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80 Years Later: The Day That Continues To Live In Infamy

And today’s #WOKE history revisionists now fictionalize for their agenda. VDH hits back…

Victor Davis Hanson: Misremembering Pearl Harbor: The tactically brilliant but strategically crazy attack on Pearl Harbor unleashed incalculable furor against a once sophisticated Japanese empire, which foolishly attacked the United States at peace.

Most Americans once were mostly in agreement about what happened on December 7, 1941, 80 years ago this year. But not so much now, given either the neglect of America’s past in the schools or woke revisionism at odds with the truth.

The Pacific war that followed Pearl Harbor was not a result of America egging on the Japanese, not about starting a race war, and not about much other than a confident and cruel Japanese empire falsely assuming that its stronger American rival either would not or could not stop its transoceanic ambitions…

Most Americans once were mostly in agreement about what happened on December 7, 1941, 80 years ago this year. But not so much now, given either the neglect of America’s past in the schools or woke revisionism at odds with the truth.

The Pacific war that followed Pearl Harbor was not a result of America egging on the Japanese, not about starting a race war, and not about much other than a confident and cruel Japanese empire falsely assuming that its stronger American rival either would not or could not stop its transoceanic ambitions…

In truth, Western powers had appeased and sold the Japanese war machine all that it required for much of the 1930s. If racism played any role in the increasing tensions, it was mostly the Japanese assumption that its rich, industrialized nation was a natural reflection of innate racial superiority. If Japan chauvinistically exaggerated its power, the allies in turn downplayed the Japanese threat on their own racialist assumptions that any emulator of Western military technology, industrialization, and military organization could never match their creators.

In more realist terms, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor because it could. Its fleet was larger than the American Pacific 7th fleet (though not by any means the entire U.S. Navy). And in many categories of fighter aircraft, torpedoes, and ships, the Japanese Imperial Navy in late 1941 was temporarily superior to that of the Americans…

Please read in full.

Maureen Mackey: Pearl Harbor’s 80th anniversary: Veterans share why America must ‘unite’ today: Fox News Digital reveals the insights of former military members about the attack against America 8 decades ago

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Tuesday Newsfeed: Heavy is The Crown Upon The Holiday Queen’s Head…

Yeah! That’s right! Uh-huh! I made three batches of Christmas cookies all day yesterday, and still have two more to go today. They are the more complicated ones, cut-out, ice and decorate sugar cookies and some chocolate-dipped whatnots. I was going to order a couple of dozen others from the wife of my hubby’s co-worker, but re-thinking that as our family has drifted away from cookies and sweets, and it’s a bit of a waste and/or waist, if you get my snow drift. But I shall be making the proverbial ‘cookie plate(s)’ to bestow upon visits to other people’s homes. Then it’s their waist-full problem. Heh!

And this just in… Middle daughter and her husband are coming Sunday to help drag up the tree and decorations from the dungeon– er, basement, and “deck the halls”!!!! Yes!

Anyhow, some news items I’m coming across this morning…


NYPost: Ham, pepperoni products recalled across US over possible listeria contamination … Maybe check that ham, and other meaty-bits, you recently purchased and stuck in the fridge/freezer for Christmas weekend, huh? The USDA’s current list.

Other News:

As if we don’t have enough to worry about already with cargo ships stranded on off the California coast and kids not getting their latest overpriced tech toys, and some cargo ships now choosing to pull-up anchor to head to better off-loading areas in, say, Florida:

This next one sounds crazy, right?? Really? Well, yeah … Just two years ago so did a global pandemic of a China CCP-run lab designed weaponized virus not only killing millions around the world but radically disrupting and ruining countries’ economies and societies for the worse with no end insight…

The Sun: HIDDEN STRIKE China feared to be hiding missiles in shipping containers for Trojan Horse-style plan to launch attack ANYWHERE in world

CHINA has been secretly developing Trojan Horse-style missiles hidden in shipping containers that can be unleashed on enemy ports, experts warn.

Military analysts believe the country’s huge fleet of freighters and fishing vessels could be turned into warships with the use of the secretive container missiles.

Disguised as a regular shipping containers, they can be sneaked on board a vessel to blend in seamlessly with the hundreds of others on board.

The sheer number of container ships in the world makes them harder to pinpoint than warships in the event of war.

Like the fabled Trojan Horse, the missiles would be quietly smuggled into or near an enemy port on a civilian vessel before being unleashed in a surprise attack.

Andrea Widburg: The Sun has made a scary claim about China’s container ships


Thomas Barrabi: Biden-Putin call: Analysts say US president may still have a chance to derail Ukraine invasion: Threat of an invasion will be the central subject of Biden video call with Putin Tuesday … Oh, sure.

Liz Sheld: Morning Greatness: Biden to Warn Putin Against Ukraine Invasion … Hope Vlad doesn’t pull an ab-muscle when he breaks-out into a belly laugh.

VIDEO: Kayleigh McEnany casts doubt on Biden’s ‘capabilities’ on world stage ahead of call with Vladimir Putin

Caroline Glick: China and Russia Race Ahead of America: America twiddles its thumbs while its enemies develop anti-satellite capabilities and hypersonic missiles … I remember growing up during the Cold War and being told China and USSR hated each other. Now they’re obviously winging that whole ‘the enemy of my enemy’ thing against our #WOKE crippled nation.

Biden’s Not Failing, His Propagandist MSM is Failing … Failing Him:

Twitchy: ‘Hey YO, this is ACTUAL state-run media’: Oliver Darcy admitting media are working with the WH to ‘reshape economic coverage’ does NOT go well

Twitchy: Nate Silver explains why Dana Milbank’s analysis of Biden’s media coverage is ‘complete crap’


Joan Sammon: Higher Prices? Ho Ho Ho, Yes: It will take a lot more than a press conference and a paltry 50 million barrels of oil to repair the economic damage brought upon America by this administration’s policies

GOP Moves:

Ronn Blitzer , Andrew Murray: Former WH chief of staff Mark Meadows will cease cooperation with Jan. 6 committee: The former Trump administration official had previously been working with the committee

Matt Margolis: Devin Nunes to Retire, Will Run Trump’s New Media Company

Jon Brown , Andrew Murray: Hawley says Biden administration cares more about ‘gender issues’ than national security: Hawley believes America’s enemies are ’emboldened’ by country’s culture war

Dem BMs:

A.J. Kaufman: Vulnerable House Democrats Finally Decide to Focus on Policy over Trump

Stephen Kruiser: The Morning Briefing: Democrats’ Unhinged Trump Hatred Isn’t Really Working Out Well for Them

Stephen Green: RUN AWAY! Democrats Fleeing Biden’s Sinking Ship

Emma Colton: STUNNING SILENCE – AOC’s smash-and-grab denial met by Democrat silence in California as crimewave rages on: California state, federal politicians silent after AOC doubts existence of smash-and-grab robberies. Republicans have spoken out about Ocasio-Cortez’s comments downplaying smash-and-grab crimes while Democrats in California remain silent

2 + 2 = Duh-h-h-h:

Leslie Eastman: Over 500 STEM Professionals Sign Open Letter Challenging the Gutting of US K-12 Math Education: Many signers are left-supporting professors, who are now beginning taste the toxicity of the fruits of the Woke Tree. … D’oh! Duh! DERP!

Jessica Chasmar: California’s proposed woke math curriculum alarms mathematicians, scientists: Mathematicians slam California ‘experiment’ as ‘height of irresponsibility’

BONUS: And you thought you had holiday problems?

Twitchy: Blue-check and her 10-year-old are SUPER bothered by new Christmas movies ignoring COVID and showing people living normal, happy lives

Kevin Downey, Jr: Santa Gets a Pistol Permit. Liberals Go Nuts.

