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Tricks and Treats Week Ahead…

Now then, remember, if its a mob of hundreds of rioting/destroying/harassing/bludgeoning antifa and blm thugs there is no limit(s), and no masks required.

Newsweek: California Gov. Newsom’s Thanksgiving Rules Explained as Severe Restrictions Put in Place

Twitchy: Wow: Black Lives Matter protests are OK, but watch this cop harass Jews in a private residence … Comrade Bill’s Gestapo.

CBD @ AoSHQ: Anger And Hatred Is No Basis From Which To Create A Political Philosophy, But The Left Sure Is Trying!

Zero Hedge: Top 10% Of Twitter Users Create 92% Of Tweets In US – And 69% Of Them Lean Left

Democrats have lost what little remained of their mind(s)…

Jonathan Turley: The Barrett Rule: How Democratic Members Are Creating A New and Dangerous Standard For Confirmations

The confirmation hearing of Judge Amy Coney Barrett could easily have been mistaken for the sentencing hearing for John Wayne Gacy. Surrounding Barrett were huge pictures of sick individuals. One would think that Barrett was being confronted with the faces of her victims. In reality, the pictures perfectly captured a far more important message. Senators had finally broken free from any pretense of principle in reviewing the qualifications of a nominee. Indeed, many are about to create a new rule, the Barrett Rule, allowing conditional confirmation voting. The pictures were meant to pressure Barrett to either satisfy senators that she would vote against an Affordable Care Act challenge or they would vote against her confirmation….

Voting against nominees based on their expected votes

Democratic members have struggled with changing rationales for voting against Barrett, who has impeccable credentials as an accomplished academic and respected jurist. One such implausible claim was made the day before the hearing by Sen. Chris Coons (D., Del.) on Fox News Sunday. He claimed the nomination “constitutes court packing.” Both Biden and his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Cal.) have referred to nominating conservatives as court packing. Biden and others have refused to tell voters whether they will move to pack the Supreme Court if the Democrats retake both the Senate and the White House (a proposal once denounced by Ruth Bader Ginsburg herself). Instead of answering, Coons and others insist that Barrett’s nomination is court packing — a position that would allow them to vote against her without the need to consider her actual qualifications.

The portrayal of the Barrett nomination as court packing is facially absurd. Court packing is the expansion of the Court to create a dominant ideological majority. Referring to such a proposal by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, then Sen. Joe Biden once denounced it as “a bonehead idea . . . a terrible, terrible mistake” in seeking to add seats to the Court just to create a majority. Filling a vacancy on the Supreme Court is not court packing under any remotely plausible definition. Otherwise, anytime you disagree with the choices of a president, it would be court packing despite leaving the court the same size….

Read the whole thing.

Roll Call: Senate cuts off debate on Barrett nomination, moves to final vote on Monday: Republicans mostly stick together on cloture motion

NYT: Why False Positives Matter, Too: False negatives are not the only a troublesome outcome of a faulty coronavirus test

Kyle Smith: The media promised to do better after Trump’s 2016 win — instead, they got worse … I’d say that’s the understatement of 2020, but a little over two months and an election to go. Stay tuned. Whoops! There it is…

Michael Lee: Washington Post piece calls on media to report Hunter Biden leaks as foreign disinformation, even if it ‘probably’ isn’t

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Come On, Man … Ya Chumps!

This from the bloke that says antifa is nothing but an “idea”. This from the bloke that late last week on national TV said he would be ending hundreds of thousands of fossil fuel job across the energy independent nation, including the state of Pennsylvania. You know, it’s “Bitter Clingers 20.20”, and Joe Biden ain’t helping himself. “Chumps”, is it, Joe? Keep talking— please…

Audrey Conklin: Pro-Trump group crashes Biden drive-in rally in Pennsylvania: ‘We don’t do things like those chumps out there,’ Biden said.

Brian Flood: Trump rally gives Fox News largest Saturday night audience in its history

Brad Schaeffer: What I Saw At The Trump Parade…In Deep Blue New Jersey?

Sisterhood of the traveling Trump pants…

Twitchy: That’ll show those Trump-supporting nuns! Resist loser REKT for bullying and doxxing nuns who attended Trump rally

As you can guess, this has the left on Twitter wadding their panties. Nothing tops Christian-bashers playing the Christian/Catholic card on Catholic Nuns showing their political support for the republican POTUS.

Notice it never seems to bother them when Nuns show up at ‘women’s marches’ and ‘pro-abortion rallies’/stances and anti-ICE protests. Yeah, I’ve seen them in the crowds.

No, nuns and clergy like this are canonized saints for the religion of the secular left.

Kenneth Garger: Trump, once Presbyterian, now says he’s a ‘nondenominational Christian’


Ronn Blitzer: Biden grilled on ‘transition’ away from oil and gas comment in Pennsylvania TV interviews: Several interviews in the key battleground state focused on Biden’s debate comment

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Masking The Truth…

Mask seen on Twitter. I want one.

Question. For months now the vast majority of the US population, even in “hot spots”, have been stridently masking and social distancing, some even limiting venturing out in public… Why then are the COVID infected numbers rising? And why, after being told months back that they would come fall/winter and the annual flu season, is the MSM and the political class treating this as some mysterious and unexpected event now? I am so sick and tired of the chain-yanking procedure being done on the American people.

The other night at the debate Pres. Trump said “We’re learning to live with the COVID virus”. Joe Biden’s response was “We’re learning to die, not live, with Covid-19”. Which outlook do you seriously want to go forward with? Here’s a hint. Imagine if 100 years ago with the global pandemic of Spanish Influenza the people, especially in this country, went the negative and defeatist route akin to Biden’s mentality.

Jordan Schachtel: CDC: 85% of COVID-19 patients report ‘always’ or ‘often’ wearing a mask: Americans are wearing masks, but masks aren’t working.

Carolyn Crist @ Web MD: Fauci: Masks, Social Distancing Likely Until 2022

Sounds like Dr. Fauci is in agreement with the Joe Biden COVID plan for us. But for all those, like Fauci and Pelosi and Biden/Harris and everyone on the left demand we “listen to the ‘science'” they mean only the ‘science’ they have decided you should hear. It is the same way they view and treat science in, for instance, climate change, gender, when life begins in the womb. Opposition and debate are forbidden. For nine months COVID has been handled as anything but empirical evidenced science. It has been very amateurish, to say the least, and asinine and deliberately deceptive to say the most. The left doesn’t believe in empirical evidenced science. The left only believes in poli-sci.

Daniel Payne: Multiple journals reject major mask study amid hints that it shows masks don’t stop COVID: Results will be published “as soon as a journal is brave enough,” researcher says.

A major study out of Denmark that sought to examine the efficacy of face masks at limiting the spread of COVID-19 has reportedly been rejected by multiple academic journals amid hints that the study found face coverings are not effective in protecting individuals from the coronavirus.

Masks have been among the most persistent and controversial flashpoints of the COVID-19 epidemic for months. Health officials around the world initially argued strongly against their use, claiming that studies over the years had demonstrated that masks were ineffective at stopping respiratory viruses and unnecessary for the current pandemic.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, for example, told CBS’ “60 Minutes” in March: “Right now, in the United States, people should not be walking around with masks.”

Growing concerns over a purportedly high rate of asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 led many of those same officials, including Fauci, to reverse their recommendations, urging people to wear masks whenever they go out in public….

