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Pre-Thanksgiving Weekend Reads…

Unless something like the fat bastard of NorK or some ISIS wanker(s) do something worthy of stopping in my tracks to pay attention to the TV news feed, I am definitely taking off the weekend to do various Thanksgiving dinner preps to make my, once again, cooking of the turkey day meal less jammed and less stressful. Also, I am consuming loads of B and C obscure Christmas movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime just to keep me from sinking into pre-holiday funk. Back on Monday, Spectators… That is, unless there’s a mushroom cloud or somesuch, or and EMP— well, in that event I won’t be back with the eltro-techs fried.

Put on your glasses:

KURT SCHLICHTER: At Least My Generation Will Have Our Revenge On The Millennials.

Resistance Royalty: Pelosi, Soros Headline Left’s Biggest Dark Money Conference: Private memo gives inside look at Democracy Alliance’s latest secret donor meeting

The Suicidal Narrative of the Modern Environmental Left

World needs ‘brain washing’ on climate change, Jerry Brown says at Vatican

Tim Kaine Wants to Eliminate Superdelegates … It’s how Hillary “I won the popular vote against Trump” Clinton manufactured her DNC primary theft of Bernie Sanders.

Underground ‘city of the dead’ being built in Jerusalem after it runs out of burial plots: A huge network of catacombs excavated beneath a mountain over the past two years will provide enough space for 22,000 graves

Russia unveils £30m plans to start mining on the Moon

Scientists found a new Earth-sized planet nearby… and it might be habitable

VIDEO: Astronomers have found Milky Way’s twin

A small group of scientists has unilaterally decided to send messages to any advanced alien civilization living in a star system 12.4 light years away (over 70 trillion miles). … Well, this should be fun…

Seventh-Grader Wears ‘Fake News Network’ Shirt on CNN Field Trip

Jon Stewart to Anyone Who Wants Evenhanded Comedy: ‘Tough S**t’

Libya: The Forgotten Reason North Korea Desperately Wants Nuclear Weapons

More than 200 MS-13 members were arrested in a major Trump administration gang sweep

UGH! No…

But as I understand it the boss’s wife does a primo bacon-wrapped bird!

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Is Hillary Clinton Drinking Too Much, or Not Enough?

This has gone beyond pathetic.
You lost.
Get a damn job.
Get a damn life.

Clinton: There are ‘lots of questions’ about legitimacy of Trump’s election

Hillary Clinton: It’s ‘premature’ to try to impeach Trump

‘She’s STILL whining?’ Hillary Clinton’s not done DIRECTLY THREATENING our democracy


Workers on Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Campaigns Claim Sexual Harassment

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Liberal Ideas On Sexual Violation Gets Curiouser and Curiouser…

In this current state of show-and-tell reveal of sexual violations in Hollywood, government, and any other avenue of live that men (and women) are behaving badly let’s not confuse and generalize on what is and is not real harassment, abuse, and violation. The above classic photograph was from a different era in a completely different country and culture as my Facebook friend, restaurant owner Jeffrey Varasano explains…

This famous photo from 1951 Italy has been removed from a restaurant after 2 dozen recent complaints.

It really is time for people to wake up to the destructive force that is the left. Since they are moral relativists, they can change their positions from day to day. One day it’s all about sexual liberation the next day it’s all about squashing harassment. Today dating a 17 year old is pedophilia tomorrow pedophilia is a normal sexual orientation.

The left are natural hysterics. Whether it’s global warming, the population bomb, salt and cholesterol, cries of the phobia du jour, Russia Russia Russia, it’s endless. Because they are natural revolutionaries they are never satisfied, they are never grateful. They demand change but when they get it, it’s never enough because inside they are unhappy, so the next day they demand the opposite, of course with equal sanctimony…

That’s fair. But no one is advocating a return to that behavior. If I had a picture of gladiators, I’m not advocating snuff theater or commenting on the cruelty and suffering of the era.

It’s culture. It’s kitch. It’s an homage to a bygone age. I had a speakeasy and we decorated it with pictures of Al Capone, Meyer Lansky, Dillinger, etc. Should the next bank robbery have us remove images of Bonnie & Clyde.

This is a lot like the Statue issue. It’s Hysteria brought on by a relativists ideology that has no coherent center and can this morph and lash out at anything.

Another mutual Facebook friend, Christopher Buckley, replied:

Just gotta love it that the photographer was a woman and that they are offended by the championing of one woman celebrating another woman’s dignity and courage in the face of an oppressive culture!! LMAO!!!


