

BK: SCOTUS Rules on NYSRPA v. Bruen, Explained

Our friend Maggie at The Universal Spectator wrote a nice wrap-up on the SCOTUS ruling today on NYSRPA v. Bruen, reprinted here on PSB.com. I decided to amplify the discussions on this 2A ruling by some other sources I follow.

These days, I believe it behooves all of us thinking Patriots to understand precisely what was at issue and why this ruling is so critical to our future as a Constitutional Republic. I’ve linked below a very thoughtful article by one of my fave bloggers on Substack, who goes by the moniker SLAG. I really learn from and enjoy how thoroughly he assembles all the salient points about any issue and then logically lays out the logical thinking of it. An excerpt, right up front:

In this article we’re going to look at:

  • What is NYSRPA v. Bruen and why is it significant?
  • Why hasn’t SCOTUS taken another 2A case from 2010-2021?
  • How will the court rule on Bruen?
  • Text, history & tradition vs. two-step inquiry?
  • What is the potential outcome of this case?
  • Will the NYC subway shooting have any affect on the outcome of the decision?

This one is a keeper to pass on to any who wonder why the issue was decided this way and I believe it will serve us well in the future as we try to hang on to our currently fragile Constitutional Republic. I hope you will agree.

SLAG @ The Pipeline: NYSRPA v. Bruen: An Analysis

Further, if you appreciate the work above by SLAG, you may also be interested in another reprise of today’s ruling by another of my faves, ArnGrimR also on Substack.  In addition to this article linked below, he posted this message on TruthSocial, which also bears attention:

A lot is being said about today’s SCOTUS decision regarding the 2nd Amendment, but -albeit a very important and fundamental one – it is only a partial decision.

Let’s explore this topic a little deeper!

Where does that right to bear arms come from?

Why is it important?

Is the state or even the police responsible for our protection? Or are we?

As the Court did today, going back to history helps to get the right perspective!

It takes time and attention to fully prepare to defend our Rights under the Constitution. Enjoy your reading!

SCOTUS and the right to bear arms – ArnGrimR (substack.com)


Friday Newsfeed: “Living in Interesting Times” Continues…

The big invasion is on, as well as the big surrender at the U.S. border.

Brie Stimson , Bill Melugin: Hundreds of migrants seen wandering on side of road in Texas amid illegal immigration surge: The area in the Del Rio sector has seen record illegal crossings … (w/VIDEO)

Tyler Olson: At the southern border: Dozens of migrants detained as Border Patrol contends with the nightly influx: Border Patrol rounds up crossers as a drone likely belonging to a cartel keeps a careful watch

The coordinated war on the U.S.A. by China…

Tori Richards & Anna Giaritelli: Cartels boast on TikTok how they make millions smuggling migrants across border … Well, TikTok is a China CCP heavily monitored media and the fentanyl is coming from China, so, the cartels are letting the CCP know the shipments are successfully getting through.

Adam Shaw: FLOW OF FENTANYL: Republicans call for Biden to push Mexican president to combat fentanyl smuggling: Some proposals include adding cartels to the foreign terrorist organization list … They should already be on that list by now, for cripesake!

Adam Shaw: DEA warns of ‘nationwide spike’ in fentanyl-related mass-overdose deaths, as border crisis rages: DEA said fentanyl is killing Americans at an “unprecedented rate”

Byron York: Biden lets in 1 million illegal border crossers. Maybe 2 million

FNC: Rep. Mayra Flores says Democratic Party has abandoned the Hispanic community to focus on White liberals: Newly-elected congresswoman Mayra Flores reflects on her stunning election victory and why Hispanics are fleeing the Democratic Party

FNC: ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’ – State AG, Gov. DeSantis target migrant flights, border smugglers: Governor DeSantis announced strike force last week to target immigration-related crime

The Fully Scripted and Choreographed (Soros) Puppet:

Biden continues to add to his real legacy … cheating…

Joseph A. Wulfsohn: BIDEN’s CHEAT SHEET – Biden holds notes that read ‘YOU enter the Roosevelt Room,’ ‘YOU take YOUR seat’A White House official tells Fox News such notes are a longstanding practice for politicians … Okay, but those other guys were able to … and allowed to … go off teleprompter and off-script and not reveal themselves as a muddled, wandering nursing home resident. Last month Elon Musk warned teleprompter-reliant Biden is risking a Ron Burgundy moment. Elon, he’s already had a few of them.

