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Saturday Snippets…

As we head into December and the long, cold, dark winter, NE peeps, this beauty offered this morning on Facebook:

“This mornings rainbow at Hilo Bay. Never seen one like this! It was pretty amazing!”

Couple of heavy hitters:

Yes, I’ve reposted the above tweet … because it is indeed what is happening with the narrative, as I predicted it would.

Jim Hoft just past 11:00 last night: BREAKING HUGE: Pennsylvania Judge Files Memorandum Stating 2020 PA Election Likely Unconstitutional – Trump Case “Likelihood to Succeed” – Gives State Legislators Power to Choose Electors! … Keep praying!

Jim Hoft: Saturday’s Fun Fraud Facts: Seven Unexplainable Results that Reveal Democrats Didn’t Even Try to Hide Their Fraud

William Jacobson: Pennsylvania State Judge Upholds Halt To Certification, Finds Likelihood Mail-In Balloting Procedures Violate PA Constitution: Upholds injunction issued earlier in the week, finds “Petitioners appear to have a viable claim that the mail-in ballot procedures set forth in Act 77 contravene Pa. Const. Article VII Section 14”

Twitchy: Here are the latest updates on what’s going on with the state legislatures in Arizona and Pennsylvania … I want the Marxist left/dems/MSM so pissed-off for the next four years because their election coup finally failed and Pres. Trump is still sitting in the White House.

GWP: “Let Us Fight This Evil Now and Know God’s Truths Will Expose Them All” – Jon Voight Calls for Trump Supporters to Stand Strong as Evil Is Exposed and Defeated (Video)

Bust their asses, dude…

WashTimes: Carter Page files $75M lawsuit against DOJ, FBI alleging ‘unlawful surveillance’

Tyler O’Neil: Justice Is Coming: Carter Page Takes Comey, McCabe, Strzok to Court in $75M Obamagate Lawsuit


Andrew Doyle: Jordan Peterson: How the left manufactured a folk devil: The hysterical response to Peterson’s latest book is totally disconnected from anything he has actually said.

Stacey Lennox: Victor David Hanson Has a Thanksgiving Warning About a Cultural and Geographic Divide

Jonathan Turley: Barrett Reloaded? A New Third Circuit Decision Could Prove The Perfect Base For A Second Amendment Blowout

Andrew Stuttaford: The Great Reset: If Only It Were Just a Conspiracy

Matthew Continetti: Sharansky and the Meaning of Freedom: Column: Life lessons from the dissident, politician, and activist

How about step off and get bent to the most sharpest and uncomfortable angle:

Forbes: Democratic Senators Announce National Face Mask Legislation

The MSM/journalism is so dead they’re already like those decayed unrecognizable artifacts dug-up in a generations’ old city dump…

Twitchy: Media preps nation for next 4 years of hard-hitting journalism with ‘breaking news’ about Joe Biden

Obviously TIME doesn’t have the shaved-balls to name China’s CCP for their complete botching and cover-up of their Wuhan plague on the entire world. No, they’ll pick from a handful of local fuck-ups…

NYPost: Dr. Fauci, Andrew Cuomo, AOC nominated for Time’s ‘Person of the Year’

Stacey Lennox: Democrats’ Gratuitous Awards and Questionable Accomplishments: Time’s ‘Person of the Year’ Edition


NYPost: Pete Davidson to lead all-star version of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

100PFU: Video: Pastor Turns Church Into a ‘Strip Club’ to Be Deemed Essential During COVID


Who the Hell had “Livin’ the 2001: A Space Odyssey Dream” on their 2020 game card?

BBC News: Metal monolith found by helicopter crew in Utah desert

Joel Abbott: Deer steals hunter’s gun, probably gearing up for the Apocalypse

Mike Wall: Jupiter’s ocean moon Europa may spout water plumes from its icy crust: The intriguing moon could have multiple plume types.

I wouldn’t want to be around when that broad white tape is being removed.
Just… give him the damn “Multi-Pass” and let him through TSA. Ain’t nobody wanna see that ‘pat-down’…

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BREAKING: Happy Holidays, World!

Thanksgiving leftovers for Black Friday lunch WARNING…

I’m seeing “Mohsen Fakhrizadeh has been assassinated” used to describe the [alleged] Mossad killing of Iran’s top nuclear weapons scientist in Iran. Feh.

English al Arabiya: Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh assassinated: Ministry of Defense

More excellent coverage from Heshmat Alavi’s Twitter tweet thread here.

Twitchy: Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif calls on international community to condemn Israeli ‘terrorists’ for alleged murder of top nuclear scientist … Yeah— HELL NO!

Twitchy: ‘It’s bizarre’: Ted Cruz slams John Brennan for ‘consistently siding with Iranian zealots’ (and has a question the media should ask Biden

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Ass-Crack of Dawn “Black Friday Deals”… UPDATED Repeatedly, BTW … AND This Counts as Your “Weekend Reads”

Spare Us This Pope…

Bryan Preston: Vatican Unveils Avant-Garde 2020 Nativity Scene, and Boy Does Twitter Have Opinions

Stephen MacLean: Holiday Surprise: Pope Francis Endorses ‘Risk-Taking’ Entrepreneurs: Maybe as a Christmas present he can reevaluate his harsh views of capitalism in general.