NBC4 NYC: NYC Bagel Shops Suffer Cream Cheese Shortage As Supply Chain Issues Continue: Report

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December 7, 1941

“Air Raid on Pearl Harbor. This is not a drill.”

Eighty years ago today, the United States (officially) entered the largest conflict ever fought on planet Earth. Japanese air and naval forces attacked the United States naval installation at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and almost destroyed the US fleet. By a stroke of luck (or intent) our carriers escaped the fate of eight battleships, three light cruisers, three destroyers and one hundred sixty one airplanes. Fifty seven civilians and two thousand three hundred forty five service men and women lost their lives. It is our duty as Americans to never forget the sacrifice made by our fellow Americans on that day — and the days and months and years that followed. We prevailed against Japan (and Germany) but at an enormous cost. Thank you all.

From one of my favorite magazines comes this:

[…] “Remember Pearl Harbor” became the mantra — the nation’s call to arms and action. For the young men of that generation, it was irresistible. Their country faced a difficult job and the responsibility fell to them to get it done. They felt a sincere sense of duty. They felt honor-bound to serve — to get into the fight and deliver the victory that Roosevelt prophetically declared. In the days and weeks after the attack, hundreds of thousands of patriotic American men enlisted in the armed forces. The volunteer surge was so great that enlistments had to be limited to preserve the industrial workforce.

One of those young Pearl Harbor volunteers I knew personally — Joe Roediger. I knew Joe when he was an old man. After church on Sunday, we would have breakfast together. The day after Pearl Harbor, Joe went with his brother to the recruiting station. The line stretched around the block. Alas, Joe failed the entrance physical because he was color blind. Undeterred, he returned the next day, again with his brother, and this time was classified fit for military service. Joe had not overnight gained color vision, but he had devised hand signals that his brother flashed to him to pass the eye exam. With a gleam in his eye, Joe described how the Navy doctor approving his paperwork recognized him from the day before: “Son, I think you’re probably just as color blind today as you were yesterday, but if you want to join the Marines that bad, I won’t stop you.” It’s a humorous anecdote but representative: Joe, his brother, and those Pearl Harbor volunteers indeed wanted to serve “that bad”; their patriotism was such that the thought of not serving never occurred to them.

This all brings me back to Patrick and the lesson he represents. 9/11 was his generation’s Pearl Harbor — an “unprovoked and dastardly” surprise attack in which 2,996 of his fellow citizens were murdered and for which his country went to war to avenge the treachery and bring the perpetrators to justice. And yet, in stark contrast to Joe, the thought of serving never occurred to Patrick — no patriotic ethos stirred his soul to action, no spirit of civic duty or sense of honor rattled his conscience. He was content to thank others for their service while he prospered in his career in Silicon Valley. […]


Monday Newsfeed: “ We’re gonna press on, and we’re gonna have the hap, hap, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny f***ing Kaye!!!”

Less than 20 days until the holiday weekend. Yesterday evening my oldest daughter and her family sorta-kinda did their version of the “Christmas Vacation” Griswold family’s Christmas tree hunt and cut, but in the dark. Thankfully they did have a saw to cut it. However, with only the family members’ cellphone flashlights to illuminate the hunt I can say that there is definitely a side of the tree deserving of that facing the wall. I should talk, huh? I’ve yet to drag our fake tree box up from the basement. Heh! But I do have four batches of different cookie doughs made and now warming a bit on the kitchen counter from the fridge so I can bake them today. Yeah, I’m trying. Fa-La-Lala-Laaaaah!

Onto the news hits…

Kamala apparently has a really bad case of “The Cooties”

Four staffers have bugged-out in the last two weeks…

Houston Keene: Kamala Harris’ staffers leaving White House in part because they fear being labeled ‘Harris person’: Staff departures add to VP’s problems, including bad poll numbers

Kyle Morris: Symone Sanders, a top Kamala Harris adviser, resigning amid signs of VP office disarray: Sanders is the second top Harris aide whose resignation has been announced in the last two weeks

Emma Colton: More Kamala Harris aides reportedly ‘eyeing the exits’ as resignations stack up

Mike LaChance: Staffers Deserting ‘Sinking Ship’ Kamala Harris: “One of the things we’ve said in our little text groups among each other is what is the common denominator through all this and it’s her”

Stephen Kruiser: The Morning Briefing: Even the Partisan Hack MSM Is Souring on Kamala Harris

Twitchy: ‘Blink three times if you’re in danger’: Kamala Harris staffer tweets creepy photo to prove he loves his job

The Squad squids ‘ink’ themselves:

Jessica Chasmar: Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., apologizes to Muslim community after Ilhan Omar comments: ‘I have reached out to her’: ‘There are plenty of policy differences to focus on without this unnecessary distraction,’ Boebert said

Boebert sparked criticism over Thanksgiving after she was filmed telling supporters in Colorado that she recently had a run-in with Omar in a Capitol building elevator. She said as she was getting in the elevator with a staffer when she saw a Capitol police officer running toward them “with fret all over his face” in an effort to stop the elevator door from closing.

“I look to my left and there she is: Ilhan Omar. And I said, ‘Well, she doesn’t have a backpack. We should be fine,’” Boebert said, sparking cheers. “I looked over and I said, ‘Oh look, the jihad squad decided to show up for work today.’

“Don’t worry, it’s just her staffers on Twitter that talk for her. She’s not tough in person,” she added…

You know, after these last couple of years of hearing Omar’s very public anti-Semetic and anti-“white” and anti-republican, anti-Trump smears, I really don’t think pointing out her offenses as “whataboutism”. Either all the Congress-critters abide by politeness or just STFU when they get nastiness hurled at them in return.

Cameron Cawthorne: Omar on stripping Boebert’s committee assignments: ‘very confident’ Pelosi will hold vote ‘next week’: Rep. Omar says Congress should ‘punish and sanction’ Boebert … Yeah, please do open that particular can-of-maggots, Nancy, considering there is a growing very good chance the GOP takes over the House majority and its leadership in the November 2021 elections they can then strip Omar and other Squad squids of their committee seatings for far worse past (and ongoing) offensive “words” and actions.

DM: Kevin McCarthy WON’T condemn Lauren Boebert for her Ilhan Omar suicide bombe jokes because nobody apologized to him when AOC said he was running the ‘KKK caucus’ and Omar said his support for Israel is ‘all about the Benjamins’

Jon Brown: AOC slams ‘Ku Klux Klan caucus’ within the House GOP: Ocasio-Cortez’s comments come amid dispute between Reps. Ilhan Omar and Lauren Boebert

Matt Margolis: Republicans Take Note: Never Apologize to the Left: “Ilhan Omar recently called Boebert ‘an insurrectionist who sleeps with a pervert.’ Omar, who reportedly married her brother and had an affair with a staffer, obviously knows how to dish it.”

Hannah Grossman: Human rights lawyer: Ilhan Omar part of ‘systemic’ anti-Semitism, a ‘civil rights issue of epic proportions’ – Brooke Goldstein said, ‘It is really important to focus on the rise of Jew-hatred because it is a symptom of further radicalization in the community at large

This is another demo-commie that needs to check herself considering her past BS…

Yahoo News: Rep. Pramila Jayapal on calls for Boebert to be stripped of her committee assignments

Meanwhile, AOC continues to display her inability to be honest, let alone ‘sane’…

VIDEO: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez denies existence of smash-and-grab robberies amid crime surge

John Rigolizzo: Republicans, Business Leaders Slam AOC For ‘Tone-Deaf’ Remark About Smash-And-Grab Robberies

VIDEO: NY Democrat rips AOC’s denial of rise in smash-and-grab robberies: ‘She’s a danger’

Liz Peek: Progressive policies that permit rising crime must be stopped – voters in these cities say, ‘Enough!’ – Policies to reduce what Democrats call ‘mass incarceration’ are largely promulgated on a lie

The end of The Cuomo Brothers Comedy Hour as CNN cans Chris Cuomo:

Ryan Saavedra: New Details Emerge About Why CNN Fired Chris Cuomo: Reports … Apparently the younger Cuomo has some “serious sexual misconduct” complaints of his seeping out now amid his corrupt ass-covering for his big brother’s offenses.

