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Some Stuff Happened…

Even in India the man fills the place to the rafters…

Twitchy: 100,000-plus at stadium rally for Trump in India made for quite the sight

Tyler O’Neil: [WATCH] More Than 100K Pack Massive Stadium to Welcome POTUS for ‘Namaste Trump’ Rally in India

Here’s wondering if old Harv will be permitted to have his walker in the clink…

FNC: Judge sends ex-Tinseltown titan Weinstein straight to a cell after mogul found guilty of sexual assault … Millionaire + Connected = Flight Risk, a la, Roman Polanski.

WFB: Dem Megadonor, Gun-Control Activist Harvey Weinstein Convicted on Rape Charges

But then, maybe he doesn’t really need it

FNC: White House allies compiled list of ‘disloyal’ officials: report

Jon Levin: Ex-Ukraine diplomat Marie Yovanovitch lands seven-figure book deal

Hmm, I’m pondering how Sotomayor might need to recuse herself from any SCOTUS cases regarding Pres. Trump…

Townhall: Justice Sotomayor Accuses Her Conservative Supreme Court Colleagues of Doing Trump’s Bidding

Let me help the Justice out. The reason that the conservatives on the court are hearing these cases is because there has been rampant abuse in the lower courts of injunctions. Whether it’s making them nationwide when they clearly don’t have the authority to do so, or providing explanations that don’t even begin to pass any legal standard, judges have been at war with the Trump administration for political reasons since the moment he took office.

Instead of continuing to allow it, the conservatives on the court have decided enough is enough. They are hearing these cases in an expedited manner and ruling on them based on their constitutional merits. That obviously offends Sotomayor, who instead chooses to often rule based on emotionally charged, partisan arguments. In the case of the “wealth test” she’s decrying, the President obviously has the constitutional authority to vet immigrants for public charge. If the Congress doesn’t like that, they can pass new laws that limit the President’s wide latitude over our immigration system. What doesn’t get to happen is un-elected judges arbitrarily deciding something is unconstitutionally based on clearly political grounds.

Further, Sotomayor gives no logical explanation for why it is somehow wrong to hear these cases in a timely manner. A case, whether it’s heard today or two years from now, has to be decided. If it’s decided today, that’s certainly preferable to it languishing in limbo, is it not? But being who she is, Sotomayor is obviously in favor of the judicial activism that has taken place, i.e. attempting to stall out constitutional actions simply because Trump took them.

This is yet another example of why it’s so important for Trump to win in November. The Supreme Court is still hanging on a knife’s edge and it needs to be solidified with traditionalists who take their jobs seriously. Sotomayor is not one of those people….

VIDEO: Trump delivers on promise to reshape Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals: The president narrows the margin between conservative and liberal judges on the Ninth Circuit; Carrie Severino, president of the Judicial Crisis Network, reacts to the ‘shock wave.’ … Welp, elections have consequences, ya know.

FNC: In Supreme Court dissent, Thomas cites Thomas in arguing to overturn decision authored by Thomas

Daniel Chaitin & Jerry Dunleavy: FBI’s ‘Case Agent 1’ Stephen Somma ‘primarily responsible’ for FISA failures … Right now they’re (FBI) just looking for an undead body to run the proverbial bus over.

Jed Babbin: The Next Coup Against Trump Has Begun: As the intelligence agencies for all intents renew Operation Crossfire, it’ll take more than Richard Grenell to ward them off.

Megan Fox: Trump Inspires Former Prisoners: ‘You Are Made by God for a Great and Noble Purpose’


Zero Hedge: Coronavirus Contains “HIV Insertions”, Stoking Fears Over Artificially Created Bioweapon … This particular article got Zero Hedge thrown into Twitter gulag.

WE: Do Californians hate deregulation more than homelessness?

PJM: The ISIS Plot in Kansas City You Heard Nothing About

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Coronavirus is Getting Even Scarier on Several Levels

Are we taking this Coronavirus world outbreak to seriously, or too casually? The problem with that is either way it has ramifications. However, if too casually, those ramifications are deadly and would be far too widespread to contain and control it. For now the current Dow dive is being blamed, at least in large part, to the pandemic Coronavirus…

USAToday: Dow plunges 1,000 points as coronavirus cases outside China jump

“Many investors remain complacent about the far-reaching impact of coronavirus, which is continuing to spread – and a faster pace,” Nigel Green, chief executive and founder of financial consultancy deVere Group, said in a note. “This will inevitably hit financial markets and investors’ complacency leaves many wide open to nasty surprises.”

