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Russiagate Explodes in Faces …. Will There be Ramifications With All the Fallout?

FNC: Former FBI Assistant Director: Mueller report is in — Now it’s time to focus on the intelligence community

BPR: `John Brennan should be very nervous’: Ex CIA chief facing day of reckoning for peddled misleading lies on TV for 2-years

FNC: Bulk of Mueller cases against Trump associates based on false statements

Breitbart: Donald Trump: Time to Investigate the Left for ‘Treasonous Things’

Dan Bongino: These are the people who started phony Russia probe – and must answer for it

Dov Fischer: With Mueller’s Report Submitted, We Now Enter the Phase of Democrats Cowardly Lyin’ – Two years and more they’ve torn our country apart.

John Solomon: Trump-Russia collusion did affect an American election — the one in 2018

NEO: Russiagate: why did the press do it?

Drudge: SHAME OF THE NATION: 533,074 articles have been published about Russia and Trump…

Brent Bozell: After Mueller Report, ‘I Don’t Know How CNN Ever Recovers’

BPR: ‘Are you kidding?’ NBC ‘Today’ host Savannah Guthrie asks Sarah Sanders if Trump owes Mueller an apology

Brit Hume: Media’s Trump-Russia collusion coverage is the ‘worst journalistic debacle of my lifetime’

The Federalist: The Media Have Done Irreparable Damage To The Country – Journalists used fears over Russia and anger over Trump to try to reverse the results of a legitimate election.

MRCTV VIDEO: The Liberal Media’s Most Embarrassing Mueller Failures

Julie Kelly: NeverTrump’s Complicity in Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax

AoSHQ: Reactions to Mueller from The Last 72 Hours

Boston Herald: Time to ban the collusion conspiracy theorists

Jim Treacher: No Russian Collusion, But the #Resistance Won’t Stop Hollering

John Solomon: As Russia collusion fades, Ukrainian plot to help Clinton emerges

*psssst* Prezzy Donnie, too soon, brah…

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The Failed Coup Turned Chicken Coop…

Note: This post is fluid and could be edited throughout the day with new links.

Twitchy: Sh*t just got REAL: Sen. Lindsey Graham’s presser on Mueller report should TERRIFY Democrats and the Deep State (watch)

Andrew C. McCarthy: How Long Has Mueller Known There Was No Trump-Russia Collusion?

For sane people paying full attention, it is over … and should never have been in the first place. For the democrats and the Clinton-chained MSM it ain’t over until they say it’s over. Why? Because this entire political hoax was not intended to find an actual nefariousness or crime, or they would have nailed Hillary Clinton and the DNC, in addition to the Obama operatives in the FBI/DOJ. No, this was meant to bloody-up a duly elected president and everyone around him, including his family, in order to force him to resign as some unspoken favor to poor, poor loser Hillary Clinton, and to throw a wall up in his way in the 2020 election. However…

TAS: What Did Obama Know and When Did He Know It? – Time for transparency: Mueller effectively indicts the Obama Justice Department and FBI.

Twitchy: MUST READ thread from Kimberley Strassel on the Mueller report and the FBI; BONUS: Lindsey Graham responds to James Comey’s tree tweet

William A. Jacobson: The coup has failed, but continues: The Democrat and media tactics and goal posts are shifting after the Mueller finding of no collusion, but the goal of unwinding the 2016 election remains.

The Mueller Report puts the lie to two years of this attempted coup.

But don’t think it’s going to stop. Already the tactics and goal posts are shifting. Now it’s not Russia collusion that’s paramount, it’s obstruction of justice in the form of Trump allegedly obstructing the Mueller investigation. But Mueller never reached the conclusion that an obstruction crime was committed, and a criminal obstruction charge was rejected as unjustified not only by AG William Barr but also by Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein. Remember, it was Rosenstein who was considered so vital by Democrats to preserve the integrity of the Mueller investigation.

Democrats already are promising more investigations. The goal is to continue the slow-motion coup.

