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The Walking Dead S8E1: “I hope you’ve got your shitting pants on…”

The Walking Dead, Season 8 Episode 1 titled “Mercy” is the series’s 100th episode. The episode began with a bit of a banding of brothers, King Ezekiel giving his pre-war Henry V-esque speech to the three tribes of The Kingdom, Alexandria, and The Hilltop. But not exactly “began” with that scene. I’ll get to that in a minute.

The Crux of the Episode:

1. The three villages have built an army from their citizens
2. an elaborate plan was created that didn’t just involve running in
3. walkers were utilized … lots of walkers
4. Rick fucks up again by not immediately firing on Negan when he sees him, no matter who is standing near him
5. the episode jumps around with various timeline clips of Rick in various states
6. Fr. Gabriel just doesn’t recognize the devil he knows
7. Dwight seems legit on being Rick’s guy inside…

8. Maggie is recognized as the Hilltop’s leader, with Jesus’s blessing, much to Gregory’s shit…

9. Negan has a continuing junior high infatuation with dick and shit talk
10. a possible new character from the books was vaguely introduced in the episode. He was talking from a hiding place to Carl at the gas station. He was quoting the Koran. Rick comes looking for Carl and fires over the guy’s head instead of killing him, explaining to Carl he didn’t want to kill the guy just because he was desperate and starving. Carl would later in the episode’s closing scenes return and leave a note and food for the man to find.

There were homages, sort of ‘Easter egged’ throughout the episode, to TWD’s very first episode of season 1, and various others touching on other episode details throughout the length of the series.

There were flowers to be ‘looked at’ a la Carole (who also spotted one last night). There was Daryl making fiery explosions (a la Carole, again) in order to bait the massive herd of walkers toward Negan’s and the Saviors’ sanctuary. There was yet another Winnebago RV. There were more in there but it requires a re-watch or two in order to catch them more clearly.

One: Carl does a sort of reenactment of Rick at the gas station scene (S1E1), with a walker little girl included…

Two: The most noticeable for me was the swarm scene near the end of Fr. Gabriel and Negan trapped inside a trailer surrounded by walkers outside…

It was reminiscent of the final scenes of S1E1 where Rick was trapped in an army tank and Glenn’s voice broke through, eventually saving Rick’s “dumb ass” in S1E2. Who will possibly save Gabe and Negan? Anyhow, the ending swarm scene was used again when we thought Glenn had been killed a couple seasons back…

Anyhow, there is so much inside this often times confusing episode.

The leaders’ speeches to the righteous fighters ends and we see vehicles being up-armored and last minute checks reiterated. Aaron’s partner Eric has finally discovered prayers and says one ahead of the attack. Remember, no atheists in foxholes or on battlefields.

It is really hard to explain this episode because it appears to jump around like a muddled and disjointed 3-4 layered timeline.

The episode opens with a walking cane against a doorway and a vase of colorful flowers that we discover is on a table beside a bed with a bearded and grey, sleeping Rick. Immediately we ponder if the writers and producers are hinting this has all been some comatose dream Rick has had these last 7-8 seasons. Music is faintly playing in the background from another room. He gets out of the bed and wanders out with the aide of the cane. Michonne and Carl, who appear to not have aged along with him, greet him, and a moment later a Judith, who looks about 8-10 years old, enters the room to kiss her father.

And then there is the real-time patented red-eyed and despondent Rick with a prismed rainbow bouncing about his face. It’s the face we see each time something horrific, a death or an impossible decision (‘chop off your son’s hand’ from season 7 comes to mind, or last season’s finale when Negan was about to kill Carl kneeling beside him) has hit him directly/ personally. And is that Rick face the one we see standing over a fresh grave or two in the Hilltop cemetery?

Scott Gimple:

I will neither confirm or deny what [the timelines] are but you will know halfway through the season what they are, why they’re there, what they mean and what they mean for the future of the show. Answers will be had around episode eight or nine.

The difference between the first half and the second — I won’t say story-wise what is resolved and when — but the tone and the stakes are very different between the first and second half of the season. There’s a left-hand turn that really focuses things up in a very different and weird way.

It is OK to be confused. If people came away from that confused, I’d hope they’d hold on because all will be revealed in due time.

Mmm-kay, Scott.

As a matter of fact, while the armies from the three villages head off to confront Negan’s compound, Rick is leaving behind in Alexandria Carl, Michonne, and toddler Judith (Rosita as well). He is giving kisses all around, but also letting Michonne and Carl know they are strong leaders in their own right to hold down Alexandria. After Rick leaves Michonne echoes her confidence in Carl’s strength and ability.

