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BREAKING: A Peace Deal in the Middle East

Brooke Singman: Trump announces ‘Historic Peace Agreement’ between Israel, UAE – United Arab Emirates and Israel agree to ‘full normalization’ of diplomatic relations, Trump announces

The president, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed released a joint statement Thursday, after the three spoke “and agreed to the full normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.” The statement said that the “diplomatic breakthrough” was at “the request of President Trump,” and that Israel will “suspend declaring sovereignty over areas outlined in the President’s Vision for Peace and focus its efforts now on expanding ties with other countries in the Arab and Muslim world.”

Israel and the UAE also said they will continue their efforts to “achieve a just, comprehensive and enduring resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”…

Twitchy: ‘Give Trump the Nobel Peace Prize’: President Trump announces historic peace agreement between Israel and UAE

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Summer Thursday: The Stifling Heat. The Garbage and Fecal Stink. And the Rise in Political Stench.


Monica Showalter (1/27/19): Willie Brown admits it: Kamala Harris slept her way to the top

Dov Fischer (*/13/20): Kamala the Mattress Did Not Quite Sleep Her Way to the Top: Only to a major state office that now has brought her just underneath.

Okay, this might be the best one I’ve heard in the last 24 hours…

TDW: Senator Kennedy On Harris Becoming Biden’s VP Pick: She’s AOC ‘Without The Bartending Experience’

All hail, queen-in-waiting Kamala, at least in the MSM. For the next few months Kamala Harris will be shitting bricks, nuggets, and liquid platinum …

First, and foremost, MSM is insisting this woman’s name be pronounced “properly”, or else…

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson addresses mispronouncing Kamala Harris’ name: The pronunciation was a mistake that was treated as an act of bigotry by CNN, Fox New host Tucker Carlson says.

Twitchy: Hope and change?! CNN does NOT correct Dem strategist claiming Kamala Harris breaks ‘barrier’ to leadership for Black Americans

Twitchy: ‘Pure propaganda’: CNN reporter gushing over Kamala Harris’ speech sums up the shameless state of modern ‘journalism’


Twitchy: ‘Covers up for China again’: Richard Grenell’s not buying the BS being pushed at Biden & Harris’ first joint campaign appearance

Stephen Kruiser: Will Kamala Kill the Progressive Vote in 2020? Harris Might Make Progressives Sit This One Out: “If the Biden-Harris 2020 ticket is going to appeal to progressives, Kamala Harris is going to have to vigorously and publicly disavow almost everything that she did before she was elected to the Senate. There may be enough Orange Man Bad fever out there make the progressives sing Kumbaya on election day, but that’s not likely given the taste of blood that they’ve gotten in recent months…”

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Tonight’ investigates the record of Kamala Harris

VIDEO: A closer look at how Kamala Harris faired as San Francisco’s ‘top cop’

WFB: Kamala Harris Brings Gun Confiscation Support to Dem Presidential Ticket

WSJ Ed Board: Wall Street Journal Editorial Board: How Kamala Harris blocked a hospital rescue to help SEIU: One way to fill in the gap is to inspect Ms. Harris’s record as California’s Attorney General

Brian Flood: Critics slam mainstream media’s rush to cast Kamala Harris as moderate: ‘Absolutely, it’s coordinated’ABC’s George Stephanopoulos joins chorus after Biden’s VP choice announced … The MSM is always insisting Americans want ‘progressive’ socialism but why do they always, even now, insist on insisting Biden, and now Harris, are ‘moderates’?

Twitchy: JOURNALISM! George Stephanopoulos reporting that Kamala Harris comes from the ‘middle of the road moderate wing’ of the Dem Party gets debunked with her voting record … “Based on her voting record per GovTrack, which tracks legislation sponsorship/co-sponsorship (corrected from earlier), Harris was the most liberal senator of 2019.”

VIDEO: Is Kamala Harris really a ‘moderate’?

VIDEO: Kamala Harris is extreme and far-left

VIDEO: ‘The Ingraham Angle’ exposes Kamala Harris’ radical views

VIDEO: Darrell Issa: Progressive left owns Kamala Harris

Hannity: Kamala Harris’ support for Planned Parenthood under fire after raid on pro-life activist: Trump 2020 campaign director of press communications Erin Perrine and Center for Medical Progress founder David Daleiden react. … If you thought Obama abused power and weaponized federal departments/agencies, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Ari Fleischer: Democrat ticket: ‘Biden is weak, Kamala is a fake’

Apparently Susan “CYA email to self” Rice believes she’s getting an appointee job in a Biden/Harris administration, as do a shit-ton of other former Obama operatives…

Gregg Jarrett: Susan Rice’s ‘lies,’ ‘abuses of power’ legendary in DC

Pres. Trump on the charge and forging ahead…

Brooke Singman: Ballots Before Bill: Trump says Democrats’ mail-in ballot push holding up coronavirus stimulus package: Trump tells ‘Mornings with Maria’ mail-in voting would cause ‘the greatest fraud in history’

“It’s their fault,” Trump said. “They want $3.5 billion for something that’s fraudulent … for the mail-in votes, universal mail-in ballots. They want $25 billion for the post office. They need that money so it can work and they can take these millions and millions of ballots.”

Trump added: “But if they don’t get those two items, then they can’t have mail-in ballots.”

The president went on to slam the practice, saying that ballots have been “sent to dogs” and “dead people,” citing states like Virginia, where he said more than “500,000 phony ballot applications were sent to voters,” and in New York, where mail-in voting caused a weekslong delay in announcing results for some races in the state’s primary.

“How would you like to have $3.5 billion for mail-in voting? You know how much money that is? They want $25 billion for the post office because the post office is going to have to go to town to get these ridiculous ballots in,” Trump said.

The president went on to say that “there is nothing wrong with getting out and voting” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

VIDEO: Pres. Trump lays out what the demo-commicrats list of ransom demands are for the COVID relief bill, and none have anything to do with the virus or the people suffering financially from it. It has everything to do with items regarding the election, including no voter I.D. in any state, mail-in ballots for everyone (and then some), ballot-harvesting, no signature to vote, etc. You decide what their motivation is.

