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Democrats Scramble for an Alternative to Trouble-Plagued Hillary

all in

And add the CEO of Starbucks’ Coffee. The fact is, if Donald Trump drops in the polls or drops out of the race the GOP has some very good contenders right behind him.

However, the democrats are looking at crazy uncle Joe Biden and a coffee guy to replace the floundering Hillary

What looked like a lock when she announced her candidacy four months ago has turned into a scramble for Hillary Clinton as her campaign faces not just challenges from declared candidates but speculation that recent stumbles could draw a party powerhouse like Vice President Biden into the race.

Already, Clinton’s campaign is going up this week with her first television ads in the early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire. Analysts suggest her team remembers well the lessons of 2008, when the Iowa caucuses saw the supposed front-runner come in third, and lose momentum after that.

But unlike 2008, Clinton’s biggest threat might be someone who hasn’t yet declared. Speculation is mounting that Biden could enter in the fall. And the far left wing of the party appears to be voicing its dissatisfaction with the current front-runner — with some backing Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who continues to draw big crowds, as the alternative and others still clamoring for Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run.

Meanwhile, pundits have floated two former nominees from the past two decades, Al Gore and Secretary of State John Kerry, though they’ve shown little interest in running. The New York Times reported that even Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is being courted to run.


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Obama Lights the Fuse for the “Necessarily Skyrocket”

Well, he has nothing to lose in his lame-duck ticking clock, so…

Ed Morrissey @ HotAir:

If you like your electricity, you can keep your electricity. The White House announced the release of his “Clean Power Plan” late yesterday, which plans to cut carbon emissions from power plants in the US by 30%. Obama promised in his own message that this would result in lower energy prices, which sounds very similar to the promises made with ObamaCare — that later turned out to be the Lies of the Year once implemented…

The Hill: Obama doubles down on climate rule

All you coal and electrical unions had better wake the hell up…

Coal Left Fighting Over America’s Last Plants as Rules Mount

U.S. Coal Giant Greets Obama Climate Rules With Bankruptcy

Meanwhile: Obama Will Jetset To The Arctic To Warn About Global Warming

AoSHQ: “Is This a Joke? I used to think I knew what a joke was.”

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Take Two: DNC Chairwoman Still Cannot Define Difference Between Her Party and Socialists

Again DWS chooses to attack GOP instead of answering the question. Of course Chuck Todd lets her get away with it for almost a minute. To be fair, no democrat could honestly answer the question. One word: NONE!


‘The best weapon the Republicans have': Dems attack Debbie Wasserman Schultz after another ’embarrassing’ interview

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“Stay Away from Politics”


P. J. O’Rourke writes a brilliant piece on democrats, republicans, and whores…

I would like to address myself to the poor, the huddled masses, the wretched refugees teeming to America’s shore, the homeless, the economically, socially, and mentally tempest-tossed. Also, I’d like to address the young, the hip, the progressive, the compassionate, and the caring. I’d like a word with everyone who votes for Democrats.

Democrats hate your guts.

Democrats need your vote and they’ll do anything—no matter how low and degrading—to get it. They hate you the way a whore hates a john.

All politicians hate people. Politics is a way to gain power over people without justification for having that power. Nothing in the 11,000-year history of politics—going back to the governing elites of Mesopotamia—indicates that politicians are wiser, smarter, kinder, more moral, or better skilled at any craft (aside from politics) than we are.

But political rulers need the acquiescence of the ruled to slake the craving for power. Politicians hate you the way a junkie hates junk.

Politicians gain power by means of empty promises or threats, or both when they’re on their game. Should you vote for people who are good at politics? No. You should vote for Republicans. We’re lousy.


Republican politicians stink. This is because real Republicans don’t go into politics. We have a life. We have families, jobs, responsibilities, and it takes all our time and energy to avoid them and go play golf. We leave politics to our halt, our lame, and our feeble-minded. Republican candidacies are sinecures for members of the GOP who are otherwise useless and/or retired.

Democrats, on the other hand, are brilliant politicians. And I mean that as a vicious slur. Think how we use the word “politics.” Are “office politics” ever a good thing? When somebody “plays politics” to get a promotion, does he or she deserve it? When we call a coworker “a real politician,” is that a compliment?