The latest developments raised fresh worries that the outbreak could threaten to derail global growth. Investors fear that production delays in China due to the virus could force multinational companies to cut their earnings outlooks.

“The most worrying thing about the outbreak is that we have no idea how long it will last,” Adam Vettese, analyst at multi-asset investment platform eToro, says in a note. “That causes huge problems for firms that operate cross borders, such as airlines, or who rely heavily on global supply chains, such as manufacturers and healthcare companies.”

Forbes: P&G Says 17,600 Products Could Be Affected By Coronavirus In China, Highlighting Supply Chain Risk

Bloomberg: Coronavirus Hits the Global Supply Chain

Axios: Scoop: Coronavirus threatens shortages of about 150 drugs

Yahoo Finance: Coronavirus crisis shows pharmaceuticals have offshored supply chain, Navarro says

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro advocated for bringing home more of the U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain amid the coronavirus crisis in China.

“We’ve offshored far too much of our supply chain, not just for corona, but also for the essential medicines we need,” Navarro said on “Sunday Morning Futures.” “Same reasons we offshored a lot of our other stuff: it’s a cheap labor environment, lax environment, and most of all, unfair trade practices.”

“My part of the portfolio is to make sure our supply chains are secure and we have what we need,” he said. “On the supply chain issue, for the American people they need to understand that in crises like this we have no allies.”

He downplayed the threat to the U.S. economy, however.

“The American economy is extremely strong and not particularly vulnerable to what happens in China.”….

Star Trib: Coronavirus could start to empty shelves in some U.S. stores by mid-April

FNC: Global outbreak causes coronavirus pandemic fears after cases jump in Italy, South Korea and Iran

Independent UK: Coronavirus outbreak nearing pandemic ‘tipping point’ as infections soar, say experts.

Gavin Fernando: ‘Pandemic fits the Disease X category’: World Health Organisation’s coronavirus warning: Years ago, experts warned that a mysterious rampant illness could spark a global health epidemic. Now, they warn it’s here.

DM: Is the killer coronavirus now disease X? World Health Organization expert warns the infection is ‘rapidly’ fitting category for the mysterious pathogen scientists fear will kill 80 million

Dr. Siegel: On what’s becoming ‘more concerning’ about the coronavirus outbreak

Paul Mirengoff: Coronavirus hits Iran, mullahs put it to use

Reuters: Three Gulf states, Iraq report first coronavirus cases, linked to Iran

Stars and Stripes: US soldiers fighting to keep virus from base at ground zero of South Korean crisis

I am also noticing the MSM is now trying to use the term COVID-19 instead of Coronavirus.

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Monday Newsfeed: Democrat-Socialist Literacy – Bernie Sanders Likes the Castro’s Cuba Model … MSM Hit Hardest

Bernie Sanders seeks to ‘school’ us on the Castros and communist Cuba in his recent CBS “60 Minutes” interview

FNC: Bernie Sanders defends Fidel Castro’s socialist Cuba: ‘Unfair to simply say everything is bad’

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the frontrunner for the Democrats’ presidential nomination, doubled down on his support for some of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s policies, saying in an interview that aired Sunday, “it’s unfair to simply say everything is bad.”

Speaking to CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” Sanders, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, pointed to social welfare programs introduced under Castro’s regime that he described as redeeming, despite the communist dictator’s often repressive human-rights violations against Cubans.

“We’re very opposed to the authoritarian nature of Cuba but you know, it’s unfair to simply say everything is bad. You know? When Fidel Castro came into office, you know what he did? He had a massive literacy program. Is that a bad thing? Even though Fidel Castro did it?” Sanders told Anderson Cooper….

Makes it easier for them to sign the coerced confessions…

Breitbart: Voto Latino CEO: Dems Can ‘Kiss Florida Goodbye’ if Sanders Is Nominee … Oh, well, those ungrateful folks just don’t understand, do they? I guess they can thank the Castro brothers for being able to read the election ballots in Florida.

What’s going on in Bernie’s home state of Vermont with all his fellow well-to-do democrat-socialists planning to vote for him? Something wonderful … Something completely wonderful that pretty much reflects something Bernie’s hero Fidel Castro did when he and his commie clan took over Cuba…

John Klar: Oh Xusana! Racist property redistribution hits Vermont

Last year, Xusana Davis was appointed by Vermont governor Phil Scott as the state’s “first Racial Equity Executive Director.” Davis, formerly of New York City’s Department of Mental Health and Hygiene, applied for the job “on a whim” and was installed to “identify and address systemic racism in Vermont.”