Brian Flood: Trump says media would embrace border wall, hydroxychloroquine if he opposed them: ‘If I would have said, ‘I don’t believe in hydroxychloroquine’ … it would be the hottest thing going,’ Trump said … He is correct.

CR VIDEO: Young voters love Trump’s COVID plan…when told it’s Biden’s … Of course they do. TDS is pandemic, and more deadly than Wuhan plague. These kids have completely flushed their brain cells. They are the epitome of “useful idiots”. Mao, Stalin, Lenin, and Marx would be proud.

If you vote Biden/Harris and the army of demo-commie “progressive” scum behind them, the rest of the nation will become NYC, Portland, Seattle, LA, San Francisco. It is indeed their goal.

Thin Blue Lines in New York…

FNC: Artist blasts ‘selective enforcement’ after NYC orders removal of pro-police artwork: ‘Why is Mayor de Blasio’s Black Lives Matter mural more important than mine?’

Julia Vitullo-Martin @ WSJ: ‘Covid Powers’ Wreck My Neighborhood: New York City has commandeered three hotels and moved in hundreds of addicts.Text scooped from Debra Burlingame’s Facebook post, where you can read in full as the WSJ column is pay-side.

For many years I’ve lived in paradise—the Upper West Side. We have convivial neighbors, beautiful buildings, great subways, excellent theater and dance, fine libraries and bookstores, wonderful restaurants, pleasant markets. There were problems but we worked them out amicably.

Then Covid-19 hit. The streets emptied as people sheltered in place. Retail stores, already hurt by online shopping, closed. Restaurants were shut down. The city cut sanitation pickups. Cops stopped walking the beat. At the same time, vagrancy—a perennial problem—seemed to increase, with panhandlers on many corners, and people with their belongings occupying space on the sidewalks.

Weird things started to happen, and the city government was missing in action. Rather than returning to the depot, bus drivers began parking in undesignated areas overnight and for hours during the day. When challenged, they dismissively told residents to call 311, the city’s nonemergency service number. Private delivery drivers selected blocks as distribution areas, with dozens of workers suddenly showing up and unloading hundreds of boxes onto the bike lanes and sidewalks. The Transportation Department refused to help, saying it hadn’t authorized the trucks and therefore couldn’t regulate them.

Things got even worse when the government did show up. Without a word of warning to residents or elected officials, the Department of Homeless Services, citing “emergency Covid powers,” in May moved more than 100 single men into the boutique Belnord Hotel on a quiet residential block of West 87th Street. Four buses full of people had pulled up unannounced in the early morning. The department, which has a six-month lease, refuses to say whether the shelter is permanent.

Almost simultaneously the department moved 130 men into the Hotel Belleclaire, 10 blocks south. In late July it converted yet another hotel, the Lucerne, to a temporary shelter, moving in 283 men, most recovering alcoholics and drug users according to the agency.

Long a progressive bastion, the neighborhood has worked for decades with advocates and social-service agencies to integrate supportive housing for low-income New Yorkers into the neighborhood fabric. I can count seven supportive housing projects in my immediate area.

What’s happening now is different. A reeling neighborhood has been forced—with no warning—to accept almost 600 new male residents, nearly all with histories of substance abuse. A handful are registered sex offenders, although the department asserts in its bureaucratic language that it is abiding by state law in housing them in a residential neighborhood.

True to New York’s classic development patterns, the Upper West Side is full of schools and playgrounds interspersed with businesses and residences. Worried parents have set up chat rooms and a Facebook page to post photos of men behaving badly—urinating on sidewalks, shooting up on church steps, congregating, drinking, spitting, smoking marijuana on park benches….

BTW, it’s not just NYC…

VIDEO: San Francisco phases out free hotel rooms for homeless after meth lab found

VIDEO: BETSY MCCAUGHEY: Cuomo should stop bragging about New York’s coronavirus response

Phil Shiver: Mayor de Blasio threatens laying off 22K NYC workers if the federal gov’t doesn’t bail him out — it’s ‘painfully real’

Twitchy: ‘Truly unconscionable’: Chicago looters target Ronald McDonald House because sick kids’ lives don’t matter, apparently Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit: “NOTHING SAYS “FIGHTING WHITE SUPREMACY” LIKE TRASHING A PLACE WHERE PARENTS OF SICK KIDS GO FOR A SHOWER AND A NIGHT’S SLEEP”.

Stephen Green @ Instapundit:

FOR THE CHILDREN OR WHATEVER: Woke War on America’s No. 1 High School: Push to ‘Segregate by Race and Income.’

Last month, Suparna Dutta spent countless hours researching how her son could safely return to school this fall as a rising sophomore at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, a sprawling campus of classrooms, laboratories and open spaces with names like “Gandhi Commons” and “Einstein Commons,” outside the nation’s capital here off Braddock Road. Little did she know that a secretive “task force” assembled by orders of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam was quietly meeting to discuss legislating radical changes to the school that would threaten the very future of the school.

Unbeknownst to Dutta — and me, also a TJ mother — Virginia Secretary of Education Atif Qarni, a former teacher, met remotely on Friday, July 24, with a carefully curated list of Democratic lawmakers, state education officials and others in a “Diversity/Equity/Inclusion Group” to make recommendations to the Virginia State Legislature on how to increase the number of Black, Hispanic and low-income students at the state’s 19 Governor’s Schools, specialized public school programs with admissions requirements. The group met again on Friday, July 31, and last week on Friday, August 7, and is expected to issue its recommendations in the coming days.

In its final meeting last week, the group weighed several options that would gut TJ’s merit-based, race-blind admissions process and replace it with standards that they even admitted in their private meetings would essentially be race-based.

Plus: “They set their sights on the school’s mostly Asian and mostly immigrant student body and vowed to change the demographics of the school.”

Nick Givas: Court: Effort to recall Seattle mayor over handling of protests can proceed – Seattle mayor appeals recall decision that could see her removed from office. State Supreme Court asked to weigh in on recall petition against Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan … I was hoping they’d do this to her. Now do Comrade Bill in NYC.