Danish study has reportedly been ready for months

In spite of their now-ubiquitous presence in most of the Western world today, relatively little evidence exists to support widespread use of face-masking to prevent the spread of respiratory disease. A 2019 World Health Organization review of pandemic mitigation measures, for instance, found “no evidence” that face coverings helped to stop the spread of influenza.

Whether or not studies on influenza transmission can apply to COVID-19 is unknown; the disease’s relatively recent emergence means that scientific studies on it are in short supply. Studies can take many month to secure funding, develop methodologies, carry out experiments, interpret the findings, write a research paper and get it peer-reviewed and published.

To bridge that gap, a team of Danish scientists earlier this year sought to carry out a major randomized controlled trial study to determine how effective masks might be at stopping COVID transmission. The study, begun in April, involved around 6,000 Danish citizens, half of whom wore face coverings during “normal behavior” and the other half of whom went without them.

The study concluded in June. Yet the Copenhagen newspaper Berlingske reported this week that it has been rejected by at least three elite medical journals so far — the Lancet, the New England Journal of Medicine, and JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association.

“They all said no,” Christian Torp-Pederson, one of the study’s researchers, told the Danish newspaper this week. He added that the study’s scientists “cannot start discussing what [the journals] are dissatisfied with, because in that case we must also explain what the study showed, and we do not want to discuss that until it is published.”…

Read the whole thing. There is indisputably one Hell of a censoring of the science that contradicts or disproves the “science” the politicized half of the scientific community, MSM and leftist politicians are pushing in order to keep a fear-driven control over the population.

And this…

Judicial Watch: Fauci Emails Show WHO Entity Pushing for a Press Release ‘Especially’ Supporting China’s Response to the Coronavirus

On January 27, 2020, the World Health Organization/World Bank convened the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB). The following day, the GPMB Secretariat writes an email with the subject line “TIME SENSITIVE Message from GPMB Co-Chairs: review of draft GPMB Statement on 2019-novel coronavirus:”

There was consensus for the GPMB to issue a statement supportive of countries’ (especially China) and WHO response efforts, and to call for urgent actions to further strengthen global preparedness and response to this outbreak.

Please find attached a draft GPMB Statement.

On January 29, Fauci responds:

Looks fine. Please see my comments in attached document.

The emails were produced in response to a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed May 4, 2020, on behalf of the DCNF in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia (Daily Caller News Foundation v. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (No. 1:20-cv-01149)). The lawsuit was filed after HHS failed to respond to an April 1, 2020, FOIA request from the DCNF asking for:

Communications between Dr. Fauci and Deputy Director Lane and World Health Organization officials concerning the novel coronavirus.

Communications of Dr. Fauci and Deputy Director Lane concerning WHO, WHO official Bruce Aylward, WHO Director General Tedros Anhanom, and China.

The time period for the request is January 1, 2020 to April 1, 2020….

Read the whole thing.


AAPS: Mask Facts


COVID-19 is as politically-charged as it is infectious. Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, the WHO, the CDC and NIH’s Dr. Anthony Fauci discouraged wearing masks as not useful for non-health care workers. Now they recommend wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are hard to do (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies). The recommendation was published without a single scientific paper or other information provided to support that cloth masks actually provide any respiratory protection. Let’s look at the data.

The theory behind mask wearing:

– Source control: Cloth mask can trap droplets that come out of a person’s mouth when they cough or sneeze.
– Protection: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – only N95 masks

Transmission of SARS-CoV-2

Note: A COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) particle is 0.125 micrometers/microns (μm); influenza virus size is 0.08 – 0.12 μm; a human hair is about 150 μm.

*1 nm = 0.001 micron; 1000 nm = 1 micron; Micrometer (μm) is the preferred name for micron

*1 meter is = 1,000,000,000 [trillion] nm or 1,000,000 [million] microns

Read the whole thing.

Robert Roos @ CIDRAP: Study: Bacterial pneumonia was main killer in 1918 flu pandemic

I also need to add here the study that found aspirin may have caused some of the Spanish Flu pandemic deaths…

Oxford Academic: Salicylates and Pandemic Influenza Mortality, 1918–1919 Pharmacology, Pathology, and Historic Evidence

It was discovered by Dr. Douglas Reye in the early 1960s that the aspirin was detrimental and even sometimes deadly when given to patients, especially children and at-risk patients, during the flu, and shortly after the recommendation went out to not use the drug during the flu. The condition was names “Reye’s Syndrome”.

Adrien Burch, PhD: Why Gauze Masks ‘Failed’ in 1918 — And What We Can Do Better: A look at the mistakes Americans made while wearing homemade cloth masks to protect against the Spanish flu, according to the secretary of the California State Board of Health in 1918

My previous post on the back-and-forth crap over masks during this pandemic. Especially this link from just two weeks ago where GWP highlights the WHO/CDC constant contradictions over masks: CDC First Said Not to Wear Masks, Then to Wear Masks, Then Masks Were Better than Vaccines – Now New Evidence Shows Masks Are Ineffective

John Tierney @ Instapundit: LET THEM EAT MASKS: The Coming Post-COVID Global Order. Lockdowns in the West could leave billions of people in the developing world stranded in a “neo-feudal future.”

Glenn Reynolds:

INTERESTING: Studies Point To Big Drop In COVID-19 Death Rates.

Two new peer-reviewed studies are showing a sharp drop in mortality among hospitalized COVID-19 patients. The drop is seen in all groups, including older patients and those with underlying conditions, suggesting that physicians are getting better at helping patients survive their illness.

“We find that the death rate has gone down substantially,” says Leora Horwitz, a doctor who studies population health at New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine and an author on one of the studies, which looked at thousands of patients from March to August. . . . Mateen says drops are clear across ages, underlying conditions and racial groups.

I’m prepared to believe that some of it’s better treatments, but it also looks as if a smaller proportion of cases are being hospitalized, which suggests that there’s more going on.

Related: The CDC’s Latest Antibody Data Confirm Huge Interstate Differences in COVID-19 Fatality Rates: The findings suggest that people infected in Connecticut were 10 times as likely to die as people infected in Utah or Oregon. “The latest data from antibody studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) across the country confirm that the death rate among Americans infected by the COVID-19 virus varies very widely from one state to another. The CDC’s prevalence estimates for August, combined with contemporaneous death counts, suggest that the infection fatality rate (IFR) was at least 10 times higher in Connecticut than in Idaho, Nebraska, Oregon, Tennessee, or Utah, for example.” People I know who’ve tested positive here have all had either mild or no symptoms. That’s not everyone, of course, but it’s something people around here are noticing in general and commenting on.

One explanation missing from this article is Vitamin D. But with days shortening, people’s Vitamin D levels will start falling, and by midwinter will be much lower. So if that’s it, well, take Vitamin D, at least.

GWP: Ivanka and Jared Trump Threaten to Sue Lincoln Project Demons Over Disgusting NY Times Square Billboards … Just a reminder, The Lincoln Project is that rabid Never-Trump gang of dregs and alleged republicans/conservatives, like Kellyanne Conway’s husband George, Bill Kristal (one of the biggest disappointments in the last couple of decades) Jen Rubin, etc..

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A Lazy Saturday Flyover Break

I saw this link promoted on my Twitter feed and thought I would click on it for a look. I don’t usually click on promoted links, by the way…

Adam W. @ World Traveling posted – October 20, 2020: These Drone Images Will Change the Way You See the World

There are some really fantastic high-up photographs from drones, and I thought I would post a few (click on the link for more).
These pictures make me want to get a drone.

