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Comrade Hillary Clinton Seeing “Red” for America’s Future


Daniel Greenfield @ Frontpage Magazine translates Hillary’s DNC-Con speech: WELCOME TO THE COMMUNIST PARTY, U.S.A.: How Hillary’s scary speech revealed her mistake in wearing a white pants suit to her coronation.

Wearing a white pantsuit, Hillary Clinton plodded out on stage to accept the nomination that she had schemed, plotted, lied, cheated, rigged and eventually fixed a series of elections to obtain.

Then she claimed that she was accepting the nomination of a race she had rigged with “humility”.

Humility is not the first word that comes to mind when thinking of Hillary Clinton. It is not even the last word. It is not in the Hillary dictionary at all. But this convention was a desperate effort to humanize Hillary. Everyone, including her philandering husband and dilettante daughter, down to assorted people she had met at one point, were brought up on stage to testify that she really is a very nice person.

This wasn’t a convention. It was a series of character witnesses for a woman with no character. It was an extensive apology for the Left’s radical agenda cloaked in fake patriotism and celebrity adulation.

Sinclair Lewis famously said, “When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross”. More accurately, when Communism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross. That’s what the Democratic National Convention was.

This night presented Hillary Clinton as all things to all people. She was a passionate fighter who found plenty of time to spend with her family. She is for cops and for cop-killers. She likes the Founding Fathers and political correctness. She wants Democrats to be the party of working people and of elitist government technocrats. And, most especially, she cares about people like you.

The convention, like everything about Hillary, was awkward and insincere.

There was Bernie glaring into the camera just as Hillary was thanking him for rallying a bunch of young voters whom she hoped to exploit…

The Look on Bernie Sanders’ Face During Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech Says It All

… There was Chelsea Clinton reminding everyone that the Clintons are a dynasty and that everyone in it gets a job because of their last name, right before introducing her mother whose only real qualification for her belated entry into politics was her last name. And there was Jennifer Granholm who got an opportunity to have an incoherent public meltdown at the convention.


The audience was told incessantly that Hillary Clinton loves small children. Once would have been enough. Twice would have been enough. By the millionth repetition, it seems more like Hillary is the witch trying to lure children into her gingerbread house.

As I stated in the previous DNC-Con post, except the unborn children. And every single one of those celebrity whores and political feminists is high-grade pro-abortion without any restrictions or regulations, at any time during a pregnancy— including immediately after live-birth— and fully paid for by the centralized federal government with forced tax dollars.

Helping out with that task were a continuing parade of young female celebrities. If you thought that Elizabeth Banks and Lena Dunham were awkward, just wait for Katy Perry and Chloe Moretz urging their cohort to go out there and vote for Hillary right after a bunch of ex-military people claim that the woman who helped ISIS take over two countries and the Muslim Brotherhood even more countries than that will be good for national security.


Eyes wide, looking suspiciously from side to side, shrilly barking lines into the microphone that stripped them of their emotional context, Hillary delivered both sides of her personality in one speech.

And both sides of her agenda.

The radical agenda of the Left was clumsily cloaked in references to the Founding Fathers. The same group of people whose names the Left want to see ground into the dirt. Hillary’s call for collectivism, the insistence that none of us can do anything as individuals, was dressed up in E Pluribus Unum and the Founding Fathers.

Sinclair Lewis was almost right. When Communism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag.

The old Elizabeth Warren-Barack Obama theme of “You didn’t build that” had become Hillary’s theme once again. No one does anything on their own. It takes a village of bloated bureaucrats to do anything. And Hillary has to be appointed to run this village of bloated bureaucrats who, like her, never actually do anything but sing their own praises and then give themselves pay raises and more power to abuse.

Donald Trump, we are told, is a terrible person who actually believes in individualism. While good progressives like Hillary know that individualism is a pernicious lie told by running dog capitalists.

And Hillary will be a “a President for Democrats, Republicans, and Independents”. She’ll be such a good president that we won’t even need elections anymore. Just like the Democrats dispensed with them. There will just be one “village” under Hillary and Huma and the rest of their ridiculous neo-Reds.

Then Hillary will fix the economy by banning people from giving money to Republicans and promoting voter fraud. She will legalize illegal aliens to “grow our economy” by destroying still more American jobs. And she will see to it that companies “share profits” to working people. And by working people, she means the Clintons. College will be free. And the “super-rich” will pay for it all.


Half of Hillary’s new positions were things that she had rejected as too radical when Bernie proposed them. Now they’re not too radical anymore. Because the Democrats always keep turning Left.

Yesterday’s crazy radical idea is tomorrow’s Democratic slogan. Yesterday’s Alinsky disciple is tomorrow’s moderate Democrat. Yesterday’s Communist notion is tomorrow’s DNC speech.

And so Hillary Clinton embraced wealth redistribution and re-appropriation from people who aren’t her. She embraced it with verve and gusto. She pushed Communism dressed up in references to the Founding Fathers. It takes a village to take away all our political and economic freedoms.