That coup will take place outside D.C. as well, with politically motivated prosecutors examining every aspect of Trumps’ business past looking for crimes:

“Nearly every organization Trump has run over the past decade remains under investigation by state or federal authorities, and he is mired in a variety of civil litigation.”

So Trump survived the coup, but the coup continues.

Liz Shelds: Mueller handed off the obstruction charge to the Democrats…on purpose

On the issue of obstruction of justice, the much more likely issue to cause Trump some trouble since it requires a bit more of a judgment call, Mueller purposely punted to the Democrats’ congressional circus for stage two of our national nightmare. This is not over and the continuation of the Trump sabotage can be found in the report’s assertion that it was unable to determine one way or the other if Trump tried to obstruct justice. This was entirely by design.

But AG Barr was having none of this crap and stepped in so the derp staters in the DOJ can’t leak out that Mueller didn’t clear Trump on obstruction. But now they can say Trump’s hand-picked AG made the call on obstruction. See how that works? Clever.

After reviewing the Special Counsel’s final report on these issues; consulting with Department officials, including the Office of Legal Counsel; and applying the principles of federal prosecution that guide our charging decisions, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and I have concluded that the evidence developed during the Special Counsel’s investigation is not sufficient to establish that the President committed an obstruction-of-justice offense.

I wonder what the Mueller witch hunters consider evidence of obstruction of justice?

Also, Barr made a very smart move to include the inexplicably protected and compromised Rosenstein in this conclusion. But here’s the opening for the deranged media and Democrats to pounce: Mueller didn’t absolve Trump of obstruction and Barr is a Trump appointee so his assessment can be doubted. Let’s roll.

And the democrats and their puppy dog media are all insisting on “transparency”, even though they know full-well the entirety of Mueller’s report has to be weighed against breaching national security and intelligence. But still they persist in the childish bullshit…

AoSHQ: “Adam Schiff-for-Brains and Jerrold Go-Nadler keep insisting that they have all kinds of evidence of collusion. Well, if that’s the case, boys, why did you not voluntarily hand over all your files to Mueller? And isn’t knowingly withholding this evidence considered “obstruction of justice?”

TDW: Democrats Hold Emergency Call On Mueller Report, Turn Down Classified Briefings, Plot Subpoenas

Hillary’s ever loyal henchmen get charred as they continue to push their stained-pants false narrative in the face of the truth…

Twitchy: ‘Does being this stupid come NATURALLY?’ David Corn gets HUMILIATED pushing his clickbait claiming Trump really IS busted

The biggest losers in all of this is the MSM. They dutifully pushed the false narratives/premises and spun the fake news and lies, ignored what and who exactly were at the very core of this from the start, and played the water-carriers for the Deep State that tried their damnedest to unseat Pres. Trump and negate the votes of the millions of Americans who voted him into office to do the work they want done…

Hate Inc – taibbi.substack: It’s official: Russiagate is this generation’s WMD: The Iraq war faceplant damaged the reputation of the press. Russiagate just destroyed it

Fairly long outline but worth the read time ^^^…

As has long been rumored, the former FBI chief’s independent probe will result in multiple indictments and convictions, but no “presidency-wrecking” conspiracy charges, or anything that would meet the layman’s definition of “collusion” with Russia.

With the caveat that even this news might somehow turn out to be botched, the key detail in the many stories about the end of the Mueller investigation was best expressed by the New York Times:

A senior Justice Department official said that Mr. Mueller would not recommend new indictments.

The Times tried to soften the emotional blow for the millions of Americans trained in these years to place hopes for the overturn of the Trump presidency in Mueller. Nobody even pretended it was supposed to be a fact-finding mission, instead of an act of faith.

The Special Prosecutor literally became a religious figure during the last few years, with votive candles sold in his image and Saturday Night Live cast members singing “All I Want for Christmas is You” to him featuring the rhymey line: “Mueller please come through, because the only option is a coup.”