Twitchy: Pope Francis clucks his tongue at those who believe the notion of personal freedom is still important during the COVID19 pandemic

Living the Thug Life:

Breitbart: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) on Thursday bitterly dismissed the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling against his coronavirus restrictions on religious services, claiming the decision is “irrelevant.”“You’re the Dude! ‘A #1’!!!”

Twitchy: Blue-checks get ‘Amy Covid Barrett’ trending after 5-4 SCOTUS ruling … Remember, the left only likes SCOTUS rulings that go their way. Double that for their waving around the US Constitution when it suits just them.

Richard Moorhead: March Study Points to Pervasive Mental Illness Among White American Liberals … Well, no duh, Dick.

Emily Zanotti: Portland’s Black BLM Activists Say They’re Done With ‘White’ Antifa, Want ‘Separation’ … It’s like watching dung beetles fight.

Mark Tapson: Unmasking Antifa: A new book exposes the origins, nature, tactics, and aims of this dangerous “idea.” … Yep! Now do BLM.

Busting the Biden Parade Balloon:

Buck Throckmorton @ AoSHQ right sidebar: “Look! The coincidental halo pictures are back. Our garbage media worships garbage deities.”

Without the MSM no democrat makes it and gets away with it all, be he/she Obama, Hillary or Joe…

Twitchy: CNN’s Kaitlan Collins is ‘proud to be a part of’ this elite team of firefighters willing to risk their lives to hold Donald Trump accountable

And when you now hearing the various MSM entities claiming “There’s been no evidence of voter fraud/irregularities/wrongdoing/etc. in this election”, never forget they have been one of the biggest purveyors of supplying, enabling, and supporting all modes of this 2020 election coup. As I have said, it is not just one or two big chunks of evidence. It is several smaller, but highly relevant, tactically placed thefts that the MSM can continue to shrug-off as ‘anecdotal’ and insignificant.

Ryan Saavedra: WATCH: Devout Catholic Joe Biden Does Not Know How To Pronounce Famous Book In Bible … And before the Biden ‘nurse’s aide’ MSM army come charging in for the rescue and jump on it as “just a regional thing”… No, it’s not.

NB/MRC: CNN: Those Aren’t Biden Gaffes! They Demonstrate His ‘Empathy’

Judicial Watch: Briefing Memo Shows Democratic Lobbying Firm Met with U.S. Officials in Ukraine in February 2019, Discussed Burisma Holdings

Stephen Kruiser: Barack Obama Hates Joe Biden, the Truth, and Man Jeans … I repeat, it’s never been about or for Joe Biden. It’s always been the Kamala toe under the tent, and then the Marxist political proletariat who will be storming in and shoving old Joe under the cemetery tractor on their way to burying this country.

Twitchy: Ari Fleisher: Maybe some reporter will ask Joe Biden about suggesting using the Logan Act against Michael Flynn

BPR: ‘Don’t ever talk to the president that way’: Trump puts ‘lightweight’ reporter in his place

Jim Hoft: Four Joe Biden Supporters Greet Him on Highway — But He Got 80 Million Votes — What a COMPLETE JOKE! … Well, to be fair, Jim, they could’ve voted for him multiple times in multiple states, you know.

GWP: BREAKING: KRAKEN RELEASED! Attorney Sidney Powell Files 104 Page BOMBSHELL COMPLAINT of Massive Fraud in Georgia Election – Update: Michigan too … Kill`em all and let God sort`em out.

Matt Vespa: Here’s the Part of Sidney Powell’s Lawsuit That Could Impact the Outcome of the Election

Joe Hoft: Not Only Was Dominion Prone to Attack from China and Iran – It Was Also Connected to Pro-Obama Entity Known as ACORN … The pre-antifa/blm thugs.

Doug Ross: INFOGRAPHIC: The Shocking Allegations of Mass Vote Fraud Made by Sidney Powell in Georgia – So easy to consume, even Democrats can understand…

Glenn Reynolds:

PUBLISHED IN USA TODAY ON NOVEMBER 2D, THE LAST DAY YOU COULD RAISE THESE QUESTIONS WITHOUT BEING CALLED A CONSPIRACY THEORIST: Will your ballot be safe? Computer experts sound warnings on America’s voting machines … But remember, if you say this now, you’re a conspiracy theorist.

GWP: FLASHBACK: Obama Says Mail-in Ballots Can Only Be Trusted if the Signatures are Verified

Joe Hoft: From Scott Adams the Creator of Dilbert – “The Official [Democrat] Election Narrative … It’s Crackin’”

Robert Zimmerman: The coming purge

I have just finished reading The Memo: 20 years inside the deep state fighting for America first. Written by military intelligence and national security expert Richard Higgins, it described his long and mostly fruitless effort in Washington to make our foreign military policy more effective.

In 2016, in desperation, he allied himself with Donald Trump, hoping that a victory by this very unconventional outsider might finally put Higgins in a position of some control.

