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The MSM is an Empty and Useless Box

Michael Goodwin: The media’s hatred of Trump is only hurting itself


Flashback: Media Didn’t Care When Obama Scrubbed Security Clearances

VDH: The Elites’ War on the Deplorables

THAT left a mark! Glenn Beck REKT CNN with Chris Cuomo’s own words comparing Antifa to ‘soldiers fighting evil’


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The More They Dig the Farther They Get from Trump Collusion and the More It Collapses in On a Clinton Collusion

Over the weekend the NYTimes released a “bombshell” narrative slanted story regarding one of Pres. Trump’s lawyers, Don McGahn, spending 30 hours being interviewed by Robert Mueller. The Times, and in lock-step the MSM, presented this to viewers as McGahn having turned on Trump and ‘ratted out’ the President.

The fact(s) remains, there has been not one glistening dripped drop of evidence that Donald Trump “colluded” with Russia during the 2018 presidential campaign. However, there continues to be a flood in the Swamp of evidence of a massive and deep dark collusion between the Clinton camp, the Obama administration, and the DOJ/FBI that is being left to stagnate and stink as it is willfully ignored by the Mueller machine and the MSM.

The latest…

Kimberley Strassel @ WSJ: What Was Bruce Ohr Doing?: Justice releases some damning documents, but much of the truth is still classified.

All the while, Mr. Ohr failed to disclose on financial forms that his wife, Nellie, worked alongside Mr. Steele in 2016, getting paid by Mr. Simpson for anti-Trump research. The Justice Department has now turned over Ohr documents to Congress that show how deeply tied up he was with the Clinton crew—with dozens of emails, calls, meetings and notes that describe his interactions and what he collected.

Mr. Ohr’s conduct is itself deeply troubling. He was acting as a witness (via FBI interviews) in a case being overseen by a Justice Department in which he held a very senior position. He appears to have concealed this role from at least some superiors, since Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified that he’d been unaware of Mr. Ohr’s intermediary status.

Lawyers meanwhile note that it is a crime for a federal official to participate in any government matter in which he has a financial interest. Fusion’s bank records presumably show Nellie Ohr, and by extension her husband, benefiting from the Trump opposition research that Mr. Ohr continued to pass to the FBI. The Justice Department declined to comment.

But for all Mr. Ohr’s misdeeds, the worse misconduct is by the FBI and Justice Department. It’s bad enough that the bureau relied on a dossier crafted by a man in the employ of the rival presidential campaign. Bad enough that it never informed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of that dossier’s provenance. And bad enough that the FBI didn’t fire Mr. Steele as a confidential human source in September 2016 when it should have been obvious he was leaking FBI details to the press to harm Donald Trump’s electoral chances. It terminated him only when it was absolutely forced to, after Mr. Steele gave an on-the-record interview on Oct. 31, 2016.

But now we discover the FBI continued to go to this discredited informant in its investigation after the firing—by funneling his information via a Justice Department cutout. The FBI has an entire manual governing the use of confidential sources, with elaborate rules on validations, standards and documentation. Mr. Steele failed these standards. The FBI then evaded its own program to get at his info anyway.

And it did so even though we have evidence that lead FBI investigators may have suspected Mr. Ohr was a problem. An Oct. 7, 2016, text message from now-fired FBI agent Peter Strzok to his colleague Lisa Page reads: “Jesus. More BO leaks in the NYT,” which could be a reference to Mr. Ohr.

The FBI may also have been obtaining, via Mr. Ohr, information that came from a man the FBI had never even vetted as a source—Mr. Simpson. Mr. Steele had at least worked with the FBI before; Mr. Simpson was a paid political operative. And the Ohr notes raise further doubts about Mr. Simpson’s forthrightness. In House testimony in November 2017, Mr. Simpson said only that he reached out to Mr. Ohr after the election, and at Mr. Steele’s suggestion. But Mr. Ohr’s inbox shows an email from Mr. Simpson dated Aug. 22, 2016 that reads, in full: “Can u ring.”

The Justice Department hasn’t tried to justify any of this; in fact, last year it quietly demoted Mr. Ohr. In what smells of a further admission of impropriety, it didn’t initially turn over the Ohr documents; Congress had to fight to get them.

But it raises at least two further crucial questions. First, who authorized or knew about this improper procedure? Mr. Strzok seems to be in the thick of it, having admitted to Congress interactions with Mr. Ohr at the end of 2016. While Mr. Rosenstein disclaims knowledge, Mr. Ohr’s direct supervisor at the time was the previous deputy attorney general, Sally Yates. Who else in former FBI Director Jim Comey’s inner circle and at the Obama Justice Department nodded at the FBI’s back-door interaction with a sacked source and a Clinton operative? …

Mattis: A Security Clearance Is Granted on an ‘As-Needed Basis’

John Brennan is Threatening to Sue Trump Over Stripping Him of His Security Clearance

DAMN: Kris Paronto responds to John Brennan’s tweet about principles, leaves a smoking crater

Levin unloads on Brennan’s deep-state defenders and their brazen Obama admin hypocrisy

Fmr Obama FBI hot-head explodes on CNN, cusses and screams at guest to ‘get out!

