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February 22, 1980

Forty years ago today, at the 1980 Winter Olympics, the American hockey team, a Cinderella team full of inexperienced kids and coached by an outsider, won an improbable victory over the much favored and far superior team from the USSR. It became known as the “miracle on ice” and it’s still an amazing thing to watch. God bless America.

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Weekend Reads: Feeding Frenzy

Katie, bar the fucking burning barn door…

The New York Times has ‘broke the story’ that alleges Russia is trying to help Trump win 2020 re-election…

Twitchy: President Trump complains Rep. Adam Schiff might ‘weaponize’ info from classified briefing

Got that, American voters? It was a “classified briefing”, but the NYTimes sure as Hell (once again) knows about it. Funny that, huh?

What’s becoming very obvious is Russia playing and punking our politicized and weaponized deep state intel community, the democrats, and their cry wolf MSM. The false premise is they (Russia) are interfering to help Trump. Russia is laughing their collective asses off as Schiff & Co. take their bait and do that job for them, just as leaky Schieve has done once again. Putin doesn’t need Russian bots here. He has the NYT, WaPo, MSNBC, CNN, and Adam Schieve and Pelosi. All Vlad has to do is set down the bait and they all go according to plan into a feeding frenzy.

Maggie Haberman is one of four, count`em, four NYTimes writers of the latest piece meant to throw shade on Pres. Trump, and set up the democrats for more Ludacris “investigations” ahead of the November elections. And when Trump does win re-election, in spite of their continued bullshit, throw doubt, once again-again-again, on his legitimate (re-)election. By the way, Trump is 100% correct in that every damn thing is being weaponized 24/7 by these same usual suspect bastards. By the way, Haberman was name-named directly by Wikileaks as one of their go-to media reporters who they knew would bite and chew on anything and everything they tossed at her, so they did. They also outed her as a pro-Clinton operative in 2016. And the print media, NYT and it’s red-headed bastard ginger sister the WaPo, aren’t the only stooges for the Russians and the Wikileaks types for spinning and hyping the fake news nibbles and bits tossed at them. The TV media are eager rabid mutts too, like MSNBC whose overpaid dolts and dickheads have been in “RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!” meltdown for these last over three years. They and the democrats have been emitting more toxic nuclear waste than Chernobyl has in 34 years.

Meanwhile, that esteemed paper of truth and accuracy, the NY Slimes, is today also carrying an op-ed by a Taliban terror leader. The American MSM has become a complete abomination to facts, truth, journalism, and integrity. They are a collective propaganda machine.

Thomas Joscelyn: What you won’t learn from the NYT op-ed by the Taliban’s deputy leader: Who is Sirajuddin Haqqani? The Times doesn’t explain. Some basic facts are in order…

Sirajuddin Haqqani has been designated as a terrorist by both the U.S. and the United Nations. He leads a designated terrorist organization, the Haqqani Network, which is an integral part of the Taliban. Other Haqqani Network leaders have been designated as terrorists as well.

Both Sirajuddin and his organization were designated in part because of the Haqqanis’ long-standing partnership with al-Qaeda. The U.S. government and U.N. have repeatedly recognized this partnership in official statements. For instance, the State Department’s Country Reports on Terrorism explains that the Haqqani Network “is integrated into—and cooperates closely with—the larger Afghan Taliban and draws strength through cooperation with other terrorist organizations operating in Afghanistan, including al-Qaeda and Jaish-e Mohammad.”

Similarly, the State Department’s Rewards for Justice page for Sirajuddin notes: “The Haqqani Network is allied with the Afghan Taliban and al-Qaida and seeks to reestablish Taliban rule in Afghanistan.”

The U.S. has a standing reward offer of up to $10 million for information on Sirajuddin’s whereabouts. He is wanted for a string of high-profile terrorist attacks inside Afghanistan. Indeed, the Haqqani Network has been the most potent terrorist organization in the country….

