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And Now Time To Shit All Over Our WWII Veterans with Shameful Alt-Left Moral Equivalency

Christ Almighty, save us…

To Chris Chillizza I responded:

But Obama’s JV team likes them some alt-left/AntiFa…

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Facts and Context are the Liberal MSM’s Enemy

Gads how the MSM hates context and facts.

FACT: Yep, one group of ugly assholes had a legal permit to rally, and the other group of ugly assholes had NO legal permit to bus in and to counter-rally. And the MSM thus far has refused to even mention this.

Trump Tells Media: Unlike You, I Waited for the Facts Before Charlottesville Statement

Trump defends his initial Charlottesville statement in EPIC press conference – [FULL VIDEO, HIGHLIGHTS]

Look, I loathe both side equally.
Again: Alt-right HAD LEGAL PERMIT to assemble & alt-left DID NOT. Seriously, what doesn’t @CNN grasp about free speech/freedom of assembly? And I think in a court of law it would come down to just that, and not “feelings” … at least I hope.


Don Surber: The Deplorable Obama Plan: The media wants to keep this dead-end story alive, just as it wants to keep the Russian nothingburger going. Reporters are demanding the president visit Charlottesville.

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CBS Treats Down Syndrome Eradication as Good News of Tackling a Deadly Disease…

Iceland is trying to keep up with the eugenics movement around the Brave New World.

Is it any wonder my 1st thought, after the doctor & nursery told me they suspected T21 3 days post-birth my baby might be DS, was how Hitler had DS at the top of his extermination list. What’s to stop some modern day ego-driven eugenics narcissistic from deciding to build the perfect race and doing it again? And here we are.

Feminists use DS as their first reason for defending and promoting abortion.

Great Britain has nearly eradicated DS from their new generations population.

There was a story several years back of a British doctor whose wife dared birth their DS son amid pressure to abort. When the boy was of grade school age the doctor wanted to move his family to Australia but that country gave him serious problems with a visa centered around providing healthcare and coverage for the boy.

Ever since my daughter was old enough as a baby and I began taking her out and about with me I could see in people’s eyes, especially younger woman, pretty much what they were thinking as they looked at my daughter. Some maybe had a misplaced pity. Some would approach and confide they had a family member or knew someone who did with DS. And others just stared and looked away with suppressed disdain.

When I’m out without her and I see someone with a DS child, especially a little one, and the mother sees me looking it will approach with the photo of my pride and joy on my cell phone. The look of relief in their face and manner is palatable. It’s almost as if we are part of some secret society. Any wonder why when you see such horrifically dismissive stories like above. We are judged when out in society, as are our children. Any other parents and children in public are either ignored/passed by or judged on the child’s behavior. Ours are wrongly judged on their ideas of OUR child’s worth is to them. And as I said it says a hell of a lot about that outside person’s failings. All I know is that every taken for granted milestone my DS daughter has taken in her 17 yrs has been an accomplishment equal to interstellar flight for those of us who love her and have nurtured her. She has been an inspiration and positive influence on her classmates, teachers and her doctors who have made sure she has grown up healthy and happy. So much a bright and shining star she was a huge influence in her two older sisters becoming doctors and champions for DS rights, especially to be born.

Sorry if I’ve waxed on a bit but stories like these simply are the real definition of “macro aggression”. And as we know fascism is very, very skilled at carrying out such aggressions.

This is why I loathe actors and actresses who are pro-abortion rights but jump onboard a wonderful story of someone with DS accomplishments. It is the height of hypocrisy. And sinfully so.


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The Inmates have Taken Over the Asylum

“And as the flames climbed high into the night
To light the sacrificial rite
I saw Satan laughing with delight….”

Yeah, I’m really worn out trying to make sense of this bullshit.
At some point you just need to say, “Fuckitall” and make some popcorn while waiting for the credits crawl at the end…

Here are a couple basic key points … FACTS … to be primarily remembered, and NOT being mentioned in the wall-to-wall coverage, in last weekend’s clash of the radical, racist titans in the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia:

1. The vile alt/right/KKK/neo-Nazi/white supremacist groups had a legal permit to gather and march in the public streets. A permit the ACLU themselves fought to have upheld when the city’s democrat mayor sought to ban them.