This was a speech that could have been given in Moscow during the Cold War. Instead it was delivered to an enthusiastic audience of Democrats who love the idea of taking away someone else’s money. Beneath all the distractions, the celebrities and family stories, is the fundamental idea that Hillary has more of a right to your money than you do because she is “humbly” more enlightened than you are.

There’s a name for that ideology. It comes with a hammer and sickle, with the color red, with gulags and firing squads, with little red books and big black prisons, and the death of the human soul.

Hillary made a mistake by wearing a white pants suit to her coronation. She should have worn red.


Alexander Bolton @ The Hill: Dem anxiety hangs over Clinton

KIMBERLEY A. STRASSEL @ WSJ (pay-side): Hillary’s One-Candidate Race: She’ll try to disqualify Trump because she loses if the election is a referendum on her.

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U.N. and DNA as Mothers Seek Payments for Their ‘Peacekeeper Babies’


There are countless horror stories over the decades of the poor to bad to horrific behavior of United Nations peacekeepers sent to various points around the world. Some either look the other way when things they are supposed to be doing their jobs. In certain areas, like Gaza, they have actually given aid and support to Hamas attacking Israel.

And now, after decades of these U.N. peacekeepers from around the world philandering and fraternization with, and even raping, woman and girls in the countries where they are sent, women are rightfully speaking up and demanding financial aid from the U.N. for the fatherless children they have left in their wake.

Ghandi Shukry, head of a Conduct and Discipline Unit in the UN mission, which is known by its French acronym MINUSTAH, said 29 claims for paternity have been submitted to the UN in Haiti. He said 18 of the claimants have been classified as “victims” by the world body because they were receiving some kind of support.

“We are not facing a current wave of paternity claims. They are all kind of old cases,” said Shukry, stressing that any kind of sexual relations by peacekeepers and locals is prohibited.

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Night Four DNC-Con: Hillary Gives an Hour Long Speech Without a $400K Speaking Fee


I didn’t watch Hillary’s pissed-off school mistress-toned vagina monologue last night. Instead I watched my “The Time Machine” DVD … in reverse from end to beginning.

The DNC is paying people to sit their asses in empty seats on the convention floor.

The damn democrats are so detached from “”America” and patriotism nobody planning this bloody shindig factored in the American Flag to their damned budget???? Maybe if they went outside the building and climbed over the wall they paid to have built they can chase down one of those shitheaded anarchist/commie zombies and take their Flags… all they’re doing is burning them and setting themselves on fire

Hey, apparently the DNC found some American Flags to use: U.S. Flags Disappear From Atop Philadelphia City Hall, City Official Says They Were Added To DNC Stage


And they must have scrapped together some petty cash and taken up a collection of loose change, and went to the dollar store down the street to scoop up the discounted leftovers from the July 4th stock of hand-held Flags, as you can see on the convention floor during Hillary’s screeching speech. But dems are all so ‘patriotic’ when it’s their party


It is so damned disgustingly odd to listen to these “feminists” swooning over their own motherhood and their mothers, while they are the champions of aborting innocent unborn babies from their mothers.

“That feeling of being valued and loved … That’s what my mother wants for every child…” … Except those millions and millions of brutally aborted innocent babies at every level of pregnancy your ‘Mommy Dearest’ strongly refuses value and love for.

Here’s Chelsea teeth-sucking and lip-smacking her way through her gushing over her mother’s introduction.

Yeah, Chelsea, I’m sure Stalin fawned over his children and grandkiddoes too. Communists are selectively ‘human’ when it serves their own purpose. The rest of us are just fodder for their power.

Here’s the lipsticked pig…

Hell, Bill loved it … “I don’t feel no ways tired…”

ZZzzzzz… Bill Clinton Falls Asleep During Hillary’s DNC Speech (VIDEO)

Bill Clinton really does feel our pain, and more thoughts on convention finale

Well, I hope they removed all the ashtrays and lamps from their hotel rooms.
I can just hear Slick Hillie laying into him for that, “I saw you, Bill! You were sleeping, ***dammmit! That was NOT ‘resting your eyes’! I told you to take those uppers I left for you!!!”

Tim Kaine looked to be fighting the snooze himself.

But Kaine is apparently a snooze for Liz “Fauxcahontas” Warren, and his anti-abortion stance might be her gut-blow…

Barry played his part last night…

And, golly gee, she’ll get a new email account too!!!

Well, the burned Bern-bots weren’t finished with the DNC. They sneaked in these glow-in-the dark T-shirts to show their opposition…

They’re still pissed


Bernie Sanders Delegate Whines: “Microaggressions” Kept Us From Disrupting Hillary’s Speech…

Facts are for “racists, bigots, Islamophobes, haters, Bible-thumpers, pro-lifers, etc.”:


FactChecking Clinton’s Big Speech

Fact-checking Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at the 2016 DNC


Fact-checking Hillary Clinton’s Democratic convention speech


It’s not called the Clinton News Network for nothing…

Only thing missing is Kathy Griffin flashing her ta-tas.
I’m sure Wolfie doesn’t have to answer any questions about this…

Objectivity! CNN’s Wolf Blitzer really got into the party spirit at Hillary’s celebration

VIDEO: CNN Wolf Blitzer drinks wine, dances to celebrate Hillary’s nomination

Networks give Democrats 40% more airtime than GOP

Eric Garner’s daughter BLASTS #DNCinPHL for honoring slain cops; Goes after Chelsea, too


White Noise? What White Noise?