However, before the long goodbye in the street outside their house, Rick grabs a hatchet from the kitchen table to add to his weapons belt … To which Carl asks him if he were again instructed to chop off his arm if he would. A Hell of a lot of foreshadowing fodder in the two scenes. And also in the firm embrace between Daryl and Carol before they part to head out to their missions in this battle.

Somehow I cannot help but feel that between the two scenes and those character involved, by the end of the season of war, somebody is not going to make it back for a joyful reunion. Hence the grave(s) Rick is standing over in one of the quantum-leap-ish timeline folds.

As I said, the episode is difficult to watch, outside the actual attack on Negan’s compound. The flashbacks or flash-forwards just are very clumsy. Maybe on purpose to keep us off guard. I dunno. I’m doing my best to round it up for this post and probably sounding as clumsy and disjointed.

Anyhow, I’ll wrap this up with another bit of a throwback to last season. Rick takes a Polaroid of a crawling and wounded Negan hunkered down beside the building. Yes, INSTEAD OF SHOOTING HIM for realz!!!!!! GD it, already!

We are reminded how Negan’s men took photos after he slaughtered Glenn and Abraham in season 7 to add to his wall gallery of victims’ photos. This should come back to bite Rick in the ass.


As usual, I’ll come back and add things after they’ve digested. Right now I feel borderline salmonella from last night’s season premier episode.

My Theories:

Number One:

The old man Rick is not an actual future timeline. It is his thought(s) of what he hoped his and his family’s lives would be like after defeating Negan and the Saviors. It tells me one or more of his family members will not survive this war. The fact that he is standing in Hilltop’s cemetery also makes me think Negan’s people attack Alexandria and burn it to the ground. Which would be a reason for burying his dead at Hilltop. Who might it be? Michonne, as Rick is seemingly not permitted to have personal happiness for very long. Judith, whom I believe was supposed to have been killed as an infant, along with Lori her mother, at the hands of The Governor seasons ago. Carl? I don’t know about that. In the comics for TWD has Rick taking Negan prisoner. Carl dares talk to the sick bastard while he is behind bars. Eventually someone not keen on Rick is responsible for Negan escaping (this involves The Whisperers group we have either not yet seen or are the Garbage Dump group.) Anyhow, whose grave(s) are being mourned over by Rick?

Number Two:

The writers and producers of TWD and its somewhat predecessor (post TWD success) Fear The Walking Dead, have promised a crossover between the two shows. FTWD takes place out west and in Mexico right after the dawn of the apocalypse, during the time Rick has been in a coma in an Atlanta area hospital. It is also at this time Abraham, Rosita and Eugene form a tiny group bound for Washington DC on the lie that Eugene has the cure for this mess. They started out in Texas. FTWD hinted around in their season final episode that Texas (“north”) was a destination for some of the characters of Madison’s now fragmented group. I would wager it will be this TWD group that the crossover involves. FTWD also has its own Negan, of sorts, in The Proctor of the trading town. He expressed a plan to take over Dallas and spread out from there. Which has me pondering the fates of Rosita and Eugene in the war with Negan. Their deaths would free them up to join the FTWD cast (and bring back Abraham) for an undetermined amount of time on that series. When it will be premiered is not officially being stated. The one writer responsible says he’s not even sure which show will have the first crossover episode. However the show’s producer promised on The Talking Dead last night “Sooner rather than later…” he said a few times. For me it sort of confirmed my idea of which of TWD character it would involve, and the ‘sooner’ would jibe with it being a time period ahead of where TWD is now, and not a fast forward for anyone on FTWD. AND that leads me to, perhaps, some life-flashing-before-your-eyes moment(s) of an elongated pre-death or dying scene with either Eugene or Rosita … or both???

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Space Soup

Some interesting space junk I’ve come across online…

Orionid Meteor Shower 2017: When, Where & How to See It This Weekend

How Would We Talk to Aliens?

The Threat of Objects Lost in Space

First Glimpse of Colliding Neutron Stars Yields Stunning Pics

Meltwater From Glaciers May Have Flowed on Ancient Mars

The Perfect Location For a Future Moon Base Has Finally Been Confirmed – We’re totally going back.

First Moon colonists could be molemen living giant 50km cave

Bigelow and ULA plan expandable B330 orbital lunar space station in 2022


Pilot Wave theory suggests Trumpet shaped Emdrive would have more thrust

Blue Origin just sent a jolt through the aerospace industry: “As Joe Biden would say, this is a BFD for the space industry.”

U.S. Air Force Space Chief Sees Final Frontier as Battleground

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Uranium One: It’s a Cookbook …

It is obvious the MSM is blacking out this story that would be wall to wall outrage were it a story regarding a republican administration.