You would wonder exactly how the NYTimes acquired his op-ed, wouldn’t you? Most especially since they are running this op-ed in the same edition today as their latest “intel says Russia is helping Trump get re-elected” bullshit piece. And exactly where is the US intel community in trying to track down one of the US’s and the world’s most wanted terrorists with this current connection to the US’s top newspaper, huh? Read the whole thing.

Daniel Greenfield: Local Newspapers Are Dying Because They Don’t Represent America: 62 million Americans voted for Trump, only 6 newspapers endorsed him. … Yep, but don’t look for the national publications to be any better, folks. The local papers use them for their primary sources and basically copy/paste, never following through on their own to see if it is complete and accurate. They, like the national papers, have become very biased political tabloid rags.

Meaty Chunks:

CNS News: Iran’s Ayatollah Attacks the U.S.–Borrowing Lines from Bernie Sanders … Know who is Iran’s bestest buddy? Russia. So, why the Hell would Russia be helping Trump get re-elected and not helping Bernie beat his own democrat party to just get into the nomination for a victorious November run against Trump?

AEI: Let’s stop pretending that Bernie Sanders wants to duplicate Scandinavia … Bern will promise Scandinavia and deliver Cuba or Venezuela.

Brian Riedl: The Unaffordable Candidate: Bernie Sanders’s $97 trillion agenda would impose incomprehensible costs. … But wait! Liz Warren can top that…

Ryan Saaverda: Warren: Ocasio-Cortez’s $93 Trillion ‘Green New Deal’ Does Not ‘Go Far Enough’ … Her agenda/plan would take AOC’s $93T up well-over $100T when she’s done. Sweet Jesus, stop these animals.

Bruce Thornton: Socialism Makes People Do Strange Things: What does the most troubling political phenomenon of postwar America portend for November and beyond?

FPM: On a Democratic Socialist Government: Is It Even Legal in the United States? Communism forces men into slavery by force. Democratic Socialism does it by votes.

The Federalist: The Cruel Reality Of Life As One Of The Media’s Never-Trump Waterboys: All of their predictions are based on the conventional wisdom and assumptions of an insulted and excluded D.C. intelligentsia, and all are wrong.

Rick Moran: Do the Math: Sanders Won’t Have Enough Delegates Before the Convention to Clinch It

FNC: Jägermeister logo does not offend Christians, court rules … As a Christian the label doesn’t really bother me. Christian symbols have been through worse. However, how would the court have ruled were it an Islamic crescent moon and star logo above a goat on a liquor bottle? Here in the 21st century it is so nice to have self-righteous democrat-socialist candidates telling us we are not good Christians if we vote for/support Pres. Trump, or are pro-life and pro-LEGAL immigration while a Swiss court deems what is/isn’t offensive to Christians…

Perhaps not-so-curiously if Pete Buttigieg was a GOP candidate always wearing his self-righteous preachy ‘Christianity’ on his sleeve Erin Burnette would not have allowed him to pontificate so unchallenged. Recall how Burnette had no problem challenging (and assuming) Pres. Trump’s praying habits. (Note: vid gone but quotes therein).

Larry Elder: Black History Month: Why Don’t They Teach About the Arab-Muslim Slave Trade in Africa? … And it is in full profit mode there in the 21st century. And also in Libya as well, thanks to Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power, and Susan Rice.

The cancel culture media, Hollywood, leftist barking-heads, and collective mob have lost ALL perceived ‘moral high ground’ in deeming anyone or anything as “McCarthyism”. They’ve fully become (and then some) what they have used as a ‘free speech’ shield for decades to advance their anti-free speech agenda. Look what they did to poor meek little non-political Taylor Swift who simply just wanted to sing. Now they are shaming anyone who dares present a production that doesn’t fall in line with their rabid leftist propaganda views. This is so neo-Soviet. Orwell couldn’t have conceived or written this in such fascistic CGI imagery. And now the bullseye target is on John Krasinski, whose actng, writing, producing and directing career has grown incredibly strong and consistent since his days in “The Office”

Christian Toto: Esquire Bullies John Krasinski: Are You a Closet Conservative? The liberal magazine questions the actor’s pro-family, pro-military projects.