The law labeling Vermont as systemically racist was also a whim, backed by no evidence aside from bald assertions that racial disparities in prison, land ownership, or school disciplinary actions reflect a disparity in treatment of people of color. The dangers of this false assumption are demonstrated in Xusana’s latest gambit: to “codify community engagement” by “considering racial and environmental justice in land use.”…

Xusana burst out the gate to use government regulations to institute racist wealth reallocation, in the form of transferring land and economic opportunities from whites to minorities, without evidence of wrongdoing….

Thomas Sowell cautioned about precisely such consequences in his 1999 book, The Quest for Cosmic Justice:

[W]hat is called “social justice” might more accurately be called anti-social justice, since what consistently gets ignored or dismissed are precisely the costs to society[.] … Not only does cosmic justice differ from traditional justice, and conflict with it, more momentously cosmic justice is irreconcilable with personal freedom based on the rule of law[.] … Merely the power to select beneficiaries is an enormous power, for it is also the power to select victims — and to reduce both to the role of supplicants of those who hold this power.

How are Vermont’s white people to respond to such attacks? They are allegedly guilty of implicit bias, which means they don’t even know what they did wrong. They are to be retrained by the benevolent government:

“[I]mplicit bias training” means training designed to help individuals identify and address unconscious associations, biases, and stereotypes that they hold about certain groups of people.


Make no mistake, if somebody like Bernie Sanders takes the White House totalitarian bullshit like what’s going on in his own state will be done across the United States. This, and much worse.

Bloomberg: Sanders Unveils $1.5 Trillion Plan for Free Universal Child Care: Bernie Sanders on Monday unveiled a $1.5 trillion proposal for free universal child care and pre-kindergarten programs that would be funded through a tax on “extreme wealth.”

Margaret Thatcher once said, “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” Before that happens and is realized, those who earned the money run out of their own money first…

Feel the Bern of Bernie Sanders algebra, eh-hemmmm.

Dominic Green: Bernie Sanders is The Corbynizer: A true socialist, Sanders has been poised on his Marx all his life for this moment

Hey, forget Putin’s support for Bernie. This is the golden ticket right here…

Alberto de la Cruz @ Babalú Blog: Video of the Day: Nicaragua’s murderous socialist dictator endorses Bernie Sanders

WE: ‘The story is a fact’: Carville warns Putin’s alleged effort to help Sanders and Trump is working … If Jimmy’s biting his toe nails and pulling out his hair, it must be at Chernobyl-level critical mass.

By the way, and this is as important as keeping Bernie Sanders from winning in 2020, it’s the down ticket on ballots too. Do not put any of these bastards in any office…

Twitchy: NC Democratic Candidate and ‘Resistance Bad-A*s’ Mark Judson cowardly deletes poll about firing Trump supporters BUUUT we got it

Get a load of this…

Joe Concha: Chris Matthews faces calls for resignation after comparing Sanders victory to Nazi invasion

FNC: MSNBC’s Chris Matthews compares Sanders’ Nevada win to France’s fall to Nazis, draws calls for his firing

This shit is fucking hilarious! For the last few decades the democrats, libs/left, and the MSM have called every GOP POTUS and their administration and voters/supporters “Hitler” and “Nazis”. And for these last four years Chris Matthews and his network kin have been stridently and continually calling Trump/supporters/voters Hitler/Nazis, when they aren’t calling him/them racists and KKK. So, it matters now because they are making Nazi analogies with a democrat candidate?? And don’t give us the but ‘Bernie is Jewish’ angle. He is as anti-Israel as Jewish Hitler/Nazi supporter George Soros.

Stephen Kruiser: Chris Matthews Thinks Bernie Sanders Is Hitler and the Weekend Was Just Perfect

While it is truly disturbing that one of the two major political parties in America has just hit the gas while driving off of the socialist cliff, it’s also delightful political theater for the moment. Put another way: it’s all fun and games until someone gets an eye redistributed.

Bernie’s star turn has the entire Democratic establishment gulping handfuls of Xanax as they ponder a general election filled with ads that repeat the word “socialist” every third word or so, all funded by a decidedly capitalist campaign war chest.

