Who are we?

We are George, Maggie, Honey, BK, JRB (The Rational Realist), and ShotgunBrew. For lack of a better term, we are misfits, irritable, but lovable, constitutional conservatives who loathe and detest collectivists and statists of all persuasions and parties…

Our conservative opinions, based on core American principles from the founding, and often strident and controversial, are always expressed with one salient purpose: to educate anyone who wishes to learn about the greatness of this country and about the truth of the principles that founded it.

Why Orwell?

On the pages of this blog under the masthead you will notice quotes from George Orwell, the spiritual godfather of this blog. Orwell, a committed leftist, had a change of heart in the thirties and forties that led him to see what unbridled statism — communism and fascism — can do when unchecked. According to Orwell’s own outline, 1984 was about “the system of organized lying on which society is founded, the ways in which this is done (falsification of records, etc), the nightmare feeling caused by the disappearance of objective truth, leader-worship, etc…”.

Orwell, along with Ayn Rand and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, remain the prophets of the twentieth century, warning of the dangers and perils of uncontrolled statism. Alongside his journalism, his two books, 1984 and Animal Farm, remain influential and prescient.

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