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November 11, 1918

One hundred years ago this morning, the “war to end all wars” ended with a message:

Official Radio from Paris – 6:01 A.M., Nov. 11, 1918. Marshal Foch to the Commander-in-Chief.

1. Hostilities will be stopped on the entire front beginning at 11 o’clock, November 11th (French hour).

2. The Allied troops will not go beyond the line reached at that hour on that date until further orders.

[signed] MARSHAL FOCH 5:45 A.M.

The war that had started on a sunny June day in Sarajevo lasted over four years. At the end, over 19 million had died, including 8 million civilians. But on this date, one hundred years ago, at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, it was finally over.

Sadly, this “war to end all wars“—the worst ever up to that time—laid down the template for the remainder of the twentieth century, the bloodiest hundred years in human history.

British and German wounded, Bernafay Wood, 19 July 1916. Photo by Ernest Brooks

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November 10, 1775

Happy Birthday, United States Marine Corps!

United States Marine Corps

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November 9, 1938

Today marks the eightieth anniversary of what would become the genocide of European Jewry by the Nazis. Although the Nuremberg laws had already begun the process, this event catalyzed the Germans into open aggression against the Jews. The result was the extermination of 6,000,000 Jews in Europe, starting in Poland after September 1, 1939, and ending with the conveyor belt murders of the death camps. Never again.

VI A 3c. Album 40.1

From JJ Sefton over at Ace of Spades HQ:

[…] today marks the 80th anniversary of what became known as “Kristallnacht.” Though much of the growing persecution of the German Jews in the 1930s was either whitewashed or minimized by the press (sound familiar?), the pogrom unleashed on the pretext of a Polish Jew in Paris shooting a German ambassador touched off a night of such wanton violence that the world could no longer ignore the facts in front of their face as to the peril Germany’s Jews faced. And in hindsight, it is said to be the first act in the genocide of Europe’s Jews from 1939-1945.

How sadly and horribly ironic then that in the wake of the mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue last week that the Democrat Left drapes itself in the mantle of justice, equality and tolerance with which to bash its political opponents as racists, antisemites and bigots. Sadder still is the fact that the Democrat party has amongst its leaders Linda Sarsour, Louis Farrakhan (yes, he’s one of yours), Barack Obama, Sid Blumenthal, George Soros, Al Sharpton, Andrew Gillum and on and on and on, as well as acolytes on college campuses beating up Jewish students and calling for the destruction of the state of Israel. And saddest of all, eight decades after Kristallnacht American Jews themselves that are among the loudest and most virulent anti-semites of all.

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The Horribly Lopsided Left vs Right Truths

You can follow the whole thread here.

Not kidding.

AT: Trump Didn’t Start the Fire

The Blaze: Actor warns ‘blood in the streets’ if Dems don’t win midterms: ‘We will have a revolution for real’

Dennis Prager: I’m Jewish, and I Think the Biggest Increase in Anti-Semitism Is From the Left

Reason: Has There Been a Surge of Anti-Semitism Under and Because of Trump? In short, probably not. And about that ADL study everyone is citing…

NRO: Conservatives Don’t Get to Mourn: In the aftermath of terrible events, there are calls for unity. For Republicans, it’s always except you.

Twitchy: Conservative woman writes thread shredding each and every Leftist talking point and it’s SPECTACULAR

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Halloween 2018: Just Bag It!!!

Scary Sweet Tidbits…

Circa: Shut down Halloween. This little girl’s headless costume is unbeatable

Country Living: Century of Scares: What Halloween Was Like the Year You Were Born

Geek: Reese’s Vending Machine Lets You Swap Unwanted Candy for Peanut Butter Cups

He does this every Halloween. He’s a Snickers guy…


Yahoo: Could ‘Exorcist’ Steps in Washington soon be a historic landmark?

NYP: Woman who had sex with 20 ghosts is now engaged to a spirit

FOX News: ‘Mind-boggling’ monster black hole at Milky Way’s center seen by scientists

The Wrap: Tyler Perry on Why He’s Ending ‘Madea’ Franchise Next Year: ‘Time for Me to Kill That Old Bitch’

Dirty Rocks in the Bottom of the Bag…

NYP: Scares for Bill Maher, Michael Moore in wake of mail bomb threats

Breitbart: Planned Parenthood Encourages Birth … for Illegal Aliens

Bloomberg: Venezuela’s Hard-Partying Beaches Are Now Deserted and Filthy

RS: Thanks Obama: The 5 Prisoners Freed From Gitmo in Exchange for Bergdahl Join Insurgency in Qatar

FOX News: Barbra Streisand ‘thinking’ about moving to Canada if GOP wins the House

Twitchy: Don Lemon: ‘…the biggest terror threat in this country is white men…’; ‘there is no travel ban on them’

Have a very sick Halloween 2018

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Just Rats With Wings…

A Big Bag`o Tricks-n-Treats.