Despite their protestations to the contrary, the members of the mainstream media are an integral part of the Democratic establishment. Many of them are acting out in an effort to prevent even more people from feeling the Bern.

A truly epic family feud has broken out over MSNBC, where Chris “Tingles” Matthews has become an ardent anti-Bernie voice. MSNBC isn’t just a left-leaning network, it’s decidedly progressive. That its most veteran host finds Sanders to be too far left is quite telling….

NBC News: Will Bernie Sanders’ long-ago praise of Socialist regimes hurt Democrats in November? If Sanders is the nominee, some Democrats worry Trump will hammer him on his long-buried words in defense of governments in Nicaragua, Cuba and the USSR … This from the same network that to this day bases anti-Trump ‘resistance’ on a covertly recorded and tactically timed release of a private conversation with one of its own reporters.

Ed Driscoll:

WAS IT OVER WHEN THE GERMANS BOMBED LAS VEGAS? Chris Matthews faces calls for resignation after comparing Sanders victory to Nazi invasion.

Comparing politicians and their supporters on the right to Nazis (and occasionally to North Koreans and the Khmer Rouge as a slight change up play) is what Matthews does on MSNBC. But it’s fun to watch the left freak out when he goes after one of their own for a change.

Update: Why is Anyone Surprised That Chris Matthews Went All Nazi Comparison About Bernie?

Townhall: AIPAC Issues Sharp Rebuke of Sanders For Skipping Conference

FNC: AIPAC blasts Sanders after 2020 frontrunner says he’ll skip conference

AIPAC wasted little time to respond to the public rebuke and called his comments an ill-informed and an “odious attack.” The pro-Israel lobby said Sanders never attended a conference, which is “evident in the outrageous comment.”

“Senator Sanders is insulting his very own colleagues and the millions of Americans who stand with Israel,” the statement read. “Truly shameful.”


Salon loves them some stealth pre-communism socialism morphing our republic into a ‘democracy’, but Bernie Sanders and his rabid supporters’ buck-naked revolution is scaring Salon’s writers…

Why Bernie Sanders is just the beginning of an American turn to the left: The United States may be on the verge of a huge leftward shift. Here’s what to expect

Rusty Weiss: Keith Ellison Asks For Proof That Bernie Supporters Are Violent – Steve Scalise Made Him Wish He Hadn’t

JORGE RUEDA and CHRISTINE ARMARIO: UN study: 1 of every 3 Venezuelans is facing hunger

Jim Geraghty (December 31, 2018): Twenty Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Bernie Sanders

Breitbart: Moderates Hustle to Blunt Sanders’ Momentum After Nevada Win

Eric Lendrum: The Coming and Welcome Clash of Bernie and Trump: The showdown between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders increasingly seems likely. But the truth is it was always inevitable.

Twitchy: Dude, what are you SMOKIN’?! ‘Economist’ Paul Krugman tries (and fails) to make his case FOR socialist Bernie Sanders in asinine thread … Krugman has been wrong on everything for years and years.

Hey now, not all democrats are communists, but all communists in the USA are democrats. Fact.

TAC: It’s Bernie’s Party Now: Sanders adds Nevada to the win column. Can Democrats still stop him?

David Catron: Why Democratic Enthusiasm Is Down: All they are being offered is manufactured outrage and empty promises.

JJ Sefton @ AoSHQ:

Now, their chickens are coming home to roost. Two or more generations lobotomized into hating the country and everything it stands for see Trump and his phenomenal success as a complete abnegation of everything they believe in, and the Democrat Establishment as either failures or sell-outs in their promises of both getting rid of him and delivering the long-promised, yet never-delivered Socialist “paradise on earth.”

It’s kind of fun to watch people like James Carville, Anderson Cooper and Chris Matthews sound almost – almost – Reaganesque in attacking Bernie Sanders as a crazy Communist who’ll do nothing but destroy the Democrat Party. Bloomberg did himself no favors with his performance in last week’s Las Vegas debate, except his attack on Communism/Socialism was to the point and dead on target. Make no mistake; in no way are any of the aforementioned imbued with any sense of patriotism or love of the country as founded, for if they did, they wouldn’t be liberals/Leftists. But it’s delicious to watch them actually attack Bernie Sanders for policies that they themselves have always supported, just never out in the open, or at the very least with a carefully phrased and crafted message to swindle the low information voter into supporting it. Hoisting themselves on their own petards, so to speak.