BPR: Eyes on Romney when Ron Johnson hints a Senate Republican is blocking Comey, Brennan subpoenas … This shot heel needs primaried big time.


KALB: Louisiana Supreme Court announces changes to method of administration of August 24, October 10 Louisiana Bar Exam“online bar exams will be open book and on the honor system”……………….. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

Asia Nikkei: Xi calls on Chinese not to waste food as crop shortage fears grow: State media has gone into overdrive to highlight gastronomic excesses … Oh.

JTN: Yale professor: Feds making ‘unconscionable mistake’ blocking hydroxychloroquine for COVID patients: Harvey Risch says treatment effective in helping people in early stages of disease, especially those with higher risks.

Dr. Makary: Putin claims to have won race to coronavirus vaccine, but US is ‘further ahead’: ‘Don’t jump on a plane and go to Russia to try to get this vaccine,’ Makary warns

The Blaze: ‘#SayHisName’ trends after mainstream media’s silence on the atrocious killing of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant: Why is there a media blackout on the execution killing of the 5-year-old boy who was innocently riding his bicycle? … Why??? The little boy was white, his murderer black.

Carlos Garcia: George Soros says there is an ‘international conspiracy’ working against him, calls Trump a ‘confidence trickster’: He also said the pandemic is an opportunity for change

Christian Toto: Nick Cave Calls Cancel Culture the ‘Unhappiest Religion in the World’: The Australian singer becomes the latest artist to fear its toxic coattails

Twitchy: Leaked docs show fed govt. nuclear research lab hosted training for ‘white males’ to deconstruct ‘white male culture’ (screenshots) … Yeah– This is how you get another “Chernobyl”.

NYP: China says chicken wings from Brazil tested positive for coronavirus … Who ya gonna believe? The virus-riddled bat-eaters?

Thrillist: Taco Bell’s Big Menu Cuts Start on Thursday: The petition to protect the potatoes has failed. … I know a couple of kids that are going to be P.O.ed big time over the loss of the potatoes.

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Hands Across the Water: Teach your Children Well … And Honestly

Marie informs me she will be leaving on a two week holiday beginning of next week.
So, I will scoop her daily Facebook posts sparingly in an attempt to ration them for the next two weeks ahead when she will not be bothering with social media… and who can blame her?

Marie Tierney: BRITAIN And In USA: What Students Are NeverTaught In American Civil Rights History When They Should Be Because They Are Studying It…

(Even Though Students Are Only Taught How To Answer Set Questions Without Question For An Exam And Fire School Up The League Table – Not To Encourage Free Thinking, Debate And A Love Of Subject)

Martin Luther King was a Republican

It was the Democrats who were slave owners, went to war principally to keep slaves to maintain their own lazy lifestyles, founded the KKK, and the Jim Crow Laws as well as commit the murders via lynching then burning between Reconstruction and the 1960s. Between 1877 and 1968 4,000 black people were lynched by WHITE DEMOCRATS.

Tell them what Reconstruction Laws were let alone what Reconstruction meant after the Civil War.

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by JW Booth who was a racist, pro-slavery DEMOCRAT who wanted to keep blacks in chains because he thought that was right and proper.

It was Democrats who murdered Emmett Till and spat and swore at black girls going into school in Little Rock. It was Democrats who murdered the three black activists in Neshoba County, Mississippi and it was Democrats who bombed the black children at the 16th Street Baptist Church, Alabama.

It was a left-liberal full-blown Communist who assassinated the left-liberal President John F Kennedy.

The real deal behind the real reason why President LBJ set up the Great Society and what he said about giving the blacks their rights just so that the Democrats could have a core vote for the next hundred years.

The reason why President George W Bush could not go into the beleaguered city of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina but this is because most teachers in Britain have never heard of the Posse Comitatus law or really know that the USA is a constitutional republic made up of republics who choose to join the union. Teachers also never tell the kids that the money that should have gone on maintaining and building new levees was stolen by both the mayor of the city and the governor (both *BLACK DEMOCRATS) and were eventually tried and imprisoned for corruption and stealing from the very people they were supposed to protect.

*Black Democrats is a bit like saying Jewish Nazis. See?

They aren’t taught about Malcolm X’s desire for segregation and to achieve this aim with violence as well as his links to Himmler ideologies.

They aren’t taught about black against white racism or the term AFROCENTRISM. It is made to come across as intellectual but is in fact as violent as any white on black racism.

They are never taught that the Party to have the first black representatives was the Republican Party. especially incredible men like Robert Smalls who not only stole a slave ship and set slaves free as a slave himself but worked hard and well enough to buy his former slave owner’s mansion off him. He became one of SEVEN black congressmen – all REPUBLICAN 1875.

ALL the atrocities carried out on white and black Republicans, editors and activists between 1866 and 1970 were carried out by WHITE DEMOCRATS.

These teachers who do not teach the whole story do NOT deserve their pay rise. FACT

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Americans “Gaslighting” the MSM and the Pollsters

In the last four years, especially with the non-stop incessant MSM bullshit, Pres. Donald J. Trump has taught us how to play 4-D chess with the asshole MSM… and pollsters.

Joseph Curl: Beware The ‘Secret Trump Voters;’ They Are Out There, Despite What The Polls Say … And they’ll turn out on Election Day

“Most voters (57%) believe there are a number of so-called secret voters in their communities who support Trump but won’t tell anyone about it. Less than half that number (27%) believe there are secret voters for Biden. The suspicion that a secret Trump vote exists is slightly higher in swing counties (62%) and Clinton counties (61%) than in Trump counties (51%),” the pollsters wrote.

Meanwhile, Trump campaign officials think polls showing Biden with a big lead are the result of undercounting Republican voters — some of whom may not be vocal supporters of Trump this time around.

“They get some of these people who say they have no opinion or are undecided when they really are Trump supporters,” a Trump campaign insider, who did not want to be identified without authorization from the campaign, told The Washington Times. “The big thing the polls are doing is just under-representing Republicans, and it’s blatant.”….