It did not work out that way. …

Within a couple of days of my starting there, I realized that the place was staffed, largely anyways, with legacy personnel from the Obama administration. They were technically “holdovers.” But it was pretty clear that they weren’t planning on going any place and there was nobody around with any interest in getting rid of them in order to make room for people appointed by Trump. People who would be, therefore, loyal to his MAGA agendas.

Which the holdovers most definitely were not. Instead of being committed to advancing the President’s agenda, they were determined to sabotage it. And they evidently didn’t care who knew it.

[Higgins then lists a number of these anti-Trump individuals, including Eric Ciaramella, the whistleblower who’s fake accusations against Trump relating to Ukraine helped instigate the impeachment effort in early 2020.]

And there were many more. The NSC was crawling with them.

Against six or seven of us MAGA types.

It was, to say the very least, a strange dynamic. We were people who believed in the President’s agenda and were working to advance it. They were unalterably opposed to him and wanted to sabotage that agenda….

In the end, the continuing control by Obama holdovers in this and other intelligence agencies resulted in a fake Russian collusion investigation, spying on the president, and a fake impeachment effort. All against the duly and legally elected president by a gang of partisan anti-American Democrats acting as a fifth column in the executive branch….

Read the whole thing. The primary mistake Pres. Trump made after taking office in 2017 was not firing all the Obama holdovers in every department. Most are still there, and awaiting ‘orders’ if Biden Trojan jackass crashes into the Oval Office and the Obama minions swarm out of its asshole end.

Lawyer Ron Coleman’s entire long Twitter tweet thread readable here, even for those without accounts. Ron’s not wrong. The emergent plan/agenda, I strongly suspect, will be to E.O. the Hell out of everything Pres. Trump has done these last four years for the American people (all economic classes), business/industry, the economy, wages, etc..

GWP: President Trump Goes After Big Tech: “For Purposes of National Security, Section 230 Must be Immediately Terminated!!!”

Leftovers for Weeks:

Jeff Reynolds: Top Deals on Guns And Ammunition for Black Friday

Jon Brown: ‘Unthanksgiving’: YouTube Scolds Americans For Treatment Of Indigenous Peoples, Gets Dragged On Twitter

Eric Quintana: Citgo-6, Group Of Americans Jailed In Venezuela, Sentenced To Prison Three Years After Pre-Thanksgiving Arrest


JHNewsLetter: A closer look at U.S. deaths due to COVID-19

Robert Zimmerman @ Behind The Black:

UPDATE: It appears the newsletter analysis that I linked to below was too hopeful for the authorities at Johns Hopkins, even though it was based on actual data. Mere minutes after I posted this they took it down, censoring this conclusion. Though I quoted a lot below, the article was much longer, included detailed graphs, and was thoughtful and thorough.

Positive news like this however must not be published. It must be squelched and silenced. We must live in fear, even if the thing we fear does not exist.

One of my readers below however found it on the Wayback Machine, here….

Evan James: CDC Will Shorten COVID-19 Self-Quarantine Recommendation from Two Weeks to Between Seven and Ten Days. A positive development. … They said ‘if you vote Biden COVID will be abated’, or something. CDC loves him, anyway.

Andrew Mark Miller: Study finds 84% fewer hospitalizations for patients treated with controversial drug hydroxychloroquine … Just admit the damn HCQ is a major help with this F-ing virus, already!

Medical Press: COVID-19 antibody surveys underestimate infections: study

Victoria Taft: 10 Hypocrite Dems Who Prattle on About Masks and Lockdowns But Personally Act Like They’re All BS

Twitchy: Axios editor overcome with ‘feeling of rage’ walking by houses hosting Thanksgiving get-togethers wasn’t too upset about hypocritical pols

WashTimes: Canadian restaurateur hauled away in handcuffs as customers protest: ‘Shame on you!’: “This is Canada, not North Korea!” protesters shouted as Adamson Barbecue owner Adam Skelly was arrested for reopening his Toronto restaurant … Et tu, Canucks?

More Than Six-Feet of Space:

Katie Hunt: Earth is closer to supermassive black hole at center of our galaxy than we thought

Robert Zimmerman: SpaceX sets numerous launch records in placing 60 more Starlink satellites in orbit

Brooks Hays: Space worm tests show microgravity can alter genes

Robert Zimmerman: Starship 50,000 ft hop now scheduled for Nov 30th: Having completed all preliminary static fire tests, SpaceX has now set November 30th as the target date for 50,000 foot high hop for its eighth Starship prototype


The ‘High Noon’ Presidency

I always watch High Noon when it comes up on my streaming services. Gary Cooper in one of his greatest roles. Along with Shane and Tombstone, it is on my list of top ten westerns of all time. (The Searchers and Open Range are right up there…) The movie was directed by Fred Zinnemann and written by Dalton Trumbo, a blacklisted commie. I’ve always thought that Trumbo, in his self-delusion, thought of himself as Will Kane, fighting the forces that blacklisted him. That’s fine, he can think what he wants, but his writing transcends that and gives us a metaphor or allegory for many things. I’ve always viewed this movie as a metaphor for the individual, fighting for what is right, doing the right thing, and NOT giving in to cowardice and fear.

