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An Inside Out, Upside Down World

With Mother’s Day upon us there is the irony that a lot of ANTI mother effort exists these days.

School boards impede or deny mothers the right to speak up against schools polluting their children’s minds. Pro abortionists do all they can to prevent motherhood even to happen in too many instances.

We are informed that children should be closer to teachers than to their mothers, Teachers tell children not to tell their mothers when the teachers are encouraging different gender identification or offering Critical Race Theory in classes. If I tell my liberal friends any of this is going on, they mock me and say it is rare if even true. And when I show them videos and explain how widespread it is, well to them I am just exaggerating. ‘I never saw any of these,” they say.

But we know these things ARE happening. And there is a concerted effort to interfere with normalcy in families. Either government agents or the teachers’ unions want to own our kids and their education. It was not for nothing Hillary called her book It Takes a Village. Thanks but no thanks. I will raise my children myself. The left wants to change definitions and own language. If we allow them control, we will lose our liberty.

Mother’s day will soon have to have its name changed. Mothers as identifiable creatures will become curiosities. Facts will be made irrelevant. Language will not be standard, We will be ordered how to use it.

How do they get away with it – these goofy radicals – normalcy becoming obsolete? A minority obfuscates and intimidates the majority simply because the minority makes more noise. But none of this could be successful if the majority became properly angry and stopped it.

The left loves turning things on their heads and blaming us for all the mess they have created..

I am reminded of my essay on Projection.

There was a series of news items on my phone one day and they were mostly of liberals blaming conservatives for what liberals were doing themselves. I couldn’t resist mocking them. The particulars of the headlines may not be recognizable today or some may have become irrelevant, but the sense of the silliness remains.

Gingrich said, “If you want to know what the liberals are doing, watch what they are accusing us of.” That was in 1994, yet look how prescient that was. It not only remains true, it is emphatically omnipresent.

Consider these headlines:

  • Senator Cruz ordered pro abortion protestors to go home. You are evil, he said.
  • Sean Hannity called Pelosi and Schumer Nazis.
  • Tucker Carlson said anyone who voted for Biden is dangerous and un- American.
  • White Supremacists stormed the home of Justice Alito.
  • Pro Life activists published the home addresses and maps to the homes of the Justices.

Now look at them again. Can you see that headlines like these would never be possible? It is not conservatives who insult those they disagree with. That is a tool used by liberals only.

And It is not white supremacists or conservatives who would disturb the peace of a public official. It is leftists who do such things.

And does anyone believe pro life activists or conservatives of any kind would publish addresses and maps that way?

Now look at these headlines – real ones (some of them paraphrased):

  • CNN warns that law enforcement is gearing up to confront the imminent threat of white Supremacists.
  • Many are frightened of the danger of far right violence over the Supreme Court opinion.
  • Fences are going up around the Supreme Court building for protection against protesters.
  • January 6th is the worst thing to happen to this country.
  • Trump colluded with the Russians.

These are all clear cases of projection. In our cities is it the imminent threat of white supremacists or law abiding conservatives hijacking our cars and shooting children that we fear? Is there any sane American who believes that any threat over a Roe v Wade decision will come from the right? In the next headline, are those fences going up because a bunch of right wingers are about to create havoc?

After all of the hair raising carnage all over the country, with cities breaking records in their numbers of murders, is there anyone who believes still that January 6th is worse than thing ever to happen to America? Anyone who does ought to have his head examined. The worst thing about January 6th is the way those they arrested, mostly for misdemeanors, have lost their rights. And it is now clear that it was the Democrats who colluded with the Russians and no Republican ever did. Projection reigns today as always.

Notice always when a leftist speaks, he says, I want to be very clear. Then he obfuscates or lies.

And now we have a new Department of Misinformation.

And how ducky is it that the left wing in this country which has done all it could to shut down opposition thought for a long time now, suddenly believes that the best solution to this is to have a new department of misinformation and appoint as its head a left wing kook who hates anyone who does not agree with her? Problem solved. And want to guess how much misinformation will be shown to come from the left? I am guessing none.

But uh oh Musk just bought Twitter. The left still owns a lot of the major news outlets and Facebook and so many other social media. That monopoly of opinion and shutting out of others, that’s all fine and dandy. But we mustn’t sit still if even one of the media allows all opinions. No no. no good. So we must worry that someone is getting too much power, and ignore or cover up the fact that the left uses their many outlets to do whatever it wants to squash those who don’t agree with them. They use different language now, to hide their inconsistency.

It would be funny if it weren’t so dangerous.

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