Jeff Reynolds: Farmer in Eastern Washington Invites Bloomberg to Teach Her How Simple Farming Is

As movie mega-mogul Stephen Spielberg’s adopted daughter announces her foray into the ‘adult movie and sex work’ business (with his nod of approval)…

The 23-year-old added that producing solo porn has made her feel satisfied after having battled years of mental health issues and alcoholism.

“I got really tired of not being able to capitalize on my body and frankly, I got really tired of being told to hate my body,” Mikaela told the outlet.

She continued: “And I also just got tired of working day to day in a way that wasn’t satisfying to my soul. I feel like doing this kind of work, I’m able to ‘satisfy’ other people, but that feels good because it’s not in a way that makes me feel violated.” …

Mikaela stressed that she does not feel any shame in her choices and sees her new career as a “positive, empowering choice.”

She pointed out that she will not engage in sex on camera with anyone else. Mikaela is currently engaged to a man named Chuck Pankow, 47, who also is rallying behind her budding adult entertainment career.

For now, Mikaela told The Sun that her videos have consisted of showing off her “moneymaker” breasts and hinted that she believes “fetish work” could become one of her specialties.

Her stage name was revealed to be “Sugar Star” and her videos were up on PornHub but she took them down while she awaits the approval of her Tennessee sex worker license.

The young woman added that her hope is for Spielberg and Capshaw to see her grow in her new endeavors.

Corey Feldman now fears for his life on the eve of his tell-all documentary’s release…

DM: Corey Feldman is ‘living in fear’ and has hired 24-hour protection ahead of the release of his new film that he says will expose the ‘Hollywood pedophile ring that abused him and late friend Corey Haim as children’


Ed Morrissey: Bolton: You know, my testimony wouldn’t have changed a damn thing

John Sexton: Survey of UK art world finds ‘a quagmire of wokeness’ rife with ‘coercion, bullying, intimidation and intolerance’

Jazz Shaw: Chris Mellon: Our government is “lethargic and risk averse” in assessing possible threat from UFOs

J.D. Tuccille: Marijuana Vaping Madness Is Reaching ‘Reefer’ Proportions: A new generation of marijuana prohibitionists is reviving old talking points with vaping products substituting for joints.

Ashe Schow: Use Trans Pronouns Or Get Fired, Ohio Court Tells Christian Professor

Twitchy: ‘Just wow!’ John Kerry’s response to Trump accusing him of Logan Act violation for rogue dealings with Iran overheats BS detectors

UIP: Pioneer who invented ‘cut, copy and paste’ for computers dies at 74

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Pres. Trump On The Road Again…

FNC: As Dems debated, President Trump held fiery rally in Arizona: pictures: President Trump slammed Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg at a Phoenix rally, pushing his MAGA message.

PJM: Throngs of Supporters Lining Up Hours Ahead of Trump Rally in Arizona

Ervin Julian, 100 year old WWII veteran…

DC: Trump Supporters Carry WWII Vet To His Seat At Phoenix Rally

President Donald Trump supporters got everyone’s attention Wednesday when a video surfaced of two men carrying a WWII veteran to his seat ahead of the president’s rally in Phoenix, Arizona….

In the clip, we see the two men carrying the vet down the stairs of the arena while loud chants of “USA, USA” and applause can be heard in the background from the group gathered at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum to hear Trump speak….

FNC: Hundreds camp out overnight ahead of Trump rally in Colorado

President Trump is gearing up for a rally in Colorado Springs Thursday evening, but many supporters have already been there for quite some time, braving cold temperatures and camping out overnight with the hopes of securing prime spots for the first-come, first-served event.

The line began forming Wednesday morning for the rally, which is set for Thursday at 5 p.m., local time, with people bringing along tents, space heaters, and sleeping bags, Fox affiliate KXRM reported. Overnight and early morning temperatures were in the teens.

Doors open at the venue at 1 p.m. Those who do not manage to get in will be able to watch on an outdoor screen.