Just in case there are no fans of westerns out there, let me recap the story quickly. Marshall Will Kane (Cooper), newly married and about to leave town with his new bride Amy Fowler Kane — played by the always spectacularly beautiful Grace Kelly — gets word that a criminal he put in prison, Frank Miller, is coming back after being released early to settle the score him. Three of Miller’s thugs are already in the town of Hadleyville in the New Mexico Territory waiting for the train that is arriving at high noon. Long story short, he tries to get the town to help him, get men to help him, and now they want nothing to do with him. All this after he cleaned up the town and got rid of of the criminals that had terrorized the citizenry. In the end, nobody helps him, not his mentor, nor any one of of his deputies, nor the pastor. He has no friends in town. No one helps him except, ironically, his violence-hating Quaker wife who surprisingly shoots one the bad guys in the back as he’s stalking Kane. By the end, he has killed the other two of Frank Miller’s thugs, plus Miller himself. He leaves town while looking at the weak townsfolk and “friends” surrounding him, who had abandoned him to his fate. He throws his Marshall’s star on the ground, disgusted, as he looks at everybody who refused to help him. He rides away in a carriage with his wife.

The other day while watching it I started pondering how analogous this movie is to the times we are currently living in. It got me to thinking about the last four years, and especially the last couple of months with the election. I was never in Trump’s camp in 2016, but I voted for him after he won the primaries because that’s what I thought needed to be done to prevent Hillary Clinton from winning. In the intervening four years, since January 2017, we have seen some of the most egregious and evil actions taken against Donald Trump, and his administration. Mostly by Democrats — but also from members of his own party — who have done everything they can to delegitimize his Presidency. They have besmirched POTUS with lies and calumnies, subjected him to a bogus investigation based on manufactured evidence, and impeached him over it! Finally, they want to disenfranchise us, WE THE PEOPLE, because of who we voted for. Sometimes it seems that everybody is against Trump and nobody wants to help him. He has been Gary Cooper this whole time, and we are Amy Fowler Kane. Faithful to the last. Maybe with some doubts, but in the end we come through.

It has been three weeks and two days since the election. I will not surrender to the forces of evil that want to subjugate and control us. My entire family, minus two, left Cuba in 1960 precisely because we did not want the state dictating our lives. ‘It’ll never happen here,’ I hear people saying. Well, let me tell you: It is happening here. We, as a nation, have to wake up to the dire existential threat that we are facing from the Democrat Party. I had a friend of mine — a Trump supporter, no less! — tell me that it’s over, and that Trump is being a dick for not conceding, and that he faces an almost impossible task ahead of him. To quote a great philosopher, “yeah, well, you know, like, that’s just like your opinion, man.”

I’m not conceding. I’m not conceding one inch to the Democrats. Until Donald J. Trump says it’s over, it’s not over. We need President Trump to know that WE THE PEOPLE have his back here in metaphorical Hadleyville.

Do not forsake me, oh my darlin’
On this, our weddin’ day
Do not forsake me, oh my darlin’
Wait, wait along

The noon train will bring Frank Miller
If I’m a man I must be brave
And I must face that deadly killer
Or lie a coward, a craven coward
Or lie a coward in my grave

Oh, to be torn twixt love and duty
S’posin’, I lose my fair-haired beauty
Look at that big hand move along
Nearin’ high noon

He made a vow while in state prison
Vowed it would be my life or his’n
I’m not afraid of death but, oh
What will I do if you leave me?

Do not forsake me, oh my darlin’
You made that promise when we wed
Do not forsake me, oh my darlin’
Although you’re grievin’, I can’t be leavin’
Until I shoot Frank Miller dead

Wait along, wait along
(Wait along)
Wait along, wait along
(Wait along, wait along, wait along, wait along)

(“The Ballad of High Noon” by Dimitri Tiomkin and Ned Washington)


2020: American Thanksgiving in the New Age of “Resistance”

Legend has it someone in the Founding Fathers community wanted the turkey deemed the national bird, but they chose the Bald Eagle instead.

I believe, as of this day, we can see how both birds express our nation’s soul.

The Bald Eagle is a symbol of our individuality, self-governing, strength and power.
The turkey is not only sustenance, but a sustenance that those closest to us to gather around in peaceful unity and in the deepest of gratitude for all gifts, great and small.

Today is a day to recall and remind us what is, indeed, essential in our daily lives here in the United States of America.
Our family and friends, of course. Our hopeful ability to keep our heads above the water in all things.
Our history as a nation that always rises above whatever trauma and/or attack from foreign and domestic enemies who seek to remove and destroy our God-given rights and well-earned liberty.
Our freedom to worship however we see fit.
Our freedom to think and speak what we want, without threat from those who oppose us.
Our ability and freedom to not only fail, but to learn and recover, and rebuild to try again.
While most who read this are nodding in agreement, unfortunately in this 21st century there are those that severely need reminding of these fundamental facts about our beloved republic, and yet, will still insist it needs overthrown and abolished, replaced by their own false “democracy” of no freedom and liberty of their creation to rule over us.
And for that we must resist, and never forget this republic’s many chaptered history of all the blood, sweat, tears, horrible mistakes, gloriously fought victories, and united individualities that make us stronger.

God bless America.