Meanwhile, those Biden fluffers in the MSM…

Nikolas Lanum: CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS journos hype Biden gas tax holiday, now claim president can affect prices: ‘No-brainer’: Democrats, including Barack Obama, have criticized the idea of a federal gas tax holiday

Megan Henney , Suzanne O’Halloran: Former Obama economist warns stagflation threat level is ‘highest in a long time’: Fed war on inflation could increase odds of stagflation scenario: Fmr. Obama economist

VIDEO: Can the Fed attain a soft landing as the central bank tries to curb red-hot inflation? Thomas Hoenig, the former Kansas City Federal Reserve president, weighs in, arguing that a ‘recession is a fair call.’

Philip Wegmann: Conservatives Already Preparing for Post-Biden Presidential Transition

The Loser J6 Committee Ain’t No Hit-Filled J5:


Twitchy: Alan Dershowitz asks why states can’t regulate guns but can ban abortions

Alex Nitzberg: ‘Supreme Court lawyer’ says it would be ‘weird’ for the high court to leave abortion up to states ‘after it just imposed a constitutional right to concealed carry of firearms’

Here ya go, folks. Want to know how those almighty “red flag laws” will be wrongly used and abused? Here’s one example of the descriminating politicized thought process will go…

Amy Swearer & Cooper Conway: Debunking the Myth of “Concealed-Carry Killers”

1 – The Violence Policy Center claim falls apart when even the slightest bit of scrutiny is applied to it.

2 – Americans defend themselves with their firearms between 500,000 and 3 million times every year.

3 – Concealed-carry permit holders have intervened to stop many scenarios that likely would have turned into mass killings but for their actions.

Statistically speaking, the other mass shootings that the left/MSM/Dems refuse to address are done, in places like Chicago, by criminals who have not purchased, are not background-checked or registered law-abiding gun owners or legally poses their guns.

Twitchy: Here are the 15 Senate Republicans who joined Dems in final passage of gun control bill … The RINO herd.

Hollywood’s never been over-populated with ‘the best and brightest’…

Tracy Wright: Ron Perlman slammed for deleted tweet saying Supreme Court gun decision ‘for whites only’: Twitter users were quick to point out that the Supreme Court’s ruling was led by Justice Clarence Thomas, who is Black

And as the left tries to convolute Second Amendment gun rights with ‘abortion rights’ because “my body my choice” … except when it involves vax injections…

Christopher O’Donnell & Ian Hodgson: Publix won’t give COVID vaccine to children under 5: The Lakeland grocery chain said it will not explain its decision “at this time.” … Let me guess, legal “liability” for adverse reactions and/or injuries/death of toddlers and babies because of the experimental vaccine?

ALL the data, what there is of it, on adverse reactions and/or injuries/death from the vaccines must be immediately released with the gusto that those two-year tally numbers of COVID cases and deaths have been.

The ‘fresh new Hell’ in the gender bending and twisting era seems to be firmly centered in anti-women terminology…

Twitchy: Fresh term for women thoroughly rejected by the ‘womb carriers’

Pelosi Privilege…

Nikolas Lanum: New York Times spotlights Pelosi’s lavish California living, husband’s troubled driving history

VIDEO: Jesse Watters: How Paul Pelosi was made to look like a victim: The ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ host probes the timeline and circumstances of Paul Pelosi’s vehicle crash leading to his DUI charge

Allie Griffin: Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul charged with DUI causing injury, could face jail time … It’ll be alright. I’m sure Paulie will get “community service’ handing-out PBJ sammies and water bottles to migrants working in one of the Pelosi vineyards. And the Pelosi team of lawyers will pay ‘undisclosed’ damages out of court to the ‘other guy’ in the accident.

#WOKE is all fun and games until you lose an eye…

David Mastio: USA Today demoted me for a tweet — because its woke newsrooms are out of touch with readers

Tristan Justice (5/14/21): Insane USA Today Editor Says Republicans Who Ousted Cheney Are A Greater Threat Than 9/11 Hijackers: USA Today Editor David Mastio wrote an op-ed Thursday claiming Republicans who voted to remove Liz Cheney from leadership were greater threat than terrorists.