Mueller, in other words, never stepped out of the bounds of his job description. But could the same be said for the news media?

For those anxious to keep the dream alive, the Times published its usual graphic of Trump-Russia “contacts,” inviting readers to keep making connections. But in a separate piece by Peter Baker, the paper noted the Mueller news had dire consequences for the press:

It will be a reckoning for President Trump, to be sure, but also for Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel, for Congress, for Democrats, for Republicans, for the news media and, yes, for the system as a whole…


Nothing Trump is accused of from now on by the press will be believed by huge chunks of the population, a group that (perhaps thanks to this story) is now larger than his original base…

Glenn Reynolds: Mueller report: Collusion by the news media, not Donald Trump, but don’t expect apologies

Daniel Greenfield: NY Times Op-Ed: Trump is Guilty No Matter What Mueller Report Says

Some MSM clowns want to know how to close the proverbial barn door after ripping it off the hinges…

The MSM will hopefully suffer the results of their blatantly biased agenda, and have an even lower public opinion than they had even before the 2016 election. But the bigger more important dangling reality is the Deep State operation in all of this, and the politicizing and weaponizing of federal government agencies and departments that should never be involved in such crimes as were played out on then candidate Donald Trump and anyone around him, and then a duly elected sitting POTUS…

Boston Herald: Editorial: In wake of Robert Mueller’s report, don’t celebrate — investigate

The Democrats have been saying that the truth must come to light for two years, now. Let us oblige them. The president has been dogged by this entire situation..

Was the “Russia Dossier” used to get the ball rolling? There is evidence to suggest it.

Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr and Peter Strzok should be at the center of a new probe to determine whether members of the United States intelligence services took part in an effort to compromise the duly elected president of the United States.

Democrats and the media will show little interest in such an investigation but that is of no matter. History will outlive the activists on CNN and it is our responsibility to shed light on the motives behind the machinations to undermine a duly elected president.

AT: The Metaphysics of FBI Bias

Kimberley A. Strassel: Mueller Is Done. Now Probe the Real Scandal: Americans deserve a full accounting of the missteps of Comey and the FBI.

Lots of sweaty palms on the left…


FNC: Trump dossier, Michael Flynn testimony, Michael Cohen in Prague: Stories that fell flat during Mueller probe

DC: 7 Collusion Theories That Died With The Mueller Report

IBD: FBI Officials Wanted To Charge Hillary Clinton — Turns Out, They Should Have

Actually, Bri’s missive is one in the list of bullshit narratives the MSM continue to push. Trump did not ask Russia to hack Hillary’s emails. It was open knowledge she/DNC had been hacked and she had tens of thousands of emails “missing” and unable or unwilling to turn over to the Congressional committee that demanded them. Trump was basically telling the Russians to release those emails their hackers might have possession of.

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VOTD: Michael Scott as Each of the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates

In these last couple years I have come to realize “The Office” encompasses everything in society…

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“Trump-Russia COLLUSION”: This is Going to be the Longest Most Boring HBO Original Miniseries/Movie Ever… UPDATED


Apparently Mueller likes the ‘Friday Docu-Dump’ method…


FNC: Mueller submits long-awaited Russia probe report to Justice Department

I agree.

I cannot wait to hear how many billions in taxpayer dollars were thrown at this witch hunt and the Clinton operatives pockets. Then we can all be yelling, “We could’ve built the fucking wall with that!”

Ace @ AoSHQ: “Remember, when evaluating your preferred pundits, which ones flagged this as a baseless conspiracy theory early and which have been breathlessly pushing it as the Rosetta Stone of impeachment.” … Us too!