You do not become an American by political fiat.
You become an American through determination of heart, body, mind and soul, and in accordance with American values and laws. Then, and only then, will you be “American”…

Lee Habeeb: Aron Marquez: An All-American Immigrant’s Thanksgiving Story

Soon, Marquez was at the University of Connecticut, pursuing his college degree, and after graduating, he landed a job at global energy giant Nabors Industries, where he was promoted six times in five years. Not long after, he was running a company of his own: Marquez is the CEO of Texas-based Wildcat Oil Tools, where he leads nearly 150 employees. The company generates $100 million in annual revenue, with facilities in five countries.

But of all of Marquez’s accomplishments, none stands out more than something he did one year out of college. “I got a $22,000 bonus when I was working at Nabors and used it to pay for everyone in my family to become American citizens,” Marquez said. “That’s the best gift I could ever give my family.”

Marquez closed with words we should all consider as we count our blessings this Thanksgiving weekend. “I wish people didn’t take for granted how great this country is. It’s a real blessing to live here and call ourselves America citizens.”

Jonathon Moseley: The Christian Covenant of Plymouth Rock

North America was dedicated to Jesus Christ when the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. That covenant with Jesus Christ endures today. God will not forget when we hold to His promises….


Daniel Greenfield: Cops Refuse to be the Thanksgiving Police: “Don’t feel a need to hide cars, cover with leaves or walk 3 blocks so your house doesn’t become a target of the Governors EO.”

Stacey Lennox: How Very Stasi: COVID-19 Restrictions Go Full Authoritarian … I’ve been equating a lot of things to “STASI” for atleast a year now. And it is not subsiding, but increasing in accuracy.

Mary Chastain: Denver Mayor Jets Off to Houston After Telling People to Avoid Thanksgiving Travel


Twitchy: GIVING THANKS: Amy Coney Barrett just SHUT DOWN Gov. Cuomo’s attendance limits on houses of worship

Mark Tapscott @ Instapundit:

SUPREMES STRIKE DOWN CUOMO’S ANTI-RELIGIOUS COVID LIMITS: In a 5-4 decision that is full of positive implications for First Amendment litigation regarding religious freedom and practice, the Supreme Court late yesterday slapped down New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s restrictions on worship gatherings in targeted areas hit hard by Covid.

The decision acknowledged that the nine Justices on the nation’s highest court “are not public health experts,” but it went on to explain that “even in a pandemic, the Constitution cannot be put away and forgotten. The restrictions at issue here, by effectively barring many from attending religious services, strike at the very heart of the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious liberty. Before allowing this to occur, we have a duty to conduct a serious examination of the need for such a drastic measure.”

This is big and potentially huuuuge, as a certain prominent American Socialist who likely will not be pleased by it might say. But what is certain is that for those who love the First Amendment as a whole, and especially its guarantees of religious freedom and practice, this decision is something to indeed be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day 2020.

Indeed. Indeed. And I am nearly 100% convinced that if/when the 2020 election case comes to the SCOTUS, we will not be able to count on Chief Justice Roberts to vote the correct way.

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An important message for these dark and uncertain times…

Helen Smith, a psychologist (and wife of InstaPundit) has this amazing message for us:

ANGER, NOT FEAR IS THE CORRECT RESPONSE. I was listening to Rush Limbaugh’s show last week while driving when a man called in to say that with Biden’s “election,” he is scared for himself and for his family. Rush said he understood. I don’t. Why are so many conservatives scared rather than angry about the election? What good is fear? Where is the outpouring of anger and disgust that all conservatives should have toward half the country that wants them cowed at best and dead at worst? Fear has no place here.

Anger is a response to injustice and conservatives have been dealing with this injustice for years with the rigged election being the final straw. Fear is helpless, unless perhaps it moves us to action. So rather than fear, stand up in righteous indignation, like Andrew Breitbart, who never gave up. This indignation was on full display at a protest I attended the other night. A woman leapt up like a bulldog when a leftist type started to tell the crowd of small business owners that they were to blame for the spread of Covid. She screamed at him til the crowd booed and he handed back the microphone and left. It wasn’t his event, it was for small business owners to get their voices heard.

The news, the media and every aspect of our society has had the angry voices of the liberals blaring for the past four years of the Trump presidency. Now these same angry jackals want unity –hah! Not on your life, or mine. So stand up, don’t be afraid, be angry and take action. Go to a protest, write a letter, run for office, stand up to any leftist and never give up.

For God’s sake, don’t be afraid. Let them be afraid of you.

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BREAKING: Gen. Michael Flynn is Pardoned by Pres. Donald Trump

Joseph Weber and John Solomon: BREAKING: Trump pardons former national security adviser Mike Flynn: Attorney General William Barr earlier this year asked a federal court to allow the Justice Department to drop the case

Sara Carter: “The case was dropped May 7, 2020 and Sullivan played CLEAR AS DAY politics on deciding to sign off,” says Mike Flynn Jr. “Shows why we need to fix our judiciary.”

I hate seeing it go this way, but the railroading job that “judge”, Emmet Sullivan, continues to do was a runaway train and needed derailing down a steep cliff.

God bless you, Gen. Flynn.