Yet, while we’re reveling in the Democrats ripping each other to pieces, one should never lose sight of the fact that Bernie Sanders might be a farshimmelt alta-kocker but his politics and beliefs are both abhorrent and extremely dangerous if he were to ever gain control of the levers of power. We barely survived Obama’s eight-year Reign of Error. The sobering point still remains that even after Bernie, if the DNC cannot steal the nomination from him again, gets beaten by Trump in the general, there are many more just like him. The so-called “moderates” aren’t going to jump ship to the GOP; they wull either be purged or drop the masks entirely and go hardcore Left.

And there are still millions of young people who are brain dead true believers, and an educational system that is brainwashing millions more right behind them. That is a recipe for disaster, no matter what Trump does in the next five years. G-d help us.

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February 23, 1945

Seventy five years ago today on Iwo Jima, one of the bloodiest battles fought our beloved US Marines Corp, our flag was raised on Mount Suribachi.


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February 22, 1980

Forty years ago today, at the 1980 Winter Olympics, the American hockey team, a Cinderella team full of inexperienced kids and coached by an outsider, won an improbable victory over the much favored and far superior team from the USSR. It became known as the “miracle on ice” and it’s still an amazing thing to watch. God bless America.

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Weekend Reads: Feeding Frenzy

Katie, bar the fucking burning barn door…

The New York Times has ‘broke the story’ that alleges Russia is trying to help Trump win 2020 re-election…

Twitchy: President Trump complains Rep. Adam Schiff might ‘weaponize’ info from classified briefing

Got that, American voters? It was a “classified briefing”, but the NYTimes sure as Hell (once again) knows about it. Funny that, huh?

What’s becoming very obvious is Russia playing and punking our politicized and weaponized deep state intel community, the democrats, and their cry wolf MSM. The false premise is they (Russia) are interfering to help Trump. Russia is laughing their collective asses off as Schiff & Co. take their bait and do that job for them, just as leaky Schieve has done once again. Putin doesn’t need Russian bots here. He has the NYT, WaPo, MSNBC, CNN, and Adam Schieve and Pelosi. All Vlad has to do is set down the bait and they all go according to plan into a feeding frenzy.

Maggie Haberman is one of four, count`em, four NYTimes writers of the latest piece meant to throw shade on Pres. Trump, and set up the democrats for more Ludacris “investigations” ahead of the November elections. And when Trump does win re-election, in spite of their continued bullshit, throw doubt, once again-again-again, on his legitimate (re-)election. By the way, Trump is 100% correct in that every damn thing is being weaponized 24/7 by these same usual suspect bastards. By the way, Haberman was name-named directly by Wikileaks as one of their go-to media reporters who they knew would bite and chew on anything and everything they tossed at her, so they did. They also outed her as a pro-Clinton operative in 2016. And the print media, NYT and it’s red-headed bastard ginger sister the WaPo, aren’t the only stooges for the Russians and the Wikileaks types for spinning and hyping the fake news nibbles and bits tossed at them. The TV media are eager rabid mutts too, like MSNBC whose overpaid dolts and dickheads have been in “RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!” meltdown for these last over three years. They and the democrats have been emitting more toxic nuclear waste than Chernobyl has in 34 years.

Meanwhile, that esteemed paper of truth and accuracy, the NY Slimes, is today also carrying an op-ed by a Taliban terror leader. The American MSM has become a complete abomination to facts, truth, journalism, and integrity. They are a collective propaganda machine.

Thomas Joscelyn: What you won’t learn from the NYT op-ed by the Taliban’s deputy leader: Who is Sirajuddin Haqqani? The Times doesn’t explain. Some basic facts are in order…

Sirajuddin Haqqani has been designated as a terrorist by both the U.S. and the United Nations. He leads a designated terrorist organization, the Haqqani Network, which is an integral part of the Taliban. Other Haqqani Network leaders have been designated as terrorists as well.

Both Sirajuddin and his organization were designated in part because of the Haqqanis’ long-standing partnership with al-Qaeda. The U.S. government and U.N. have repeatedly recognized this partnership in official statements. For instance, the State Department’s Country Reports on Terrorism explains that the Haqqani Network “is integrated into—and cooperates closely with—the larger Afghan Taliban and draws strength through cooperation with other terrorist organizations operating in Afghanistan, including al-Qaeda and Jaish-e Mohammad.”