ABC7 News: No more indictments expected in Mueller probe, ABC News reports

AG William Barr cannot investigate the perpetrators of the Russian collusion hoax without deposing those who financed the fraud. It all starts with Hillary Clinton … and the Obama administration’s obvious DOJ/FBI involvement in it all…

FNC: FBI clashed with DOJ over potential ‘bias’ of source for surveillance warrant: McCabe-Page texts

Bongino: New McCabe-Page Texts Reveal DOJ was Concerned with Potential Bias in FISA Application

^^^ He’s ‘joking’^^^ But it will be the MSM running false narrative/premise going forward. And you know that is exactly what crazy-fucks like Maxine Waters and her congressional ilk will be screaming, as well the irate MSM who banked their last 2+ years of wall-to-wall bullshit on this. But they will lean heavily on all those ‘indictments’ Mueller got … on procedural violations in testimony and 180 degree non-related crap.

Mediaite: MSNBC’s Katy Tur: Regardless of Collusion, Mueller Already Has ‘Quite a Bit’ on Trump

Trey Gowdy: Dems Like Swalwell, Schiff ‘Flipping the Burden of Proof’ on Trump-Russia Collusion

They won’t stop…

Twitchy: MSNBC now explaining how President Trump is going to ‘weaponize’ the Mueller report

The Federalist: Soros-Funded PR Shop Constructing Media Echo Chamber To Push Impeachment – The Democracy Integrity Project pumps out daily ‘research’ briefings to prominent Washington journalists, as well as congressional staffers, to keep the Russia ‘collusion’ narrative alive.

I just hope I live long enough for the truth about this attempted coup d’état against a duly elected sitting POTUS to come out. It has to burn the traitors Hillary, McCabe, Brennan, Strozk, Page, Comey and the rest of the crew, and DNC leadership, for putting Pres. Trump and the whole country through 3 years of Hillary’s and the MSM’s election loss temper tantrum. Oh, and John McCain…

JW: Judicial Watch Obtains IRS Documents Revealing McCain’s Subcommittee Staff Director Urged IRS to Engage in “Financially Ruinous” Targeting

Glenn Reynolds:

I REMEMBER WHEN THEY TOLD US HE WAS A RACIST WARMONGER LIKE HITLER: Ignore the liberals who defend John McCain. They’d spit on his grave, too. The left’s have-you-no-decency schtick has worn pretty thin, given the strong evidence that it itself has none.

FNC: Clinton, in newly revealed emails, discussed classified foreign policy matters, secretive ‘private’ comms channel with Israel

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Yes, The Democrat-Socialist Party Has Officially Become The Anti-Semitic Party

“Oh, the Jews will vote for us anyway…”
Really? You think, dem-socialists? I mean, y’all tried that with ‘white males’ and the working middle class in the 2016 election and you see how that worked out for you. And it is safe to say that these last nearly three years of you ilk’s demonizing and identity politicking against ‘white males’, ‘the patriarchy’, ‘white privilege’ (which breaks down into the working/middle class), and even women who refused to vote for Hillary in 2016 and voted for Trump will have the bulk of those voters returning to vote for Trump’s second term in office. Now the Jews, huh?

The democrat-socialist party is quickly trying to out-Labour the Labour party.

FNC: Far-left MoveOn.org asks 2020 presidential candidates to skip pro-Israel AIPAC conference

And they jump…

WE: 2020 Democrats to skip AIPAC

Twitchy: Surprise: Democratic candidates ‘dropping like flies’ from this year’s AIPAC conference


Well, they pretty much already have their collective toe-in-the-water on that, but it appears to be causing an even bigger divide in the establishment party…

TDW: UH-OH: Pro-Israel House Dems Will Introduce A Measure Condemning The BDS Movement

And the obvious leader of the anti-Semitic/anti-Israel faction of the democrat party is the freshman Congresswoman from this nations leading area in terrorist recruitment…

TDW: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Unloads On Ilhan Omar Over Her Anti-Semitic Comments (VIDEO)


FNC: Trump support of Golan Heights sovereignty and Netanyahu visit continue US special relationship with Israel

And New Zealand is pandering, appeasing, and submitting…

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Weekend Reads: Oh, Yeah … It’s On!