More on the above photograph:

An American Girl In Italy: On the 60th anniversary of Ruth Orkin’s iconic photo, its Toronto subject, now 84, reflects

An Image of Innocence Abroad: Neither photographer Ruth Orkin nor her subject Jinx Allen realized the stir the collaboration would make

Craig wants this to be perfectly clear: In 1951, she and Orkin were both staying at a dollar-a-day hotel in Florence. In Europe, “budget hotel” is another way of saying “shared bathroom,” and their forced interaction morphed into a fast friendship.

Craig, fresh out of undergraduate studies at Sarah Lawrence College in New York, was on a six-month European tour. Orkin was already shooting for such magazines as Look and LIFE, and was working on a travel project.

She asked Craig to hit the streets of Florence with her, and Orkin would trail along with her camera. Walking through the Piazza Della Republicca, Craig encountered the men. Orkin turned and abruptly ordered her to stop. She snapped the shutter, then asked Craig to hop up on the curb and step down one more time, to the men’s amusement. In that second step, “American Girl in Italy” was made.

“This was not something Ruth had envisioned for a week, and hired 15 young men,” Craig says.

When I suggest she looks worried, she just smiles.

“That’s because you’re a man,” she says coyly. “Italian men are very appreciative, and it’s nice to be appreciated. I wasn’t the least bit offended.”

Legendary porn slob— star, Ron Jeremy, is now getting unwanted attention…

Multiple women accuse Ron Jeremy of sexual assault

Yeah, let that sink in.

I saw “Boogie Nights”, the ‘documentary’ on the porn industry, and the mentality of those in it (*snark*). Anyhow, we have fun with the irony of situations with characters such as Ron Jeremy, a porn king, getting accused of improper sexual conduct with women. I mean, male porn star at a party or whatever and there’s drinking and drugs and flirtations and blah-blah and the guy takes it too far and the female realizes she’s just not willing to take it to the next level but shitheads prevail, etc-etc-etc. But we do know that there’s a difference between invited/ wanted/ consensual and uninvited. And as we saw in the middle of the 20th century, via women’s rights, we were told how a woman dressed/ acted or had her curtains open while undressing or walking down a street naked or even if she was a sexually active “slut” or a prostitute we were not supposed to factor that into whether or not a man assaulting or raping her was excusable because he’d defend himself with ‘she was just asking for it’ or ‘what did she expect would happen to her’.

However, as we are seeing with extremely selective liberal outrage as these endless sexual accusations from all avenues flash-flood our media some creeps and lechers are more equal than others (See: Teddy Kennedy and Bill Clinton).
There have been those liberals that are not only excusing Franken’s assault on Leeann Tweeden, but assbackward blaming her for it. And these examples are … women…

The most ‘BATS$%T’ defense of Al Franken and Dem sex predators you’ll see today

Oh, that’s just the proverbial tip-of-the-iceberg, as they say, to her line of warped and politically charged defense of not holding democrats accountable.

You have to follow Kate Harding’s tweet thread where she blindingly and insanely justifies supporting democrats who have acted like sexual monsters so that democrats gain and remain in power over republicans. Here is her Twitter bio tag:

Verified account @KateHarding
Co-editor of Nasty Women: Feminism, Resistance, and Revolution in Trump’s America, & co-host of Feminasty podcast. Author of Asking for It. Grumpy, fat, old.

Charming, huh? Hear her roar.

By the way, for the record, democrats rarely, if ever, resign or are punished for such matters, as opposed to republican shit-heels who ALWAYS slink away into obscurity. Were that the case Bob Menendez, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, etc. would have been strongly and stridently dealt with by “feminists”, real and honest feminists. However, liberal feminists are nothing more than groupies who would swallow/ spread/ bend over for any democrat politician that would preserve their right to abortion.

And MSNBC’s desk anchor, Joy Reed, proves some weak-tea apologies from sexually deviant lechers is more equal than others, especially if the lech is a democrat politician…

Ace: Media Actually Rushing to Al Franken’s Defense

Oh, well, then never mind, huh? I mean, of all his salacious sloppy sexcapades Ted “The Lion of the Senate” Kennedy only killed one woman (that we know of). Right? The rest got away breathing, no water in the lungs. And I’ll bet his staffers had nice things to say about old Teddy too. After all is said and done, he got to keep his Senate seat. Why not Al “assclown tongue-jamming” Franken? And why is Judge Roy Moore disqualified to sit in the Senate with Al Franken? There’s photographic evidence against Franken (and Kennedy, for that matter), yet, no photos of evidence against Moore in his allegations.

Another example of Hillary-like liberal feminists (yet, another MSNBC fem-hack) who are “gropesplainers” defending Franken by demeaning and ridiculing his victim. .