Hillary Clinton goes on the attack


I’M SO OLD I CAN REMEMBER WHEN THE REPUBLICAN CONVENTION WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE VIOLENT, CHAOTIC ONE: One of Clinton’s most aggressive surrogates, super PAC maestro David Brock, was chased through the halls of the Wells Fargo Center by two Sanders delegates after Bill Clinton’s Tuesday night speech, according to a Democrat who witnessed the spectacle. “They were yelling ‘you f—g jerk,’” said the Democrat.Glenn Reynolds

FOX News:

‘Black Lives Matter’ shouts down DNC moment of silence for murdered cops

Gingrich: DNC speeches don’t reflect reality for Americans

Generals take sides in Clinton-Trump foreign policy fight

Did Hillary’s speech help with her trustworthiness problem?

Drudge Report:

‘SCANDAL’ creator makes Clinton bio video WITHOUT scandal…
HEALTH DRAMA: She Can’t Stop Clearing Her Throat During Acceptance…
BUCHANAN: Divided We Stand…
Deep poverty in Philly, the poorest big city…
Actor Bradley Cooper attends DNC, upsets ‘AMERICAN SNIPER’ fans…
D’SOUZA Releases Video Likening Hillary to Eva Peron…


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POTD: “Creeper Ghost” Home Invasion


Creepy security video footage shows hooded intruder standing over US couple as they sit on their couch

Couple Checks Home Surveillance Video Hoping to Spot Missing Purse. What They See Instead Is as Chilling as It Gets.

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Weather Forecast for Hillary’s Appearance at Tonight’s DNC-Con … Build an Ark

Smokey with a chance of mirrors

The poor-poor MSM’s media tents already went through the shit storm earlier in the week


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – City officials are urging residents and Democratic National Convention demonstrators to take caution because of potential strong storms and the possibility of flash floods throughout the region today.

The flash flood watch begins at 2 p.m. and continues through Friday at 7 p.m.

Officials warn some of the storms may contain torrential rainfall and result in a localized flash flood threat.

“Flash flooding is a very dangerous situation,” said Mayor Kenney. “Whether you’re driving, walking or riding, we urge you to stay clear of potentially flooded roadways and seek shelter during heavy rains.”

Officials urge drivers do not drive around barriers warning of flooded roads.

For the safety of demonstrators during the DNC, medic tents, misting tents and bottled water are available in FDR Park.

Hey, Nancy, that would be your #3 “G” responding to your, ya know, BS … Not the evil Donald Trump and the RNC/GOP climate change weather machine.

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Umm, What’s Them???

Mysterious Lights Streaking Across Sky Create Social Media Firestorm

Streak of light across night sky is reentry of decaying Chinese rocket, defense officials say

Is China militarising space? Experts say new junk collector could be used as anti-satellite weapon: Craft could be used to attack satellites, according to some researchers

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Smoking-Guns: New Documents Show IRS WAS Deliberately Targeting Conservative Groups

Cripes almighty, this administration is like a rotting body in the Arizona summer sun…

(FOX News) – A new batch of FBI documents released Thursday by Judicial Watch indicates that several senior Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officials were aware of the targeting of conservative groups almost two years before they told Congress.

Lois Lerner, who oversaw tax-exempt groups for the IRS, and top IRS official Holly Paz “knew that agents were targeting conservative groups for special scrutiny as early as 2011,” the conservative legal advocacy group said in a release Thursday.

The IRS did not respond to requests for comment.

The detailed narratives of FBI agent investigations, known as FBI 302 documents, were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch.

According to the documents, Paz and other IRS officials were notified in the late spring and summer of 2011 that agents in the Cincinnati branch were flagging Tea Party and conservative groups for additional scrutiny in their applications for nonprofit status.

In the spring of 2012, official Nancy Marks was tasked with investigating how applications were being processed and to find any problems.

The documents show she told then-acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller on May 3, 2012 that “Cincinnati was categorizing cases based on name and ideology, not just activity.”

Miller responded by throwing “his pencil across the room” and saying, “Oh sh-t,” according to the FBI summaries of interviews with officials.

Lerner, who has since refused to answer questions before Congress, was the first official to publicly acknowledge the practice, in May 2013.

No criminal charges resulted from either the Obama Justice Department or FBI investigations into the scandal.

The documents support the findings of a May 2013 report issued by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) that concluded IRS agents had “used inappropriate criteria that identified for review Tea Party and other organizations applying for tax-exempt status based upon their names or policy positions.”

In addition, TIGTA said that IRS officials “knew that agents were targeting conservative groups for special scrutiny as early as 2011.”



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