2. The antifa/SJW groups that were bussed into the city DID NOT have legal permits to gather and counter-protest.

3. Reports on the ground are the city police that were on duty to keep law and order during the initial protesters gathering fell-back when the counter-protest groups got off their rides and began filing in

Ben Shapiro @ The Daily Wire also lists some key facts the MSM is burying: 7 Things You Need To Know About The Charlottesville Violence And White Supremacist Terror Attack

1. The Alt-Right Is Not Conservative

2. The Alt-Right Has Successfully Created The Impression There Are Lots Of Them. There Aren’t

3. The Alt-Right Has Been Tut-Tutted By President Trump And His Advisors For Over A Year. Yesterday Was Nothing New

4. The Car Attack Was An Act of Terrorism

5. Trump’s Unwillingness To Fight The Alt-Right Tooth And Nail Grows The Alt-Right

6. The Left’s Malfeasance And Support For Violent Groups Like Antifa Grow The Alt-Right

7. The Media’s Broad Misusage Of The Term Alt-Right Grows The Alt-Right

A couple things here:

1. It is yet undetermined exactly why the guy ran his car into the crowd. I’ve heard he became frantic when the counter-protesters swarmed his vehicle … Which brings me back to the fundamental failure(s) of the local police and the city leaders to control the situation, and closing roads to vehicle traffic would have been, I dunno, ‘smart’/’wise’?

2. Yes, Trump has been hesitant in singling out such groups (on both sides really). But at least he hasn’t deemed them “The JV team”. And to Trump’s defense, his initial statement on the horrific event was actually the wiser for not knee-jerking, as Obama ALWAYS did, and waiting for precision remarks after the details were gathered and given to him. I’m sorry but I’d inject the old Obama logic and reasoning here, but to a truer realization, that “the police (and the mayor) acted stupidly”.

Rush Limbaugh: What Really Happened in Charlottesville

Sheryl Gay Stolberg at the New York Times tweeted the following: “A few rapid thoughts from Charlottesville. Number one, striking how many of the white nationalists were young people, almost entirely men.” Her second tweet: “The hard left seemed as hate-filled as the Alt-Right. I saw club wielding Antifa beating white nationalists being led out of the park.” So here’s an acknowledgment from the media, from the New York Times, that there was an equal amount of hate from the left in this incident.

And then this in the Washington Post by David Weigel — believe me, who is nowhere near the right side of the aisle. Headline: “Fear of ‘Violent Left’ Preceded Events in Charlottesville.” I had to have three people read this to make sure that I wasn’t missing something in this. “On Saturday afternoon, shortly before her camera captured a car plowing through left-wing activists in Charlottesville, killing one and injuring more than a dozen others, Faith Goldy warned that the left was spinning out of control.”

“‘Hundreds and hundreds of Antifa, weird BLM [Black Lives Matter] idiots dressed like clowns,’ said Goldy… ‘This is okay, as long as you’re not the Alt-Right. The Alt-Right wasn’t allowed to demonstrate any show of force.’ As if on cue, activists began chanting ‘black lives matter’ in the background of Goldy’s shot. ‘Chant BLM, and all of a sudden the cops don’t care!’ she said. ‘Where are the riot police now?’” Well, the riot police were told to stand down. Somebody had to tell the riot police to stand down.

In New York City, NYPD officials said this would have never been allowed to happen in New York. The riot police would have never let these two groups get anywhere near each other. They would not have allowed an automobile to get anywhere near any of this. There would have been barricades and the New York PD says, “We would…” Now, hindsight, I know, is always 20/20, but the NYPD people are speaking in terms of policy. And when you had a volatile situation like this they would have never let these two groups get together.

But in Charlottesville the police stood down. Why? A lot of this stuff I say to you doesn’t make sense. I understand this, I know you do too but on the surface doesn’t make sense. Who would order the cops to stand down and why? This has become the latest story and the latest excitement that animates and energizes the Get Rid of Trump movement in the Washington establishment and in the media — and if you think this issue’s gonna fade away after today, you have another thing coming.

This is about violence between two hate groups with no association with Donald Trump or the Republican Party, but the media is doing everything it can to associate the Nazis and the skinheads and the white supremacists with not just Trump, but the Republican Party. That’s why the Republican Party, everybody in it ran to the microphones and condemned it. They did everything, ’cause they know that if they don’t go out and say that, the Drive-Bys and everybody else on the left are gonna do everything they can to associate this with the Republican Party.

As Limbaugh mentions in today’s broadcast the NYTimes reporter was thrashed on Twitter for her truth-slippage and today has walked back her remarks in order to make the alt-left groups the heroes in the situation.

Meanwhile, the city’s police chief is denying the mayor told the department to ‘hold back’ from the protest.

And what was at the core of this rally in Charlottesville?

