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“Trump is trolling them with competence…”


“Feminist journalist” Jill Filipovic, who writes for Cosmopolitan, says our days of having “fun sex” will be gone under Donald Trump (Some suggest Jill try getting on top, eh-hemmm). Anyhow, but Jill, under Obama millennials are having less sex than their parents did at their age anyway. Obviously their ‘fun’ was killed long before Trump came onto the scene. This, of course, is the latest liberal/leftist warning to come down the panic track for the sore losers. Just more white noise since their gal Hillz crashed and burned.

And Saturday former VP Dick Cheney told CNN’s Barbara Starr, “I think one of the reasons people get so concerned about the tweets is it is sort of a way around the press. He doesn’t have to rely upon, uh, rely upon — this is the modern era, modern technology. He’s at the point where we don’t need you guys anymore.”


Kurt Schlichter @ Townhall agrees:

Trolling is a true pleasure to watch when a master is at work, and no one – no one – trolls like the man Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds has dubbed the “Grandmaster,” our President-elect Donald Trump. Hell, even his title is a troll. President-elect Donald Trump – just having to say it makes pointy progressive heads explode.But look on the bright side, suckers. This time come January, you won’t have to call him “President-elect” anymore. Because then it will be President Donald Trump.

Cue the giant sad trombone.

Look, I had some serious beefs with Trump during the primaries, and I committed to vote for him only because the choice was either him or Harpy O’Smarmalot, and I couldn’t listen to that shrill harridan yapping at me for four years while she turned America into Venezuela North. But I have to hand it to The Donald. He’s doing great so far, and it’s just killing the liberals. Which makes it even greater.

Trump is trolling them with competence.

Transition chaos? Oh please. The new crew is functioning remarkably well, despite the media spazzathon. And it’s always fun to get an organizational critique from the apoplectic liberal media whineatariat, whose sole organizational experience consists of gathering up the usual scruff-bearded femboys and scruff-bearded womyn and marching over to the dean’s office to demand that the campus wrestling team stop liking girls.


Trump is trolling them by keeping his promises.


And Trump is trolling the liberals by tweeting.

Kellyanne Conway is never going to take away his iPhone, never. Why? Because he is a master of using it to set the agenda for the liberals and their pet media and then watching them dance for his amusement. Take his flag burning tweet. Pure genius.

Oh, not the substance – that was a terrible and clearly unconstitutional idea. But it is also a popular idea. A number of people I greatly respect support flag burning laws, and so does Hillary Clinton. Remember how she co-sponsored some silly Flag Protection Act in 2005? You remember 2005, don’t you? It was when Senator Principle was just turning against the troops she had voted to send to Iraq and when she still believed marriage was between a man and a woman. You know, the opposite of Trump’s positions.

Trump has to be rolling with laughter to seeing liberals maneuvered into awkwardly defending free speech, since they despise the concept. My new novel shows a world where liberals control the conversation, and the result is a monologue. Guess who gets to do all the talking? Hint: not us.

But who needs fiction when we have the last few months showing us what liberals really think about free speech. A key plank in the Democratic platform was to amend the Constitution to make it possible to throw people in jail for criticizing politicians. Liberal university adminofacists censor speakers and persecute dissident students. Just a few days ago, most key liberals could barely contain their griefgasm at the descent into hell of their most beloved role model, noted dissentaphobe Fidel Castro – beloved mostly for his silencing of his opponents. And this was after a year when anybody criticizing scumbag Democratic surrogates for rioting was labeled an irredeemable deplorable who ought to shut up. One half-wit even applauded the idea of Trump being banned from speaking on Twitter in the interest of – wait for it – free speech. Seems someone rode his old-timey bike down to the San Francisco farmer’s market and loaded up on some locally sourced irony.

Yet, because of Trump’s cunning ploy, the liberals went out to a dubious America and effectively announced that if you ignite Old Glory they consider you America’s greatest hero. The thing is that Trump understands that most Americans approve of flag burning laws, because most Americans aren’t either Constitutional conservative purists like me, or bubble-dwelling progressive jerks who hate America and actually love the idea of burning the flag. So basically, Trump got these rodents to squeak about how it’s A-OK for their fellow travelers to diss the symbol of the Glorious Dead after normalizing the idea that those who disagree with you should be gagged. Smooth move, dummies. How do you like the new rules now?