“But,” you say, “Republicans don’t love us either.” And we don’t. As voters you are demographic groups. Republicans do not love demographic groups. Actually, Republicans do not love groups at all, with a few exceptions: The guys in the combat unit they commanded. Blood relations old enough to have been dead for years. Intimates of their private clubs. Golf buddies. Fellow guests at the Alfalfa dinner. And everybody in Bohemian Grove. But this love is proclaimed only after copious drink has been taken.


Democrats adore your demographic groups. Democrats are pro-woman, pro-black, pro-Latino, pro-immigrant, pro-LGBT, pro-AFL/CIO, pro-differently abled, pro-unemployed, pro-poor. (And by pro I mean whore.)

Besides prostituting themselves to your demographic groups, Democrats are adhering to the first principle of political elites: Divide and conquer.


Democrats are particularly infatuated with the demographic group of voters who are poor. Democrats provide many social programs for the poor. If you happen to be poor, you know what these social programs do. They pay you to stay poor.

Democrats favor a higher minimum wage. And they’ll make sure you get a minimum wage. Forever.

Democrats want to give you health care that’s free—and worth it.

Democrats will provide you with more opportunities to get an education and buy a house. A couple hundred thousand dollars of student loan debt and a huge mortgage that’s underwater will keep you poor for sure.


Stay away from politics. And vote Republican. As it says in Forrest Gump (the book’s author, Winston Groom, is a Republican), “Stupid is as stupid does.” And you can count on us Republicans to not do much.

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First Line of Defense in The Obama Military: 300 Sandbags Instead of 300 Rounds


On the heels of the deadly attack in Chattanooga Obama and the Pentagon are still refusing to allow our military at recruiting stations, a designated target for ISIS terrorist attacks, to arm and protect themselves. Instead a few hundred sandbags stacked in front of the office windows is their only defense…

In lieu of being able to arm themselves for self-defense, the recruiting center is sheltering-in-place.

According to Thunder 1320, the volunteers who filled and delivered the sandbags were from the Manchester PD and and the Manchester Street Department. Manchester Assistant Police Chief Adam Floied said, “It’s personal for us to protect these guys and help them the best that we can.”

1320 pointed out that the Manchester PD and members of the Army recruiting office work together a lot for their community, so protecting the soldiers in the wake of Chattanooga seemed a logical step.

Citizens continue to stand as volunteer armed guards at various recruiting facilities around the country, although the Pentagon has asked they desist from doing so…

Meanwhile, The Navy Times is reporting that Navy Lt. Commander Timothy White will be charged with “illegally discharging a firearm on federal property” for using his personal sidearm and firing back at the Islamic terrorist Muhammad Abdulazeez. one of the Marines shot and killed by the attacker also returned fire with his sidearm. There is no explanation as to why the two were armed while at the recruiting office, in violation of the Clinton-imposed Defense Department policy. As the investigation continues there is no confirmation that either of the two military men hit Muhammad Abdulazeez. Lt. Col. Allen West is outraged

navy white

What kind of freaking idiots are in charge of our Armed Forces — pardon me, our “unArmed Forces”? What would they prefer that Abdulazeez had been able to kill all the Marines and Sailors at the Naval Support Reserve Center? Let me draw an interesting contrast: Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus is more concerned about lifting the ban on transgendered Sailors. Mabus has a problem in that for the first time since 2007 the US Navy will not have a Carrier Battle Group operating in the Persian Gulf. But this knucklehead has no problem with the Navy seeking to destroy the career of a Sailor, a commander of an installation, returning fire against an Islamic jihadist attack. I do not care if it was his personal weapon, he deserves a medal for facing the enemy.

Folks, this has become the Obama military that will not implement policies for our men and women in uniform to be protected — but will punish them if they do protect themselves. What ever happened to the Navy of John Paul Jones, Farragut, Halsey, and Nimitz? What has happened in our America where we believe that our men and women in uniform — especially the commanders — are just targets for these damn Islamic jihadists?

Well, what do we expect from this administration that hates the U.S. Military and coddles the enemy? Obama’s own DHS secretary Jeh Johnson

… He explained that though it was a Muslim terrorist who shot to death four unarmed Marines in Tennessee two weeks ago, the government will call the attack, and other similar ones, “violent extremism” and not “Islamic terrorism” – out of respect for the Muslim community.

Johnson said it is “critical” to refrain from the “Islamic” label in order to “build trust” among Muslims.