Kurt Schlichter: Pulling Their Clearances Is Only the Start – It’s Time to Stamp out Elite Privilege

“If we had a real media and not the world’s most pompous Democrat transcription service, the CIA’s blown Chinese spy ring disaster would be front page news but hey, Omarosa! In any case, the only consulting anyone should do with the members of this class of unmitigated failures whose incompetence brought us 9/11, Iraq, Libya, ISIS, and a future where we would all be wise to learn Mandarin, is to ask their opinion and then do the opposite – Costanza style. Let’s look at our elite’s track record of success. Don’t worry – it won’t take long.”

James Clapper takes a swipe at Ex-CIA Director John Brennan over his problematic anti-Trump trash talk … Clapper and others now scolding Brennan are just trying to save their own security clearance asses.

John Brennan, a Security Risk from the Start: He plays the pitiful political hack and shabby radical to the end.

Glenn Reynolds:

NOT LIVING UP TO THE HYPE: In Mueller memo, Papadopoulos emerges as bit player in Trump-Russia affair.

Since the surprise announcement of his indictment and guilty plea on Oct. 30, 2017, the short-term, volunteer Trump foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos has often been described as a central figure in the Trump-Russia affair. Now, a new court filing from special counsel Robert Mueller suggests Papadopoulos was a bit player all along.

Mueller never charged Papadopoulos with any crime involving a conspiracy, or collusion, between the Trump campaign and Russia to fix the 2016 election. Instead, Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to one count of lying to the FBI. He is scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 7.

In preparation, Mueller’s office on Friday submitted a memorandum to U.S. District Court in Washington outlining the special counsel’s position on sentencing. Although Mueller is adamant that Papadopoulos serve some time in jail — the range for the offense is between zero and six months — the special counsel suggested the final sentence should be just 30 days. As justification, Mueller cited the 30-day sentence given to Alex van der Zwaan, one of the small-time figures caught up in the Trump-Russia probe.

It wasn’t the stuff of a “conspiracy against the United States” that Mueller cheerleaders like to cite, nor even of a significant player in the Trump-Russia matter.


In Papers Saying Papadopoulos Lied, FBI Reveals It’s Also Lying Or Incompetent: To say that George Papadopoulos’ lies (or inaccurate memory of the events, as his wife puts it) prevented the FBI from questioning, detaining, or arresting Joseph Mifsud is unbelievable.

Pentagon whistleblower questioned FBI’s ‘outrageous’ contracts with Trump informant, got stripped of his clearance


Ex-CIA Chief Michael Hayden Joins the Virtue-Signalers.

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Extreme Hypocrisy Then and Now: Illegal Immigration Pod Person Chuck Schumer

Note that Schumer now is 180 degrees in opposition, not only to Pres. Trump’s stance on illegal immigration, but his own stance nine years ago.

No. You don’t ‘change’ your opinion this much on one of the nation’s biggest and most important issues in the 21st century in that short amount of time.


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VOTD: Plastic Straws Are Going To Kill Us All!!!

I can’t even with these idiotic responses.

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Swamp Zombies Never Get Cancer or Yeast Infections…

NOTE: Hum The Bee Gee’s “How Deep Is Your Love” while reading:

How deep is the swamp? (how deep is the swamp?)
I really need to learn
‘Cause we’re living in a world of fools
Breaking us down
When they all should let us be
We belong to you and me…

BREAKING: John Brennan’s security clearance revoked (finally):

James Clapper Whines About Trump Revoking Security Clearances

Previous: And Here We Are, Two Years Later and Finding Out The Depths of ‘The Swamp’…

RCP: Lee Smith: Trump Tower Meeting Was A Set Up To Sabotage Trump Campaign

PJM: Brennan, the Spooks, and Russian Collusion

DOJ Attorney Faces Deposition In FISA Abuse Probe

Guess how many senior FBI officials involved in Hillary email probe have been fired or resigned since 2017


Mueller Probe Seen Pushing Past Trump-Demanded September 1 Deadline…


Former Obama aide Ben Rhodes is now a person of interest in the unmasking investigation

New Info Indicates Clinton-Funded Oppo Research Launched FBI’s Trump Investigation: This meeting raises serious questions concerning whether Christopher Steele shared information from his ‘dossier’ with Bruce Ohr, prompting the FBI to launch Crossfire Hurricane.

‘That was QUICK’! If this is REALLY Peter Strzok’s first tweet, then HOLY SH*T

What Peter Strzok Did Immediately After His Termination Says A Lot About Him

AoSHQ: Peter Strzok’s GoFundMe Page Claims a Very Influential Testimonial From a Highly Respected Conservative Magazine — The Weekly Standard, of Course – Enjoy.

James Comey Strangely Silent After His Partner-in-Crime Peter Strzok Fired


Kurt Schlichter: They Are Not Never Trump – They Are Never You

USAToday opinion writer logic: Donald Trump broke the presidency. It’s time to get rid of the job altogether.


