Our long national nightmare is over

For the past 500 and some odd days, I’ve had a countdown timer on my browser that has counted down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds to when the new POTUS would be inaugurated. Back then, I had no idea who the 45th president of United States would be. What I did know was that Barack Obama would no longer be president.

Back in March 2016, in the middle of primary season, I was asked whether I thought Hillary would be the next president. It seemed that folks thought was she was the de facto new POTUS, that her victory was inevitable. I never thought so. I told some friends and acquaintances that she had way to much legal baggage to be elected. They thought I was nuts. My candidate had always been Ted Cruz, the strongest constitutional conservative running in 2016. I even reregistered as a Republican for a few weeks just to vote for him in the primary. Alas, he didn’t win.

But this election felt similar to 1980, like a movement election. An inevitable tide raising the Trump ship and making it clear that he was the choice Americans wanted. I started to have a hopeful feeling that the momentum Trump had was not going to be stopped and that he would save us from a third Democrat term — four years that would most certainly put the final nails in the coffin of our country that had been so expertly hammered by Barack Obama over eight long, humorless, joyless years. There was never any doubt in my mind that I would cast my ballot against a candidate I thought, and still think, is a clear and present danger to the United States of America. So on November 8 I cast my ballot for Donald Trump and prayed for a miracle.

I believe God has given us one more chance bring our country back after the long national nightmare that has been the two Obama administrations. I hope Trump has the strength and the will and the desire to bring America back. WE THE PEOPLE must be vigilant and support the policies that will undo the subtle (and not so subtle) Communization of our country.

Good luck, President Trump. Fulfill your promises and bring back the shining city on the hill.

God bless the United States of America.


Liberal Tolerance 2.0: Kill The Republicans

Not to worry.
It’s all good.
He’s a democrat.
He’ll get away with it.

The Detroit Free Press editorial page editor Stephen Henderson, Pulitzer Prize winner, is apparently beyond pissed off at the state’s republican legislatures over a recent vote concerning public school funding vs. charter school funding…

(The Federalist) – The reason? The lawmakers voted for legislation that would give parents more choices to avoid Michigan’s failing public schools. Detroit’s public schools are failing academically and nearly insolvent, the New York Times wrote in January. The Detroit News wrote in March that “the statewide opinion of K-12 education is downright ugly.” That poll showed residents didn’t think throwing money at public-union-controlled schools was the answer, with 63 percent saying it takes more than money to improve education.

While teacher unions and the politicians whom they support fight many changes to the educational system that give parents more leverage, charter schools have been making a difference in educational outcomes…


Yesterday Michigan’s Republican legislators voted to bail out Detroit’s abysmally run schools with $617 million in taxpayer funding. The same bill also fought efforts to constrain charter school choices in Detroit. Prior to the vote, Stephen Henderson wrote on his editorial page:

“We really ought to round up the lawmakers who took money to protect and perpetuate the failing charter-school experiment in Detroit, sew them into burlap sacks with rabid animals, and toss them into the Straits of Mackinac.”

After noting that charter school advocates support charter schools, he doubled down on the violent rhetoric:

“It is every bit deserving of an old-school retributive response.
A sack. An animal. A lake.

No lover of actual democracy could weep at that outcome.”

But the big question to push in Henderson’s smug face when you bump into him today at the sidewalk hotdog cart, especially if you are one of these parents, is, “Okay, so, you want the same fascistic politically-driven punishment for us too, Comrade Henderson?”

The publication Henderson works/writes for is ironically called the Detroit Free Press and oddly enough the title of his bloodthirsty editorial missive: “Michigan House’s Detroit schools bills are pure garbage, not about kids” is in and of itself deeply ironic, given Henderson no doubt strongly supports the teachers union(s) dictated public school system and this is what the unions really feel is their primary concern:

What Now, Bernie? What Now?

sanders hillary signs

After yesterday’s “historic” wins (it’s always ‘historic’ with democrats) for overtly ‘fortunately pre-stacked deck’ Hillary Clinton, where does Bernie Sanders’s fight for respect, recognition, and consideration from the DNC go?

Well, for starters, Barack Obama cannot contain himself any longer from all the mass media attention in this 2016 race, and is itching for relevance in the process. He has summoned Bernie Sanders to a meeting at the White House (that the slaves built) Thursday, where I am sure there will be a Hell of a lot of baiting for future switching deal(s), and Obama/Jarrett style threat-filled pressuring (it’s how they roll) to see things their way, and only their way, and drop out of the race with a supportive nod of his white-haired head in Hillary’s direction as the door hits his boney ass on the way out of the democrat race. But to this moment, Bernie Sanders is promising to keep up his fight against the democrat party fix and remain in the race.

As the Sanders camp starts making cuts to his campaign staff, 1-in-4/33% loyalist Bernie supporters are still vowing not to support or vote for Clinton, should Sanders make an exit from the race. As you can expect, the establishment libs/left fucking hate this independent thought process when it comes to their agenda. Bernie supporters are not accepting this so-called defeat and surrender to Clinton and the democrat party overlords, and are vowing to keep up their fight for Sanders, even if they have to write in his name on the general election ballot … or even cast their vote for GOP candidate Donald Trump as a vote against Clinton in the general election.