Uranium One: Media Scrambles To Protect Obama, Hillary And Russia Trump Narrative!

Firm behind Trump dossier goes to court to block House subpoena for bank records

How much duct tape do you think democrats and MSM, and anti-Trump republicans, have in order to keep the lid from completely blowing off this Clinton-Obama pressure cooker of “collusion”?

HotAir: Bill Clinton Asked For Permission To Meet With Russian Nuclear Officials

Ultimately, after asking the State Department for permission, Clinton did not meet with any of the Russians on this list, he met with Putin instead. Clinton’s aides deny he ever spoke to anyone about the Uranium deal during his trip to Moscow. An unnamed Clinton friend tells the Hill there was an unstated goal of Clinton’s trip to Russia in 2010 but claims it was not to help push through the Uranium deal…

Oh, sure, uh-huh, like the happenstance meeting he had with Loretta Lynch on a scalding summer Arizona tarmac to discuss golf and grandchildren … days before the FBI “questioned” Hillary and before Comey decided she was free and clear of any wrongdoing.

Thomas Lifson @ AT: Dems double down on distraction to obscure Uranium One scandal

Don Surber: Clinton uranium deal turns radioactive

Circa: A Russian nuclear firm under FBI investigation was allowed to purchase US uranium supply


The Russia/Obama/Clinton scandal that goes generally under the name of Uranium One is getting harder for the liberal press to cover up. I wrote about the exposé published by–surprisingly–The Hill here, and Paul added more here. The original story goes back to Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash. The scandal is a blockbuster, perhaps the worst involving Barack Obama, Eric Holder’s corrupt Department of Justice, and Bill and Hillary Clinton. If you haven’t read the linked posts, you should.

Kimberley A. Strassel @ WSJ: The Fusion Collusion – Democrats are trying to protect the firm’s secrets—so the GOP should keep digging.

Kimberley Strassel: Here’s why the GOP should keep digging on the Fusion GPS case

Free Beacon: House Intelligence Panel is Reviewing Uranium One Deal Amid New Evidence of Russian Bribery -The panel is making inquiries but has not launched a formal investigation

Zero Hedge: Emails Reveal Bill Clinton Met With Vladimir Putin Just Before Uranium One Deal

Zero Hedge: What Do Hillary, Uranium One, And An FBI Bust Of A Deep Cover Russian Spy Network Have In Common?

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Uses Crazy Excuse For Ignoring Latest Clinton-Uranium One Scandal (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton Makes Another Desperate Attempt to Distract From Russia-Uranium One Scandal

And this … THIS … is completely damning…

DC: Hillary Clinton’s Russian Ghost Stories

So here are the key facts: The FBI found that Russian intelligence had targeted Hillary Clinton before and during her time as secretary of state. Clinton’s spokespersons denied that this was so. Clinton opposed the Magnitsky sanctions on officials tied to Putin. After her husband received a half-million dollars in Moscow from a Kremlin-connected investment bank, Clinton moved with unusual speed to whisk the ring of 10 Russian spies out of the country and back to Moscow. She had the lopsided swap take place over a long summer weekend, before the FBI was finished with the spies, and before the spies could stand trial. While the FBI was separately investigating Russians involved with buying Uranium One, she approved the sale of American uranium to Russia’s nuclear weapons agency. Principals in the sale then plowed $145 million into her family foundation and projects.

Oh, that’s just a penny lick of the info up in there! Read the whole thing.

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“Don’t Get Cocky, Kid”

This week we have heard that ISIS stronghold Raqqa has fallen and ISIS is either on the run or surrendering in large numbers.

However, those in the intel know are warning ISIS will be shifting its deadly tactics to a less land-grab mission and more to a serious 9-11 style attack somewhere in the West…

CNBC: CIA director: ISIS still ‘enormous threat’ despite group’s battlefield setbacks

CIA Director Mike Pompeo on Thursday said ISIS remains an “enormous threat” despite setbacks the terror group has suffered on the battlefield, including being driven from the group’s self-declared capital of Raqqa.

“It is clearly the case that there are terrorists around the world who are intent upon using commercial aviation as their vector to present a threat to the West,” the CIA director said in remarks at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies’ National Security Summit in Washington.

Pompeo said the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has taken actions at airports in response to “perceived threats” to commercial airliners. Yet he said the terror risk still exists because it can be difficult to learn about attacks.

Fears of another 9/11-style attack were raised this week after comments attributed to the acting DHS secretary, Elaine Duke, in remarks at the U.S. Embassy in London. Her remarks were published Thursday in Britain’s Express newspaper.