Trump is one giant troll of liberalism, from his attitude to his actions to his total defeat of the Evil Schoolmarm. And the best thing is that he knows it. Never change, Mr. President-elect – keep on trolling like a boss.


This Media Matters researcher’s ‘takeaway’ from 2016 might as well be an Onion headline

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Some Students Awakened to Reality by The Ohio State Terrorist Attack


At the time of the recent terrorist attack in Columbus, Ohio on the campus of The Ohio State University my Stepmom contacted all of us by text that my Stepbrother Dan had heard from his son Danny and his girlfriend, students at OSU, and they were safe. I learned last night that my nephew was about 15 feet away from the attack. Danny saw the terrorist plowing over people on the sidewalk. He saw him jump out of the car with a knife. Danny turned and ran for the cover of the building. He heard gun shots and kept going. Moments later, when it had fallen quiet, he inched out for a look and saw the attacker lying on the ground.

I am not familiar with my nephew’s thoughts on politics and radical Islam. I do know that he was obviously shaken to the core of his mortality from this horrific experience. I ponder if he might not have any real thoughts on the subjects of Islam and “refugee” immigration, he may have some now.

An Ohio State student named Mackenzie called into Sean Hannity’s radio show Dec. 1 to voice her frustration over how campus leadership responded to President Donald Trump’s election compared to how it responded to the recent terrorism-inspired rampage on campus.

The person responsible for the car-and-knife attack at Ohio State University on Monday that left nearly a dozen hospitalized is 18-year-old student Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a Somali refugee and lawful permanent resident of the U.S. He was shot and killed by a campus police officer.

“After this terrorist attack I’ve truly learned that the left is more scared of conservatism and Trump and Republicans than they are of ISIS and terrorists,” Mackenzie told Hannity. “Because after this terror attack I haven’t heard anything about, you know, ‘We’re praying for the victims’ or this and that. I’ve heard things about how we need to understand Islam, the vibrant Somali community we have here, how we need to embrace them even though this is the third attack by a Somali in the last year here in Columbus, and all this stuff about, you know, Muslim sensitivity.”

“That’s all they care about,” she continued, “and they are more scared of the Right and Trump than they are of this terrorist attack that just happened on our campus. It’s sickening to me because I feel like they are gambling with my life in order to reach this multiculturalism lie that they worship in all of my classes — and it’s crazy.”

Compare that with the hysterical reaction on campus after Trump was elected.

“After the election, my professors went crazy,” Mackenzie said. “I remember calling my mom and saying ‘You would think Hitler just got elected and massacred half the country.’ It was ridiculous. Trump was called a Nazi, a rapist, a white supremacist, one of my professors actually said we should be terrified because Mike Pence believes women don’t have the right to exist, or deserve to exist is actually what she said. People were crying, my classes were canceled, massive protests on campus … emails from professors about staying strong and how we are all going to lose our rights but it’s going to be OK. And it was crazy. I just couldn’t believe it.”

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POTD: A Complete Failure Even in Death


As Cubans lined the road for an official parading of the finally dead commie dictator Fidel Castro’s remains the vehicle dragging his evil ass ashes apparently ran out of gas and had to be pushed.

No better visual commentary on the abject failure of Castro and communism, especially in Cuba.

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VOTD: The Real Purveyors of “Fake News”

Giving Tucker Carlson the 7:00 hour (formerly Greta’s and then Brit Hume’s during the election) was a killer-coup for the slippery-sliding viewership of FNC, many people now saying Carlson’s hour is the only thing they’re watching/DVRing on the cable news network. Hell, if Megyn Kelly decides to jump ship for CNN I’m not alone in saying give the 9:00 slot to Tucker Carlson.