Primo democrat-socialist voter base…

Study Finds: Stunning Survey Shows Half Of Americans Don’t Know All First Amendment Freedoms – New research shows that while many Americans fear the First Amendment is under threat, three quarters don’t even know how many amendments make up the Bill of Rights.

Remember, if the Electoral College is abolished Chicago is one of a small few areas that would be dictating our elections/policies/federal government power…

The Guardian: Chicago’s Democratic socialists on brink of transforming city’s politics: Six Democratic socialists may join city council this year, reflecting the progressive momentum in national politics

Can we get our tax dollars back from their pockets…

PJM: Top Prosecutors Leave Mueller Team After GOP Reps Complain to AG Barr

Legislating and governing with your own knee in your face…

FNC: A closer look at New Zealand’s new weapons ban

Post Millennial: Major New Zealand bookstore bans Jordan Peterson’s book in shocking act of censorship

MSN: A solar storm heading to Earth is expected to bring northern lights

WUWT: Huge new sunspot may hurl flares towards Earth

c|net: NASA telescope spots a cosmic ‘cannonball’ hurtling through space

(HT: the boss’s son for the meme idea)

CNBC: Read the memo Disney CEO Bob Iger sent to employees after closing the $71 billion Fox deal

c|net: NASA’s Mars rover Opportunity leaves us with one final, glorious panorama – The dearly departed rover delivers an epic view of Perseverance Valley before being engulfed by a dust storm.

It’s a 21st century “Ball of Confusion”, for sure…

Reason: Remy: Affluenflammation (Red Hot Chili Peppers Parody): When quality of life improved, doctors discovered a new affliction.

No capes…

Mark Steyn: Batman at Eighty

Oh, Hellz yeah! I want one of these damn things as soon as they’re ready…

UPI: Scientists devise method for levitating, propelling objects with light

Not all heroes wear capes:

What could go wrong…

Tech Xplore: Robots enable bees and fish to talk to each other

Have a great weekend…

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News Feed: Pussy-Footing Around

Some news links to exercise your mouse click-finger on…

Keep in mind we have the lowest unemployment rate(s) on all demographic levels than we’ve had in a very long time. And the economy is booming and growing daily, including a great environment for new and expanding businesses. However, according to Kristen, it is something you desperately need to end and change by voting for her…

WashTimes: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: I’m running ‘because of what Donald Trump has done to this country’

I have tried to imagine Kristen and Beto on a democrat ticket together. But I think that might be just way too much daftness even for the shithead dem-socialists to handle…

Ed Driscoll @ Instapundit:


Peak 2020: Beto Once Presented a “Verdant Turd” to His Wife as an Avocado.
Beto O’Rourke ate dirt after losing to Ted Cruz.
Baristas to Beto: Get off the countertops.I’m hope you’re sitting down for this last item:
O’Rourke rocked by major scandal: He once supported basic fiscal responsibility.

If 2016 was any indication, that’s the one that will doom O’Rourke among Democrat voters.

NO – the money – IS NOT – staying here and adding to our economy, and they’re typically paid in cash so – NO – they’re NOT paying taxes on any level. Anyone who is pro-illegal aliens is lying when they tell you they are…

DC: Central American Migrants Are Sending Billions Back To Their Home Countries

No shit…

PJM: Poll: TV Viewers Are Tired of Saturday Night Live’s Political Obsession

Che … STILL D.E.A.D. …

Humberto Fontova: The UN Honors Che Guevara—Yet Again: Bowing to a mass murderer.

Abortion is murder…

Twitchy: ‘Must read’: Next time a pro-abort argues that unborn babies don’t feel pain, show them this thread

Woman who was smallest baby in Texas now works at the NICU that saved her life

The baby butcher speaks…

DC: EXCLUSIVE: Imprisoned Abortionist Gosnell Has Doubts About Spread Of Democrats’ Third-Trimester Abortion Laws

I’m sorry but Sen. John McCain’s death does not remove his guilt concerning the Trump dossier and his attempts to interfere with a presidential election that he left behind, and it must be addressed. McCain, to his grave and wvwn now apparently, was/is the leftist MSM’s flunky/stooge/tool. This is not ‘pissing on his grave’. There is a lingering very important issue in John McCain’s involvement in trying to sabotage Trump’s campaign and presidency…

Liz Sheld: When is it time to have a national conversation about John McCain?