Andrea Widburg: A winning slogan for Trump: Make America Normal Again

This post could have discussed headline-grabbing issues, such as the Black Lives Matter riots in Chicago (where looting now equals reparations), schoolteachers refusing to teach while demanding pay, or any other leftist retreat from reality. But frankly, I’m bored.

I have had it up to here and beyond with the leftists’ dystopian flights from reality. I want normal life back again, and I think a lot of other people do, too. Therefore, I’d like to propose a new Trump/Pence campaign slogan: Make America Normal Again….

In 2020, a return to normal means recognizing that what the leftists are pushing is anything but normal, either as defined by the last half-century of American life or as defined by actual reality. Returning to a solid American reality is a doable form of embracing normalcy.

Normal means rejecting the claim that America is a toxic country defined entirely by racism. America’s slave past is shameful, as is the racism that followed. But that is the past. We have rejected the slavery and racism (and/or tribalism) that have been the norm since the dawn of human history.

The Constitution, in its current iteration, is completely colorblind. It is concerned solely with the human condition. It promises a normal in which all people are equal under the law because all are in the Creator’s image. We are variations on a theme. End of story.

We have inherent rights, and the government cannot impinge on them. Again, end of story. That’s the American normal….

Tyler Olson: Trump indicates that campaign rallies may be no more: Trump suggested that coronavirus is the reason

VDH: Who or What Exactly Is Running Against Trump?: The inner-Biden at 77 is turning out to be an unabashed bigot in the age of “cancel culture” and thought crimes that has apparently declared him immune from the opprobrium reserved for any such speech.

As we enter the final 90 days of the November presidential campaign, a few truths are crystalizing about the “Biden problem,” or the inability of a 77-year-old Joe Biden to conduct a “normal” campaign.

Biden’s cognitive challenges are increasing geometrically, whether as a result of months of relative inactivity and lack of stimulation or just consistent with the medical trajectory of his affliction. His lot is increasingly similar to historical figures such as 67-year-old President William Henry Harrison, William Gladstone’s last tenure as prime minister, Chancellor Hindenburg, or Franklin Roosevelt in late 1944—age and physical infirmities signaling to the concerned that a subordinate might assume power sooner than later….


Twitchy: ‘This is fear’: Increasingly desperate Bill Kristol throws bold Hail Mary to try to save Biden from being destroyed by Trump in debates

Ace: “I like how he portrays his desperate brainstorming sesh as just a stray, off-the-top-of-my-head “innocent thought”…”

David Catron: Debates Will Be Biden’s Undoing: They will destroy his campaign whether he shows up or not.

Hank Berrien: Trump: If Biden Can Stand Up And Breathe, Media Will Say It’s ‘One Of The Greatest Debate Performances In History’

BRAD SCHAEFFER: Why People Of Faith Can Support Trump

Mike Stopa: Bring on the Trump-Kanye Debates! If Joe Biden opts out of the debates and President Trump says the American people deserve to hear a serious discussion of the issues, then which network exactly would not broadcast it?

BPR: ‘Most pro-abortion presidential ticket in American history’: Pro-life groups condemn Kamala for VP

Jed Babbin: Biden’s Veep Choice Matters: Would Joe be allowed more than a year in office?

Bradley Blakeman: Why Kamala Harris VP choice does more harm than good for Biden’s election prospects

Deroy Murdok: Biden’s history on race – years of troubling slurs, friendships and policies: His pattern of statements should enrage Blacks and their non-Black allies.

Matt Margolis: Sarah Palin Could Take The Heat; Why Don’t Democratic Party Operatives Think Kamala Harris Can? … It’s on PJM’s VIP pay-side, but you get the idea from the title. As I said in a previous post, the MSM, demo-commies, and the left’s yappers are already laying the line in the sand that nobody, included Trump and Pence, will be allowed to cross in the run-up to election day. Yet, Sarah Palin was stripped naked by these same people and used for target practice, including her Down Syndrome baby son.

Salena Zito: Will the Wokes outdo the Wide Awakes?

Twitchy: ‘I’d wager this headline is already true’: Babylon Bee updates nation on rapidly evolving news at top of Dem 2020 ticket (so real it might not be fake)

The Babylon Bee: Report: Kamala Harris Already Vetting VP Picks … Satire comes at ya fast these days… to the point of being prescient.

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Hump Day: No Surprises Here

Biden’s handlers finally pick his replacement. I can’t wait for him to call her “Michelle Obama” in public. Huh? Yes, I said “replacement”, and the MSM is now in phase one of prepping the Biden-shy democrat voters and independents of that promise…

Curtis Houck: CNN Stooges: ‘Trailblazer’ Harris’s ‘Vibrance’ Will Face ‘Powerful Forces’ of Racism, Sexism … The MSM, with CNN in the lead of course, is already showing their dog-eared playing cards for the next few months ahead. They’re dog-eared because they used the Hell out of them during the Obama era in order to shutdown legit opposition to him/policies.

Andrew Stiles: YOU’VE BEEN WARNED: Kamala Harris Shall Not Be Criticized: Liberal activists warn media outlets: ‘We will be watching you.’ … The new Teflon.

Stephen Green: Insanity Wrap #26: Kamala Harris Got the Nod, Biden to Get the Knife?: Insanity Wrap needs to know: Could Biden have made a worse veep selection? Answer: Only in theory, since neither Zombie Stalin nor Vampire Hitler fulfill certain constitutional requirements.