Similarly, the State Department’s Rewards for Justice page for Sirajuddin notes: “The Haqqani Network is allied with the Afghan Taliban and al-Qaida and seeks to reestablish Taliban rule in Afghanistan.”

The U.S. has a standing reward offer of up to $10 million for information on Sirajuddin’s whereabouts. He is wanted for a string of high-profile terrorist attacks inside Afghanistan. Indeed, the Haqqani Network has been the most potent terrorist organization in the country….

You would wonder exactly how the NYTimes acquired his op-ed, wouldn’t you? Most especially since they are running this op-ed in the same edition today as their latest “intel says Russia is helping Trump get re-elected” bullshit piece. And exactly where is the US intel community in trying to track down one of the US’s and the world’s most wanted terrorists with this current connection to the US’s top newspaper, huh? Read the whole thing.

Daniel Greenfield: Local Newspapers Are Dying Because They Don’t Represent America: 62 million Americans voted for Trump, only 6 newspapers endorsed him. … Yep, but don’t look for the national publications to be any better, folks. The local papers use them for their primary sources and basically copy/paste, never following through on their own to see if it is complete and accurate. They, like the national papers, have become very biased political tabloid rags.

Meaty Chunks:

CNS News: Iran’s Ayatollah Attacks the U.S.–Borrowing Lines from Bernie Sanders … Know who is Iran’s bestest buddy? Russia. So, why the Hell would Russia be helping Trump get re-elected and not helping Bernie beat his own democrat party to just get into the nomination for a victorious November run against Trump?

AEI: Let’s stop pretending that Bernie Sanders wants to duplicate Scandinavia … Bern will promise Scandinavia and deliver Cuba or Venezuela.

Brian Riedl: The Unaffordable Candidate: Bernie Sanders’s $97 trillion agenda would impose incomprehensible costs. … But wait! Liz Warren can top that…

Ryan Saaverda: Warren: Ocasio-Cortez’s $93 Trillion ‘Green New Deal’ Does Not ‘Go Far Enough’ … Her agenda/plan would take AOC’s $93T up well-over $100T when she’s done. Sweet Jesus, stop these animals.

Bruce Thornton: Socialism Makes People Do Strange Things: What does the most troubling political phenomenon of postwar America portend for November and beyond?

FPM: On a Democratic Socialist Government: Is It Even Legal in the United States? Communism forces men into slavery by force. Democratic Socialism does it by votes.

The Federalist: The Cruel Reality Of Life As One Of The Media’s Never-Trump Waterboys: All of their predictions are based on the conventional wisdom and assumptions of an insulted and excluded D.C. intelligentsia, and all are wrong.

Rick Moran: Do the Math: Sanders Won’t Have Enough Delegates Before the Convention to Clinch It

FNC: Jägermeister logo does not offend Christians, court rules … As a Christian the label doesn’t really bother me. Christian symbols have been through worse. However, how would the court have ruled were it an Islamic crescent moon and star logo above a goat on a liquor bottle? Here in the 21st century it is so nice to have self-righteous democrat-socialist candidates telling us we are not good Christians if we vote for/support Pres. Trump, or are pro-life and pro-LEGAL immigration while a Swiss court deems what is/isn’t offensive to Christians…

Perhaps not-so-curiously if Pete Buttigieg was a GOP candidate always wearing his self-righteous preachy ‘Christianity’ on his sleeve Erin Burnette would not have allowed him to pontificate so unchallenged. Recall how Burnette had no problem challenging (and assuming) Pres. Trump’s praying habits. (Note: vid gone but quotes therein).

Larry Elder: Black History Month: Why Don’t They Teach About the Arab-Muslim Slave Trade in Africa? … And it is in full profit mode there in the 21st century. And also in Libya as well, thanks to Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power, and Susan Rice.

The cancel culture media, Hollywood, leftist barking-heads, and collective mob have lost ALL perceived ‘moral high ground’ in deeming anyone or anything as “McCarthyism”. They’ve fully become (and then some) what they have used as a ‘free speech’ shield for decades to advance their anti-free speech agenda. Look what they did to poor meek little non-political Taylor Swift who simply just wanted to sing. Now they are shaming anyone who dares present a production that doesn’t fall in line with their rabid leftist propaganda views. This is so neo-Soviet. Orwell couldn’t have conceived or written this in such fascistic CGI imagery. And now the bullseye target is on John Krasinski, whose actng, writing, producing and directing career has grown incredibly strong and consistent since his days in “The Office”

Christian Toto: Esquire Bullies John Krasinski: Are You a Closet Conservative? The liberal magazine questions the actor’s pro-family, pro-military projects.