And you thought your daily commute to and from work was a pain in the arse?

Traffic Jam

One of the most annoying things about driving is traffic jams. There isn’t one person out there who says they are happy to be stuck in one. This drone captured this image when flying high above the motorway in China during rush hour. With a huge population of 1.4 billion people, areas can get a little overcrowded.

Although the cars are driving in lines, there isn’t really much order to the driving since there are no lines on the road blocking out the lanes. When the roads get this congested, it can hold up traffic for hours, with people often getting out of their cars.

Yeah— no— HELL no!

Don’t look down

This shocking view was taken by a drone flying along the cliff face of Tianmen Mountain in China. The mountain is over 5000 feet high and each day thousands of pilgrims climb the narrow wooden ladder nailed to the sheer rock.

At the top of the mountain is an ancient temple and people climb all the way up to get there. It’s scary to think about what would happen if anyone lost the balance on the climb up.

Stunning dichotomy at the US-Mexico border…

Night and day

This is what you see when you fly a drone over the US/Mexican border. It may look strange, but one side is the United States, and the other side is a Mexican suburb.

It is strange to think that these two suburbs are only separated by a wall if we didnt know any better we would think they were the same city. Can you tell which side is which?

Nope. Not the surface of Mars or any other planet but our own…

River Runs

This seemingly otherworldly image was captured by drone photographer Max Foster. The award-winning artist took this image as part of a series entitled ‘Elemental.’ The aerial view, taken from 1500 ft, shows the swooping lines of the Delta River in Iceland.

Max considers himself as a travel and landscape photographer and we can certainly see why. He takes his inspiration from his youth, where he would sit and read through National Geographic magazines.

I think this one is my favorite…

This is a funny-looking bird

If you ever think flying drones around animals is a good idea, think again. This man decided to see the bears in the wild up close and personal, so he grabbed his drone and flew it in the direction of the animals. As the drone buzzed around them, one of the bears found the drone quite curious and decided to inspect the drone.

The whole thing was filmed by his friend who had flown his drone a little farther away. The drone ended up being an expensive bear chew toy.

As I said, click the above link and see a lot more incredible birds-eye-view contextual photos people have taken by drones around the world. And then search for those particular places on the internet for more information on them. So cool!

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Weekend Reads: Technically Speaking…

Joe Biden and company vow to get this country completely off fossil fuel in just a couple of short decades, if not sooner. In my post-debate post I mentioned how that would be impossible, if you wanted to, you know, continue living life not resembling the damn stone age. The “electric” vehicles is the goal bait the left throws out there when they think they are reassuring the masses that they will not suffer a lack of transportation… except such devices indeed use fossil fuel to send the power to the recharge stations, and wind and solar cannot provide that sort of energy to do so. The other thing these anti-fossil fuel warriors deceive y’all about is the prohibitive cost of one of these jalopies, and the only people that will be able to have their own personal transportation will be the government, and government friendly, elites, not the middle class or definitely not the low income class (and yes, there will still be a low income class, and it will be increased greatly under these bastards)…

Gary Gastelu: 3-door electric Fiat 500 is forbidden fruit for US buyers: Exact pricing for the 500 Electric 3+1 hasn’t been announced, but the standard model starts at the equivalent of around $30,000.

Gary Gastelu: Tesla raising ‘Full Self-Driving’ price to $10G, warns it may do ‘the worst thing at the worst time’

Please note, when cornered Biden and Harris, and their apologists in their campaign and the campaigning MSM, insist they mean end fossil fuel mining and drilling and fracking operations on “federal lands”. A reminder that for eight years Barack Obama accomplished a record federal land-grab by Executive Order by seizing and designating over 554,590,000 acres of land and water ‘federal lands’ … and even on his way out the White House door. It would definitely resume and increase in a Biden/Harris/AOC/Bernie administration. Do not doubt it. And that is how they will indeed wipe-out fossil fuel production in this country. I repeat, do not doubt it. Pres. Trump has released some of that seized land and continues to.


Sarah Taylor: FDA approves remdesivir as first COVID-19 treatment

Kylee Zempel: FLASHBACK: Health Experts Predicted Up To 200,000 COVID Deaths In US ‘If We Do Things Almost Perfectly’

VDH: Will Changes to American Life Become Permanent? The coronavirus, widespread quarantines, an unprecedented self-induced recession, and unchecked rioting, looting, and protesting — all in a presidential election year — are radically disrupting American habits and behavior….“Never let a crisis go to waste,” the left always promises.

Brian Flood: DARK SIDE OF SOCIAL MEDIA: One-time rising star at Google, featured in hit doc, left big tech to warn the world: “‘If the algorithm of the internet were a highway, the internet would think we need more car accidents…”

Hollie McKay: US officials targeted on American soil, across the world by purported sonic attacks

Steven Cherry: Why Does the U.S. Have Three Electrical Grids? A new investigation argues that the politics is delaying electric grid unification

Coast to Coast: Video: New Study Examines How Visible Earth is From Alien Worlds

Your dose of the always amazing Robert Zimmerman: Was there a catastrophic flood in Kasei Valles on Mars?

This is so cool! I want kitchen counters, or even a nice-sized table, that look like this…

More Wuhan Flu blues victims…

FBN: Coca-Cola saying goodbye to half its drink brands

FBN: Gap exiting malls, to shutter 350 stores by 2024: Closings include 130 Banana Republic sites in North America

David Marcus: Of Course New York City Is A Ghost Town

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The last debate of 2020 (and hopefully ever under these ludicrous rules*)

Well, at least Kristen Welker was better than the other guys…

True she did constantly interrupt to repeat, “We have a lot to cover; let’s move on.” And while she also said that to Biden, she said it mostly to Trump. Perhaps HER mike should have been muted.

I mean how many times can we discuss climate change, race in America, and the virus?

We all know the reason it started out with the virus – so Trump can be forced to defend his handing of an unknown and the great progress we never would have made under any other president, but especially so Biden could sound tough and get exercised about how badly Trump managed things and how he would have done so much better.

But when Biden tells us how he would handle things better, he is, once again, a plagiarist because almost everything he says is a declaration of solutions that Trump has already provided. Do I have to spell out here what I mean? And the rest of what he says here is a collection of bald faced lies.

I thought Trump looked very good. He doesn’t smile enough, but it is awfully hard to smile when you have miraculous accomplishments and a pygmy stands there pecking at you, someone who has achieved nothing impressive after a lifetime of service. Trump kept asking him, what can you show for your 47 years in government. After all Biden never signed the front of a paycheck in his life.

We have on one side a man who has built buildings, saved an ice skating rink project, accomplished endless wonders and in three and a half years built the biggest economy almost in our country’s history, fixed things from the past administration’s failures, and dealt with many solutions to a plague that I don’t believe anyone else could have done as well with, handled foreign matters with creativity and aplomb, and moved our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and his team has so far gotten two Arab countries to make treaties with Israel without needing one terrorist’s approval.

The list of Trump’s accomplishments is wondrous and very long. And it has all been done in the face of horrid treason and bad behavior that no one else could have withstood. I really believe that. And he has taken all of this incoming for us, for America and Americans. I thank him for that.

And on the other side we have Joe Biden.

So here’s the first question and it goes to Trump first – He began with his answer about his handling of the virus and he sounded good. I like that he stressed that the mortality rate is very low.