Twitchy: Blue-check journo exposes how USA TODAY and Gannett have been deliberately purging conservative voices in DAMNING receipt-filled thread … David Mastio’s full Twitter tweet thread within the link. I suppose we’re supposed to be *gasping* in shock. Well, we have been a longtime warning about that ‘crocodile’ eventually coming for those pushing others in the line of the chomping. But they called us ‘conspiracy theorists’. I wonder what else we’ll be proven prescient about.


SCOTUS: Justice Alito’s Whole Lotta Common Sense and Wisdom on 6-3 Decision in New York’s Unconstitutional Gun Law…

Basically, the SCOTUS ruling says to New York that the Second Amendment is not a “second class right” and that American citizens do not have to “prove you need this right”…

Ronn Blitzer: Supreme Court gun decision shoots down NY rule that set high bar for concealed carry licenses: The Supreme Court ruled in its first major gun case in more than a decade

Anders Hagstrom: ‘DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED’ – President Biden reacts to Supreme Court handing gun owners a major 2nd Amendment win: The Supreme Court found that New York’s gun law overly restricted access to concealed carry permits

And the whining ensues…

Tyler Olson: New York gun case: Breyer says conservative Supreme Court majority ‘severely burdens’ state firearm rules: Liberal Supreme Court justice said states must pass laws against gun violence

Better you should sit this out, DOJ…

This, the same DOJ under Obama/Biden/Clinton/Eric Holder that carried out “Fast and Furious” with straw purchases of guns in the U.S., illegally sold them to nefarious folks and drug cartels across the border in Mexico, and then they brought those guns back across the border with them and they killed some of our Border Patrol Agents and other Americans (not to mention the Mexican citizens that were also murdered with them) … and now the same DOJ working for the Biden administration sending billions in U.S. funding, weapons, ammo to Ukraine, AND left behind some $85 billion in weapons, ammo, military machinery in their FUBAR-ed Afghanistan bugout. Oh! And same DOJ that will not go after Hunter Biden for his breaking of gun laws (for starters). So, yeah, go sit your collective corrupted asses down and talk to the wall, DOJ.

The Justices Alito and Thomas tag-team concurrences to the three dissenting liberal Justices complaining:

Twitchy: ‘Straight fire’: NY Gov. Hochul will NOT like Justice Alito’s reality check in the gun law ruling

Katie Pavlich: Justice Thomas Hammers Double Standard on Second Amendment

NY’s “replacement Gov” and NYC’s bumbling Mayor…

Twitchy: Gov. Hochul plays the ‘you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater’ and ‘muskets’ cards in response to SCOTUS ruling on guns

Nolan Hicks, Sam Raskin and Gabrielle Fonrouge: Eric Adams rips Supreme Court gun ruling, says New Yorkers now ‘less safe’

Rage Cage Match: The usual suspects…

David Rutz, Brian Flood: Enraged Keith Olbermann calls for Supreme Court’s dissolution after New York concealed carry rulingOpinion

Twitchy: LOL! Not enough POPCORN –> Check out this thread of some of the WORST blue-check meltdowns on Twitter over SCOTUS gun ruling

Twitchy: Ben Shapiro educates Piers Morgan on the Supreme Court works after today’s gun ruling

People who know what they’re talking about…

Jonathan Turley: The Supreme Court Hands Down Major Gun Rights Victory

VIDEO: Supreme Court rules in favor of gun owners in NY case: Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley, Fox News host Shannon Bream and former assistant U.S. attorney Andy McCarthy discuss the details and implications of the 6-3 ruling.

Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit:

SO I’VE READ/SKIMMED THE BRUEN OPINION, and it’s a big victory on the Second Amendment. It’s also the culmination of a multidecade litigation/advocacy strategy, which I’ll have more to say about later.

UPDATE: Just got interviewed by Nina Totenberg. I don’t think she liked my take much, but we’ll see how it comes out.

ANOTHER UPDATE: So a few more thoughts. First, I want to shout out to the late Don Kates, whose article in the Michigan Law Review, Handgun Prohibition and the Original Meaning of the Second Amendment was the rock that started this avalanche. And it’s awfully close to Justice Thomas’s opinion today. This has been a long campaign of scholarship, litigation, and advocacy and it has made a difference. Ideas do sometimes matter.

Second, the direct impact of this decision isn’t as big as you’d think. It will make essentially no difference in the 43 states that have shall-issue carry now. Its immediate impact will be limitedto those may-issue states that make permits available at the discretion of the authorities. I found it hilarious that Eric Adams invoked the “the wild, wild West,” in response. I guess that means we’ll have gun-toting thugs shooting people on the streets of New York, and engaging in running gun battles on the subways. Oh, wait, that’s what New York has now.