Twitchy: Jonathan Turley contemplates the Michael Flynn case under a Biden Justice Department

From the outset, Sullivan’s handling of the case was unsettling and irregular. This should have been a simple sentencing on a simple criminal count. After all, Flynn cooperated with federal prosecutors and even uncooperative witnesses like Alex Van Der Zwaan received only 30 days in prison on a similar charge. However, in his first sentencing hearing, Sullivan blew up the proceedings with a bizarre diatribe.

Using the flag in court as a prop, Sullivan falsely accused Flynn of being an “unregistered agent of a foreign country while serving as the national security adviser” who sold his country out.

Sullivan even suggested Flynn should have been charged with treason, then suggested he might ignore any recommendations and send Flynn to jail when he declared, “I cannot assure you that if you proceed today, you will not receive a sentence of incarceration. I am not hiding my disgust and my disdain.”

Andrew C. McCarthy: Gen. Flynn Should Not Have Needed a Pardon

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Don’t Forget to Remove the Giblet Bag…

Yeah, I’m still standing … yeah-yeah-yeah. But my medical saga continues.
Heart cath through my right wrist (yes, I was awake for the procedure) went fine (better than the several attempts at IV sticks in the pre-lab prep area), but no stents. I was kind of hoping for them, I guess, thinking they would be a “fix” to my situation. Instead, for now, I’m being treated with an increase in a couple of my current meds, and will be seeing one of my doctor daughters’ hospital colleagues, who is a intervention cardiologist who works closely with a very highly rated thoracic surgeon in Ohio … in case he’s needed in the future. Awaiting the scheduling of a PET scan and a visit to a pulmonologist regarding the “nodule” on my right lung they incidentally detected on my heart CT of a couple weeks ago. By the way, I am NOT a smoker. Again, thank you all for your support and prayers at this time. You’re all greatly appreciated, even though we’ve not met face-to-face in all the long years we’ve been friends.

So, now that my right arm is no longer incapacitated in a splint for the few days following the heart cath so the artery could mend, I am playing a little catch-up on pre-holiday things at home as I am now our Thanksgiving site due to my other daughter (whose house we were supposed to dine at) has finally come down with “The `Rona” thanks to her multiple students coming to class WITH IT at the university where she’s a professor, and probable exposer (in spite of heavy PPE) at the hospital where she works. So, their homestead is now n quarantine, and daughter #2 and her little family are coming here for dinner). Good thing I had foresight and bought a small turkey two weeks ago. Here’s hoping our Christmas is spared. Yours too!

In My Newsfeed:

Stephen Kruiser: Idiot Democrats Think There’s Some Kumbaya on the Way

Stephen Green: Insanity Wrap #95: Delirious Robert De Niro Keeps Mistaking Himself for One of His Tough-Guy Roles

COVID Turkeys:

If you don’t believe there are those in government doing all they can to use COVID as a total unConstitutional governmental overreach over the American people, think again…

“Masks are bloody useless. They’re just for show to make it look like the government is doing something.”“The Crown” S1E4, “Act of God”

Jessica Chasmar: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf bans alcohol sales on Thanksgiving Eve, ‘the biggest day for drinking’ … This is prohibition by unconstitutional government overreach proxy, plain and simple.

WashTimes: Restaurants workers out of work again as coronavirus surges anew … This really is the ‘big picture’ plan. Collapse the US economy, top to bottom, and institute their socialist economy that not only keeps everyone on equal ‘misery scale’ but dictates every single inch of the economy, production, commerce, and wages … and personal property/wealth. No matter what economic class you are in.

Breitbart: Maryland Gov. Hogan Announces Deployment of ‘High Visibility’ Coronavirus ‘Compliance Units’

WashTimes: Republican Gov. Phil Scott says Vermont schools will question kids about Thanksgiving plans

Twitchy: Mayor Bill de Blasio threatens to shut down synagogue that hosted a huge wedding behind his back

The Blaze: Republican Maryland governor says no one has a ‘constitutional right to walk around without a mask’ … Exsqueeze me?!?

Twitchy: ‘Can you BE more out of touch?!’ AP tries to paint pandemic-induced isolation as a good thing (self-care!) and fails MISERABLY … Well, it’s the “AP”, so, there’s that.

FOX5 Washington DC: Remote learning increases failing grades by 83 percent in Fairfax County, study finds

Paul Goldberg: NY Nursing Home Death Toll Worse Than You Thought, Report Shows A STAGGERING Number Of Deaths Caused By Emmy Award Winning Governor

Lloyd Billingsley: From Golden State to Police State: Californians push back against autocratic governor Gavin Newsom, a likely Democrat contender for president in 2024.

Ace: Garbage Network CNN Pushes Yet Another Viral Fake News Story, This One About Covid Patients Saying “Covid Is a Hoax” with Their Dying Breaths;Story Falls Apart, With Zero Corroboration=but CNN Refuses to Retract Or Even Comment

Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg: Government doesn’t know best how we should give thanks


The Hill: 6.4 million COVID-19 vaccine doses expected to be shipped to states by mid-December

John Murawski: Post-George Floyd, a Wave of ‘Anti-Racist’ Teaching Sweeps K-12 Schools Targeting ‘Whiteness’

Newt Gingrich: The Thieves Who Stole Our Election Got Sloppy

Roger L. Simon: The Smartmatic Story: From Venezuela With No Love

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Ann Althouse: “The Obama staffers are now cutting out the people who got Biden elected. None of these people found the courage to help the VP when he was running and now they are elevating their friends over the Biden people. “ … This was never about Joe Biden, not really. He was just the Trojan jackass.