Biden’s turn – He was filled with incorrect misinformation and blather – Mr. President it is your fault that 220,000 lives are snuffed out and that could have been prevented. More will die because you refuse to take the scientists seriously. Masks could have prevented half of those deaths.

What I would have done is act sooner, better – (such a deep thought) – I would move in the direction of more testing (we test more than anywhere in the world). We should open schools but not haphazardly. They need money for special equipment to handle social distancing and they need special supplies. We have to follow rules if we are going to open up schools, tracing, testing, blah blah, blah. To move to open up schools I won’t do it until I make sure we have a plan. – (Oh, now I understand. Why didn’t Trump think of all that?)

Biden said Trump’s handling of the virus was disastrous, ignoring the way Trump immediately got businesses and the military to fix our shortages, to set up hospitals to handle the overflow, closed off foreign travel and saved lives and speeding up the development of a vaccine and other treatments. Did anyone listening see in Biden someone who would do better?

Biden told us we have a dark winter coming in and Trump has no clear plan. And he should have acted earlier he was months too late. (Biden called Trump a xenophobe for closing travel from China. So which is it, Joe, too early or too late? Doesn’t matter. As long as Trump is wrong and he would be correct.)

Trump tried to get in a response. She grudgingly gave him 30 seconds. We didn’t know what we were dealing with in the beginning. We learned more and more as we went.

We are learning to live with it.

Cheap shot from Biden – We are learning to die with it.

Biden complained of people losing jobs and going hungry and the country is in a mess.

Trump – It’s not my fault. It’s China’s fault that it came her out of the blue and brought a great country to its knees. You would shut down the country if someone told you to.

Biden – No, I would listen to the science and take their recommendations.

Trump – You can’t close a big economy like ours down. Businesses are dying. New York is a ghost town. It was always exciting until violent people broke into businesses looted and then burned them down. It’s terrible to see New York City dying like that. In states run by Democrat governors you see what happens when you shut them down. It’s like prisons.

Biden – You insulted Fauci.

Trump – He’s been wrong sometimes. He told everyone not to worry, this will blow over quickly and don’t wear masks.

“I think he’s a Democrat, but that’s okay.” (That was so funny.)

Biden – Trump said he knew it was dangerous but he didn’t want to panic anyone. Americans don’t panic. He panicked.

Now you know that Biden had the questions because he was looking to get that one out. A lot of times his answers seemed rehearsed, not like campaign promises, but like prepared zingers.

There was some back and forth about Russia and Iran influencing our elections and Biden said Trump did nothing about it. Flexing his muscles here comes another rehearsed line – Any country that interferes with our election will pay a price said Biden. Mr. tough guy.

(How about if the Democrats interfered in the election would they pay a price?)

It was obviously not going to be brought up by the moderator, so Trump inserted re that reference to Russia interfering, why did Biden take three and a half million from the wife of a Russian diplomat. Someday he’ll have to explain that.

Biden – I never got one penny.

Trump went on about other money Biden got. Biden said none of that is proven. Oy. Trump is being talked over by the moderator but he went on. Your son, Hunter, never had a job or any skills. He had to leave the service, but I won’t go into that, and when you became Vice President, he suddenly got offers of big money and ten percent was to go to the “Big guy.” Are you the big guy?

Trump at least got that in. Now when the news about all this can no longer be ignored, at least Trump brought it out into the open for those buried in CNN.

Biden said, “This has all been investigated and no fault has been found.”

What does that mean?

They talked about Trump’s tax returns. Biden said he should release them and that he didn’t pay enough taxes, Trump said when the audit is finished, he will release them.

Trump did not explain about his losses this time.
He said every bank he does business with is a matter of public record.

He talked about how everything in his life was investigated including his tax returns. And then said, “A terrible false investigation of me was conducted that cost the taxpayers $46 million and came up empty.

And he turned to Biden and said, “If I used a million dollars to investigate you, I am sure I wouldn’t have any problem finding out about all of your corrupt deals.” Biden laughed but looked down.
The moderator said, you guessed it, ” We have a lot more to get to….” But Trump wanted to make one more point so he said, “Excuse me” to her. I just loved that; and then he finished his thought.

During this Biden interrupted to say that Trump woos our enemies, he embraces thugs, and harms our friends and the world doesn’t trust us. We need allies to get things done. The moderator did not tell Biden we have other topics. She allowed him to interrupt here. At the very moment Biden was his most vulnerable, she helped him.

Trump answered that no one has been tougher on Russia than this administration.
Anyone who has been following foreign policy choices for the last almost four years knows that Trump has been very effective.

I missed the next part but Biden interjected something about people sitting around their kitchen table are hurting and Trump said to Biden, “You can do better that that. We are talking about something serious. But like all typical politicians you changed the subject. I am not a politician.”

“Mr. President we have lots more to cover tonight.”

Trump dug in deeper.

“Now we see these emails and they show the kind of money you got from China, Ukraine and other places. You owe the American people an explanation. Maybe now?”

Biden says, “I have not taken one cent from foreign countries.”

It is easy to muse that it was Hunter who took it and gave a cut to “the big guy”.

Biden asserts that Trump made money from China and Russia. I have no idea what he is talking about. Does anyone?

Trump was asked first about the overturning of Obamacare. He was told 20 million Americans will lose their healthcare.

Now there are so many fallacies there. Just because you have government insurance does not mean you have healthcare, just for openers. Trump says if he can get Obamacare overturned, he will do it, and Americans will have less expensive coverage and he will always protect pre existing conditions. But we already got rid of the most important part. The legislature got rid of the mandate so if we can’t do more, I will work around what we have and make it better. But if I can get it overturned everybody will love what they will have. And while you are worried about the 20 million who will have to get other coverage, why are you ignoring the 180 million Americans who love their healthcare?

And if Biden gets in he will have to take it away from them because the power in the party is with AOC plus three and Bernie. And he will have to do what they say. He will have to make all coverage come from the government which would be a disaster. The price tag is so huge a hundred years of good growth couldn’t cover the costs.

Biden protested that he will be the president and he will decide what happens. Do you believe that? If you do, I have a bridge…

Biden says he wants to do Obamacare with a public option. If you can’t afford coverage you automatically go on Medicaid. Trump says it will be all government socialized medicine and it will be a disaster.

A back and forth about fracking ensued and Biden insisted he never said he was against fracking. Trump is funny here. “Okay, I will show everybody.” He then said remember Texans, remember Pennsylvania, remember Oklahoma, he wants to end fracking no matter what he says then or now. Don’t forget that when you vote.

They talked about the minimum wage and Trump said he wanted to leave it up to the states. Biden brought out his violin an talked about how we have to offer a living wage and there is no evidence that it costs jobs. Yeah, right, just like there is no evidence of corruption in the Biden family.

The discussion of immigration followed the usual path. And I was very glad Trump pointed out that the picture of the children in silver wraps was from the Obama years. Biden insisted it was a disgrace the way your policy had them torn from their parents’ arms. Where did I put my violin? But Trump talked about how well they were cared for and that most often they were to be trafficked or abused in some way. Trump kept asking, “Who built the cages, Joe?” No answer was forthcoming.

Biden talked about those who were ushered into the country had to wait for trial and most of them showed up for their trials.

Trump said, “This just shows Biden has no idea about catch and release.” Fewer than one tenth show up for their hearings and they are lost to us inside the country.

Biden bragged that he would immediately upon taking office free the Dreamers.