This wicked witch is so fucking hilarious!—- Imagine anyone else cracking this side-handed joke…

FPM: If the Synagogue Shooter Were Muslim, the Media Would Be Defending Him

Tablet: Correcting the ADL’s False Anti-Semitism Statistic: The spread of misleading information on hate crimes is counterproductive in the fight against real and rising anti-Semitism

Glenn Reynolds: AT THIS POINT, THE SPLC IS JUST A HATE GROUP SPREADING HATE SPEECH: SPLC Ties Trump to the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting, Even Though Shooter Hated Trump…

PJM: ‘MAGA Bomber’ Worked at West Palm Nightclub Where Stormy Daniels Stripped in Anti-Trump Tour

WashTimes: Actor James Cromwell warns of ‘revolution’: ‘There will be blood in the streets’ if Democrats lose

Twitchy: That’ll do? Actor James Cromwell backpedals after getting busted for ‘blood in the streets’ warning

DC: ‘Big Bang Theory’ Asks For God’s Help With Election Against ‘A Fascist, Hate-Filled, Fear-Mongering’ Ruler

PJM: SPLC Leads Soros-Funded Groups in ‘Orwellian’ Attempt to Ban ‘Hate Speech’ on Social Media

The Federalist: How Public Schools Indoctrinate Kids Without Almost Anyone Noticing – Teaching the value of free thought matters now more than ever. Unfortunately, most American public schools take the opposite approach.

“nutty chunks”

Alongside all those nutty chunks, this pint packs a powerful message under its lid: together, we can build a more just and equitable tomorrow. We can peacefully resist the Trump administration’s regressive and discriminatory policies and build a future that values inclusivity, equality, and justice for people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, refugees, and immigrants. Pecan Resist supports four organizations that are working on the front lines of the peaceful resistance, building a world that supports their values. Get to know them, then find Pecan Resist here!

WashTimes: 5,200 active-duty troops deployed to border ahead of migrant caravan

AP: Trump: End birthright citizenship for some US-born babies

Twitchy: ‘Sh*t just got REAL!’ Lindsey Graham DOUBLES DOWN on Trump’s birthright citizenship policy (Lefties FLIP!)

FOX News: Infighting, plunging morale plague caravan as migrants plod into Mexico

DM: Second migrant caravan storms into Mexico: ‘Violent’ group from Central America carrying BOMBS and guns defies a huge police presence to cross the border from Guatemala as Trump deploys 5,200 troops

FLASHBACK from Harry:


Reason: Ready to Get Off Facebook? Reason Reviews 5 Alternative Social Networks. – Facebook, Twitter, and other mainstream social networks have their issues. Are these 5 platforms viable alternatives?

ME: Kanye West designed ‘Blexit’ shirts calling for black people to leave the Democratic Party

But wait…

Twitchy: ‘Nailed it’: Looks like Ben Shapiro was right about Kanye West

NRO: Everyone Wants You to Be Scared

Intelligencer: 12 Young People on Why They Probably Won’t Vote

Frrrrriday Frrrrreddy! This actor just might win an Oscar for this…

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Good Morning, America! Rise and Shine, Fellow Spectators!

I know we’re always saying, “Just sing the song the way it was written”, but this kid did a damn awesome rendition. I actually got, ya know, something in my eye— *eh-hemmm*.

Capital Gazette: Defensive end Jackson Dean Nicholson’s voice impressed Arundel. Then Maryland. Then the country.

Jackson Dean Nicholson, publicly, doesn’t use his last name. “Jack Nicholson” is taken. “Jackson Nicholson” is a mouthful, not to mention he found another musician already using it, a heavy-metal artist jamming in his room.

And Arundel’s “Jackson Dean” is anything but that.

He grew up on classic rock and country, a dead-end road with nothing but a gun-range and a swamp behind him.

“Spent more time in the woods than with actual people,” Nicholson said. “I was always drawn to music.”

It was there he eventually learned to play country music. His career first bud in his freshman year and now, as a senior, it’s blossoming.

Over a span of a little over three days, “Jackson Dean” became a national name.

Nicholson, a defensive end for Arundel football, stood before a microphone and a crowd of Wildcats parents and fans Friday before the team’s tilt against Chesapeake. It was the second time he’d played before a football crowd.

“I’m not really nervous when I have to sing in front of people. First five times you do it, the butterflies just go away. It’s all good after that,” Nicholson said. “We knew we were going to videotape it, and I think I was more anxious about that.”


The senior’s version of the anthem fits seamlessly into his entire brand of music. It’s smoky, more folksy and slow. He doesn’t want it to sound at all like the mainstream top 10 that cycles on country radio.

Internet fame isn’t Nicholson’s biggest platform to date either, although it’s close. He’s collaborated with producer Frank Green and already worked on a record, splitting time in Baltimore and Nashville studios, and has performed on stages in both cities as well.

“But that was … it was something people don’t normally get,” Nicholson said. “It was very cool. I probably knew 90 percent of the people sitting in those stands, and they had no idea I was doing it ‘til I brought my guitar out.”


Arundel (7-1) is playoffs-bound and in good standing after bringing down a formidable team. But for Nicholson, he’s adamantly certain this fall will be his last season with football. He’s not aiming to play ball in college; he’s not even planning for college.

“This is my last year, then I’m done. I’ve got until January, I’ll have all my credits done, and I only have to be enrolled for this semester,” he said. “I got a waive by my principal and she’s very supportive of what I do.

“I’m going to go for it.”

Nicholson has a blueprint laid out down in Nashville, as well as a few fruitful meetings he can’t disclose, though the thought of them spreads a smile across his face…

Keep an eye on this young man.

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