The Tennessee murderer, Mohammad Abdulazeez, is officially a “homegrown violent extremist,” according to the government – even though he blogged about his Islamic religious motivations for the attack. He and his family also attended a local mosque controlled by a terror-tied Islamic trust.

Johnson explained that if officials called Islamic terrorism “Islamic,” they’d “get nowhere” in gaining the “cooperation” of the Muslim community.

The moderator of the panel tried to protest: “Isn’t [the] government denying the fundamental religious component of this kind of extremism by not using the word Islamic?”

“I could not disagree more,” Johnson responded, and explained that Islam “is about peace.”

Islam only calls for “peace” if/when all its enemies and infidels are either dead or converted and enslaved. Imagine not calling Nazis German for fear of offending Germans, many who were either silent or complicit.

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The “Fast and Furious” Connection with the Garland, Texas Terrorist Attack


In May two ISIS inspired Islamic extremists attacked a “Draw Muhammad Cartoon” convention being held in Garland, Texas by blogger Pam Geller and her group. It is now coming out that one of the attackers had a connection with the failed Eric Holder DOJ gunwalking operation “Fast and Furious”

(Chicago Tribune) – Five years before he was shot to death in the failed terrorist attack in Garland, Texas, Nadir Soofi walked into a suburban Phoenix gun shop to buy a 9-millimeter pistol.

At the time, Lone Wolf Trading Co. was known among gun smugglers for selling illegal firearms. And with Soofi’s history of misdemeanor drug and assault charges, there was a chance his purchase might raise red flags in the federal screening process.

Inside the store, he fudged some facts on the form required of would-be gun buyers.

What Soofi could not have known was that Lone Wolf was at the center of a federal sting operation known as Fast and Furious, targeting Mexican drug lords and traffickers…


Soofi’s attempt to buy a gun caught the attention of authorities, who slapped a seven-day hold on the transaction, according to his Feb. 24, 2010, firearms transaction record, which was reviewed by the Los Angeles Times. Then, for reasons that remain unclear, the hold was lifted after 24 hours, and Soofi got the 9-millimeter.


In May, Soofi and his roommate, Elton Simpson, burst upon the site of a Garland cartoon convention that was offering a prize for the best depiction of the prophet Muhammad, something offensive to many Muslims. Dressed in body armor and armed with three pistols, three rifles and 1,500 rounds of ammunition, the pair wounded a security officer before they were killed by local police.

A day after the attack, the Department of Justice sent an “urgent firearms disposition request” to Lone Wolf, seeking more information about Soofi and the pistol he bought in 2010, according to a June 1 letter from Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, to U.S. Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch.

Though the request did not specify whether the gun was used in the Garland attack, Justice Department officials said the information was needed “to assist in a criminal investigation,” according to Johnson’s letter, also reviewed by The Times.

The FBI so far has refused to release any details, including serial numbers, about the weapons used in Garland by Soofi and Simpson. Senate investigators are now pressing law enforcement agencies for answers, raising the chilling possibility that a gun sold during the botched Fast and Furious operation ended up being used in a terrorist attack against Americans.


Officials at the Justice Department and the FBI declined to answer questions about whether the 9-millimeter pistol was one of the guns used in the Garland attack or seized at Soofi’s apartment. […]

HT: Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit, who adds:

So, basically the Obama administration armed the gunman who tried to kill Pam Keller … More and more, I’m doubting that this federal gun-smuggling operation was “botched,” or a “fiasco,” except to the extent that people found out what was going on.


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At 93 TV Legend Norman Lear Still Surprises


During the hight of TV sitcoms TV producer Norman Lear was king. If he had his hand in a TV show it was comedy gold and would have a long and successful run. His best known creation was TV’s “All In The Family” that followed clumsy conservative Archie Bunker and his head-ramming with his “meathead” liberal hippie son-in-law Mike. In a recent interview the 93-year-old is still very opinionated and outspoken…


On politics: “Everybody knows me to be a progressive or a liberal or lefty or whatever. I think of myself as a bleeding-heart conservative. You will not f— with my Bill of Rights, my Constitution, my guarantees of political justice for all. But does my heart bleed for those who need help and aren’t getting the justice that the country promises them and the equal opportunity the country promises? Yes. I’m a bleeding heart, but I think myself to be a total social conservative. The people who are running just don’t seem to have America on their minds, not the America I think about. When I was a kid we were in love with America. As early as I can remember, there was a civics class in my public school. And I was in love with those things that guaranteed freedom before I learned that there were people who hated me because I was Jewish. I had a Bill of Rights and a Constitution, those words out of the Declaration that protected me. And I knew about that because we had civics in class. We don’t have that much in the country anymore. So before World War II or shortly after, we were in love with America because we understood what it was about and that’s what we were in love with. I believe everybody’s patriotic today. Everybody loves America. But I don’t need their flag plans to prove it. I’d like to go back to civics lessons.”