Twitchy: ‘If and when’: CNN’s Chris Cillizza already has Kamala Harris picking out drapes for the Oval Office

Stephen Kruiser: MSM Plays a Preemptive Misogyny Victim Card for Kamala Harris: MSM Wants You to Shut It, Sexist

Paul Goldberg: FLASHBACK: Biden Running Mate Harris Said “I believe” Biden Accusers

The MSM is also pushing Harris as a “moderate”…


MIKE HUCKABEE: Kamala Harris is no moderate — Biden’s VP pick supports radical and harmful policies

DANIEL VILLARREAL: Kamala Harris More Liberal Than Bernie Sanders, Senate Record Analysis Shows

Nicholas Fondacaro: Facts Feared by Leftist Media: Kamala Harris Is Not a ‘Moderate’

Hannah Cox: Kamala Harris built her career on injustice: Harris’s career ascension was built with the bricks of injustice, misfortune, and the corruption of the prison-industrial complex…

Pro-Trump Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones: Kamala Harris is ‘the wrong person’ to win over Black voters

MICHAEL GOODWIN: Kamala Harris an underwhelming pick for vice president

Tyler Olson: Biden VP pick Harris promoted group that put up bail for alleged violent criminals: One person bailed out: a twice-convicted rapist previously prosecuted by Amy Klobuchar

RAHEEM KASSAM: Kamala Harris Isn’t African-American. She’s Ethnically Indian And Jamaican. That’s Not The Same Thing.

Stephen Kruiser: Kamala Harris On the Ticket Is an In-Kind Donation to Trump-Pence 2020: All the while, however, I kept hoping aloud that it would be Harris because — for reasons I’ll go over in this column — I thought that would be the choice that most benefits President Trump. Seriously, people, I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a VP pick for a ticket, and it’s not even my party’s ticket…

Tristen Justice: FLASHBACK: Kamala Harris Attacked Biden As A Racist Segregationist During Democrat Debates

The Hill: Obama on Harris as VP: ‘Joe Biden nailed this decision’

Tristen Justice: Biden’s Staff Gave Him A Script So He’d Know Why He Was Calling Kamala Harris … And y’all thought I was just joking when I said I can’t wait until Joe calls her “Michelle”. Uh-huh…

BPR: Biden’s photo of call to Sen. Harris has ‘scary’ humiliating ‘oops’ details; MSNBC doctors pic to hide

Edmund DeMarche: Keen observers point out unusual elements of Biden’s Instagram post with Harris: Social media users have a knack for spotting irregularities in even the most well-framed pictures

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson calls Biden-Harris the ‘first entirely hollow presidential ticket in American history’


Which brings us to: We all knew this is exactly where the “peaceful protests” — and the demo-commies — were, in all reality, going

Edmund DeMarche: Portland protests move into ‘usually quiet nighttime streets,’ report says: Trump has urged Portland to ‘bring in National Guard’ … Their goal has always been the suburbs, and the people.

Adam Shaw: Trump says ‘suburban housewife’ will vote for him over Biden, cites low-income housing policies: ‘They want safety & are thrilled that I ended the long running program where low income housing would invade their neighborhood,’ Trump tweeted

Victoria Taft: The Washington Post’s Antifa Riot Chic Fasc-ion Photo Spread Is a Real Stunner: The Washington Post’s fashion spread – make that fasc-ion spread – glorifying violent Portland antifa and Black Lives Matter members is nothing short of stunning, and not in a good way…

NEWT GINGRICH: Biden vs. suburbs — here’s how Dem plan would declare war on American dream

NYPost: NYC moms fleeing Upper West Side amid crime and chaos

FNC: Seattle business owners close shop as city moves to defund police: ‘Safety became paramount’

Twitchy: Protest narrative CRUMBLES: Byron York shares piece dismantling the Left and media’s narrative about ‘peaceful protesters’

Byron York: Amid violence and unrest, can Trump win with promise to restore safety and order?

WFB: Chicago Charity Frees Accused Terrorist and Burglars: The Chicago Community Bail Fund has raised millions in the wake of the George Floyd protests, which it has used to post bond for many accused of violent crimes … Continuing the current fad of democrat officials in democrat cities with a shitload of crime dumping the bad guys back onto the streets from its jails/prisons. But “COVID”, doncha know.


Can’t add much to that, except, “By the barrel of a gun”.


Stacey Lennox: And You Thought Democrats Wanted to Tax the Rich: One of the little covered aspects of the debate over the current stimulus bill is Democrats acting as proponents of repealing the $10,000 limit on State and Local Tax (SALT) deductions. For politicians whose left flank is screaming to tax the rich, this is a truly odd, but utterly explainable, phenomenon…

Megan Fox: Anti-Lockdown Dr. Scott Atlas Joins Coronavirus Task Force: Is Fauci Finally Out?: Before joining the team, Atlas penned an op-ed in The Hill that showed his approach to the coronavirus outbreak is much different than that of Anthony “Chicken Little” Fauci, who favors draconian lockdowns and now wants people to wear goggles to avoid getting a virus that most people recover from easily…

Lloyd Billingsley: Covert Covid: Contact tracing America’s “medical CIA” and the white coat supremacists of the Deep State. … I’m also seeing warnings about the public schools holding their classes online, and allowing your computer camera(s) to allow the government to willingly invade your home.

Ryan Saavedra: New Report Suggests NY’s Nursing Home Deaths Far Higher Than Reported, Comes After Cuomo Declined To Support Investigation … FNC’s Janice Dean had been invited to speak at the hearing. Dean lost both her parents-in-law in NYC to Wuhan flu. Dean has been very outspoken about Cuomo’s horrific policy failures that caused the massive nursing home deaths. Janice Dean has since been ‘disinvited’ to speak at the hearing. A new report alleges that the true extent of the number of deaths that New York’s nursing homes suffered under the leadership of Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo may be far higher than what has been reported due to the way that the statistics are gathered and counted. Janice was one of those who would(‘ve) speak, armed with the data and statistics to back-up their testimony.

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Quick Hits on a Busy Tuesday: Welcome to The Wild Wild West 20.20

This is a travesty coming to a big city, and bleeding into the burbs, near you…

FNC: Seattle police chief announces resignation after city council approves deep budget cuts, slashes force … I don’t know what her political affiliation is but this woman needs to run against the current mayor of Seattle in the next election.