Bradford Betz: CNN faces potential onslaught of lawsuits with top moneymaker Chris Cuomo fired: Another woman’s sexual harassment accusation became known shortly after CNN fired Cuomo Saturday night

Just a couple of other Chris Cuomo clap-trap-crap, on top of his “brotherly love’ cover-up:

Covers his brothers penis but doesn’t believe anybody else should be made to cover-up theirs in front of your kids…

WFB (2/24/17): CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Girls Not Wanting to See Male Genitalia in Locker Room: Parents Should ‘Teach Tolerance’

Chris Cuomo loves him some antifa punks…

FNC (4/30/19): CNN’s Cuomo forced to explain Antifa comment during interview

MRCTV (8/14/18): CNN’s Chris Cuomo Compares Antifa to Civil Rights Activists and Combat Soldiers

Chris Cuomo’s involvement in the Trump-Russia hoax and his own COVID hoax…

BPR (4-2-20): CNN’s Chris Cuomo perpetuates debunked Trump ‘hoax’ claim as he describes coronavirus symptoms

Miranda Devine: Laughs have run out for these vile Cuomo bros

Margot Cleveland: Corporate Media’s Systemic Corruption Is Far Worse Than Chris Cuomo’s Coverup For His Brother: How is the media’s reporting, born of the incestuous relationship between leftist media and government partisans, any less troubling than the help Chris Cuomo provided his brother?

Janice Dean: Cuomo brothers canceled – here’s how they turned mourners’ grief into rage: Many have asked if I feel any vindication seeing these two finally pushed off the stage

VIDEO: Janice Dean rips Chris Cuomo following termination: ‘It should have happened sooner’

Twitchy: With next to nothing left to lose, Chris Cuomo is apparently trying to take CNN head Jeff Zucker down with him


Dom Calicchio: US sees signs Russia plans a multi-front military invasion of Ukraine involving as many as 175,000 troops in early 2022: The U.S. is taking recent signaling from the Kremlin very seriously, and does not consider the matter a bluff

Jon Brown: Satellite imagery indicates Russian military activity on Ukraine border: Biden is slated to speak to Putin on Tuesday

Debra J. Saunders: Crime Reform Is Here — Do You Feel Safer? Democrat office-holders sure can’t be feeling safer.

Spencer Lindquist: Critical Race Trove From California District Tells Students How To Use Witchcraft On People Who Say ‘All Lives Matter’: Critical race theory has been fully institutionalized at the California high school district that tried to reeducate me six years ago when I first pushed back.

VIDEO: More young Black Americans calling themselves conservative

Comrade Bill is on his way out of the NYC mayor’s mansion in a couple of months, but he’s not quite done screwwing-over the people of NYC…

Brooke Singman: FIRST OF ITS KIND – Big-city mayor announces ‘preemptive strike’ against COVID that takes vaccine mandates to new level: NYC Mayor de Blasio announces COVID-19 vaccine mandate for private sector workers. The NYC mayor called it a ‘preemptive strike’ against the omicron variant and a potential winter spike

Which brings us to…

David Solway: Medical Fascism, or, the Doctrine of Vaccination

Roger Kimball: Oh, Oh, Omicron! The new COVID variant is an excuse for control—the little frisson that comes with the exercise of power and lording it over other people. … I did not have “You’ll find yourself agreeing with Bobby Kennedy, Jr.” on my 2021 BINGO Card.

Connor Tomlinson: Vaccine Segregation And Quarantine Camps Are Flashing Warnings To Stop Covid Insanity Before It’s Too Late: While patriots battle draconian Covid measures in the United States, a watchful eye must be kept on the forced medication laws subsuming Europe.

John Tierney: Covid’s Three Blind Mice: A new book reveals how the troika of Fauci, Birx, and Redfield hijacked America’s pandemic response.


Bonchie: Joe Biden Entered the Bubble Last Night and Perfectly Illustrated the Two Americas

What could possibly be behind the exodus of working-class voters from the Democrat Party? Last night offered a big clue as Joe and Jill Biden entered the bubble that is the Kennedy Center. If you aren’t otherwise familiar with the storied performance hall in Washington, DC, you may recall that it received millions upon millions of dollars in COVID “relief” while your local businesses and attractions went bankrupt last year.

The Bidens received a standing ovation during the event as David Letterman snarked about the presidential box being filled again, a clear shot at Donald Trump’s prior absence. In doing so, the two Americas were perfectly illustrated…

Cortney O’Brien: Ron Klain promotes op-ed claiming ‘sentiment analysis’ proves media treats Biden worse than Trump: Data analytics compared coverage Biden received in first 11 months of 2021 and coverage Trump got in first 11 months of 2020

Actually, the press did indeed have fits over Trump’s two-scoops, how he took his steak well-done and with ketchup, and his Cinco De Mayo Taco Bell lunch and Diet Coke consumption, not to mention their disdain for Trump’s simple fast food(s) fare spreads for sports team/athelete visitors to the White House. And that’s just the MSM’s bizarre obsessions with Trump’s food non-issue. But worse yet, what they did for five years, and continue to do today, over things that were finally found to be hoaxes and dems and media, lying about his policies that old Joe Biden tossed under the E.O. bus, but is now putting back in place because of the mess he’s made in less than a year … well, you all know what I’m talking about.

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A Retrospective

The nearest I can guess to how it all began is that I wrote something to The Universal Spectator himself about how difficult it is to try to be civil in today’s climate and it was posted on the blog. That was in November of 2019.


A democrat president nominates a person for the Supreme Court. Hearings are not used to demolish the character of the nominee or to lie about the choice. Republicans, generally polite, agree that elections have consequences and a president gets to choose his nominee and usually the nominee gets the votes of the vast majority of the Republican senators.

A Republican nominates a Supreme Court Justice and then it begins – the tearing down of the reputation, the lies about what America would look like if this nominee were on the Court, the witnesses and speeches and whatever the Democrats can use to destroy this person. And though some Dems may vote for the President’s choice, the majority of the dems will vote no.

Notice it is the same kind of behavior for almost any other thing you can think of.

Consider how often the Tea Party members, Republicans in the congress, the Republican President and his supporters are called all sorts of hideous things. Nazis, treasonous (punishable by death), racists – you name it.

Show me the Republican public official who uses such name calling of Dems. More often there is a discussion of why we disagree with them. If we call them socialists, it’s because that is what they call themselves.

If we call them antisemites, well, it is difficult not to the way they speak. But generally we talk about disagreements rather than call them names.

In colleges the fight against freedom of speech of those you may disagree with does not come from the right. It is leftists who promote violence and refuse to allow freedom for certain speakers to speak. The first time I saw BLM members it was when they grabbed the mike of a speaker and made so much noise no one could hear anything but them and I thought whoever these guys are, they are like little fascists.

The IRS under Obama singled out conservative groups and delayed their ability to get tax exempt status. I can’t recall the IRS under any Republican president doing that against liberals.

Facebook punishes and restricts only conservatives, never leftists. Same with other social media.

And finally the press helps out the left by using the same tactics as the dems.

I ask you is civil discourse possible under these conditions?

That was written two years ago and I can’t say I disagree with any of it and, in fact, it has only gotten more egregiously true since.

Then the magazine National Review shocked me when there were first inklings of Covid. From the same time I wrote the above, November of 2019, until the March issues of NR magazine there was not one reason to suspect that Trump did not have the magazine’s support about his handling of the virus. In the issues of NR before the end of March, not one word about Trump and Covid except, a joke of the week about the disease, a mention of the virus in The Week with no attribution warning that we were overreacting to it, and as far as I could see nothing that presaged what happened in a late March edition.