Trump, as he did often through the debate, repeated the idea that Biden was Vice President for the last eight years and you are bragging about all of your great plans. Why didn’t you already get these things done?

Race in America.

Biden unsurprisingly has a great plan to fix our damaged system of real relations. “We have to do more and I have laid out a clear plan. People need to accumulate wealth…” Ha, and taxing them to death is the best way to make that happen, right?

Trump had his usual rejoinder. He’s been there 47 years and has not effected any of what he says he plans to do. Then Trump described all that he has done for minorities, criminal reform opportunity zones, great jobs for most of them and the rest. “I have done more for blacks than any president since Lincoln.”

Biden said, “He throws fuel on every fire. He makes everything worse.” (Of course and that is something Obama never did.)

Trump insisted, “I am the least racist. Anyone who knows me knows that.

Later on in the debate, the economy was the subject.

Trump said, “I ran because of you, because I couldn’t stand what you were doing to the country. I inherited such a mess.” Trump asserted, “The last administration left me a mess. My first three months in office were dangerous.”

Biden picked up his violin again as he cried for the states that need help. Trump said we should not be bailing out badly run states and cities. But he failed to land his point because “We have to move on. We have other things to cover.”

Trump said as an emergency measure he wanted to cut the Social Security tax to help out workers and businesses. Biden said that would bankrupt Social Security in a couple of years. That is irresponsible.

Does anyone believe that there is a penny in the government earmarked for Social Security?

Trump said if the other side wins, your retirement plans will go way down and you will lose much of your earnings. Under my watch even now as we rebuild the economy, the stock market is rising steadily. Biden said, “That’s all he worries about, the market. Where I come from in Scranton they have other worries.”

When asked why he hasn’t given any new stimulus to suffering Americans, Trump answered because Pelosi would rather make me look bad than help Americans. Biden said, “You’re the president. Make her do it.”
That sounded idiotic to the max. Is that his idea of checks and balances? I don’t think so because his crowd is the one that will pack the courts if elected. (That did not come up, of course.)

Trump said, “Because of Pelosi’s terrible lack of caring about suffering Americans, we are going to win back the House.”

I sure hope that turns out to be true. And the Senate. And the White House.

Here was a canned reply that was sure to please the base of the Democrat Party. And if you believe this, then…

“When I become president,” Joe Biden said movingly, I won’t think of blue states and red states, I will be president of all Americans,”

And we believe him because of how the deep state, including Obama and Biden, participated in an effort to bring down a duly elected president. That is sure a way to show that you care about all Americans, by ignoring the wishes of half of the electorate.

Biden tried to be dramatic. “Look at me and look at him. You know if you elect me, you get someone of character.”

Definitely. In Peter Schweitzer’s book, Profiles in Corruption, Biden and his family win the first prize as the most corrupt of all. Some beautiful character. At least Trump does what conservatives have been longing to see happen since forever.

Trump answered and I forget what he said about Biden, but next came this.

Up until now, Biden was coherent, dishonest and kind of flaky. Suddenly he said, “I’ve never said ….what he accused me of.”

Uh oh. For the rest of the debate, Biden remained clear, but began stumbling over some words and made some errors. The drug they were giving him must only last for a few hours. Maybe that’s why Biden stayed in his basement for a few days before the debate.

Trump did not give him sympathy for this lapse. He plowed on. “Are you trying to tell us the laptop is a Russia hoax?”

“We have to move on. There’s more to cover.”

Sure, we have to leave time for Climate Change. Ugh.

Trump said America has the cleanest air and water in the world. China, Russia and India are filthy. They don’t have to pay for anything for years. Why should we? Getting out of the climate deal was good for America. It saved us billions of dollars. It was good I got us out.

Biden “corrected” Trump saying that solar and wind are the fastest growing businesses and will bring many jobs to our economy.

Trump answers, “For the first time we are energy independent. That is a good thing. Why should we give that up?”

I was sorry Trump did not speak about California’s rolling blackouts because they follow the “science” of climate change.

In closing Trump said we have to rebuild from the losses from the plague and get back to the great economy we had. I’m cutting taxes. He will raise taxes and regulations which will bring horrible results.”

Biden said, “We are going to choose hope over fear. I will be president of all Americans whether you voted for me or not.”

*Editor’s note: Read this by Jeffrey Lord on the debates. Wholeheartedly concur.)

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That Feeling You’re Feeling? It’s the Feeling You’d Have Being the Sane Person Stuck in the Middle of the “Snake Pit” in the Insane Asylum

There were a few things from last night’s debate that cannot be ignored, and 3 of them were too bizarre gaffes.

First, Biden laid naked his lying about his energy agenda for our country, her people, and our economy and production at all levels. We cannot ‘progress’ into the future without fossil fuels. They don’t just run our vehicles and factories (and charge those smug ‘electric’ vehicles) but fossil fuel byproducts are in nearly everything we use today, like ALL our technologies … cell phones, computers, etc., exercise equipment/machines, medicines/medical equipment, buildings/roads, on-and-on. In addition to the production and distribution of those things. Just a sampling here…

Oh, come on now. We don’t need all that in the neo-stone age utopia they have planned for us. And we won’t even have to hunt because Nancy Pelosi will feed us.

So, when you hear Biden vow fossil fuels will end just know it’s not only those direct fuel jobs that’ll be lost, but so many more jobs that depend on that natural resource for their production and products. This also needs to start being pointed out when talking about destroying the energy industry in this country. Ending fossil fuels would trickle up, down, sideways, and in-between in the total destruction of industry and economy, and way-of-life in this country. Joe Biden stupidly denied ever having said he would end fracking, and demanded Trump show him the videos. Which Trump was more than happy to do on his Twitter account…

Twitchy: MALARKEY! Media trying to protect Sleepy Joe Biden after his comments on closing the oil industry just makes him look WORSE

ANDY PUZDER: At final debate Biden offers stunning misunderstanding of how economy actually works … That’s putting it mildly, and kindly, but what Joe lacks in real experience his socialist/communist handlers are filling the void with their agenda, and his bumbling ramblings are the hybrid of the two.

VIDEO: Larry Kudlow hits Biden over pledge to raise minimum pay: ‘You can’t mandate wages’

Now, about Joe’s debate gaffes. He called Pres. Trump “Abraham Lincoln” and said he was racist. I mean, WTAF? Then there was his even more mind-blowing info Joe-gaffe that we were pals with Hitler before we got into WWII. Joe, booby, never channel Neville Chamberlain. But there was an even more astounding declaration Biden kept repeating last night… and for me it proves Biden is so far gone he can never-ever be trusted with any information, especially top secret or higher…

Glenn Reynolds @ Intapundit: “JOE BIDEN KEEPS SAYING “DARK WINTER.” DARK WINTER WAS A BIOWARFARE EXERCISE. Is he suggesting that Covid-19 is a Chinese bioweapon?”

On a sidenote, I was following Glenn’s postings on his Instapundit blog last night. I think Glenn might have been drunk blogging with “Vodka Pundit”, aka, Stephen Green, during the debate because I counted atleast two “fuck” word usage by Glenn in a couple of his own site posts. Can’t say as I blame him. The insanity level of the 2020 election is off the fucking charts. As a matter of fact, while conversing with my husband yesterday (who really doesn’t deeply follow these current events news) and was trying to explain the YUGE and striking difference(s) between the Russia hoax and the Hunter Biden scandal I finally summed it up as to look at the two stories is to come out feeling like the sane person stuck in the middle of the ‘snake pit’ in an insane asylum.