FNC: Black Lives Matter holds rally in Chicago to support those arrested after looting, unrest: “That is reparations,” a BLM organizer said. “Anything they wanted to take, they can take it because these businesses have insurance” … Worth mentioning here, some of the news outlets are reporting the ‘police involved shooting’ is being reported as a ‘youth’ having been shot by Chicago cops. No. It was a 20 year old man. But on that note, you just don’t see these same BLM types rioting, destroying, looting when actual children are shot, and killed, in black-on-black crime in that city. Why’s that?

Twitchy: Chicago protesters demanding release of those arrested for looting hold giant ‘Loot Back’ sign

Twitchy: Blue-check reminds reporters that ‘looting is not violence’ after Chicago rocked by violent looters

Don’t confuse her. She’s a law school student.

This bullshit needs nipped in the bud ASAP by the Secret Service, DHS, and FBI…

William A. Jacobson: Group behind ‘Occupy Wall Street’ planning 50-day ‘White House Siege’ through Election Day: “It’s time again for dramatic, decisive action. Which is why, on September 17th, in the original and enduring spirit of Occupy, we and tens of thousands of our fellow citizens will stream into Lafayette Square, in Washington. D.C.”

Ryan Saavedra: Secret Service Releases Update On Shooting That Happened Outside White House

Glenn Reynolds: Back to the future in policing? Civilian militias in American cities: Police being pulled back in urban areas has led to neighborhood patrols which lead to chaos, violence, gangs and prejudice.

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Monday Newsfeed: Hot summer streets and the pavements are burning, I sit around … It’s A Cruel, Cruel Summer

“It’s too close for comfort
This heat has got right out of hand…”

Portland and Chicago are lost to the republic and only God can intervene…

David Aaro: Riot again declared in Portland after crowd marches on police union building: Roughly 200 people marched from a park to the Portland Police Association building

Greg Norman, Edmund DeMarche: Chicago rocked by widespread looting caught on video after police-involved shooting: Hundreds of people were seen looting stores such as Nordstrom, Walgreens and Macy’s… This fact should be in the title of this damn story…

The unrest began Sunday afternoon, after police responded to a report of a man with a gun in the city’s Englewood neighborhood. While pursuing that individual on foot, he “turned and fired shots” at officers before being struck himself and taken to a local hospital…

Sam Dorman: Chicago homicides increase 50 percent in 2020, 139 percent in July alone, data shows: It comes amid a nationwide trend of violent crime increasing in major cities

Sister Toldjah: Louisville PD Makes Big Decision on Violent BLM Protests That Other Cities Need to Implement Immediately

Citizens, Unite…

Julia Terruso: Trump’s path to winning Pa. runs through small Rust Belt towns — like one near Biden’s hometown

BPR: Antifa gets WRECKED in Colorado neighborhood: ‘You guys came to the wrong city, boys and girls’ … MORE of this, please.

Civis Americanus: Should Motorists Run Over Anarchists at Impromptu Roadblocks? … Food for thought, and consideration.

Chris Enloe: Silent majority roars in Seattle: Massive pro-police rally held ahead of defund the police vote

Danielle Wallace: Portland sees thousands worship amid coronavirus restrictions hours before riots, fire at police union: The massive outdoor church service happened just blocks away from the federal courthouse

FNC: Indoor services at California church spark confrontation between protesters, congregants: “I’m seeing a room full of people who realize that liberty is not man’s idea, it’s God’s idea,” the church’s pastor said

The ‘Big Bang’ theory in Beirut…

CBSNews: Calls for regime change in Lebanon intensify following the deadly explosion in Beirut: Outrage is growing in Beirut after last week’s deadly explosion. Violent protests erupted over the weekend, as demonstrators call for the president and government to resign. At least 158 people were killed in the explosion and more than 6,000 were injured.

Scott Johnson @ Powerline: WHAT HAPPENED IN BEIRUT?: The best analysis I have found so far on the August 4 explosions in the port of Beirut is set forth in David Wurmser’s August 7 column “Lebanon: What happened?” Also useful is this backgrounder disseminated by the Shurat HaDin/Israel Law Center. I thought readers might find it of interest…

FNC: Beirut explosion death toll surpasses 200 as third Lebanese minister resigns

“Strange voices are saying
What did they say
Things I can’t understand …”

The Shit-Stirrers Still Stirring the Shit…

Gallup/Knight: News Media Viewed as Biased but Crucial to Democracy

More than eight in 10 Americans say that, in general, the news media is “critical” (49%) or “very important” (35%) to democracy. Similar high percentages say the same is true of the media providing accurate and fair news reports (92%), ensuring Americans are informed about public affairs (91%) and holding leaders accountable for their actions (85%)…

A majority of Americans currently see “a great deal” (49%) or “a fair amount” (37%) of political bias in news coverage — more so than in 2017. Although 56% of U.S. adults see at least a fair amount of bias in their go-to news source, they are much more concerned about bias in the news other people are getting (69%) than about their own news being biased (29%)…

More than eight in 10 Americans say the media bears “a great deal” (48%) or “a moderate amount” (36%) of blame for political division in this country. But nearly as many say the media could do “a great deal” (49%) or “a moderate amount” (35%) to heal those divisions…

Stephen Kruiser: The Mainstream Media Has Betrayed Its Constitutional Privilege

Twitchy: Brian Stelter’s attack on ‘extreme’ right-wing media proves that the definition of ‘no self-awareness’ is three letters

Trent Baker: AG Barr on Portland Protests: ‘The American People Are Being Told a Lie by the Media’

Git`er Done, Boss…

Liz Peek: Trump’s big win on relief orders – here’s why Pelosi, Schumer are so unhappy: The president understands the urgency – and he understands political hardball

Andrea Widburg: Trump’s triumphant-end run around the Democrats

Twitchy: Schumer: ‘Leave that up to the attorneys’: Dem leadership doesn’t sound super confident about having a case against Trump’s EOs

DC: Steve Mnuchin: Democrats Will Have ‘A Lot Of Explaining To Do’ If They Sue To Stop Trump Executive Orders

Twitchy: Trump WINS: Thread explains why everything Trump did with COVID relief orders is legal and sorry, NOT SORRY, Democrats

PAUL MIRENGOFF: TRUMP’S POLITICAL MASTERSTROKE [UPDATED]: In this instance, Trump’s move might well force congressional Democrats to reach a deal. That outcome, too, would be a political win for the president.