MORE SWAMP-DRAINING NEEDED: At Master Resource, a two part investigation by Paul Driessen and David Wojick into how Obama-era climate policies are still being carried out at USAID.

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Tweet of The Day: A Master of the Proverbial *Mic-Drop*

More: ‘SAVAGE!’ Iowahawk proposes BRILLIANT solution to this growing ‘journalist’ problem

Related via Twitchy:

‘LMAO you work at CNN!’ This might just be the most SELF-UNAWARE thing Brian Stelter has EVER said

OMG! It takes just ONE photo to SHATTER Brian Stelter’s ‘hall of mirrors’ hand-wringing

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It’s Shit, Such As This: Western Civilization’s Self-Inflicted Neo-Dark Ages

San Francisco creates ‘Poop Patrol’ to clean up city’s feces-ridden sidewalks

Paris installs open urinals in tourist hotspots sparking outrage

As the lefty MSM hyperventilates over the President welcoming bikers with biker patches on their (anti-PETA) leather vests and jackets…

WaPo Slams Trump For Taking Photos With Bikers…and Their ‘Sexist’ Patches

The DNC and leftist MSM just are not too interested in what their beloved democrat party leader is being accused of (at least until his primary of yesterday was over)…

SECOND Woman Claims Domestic Abuse By Keith Ellison – And 911 Call Records Emerge To Back Her Up

DNC Deputy Chair Ellison Accused of Domestic Violence…Where is the Media Outrage?

Keith Ellison, Democratic Party Radical, Takes Primary for AG in Minnesota

It’s basically made up courses and curriculum with no employment opportunities for degree holders, except for the job(s) of the professor(s) that taught the courses. And given the ridiculous $12-$15k wage disparity with professors who teach actual math, science, engineering studies that DO prepare student-debt-riddled graduates for real jobs and careers in order to make a living … and pay back those loans, colleges are digging themselves yet another hole…

Gender, Ethnic Studies profs earn about $12k more than peers

From Soros to ‘refugees to ‘higher education’, Hungary is ahead of the curve: Gender studies programs in state-run universities banned … in Hungary; Here, they pay really well


HIGHER EDUCATION HAS BECOME A CESSPIT OF OPEN RACISM: Male, pale and stale university professors to be given ‘reverse mentors.’

Under the project, white males in senior academic posts will be assigned a junior female colleague from an ethnic minority as a mentor.
Prof John Rowe, who is overseeing the project at Birmingham University, said he hopes the scheme will allow eminent professors to confront their own biases and leave them “feeling quite uncomfortable”.

The moment they feel “uncomfortable,” they should report her for harassment. That’s how it works, right?

And so, yet more hints of why you’ll get Trump again in 2020…

Coordinated anti-Trump editorials ‘sure to backfire,’ critic warns

Leftists and MSM hates bikers with ‘guns and boobs’ patches but loves violent ANTIFA:

‘Fascist pieces of sh*t!’ Antifa attack police during white supremacist rally in DC

CNN’s Cuomo Defends Antifa: Left Wingers Attacking Journalists Not The Same As When They Attack ‘Bigots’

Solid burn: Fox News-obsessed Brian Stelter gets an Antifa reality check from Caleb Hull

Solid logic: “If you are against Antifa, you’re a fascist,” and only a Nazi would disagree

Morgan State prof defends Antifa, likens police to white supremacists

Bet this ‘has-been’ rock band loves`em too…

Pearl Jam shares poster depicting Trump’s corpse and a burning White House

Um, I’ve been saying this for the last couple years now:

“Antifa” as Antipasto – I get it — we’ve just been interpreting the word “antifa” wrong!

Almost a year to the day…


Poll: Majority of GOP agrees news media is ‘enemy of the people’

Norway’s Favorite Anti-Semitic Cartoonist Strikes Again

Glenn Reynolds:

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Scholars claim Asian Americans used to perpetuate racism in STEM. Scholars. Scholars claim that.

The Fabric Felt Is Linked to Racism

Reader riddled with white shame turns to Sarah Jeong’s newspaper for solutions to white guilt

I consider myself an ally. I research proper etiquette, read writers of color, vote in a way that will not harm P.O.C. (and other vulnerable people). I engage in conversations about privilege with other white people. I take courses that will further educate me. I donated to Black Lives Matter. Yet I fear that nothing is enough. Part of my fear comes from the fact that privilege is invisible to itself. What if I’m doing or saying insensitive things without realizing it?

The Left’s Loonie Foreign Policy

Escape from New York: Minimum Wage is Killing and Chasing Away Small Businesses

How The Left Projects Its Own Racism Onto The Right: To people on the left, who already deny men are created equal, a racist is a member of the oppressor class. Most people on the left know this and most people on the right don’t

Weekly Rate Of Acid Attacks In U.K. Hits Staggering Number, Khan’s London Hit Hardest

Sweden arson attacks continue as violent thugs set cars ablaze in two (Muslim)’no-go zones’

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