Tyler Olson: TOP 5 MOMENTS: Presidential showdown offers stark and substantive contrast between two visions for America

Tim Pearce: Trump Hits Biden’s Agenda: Why Didn’t You Do It 4 Years Ago? I Ran Because Of You.

There was near zero foreign policy in last night’s debate, and it must be presumed that was by design, given Pres. Trump’s ongoing successes, especially in the Middle East…

Troy Smith: Then to Now: The Shift of American Foreign Policy, and Where Trump Stands

Mike LaChance: “Who built the cages, Joe?” Trump Mops The Floor With Joe Biden In Final Debate

Matt Margolis: Trump Asks, ‘Who Built The Cages, Joe?’ Here’s the Answer: Biden and Obama Did

Just a mention here. Last night the left on social media during the debate section discussing illegal immigration POTUS brought up “cartels” and “coyotes” and the left lost their shit. Trump’s calling immigrant parents and children “coyotes”, racist bastard!, as if he was calling them ‘dogs’ or something. *smfh* If there is one thing the left in this country is rife with it is indeed willful ignorance, and like modern day Typhoid Marys, they eagerly spread that viral ignorance without hesitation…

Twitchy: And THEY make fun of Trump?! HA! Lots and lots and LOTS of blue-check libs don’t know what a coyote is (screenshots)

Twitchy: Dem Rep from Georgia questions Trump claim about border ‘coyotes’ (and people have thoughts)

Twitchy: She’s not owned! She’s NOT! Georgia Dem Rep who didn’t know what a ‘coyote’ was DOUBLES down and LOL

NYPost: Twitter explodes after Biden mistakenly calls Proud Boys the ‘Poor Boys’ … To be fair, Joe was probably getting hungry and the watch-check he did later might’ve been checking to see how soon Jill would be getting him a sammich and milkshake.

Jim Hoft: President Trump’s Approval with Black Voters Soars to 46% After Debate Win Over Joe “Predator” Biden

VIDEO: Alice Marie Johnson weighs in on Biden’s crime bill

The WGN ‘snap poll’ after last night’s debate…

Breitbart: WATCH: L.A. Times ‘Undecided’ Focus Group Chooses Trump After Last Debate

Twitchy: Laura Ingraham points out ‘how you know Trump won the debate’ with a single CNN screenshot

AoSHQ observations in the right sidebar last night:

Their voices are shivering and cracking and their mouths are frozen in a half-crying position. It’s so wonderful!

GWP: Rumblings: When Joe Biden Checked His Watch He Knew He Was Losing — Or Was There More to it?

Rush Limbaugh has remotely analyzed that Pres. Trump’s performance in the first debate could possibly be explained as the onset of his COVID19 infection, before it was diagnosed via testing. Makes sense. Last night it was obvious he has fully recovered.


Asked what his COVID plan would be, Biden went through a bag of “solutions”, to which Pres. Trump interrupted that not only have we already been doing all of that, but that Joe himself loudly criticized Trump for doing it. And then Trump pointed out the horrific destruction Biden’s plan to lockdown the country again (as he and Harris have said they would) will inflict on the country’s economy and the American people.

Audrey Conklin: Biden pitches ‘BidenCare’ as he spars with Trump on health care at debate

Tyler O’Neil: Biden: ‘Not a Single Person on Private Insurance’ Lost It ‘Under Obamacare’— Fact Check: FALSE

Roger D. Klein: Confronting Covid: The American response has been far better than critics acknowledge.


LIZ PEEK: Debate was pivotal for both sides; here’s who won it

Stephen Kruiser: Trump Overcomes Horrid, Biased Moderator to KO Biden in 2nd Debate

Paul Bedard: Trump reaches critical 52% approval rate entering final election stretch

Anyhow, onward.

The pre-debate presser the MSM press is totally burying, and at their own peril…

FLASHBACK Friday: Michelle Malkin six years ago. Nice!!!

America is fully witnessing the final throws of the MSM’s completely self-involved sloppy suicide. They must never again be trusted. Nor will they be…

VIDEO: Lara Logan: Joe Biden dodged this key question about his son’s emails and business deals: Fox Nation host Lara Logan calls out the media’s coverage of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, comparing it to the wall-to-wall Trump-Russia stories after the 2016 election.

Paul Bedard: Stahl whines, ‘I’m upset,’ says Trump, Pence ‘insulted 60 Minutes’: While the Trump interview, released in full by the president’s team out of concern 60 Minutes will mangle it to hurt him, is likely to win the most attention, the Pence interview, also released by the White House, helped to confirm the feeling by insiders that the interviews were a setup…

Tyler O’Neil: Now We Know Why Trump Decided to Air the Leslie Stahl Interview Before ’60 Minutes’

Think about this… The MSM refuses to investigate and report on the Hunter Biden emails that are backed up by those he was emailing with, calling them “Russian interference” and “unverified”, but the same MSM jumped on this crap…

Mike LaChance: Media Runs Wild With VP of College Dems of Indiana’s Fake Texts With Rudy Giuliani: Did the media face any consequences? Of course not.

Balding’s World: Report on Biden Activities with China

“First, it is almost exclusively taken from public sources and documentation. Everything from Chinese news reports to corporate records. The report is immaculately cited so that anyone who wishes to replicate where a specific piece of information was found or see the underlying documentation can do so.”

So, what’s up, MSM???

Tyler O’Neil: Biden Says ‘My Son Has Not Made Money in… China.’ PANTS ON FIRE

Jennifer Van Laar: Jaw-Dropping Report Details Chinese State-Owned Company’s Partnership With Biden, Kerry Families


Yes, Virginia, we really are in a battle for the soul of this nation

Michael Yon @ Facebook: “Trump will be next President of United States”…

Steve Deace: Commentary: Hey, suburban women, you’re being played: Trump isn’t your problem

Patricia McCarthy: Biden lectures us on character? C’mon man!

Ned Barnett: Figures Don’t Lie, But Liars Figure: Unemployment Figures Dramatically Favor Republican-Led States

Joseph E. Ciotti Are We Approaching the Real-Life World of Orwell’s 1984?

Shari Goodman: Is China Now In Control of Our Flow of Information?

Angelo Codevilla: The Police and Us: Now is not the time to be a good German.

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Demo-commies and Their MSM: Slacking, Stacking, Packing, Masking, and Hacking

So, I got up this morning and my phone texts were blowing up from my medical daughters regarding the possibility/probability of our Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine changing our area from “red” to declaring it “purple” in COVID status this afternoon when he addresses the state today. That will mean lockdowns reinstated to whatever degree, and right now, dammit!, in current the wind-down of high school sports it might as well be in jeopardy too. My 15 year old Grandson, who runs is a freshman running on his high school varsity team, is heading into districts to go through the qualification for regionals, and then ‘state’. He already had his middle school wrestling ‘state’ competition axed in February when things began getting dumped because of Coronavirus. And here we are, again. Also, my three daughters’ high school alma mater football team (now being head-coached by one of my oldest daughters’ former classmate and friend) is undefeated for the first time in school history and about to begin their battle for the road to ‘state’. So, yeah, the fucking China plague sucks on a Hell of a lot of levels.

That said, when my daughters began alerting me to the ‘purple’ status possibility as of this afternoon, something told me to get in the car and head to the county election board and “VOTE EARLY!!” So, I did. Glad it is done. One thing off my stress factor. UGH!