Suddenly there were several uncredited, things in The Week talking about Trump as if he were the most irresponsible, dangerous man in relation to the virus. Where did that spring from? No basis I could see. I went back and reread previous issues to try to find something that presaged that rage against Trump. Nothing. So, unidentified, flying-out-of-control critics with no basis for their accusations suddenly appeared.

I thought Trump had been heroic. I was furious.

That began my period of disappointment with NR after a half century of devotion to the magazine.

It also began my mounting rage at what was going on in the country which has lasted until now- giving me reasons only to add to that rage since.

I needed to give vent and I began writing posts for this blog.

I decided to look over what I have posted on universalspectator.com since November of 2019.

Why now? Later I will explain.

I remember I wrote a long piece comparing and contrasting our reactions to viruses afflicting us in 2010 and in 2020.

  • Never had we closed businesses, destroyed lives and livelihoods – until 2020.
  • Never had my dance community cancelled a dance for anything but bad weather – until 2020.
  • Never had there been orders to wear masks and stay at home – until 2020.
  • The death rates were scary, the hospitalizations were scary in 2010. But no one criticized Obama for not caring or not acting fast enough. That did not happen to our president – until 2020.

And so it went… My mind began to suspect a plot under way. I was prescient.

There was a pivotal moment with two shocking choices that made me stop trusting the left completely.

First we were ordered to stay home and quarantine and keep distances if we had to go out. We were made frightened by CNN and all of the rest of the usual suspects of the left media.
Then when there were “demonstrations” we were told to ignore all of those rules and go out to join the people because it was too historic not to be a part of that. I saw manipulation by the powers that be on the left, with the accolades from the left press encouraging such behavior. Forget separating yourself from others. Crowd together in public demonstrations and maybe some wore masks, but really? What happened to all of those warnings?

This was the first of many things that made me forever suspicious. I remain so to this day.

And then there were the riots in the big cities run by liberals, those “mostly peaceful” demonstrations. Here we were in the late spring of 2020 and no one was angry that brats and thugs were breaking into stores, stealing, burning things down, causing violence and mayhem. And then it happened!

Mayor DeBlasio told the police to stand down and let the thugs get it out of their systems and New York City was turned into a ghost town.

I wept. I knew the revolution was in earnest now and wasn’t I correct? Defund the police followed, statues came down, erase our history, give us this part of town to run where we can rape, murder and no one has authority over us. Chaos, murder, fires burning.

All this happened only in left run cities. You can name them all just as I can. If any jerks strayed into a more conservative city, they were met with opposition, guns and they quickly ran away. Safe haven for monsters is only available in Democrat run cities.

When DeBlazio did that, in that instant, I knew this was the end of the Constitutional Republic of America. I already suspected that Hillary and Obama were at the ready to make this our permanent status – chaos and ruin and lawlessness. And Trump had to be demonized and hogtied no matter what it took so the revolution could be complete and we could become a Communist dictatorship. I knew all that the moment DeBlazio said stand down to the cops. I was prescient.

From that moment on, I had to write at least to get my anger out of my system. I screamed at my liberal friends. “Don’t you see what is going on? Why aren’t you angry?”

They didn’t know about it. It didn’t make the cut on CNN. They were too busy hating Trump and analyzing the dangers of his presidency.

All of this plus the virus and the never let a crisis go to waste crowd had it made. Keep the facts from the public. Distract them with worries about global warming and racism in America and quietly plan how you are going to steal the election through unsolicited paper ballots that no one verifies.

As I now look back on what I wrote over these last two years, I see I repeat myself a lot. But so does Sean Hannity and CNN and MSNBC all the time, I say to myself. So I cut myself some slack over that.

I wrote about my summer from hell in 2020. I wrote about my inability to dance because my dance community had been conditioned to be too frightened to allow us to enjoy our joy. I sat in on a zoom meeting where my dance community applauded and cheered when they heard that Mayors of violence filled communities rejected Trump’s help to bring calm and order to them. Why were they laughing and cheering? What is wrong with these people? And I knew my fellow dancers were a microcosm of thought in the country in general and I was sad and scared and then furious.

I wrote as my rage grew.

I became a victim of the cancel culture on a literature website. Scary stuff. Free expression – mustn’t allow that anymore.

People I admired wrote me hideous lies they learned to believe about Trump.

I got into a long winded back and forth with a Rabbi who despised Trump, the greatest president for Israel ever, and the least anti semitic president ever. I never convinced that Rabbi of a thing. But at least we kept it polite and he gave me full rein to publish our back and forth. So that went on the blog. too.

I was frustrated at the ignorance of so many Americans. I wrote about the closed mindedness of liberals, their use of projection, their lack of self knowledge and their lack of knowledge in general.

And the more Trump handled things beautifully, the more the left lied about him. Why is it that the diseased and destructive left seems to keep winning? Where is G-d? Doesn’t He care about us any more?

There was talk of how awful it is that we are two different countries and the question was asked when is civility going to return. This equalizes the insults of the left and the efforts to make the country better from our side. As if calling people Nazis and deplorables is the same thing as lowering taxes and getting people off of food stamps and bettering their lives.

We must learn to compromise we were told.

NO! I will not compromise with those who seek to tear down our country and history.
Just go back to that first piece I posted on this blog and see why there is no room to compromise with such uncivil people whose goal is to make us all communists.

In July of 2020 I wrote one of my favorite little essays — Conservatives Are Nicer Than Liberals — too true.

In August of 2020 I write up both conventions.

What struck me most in the Democrat one were all the celebrities and almost no real Americans.

I was struck that there was no mention of Impeachment, What Impeachment? No mention of law breaking. Was there any lawbreaking going on? No mention of defund the police. No reality. No mention of loving our Constitution or our Founding Fathers. No Patriotism.

There was lots of fear mongering about the other side. But not one positive thing. There weren’t even presentations of new candidates for the party. Weird.

I observed that if they took out the lies from the four evenings, the whole thing would have lasted one half hour.

Naturally I enjoyed the Republican convention more. It was outdoors because of Covid. It was filled with ordinary Americans telling their stories of how they have thrived under this administration. It was full of praise for first responders. It was a celebration of our great country.

I loved the fireworks that spelled out “Trump in 2020”.

And I loved that an opera singer sang Vincero from Turandot – “I will win!” Such a funny joke. No one I knew got that one.

I also covered the debates with the disgusting Chris Wallace and the goofy rules and the one sidedness of the questions from all.

I noticed the assertion by Kamala that if Trump had anything to do with the vaccinations, she will never take them – cackle, cackle. Then when they “won”, they became tyrants about mandates for Americans to take the vaccines. (Biden said about the great number of deaths from Covid that Trump should resign as president. But now that there are more deaths with three vaccines available in less than one year under Biden than there were in a whole year under Trump with no vaccines, that is no longer brought up by the media and is ignored by Biden supporters.)

During the 2020 campaign there were those thousands of people who waited forever hoping to get in to the Trump rallies. And no matter how much they announced that Biden would be somewhere, no one showed up and whoever did, half were the press. So I was comforted, at least, that Trump would win. I knew that more blacks, more gays, more Asians, more “Hispanics” were going to vote for Trump than had ever before voted for a Republican – and we know from exit polls that DID happen – and that took votes from all of these natural Biden constituencies. So of course. Trump would win easily.

In Pa. Trump had an unheard of lead on Biden election night of 900,000 votes – it was going to take a lot of shoeboxes of illegal votes to be found to upend that.

Then November of 2020 came – and went. I wrote about how I know this election was stolen. I can prove it chapter and verse. But the courts wouldn’t take it up and gave the left the validation the left needed. And then Senator Toomey broke my heart and declared what it is impossible for any rational person of his caliber to believe – that there was no evidence of widespread fraud in the Pa. election.