Well, for one the fact that in the last couple years the left/liberals have declared war on ‘whites’, “white privilege and all that” and ‘white males’ in particular. Hell, as of the 2016 the democrat party has admitted they are abandoning the “white middle class/male vote” in favor of “identity politics” and their collective groups. But it was also connected to the current ISIS-like removal and destruction by this country’s left of historic monuments and statues, in this case a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee:

U.S. cities step up removal of Confederate statues, despite Virginia violence

Abrams calls for removal of Confederate faces off Stone Mountain

Ace: Vandals Destroy Statue in Durham; Cops Claim They’ll Prosecute

This is our history, as ugly as it was, and, by the way, similar racist/bigoted histories in every damn country of this Earth have played out over the ages. These statues and monuments are reminders of that era and that pivotal war. When people see them they are forced to look at the entire scope of that part of history and the fact that it was an internal war our nation had to suffer in order to unite. If we do not have these reminders, and the chapters in our history books that are also being looked at for removal, how the fucking Hell are our future generations going to have a full context on what happened and why, other than the left waving the “whites enslaved blacks!” banner? This is willfully and foolishly irrational! If you choose to ignore history you really are doomed to repeat it, ya know.

Dr. Condi Rice explains why these historical American symbols need to remain in place (starts @ 1:45)…

However, some oppressive and deadly entities are apparently more equal than others

As are racist fascist groups: Jennifer Lawrence calls on her 16 million Facebook followers to help identify Charlottesville neo-Nazis

Oh geez, J-Law, guess these idiots need a wealthy benefactor buying them dark hoodies & face masks like Soros does for his street minions.

You know, I really want to like this actress but she makes it so hard.

Here’s the thing, J-Law, they have no hoods or masks on in their ridiculous public display of “hate”. Did you call for ID-ing of those antifa/anarchist members over the past years, hellz, the past YEAR, that have had such self-gratifying street displays as they smashed private businesses and burned streets and campuses and beat the crap out of people? Did you?
And if you go to comments on her Facebook account you can see the apologist a-holes in there making disgusting excuses and baseless justifications for the other groups we have witnessed over the years involved in such unhinged violent ‘street art’ of their passionate insanity.

I’m not looking to protect anyone from their lousy opinions and views, as bigoted and hateful as they be. I am looking for equal “free speech” protection and defense, AND condemnation/punishment of the indefensible, of these dicks on both sides.

It is “free speech”, not ‘favored speech’.

Others, unlike actress J-Law’s call to DOXing, just want to remind those who dare defile symbols that abhor those groups these people now align with…


GLENN GREENWALD: The Misguided Attacks on ACLU for Defending Neo-Nazis’ Free Speech Rights in Charlottesville.

‘No Free Speech for Fascists’ Is a Truly Terrible Idea: The ACLU is right: Do you really want Donald Trump deciding who gets free speech?

Silvio Canto Jr.: Removing Confederate symbols reminds me of Cuba and will hurt Democrats

Me: Democrat party’s roots are in the Confederacy, which is what they are really seeking to erase. So they can say, “The Confederacy was comprised of democrats? The KKK was formed and populated by democrats? Where did you hear/see that, huh? Prove it.”

AoSHQ: The Morning Rant

Roger L. Simon: Is Charlottesville What’s Really Going On in the USA?

The Reality Of Charlottesville: Neither the extreme left nor the extreme right is representative of any significant constituency in American politics.

DOJ demands 1.3M IP addresses related to Trump resistance site

SJWs Go After Fantasy Fiction, Creating a Firestorm Over ‘The Black Witch’

Charles Glasser @ Instapundit: A helluva dog whistle kicker…

The Rise of the Violent Left: Antifa’s activists say they’re battling burgeoning authoritarianism on the American right. Are they fueling it instead?

IRONY thy name is Andrew: CNN dude who threatened to doxx meme maker concern-trolls Nazi fail-doxx

So, what you’re saying is: Should We Ban Gone With the Wind?

What Have We Learned Since Saturday? The Left’s Hatred Cannot Be Alleviated

The Attack on ‘Whataboutism’ Is a Defense of Hypocrisy

Allure cautions against ‘centering white vaginas’ in the fight against neo-Nazism

See what I mean?

