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Certainties, Questions, Puzzlements, and Paradoxes


Herewith my manifesto. Anyone who disagrees with any of this, has nothing to say to me that could interest me:

A prologue for context – On one episode of Firing Line Buckley had a liberal from Congress who was going on and on about America’s faults. Buckley let him rant without interrupting. Finally, Buckley quietly said, “I like to ask the question, how are we doing – compared to everybody else.” There it is! If you do a crossword puzzle and the clue is to be human, the answer is the three letter word, – err. No one is perfect, but how are we humans in America doing compared to everyone else? With that as my setting, here are my certainties:

  1. The U.S. is the greatest country on earth, by any measure.
  2. Israel is the greatest country in the Middle East.
  3. Capitalism is the greatest economic system in the world.
  4. Communism cannot work, has never worked and will never work.

I will add to that. On another Firing Line Buckley asked Malcolm Muggeridge why tyrants behave the way they do. I love Muggeridge’s answer.

“Because, people who crave power, absolute power, have forgotten that G-d’s purpose on earth is love.”

To paraphrase Keats, that’s all ye need to know.

Of all those things I am certain.


What happened to John Bolton?

I have always known Bolton to be brilliant and observant and clear. I was so glad when he finally joined the Trump team. There was a difference in views and Trump let him go – or he quit – whatever. Since then he has written a book slamming Trump; and the worst is I recently saw him assert in a Newsmax interview that Trump is not qualified to be president!

Now I know it is no fun when a President asks you to join his team and then loses interest in you, but this is too much! Trump has accomplished more great and good things in his term than any president since Reagan, and in some ways Trump did things even Reagan didn’t do. So who cares if on paper Bolton finds Trump unqualified? We have Trump’s record to show that what Bolton said is nuts. Bolton sounded almost childish, petulant and, to me, wrong in the extreme. And, by the way, in this same interview Bolton had not one bad word for Biden.

So I ask, what happened to John Bolton?

Next question

I never heard my liberal friends speak out against China’s being allowed to host the Olympics. They never seemed to understand why that was a disgrace. It was off their radar to worry about such trivialities. They were too busy worrying about Covid. abortion rights, white supremacists, and Climate Change. Why are they so uninformed about China and its tryanny?

Next question

What is happening to liberals?

My whole adult life liberals I know have had very little concern about Communism, and they did not fear the socialism happening in the U.S.

Liberals proudly hated Nazis. Who doesn’t? I used to say to them even Vanessa Redgrave hates Nazis. But I couldn’t get them to understand the horrors and dangers of Communism. I could never get them to understand why we must not allow the government to have power over our choices because this only precedes what I know are dangerous leftist policies.

I guess if liberals found fault with socialism/communism, they’d have to question their own lifelong held beliefs and that would be scary.

So why now suddenly are they mad at Putin and championing the Ukrainians? I could never get them to worry when the Soviet Union was killing and imprisoning their own people non stop or overtaking countries in the past. I couldn’t get liberals exercised over Castro’s evils, or Venezuela’s.

Even Saturday Night Live finally is getting into the act and showing concern about Ukraine. Why now? (As a side note, is it not cute that Putin did not officially move into Ukraine until the Chinese Olympics were over? And I see now this idea was also in one of Maggie’s recent threads and is being brought up on TV news.)

Why are Democrats in Congress mouthing words of concern for Ukraine and Biden mentioning it in his SOTU? Wag the dog to distract from their low polls? It is one thing to believe that Putin “allied” himself with Trump to “steal” the election, the biggest of big lies. But I see no evidence that anyone on the left in Congress worries about Castro or Nicaragua, or Venezuela, or Chinese genocide. I see no worries from my liberal friends about inflation caused by leftist choices like huge government spending, or the blatant insanity in our current energy policy, or in socialist efforts to bring all power into Washington. Leftists have been busy scaring Americans with lies about racists, bigots, anarchists, and tyrants on the right. Why now suddenly are they worried about an invasion by a Communist?

I never bought it that leftists in government really believed at the height of the Russia collusion lie that Putin messed with the election to help Trump win in 2016. Liberals who kept repeating that were just trying to give the impression they believed the election was stolen in an effort to harm Trump’s ability to lead.

Remember Obama’s answer to Romney at that debate when Romney said Russia will be a big problem? Obama mocked Romney for living in the past. So, again, why are liberals only now worried about this Communist baddy invading a sovereign country? Suddenly it is okay with the members of this administration to hate bullies and murderers? And it is finally acceptable now for liberals to join that chorus?

Now I am going to introduce a new topic which will then lead to more questions and puzzlements and paradoxes.

Never in my life have I been as worried about the future of America because the race to the finish line, as in “fundamentally changing America” seems to be getting closer as the left in this country is spending us into oblivion, printing money to make our currency worthless, and, it seems, deliberately trying to bring down our country so that those who will be in charge can have personal gain and power.

But what I did not know – and wonder if it is true, is this talk about The Great Reset, which implies that this is all part of an effort to bring down sovereign free countries world wide.

I read about The great Reset in an article by Michael Rectenwald in a Hillsdale mail out called Imprimus. The article is easily found.