Anyhow, more background on Newsweek’s “fake news” @ HotAir: Fake news update: Newsweek never read their own “Madam President” issue

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PEOTUS Trump’s Choice for Defense Secretary: “The Closest Thing We Have to Gen. George Patton, and It’s About Time…”

Gen. Mattis’s long and hard experience in U.S. Military leadership is undeniable, and he will keep this nation’s national security and the lives and well-being of our troops as his primary focus…

Gen. Ralph Peters: What our nation would get with Gen. Mattis as Defense Secretary

I’m lucky enough to know General James Mattis slightly. Just well enough to trust him unreservedly with our military and our nation’s security.

The president-elect could not choose a better man to be our next Secretary of Defense. Not just because Mattis is a battle-hardened Marine with a remarkable combat record. And not just because he has a mind of remarkable clarity and is, without question, the best-read general of his generation.

I trust Jim Mattis because he’s a man of character, that most un-Washingtonian quality. His public image is of one rough-and-tough Marine, but the man I’ve encountered is, above all, one of integrity. His code of honor is so out of fashion that one has to reach back to a Victorian vocabulary:  He has a noble spirit.


In addition to plenty of dirty-boots experience in the Middle East and a deep knowledge of history—that most underrated study—Jim Mattis has another great qualification to be SecDef: He wasn’t looking for a job. He was happy in retirement, studying, helping his fellow Marines, and contributing thoughtfully to our national security behind the scenes.

The last time I heard from him—a bit before the election—he mentioned, not for the first time, that he was glad to be west of the Rockies. A Washington, D.C. post was not part of the plan; rather, he thought of farming in rural Washington State.

This matters. In an age of sycophants and clawing ambition, it’s a splendid prospect to have a classic patriot who’s willing to sacrifice to serve (as Jim Mattis already has for four decades in uniform).

Stanton S. Coerr: I Served With James Mattis. Here’s What I Learned From Him: To Marines, Gen. James Mattis is the finest of our tribal elders. The rest of the world, very soon, will know how truly gifted he is.

America knows Gen. James Mattis as a character, Mad Dog Mattis, the font of funny quotes and Chuck Norris-caliber memes. Those of us who served with him know that he is a caring, erudite, warfighting general. We also know that there is a reason he uses the call-sign Chaos: he is a lifelong student of his profession, a devotee of maneuver warfare and Sun Tzu, the sort of guy who wants to win without fighting—to cause chaos among those he would oppose.

To Marines, he is the finest of our tribal elders. The rest of the world, very soon, will know how truly gifted he is. Our friends and allies will be happy he is our new secretary of war; our enemies will soon wish he weren’t.



“The first time you blow someone away is not an insignificant event. That said, there are some assholes in the world that just need to be shot.”

“I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.”

The Best From ‘Mad Dog Mattis’: 16 best quotes from the retiring Gen. James Mattisgen-mattis

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POTD: Real Heroes Don’t Wear Capes


Exhausted firefighters battling blazes in Gatlinburg Tennessee take a little time to recharge before heading out for the next battle.


Recovery begins as rains help put out Tennessee wildfires that killed 7

Dolly Parton starts fund for families affected by Tennessee fires

VIDEO: Stepbrothers Film Harrowing Escape from TN Fire

Photo Gallery: Downtown Gatlinburg after the fire

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Just Don’t Call It a Terrorist Attack


In the last year ISIS has sent out the word/instructions to its many cells across the globe, especially in the West, to use vehicles and knives to carry out random attacks in the USA and abroad. That was obeyed today on the campus of The Ohio State University as a Somali ‘refugee’ student plowed his vehicle into pedestrians on an OSU sidewalk, and then jumped out of the vehicle to begin stabbing anyone he could reach with a butcher’s knife. He was stopped when an OSU campus police officer shot him dead. The terrorist’s motive was “not enough Muslim prayer rooms” on campus.”

Aside from the KIA terrorist thug nine people where sent to area hospitals. The university was on lock down for hours until the situation had been brought under control.

Suspect Identified in Ohio State Attack as Abdul Razaq Ali Artan

But will nobody stand up and call it what it is, or are we going to once again listen to the politicians and media insist we are not seeing what we think we’re seeing?

FLASHBACK: 3 OSU Students Accused Of Joining Islamic State In May…

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