VDH – or for those from Rio Linda, as Rush used to say – Victor Davis Hanson – talked about and wrote about January 6th and explained it the way I understood it to be.

And out of this I developed a major theme of the second year of my writing:

If you never railed against the violence of those BLM and antifa crowds for the past year, then you do not have the moral authority to judge anyone else as bad ever again. Therefore if you did not scream out against the bastards stealing and burning down those cities, I don’t give a damn what you have to say about January 6th.

Today people arrested from January 6th are still in prison without representation and are in solitary confinement treated as badly as Cuban political prisoners while George Soros DA’s are allowing violent criminals out on the streets to commit more crimes over and over. (Just look at that parade. Everything the left touches turns bad. Oh, And the reporting of those murders by a black man in dreadlocks who wrote online that white people had to be killed said it all about the left media – People were killed by”a car” at the parade.)

Our country is going to hell in a hand basket. Everything is upside down.

Does the fact that more people are dying of the virus than did under Trump mean Biden doesn’t care, as they said about Trump? No left media person ever brings this up.

Then came Afghanistan – the worst debacle in American military history with repercussions of great magnitude to come for decades. Biden’s choices were wrong at every turn. If Trump were president none of these catastrophes would have happened.

Everyone lies. Everyone in the “Biden” administration lies just as everyone in the Deep State lied about Trump non stop. And the left keeps winning. Obama is in his glory. He keeps his anonymity while all of his operatives are the puppeteers of the “President”. Inflation? Definitely short term, then a good thing, then when not short term, it is Trump’s fault. Ha!

I remain disappointed and know nothing is right. As the year goes on, I write about moral choices, gratitude, John Galt’s Valley, the ridiculousness of the song Imagine,

I write an essay called “If you…”

Biden closes down the pipeline, killing jobs and insulting Canada. Then he allows Putin to open his pipeline. We lose our energy independence. Then he begs OPEC to pump more. Then congress starts its destructive legislative agenda. Spends us into oblivion. Ruins our currency. Brings on big inflation. This is all part of the deliberate bringing down of our country. Lincoln Project, are you proud of yourselves for what you have done to us? Mona Charen, do you still believe Biden to be the great candidate and president you wished for?

But the most dangerous thing of all is that so called “For the People Act”. No form of this must pass. We MUST stop this one. I write repeatedly about this dangerous, unconstitutional piece of legislation.

If the Democrats are truly as popular as they say they are, then why do they have to change the Constitution to try to make up votes?

The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they gave the power to write election law to the state legislatures.

This Administration does not trust the people. As with all tyrannies, they must force to occur what would never happen by choice. They must break the law and bring election law power into Washington. If they ever get this to pass, we are finished as a free country.

And the left knows it has to work fast. They only have until November of next year. Because Biden’s popularity is down to record lows because of inflation and the way he is ruining everything he touches. If they don’t steal the election in November – the only way they can win – they will lose their momentum in their ability to tyrannize us.

The thing is if they ever passed this law, the Supreme Court should declare it dead on arrival. But would they? I don’t trust them anymore.

I write an essay called Through the Decades and bring up education of the child and how the government, to control us, must interfere with the innocence of the children. I am prescient.

Critical Race Theory upends a Virginia governor’s race and there should be more upsets causing more Republican wins big time in 2022. As long as they do NOT pass that election reform law.

I am writing frantically now, warning, admonishing. By now I am missing Trump a lot.

I write a mock up of the song My Way and call it America The Beautiful, A Requiem.

My goodness. I am gloomy.

George Will appeared on an interview on TV and said Trump was unacceptable because of his lack of presidential behavior and language.

This steamed me. I don’t recall Will ever criticizing former presidents for their faults, Biden for his ugly language, Obama for his flat out insults to America and half of Americans. It is this selective indignation that always gets me.

In one of my most recent posts which I simply called Rage, I gave some definitions for things under the new orthodoxy.

So where are we now? I am watching as the popularity of the ‘moderate’, gentle, calmer, better-than-Trump president, is showing his true lack of character and competency. I am happy that his numbers and Kamala’s numbers are in the toilet. But why shouldn’t they be? I am furious that Trump is not president because I am old and may not live to see my country free again. As Big Tech, Facebook, google, etc. censor only the right, as North Korea threatens and China and Russia get away with every bad thing they choose in the face of this boob who is our president, as Iran is hellbent on getting the bomb, as Israel is once again being undercut, as tyranny seems to be the rule of the day, as Soros DA’s are letting criminals out, as radicals are threatening us and stealing our history, how will we survive?

Well, Durham is getting close and convicting lots of people close to Clinton and Obama and the Deep State. More, more more, please and noisily and fast. Get them! Of course, CNN and MSNBC, etc. will never tell us about that, but some people will find out.

So what drove me to do this whole retrospective? Just when I am most fearful that all of my writing and arguing will get me nowhere because the left keeps winning, what is it that made me want to go through this now?

Something happened. Something big just happened. That’s why.

True Virginia elected a Republican governor which was a big surprise and N.J. almost did the same but they were able to steal enough votes to keep that one. Still that was a bit scary for the dems. And many Republicans across America won in their races in November.

Okay. That was good, but not earth shattering.

The press lied. That’s not new. They lied for over a year and hammered the lie like a script. That’s not new.

The usual suspects threatened violence in the streets. That’s not new.

But one thing WAS new.

A group of ordinary Americans, a jury of a defendent’s peers, ignored the threats, ignored those who tried to follow them home, ignored everything but the facts in a case before them, and bravely declared a person innocent of all charges.

Could this be a change back to normalcy? Could this be a first step showing the American people were deceived when they thought Biden was going to be a great improvement on that awful Trump? But uh oh, he is not. Everything is worse.

Could the American people be saying this is not what we want?

They promised destruction in the streets as a result of this verdict. So far it isn’t showing up. Maybe BLM is not so glorious. Maybe we do not have to put up with burning down of our cities. Maybe that guy that mowed down people at a parade because a George Soros DA put him back on the streets will get locked up and the key thrown away even by a Soros DA.

Maybe we don’t have to become a socialist/communist country, after all. Maybe we can have normalcy again.

Come on Manchin and Sinema. Your country is waiting for you. Cut this spending bill to bits. Erase most of it, or better yet, vote it down. We will live without it. Come on Durham, get the baddies and get them good. Now would be a good time for that.

Come on Americans, keep this country rolling as a capitalist enterprise.

That jury really lifted my spirits.

Here is a comment I made on one of Maggie’s lists:

This verdict of this brave jury is the first salvo in the battle against the lying left in this country.

Their lies are beginning to wear thin.

I make it a point that anyone who did not scream out against the violence in our cities allowed by the left mayors and governors loses all the right to have one word to say to me of criticism against Rittenhouse.

This first step of this brave jury, coupled with the news, finally, of all of the lies of the left against Trump coming out now, coupled with the MSM lies – it is OUR side’s time. It is the beginning of the counter revolution and we will do the winning now.

It is the lies of the “Plight of the Palestinians” and the fear we must face of the mythical dangerous “white supremacists” and the need for socialist reforms – it’s all the beginning of the diseases of the left coming to a head.

The left must be obliterated, whether it is Communism in Cuba, or the creeps of the Marx Sisters and their allies in the left media and their useful idiots in the democrat party and the real idiots of the Republican party who give them oxygen, they all must be swept out of power.

Today a brave jury of 12 stood up against the onslaught., Tomorrow Americans will begin to see the light more and more.

We must not allow Congress to pass any form of that “For the People Act”. Stop that in its tracks.

The left must lose big time from now on. No More!