“The terrorist organizations, be it ISIS or others, want to have the big explosion like they did on 9/11,” Duke said, according to reporting by Express. “They want to take down aircraft, the intelligence is clear on that.”

Pompeo said bad actors willing to do harm to the West can go online to learn bomb-making skills from terrorists without ever getting on a phone or sending email. “Tools that we have developed to take down [terrorist] networks are less likely to be successful,” he said.

“This is difficult stuff in a faraway place,” Pompeo said. “This is a challenge for the intelligence community to figure out how that technology may have transferred.”


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Not Before My Morning Coffee: 10-20-17

Good Friday morning, fellow Spectators!

Coffee keeps everybody “regular”, if you get my drift.

Heroes. Goats. Rock Stars. Clowns. Ass-Clowns.

It’s a start, but will it go very far. Yes, we are not only skeptical about the U.S. Congress on whole, but more so of the establishment GOP…

Senate passes $4 trillion budget in crucial step for Trump’s tax overhaul

Go back and re-watch White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly’s solemn and serious statement about our military fallen and how it must be treated with a very deserved sanctity worthy of their sacrifice. Now, compare that with the congresswoman who felt her personal opinions of Trump outweighed treating the situation with the quiet dignity. Instead she is celebrating the attention and political momentum she is (intentionally) receiving from it all … on the back of a fallen U.S. soldier:

Rep. Frederica Wilson Laughs After John Kelly Slams in Presser: ‘I’m a Rock Star Now!’


What to know about Frederica Wilson, Florida Democrat who criticized Trump

Frederica Wilson Demands Trump Answer for Subpar Military Gear — Forgets She Voted Against Funding It

Meanwhile, the same MSM that spent more than eight years refusing to investigate anything to do with Barack Obama and his corrupt administration, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Hillary Clinton, Uranium One, etc., is breaking flop-sweat sifting through Gold Star Families who will bad-mouth Trump, not thank him. This, after spending the last few years since the Benghazi terror attack under Obama’s and Hillary’s watch, scoffing at the truth, pushing the “video” lies, and ridiculing the families of those brave fallen men.

The left is always insisting they support the troops, if not the mission. It is all bullshit, and times such as these bring the truth out in the open. This is a Hillary Clinton hack now employed at CNN:

Clinton pitbull, media attack Kelly after Gold Star general defends Trump condolence call

Right now the Hillary sycophants in the MSM are trying desperately to make the Niger attack into Trump’s Benghazi. Yes, they have said as much in that many words. And so, the lazy-assed, agenda-driven press presses “FORWARD”:

The moment when you realize you really should have studied for that test you thought you didn’t have to study for…

D’OH Dope: Jake Tapper’s Interview With A Gold Star Dad Didn’t Go So Well [VIDEO]

MSNBC’s Joy Reid: Kelly Attacked Wilson Because Of His ‘Segregated’ Upbringing

‘War is WAR’: Mad Dog Mattis absolutely shuts DOWN the press with Niger response

Funny how the same damn MSM has omitted the fact Obama sent our troops into Niger a few years ago and they are there involved in the mission his administration set-in-play. So, yes, by all means, let’s fully investigate this latest attack that caused loss of life for our servicemen. Also, omitted from this muddled coverage is the fact Trump recently lifted some of the stifling ROEs that were nailed in place by the Obama administration that for 8 years contributed to KIAs and the wounded of our troops.

I speak from experience. During Obama’s reign and failed CinC tenure in Afghanistan, my son-in-law’s US Marine Gunny Sgt. brother and his guys were pinned down for days in their dangerous position as the enemy hid behind human shields in a village and fired RPGs and mortars for days because calls for air support were denied. And they were ordered not to fire back themselves unless they had a clear shot at an actually armed individual. Some of his guys were killed and wounded. He lost most of his hearing. These guys are part of the numbers of radically increased casualties in A-stan under Obama and his strict and insane ROEs.

And there are others (the left is a very deep dark cesspool)…

‘WHAT a little bitch.’ Zack Kopplin claims journos sacrifice JUST LIKE soldiers, blocks most of Twitter

Shocker: Lauren Duca manages to find the sexism in Gen. John Kelly’s remarks

The memo must have gone out yesterday that anyone speaking before an audience must trash Pres. Trump, no matter your political affiliation(s)…

George W. Bush jabs at Trump’s America: “Bigotry or white-supremacy in any form” is un-American … He said NOTHING for eight years under Obama and Holder/ Lynch intentionally dividing this nation. Now he is dumping it on Trump’s desk as he tries to clean up the mess. If anyone should understand what it is like for a republican to follow a democrat eight year reign of destruction and intentional failure set-ups it should be Pres. George W. Bush. But no. He has thrown in with the resistance ass-clowns. He is about to fall to Sen. John McCain’s disappointing status with longtime loyal republicans that spent eight years and beyond defending him.