The affected states will do their best to frustrate the impact of the opinion, of course — call it a campaign of “massive resistance” — which will only ensure more litigation. The lower courts have been notably unsympathetic to gun rights, most judges possessing as they do the values of the educated Gentry Class on social matters regardless of political affiliation, but this is a direct instruction from the Court to take gun rights seriously. I expect a few summary reversals of courts that try to dodge the decision’s import.

Third, the notion that “urban” areas should have different gun regimes than rural areas seems to be to be racially suspect. In the music business, “urban” is largely a synonym for “black,” and for most people “rural” is a synonym for white. The notion that black areas should have more restrictive gun regimes than white areas seems . . . problematic. And we don’t generally treat constitutional rights differently based on locality; the Court sort of did that with obscenity for a while but largely gave it up, and with good reason.

Fourth, and don’t make too much of this, there’s the timing. Now that we’ve come to think of Roberts as a politician, I can’t help but wonder if he’s released this opinion, which will play well on the right, with an eye toward the Dobbs opinion. If it’s a retreat from the draft, maybe he thinks this will help him keep some respect on the right. On the other hand, if it were me and I were being political, I’d have released both opinions on the same day, so that the left would have trouble deciding what to be outraged about. I dunno, I’m not a great Supreme Court tea-leaf reader, and I don’t think many people are, but that’s the thought that crossed my line.


Ace: In 6-3 Opinion, Supreme Court Strikes Down “Proper Cause” Requirement For Gun Licensing in New York and Five Other States

Michael Lee: NRA celebrates Supreme Court striking down NY concealed handgun license law: The NRA called the Supreme Court ruling a ‘watershed win’ after the 6-3 decision

Matt Margolis: The Second Amendment Ruling Won’t Help Dems in November Either

Meme of The Day:

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Thursday Newsfeed: Biden’s “War Footing” on the Neck of Americans and America’s Economy

He told you, folks. Biden told you in the DNC primary and the general election primary. But all you heard was Trump’s frustrations with Biden getting away with his crap because the MSM running the debates allowed him to … all while insinuating Pres. Trump was an ‘if Hitler and the KKK had a baby’ in their questions to him. Anyhow, Biden told ya so…

And Pres. Trump warned we would see exactly what we are seeing and experiencing right now in gas/fuel prices, inflation and a wrecked economy if Biden and his bunch got their hands on it.

Biden again says, “We’re in a time of war”. Yet, nobody in the MSM has pressed him or anyone in his administration to define what exactly he/they mean when saying that. He also leaned into the microphone and loudly whispered a demand for those evil gas station owners to immediately lower the prices at the pumps. And of course he again lied about the oil companies not using leases (completely void of the context behind their situation) and demanding more refining output contrary to that situation itself.

Oh-h-h, Brandon, we’re in a war, alright, and it is a domestic war between the American people and the communist ideologs in the administration and the demo-commie party inflicting their Maoist “Great Leap Forward” on us.

Yesterday, during his latest useless announcement about a “gas tax holiday“, Brandon repeated for the umpteenth time the ridiculous claim that Vladimir Putin is responsible for gas prices and inflation. Mind you, these are the same people who forbid you from calling COVID a Chinese virus. But Putin now runs the U.S. economy and is raising our gas prices … not Brandon’s bullshit intentionally destructive policies. He also threw in scolding of the selfish ungrateful American people for daring to fret and complain about gas prices and inflation during this ‘time of war’, or something. Again, this would mean a ‘saving’ of 18 cents a gallon…

(Sorry about the CNN video below…)

Steven Nelson: Not ‘Putin’s Price Hike’: Fed chair Powell breaks with Biden on inflation

Bradford Betz: Fed chairman contradicts Biden, says Russia’s Ukraine invasion not the main inflation driver: Chairman Powell has tried to reassure the public that the Fed will raise interest rates fast enough to bring down inflation without causing a recession. … Oh, yeah, that’ll work.

From comments section on the YouTube video link:

Jeff Oregon

Joe Biden is my new hero! I am currently paying 5.65 per gallon in Oregon. Instead of paying 113.00 to fill my 20 gallon gas tank, I will be able to get it for 109.40, saving 3.60. WOW! Thank you Joe Biden. I have not been this happy with your economic prowess since you saved my family .16 on our July 4th hot dog meal. It brings a tear to my eye knowing the ship is being controlled by your steady hands and keen mind.