Sasha Stone claims Franken didn’t grope Tweeden, STORMS OFF Twitter when called out

For example, this asshole thinks what Al Franken did to a costar of a USO show was okay because his victim was a Playboy and bikini model, or somesuch bullshit. In other words, he’s nothing more than one of those cheering slobs in the movie “The Accused” who didn’t assault/rape the victim but had fun excusing the other guys for doing it…

Dbag effect: Angry meteorologist attacks Leeann Tweeden, says she was on tour ‘so she could be groped’

ALL of them setting back half a century female victims’ rights, a once liberal cause. Nicely played, liberal hacks.

The reality: Tweeden was dead asleep when Franken did this interactive photobomb on her (doubtful she had on a bikini under the Kevlar flack vest that would, as the above jerk points out, justify Franken’s actions). Makes you wonder, in this age of ‘date rape drugs’, huh?

And now seems a perfect opportunity for the liberals to attack an honorable man and his reasonable practice of never meeting with females without his wife by his side:

Maybe All of Congress (and Hollywood) Needs to Adopt the “Pence Rule”


“If Al Franken stays in the Senate, the odds of Roy Moore getting elected go way up.”

Al Franken championed a Minnesota rape survivor’s bill. Now she wants a new sponsor.

Liberals retroactively turn on Bill Clinton amid wide reckoning on the sexual misconduct of powerful men

Clinton attack dog lashes out at Gillibrand for criticism of Bill

There’s good reason to scrutinize claims like the Roy Moore mall story. It’s certainly not to protect a pedophile.

Gloria Allred: ‘I Haven’t Asked’ Beverly Young Nelson If She Saw Roy Moore Sign Her Yearbook

Ace: Washington Post Offers Totally Unexpected and Novel Hot Take: Al Franken’s Sins are Just One Man’s Failings, But Republican Sins Are Borne By Each and Every Member of the Party

CBS News: 44 Seconds On Trump Drinking Water, 0 On Menendez

Fox News Bans Kiss Frontman Gene Simmons for Life

McConnell, Schumer Unite on Ethics Probe as Franken Apologizes for Sexual Assault

Days of Shrugging Off Sexual Misconduct at the Capitol May Be Over

Kennedy, Clinton, and Weinstein: A Convenient Reckoning

The faces of lib-fems’ heroes…


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Hung: Jury That Needed Definition of “Senator” Can’t Come to a Conviction for Menendez

Loads of American people victimized and at the unfair merciless-mercy of the federal government for decades would love the answer to that question too, Bob.

He could be retried, but don’t hold your collective breath…

(nj.com) – A hopelessly deadlocked jury brought an abrupt end to the corruption trial of U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez Thursday with the declaration of a mistrial, after a contentious 11-week courtroom drama that concluded without a final act.

The government now must decide whether to retry the Democratic lawmaker from New Jersey and co-defendant Salomon Melgen, a wealthy Florida ophthalmologist, who are accused of swapping lavish gifts for government favors.

In a note sent to out shortly before noon, jurors said they were unable to reach a verdict. While saying they had “reviewed all the evidence slowly, thoroughly and in great detail,” they concluded: “We cannot reach a unanimous decision on any of the charges, nor are we willing to move away from our strong convictions.

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The Land of The Lost Sexual Aggressors

Just Breaking:

Senator Al Franken Kissed and Groped Me Without My Consent, And There’s Nothing Funny About It


It’s the only way Al was going to ever get anything even remotely ‘sexual’ from her was if she was unconscious and with a Kevlar female condom on.

Believe EVERY victim: Tweets from Al Franken BASHING DeVos on sexual assault haven’t aged well

Schumer calls for ethics probe of Al Franken amid groping allegations

WaPo: Why ‘Al Franken for president’ isn’t as crazy as you might think

This WaPo premise is deserving of a special facepalm…


GOP leaders weigh drastic plan to save Alabama Senate seat: The move, one of several long-shot options under consideration, would seek to trigger a new election.

Gloria Allred’s Blunder on Roy Moore’s Yearbook Challenge

Debra Burlingame @ Facebook:

“Is it just me, or does the Gloria Allred presser with the crying victim look so utterly fake to you, too? This woman was supposedly assaulted 30 years ago? 30 YEARS AGO! She was crying, and dabbing at her eyes like it happened one hour earlier and they were en route to the police. This is the same way all of this shyster’s clients do it, no doubt on instructions from Gloria. I don’t know what Moore did or didn’t do 30 years ago, but if that woman is sobbing three decades later, there is something wrong with her. I’m calling bullshite.”