Bernie Sanders kicked off a revolution. And it’s just getting started


The growing talk now is for Sanders to run as an Independent, as Donald Trump has suggested (of course he’s thinking about splitting the democrat vote in his favor in the general), by his supporters.


Not if Obama and Hillary have anything to say about it/you: Can Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Save the Establishment?

Just a footnote here: The bulk of the “protesters” appearing and causing trouble at Trump venues, inside and outside, are Bernie Sanders supporters, most pre-paid to show up and do so.

With the concern surrounding the coming RNC convention in Cleveland, Ohio next month, as usual the MSM is ignoring the major tear in the democrat party fabric and Bernie protesters making their ire known to the establishment party in Philadelphia in August at their convention. But, no worries…

Philadelphia tells Democratic convention demonstrators they won’t be arrested

MORE via Drudge Report Headlines:


AP warns reporters to be safe after harassment from Sanders fans…

NYT CHOZICK: ‘Bernie supporters telling me they’d hunt me down in streets’…

‘WE CAN’T HEAR YOU!’ Screeching audio mars Hillary’s big moment…

Clinton loses 30% of votes in California from ’08…



Bernie Sanders — President of VT?

Trump Shatters Republican Primary Vote Record by 1.4 Million…


How do ya like that? BuzzFeed won’t run RNC ads, but their chairman can host DNC fundraisers?

IRS Releases ‘Target’ List of TEA Party and Conservative Groups


Tip of the iceberg of the politicization and weaponization of the federal government under the Obama administration…

(Washington Times) – More than three years after it admitted to targeting tea party groups for intrusive scrutiny, the IRS has finally released a near-complete list of the organizations it snagged in a political dragnet.

The tax agency filed the list last month as part of a court case after a series of federal judges, fed up with what they said was the agency’s stonewalling, ordered it to get a move on. The case is a class-action lawsuit, so the list of names is critical to knowing the scope of those who would have a claim against the IRS.

But even as it answers some questions, the list raises others, including exactly when the targeting stopped, and how broadly the tax agency drew its net when it went after nonprofits for unusual scrutiny.

The government released names of 426 organizations. Another 40 were not released as part of the list because they had already opted out of being part of the class-action suit.

That total is much higher than the 298 groups the IRS‘ inspector general identified back in May 2013, when investigators first revealed the agency had been subjecting applications to long — potentially illegal — delays, and forcing them to answer intrusive questions about their activities. Tea party and conservative groups said they was the target of unusually heavy investigations and longer delays,

Edward D. Greim, the lawyer who’s pursuing the case on behalf of NorCal Tea Party Patriots and other members of the class, said the list also could have ballooned toward the end of the targeting as the IRS, once it knew it was being investigated, snagged more liberal groups in its operations to try to soften perceptions of political bias.


He said if that did happen, it would have “tainted” the list the IRS has now released.


Sixty of the groups on the list released last month have the word “tea” in their name, 33 have “patriot,” eight refer to the Constitution, and 13 have “912” in their name — which is the monicker of a movement started by conservatives. Another 26 group names refer to “liberty,” though that list does include some groups that are not discernibly conservative in orientation.

Among the groups that appear to trend liberal are three with the word “occupy” in their name.

And then there are some surprising names, including three state or local chapters of the League of Women Voters — a group with a long history of nonprofit work.

Some of the most active and prominent tea party groups snared in the targeting aren’t on the class-action list. At least some of them opted not to be part of the joint legal action to preserve their own lawsuits.

Feds are Using Tax Dollars to Build Separate Holding for Transgender Illegal Aliens


Wait a fucking minute!

They are providing them with separate accommodations, but are demanding, via blackmail and extortion, that the nation’s public schools, and any other public and private facilities, allow “transgenders” to choose whatever bathroom/locker room/shower they feel they belong in?

(Washington Times) – Federal immigration authorities plan to build a separate unit for transgender detainees in a new facility under construction in Alvarado, Texas.

The Prairieland Detention Center, expected to open in November, will house a total of 700 detainees and will have 36 beds set aside in a separate unit for transgender detainees, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Detainees are asked about their gender identity when brought into detention facilities in order to make housing accommodations, according to current ICE guidelines.

According to a Human Rights Watch report from March, ICE officials estimate that out of the approximately 30,000 migrants detained by authorities on any given day about 65 are transgender women.

One other facility in Santa Ana, California also has a separate unit for transgender women and gay men….

I guess all that “inclusion” and “acceptance” bullshit PC claptrap end at the border.

More @ HotAir

20,642 Legacies: Barack Obama’s Eight Year Trail of “Red Tape”


What a busy dictator…

(The Daily Signal) – The tide of red tape that threatens to drown U.S. consumers and businesses surged yet again in 2015, according to a Heritage Foundation study we released on Monday.

More than $22 billion per year in new regulatory costs were imposed on Americans last year, pushing the total burden for the Obama years to exceed $100 billion annually.

That’s a dollar for every star in the galaxy, or one for every second in 32 years.