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*SALUTE*: The Passing of Sen. Bob Dole

(Former Sen. Bob Dole stands up and salutes the casket of the late former President George H.W. Bush as he lies in state at the U.S. Capitol, Dec. 4, 2018, in Washington. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images))

WWII veteran and former US Senator Bob Dole passed away over the weekend. He was 98. Today is Bob and Elizabeth Dole’s 46th wedding anniversary.

Thank you for your service to this nation, and now Rest In Peace, Sir.

A.J. Kaufman: Sen. Bob Dole, WWII Veteran and Former Senate Majority Leader, Dead at 98

Tevi Troy: Senator and War Hero: Remembering Bob Dole

VIDEO: Bret Baier remembers Bob Dole as the ‘personification of service’

Of course the rabid left can’t help but cancel the man, who accomplished far more in his life than they ever could combined, even in death…

Lindsay Kornick: MSNBC anchor appears to downplay Bob Dole’s accomplishments after his death because of his support for Trump

Twitchy: ‘Good riddance, Trumper’: Liberal blue-checks remember WWII hero Robert Dole

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Well worth forty minutes of your time…

“Awaken, Patriots!”


Sunday Sermon: “The realization sparked meaningful conversations between us, where I began to tap into my father’s wealth of knowledge and wisdom…”

“The sins of the father are to be laid upon the children.” – William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

While Shakespeare often casually gets credit for the origin of the damning phrase, old Bill was paraphrasing various verses from The Bible

However, Deuteronomy 24:16 basically lays out how each person is indeed personally responsible for their own decision to sin against God’s (and, by that, man’s) laws. And that is the way it is supposed to be. Yet, today we see activists who demand revising history into a “collective” racial trial on a whole race for sins/crimes that were committed generations before by some people of that race. Today’s people of that race, in this instance ‘Caucasians’, must be made to pay personally/socially/monetarily for things done to people of color several generations ago. These activists read history as some proverbial rap sheet of crimes and offenses that the accused today are simply not guilty of … except that they have the same skin color as those who came before them. As a matter of fact, interpretation in those Scriptures clearly states that only God decides any such generational retribution. AND, as a matter of fact, these culturally opportunistic #WOKISTS today pointing the crooked fingers of blame and guilt are not victims. Picking off a nation’s long past healed scar tissues does not make a new generation sufferers and victims of past offenses they did not witness or experience. It makes them self-righteous and self-serving opportunists on the graves of those who were actual victims. I’m sorry, but nobody is ‘entitled’ to that claim today.

History is not meant as something to be repeatedly prosecuted and punished with public persecution for those who were not yet born and did not commit it. AND it is definitely NOT meant to foster equity ‘reverse’-racism for the future generations as retribution. Nobody should be intimidated by any means into denouncing and apologizing for their race, most especially for the false witness of ‘being guilty’ for the sins of others, as it is being so demanded today. Do we really punish today’s Germans and Japanese for their WWII war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by their 3-4 generations prior to the generations living now? Nor are we really permitted to stress their past sinful histories or compare them to today. So, why then is America held to a different standard when considering our past history and those who would now see us pretty much drawn and quartered for it as a nation/society … well, at least, one race within our melting pot society, that is. History is meant as an important lesson in the most horrible times in the past, and how changes happened to correct wrong thinking by a culture in order to never again repeat such wrongfulness. It lays out in detail how that painful process was most often times very long and filled with self-sacrifice, national sacrifices, strife and, yes, even the bloodshed of war. However, to distort and ‘re-imagine’ re-writes (for example, CRT) to that history is to forget the actual facts, bad as well as good, and to horribly and wrongly intentionally repeat it in some deranged vengeful reverse fashion is a mortal sin in and of itself. And that is where the #WOKE activism wants to take our society right now.

For well-over a century our society made the corrections, and the guilty have (and continue to be) corrected and punished. America is not a racist nation. Yes, there are individuals who are ‘racist’, but do not dare collectivize that ti include people who are not, simply because they are of the same skin color. Everyone who is born (well, who is allowed to be born) is endowed from God to grow and become the best they can become in life, no matter financial, racial, gender classifications. No matter how bad the school system, students and parents can still find resources to learn and grow a healthy and productive mind in order to be self-sustaining and a productive member of society. How else can you explain those who still thrived to become responsible and successful despite school segregation? Their parents and grandparents that did not have even the lowest of opportunities made certain to help their children to have a much better education and life than they did, even if it meant looking outside school curriculum for educational resources. Parents can always be examples to their children in such practice as well as instilling the strong belief in personal responsibility for their own decisions and actions, and to never become a ‘victim’ of anyone or anything. God gave us His laws. Man has designed our laws according to God’s. God gave us free will in order to know right from wrong and to act accordingly in our lives. Life is what you truly and strongly make of it.

To be very clear, strict and myopic focus of “the sins of the father” mean absolutely nothing if one chooses to negate and “cancel” a person and the good deeds, the successes and accomplishments, and the growth of other “fathers” and their generations after. And that too involves children who learn and grow and make a successful life in spite of, perhaps, their “father’s” failings and sins in life.

This young woman, Rikki Schlott, is the very young daughter of a WWII veteran, Dick Schlott, and she understands that. Her father is four times her age, having fathered her as he was entering into his mid-sixties 21 years ago. Rikki is an NYU college coed and, with maturity and focus on facts, has not only come to realize the wealth and depth of 20th century history timeline from her wonderful father’s birth to between hers and her father’s 63 year age gap and to the present, but of its great and vast historical contextual importance … and to how people are absolutely and wrongly not appreciative of history today. Rikki is staunch and strident in her right to free thought/speech and will not be artificially shamed into ceding it to anyone.

Here is an excerpt of Rikki Schlott’s very thoughtful and important op-ed in The New York Post. Please go to the link and read in-full…

Rikki Schlott: How my 84-year-old dad helped me see the folly of Gen Z

The realization sparked meaningful conversations between us, where I began to tap into my father’s wealth of knowledge and wisdom. What was it like living through a world war? The assassination of JFK? The social strife of the ’60s? The Reagan revolution? The technology boom? These daily chats — in the car, at the dinner table, on the phone — inspired my love of history and instilled in me a need to know why things are the way they are now.

They also turned me into an independent thinker.

My dad’s breadth of life experience and wisdom woke me to the transience of today’s fads and fallacies. It’s hard to humor my peers who demand safe spaces and trigger warnings when my best friend remembers the plights of World War II. It’s impossible to flirt with socialist politics when my father recalls the rise and fall of the USSR. It’s hard to spend my days scrolling through TikTok when my dad is a living testament to the wisdom a lifetime of reading can foster.

Having an older father also means it’s difficult to swallow the victim mentality of many of my contemporaries. While Generation Z indulges in identity politics and intersectionality, it’s an attitude my father would never accept from me. He’s a self-made man who pulled himself up by his bootstraps. Now that he’s provided me with an education and life beyond what he could imagine growing up on a goose farm, I won’t rest until I make the most of all the opportunities I’ve been given and do him proud.

It’s also impossible for me to dismiss the wisdom of older generations, as many of my peers so often do. Though I’ve witnessed an enormous amount of history being made in my short lifetime, I’ve had my father’s insight and measuredness to keep me anchored.

It’s also why, in the past year, I’ve become an advocate for free speech alongside my studies at NYU. While this has led to a fellowship at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), television appearances, and speaking engagements around the country, it has also cost me friendships and landed me on the “canceled” list because I refuse to conform ideologically and welcome all ideas. Still, I feel safe swimming against the generational tide and fighting against illiberalism thanks to my dad who endowed me with a firm grasp on the past…


Woe to those today who insist on faking the sins of the past and bearing false witness to blame and punish others…

There are ongoing lists of faked/hoax racist “hate crimes” that get immediate MSM attention and wrongful condemnation of the wrong people intentionally targeted for the blame, and then just disappear from media ‘follow-up’ when the hoax is busted wide open. Thankfully satire “news” sites make very good slap-backs at such idiocy. Such as this…

The Babylon Bee: Mirror Brought Into Courtroom So Jussie Smollett Can Face His Attackers

I’m sure the perpetraiters in this latest ‘hate crime’ will be found out to not be who the MSM would have us believe…

Stephen Sorace: Idaho Anne Frank memorial defaced with anti-Semitic imagery: ‘Abhorrent’: Anti-Semitic graffiti spray-painted near Anne Frank memorial in Boise during Hanukkah

TCF: ‘Pro-freedom’ Pence speech denied funding by Stanford student government

Greg Gutfeld: The media intentionally misreads things because they get away with it: How can you revisit a story that already made you look like an ass?