I&I Ed. Board: Impeach Joe Biden … Point of Fact: There is a whole Hell of a lot more real hard evidence of Biden’s, and his son’s and other family members, collusion and huge money-taking from foreign entities than there ever was insinuated, and spun out of whole cloth by Hillary money, of a Trump-Russia collusion case. Just because the MSM pushed the Russia hoax doesn’t make it true. Just because the same MSM has buried and scoffed at the Biden(s) foreign wheelings and dealings while he was actually serving in the White House doesn’t make it untrue.

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Quote of the day (plus response) – UPDATED

“We’ve talked a lot about transfer of power and the election. And it’s worth remembering that this president was never given an orderly transition of power. His presidency was never accepted. In fact, before the election we know Crossfire Hurricane was launched by [former FBI agent] Peter Strzok to pursue baseless allegations about the president’s ties with Russia. And what happened after he was elected, you had 70 lawmakers say we’re not coming to his inauguration. Democratic lawmakers, you had [Senator] Elizabeth Warren, saying, we’re going to attempt to obstruct the Trump transition by urging the Government Accountability Office to investigate the incoming Trump transition. Many sought to undermine him, discredit him, delegitimize him and deny his victory. There were no calls for unity, there were no calls for healing. So while every legal vote is counted, let us not forget the inexcusable transition, or lack thereof, that President Trump had to endure in 2016, and for years into this presidency.”

—Kelly McEnany (November 20, 2020)

A response to the quote above by our own Honey:

Response of the decade to the quote of the day:

Remember that the Republicans are always REACTING to the planned schemes of the left. The right always has the disadvantage because the left plans and knows the operation in advance and we are the ones always a step or five behind trying to untangle the web of iies and deceit, and to get redress.

The left also stays together and no one gives the game away.

“Our side” is always fractured because too many have individual axes to grind.

A united and fanatical left will always have the advantage over free thinking people who go in twenty different directions.

In 2016, the left, including the Deep State which included members of the Justice Department at the highest levels, and it all went up to Obama and Clinton, had to have an insurance policy in case the outsider Trump made it through to electoral victory.

They had their contingency plan of how they would undermine his presidency from the first. Not one liberal or lefty questioned their filthy schemes. They had big plans on how to get their power back and interrupt the Republicans’ ability to govern.

They had no need of scruples, just lies and manipulation of conjured up evidence and then they each corroborated each others’ crap and the media played it up, and their members of congress as well.

In 2020, they were going to make it easier for themselves this time. They had four years to plan how they would steal the election, and they carried it off. Not one liberal or leftie in Congress or Government or the left media allowed any doubts. They scoffed at any suggestion of corruption of the vote. Fairy tales, desperate attempts to explain their loss, they called any questions of the integrity of the vote count.

And the useful idiots, the” objective” members of our side, and the Nevertrumpers with their TDS, obliged by staying skeptical about reports of fraud or mocking them.

This is the way the left wins all the time and makes our side play into the hands of their deceit.

Now here is the major point. In no debate or interview did anyone ever ask Hillary or Biden if they would accept the results of the election. The impression was always left, by omission of this question of the left candidates, that they, of course, would follow the law.

But Trump was often asked this question, setting up the doubt in Americans’ minds that Trump is shifty and suspicious and egomaniacal and would never cooperate legally if he lost the election.

That’s why so many are against Trump on both sides. It was always a set up.

Unless the court takes up this case and very soon, the left will win again.

And, as I continually suggest, if there is proven fraud and corruption of the vote and law breaking as I believe there was, the Court must make the decision nine to zero and the decision must be written by one of the three in the minority.

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November 22, 1963

I was a second grader at St. Mary’s Cathedral School, a Roman Catholic parochial school here in Miami. The day started as all days back then did. I have no memory of it save that it was my birthday and I was expecting lots of presents when my class celebrated it later that afternoon. We had a ‘Cowboys and Indians’ theme party and I received a great present: a very cool plastic western Colt .45 that fired plastic bullets. It worked great and you could reload it just like the Cowboys in the movies. We sang songs, my classmates sang happy birthday, we ate cake and stuff, and all was right with the world. I was seven years old! When the dismissal bell rang, we formed our usual line to wait for our parents.

It was around 2:30 PM, EST time, 1:30 CST, on Friday, November 22, 1963.

The nuns who ran the school stopped us as we were leaving the classrooms and told us we had to go to church to pray because something terrible had happened. I vividly remember showing the plastic gun they had given me to my mom and she scolded me to put it away. We went to church and prayed for, what seemed to my seven-year old mind, hours and hours and hours. I vaguely remember hearing that the President had been shot. What did I know? I sort of knew that the President was a Roman Catholic like I was. All I knew was that I had a great present and I couldn’t wait to go home to play with it.