Thomas Catenacci: Biden looks everywhere to lower gas prices — except boosting oil production: Biden admin ‘pursuing this green agenda at all costs,’ executive director of energy group Power The Future tells Fox News Digital

Peter Aitken: ‘NO PRESIDENT ALONE’ – Biden’s energy secretary Jennifer Granholm shifts blame for out-of-control gas crisis, hints at drastic move: President could use Defense Production Act to handle gas supply crisis after asking for tax holiday, and reiterated the Biden administration stance of blaming Russia for inflation and shortages … These democrats really are total jackasses.

Twitchy: Karine Jean-Pierre and Jennifer Granholm should have coordinated their ‘gas tax holiday’ talking points

VIDEO: GOP congressman Arkansas Republican Bruce Westerman: America can reduce gas prices on its own if Biden gets out of the way … I’d bet money the machine behind the Biden policies have an akin to Venezuelan Hugo Chavez “nationalize the American oil, gas, and energy companies” on their ‘To Do List’.

Daniella Genovese: Gas prices make record July Fourth car, air travel costly: Gas is hovering just below $5 a gallon nationally: AAA … If your local pumps are just below $5 right now expect the prices to go up above $5 just about midweek before the July 4th weekend.


All according to plan, doncha know…

Maiya Clark: Biden abuses executive authority to pursue his environmental agenda

The leftist Biden sloshy-bedpan-carrying MSM willfully goes along for the old fart’s boney ass-covering…

Breitbart: WaPo’s Michelle Singletary: ‘Stop Complaining,’ ‘Calm Down’ About Inflation — You Are ‘Not Suffering’ … GFY

Ed Morrissey: Q-poll: Biden crashing hardest among young voters, Hispanics

Reuters: Biden approval falls fourth straight week, tying record low – Reuters/Ipsos

Meanwhile, back in The Swamp:

Joseph A. Wulfsohn: ‘HEARING TROUBLE? – Politico reporter: Two Democratic lawmakers told me ‘nobody gives a bleep about January 6’. Betsy Woodruff Swan says she hasn’t seen evidence the Jan. 6 hearings will aid Dems in upcoming elections … Hey, thanks for admitting this is the ONLY reason for this Demo-RINO circus sideshow.

VIDEO: ABC anchor David Muir pushes back against Chris Christie during Jan. 6 hearing coverage

Twitchy: Two Democratic members of Congress say off the record that ‘nobody gives a bleep about January 6’

Mary Chastain: January 6 Committee Delaying Hearings Until July Due to ‘Additional Work’: They’re sad that no one gives a damn.

Mark Moore: Majority of Americans didn’t watch Jan. 6 panel’s hearings last week: poll

Margot Cleveland: J6 Committee Focuses On Election Fraud Claims While Ignoring Tactics Used To Rig The 2020 Election: Stealing an election by fraud is not the only way to rig an outcome. Elections are rigged when systemic violations of election law occur.

Speaking of Stolen Elections…

Mollie Hemingway: Yes, Biden Is Hiding His Plan To Rig The 2022 Midterm Elections: The White House is refusing to share details about its coordinated efforts to engage in a federal takeover of election administration.

President Biden really does not want the public to know about his federal takeover of election administration. Dozens of members of Congress have repeatedly asked for details, to no avail. Good government groups, members of the media, and private citizens have filed requests under the Freedom of Information Act. Not a single one has been responded to. All signs indicate a concerted effort to keep the public in the dark until at least after the November midterm elections. The lack of transparency and responsiveness is so bad that the Department of Justice and some of its agencies have been repeatedly sued for the information.

When President Biden ordered all 600 federal agencies to “expand citizens’ opportunities to register to vote and to obtain information about, and participate in, the electoral process” on March 7, 2021, Republican politicians, Constitutional scholars, and election integrity specialists began to worry exactly what was up his sleeve.

They had good reason. The 2020 election had suffered from widespread and coordinated efforts by Democrat activists and donors to run “Get Out The Vote” operations from inside state and local government election offices, predominantly in the Democrat-leaning areas of swing states. Independent researchers have shown the effect of this takeover of government election offices was extremely partisan and favored Democrats overwhelmingly.