Vivek Ramaswamy: How big business can personalize corporate activism: The Biotech entrepreneur weighs in on how consumers react to messaging from woke corporations.

Rikki Schlott: Parents have had a wake-up call about kids and tech. Here’s advice from a Gen Z-er: Parents have heard from the Facebook whistleblower. Now they need to focus on these three things with their kids

VIDEO: Not The Bee: Wait, liberals are the ones who are grateful for America??


Weekend Reads: “This isn’t one of those trees where all the needles falls off, is it?“

I’m really trying to get into the Holiday mood, but just can’t get the gumption to drag that overused (and needs replacing) fake tree box up the basement steps to do everything that’s involved in re-arranging the living room, replacing the everyday clutter with Christmas decorations clutter, and hoisting the tree that’ll have at least one strand of lights, if not two, going dark before the actual Christmas weekend. **sighhhhh**

Well, one good thing this Christmas 2021. I wasn’t too sure last Christmas that I would be here this Christmas … but God (and my team of surgeons He empowered with knowledge, skill and experience) said “Merry Christmas”. So, that old fake tree won’t look so crappy after all. But those lights had better just, you know, do their job. **grrrr**

Wrappings and Bows:

NRO: Biden Hasn’t Fixed The Port Crisis — Ships Are Just Being Counted Differently

Julia Musto: Supply chain issues impacting pharmacies: What to know: FDA says there are about 111 drugs on backorder

Joshua Q. Nelson: Georgia furniture store owner frustrated with supply chain crisis, sends message to ‘Uncle Joe’ Biden: Small business owners face labor shortages, supply backlogs amid holiday shopping season … And I am hearing local small business owners reporting suppliers are not only raising prices but doing so on almost a daily basis. THIS is exactly how the GND leftist government plan obliterates small/private-owned businesses … and then take over and ‘nationalize’ ALL big companies and corporations, including foreign companies on our soil. Go back and look at what Chavez did in Venezuela.

COVID Pins and Needles:

Oh, yeah, “follow the science”, uh-huh. History will eventually look back on how not only governments handled this China pandemic but how the tech/media industries actively and vigorously impeded valid scientific information by labeling it “misinformation” and censoring it from the people…

Stacey Lennox: Twitter Censors American Heart Association Article on mRNA Vaccines and Cardiac Health

Drew Holden and Aaron Sibarium: The Omicron Factor the Media Won’t Tell You About: Vaccine hesitancy, not supply

A friend on Facebook remarks: “Then next time Europe destroys itself, we stay home.”

I agree.

Julian Conradson: On The Heels of Austria and Germany Locking Down The Unvaccinated, EU Leader Calls For Throwing Out Nuremberg Code In Favor of Forced Vaccinating All Dissenters

Joe Hoft: EXCLUSIVE… Lawrence Sellin: Evidence Indicates COVID-19 is a Designed Bioweapon with a Toxic Structure that MAY BE REPLICATED IN VACCINES … Um, what I said yesterday.

Twitchy: ‘All theater. 100% of it’: President Biden — who is sick — is reportedly out for dinner without a mask

John F-ing Kerry’s and the demo-commies’ ‘Broke Back’ Love Affair With The World’s Bad Guys Continues:

A.J. Kaufman: John Kerry Remains Committed to Enabling Evil


Chase Williams , Hillary Vaughn: Pelosi snaps after question about China: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) did not appear to appreciate a question about China. (w/VIDEO)

Twitchy: ‘Glitch or drunk? YOU decide.’ You can see the MOMENT Nancy Pelosi‘s brain just STOPS in real-time during press conference (watch)

TWJ: Revealed: Top Senate Democrats Received Major Donations from Lobbyist for Controversial Russian Pipeline

The Diplomat: China’s Subnational Influence at Work in the New York State Legislature: The New York State Legislature has developed a special relationship with Beijing.

Everything Is “RACIST!”:

Food is Now ‘White Supremacy’…

Rick Moran: Don’t Look Now, but Food Charity and Farmers Markets Are Part of ‘White Supremacy Culture’ Too

Yeah, good luck with this crap…

Oh, sure … Oprah, Spike Lee, LeBron James and most of the NBA/NFL, and the Beyoncé-JayZ, Kanye West, and etc. corporations not reached for comment.

Ty Haqqi: Top 20 Biggest Black Owned Companies in the US

Jessica Chasmar: Black Lives Matter calls for month-long boycott of ‘white companies’: ‘White-supremacist-capitalism uses policing to protect profits and steal Black life,’ BLM says

Timothy Nerozzi: BLM corporate donors silent on group’s call to boycott ‘white companies’: ‘We’re dreaming of a #Blackxmas,’ Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation tweeted … On a side-note, if BLM-complicit corporations/companies are bothered by and affected by this just wait until their China overlords turn on them.

Race and ‘pronoun’-targeting in overpriced academically-diminished higher education

TCF: White and Asian male applicants largely shunned from investment program at Washington and Lee University

CR: VIDEO: Columbia University encourages students to report each other for ‘misgendering,’ refusing to use fringe pronouns

Fake Race-Baiting Crime is Not a New Thing:

Meanwhile, the trial and tribulations of poor-poor “Juicy” Smollett…

Tucker Carlson: It’s not surprising Jussie Smollett pushed his hoax as far as he could: This was the worst hoax ever perpetrated

Maureen Callahan: Jussie Smollett should face justice for hurting race relations in America — and undercutting the real victims


Seriously rethinking this guy. His early anti-Trump stance and now this. I can see his change of mind regarding Pres. Trump after seeing all the positive growth and successes. However, hitching yourself to Kasich is a stain that cannot be washed off…

Jason Hart: Kasich Republican J.D. Vance: The Worst Option in Ohio’s Senate Race

Once AGAIN, the left flips its friggin lid over a republican doing something well-within his job right(s) to do…

A.J. Kaufman: DeSantis Derangement Syndrome Starts to Rear Its Ugly Head

Twitchy: Nikki Fried to sit down with Joy Reid and discuss the DeSantis ‘military force that only answers to him’

Joseph A. Wulfsohn: DEM EATS DEM: Liberal comic blasts far-left pundit as media panics over DeSantis proposal – Sarah Silverman slams Joy Reid as media panics about DeSantis’ proposed civilian military force in Florida. The MSNBC host called DeSantis’ proposal ‘fascisty bananas’ despite NY, CA having similar forces … Except that half the states, including blue states, already have (done) what the Florida Governor is now considering, and will more likely than not do

DeSantis introduced a plan to re-establish what’s called the Florida State Guard that can quickly aid the response to hurricanes and other emergencies. Several other states across the country including New York and California have similar civilian forces.