Brooke Singman: Trump says Schumer, Pelosi ‘want to meet to make a deal’ on coronavirus relief

Marisa Schultz: What’s in President Trump’s four coronavirus relief executive orders?

Stephen Moore: Trump’s latest stimulus move brilliantly flips the table on Pelosi, Democrats

VIDEO: Joe Concha slams WaPo reporter’s tweet on Trump, Obama executive orders: ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ – Calls out ‘willingly deceitful’ argument about Trump executive orders

Twitchy: ‘You aren’t this stupid, are you?!’ WaPo’s Colby Itkowitz ‘ponders’ if Obama had signed an EO like Trump and HOOBOY talk about backfire … The WaPo writer has since ‘deleted’ her asinine Twitter tweet.

Bulls in the China shop…

TET: Hong Kong Media Mogul Jimmy Lai Arrested Under National Security Law: Lai is among 10 arrested for violating Beijing’s new security law

Bloomberg: TikTok’s Fate Is a Bad Sign for China’s Rise: The government’s actions could deny Chinese companies the benefits of competing globally.

Sen. Tom Cotton: US tech companies interested in ‘Trojan horse’ TikTok must prove no ties to China

VIDEO: TikTok reportedly set to sue Trump administration over potential ban

Newt Gingrich: Biden’s ’embrace’ of China ‘dictatorship’ should shock Americans: American voters should closely examine presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his “embrace” of China

FNC: Fake driver’s licenses flooding into US from China, other countries, US says

Things Joe Biden doesn’t remember, and his Twitter tweet author(s) think you too forgot…

Twitchy: Eric Holder is trending because the Joe Biden campaign is laser-like focused on becoming the divider-in-chief

So bad that even a CNN anti-Trump hack had to weigh in on this latest “we believe truth not facts” Biden bullshit…

Twitchy: Katie Pavlich SCHOOLS Joe Biden on the history of his OWN (aka Obama’s) DOJ, Ferguson, and Michael Brown

You socialist-lovin’ big guys are gonna get the big heist up the backside if Unka Joe gets in and Bernie and AOC have their way with yunz…

CNBC: Sen. Sanders proposes one-time tax that would cost Bezos $42.8 billion, Musk $27.5 billion

Thomas Lifson: Bezos discovers that $17 million doesn’t buy much protection from the mobs

Twitchy: ‘Sisters shouldn’t marry their brothers. Period.’ Ilhan Omar’s dig at billionaires ‘profiting off the pandemic’ BACKFIRES spectacularly

On the flip-side, Joe Biden has forgotten a Hell of a lot more than Teen Vogue knows…

Nobody giving a shit about pro-sports players on their knees in front of the anarchic rabble, but damn it, college football better stand and deliver…

WTSP: Reports: Big Ten votes to cancel 2020 football season


ESPN: College football stars hold video call to further unite, issue statement

FNC: College football running back on why he was to play this season: ‘Nothing at home for me’: Florida Gators running back Lorenzo Lingard Jr. offered a sobering tweet as Power 5 conferences debate whether to go ahead and have a football season in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

DFP: Big Ten reportedly voted 12-2 to cancel football season; Michigan, MSU voted not to play

NYP: College football 2020 fall season in danger of being cancelled

Brent Zwerneman: As Big Ten cancels its season, college football players take stand


Thomas Lifson: Whistleblower steps forward to expose how Carter Page was targeted as basis for wiretapping Trump campaign and Gen. Flynn targeted for destruction

VIDEO: Why KT McFarland says FBI Director Christopher Wray, James Comey are in ‘big trouble’

Jessica Chasmar: Protesters fire shotgun into Black officer’s home, police say: ‘They were trying to kill me’

Sister Toldjah: Wow: Seattle ‘Respects’ Black Voices by Slashing Black Police Chief’s Salary in Retaliation for ‘Defund’ Criticism

Phil Shiver: AG Barr holds nothing back in Levin interview, calls rioters ‘Bolsheviks’ practicing ‘guerrilla warfare,’ says the left wants to use violence to ‘tear down the system’

Stephen Green: Insanity Wrap #24: Antifa Gives in to the Dark Side

J.B. Shurk: This Election Is a Choice between Freedom and Slavery, Good and Evil

Twitchy: ‘Pure political theater’: Janice Dean explains how she was ‘welcome to testify at tomorrow’s nursing home hearings in New York’ (UNTIL she wasn’t welcome)

CR: Faculty, students across US hold ‘die-ins’ to protest return to campus … It’s okay to protest in masks and distance, but okay to get-to-class in masks and distance.

Christian Toto: Ode to Minneapolis Bookstores Burned Down in the Riots: A Canadian writer mourns the literary losses piling up in the Twin Cities

Rachel Bovard: Swampy AARP: Like so many other organizations that began in the service of a reasonable—even noble!—cause, AARP has become merely an excuse to rake in the cash for a handful of executives.

Woman nearly hit by lightning strike debris: ‘God was definitely with us’

Mount Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts, sends column of ash more than 3 miles into the sky: The volcano on Sumatra Island was dormant for four centuries before exploding in 2010

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August 9, 1945

Seventy five years ago today, the second of America’s two atomic weapons was dropped on the Japanese city of Nagasaki.

Nagasaki was a shipbuilding center, the very industry intended for destruction. The bomb was dropped at 11:02 a.m., 1,650 feet above the city. The explosion unleashed the equivalent force of 22,000 tons of TNT. The hills that surrounded the city did a better job of containing the destructive force, but the number killed is estimated at anywhere between 60,000 and 80,000 (exact figures are impossible, the blast having obliterated bodies and disintegrated records).

Several days after the Nagasaki attack, on August 15, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Hirohito overrode his war council and issued and order accepting the Allied ultimatum that had been spelled out in the Potsdam Proclamation of July 26, 1945.

VJ Day (Victory-in-Japan Day) was declared on August 14, 1945.