Um, wow. I wasn’t expecting that. I would wager Mr. Lear is in the libertarian camp. Read the whole interview for more.

As recent as 2013 Lear was making anti-Rush Limbaugh remarks. Not sure if that means two years ago he was less of a conservative stripe, or if he just doesn’t like the radio talk host’s personality.

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Planned Parenthood: Progressive Barbarism and Racism

Democratic state representative Bill Patmon is 100% right. Planned Parenthood has done nothing for the black community but carry out founder Margaret Sanger’s goal and final solution for blacks in America.

In the 2012 general election campaign Joe Biden warned a black audience that republicans want to put you back in chains. However, when will the bulk of the black community wake up and realize the chains the Progressive democrat party has put them in? Planned Parenthood is just one overseer on that plantation.

DiploMad echoes what I said the other day:

… All that said, this story has turned into a progressive feeding frenzy. Progressives are whipping up their pet media and the lynch mobs in a way that is really quite remarkable. Palmer has a reasonable fear for his life, with even girly-man Piers Morgan threatening him–safely, out of bow range. It seems progressives have a license to incite to kill, and are not shy about using it. They, after all, incite the killing of police and of conservatives almost every day, and insist on putting violent criminal illegal aliens in our midsts.

Now, of course, progressives do not act for the reasons they claim (here and here). They are masters of misdirection. I, for example, find extremely interesting how the progressives can get themselves worked up over the death of an African lion, while remaining silent about the horror of Planned Parenthood’s killing of tens-of-thousands of mostly African-American human babies, aka fetuses. Not much outrage in the progressive camp re the videos showing the ghouls at PP discussing how they “crunch” babies in a way that does affect the ability to sell their parts for profit. I have found it impossible to watch those videos all the way through; I have trouble fathoming such human depravity. The death of Cecil arrived in time to provide a smoke screen, a diversion from the revolting story of Planned Parenthood–and its highly racist origins. The only outrage the progs can muster is to go after the group that made the videos.

The juxtaposition of these two stories of death show in great and revealing detail the truth about progressivism–and it is ugly beyond belief.

Yes. Yes it is. Which is why the MSM will not cover this story on the videos of PP and aborted babies strewn literally apart in a puddle of blood as workers pick through them. And why the entertainment class, especially the females, are crawling out of the woodwork to swear their allegiance to Planned Parenthood.

George Will writes:

Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood’s president, apologizes for the “tone” of her operatives’ chatter about crushing babies. But the tone flows from Planned Parenthood’s premise: Why be solemn about meat?

Even partial-birth abortion is — must be — a sacrament in the Church of “Choice.” This sect knows that its entire edifice depends on not yielding an inch on its insistence that what an abortion kills never possesses a scintilla of moral significance.

In partial-birth abortion, a near-term baby is pulled by the legs almost out of the birth canal, until the base of the skull is exposed so the abortionist can suck out its contents. During Senate debates on this procedure, three Democrats were asked: Suppose a baby’s head slips out of the birth canal — the baby is born — before the abortionist can kill it. Does the baby then have a right to live? Two of the Democrats refused to answer. The third said the baby acquires a right to life when it leaves the hospital.

The nonnegotiable tenet in today’s Democratic Party catechism is not opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline or support for a $15 minimum wage. These are evanescent fevers. As the decades roll by, the single unshakable commitment is opposition to any restriction on the right to inflict violence on pre-born babies. So today there is a limitless right to kill, and distribute fragments of, babies that intrauterine medicine can increasingly treat as patients.

We are wallowing in this moral swamp because the Supreme Court accelerated the desensitization of the nation by using words and categories about abortion the way infants use knives and forks — with gusto, but sloppily. Because Planned Parenthood’s snout is deep in the federal trough, decent taxpayers find themselves complicit in the organization’s vileness. What kind of a government disdains the deepest convictions of citizens by forcing them to finance what they see in videos — Planned Parenthood operatives chattering about bloody human fragments? “Taxes,” said Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., “are what we pay for civilized society.” Today they finance barbarism.