On The Lighter Side:

I’ve been binge-watching (again … I’ve lost count over the years) The Waltons and Little House. I often wonder about the cast members’ relationships in depicting the families in these long-running successful TV dramas. The child actors literally grew up inside these fictional families. It’s interesting to look up cast members and see what they did after their series was ended, but their images were locked into the characters they played. Always surprising to hear the actors’ own issues, personally and on-set…

Stephanie Nolasco: ‘Little House on the Prairie’ star Karen Grassle gets candid on sobriety, making peace with Michael Landon: Actress details her friendship with Michael Landon, battle with alcoholism in new memoir

You hear stories about people coming out of a coma and speaking a different language that they never learned or spoke before. Why not in the famous voice you created for a rascally rabbit

Stephanie Nolasco: Mel Blanc’s son Noel recalls the moment Looney Tunes star responded as Bugs Bunny from a coma: ‘I was stunned’: Mel Blanc’s only child, Noel Blanc, is teaming up with Julien’s Auctions for an auction kicking off on Friday


Matt Devitt WINK Weather @ Facebook:

December 2 at 6:59 PM ·
WOW! Incredible shot of the SpaceX launch tonight looking towards Cape Canaveral, Florida! 🚀

Credit: Michael Cain, Coldlife Photography

VIDEO: Last Chance to See This Bright New Comet Before It’s Gone Forever

Margo Milanowski: Here’s how to see Leonard’s Comet, the brightest comet all year

Amanda Kooser: China moon rover to investigate cube-shaped ‘mystery house’ object

Justin Bachman: SpaceX Wins More NASA Flights as Boeing Starliner Stumbles

John Loeffler: ISS just had to swerve out of the way of space junk left over from 1994

Stephen Green: ANOTHER Tech Delay? It’s Time to Kill the SLS Before It Kills NASA

Glenn Reynolds: America is behind in the new space race China is determined to win


Friday Newsfeed: In A Festive Mood During The Biden Era

Christmas 2021 will go down as the official “Little Christmas”

For we need a little music.
Need a little laughter.
Need a little singing, ringing through the rafter…
And we need a little snappy, “Happy ever after”…
Need a little Christmas now

Rick Moran: Nearly Half of U.S. Households Say Inflation Is Causing Them Hardship

Kevin Downey, Jr: Sorry, Commies, You Can’t Ruin Christmas

Why Greg Gutfeld is handily beating the competition in late night TV

Twitchy: ROFL! LL Cool J introduces Biden at National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony and OMG you have to watch what happens next (video)

DWN: Democrats Blasted For Bragging Biden Made Gas 2 Cents Cheaper: ‘Worst Defense Of The Biden Admin Yet’

David Rutz: Jen Psaki confronted with poor jobs report live on MSNBC, says she can’t comment right away: Psaki says we’re seeing ‘good trends’ after the November jobs report fell short of expectations

Megan Henney: HUGE MISS: Biden reacts to dismal November jobs report that missed expectations – US hiring stumbles in November as economy adds just 210,000 new jobs: Economists expected payrolls to increase by 550,000 in November

VIDEO: Raising wages ‘still not enough’ to recruit workers amid labor shortage: Ski resort exec: Aspen Skiing Company vice president of communications Jeff Hanle explains how it’s a ‘bigger problem’ than ever to hire employees.

By the way…

Chris Queen: Biden Administration to Restart Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy … And when it is shown to be successful (again) at stopping the hemorrhaging on the border he will take full credit and his administration will insist it’s NOT the Trump policy. After all, it’s Biden’s ‘vaccine’ and there wasn’t any vaccines or vax distribution before old Joe came into office, or something.

California’s uninterrupted crime supply chain…

Dom Calicchio: California’s zero-bail policy sets free 14 smash-grab robbery suspects, LAPD chief says: Back in March, the California Supreme Court ruled that judges in the state must consider a suspect’s ability to pay when setting bail prices

DM: Psaki blames COVID for surge in smash-and-grab raids: Pandemic is ‘root cause of lawlessness’ and Biden’s plans will get more cops ‘on the beat’, she says … Peppermint Psaki is an unfunny joke.

Crying On-Cue: Other actors call bullshit on Alec Baldwin’s “his truth” of the movie set shooting…

Lee Brown: George Clooney calls Alec Baldwin’s deadly ‘Rust’ shooting ‘insane’

Nate Day: John Schneider rails against Alec Baldwin for claiming he ‘didn’t pull the trigger’: The ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ alum also slammed journalist George Stephanopoulos

(Adam Baldwin is NOT related to Alec Baldwin)

Maureen Callahan: Alec Baldwin blames the victim in sickening interview

Twitchy: ‘Narcissistic sociopath’: Alec Baldwin says he feels no guilt over the death of Halyna Hutchins … This, from the same leftist ilk that insists pro 2A and legal gun owners are responsible for everyone else’s gun crimes.

Concentration Camp COVID…

CBS News: Germany announces major restrictions on the unvaccinated as COVID cases surge

Mary Chastain: COVID Madness: Germany Isolates Unvaccinated, Australia Arrests Escapees From Quarantine Compound: Insanity. Once you give these people the power they will not let it go. The craziness in Australia continues but Germany is going over the edge… … Good God, you insane Huns and Ozzies!

Kevin Downey, Jr: Three Teens Who Escaped From Aussie COVID Camp All Have One Thing in Common, and It’s Not the Virus: Australian COVID camps are open for business, and business had been good. Until the escapes began…

J.J.Sefton @ AoSHQ: “Paul Hogan’s Heroes Or, Shrimp On The Klaus Barbie”

Kyle Rittenhouse is one thing, and it’s a big one. But if you really want to know why we have a Second Amendment, look no further than the absolute abomination that is happening in Australia. G-d help this illegitimate junta and any of its enforcers if they try this shit here. And G-d help us…

Oh, cool your jets, J.J. *tsk-tsk* … Come on now, that won’t happen here … Right?

Ryan King: CNBC’s Jim Cramer pushes Biden to implement national vaccine mandate

A.J. Kaufman: Biden Tightens Travel Rules and Pushes Boosters in Winter Speech: Reacting just after the speech, however, Dr. Marty Makary was puzzled over how Biden “created artificial construct that we have insufficiently boosted population.”…

Stephen Kruiser: The Kruiser Kabana Episode 162: COVID Nazis Can’t Ruin My Plans Anymore

Matt Margolis: Psaki Blames Americans for Biden’s Broken Promise to ‘Shut Down the Virus’

A.J. Kaufman: Vermont: Highest Vaccination Rate, Record-Breaking COVID Numbers


Reuters (9/21): India govt won’t buy Pfizer, Moderna vaccines amid local output -sources

If you’re a “The Walking Dead” fan and also a fan of its prequel (that now has caught up to TWD‘s timeline) “Fear The Walking Dead” you will recall in FTWD‘s earliest episodes radios and TVs in the background of scenes are rattling on about “the flu” epidemic and “hurry and get your ‘flu shot'”. In those episodes I found myself cementing not only the basic idea that the sickness and the after-death ‘zombie’ conversion was brought on by a virus … and that it was manmade. And the push for the vaccine was either part of the population ‘culling’ experiment, or an attempt to curtail the explosion of infection that inevitably lead to the zombie apocalypse. No mention(s) of the “flu” aspect or the “flu shots” was ever mentioned again in FTWD or TWD. As everyday passes with this two years ‘pandemic’, I find the sci-fi apocalyptic story to have been pretty prescient on the bio-weapon aspect, and possibly on the vaccine being part of it, especially when we see how the powers that be cut-down anything that might be used to actually treat those people who get infected/sick from the virus. And yes, they indeed demand the masses now become fear-induced obedient zombies to dictatorial governing.

Jeffrey Epstein STILL Didn’t Kill Himself:

DM: EXCLUSIVE: Jeffrey Epstein’s access to the Clinton White House laid bare: Visitor logs reveal pedophile visited the former president at least 17 TIMES – including a dozen in 1994 and twice in one day on three separate occasions


Ladies and Gents, the “Speaker” of The House…

Twitchy: ‘Glitch or drunk? YOU decide.’ You can see the MOMENT Nancy Pelosi‘s brain just STOPS in real-time during press conference (watch) … Nancy’s 3 Martini meal 3 times a day, with two 3 Martini snacks. Hey, it’s 5:00 somewhere, ya know.

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