Allow Me To Appoint Myself Roy Moore’s Political Consultant For A Day…


Julianne Moore Blames Sexual Harassment Climate on Trump – Not Hollywood

The stupid, it sounds like a wet fart.


Congress paid out $15 million in settlements. Here’s why we know so little about that money.

Gotta wonder how many times taxpayer dollars were shelled out for Teddy Kennedy’s accusers…

‘Why Aren’t They Naming Names?’: Ingraham Calls for Probe of Congressional ‘Shush’ Fund

SHOCKAH! Dem Senators bend over BACKWARDS to avoid discussing Al Franken

‘I Was Blackballed’: Former Congressional Staffer Recounts Alleged Sexual Harassment by Lawmaker

Don Surber: No Democrats, you don’t get your virginity back


‘I was stalked and harassed by Al Franken’: ANOTHER alleged victim steps forward

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Hillary Premise: Any Investigating of Her is Unhinged Dictatorial “Abuse of Power”

I am so annoyingly amused by this wet-noodle defense that just because Hillary Clinton is not POTUS, as of her 2016 election crash and burn failure, anything she, her campaign, her husband, the Clinton Foundation, the Obama administration/ DOJ/ AG,the DNC, and her tenure as Secretary of State at the State Department is no longer up for scrutiny, investigation, and even indictment and/or prosecution. Therein, Hillary, is your “abuse of power” in full and unfettered (and blatant) practice, not only in the actions and results, but in the cover-up(s). But, no way is this current administration that went head-to-head in the 2016 campaign cycle permitted to look into the previous administration and the Clintons because they were (and still are) political rivals? Are you fucking kidding???

BRUTAL: Sharyl Attkisson STOMPED Ben Rhodes AND the Obama admin in just TWO LETTERS

Clinton calls Uranium One special counsel threat an ‘abuse of power’

Clinton calls Uranium One story a ‘distraction,’ warns of dictatorship

Here is one primary point about all of this that has been at the forefront of my concerns over the Uranium One deal and the Obama administration’s exiting Iran nuke deal…

1. A Russian company (yes, with a Hell of a lot of Clinton connections) now has 20% of our uranium

2. Russia is one of the biggest arms/ weapons/ technology/ materials dealer in the world today. If they themselves don’t produce what they are selling, they are a clearing-house (go-between) of other countries’ arms/ etc. that they have purchased and then sell to someone who has a sanction against them by the initial seller/ producer to the buyer(s). Uranium One went through Canadian channels to try to loophole such regulations in the final sale to a Russian entity.

3. Russia has no moral qualms about who they sell to

4. In the Iran nuke deal Iran and Russia were allowed to remain/ continue in such a position of transaction(s)

So, here is my “Sum of All Fears” scenario:

Let’s say Iran or North Korea, or even a terrorist group, uses some form of a nuclear weapon/ device either in a test or in an attack. That nuclear material is able to be traced by its signature to its source. And let’s say that radioactive fallout is traced to the Uranium One deal nuclear materials sold to the Russian company. Can you see where I am going with this?

Recall the 9-11 commission investigation of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Recall how the previous Clinton administration (and it’s various intel and investigative federal agencies) did not seriously view tell-tale signs prior to leaving office. That was not the focal point of the commission’s investigation. No, time and total responsibility only began from the moment the Bush administration stepped into the Oval Office. Not the multiple, and often times intentional, failures of the Clinton administration in handling the growing threat from al-Qaeda and UBL. This is the same mentality we are seeing now in the Uranium One deal of the Obama/Clinton administration. If the nuclear materials are used in a weapon, using Hillary Clinton’s dismissive ass-covering logic, we are not allowed to follow the trail back to hers and Obama’s responsibility in the whole supplying of the stuff onto the market to our enemies, big and small.

The fact is, the Clintons have constantly been given cover for all their illicit (and more often than not, self-serving) wrong doings, and the questionable tactics and practices of their foundation, especially while she was a sitting Secretary of State. If you or I or an American corporation had done just 1/10th of what the Clintons have done, and I won’t list it all yet again, we would be in prison. No hair-splitting of words and meanings. No shrugging it all off as ‘clumsy’ or ‘sloppy’. Not excuse of ‘ignorance of the law’ permitted. And this failed and floundering woman now wants us to swallow her conjecture that any serious and thoughtful, and thorough, investigation into this mountain of unanswered questions her ass sits upon is an “abuse of power” by this administration’s DOJ?