At the time the order was issued, Democrats were also hoping to pass H.R. 1, a continuation of the effort to destabilize elections throughout the country via a federalized takeover of state election administrations.

Biden gave each agency 200 days to file their plans for approval by none other than Susan Rice, his hyperpartisan domestic policy advisor. Yet fully nine months after those plans were due, they are all being hidden from the public, even as evidence is emerging that the election operation is in full swing…


Ronn Blitzer: Supreme Court shoots down NY rule that set high bar for concealed handgun licenses: The court ruled in its first major gun case in more than a decade

Snejana Farberov: Los Angeles DA George Gascon’s policies blamed for another killing

Mitch Picasso: Chicago to Allow Crime… If You Can Run Fast Enough

Jazz Shaw: Serial looter freed again after 122nd bust

Twitchy: Man who planned to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh pleads not guilty

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz: POSOBIEC: Burglary Crews Are Flying to Los Angeles From South America for Crime Tourism

“It’s a free for all inside California cities, where some of the richest people in the United States live. But apparently, because of the actions of DAs like Chess Boudin, actions by other DAs, Gascon in Los Angeles, to not enforce the law,” he said.

Posobiec then began to tell viewers about crime tourism, where criminals are let out of jail and are able to leave the country with stolen goods.

“So tourist visas right?…You’re only allowed in the United States for a limited amount of time. So if you’re in the United States for a limited amount of time and you’ve got to go back, you’ve got to leave or else you’d be considered visa overstay, that’s an illegal immigrant. Not that these people care about that.”

“But they do realize they want to come back, because they want to keep doing this, and they’re able to keep doing it, and here’s how. Because even if they get arrested, they get let out of jail faster than the time it takes for the visa to expire. So that means they’re able to get back on the street, drive to LAX, get back on an airplane, go back to the country from whence they came with their stolen loot,” …

“You know, when Yuri Bezmenov, the KGB defector said that the way to destabilize a society is by releasing the criminals, I think he may have been on to something,” said Posobiec referring to the former KGB agent and propaganda expert who defected to Canada in the 1970s…

Robert Zimmerman: Today’s blacklisted American: School board threatens parent with lawsuit if she doesn’t shut up

Dale Wilcox: Under Biden’s DHS, all dissenters are now ‘domestic extremists’ … Yeah, those real criminals.

Miranda Devine: The mainstream media’s lies on secret migrant flights

The reason the administration gets away with facilitating an invasion over the southern border is because of media incuriosity, just like what happened with Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The Fourth Estate has become a propaganda arm of the regime, as former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer says in his blistering upcoming book: “Suppression, Deception, Snobbery, and Bias: Why the Press Gets So Much Wrong — And Just Doesn’t Care.”

Among the gems he uncovers is the political affiliation of the White House press corps, “the elite of the elites,” who set the national agenda.

Of the 49 reporters in the White House briefing room on June 7, 2021, Fleischer found that “by a ratio of 12:1, the seats were occupied by Democrats.”

And boy does it show.

Victoria Taft: Feds Who Enforce COVID Shot Mandates Exempt Themselves From COVID Shot Mandates

Casey Harper: Poll: Majority of Republicans, Independents fear abuse of ‘red flag’ laws

Adam Shaw: Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley says ‘Western weakness’ pushed Russia to invade Ukraine, warns of looming Chinese threat

Matt Margolis: Dave Chappelle Owns the Snowflakes Once Again

Monica Showalter: Why the mainstream media are shriveling: Check out this Rasmussen poll

Andrea Widburg: Tucker Carlson savages Republican politicians’ disrespect for Americans

Brandon Files:

Victor Davis Hanson: Why the Left Will Cut Biden Loose: Democrats will soon find no further reason to cover for Joe Biden’s own serial abhorrent personal behavior on matters of financial probity, sex, race, and truthfulness … The point is not just the asymmetrical treatment that has shielded Biden’s cognitive decline, his rude outbursts, his outrageous racialist slurs, and bizarre sexual aggressiveness. Instead, the Left now fears Biden’s terrible polls and a worse record—and the resulting damage he is doing to the Democrat Party.

Cristina Laila: Judge Orders University of Delaware to Provide More Information on Deal to Keep Biden’s Senate Records a Secret

Ed Morrissey: Pew: Come and see the credibility disconnect in the media — and media fact-checking

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