Jeff Reynolds: Farmer in Eastern Washington Invites Bloomberg to Teach Her How Simple Farming Is

As movie mega-mogul Stephen Spielberg’s adopted daughter announces her foray into the ‘adult movie and sex work’ business (with his nod of approval)…

The 23-year-old added that producing solo porn has made her feel satisfied after having battled years of mental health issues and alcoholism.

“I got really tired of not being able to capitalize on my body and frankly, I got really tired of being told to hate my body,” Mikaela told the outlet.

She continued: “And I also just got tired of working day to day in a way that wasn’t satisfying to my soul. I feel like doing this kind of work, I’m able to ‘satisfy’ other people, but that feels good because it’s not in a way that makes me feel violated.” …

Mikaela stressed that she does not feel any shame in her choices and sees her new career as a “positive, empowering choice.”

She pointed out that she will not engage in sex on camera with anyone else. Mikaela is currently engaged to a man named Chuck Pankow, 47, who also is rallying behind her budding adult entertainment career.

For now, Mikaela told The Sun that her videos have consisted of showing off her “moneymaker” breasts and hinted that she believes “fetish work” could become one of her specialties.

Her stage name was revealed to be “Sugar Star” and her videos were up on PornHub but she took them down while she awaits the approval of her Tennessee sex worker license.

The young woman added that her hope is for Spielberg and Capshaw to see her grow in her new endeavors.

Corey Feldman now fears for his life on the eve of his tell-all documentary’s release…

DM: Corey Feldman is ‘living in fear’ and has hired 24-hour protection ahead of the release of his new film that he says will expose the ‘Hollywood pedophile ring that abused him and late friend Corey Haim as children’


Ed Morrissey: Bolton: You know, my testimony wouldn’t have changed a damn thing

John Sexton: Survey of UK art world finds ‘a quagmire of wokeness’ rife with ‘coercion, bullying, intimidation and intolerance’

Jazz Shaw: Chris Mellon: Our government is “lethargic and risk averse” in assessing possible threat from UFOs

J.D. Tuccille: Marijuana Vaping Madness Is Reaching ‘Reefer’ Proportions: A new generation of marijuana prohibitionists is reviving old talking points with vaping products substituting for joints.

Ashe Schow: Use Trans Pronouns Or Get Fired, Ohio Court Tells Christian Professor

Twitchy: ‘Just wow!’ John Kerry’s response to Trump accusing him of Logan Act violation for rogue dealings with Iran overheats BS detectors

UIP: Pioneer who invented ‘cut, copy and paste’ for computers dies at 74

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Pres. Trump On The Road Again…

FNC: As Dems debated, President Trump held fiery rally in Arizona: pictures: President Trump slammed Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg at a Phoenix rally, pushing his MAGA message.

PJM: Throngs of Supporters Lining Up Hours Ahead of Trump Rally in Arizona

Ervin Julian, 100 year old WWII veteran…

DC: Trump Supporters Carry WWII Vet To His Seat At Phoenix Rally

President Donald Trump supporters got everyone’s attention Wednesday when a video surfaced of two men carrying a WWII veteran to his seat ahead of the president’s rally in Phoenix, Arizona….

In the clip, we see the two men carrying the vet down the stairs of the arena while loud chants of “USA, USA” and applause can be heard in the background from the group gathered at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum to hear Trump speak….

FNC: Hundreds camp out overnight ahead of Trump rally in Colorado

President Trump is gearing up for a rally in Colorado Springs Thursday evening, but many supporters have already been there for quite some time, braving cold temperatures and camping out overnight with the hopes of securing prime spots for the first-come, first-served event.

The line began forming Wednesday morning for the rally, which is set for Thursday at 5 p.m., local time, with people bringing along tents, space heaters, and sleeping bags, Fox affiliate KXRM reported. Overnight and early morning temperatures were in the teens.

Doors open at the venue at 1 p.m. Those who do not manage to get in will be able to watch on an outdoor screen.

While supporters began gathering on Wednesday night, Trump was holding another rally in Phoenix, Ariz….


John Nolte: Left Panics over Hispanic Support for Trump

DC: Report: Trump Campaign Bringing On Cambridge Analytica Product Chief To Oversee Data Management Team

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