The consequences of this rampant rulemaking are widespread:

  • Restricted access to credit under the hundreds of rules unleashed by the Dodd–Frank financial regulation statute
  • Fewer health care choices and higher medical costs from the Affordable Care Act
  • Reduced Internet investment and innovation under the network neutrality rules dictated by the Federal Communications Commission

These are just a few of the 2,353 regulations of 2015—and there have been 20,642 since Obama took office in 2009.

The worst of last year’s wave—in terms of cost, at least—was the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Clean Power Plan.”

The rule represents the first direct regulation of so-called greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, at a cost of $7.2 billion a year (and far more according to critics). Despite the huge costs, the plan will do nothing to mitigate global warming.

America’s problem with excessive regulation did not start with the Obama administration, of course.

His predecessor George W. Bush was hardly a paragon of deregulation. Although Bush showed restraint during his first term, the number of regulations soared during his final years in office. Under the two administrations combined, their new rules added $176 billion in annual regulatory costs on Americans.

And there is much more to come. Obama’s final year in the White House could be his busiest. Historically, rulemaking increases as presidents scramble to fulfill their regulatory agenda before leaving office.

There are already more than 2,000 proposed or final rules in the pipeline—including 144 that are expected to cost $100 million a year or more. These include yet more energy-efficiency mandates for home and commercial appliances, additional food-labeling requirements, stricter fuel economy standards for vehicles, and more stringent limits on consumer access to credit.

In a post-Obama era, the need for reform of the regulatory regime will be greater than ever before. Immediate reforms should include requiring legislation to undergo an impact analysis before a floor vote in Congress, as well as requiring that every major regulation obtain congressional approval before taking effect.

Sunset deadlines should also be imposed for all major rules, and independent agencies should be subject to the same White House regulatory review as executive branch agencies…

Red Tape Rising 2016

Remember … THIS is exactly how Venezuela started its slow suicide under Chavez, and continued after his muerte under his henchman Maduro.

Federal Decree to Colleges: Stop “Racist” Checking Criminal Background Checks


Less than 7 months left of this leftist ‘deconstruct’ crap…

(Judicial Watch) – The Obama administration has ordered the nation’s colleges and universities to stop asking applicants about criminal and school disciplinary history because it discriminates against minorities. Institutions are also being asked to offer those with criminal records special support services such as counseling, mentoring and legal aid once enrolled. The government’s official term for these perspective students is “justice-involved individuals” and the new directive aims to remove barriers to higher education for the overwhelmingly minority population that’s had encounters with the law or disciplinary issues through high school.

Instructions are outlined in a cumbersome document (Beyond the Box) issued by the U.S Department of Education (ED) this month. It says that “data show plainly that people of color are more likely to come in contact with the justice system due, in part, to punitive school disciplinary policies that disproportionately impact certain student groups and racial profiling.” Because education can be a powerful pathway to transition out of prison and into the workforce, it’s critical to ensure that admissions practices don’t disproportionately disadvantage justice involved individuals, the directive states. Colleges and universities should also refrain from inquiring about a student’s school disciplinary history—including past academic dishonesty—because that too discriminates against minorities. Civil rights data compiled by ED show “black students are suspended and expelled at a rate three times greater than white students and often for the same types of infractions.”

Therefore colleges and universities should consider designing admissions policies that don’t include disciplinary history so they don’t have the “unjustified effect of discriminating against individuals on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion and disability,” the new ED guidelines state. Three out of four colleges and universities collect high school disciplinary information and 89% of those institutions use the information to make admissions decisions, according to the order. That needs to change, according to the administration. A few years ago it warned public elementary and high schools to administer student discipline without discriminating on the bases of race, color or national origin because too many minority students—especially blacks—were getting suspended. The feds assert they issued the directive after reports of “racial disparities” in “exclusionary discipline policies” that created a “school to prison pipeline.”

Colleges and universities are to take it a step further by offering students with criminal histories special support services…

So, colleges can no longer protect themselves and their students. Done.

And the SOB has now banned the word “criminals” and replaced it with “justice-involved individuals”, because shut-up: Obama doesn’t think rapists, armed robbers, drug dealers are criminals

It’s only May, but I think I’ve found the euphemism of the year: According to Team Obama, criminals should now be declared “justice-involved individuals.”

The neo-Orwellianism comes to us from the bizarre flurry of last-minute diktats, regulations and bone-chilling threats collectively known to fanboys as Obama’s Gorgeous Goodbye.

In another of those smiley-faced, but deeply sinister, “Dear Colleague” letters sent to universities and colleges this week, Obama’s Education Secretary John King discouraged colleges from asking applicants whether they were convicted criminals.

An accompanying pamphlet was called “Beyond the Box: Increasing Access to Higher Education for Justice-Involved Individuals.”

So rapists, burglars, armed robbers and drug dealers aren’t criminals anymore. These folks are simply “involved” with “justice,” according to Obamanoids.

But remember, there MUST be background checks to buy/own a firearm.
Perhaps if somebody made the claim such background checks were ‘racist’ that too would drop from the democrat/leftist lexicon…


Legal Insurrection: Feds Order Colleges to Stop Checking Applicants’ Criminal / Disciplinary History