Uranium One FBI Informant Is Revealed: Will Testify, Provide Evidence


Hillary Clinton Gave This Absurd Reason For Why She Shouldn’t Be Investigated

Judge Andrew Napolitano: The incredible new chapter in the Hillary Clinton chronicles

And get ready for these sort of MSM reactions to Hillary and the Clintons in general once it can no longer be denied or covered for…


Hannity’s Digital Chalkboards: The Mountain Range of Damning Evidence of Real Corruption and Collusion

Thanks to TUS contributor BK Masterson for the TV screen-grabs from Hannity’s show…

Added bonus:

GOP Rep: Americans ‘Sick’ of Seeing ‘One Set of Rules For Clintons, One For Everyone Else’

WSJ: Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the Law: Did their arrangement violate legal limits on coordination between a candidate and a party?

Ms. Brazile reports that when she arrived on the job in July 2016, Gary Gensler, the campaign’s chief financial officer, told her the DNC was fully under the control of the campaign. In September 2015, 10 months before Mrs. Clinton’s nomination, the party had moved its bank account to the same bank in New York used by the Clinton campaign and created a joint fundraising committee, the Hillary Victory Fund, whose treasurer, bank account, and control were vested in the campaign.

Then, in an August 2015 memorandum of understanding, the DNC essentially handed over its operations to the Clinton campaign for the next 15 months.

The purpose of joint fundraising committees is to allow more than one entity to collaborate in raising money and share in the costs. Each participant is subject to federal contribution limits. When the party itself is a participant, its committee (in this case the DNC) normally handles accounting and financial controls. Not here. The Hillary Victory Fund was controlled by the Clinton campaign, with a campaign employee as treasurer and the fund’s bank account established at the Clinton campaign’s bank. According to Federal Election Commission reports, the Hillary Victory Fund has raised more than $526 million.

The DNC asserted its “neutrality” by also entering into a joint fundraising committee with the Sanders campaign. It raised a total of $1,000. And the Bernie Victory Committee treasurer was the DNC’s designee.

“Money in the battleground states usually stayed in that state,” Ms. Brazile writes, “but all the other states funneled that money directly to the DNC, which quickly transferred the money to Brooklyn”—i.e., Clinton headquarters. She says state parties raised $82 million, of which they kept less than 0.5%.

The memorandum of understanding promised the Clinton campaign, among other things, “complete and seamless access to all research work product and tools” paid for by the DNC, despite Federal Election Commission regulations that prohibit privately sharing such research with a candidate without either reporting the costs as an in-kind contribution or allocating them against the party’s coordinated spending limits for that candidate.

The memo also tied transfers of funds raised for the DNC by the Hillary Victory Fund to operational control of the DNC’s expenditures: “The release of the Base Amounts each month are conditioned on the following: . . . hiring of DNC Communications Director . . . DNC senior staff . . . joint authority over strategic decisions . . . alerting HFA”—Hillary for America, the campaign—“in advance of . . . any direct mail communications that features a particular Democratic primary candidate or his or her signature.”

Contributions to the DNC, even though made through the Hillary Victory Fund, were required by law to be transferred to the party and could not legally be withheld by the Clinton-designated treasurer. Nor does the law allow a single candidate to control a political party’s operations and expenditures.

National party committees have higher contribution limits than candidates do—$334,000 a year vs. $2,700 for each election. The memorandum raises the possibility that Clinton campaign took advantage of the DNC’s higher limits, then availed itself of all the resources the DNC could buy—without having any of the attendant costs or expenditures assessed against the campaign.

There are strict statutory limits on what a party committee can contribute to any candidate and what a party can spend in coordination with its candidates. We don’t like limits on the ability of parties to support their candidates. But campaign-finance zealots, egged on by media outlets (which are not subject to any limits), made certain that the McCain-Feingold law of 2002 stringently limited coordination between candidates and political parties. Although the Supreme Court struck down parts of McCain-Feingold in the 2010 Citizens United case, the coordination limits still apply. The FEC and the Justice Department should investigate the Clinton-DNC arrangement.

Candidate Clinton railed against Citizens United—a case that involved a documentary film critical of her—arguing that “big money” and “secret spending” are ruining our politics. Is it too much to ask that those who loudly demand greater regulation of political speech and spending themselves abide by the laws already on the books?

‘This is nuts’: Rep. Louie Gohmert’s flow chart of Obama DOJ scandals is blowing minds


Justice Dept. to Weigh Inquiry Into Clinton Foundation

Gregg Jarrett: Hillary Clinton must face the consequences of her actions and the scrutiny of a special counsel

Andrew C, McCarthy @ NRO: The Trump Collusion Case Is Not Getting the Clinton Emails Treatment

“It’s almost like Mother Jones et al. were the Clinton campaign’s rabid rapid response team.”

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