The media elites and Republican establishment are in a tizzy because President Trump continues to hit one of their political sacred cows: John McCain. These clowns loved John McCain because he was a “moderate,” he actively pursued the holy globalist agenda and could always be counted on to publicly knee-cap the “deplorables” and the hateful tea party-types. There was a brief time, during McCain’s presidential campaign, when he fell out of favor and the cool kids called him all the names they call us, sexist/racist etc., but all was good when Obama was safely in office. He was back at the popular kids table in the lunch room.

Recently, information has surfaced that McCain was an active participant in the coup against Trump. McCain and his associates were actively circulating a compilation of gossip and RUSSIAN-generated disinformation, alleging Trump and some of his associates were compromised and working for the RUSSIANS. McCain was promoting the idea that Trump was committing espionage. ESPIONAGE. This was after Trump won the election. He was the president-elect. McCain was trying to overthrow the president.

Now, these media and establishment conspiracy theorists have the vapors because Trump is a little pissed off and is fighting back. Can you blame him? We are scolded that we are not to speak ill of the dead. Since when? Less than two weeks ago, AOC (Chiquita Kruschev) called Ronald Reagan a racist. I didn’t hear a peep about not speaking ill of the dead after that, did you?

“A perfect example of how special interests and the powerful have pitted white working class Americans against brown and black working class Americans is Reaganism in the ’80s when he started talking about welfare queens,” Ocasio-Cortez said in Austin, Texas. (The welfare queen he was talking about was white, but whatever.)

Why are people being shushed and bullied out of talking about McCain’s actions? I’m not denigrating his service to his country but does that give him a free pass on anything else he has ever done that influences our political industry?

Amen, Liz. But don’t you love how the lefty Regan kids rear their irrelevant heads at times like these to speak for their father…

Ricochet: Who Speaks for the Dead?

When is it safe to speak for the dead? And exactly who gets to do it?

Patti Davis, who was never on the same page as her late father, Ronald Reagan, made a pronouncement the other day on how her father would have felt about Donald Trump. Ron, Jr. has done the same in the past and his eldest son, Michael, has chimed in, too.

Of the three, Michael is more politically aligned with his father. But even then, Ronald Reagan’s world basically ended in November of 1994 when he announced that Alzheimer’s had begun to ravish his mind. Saying he would be appalled at Trump’s crassness is one thing, of course, saying that he would endorse certain policy views is another…

FNC: Even liberal dino-journo Ted Koppel says the liberal media is biased against Trump

Doesn’t take 20/20 eyesight to see what the Hell is going on with the democrat-socialist party and where they fully-intend to drag us…

Sean Hannity: Radical, Socialist 2020 Dems want to centralize power and control our lives

TDS: No, the Electoral College Is Not a ‘Shadow of Slavery’s Power’

For awhile now I have been relating the left’s disdain and loathing of the ‘red states’/Midwest voters to the elitists in the posh Capital City who lookdown so much on the serf class living in the ‘Districts’ who bust their asses and starve while providing everything to the Capital to keep the government and its elite class in food and comfort. Others are now seeing that exact formula. But how far off are we from those deadly ‘hunger games’…

Chicago Trib: Democrats want end to Electoral College. Is it idiocracy or a rush to the ‘Hunger Games’

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Can’t Win Without Gaming the Constitution

Explain it to the dodo-masses, fellas…

This is exactly why we have the Electoral College in our presidential elections, and not the disastrous ‘popular vote’, i.e., mob rule. THESE people would be dictating policies, laws, and government power to the rest of our nation (HT: AoSHQ for the picture)…

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