That day, and the three days that followed are forever etched in my mind. The black and white TV was on in our little house for what seemed all the time. Nothing was on the TV except that the President had been shot. My mother and father, grandfather and grandmother, all looking very, very serious. On Sunday, November 24, I saw Jack Ruby kill Lee Harvey Oswald on TV. Live. Ruby yelled, “Oswald!” and pow! Oswald went down. What did I know? I was seven. I thought I was watching a movie that lasted all weekend long. And I saw the funeral on Monday. The haunting drums that kept the pace for the escorting of the caisson carrying the President’s body still gives me goose bumps when I hear them.


In the intervening years November 22 has held a special significance for me. Not because it’s my birthday. Sadly, I haven’t had a birthday since when I haven’t remembered the assassination. It’s significant because of what it did to us, all of us, as a nation. We were hurt badly that day.

That calendrical anomaly has, I guess, made me more interested in the assassination than most Americans. Over the last forty plus years I’ve read dozens of books about the assassination by Mark Lane, David Lifton, Jim Marrs, Fletcher Prouty, Edward Jay Epstein, Gus Russo, and Henry Hurt. The two I most highly recommend are The Last Investigation, by Gaeton Fonzi, and Not In Your Lifetime by Anthony Summers (the 50th JFK anniversary edition of his book, formerly titled Conspiracy). I’ve read countless magazine articles and website essays, seen dozens and dozens of hours of documentaries, all of them outlining the myriad theories as to what happened and, of course, I’ve seen the Zapruder film over and over and over again, its gory images etched in my mind forever.

I have no doubt that there was a conspiracy involved in the assassination. Why?

Of the huge chunks of the Warren Commission Report I’ve read, the “single-bullet” theory, promulgated by the execrable Arlen Specter and his Warren Commission staff, is the most damning evidence to doubt the veracity and accuracy of the Report. I remember hearing about this “magic bullet” in 1964, a year after the assassination. In my seven year old mind it was like a movie or a TV show, and was amazed at what that bullet had done! Little did I know then that this story was a fiction created out of whole cloth, a monumental calumny, a cheap parlor trick designed to fit the verifiable facts of the shooting into a predetermined, prepackaged theory of a “lone gunman.” The goal, ostensibly, was to calm the fears and assuage the grief of a nation with a believable story, and to cover up the utter ineptitude — and maybe complicity — of those who failed to protect the President. Commission Exhibit 399, the so-called “magic bullet,” found on an unattended stretcher in Parkland Memorial Hospital, is a practically intact round from the alleged murder weapon, a cheap World War II vintage Italian Mannlicher Carcano rifle. The round was supposed to have passed through multiple body areas of both the President and Governor Connally (including hitting the radius bone in Connally’s wrist). This bullet, violating the basic laws of physics, came out practically unscathed, an almost certain forensic impossibility. CE 399 is the only empirical evidence you need to believe there was a conspiracy in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Take forty-five minutes out of your day and watch this documentary, Reasonable Doubt: The Single Bullet Theory, one of the best I’ve ever seen about the assassination.

Please note what Cyril Wecht, a world-renowned forensic pathologist, has to say about the “evidence” that underpins CE 399 in the Warren Commission report:

It is the crux of the Warren Commission report, it is the keystone of their conclusions that Lee Harvey Oswald was a sole assassin. Without the single bullet theory, from the physical evidence standpoint, there cannot be a conclusion that Oswald, or for that matter any other single human being in all the world, executed the assassination of Kennedy and the wounding of Connally.


My colleagues in forensic pathology who are members of the panel on which I serve when confronted with this they say ‘well bullets do strange things.’ That’s an exact quote. I’ll never forget it till the day I die. ‘Bullets do strange things.’ I said to them, ‘well you guys collectively have done together 150,000 medical-legal autopsies and several thousand, 10, 20 of those, 30, 40, have involved bullet wounds. Why don’t you all go back to your files and come up with one case where all of you go out and do an experiment and come in with one bullet that will do what 399 is to have done, is alleged to have done, under the single bullet theory, and you’ll prove your case.’ Well, there never was such a case file presented, there never was such an experiment conducted, there never again and never was in the past, in the history of gunfire and civilization, a bullet that did what this bullet is supposed to have done under the single bullet theory. That is the foundation of the whole report, and once you remove that keystone then the whole thing collapses.

The coverup is always worse than the crime.

No matter what I think of JFK, positive or negative — his fear of Fidel Castro, his betrayal of Brigade 2506 on Playa Girón; the sordid deal he made with Kruschev in 1962 that effectively sold out Cuban exiles in the United States (myself included) by effectively preventing us from taking military action against Fidel; the dishonest (and some might even say criminal) way in which he was elected in 1960 — the manner of his death traumatized us; it was so public, shot like a rabid dog on a street in Dallas in full view of young and old alike. Sadly, my generation may never find out the whole truth about the forces that came together on that beautiful sunny day in Dallas to murder the President. Those shots fired in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, on my seventh birthday fifty-seven years ago today, was the seminal event of the first half of my life. It changed the world forever, and it derailed America’s unbounded optimism and gave her a terrible wound that has never healed.


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