The demo-commies have some very big plans for our Constitutional Republic, should they take full power after November’s elections. Until then, they refuse to do a damn thing, especially where the American people are concerned…

FNC: DEMOCRAT NO-SHOW: Judiciary committee sends ACB nomination to Senate for confirmation, Dems boycott

Paula Bolyard: ‘We Did It!’ Amy Coney Barrett Nomination Unanimously Approved by Judiciary Committee; Childish Dems Skip Vote

Twitchy: ‘Pathetic’ cardboard cutout stunt by Senate Dems fails to stop Amy Coney Barrett nomination from moving forward

Full Senate vote on Monday.

Meanwhile, this is what DiFi had to say about the ACB hearings…

And this is how Chuckie Schumer reacted to DiFi…

FNC: Schumer says he and Feinstein had a ‘serious talk’ after Barrett hearings: “I’ve had a long and serious talk with Senator Feinstein. That’s all I’m going to say about it right now,” Schumer told reporters at a news conference…”

Then there was the civility DiFi and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham shared after the hearing…

WE: Feinstein faces backlash after praising Graham for ‘one of the best set of hearings’ she has been in

BTW, About your COVID stimulus while dem-commie mayors and state governors continue to strangle their cities and states…

Tyler O’Neil: Senate Democrats Block COVID-19 Stimulus Bill—AGAIN

VIDEO: Ken Starr: Amy Coney Barrett could be on Supreme Court for 4 decades and become next chief justice

Stacking and Packing:

After nearly 50 years in democrat party politics in DC, Joe Biden is the most greased rat in the Swamp…

Twitchy: ‘Classic Washington insider move’: Joe Biden’s answer on court-packing might be ‘the swampiest lib answer ever given’

DAN MCLAUGHLIN: Joe Biden’s Court-Packing Commission Should Fool Nobody and Satisfy Nobody

I&I Ed Board: Beyond Court Packing: Here’s How Dems Plan To Create A One-Party State: “Key Democratic leaders, already mulling adding more justices to the Supreme Court if they take the White House and Senate, are also eager to add two more states, a move that could shift the Electoral College permanently to liberals.”

Michael Cantrell And Jeff Dunetz: Biden’s Court Reform Commission-An Excuse To Avoid Answering Court Packing

MSM Guilty of Masking of Damning Story for a Presidential Candidate:

Meanwhile, Pres. Trump exposes MSM’s blatant bias…

Lesley Stahl’s own MSM ilk ran like Hell for four years with a totally fabricated Russia hoax completely based on an “unverifiable” dossier ‘verified’ paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, and used more than once by a knowing FBI/DOJ to lie to the FISA court in order to spy on Americans. This Biden thing ain’t THAT, Lesley. But keep obfuscating, you hack. There are multiple computers, a shit-load of emails, business deals, and witnesses (some in prison) ‘verifying’ the emails and such are, indeed, true.

Twitchy: Death by mic drop? @redsteeze absolutely shreds Lesley Stahl’s ridiculous ‘we can’t put on things we can’t verify’ defense [pic]

Jim Hoft: BREAKING: President Trump Releases FULL TAPE of “Vicious” 60 Minutes Interview with Hack Reporter Lesley Stahl (VIDEO)

Twitchy: ‘What Stahl does NOT mention…’: Byron York truth nukes 60 Minutes journo’s claim there’s ‘no real evidence’ of spying on Trump’s 2016 campaign … At some point the Marxist MSM ran out of their supply of propane and are now using their own flatulence to try to gas the American public, and those of us very closely watching and in-the-factual-know are tired of witnessing it.

“Verify” this, Lesley…

Twitchy: HE KNEW? Statement from Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski says Joe Biden is not telling the truth

Bryan Preston: BOMBSHELL: Hunter Biden Email Names Kamala Harris, Others as Key Contacts for ‘Joint Venture’ With China Energy Co.

CARMINE SABIA JR.: Former Hunter Biden Business Partner Lays Bare Biden Family Plan to Make Millions From China, Others: Report

Ronn Blitzer and John Roberts: Hunter Biden business partner calls email ‘genuine,’ says Hunter sought dad’s advice on deals: Tony Bobulinski said he does not believe Joe Biden’s claim that he did not discuss his son’s business dealings

Brian Flood: TAXPAYER-FUNDED PROPAGANDA? NPR admits it made top-down decision not to cover Biden revelations

Brian Flood: Pressure builds for NBC’s Kristen Welker to address Hunter Biden at debate: ‘This is a moment of truth’: ‘This matter would fit surely into the category of leadership that Welker has on her topic list,’ Jeffrey McCall says

Stephen Green: The Unspeakable Corruption of Joe Biden

VIDEO: Donald Trump, Jr.: Joe Biden counting on media to campaign for him

The HACKING Hackers and Their Hacks:

There is a Hell of a lot of election interference, outside that being done by the democrat party and their obfuscating MSM of the Biden scandal(s). And most of the interference is being done by foreign entities the dems are deep between the sheets with…

VIDEO: FBI confirms Iran responsible for wave of fake emails intended to intimidate voters

VIDEO: The FBI holds a major news conference on 2020 election security – DNI Ratcliffe, FBI Director Wray says Iran, Russia have obtained voter registration information

VIDEO: Robert O’Brien on foreign election meddling from Iran, Russia: ‘We’re going to stop it’

TUS Big Boss warns: “Don’t click on the link in the article unless you’re on an anonymous VPN“ on this story…

Jim Hoft: Mysterious “Donald Trump Watch” Website Reveals Addresses of Local Trump Donors for Antifa and BLM Terrorist Targeting

And then there are the despicable never-Trumpers not only falling for the interference bullshit, but running with it…

Twitchy: ‘Disgraceful!’ Lincoln Project REALLY steps in it, literally peddles Iranian disinformation to hurt Trump and intimidate voters

Rick Moran: Anti-Trump Lincoln Project Caught Spreading Iran Disinformation

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Hump Day: It’s All Hiding Right Behind You … Just Take Your Eye Off the Decoys, and Turn and Look

This right here, is one of the reasons why Thursday’s presidential debate will not have foreign policy questions in it. Because for four years Trump’s foreign policies have been so very successful. However, Joe Biden’s 47+ years of foreign policy in the Senate and in the Obama administration horribly were not…

Austin Bay: On Point: Sanctions Have Slashed Ayatollah Iran’s War-Making Capacity

“I think he’s been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”Robert Gates

Jack Beyrer: Defense Experts Blast Biden’s Taiwan Policy: Biden, advisers have sought to cut back support for key U.S. ally

And Trump’s firm resistance to ‘global policy’ in favor of domestic policy with our (and the nation’s stability) best interests in mind and at heart…

Mollie Hemingway: Trump’s Greatest Accomplishments Are What He Hasn’t Done: Under immense pressure by the media and other Democratic operatives, at a time when nearly all global leaders were using the pandemic as an excuse to seize greater control, Trump did not.

Considering people such as Gen. Flynn (whom Joe Biden himself pushed for the Logan Act to be used against him), and Flynn’s own son that the FBI used in order to blackmail the General into pleading ‘guilty’, THIS is a huge question I have yet to hear asked in all of this, let alone answered…

Brian Cates: When Did Hunter Biden [And Associates] File as Foreign Agents Under the FARA Act?