The way the defenders and deflectors for Planned Parenthood are denying and rationalizing this organization’s butchery is akin to the way Nazis denied, defended, and rationalized their atrocities in trials and interrogations after WWII. Like this piece of work…

silverman Don’t forget their gold and silver teeth, and their hair. Not to mention their luggage and the clothes off their backs and shoes off their feet and eye glasses off their noses. Skank.

And this one…

Rebecca Watson: ‘Planned Parenthood Is Not Selling Baby Parts, You F*cking Idiots’

Yes. Yes they are, you f*cking propagandist monster.


Here’s how much the three major networks have covered Cecil the lion vs the Planned Parenthood videos.

Judge who blocked Planned Parenthood videos RAISED $230,000 for OBAMA

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Weekend Getaway: Dog Days of Summer


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Alexis de Tocqueville Saw This Coming…

As those now blatantly controlling the narrative today give words completely different and unrecognizable meanings as they dilute and make obsolete other words, dictate language and thought for those not of like-mind, erase our deep history, and force us all into their ideas of social engineering away from our own individuality and privacy Arthur Milikh writing at The Daily Signal reminds us of Alexis de Tocqueville’s prescient warning of things to come for “Democracy in America” :

We often boast about having attained some unimaginable redefinition of ourselves and our nation. How odd, then, that someone born 210 years ago today could understand us with more clarity and depth than we understand ourselves.


Despite his hopes for America, Tocqueville thought grave obstacles would diminish our freedom—though he didn’t think them insurmountable.

The Power of the Majority

Most alarming to him was the power of the majority, which he thought would distort every sphere of human life.

Despots of the past tyrannized through blood and iron. But the new breed of democratic despotism “does not proceed in this way; it leaves the body and goes straight for the soul.”

That is, the majority reaches into citizens’ minds and hearts. It breaks citizens’ will to resist, to question its authority, and to think for themselves. The majority’s moral power makes individuals internally ashamed to contradict it, which in effect silences them, and this silencing culminates in a cessation of thinking. We see this happen almost daily: to stand against the majority is to ruin yourself.

Moreover, Tocqueville feared that the majority’s tastes and opinions would occupy every sphere of sentiment and thought. One among many illuminating examples is his commentary on democratic art. He foresaw that the majority would have no taste for portraying great human beings doing great deeds. Art used to be the pictorial representation of man’s connection to the natural or divine order to which he belongs. But in modern democracies, art would go in the direction of the majority’s tastes: it would be abstract, focused on color and shape.

Why? Because to experience this kind of art, one needs to only have senses, whereas to experience the art of the past, one needs an education in the classics—the Bible and ancient literature especially. It’s easy to pontificate about Jackson Pollock, while it’s difficult to understand Michelangelo. But most revealing is that abstract art is an expression of democracy’s hatred for human greatness, the very theme of art.

Tocqueville’s Predictions About the Modern State

The influence on the mind of democracy and the majority weakens and isolates individuals. This creates fertile ground for a new kind of oppression that “will resemble nothing that has preceded it in the world.”

Tocqueville foresaw an “immense tutelary power”—the modern state—which would degrade men rather than destroy their bodies. Over time, he feared, the state would take away citizens’ free will, their capacity to think and act, reducing them to “a herd of timid and industrious animals of which the government is the shepherd.” …


And this is why we insist on reminding those who claim we are a ‘democracy’ that, no, we are a representative Constitutional republic by the people and for the people. You see, places like Cuba, Venezuela, and other “democracies” where, yes, citizens vote but have no rights are nothing to emulate. All fascist governments consider themselves “democracies”. It is a mantra meant to convince the populace they have a say, a voice, when they really don’t. Our Founding Fathers recognized this…

Right now we have a form of mob rule that is crafted by a liberal disposable pop culture and entertainment industry, guided by the corrupt MSM, and taken advantage of by leftist politicians who do not see us as anything more than ignorant, dumbed-down masses to be scolded and ruled … Political prisoners in every aspect of our lives. The president has put aside the laws and the Constitution and bypassed the separation of powers to form his own oligarchy inside the White House with the blessings of the pop culturists, sycophant media, and appeasers in the legislative body he has made insignificant. This is the formula for revolution.


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