Speaker Paul Ryan (R) roasts President Trump at Al Smith dinner … Normally this would be a nothing-burger. However, given the current negative atmosphere among the republican party and the establishment wonks trying to forearm-shiver the republican POTUS and his agenda, it just comes off as more #Resistance, and they (Ryan) know the MSM will play it that way.

Your Dry Laugh for The Day: Obama: We Reject the ‘Politics of Division’ That ‘We See Now’ … Recall that scene in “Mommy Dearest” after she trashes her kids’ rooms in the dead of night and then she demands “Clean up this mess!”

Eric Holder: I Am Part of the Trump Resistance … Feh.

Here are the “Goats”:

Megyn Kelly‘s TV career continues to crash and burn. Apparently, along with her self-respect. … Megyan Kelly decided to turn down the new contract by former employer FOX News Channel that far outweighed the one she accepted with NBC. She had hurt her reputation with viewers at FOX with her singling out of Trump in the first debate, and wrongly emboldening her arrogance when viewers began retaliating. She stupidly believed her career success to that point of a new contract would carry her over to a very rival network (who struggles with ratings beneath FOX’s) and those viewers would see her as a righteous defector to their side of the political spectrum. Just didn’t pan out for her. She should have stayed on at FOX and taken a deep breath while trying to win back the huge viewership and confidence she had wasted in her personal maneuvering of then candidate Donald Trump.

No-talent hack and admitted drug user and drunk: Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talk show to end after Season 2 so she can focus on activism … Yeah, good luck with that.

The missing Las Vegas hotel security guard finally surfaced and blew-off all other TV interviews to go to a very coddling and friendly venue instead: Mandalay Bay owner insisted security guard Jesus Campos appear ONLY on Ellen and not be grilled by TV hardhitters fearing his answers to timeline questions could result in massive lawsuits from victims of the massacre

Today’s NBMMC post brought to you by…

Go out and make it a fantastic Friday and weekend, Spectators. And please take a moment to hold a quick thought or prayer for those who willingly serve this nation in order to protect our republic and freedoms/ rights. “EARN THIS!”

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A Pox: Liberal Cold and Flu Season

Kurt Schlichter @ Townhall: Liberals Try To Connect With Normal Americans And It Goes Poorly

We’re Winning, They’re Losing, Here’s Why: Power is shifting away from the liberal media and the left-wing popular culture

Harvard Prof Dreams Up Scenario In Which Hillary Becomes President: It’s a rather circuitous journey, but let’s follow him through the maze.

Sex Ed Lesson Upsets Green Country Parents

Cornell’s Black Student Disunion: A radical group calls on the university to disfavor immigrants.

Vet EMBARRASSES Kamala Harris for blaming domestic violence on guns


VIDEO: Bernie Sanders Took on a Trump-Supporting Trucker on Live TV. Guess Who Won That Battle?

Then Sen. Ted Cruz had-at Sen. Sanders

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VOTD: “Empty barrels make the most noise.”

The White House press room was eerily still and quiet as White House Chief of Staff, Gen. John Kelly, gut-checked his own personal experience pain and feelings of being not only the father of a fallen military hero and another son still actively serving in a battle theater, but as the commander of men who had been killed in action because they did their ultimate duty.

Thank God Gen. Kelly came out and spoke truth to assumed power in regards to the politicizing of this fallen military member (and the other three who died in the same situation) by the self-serving democrat Congresswoman.

After Gen. Kelly’s heartfelt but strong statement he looked out at the White House press corp and said he would take a couple questions, but only on this subject … and then:

John Kelly: “Any of you a Gold Star family member?”


John Kelly: “Any of you know a Gold Star family member?”

*one hand goes up*

John Kelly: “Okay, you get a question.”

Gen. Kelly only took a couple questions, which he answered in his own bold way, and only from somebody who raised a hand in knowing of a Gold Star family.


‘Keep digging’: Frederica Wilson’s response to John Kelly’s remarks is ‘unspeakably ugly’

Florida Democrat Wilson no friend of veterans, vote record shows


Gen. John Kelly: ‘Stunned’ After ‘Empty Barrel’ Frederica Wilson Politicized President’s Phone Call

‘Chills’: John Kelly shames those politicizing soldier’s death in ‘gut wrenching’ speech

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