I sure do hope this guy has written a “I did NOT commit suicide” note and gave it to his family/lawyer(s)…

Matthew Boyle: Exclusive — Bevan Cooney Moved from Prison Cell after Providing Email Account Exposing Hunter Biden: Bevan Cooney, the former business associate of former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden who flipped on the Biden family, has been moved from his cell, sources familiar with the matter confirmed to Breitbart News.

Ugh… I told you it could get even worse…

Tyler O’Neil: Here’s a Sampling of the Hunter Biden Texts Giuliani Turned Over to the Police: “The texts appear to implicate Democratic nominee Joe Biden in covering up his son’s alleged sexual abuse and in taking part in some of Hunter Biden’s deals.”

Hey, Zuck and Jack, don’t piss on my free speech and tell me it’s raining…

Christopher Bedford: The Corporate Takeover Of ‘Fact-Checking’ Is Just A Different Path To The Same Partisan Censorship: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

The Twitter (and Facebook) STASI pushing their ‘truth’, not THE actual fact-based truth

Tristan Justice: Twitter Is Nuking Retweets Until After The Election: Twitter is temporarily changing how users can retweet during the final stretch of the election, a move which the company says will discourage the spread of false information.

Is there anyone in this country not in active coitus on filthy sheets with CCP China right now? Just looky-at who Facebook has calling the shots, why dontcha…

Sohrab Ahmari: Meet your (Chinese) Facebook censors

Jessica Chasmar: Former Twitter, Google exec Peter Greenberger says Trump’s accounts should be silenced until after election

Brian Flood: These five people are allowed to tweet but one of America’s oldest newspapers can’t: Louis Farrakhan, Richard Spencer, Nicolas Maduro, O.J. Simpson have more freedom on Twitter than New York Post

This, plain and simple, is a huge national security risk that the MSM and the Swamp will continue to ignore, until it swims up and bites this nation in the ass…

WSJ Ed Board: The Bidens and China Business: The story won’t go away without explanation, even if the former vice president wins

And not just on Joe Biden and family, but on the MSM … BIGLY! Tick-Tick-Tick…

Rich Lowry: The Biden Protection Racket: The media have deployed their bomb-disposal units for fear that a potentially explosive story might detonate.

I’m old enough to remember when these people were ‘of the mind’ of insisting we needed to stay in lockdown until a vaccine, AND that the masses should be forced to take said vaccine…

Guy Benson: The Worst: Cuomo Sows Vaccine Doubts While Hawking Book Celebrating New York’s COVID ‘Success’

Audrey Conklin: Newsom says California will independently review coronavirus vaccine: ‘We won’t take anyone’s word for it’: Newsom named 11 doctors and scientists to review any rollout of vaccines

The left hhhhhhhaaaaates the American suburbs. Even those leftists that are damn filthy rich and snug and smug in their guarded gated communities…

VIDEO: Ben Carson accuses Joe Biden of plot to destroy American suburbs

Twitchy: CNN’s Don Lemon wants well off Trump supporters to ‘own up’ to reason they don’t want higher taxes

Daniel Greenfield: The City is Killing America: America’s real problem are urban problems.

The “idea” has a big idea for the rest of us…

David Reaboi and Kyle Shideler: The Antifa Industry at Work: Professional left-wing organizers, planning for post-election chaos, promise to “shut down” the capital and engage in “civil resistance.”

The pure evil is very deep and strong in them…

Casey Chalk: 5 Most Shocking Abortion Policies Biden-Harris Openly Support: The Democratic Party is unabashedly pro-abortion, promoting policies to ensure abortions are sex- and race-selective and taxpayer-paid, occur in the last month of pregnancy, and are done even by medical practitioners who conscientiously oppose them.

Jane Robbins: Newly Discovered Letter Shows Endocrine Society Urged Experimenting On Trans Children: Using pseudo-scientific jargon and a healthy dose of deception, the Endocrine Society is conditioning society to accept and fund manifestly absurd things.

I didn’t leave the Roman Catholic Pope. The Communist Pope Frankie left me…

Lee Brown: Pope Francis calls for civil union laws for same-sex couples

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Pres. Trump is Taking The Gloves Off With the MSM … For ALL of Us

Ryan Saavedra: Trump Releases Video Of Reporter Who Had Coronavirus Not Wearing Mask, Social Distancing In White House

Joseph A. Wulfsohn: Trump cuts interview short, calls correspondent ‘extremely hostile’ and threatens to release Lesley Stahl interview ahead of Sunday’s ’60 Minutes’: The president is urging ‘everyone’ to compare his sitdown to recent interviews with former Vice President Joe Biden

Trump sat down with the veteran journalist at the White House on Tuesday, which is set to air Sunday, Oct. 25, along with interviews with Vice President Mike Pence, Democratic nominee former Vice President Joe Biden, and Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris.

The president wants to scoop CBS by sharing his interview before the network does….

Sources tell Fox News that Stahl was “extremely hostile” and that she began the interview along the lines of “get ready for some tough questions.” Sources say she then “unleashed in a way she would never do to Joe Biden.”

Trump also reportedly cut the interview short and a scheduled joint “walk and talk” with him and Pence was scrapped….

President Trump has ratcheted up his attacks against the media in recent weeks between the lack of coverage the reports regarding Hunter Biden’s emails with Ukrainian business contacts, the controversy surrounding suspended C-SPAN host Steve Scully, who was supposed to moderate the canceled second presidential debate because he admitted to lying about his Twitter account being hacked, and has repeatedly slammed NBC News correspondent and third debate moderator Kristen Welker ahead of Thursday’s political showdown.

We all saw how the MSM, and “60 Minutes” handled editing of interviews over the years with democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama verses the selectively edited interviews of conservatives/republicans. Pres. Trump knows the media age we are in and I, for one, would insist he release his full and unedited copy of the ‘interview’.

I also have a feeling this dumping of the Stahl interview is Trump’s way of hinting at what he will do Thursday night if the obviously biased and hostile “moderator” reveals herself in the debate, especially if that “mute” button is being abused when he is talking…

Ron Blitzer: Trump slams debate moderator Welker as ‘terrible,’ ‘totally partisan’: Trump claims NBC News correspondent ‘cannot be neutral’

VIDEO: Sean Hannity: How can Biden go whole campaign without answering questions?

VIDEO: Joe Biden answers questions about milkshakes but not Hunter’s emails

Twitchy: Jonathan Karl notes Kamala Harris has taken more questions from the cast of ‘The Avengers’ than her traveling press corps


VIDEO: Tom Cotton rips NYT for claiming non-partisanship after Joe Biden endorsement: ‘What a joke’

Howard Kurtz: Why Twitter and Facebook squelching the Hunter Biden story backfired: It quickly became clear that in their attempts to strangle the Hunter Biden story, two social media giants left themselves gasping for air.

VIDEO: McEnany on being censored by Twitter: ‘Big Tech is acting like big government’

GIANNO CALDWELL: Social media giants using censorship to help Biden become president — regulation needed … I’m not sure to what degree I would agree with more government interloping on free speech and the internet, but we really are at the ‘event horizon’ of in dire need to have an honest and full serious discussion of this growing unchecked beast in our lives. Although, I do believe it is beyond ‘about time’ the US government return private data to private citizens who do decide to cut the proverbial cord with all avenues of the internet and especially social media…

Paul Wagenseil: Chrome won’t clear your Google and YouTube data — even if you tell it to: Browser retains site data in defiance of privacy settings

WFB Eds: The Media’s Futile Information Suppression Complex: Hunter Biden’s corruption sees the light of day despite their best efforts

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