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Not Your Dad’s Saturday Cartoons…

It’s why satire/parody sites like The Babylon Bee and Genesius Times have become so popular…. and sharply more accurate than the actual “news” entities…

Babylon Bee: Joe Biden Holds A Diversity Training Seminar For The African American Community

Genesius Times: Biden: ‘If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t dead’

Come on, man! You ain’t black, ya dog-faced pony soldier junkie! Look, fat, vote for somebody else…

Trey Gowdy: Biden a ‘career offender’ on racially curious comments

Joseph A. Wulfsohn: Biden gaffes ignored by MSNBC’s primetime shows for 3 straight nights: There was no mention of the former VP’s controversial remarks by the network’s biggest stars

You know damn well Joe did not write that tweet, or any other tweet on his Twitter account.

Joseph A. Wulfsohn: Susan Rice sells Netflix stock worth more than $300G as Biden mulls choice of running mate: Rep for ex-national security adviser insists sale has ‘nothing to do with VP speculation’

Ace: RCP Polling Average Puts Biden Over Trump +6.4% – The Only Problem Is… At This Point, Hillary Clinton Was Up Over Trump +7.4%

Melissa Mackenzie: Weekend At Biden’s: You’re not imagining the panic. I’ll say it again: For people soooo far ahead, the Left is sure acting terrified. They should be.

Comrades Chuck and Bill want kids to die…

The nation’s Big Rotten Apple

DM: ‘Our community is terrified, angry and frightened’: Upper West Side residents fury as homeless junkies and sex offenders are moved into three luxury hotels and turn the area into a spectacle of public urination, cat-calling and brazen drug use

The New York Times continues to prove it is used toilet paper…

FNC: NYT panned after op-ed claims it’s been ’36 years’ since man, woman ran together on Dem ticket

Twitchy: ‘YIKES’! Was the Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine 2016 ticket THIS forgettable? (NYT Opinion deleted the tweet but here it is)

From the files of “GFY and F the F Off” and Rot


Tyler O’Neil: Antifa Rioters With Shields, Body Armor Turn Residential Portland Into a War Zone

FNC: BLM protesters in Seattle claim in suit that expensive gear to protect them from cops prices them out of civil rights: reportThe suit claims protesters ‘now must purchase expensive equipment to be assured that they will be able to protest safely’

FNC: Seattle protesters’ lawsuit over pricey protective gear ‘out of bounds,’ attorney says: “You’ve got to be kidding me that … taxpayers should pay,” guest tells Fox News’ Shannon Bream

Looks like bats are having a way with the 2020 election in the U.S….

Twitchy: Libertarian candidate for POTUS bitten by a bat, will get rabies vaccine as a precaution

Hey, another ‘problem solved’, this time by WOKE NASA…

NYP: NASA to remove offensive names from planets and other heavenly bodies

Below the fold:

Hey, MSM, when you’ve lost even this couple’s son…

FBN: US employers hire 1.8M despite new COVID-19 shutdowns: Economists surveyed by Refinitiv expected the report to show that unemployment dropped to 10.5%

VIDEO: Trump calls out Dems for holding COVID relief ‘hostage’: ‘I will act under my authority’

Steve Moore: How Trump can achieve COVID relief without spending $3 trillion

Stephanie Pagones: Freed from jail amid coronavirus, VA rape suspect kills accuser: Ibrahim E. Bouaichi was released in April, fatally shot the woman in July, report says … waiting for some jackass liberal in MSM or the political class to deflect the responsibility and blame for this on Pres. Trump. It’s coming, you know that.

Things that make you go “hmmmm” on a couple levels…

VIDEO: Gov. DeWine opens up about COVID-19 test results: Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on testing positive and then negative for coronavirus. … He doesn’t want Ohioans to think “these tests aren’t accurate”. Well, Gov…

Your devotion and motivation for the new week ahead…

Johnny ‘Joey’ Jones: I marked my ‘Alive Day’ this week, 10 years after losing my legs, and want to share this: I’m mentally stronger, more resilient and more grateful than I might have ever been had I not endured this fate.

“As one of a select few who is permanently attached to an “Alive Day” let me be clear — we aren’t just the resentment of war, we are the resilience of war…”


I Don’t Always Listen to Phil Collins, But When I Do … So Do My Neighbors – UPDATED

Todays “know-it-all” generation deems our generation to “Okay, boomer!” in dismissing us and our opinions from everything like culture to politics. However, it’s great when they discover we were the kick-ass generation. These two kids in the video above found that out.

These guys have their own YouTube account where they do this with old songs they’re “Twins the new Trend – FIRST TIME HEARING”. They’re fun, LOL!

Here is a great background piece on the song Phil Collins’ song “In The Air Tonight” and the making-of and even the urban legends behind the song itself…

Smooth Radio: The Story of… ‘In the Air Tonight’ by Phil Collins

A lot of people don’t know Collins is an amazing drummer who played for the music group “Genesis” and played drums for other artists as well. Collins went on to do some solo albums, and played drums in “In The Air Tonight”, but the drum effects aren’t plain and simple, as pointed out in the above article link.

Also, the song was getting moderate radio play until the first season pilot episode, “Brother’s Keeper”, of the destined mega-hit TV series “Miami Vice” used it … and then the song, like the TV series, hit HUGE. Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” was used in one future “Miami Vice” episode, “A Bullet for Crockett”, in season 4.

I said the other day some of the best movies, TV, some fashions, and music were from the 1980s. Yeah, baby, the Reagan years!
Here is where three of those 1980s things came together…

I cannot here the into of “In The Air Tonight” without seeing those car wheels rolling on the dark Miami street— and then I never fail to get the skin-bump- a-rising when the drums hit. It’s one of my all-time favorite songs. Ask just about anyone from Miami, this song has memories for them too.


Chewing gum and singing and playing guitar at the same time…

Okay, I have been watching the kids’ videos all day. Back a year ago it was just the one kid doing the reviews. Anyhow, I had to add this to the post. I thought I would DIE with their reaction to Hendrix.

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