The great Reset is described as a combination of very big corporations, particularly those who like government favors to make them richer and more influential, who join forces with big government in the expectation that they will form a stronger central power to control money and choices for the people of their countries who will no longer be free, but ruled by this central power. That is because these “elites” know so much better than us mere citizens how to run our lives. I don’t know if my description is accurate because I am just learning about it.

I knew America was being groomed to go bust, but I didn’t know that this was a world wide movement.

The main thing is, The Great Reset is all about making America lose its singularity so it can become part of a one world where all countries lose individual identity. Think of the John Lennon song, Imagine. (What would the Olympics look like in such a world? More like the rival houses in the Harry Potter novels, I guess.)

I don’t know about you, but I LIKE America’s singularity and I want NONE of this Great Reset to happen. All of this leads to my

Next questions

I asked the author of the article and so far have not received a reply. So I ask you who are reading this – Does anyone know that this is on the way? Does anyone know if this could really come to pass? Is there a way to stop it at this point? Truckers? (Come one truckers!) The Club for Growth?

I sent this article to a liberal friend and what she got out of it came from the last sentence as Dr. Rectenwald asserted that it is doomed not to succeed. He meant that all demand economies eat their own, and in the end must fail. The only thing that works is free markets. (It is sad to see so many Americans not recognizing this as much anymore.)

My friend, trying to reassure me, answered let’s not worry about it since, as the author of the article said, it will fail. I wrote her back and said, “The trouble with Communism or other forms of tyranny is that they do fail, but that can take 75 years and during that time a lot of bad things can happen.” (Understatement, inc.) And even then, tyrants with nostalgia can get it going all over again as we can see in our news reports today.

Interruption with some thoughts

Senator John Kennedy presented a funny paradox. In Biden’s SOTU he spoke with (faked) great emotion on how we are going to fix things by making everything in America. Senator Kennedy (who would make a great Majority Leader because he is so funny and always on target) noted that Biden is the grand hypocrite, since he spent a great deal of his career in government sending jobs overseas. Plus Biden left out of his SOTU that on his first day as president he closed the Keystone Pipeline which cost America 11,000 jobs. And, Kennedy asserted, Biden has done everything he could as president to destroy our domestic energy industry and our energy independence, ending our ability to export energy and make more money and jobs for Americans. And now we have to buy energy from our enemies who use that money to make war on our friends or to buy weapons to kill Americans.

How right Senator Kennedy is. Biden begged Saudi Arabia to up its production to make oil more available. And Biden wants to buy oil from Nicaragua, our definite enemy.

Is the oil from those countries of
no threat to the Greens’ environmental worries? Is only oil produced in America a threat to the planet? This is all nuts. So much for making things in America to keep jobs here so we don’t have to rely on other countries.

As Biden urges Americans to buy electric cars, someone asked a great question. When will Air Force One go electric?

What with inflation, horrible border decisions, forcing our energy prices to rise precipitously, making a disastrous beginning for this president, a distraction like this war is perfect. And if all this doesn’t prove that those pushing the green movement in this country are our enemies, I don’t know what could.

Even now, the one thing I don’t expect to see is Biden making a correction in any of his wretched energy choices to help our country and to harm Putin’s economy and make it harder for Putin to finance his aggression.

Puzzlements and paradoxes

Many comments have been appearing in The Epoch Times, (a news site begun by anti Communists from China) about Putin’s terrible behavior against Ukraine. In these comments Putin is being praised and Ukraine being “explained” to be the villain. What is this about? These comments confuse me. Are they trolls, or is there any truth in what they are asserting? And they are not ending even as Ukraine is being pummeled with civilians being killed wantonly. A puzzlement wrapped in paradoxes.

I am going to paraphrase excerpts of some of these comments and offer my thoughts on them in brackets as I go.

One comment was all in capital letters – this is important – see? And curiously the only word not in capitals was the word war. It made the observation that our media’s obsession with the invasion of Ukraine was phony and evil. We were urged not to be fooled; we must remember that Ukraine is corrupt, a money launderer with lots of labs to study and create new viruses and Russia is helping the world by having taken those labs out, that the MSM always lies, and that this is all just a part of the great reset. [There’s that Great Reset again. Where is truth?] We must wake up and stop watching tv or there is no future. [I read that and thought is that all true? Is any of it? Is that why SNL and the left media are surprising me? Because it is all a plot to dupe us into becoming willingly ensnared in our own tyranny? I don’t know. Zelensky seems to be a noble leader. This seems like an easy good/guy – bad/ guy situation. But then I remember that George Soros supported Zelensky and I think – oy.]

Another called Putin more conservative than the U.S. or Europe, [I wonder what this guy’s idea of conservatism is] and said it is easy to see what Russia is doing. [Putin is doing this, not Russia.]

Another said G-d bless Putin who loves his country. [I don’t think Putin loves his country, do you? I think he is a megalomaniac who wants to reconstruct the Soviet Union.]

Another said Zelensky has seized the opportunity to play to naturally sympathetic western audience like a fiddle. He reminds us of when Ukraine was sympathetic to Nazis. [This is nuts to me. Today’s Ukraine elected a Jewish president.] And this one ended by asserting that the Ukrainian cause replaced the song Imagine as the apotheosis of liberal internationalist fantasizing. [I have no idea what that means.]