Needs more butter…

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Weekend Dumpster Dive: News the MSM Refuses to Use

Maxine Waters Thinks US Should Give North Korea ‘Things That They’re Asking For’

Bombshell Report on the DNC Hack by Forensic Experts Claims It Was an Inside Job, Not the Russians

More on the leftist judge who approved Mueller’s grand jury

College student gets 100 days in slammer for registering dead voters for Dems

The real story of that Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting gets even stranger

How the Postal Service tried to swing the election for Hillary Clinton

Lib GW Law Professor Calls Manafort Warrant Excessive, ‘Very Troubling’

An Aussie Terror Warning: Islamic State came close to taking down a passenger plane

Spain is now helping Turkey arrest journalists

Even lefty Seymour Hersh agrees that the Russian fable begin in the mind of Obama’s CIA director.

Trump Dossier Firm Turns Over Documents To Senate Panel, But There’s Just One Problem

CNN abruptly cuts ties with Jeffrey Lord over tweet

From College Indoctrination to Corporate Intolerance

GOOGLE FALLOUT: Get ready for the ‘tech alt-right’ to gain power and influence in Silicon Valley.

You Heard It Here First: NY Times Editors Deny Reading Their Own Newspaper

Palin wins a battle in her war with the New York Times

Universities Slash Standards with Goal of Boosting Diversity: Education activist blasts ‘sad but real bias’ of academics after Georgetown Law drops LSAT requirement

Disaster: Philly’s Soda Tax Has Produced Miserable Results

Self-serving celebrity the MSM loves:

Halle Berry Says Her High School Was Racist. Her Classmates Lit Up Facebook to Set the Record Straight

Generous celebrity the MSM hates:

Tim Tebow’s CURE Hospital Helps Burn Victim Deformed by Injuries When Others Couldn’t

Tim Tebow blasted a home run after inspiring moment with autistic boy … and then it got even better

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“Real Woman” vs “Not-A-Real-Woman”

Serena Williams slammed for saying she can’t wait to give birth and be a ‘real woman’

Today’s fake feminists seriously need to just step the hell off.
THIS is what SHE individually believes will make her a ‘real’ complete woman. It’s NOT about you collective harpies of constant outrage who believe what makes you a ‘real woman’ is to walk around in pink pussy hats, dopey ridiculous vagina costumes, and letting the public see your disgusting display of your ‘monthly bill’ or screaming about it from a stage. God bless her and her baby. I hope she has an easy time and all works out to be healthy and happy. After years of working her body-off to become a juggernaut athlete and build a career she deserves to voice her opinion about motherhood per her personal view.

Meanwhile, the social media and liberal MSM are celebrating this:

Chelsea Manning Changed the Course of History. Now She’s Focusing on Herself

God help us.

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If You Look Real Hard…

And they call us “anti-science”?

Interesting read from F.H. Buckley @ WSJ: How Trump Won, in Two Dimensions: A study shows the 2016 electorate was more socially than economically conservative.

Just One Minute: DNC Hack As Inside Job? … Follow Up @ AoSHQ: Claim: DNC Hack Was Not a Foreign Hack, But Done In-Person By Someone With Access to the System … Makes a second look at the doings and death of Seth Rich more interesting, huh? I mean, recall that the DNC would not allow the FBI during their ‘investigation’ to look at their server or computers after the alleged hacking.

AoSHQ: Fox News: Intel Community Knew About North Korea’s Miniaturized Nukes Back in 2013, But Obama — Get This — Got Media to Downplay the Story

Federal Judge orders State Dept. to search state.gov accounts for Clinton aides’ Benghazi emails

Federal Judge Who Could ‘Decide Trump’s Fate’ Served as Senior Counsel for Dem Sen. Leahy

Anti-Trump Fanatic Executes GOP Committeeman with Two Bullets to the Head — While His Wife Was Watching

Male prostitute dies of meth overdose at home of high-profile Democrat donor with an alleged ‘kinky fetish’

Celebs aren’t moving, but illegals are! Afraid of Trump, Canada’s border crossings are being swarmed

Instapundit: JUDGE NOT SO SURE IN PALIN’S NEW YORK TIMES LIBEL SUIT: This afternoon Judge Jed Rakoff — a jurist of impeccable integrity — did not dismiss Sarah Palin’s libel suit against the Times, but instead took the highly unusual step of ordering an evidentiary hearing on what the Op/Ed writers knew.

Yale ‘disarms’ gun out of ages old artwork

Asteroid to shave past Earth inside Moon orbit

Goes without saying: FREAK OUT: Walmart Hangs ‘Back-to-School’ Banner Near Gun Display

Why do people hate this guy so much: Tim Tebow’s CURE Hospital Helps Burn Victim Deformed by Injuries When Others Couldn’t

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