Another asserted that Ukraine today is just as corrupt and oligarchic as Putin’s Russia, if not more so. [Quaint to say in light of what is going on right now.]

But the best is the one I just read which says Russia took out Ukraine’s air force and owned the skies at once. But if Putin was really the baddie everyone claims he is, he would have taken out the water, gas and electric supplies right away. And he has not. [What a great guy! No mention of his taking out two nuclear plants which control so much energy for Ukraine.] This one went on to say Zelensky was put in power by the CIA and other cabals in the same way as Biden, with corrupt elections. And Zelensky has been killing the Ukraine people since he took power. [What?] The same deep state that put him into power used Ukraine for bio labs to create future pandemics, and the deep state in the U.S., which put Zelensky in power, uses him to launder money for it – think Hunter Biden this commenter said. Putin merely wants to take out the Deep State and any country helping Ukraine is helping save the deep state’s cabal and doesn’t care about the Ukrainian people. [I thought it was Soros who helped him get elected.] Globalists kept using Ukraine for their laundering, trafficking, bio labs and anything else depraved you could think of. Ukranians are sick bastards and the sooner Putin puts them all with Satan, the better. [Mercy!]

So what are we to make of all of those comments? Have those “deep state” maneuverers, the Biden puppeteers been behind all of this from the first? It is easy to make such a conjecture because look at the great setup we gave Putin for going in when he would not do so under Trump. We have the Afghan debacle with all the implications of our weakness, the ruination of our energy self sufficiency, the diluting of our sovereignty, high inflation, defunding of our military, green energy policies taking the forefront and destroying our energy independence. Why would Putin not take advantage of all that?

I am so mixed up. Why do those who praise Putin also assert Zelensky is the terrible one?

Here are some more ideas from recent comments:

This whole coverage of the war is fake, with pictures and video from past conflicts. It is being used as a giant distraction because of the fact that the FDA was just forced to release Pfizer clinical safety data that proves that it was known all along that the vaccines were designed to kill people. (too much population and we have to thin them out.) Wake up this commenter said. Stop being so dumb. We are sheep lapping up fake news. We should go to foreign news sources before committing our children to die in yet another deep state banker’s war.

[Holy cow! can anything in that be true? I know something is strange these days, but it is hard to believe that is what it is. It is easy, though, to believe Biden and his puppeteers don’t mind any distraction from the way everything is looking very bad for them. If they can keep distractions going on until November, maybe they can do better than is being predicted now so they can have more time to keep destroying.]

Another commenter succinctly, and I am sure, accurately, said, no matter what happens, the same people profit.

And another said we are being told Putin is a monster by the same people who told us Trump is. Now THAT is interesting and goes back to my question why are liberals only now noticing Communism – bad.

Many puzzlements. Why are articles in The Epoch Times on how terrible Putin is to invade Ukraine receiving so many comments praising Putin? Those who made those comments remind me of those who thought Hitler was just what we needed.


There is a lot I do not understand these days. I want to know more about The Great Reset and how real it is and if it can be stopped if it is real. But I know what I DO believe. The way The great Reset is described I know I want no parts of it. I want only my opening certainties to reign supreme.

I hate the left. As Dennis Prager says, the left is not the same thing as liberals. Liberals are people I disagree with. Those on the left now are just evil and destructive to freedom. I hate most Democrats these days. I want the old reasonable Democrats whom I disagreed with but I knew they loved America and just saw different ways to improve it. We need a two party system. But THIS Democrat party has to be voted out. Even “moderates” Sinema and Manchin vote only ten percent with Conservatives. So much for their moderation. But they are decent liberals who love America, and we need more like them back in the party.

THIS Democrat party we cannot compromise with. They are in government only for personal power and not because they love Americans. They are entirely wrong about everything, only finding good in central power in Washington. And what they are doing with their zeal about getting rid of American energy jobs, and replacing everything with green energy is insane to the max, and destructive to freedom and to every personal choice. I have ZERO interest in getting along with those people.

And I also want the Republican party to become more combative with these Democrats and more actively conservative. I love The Club for Growth and want more candidates whom they support to come into Congress to replace the Romneys, etc.

I hate this administration and its puppeteers, and the unelected bureaucrats who are a big part of the destruction.

I love William Buckley, Jr., Rush Limbaugh, Thomas Sowell, VDH, Heather MacDonald and Heather Higgins, and Deroy Murdock and their ilk.

I want all American history books written by Wilfred McClay and all religious history books written by Carlos Eire.

I want MY heroes to be heroes for most Americans.

I want my country back.There must be no question, puzzlement or paradox about that.

That must be a certainty.

One comment on “Certainties, Questions, Puzzlements, and Paradoxes

  1. Read the article by Josh Hammer called Clarity on Russia, Ukraine and the American national interest
    Look how many of the comments that surprised me are referenced in it. So here is another question or puzzlement. Is one guy with different names commenting on many different articles to make it’s many people trying to give the impression that it’s a mandate?


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