While supporters began gathering on Wednesday night, Trump was holding another rally in Phoenix, Ariz….


John Nolte: Left Panics over Hispanic Support for Trump

DC: Report: Trump Campaign Bringing On Cambridge Analytica Product Chief To Oversee Data Management Team

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BREAKING: Roger Stone Sentenced…

GWP: Judge Amy Berman Jackson Sentences Roger Stone to 3 Years, 4 Months in Prison, $20,000 Fine

Ace: Hawaiian Judge Amy Berman Jackson Declares That Roger Stone Caused The House Report On Russian Collusion to be ” ” ” Incorrect ” ” “, Sentences Him to 40 Months in Prison

In what way, #Resistance Fighter?
Was it not all that you wanted it to be? Was it not fulfilling?
Did it not scratch you where you Orange Man Bad itched?
Have you not heard of the Mueller Report, which similarly “incorrectly” concluded that Russia Collusion was a hoax all along?
Do you not accept that finding? Are you a conspiracy theorist?
During the hearing, the judge stated — flat-out said — that Stone deserved a long sentence because his “lie” caused the Mueller Report to be “incorrect,” by which she means, “It did not deliver what CNN and MSNBC promised me it would deliver, and I’m here to rectify that.”
So, yes, Stone is being sentenced by a Trump-deranged Russian Collusion Truther.
She will not accept the Mueller Report as proof there was never any “collusion,” and she’s decided that the man standing before her, Roger Stone, is the reason that her paranoid fantasies were not proven to be true.


Apparently this Hawaiian Judge applied the Rachel Maddow Sentencing Enhancement following the Don Lemon Rules of Criminal Procedure.

What he said.

Andy doesn’t do sarcasm well because he is such a serious legal mind, but that’s how you should read his tweet reaction…

FNC: Napolitano on Roger Stone case: ‘Only a pardon can fairly undo this mess’

FNC: Who is Judge Amy Berman Jackson?

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The Hangover 2020: Gang Bang in Vegas, Babies!

It is so very fitting last night’s 2020 democrat-socialist demolition derby was held in Las Vegas, because the field of wannabe power-drunkards look like scenes from the next morning from The Hangover.

Hey, don’t ever let any of the 2020 democrat-socialists try to sell you how they are for the little guy. Not after last night’s beatdown they gave newcomer to the debate stage, “mini” Mike Bloomberg. It’s okay. Primary candidates are supposed to knock each other down in order to get a leg-up in the polling. But while they (mostly Liz Warren with her obviously prepared Trump analogies with Bloomberg) hammered Bloomberg, none of the actually made any strong points on actual issues that concern the rest of the American people.

Apparently Jen hates a #NastyWoman standing up for Bloomberg’s paid-off #MeToo female employees.

And somebody was quick to get to Bloomberg’s Wiki page last night. They got the year wrong. My money’s on Joe Biden late last night post-debate hangover…

Yeah, that’s WaPo’s designated “conservative” blogger, Jen Rubin, who is now in the army of Never-Trump cucks. She’s a twatwaffle of the first order. Sounds like the cuck brigade, who insists republicans/conservatives must vote straight democrat tickets in November, have chosen (for now, at least) to throw-in with Bloomberg. Anyhow, I hate to break Rubin’s latest Tiger Beat heartthrob but Bloomberg looked like a defenseless old turtle on his back being kicked around the schoolyard by a gang of low IQ bullies. Eventually he receded into his shell. THAT’s not “smart” or “going high”. None of them looked or sounded good. But Bloomberg looked weak, like somebody who simply pays other people to do the hard work while he sits in the backseat of his limo. He cannot even defend his own success. I’m sorry, but flouting the fact you can write a check for a quarter to a half of a billion dollars for scripted TV and radio ads over these last couple months is not defending your ability to build a big successful empire.

Here is a simple thing Bloomberg could have pointed out about the other candidates. He could have brought up how the mega rich celebrity world is currently picking their candidate(s) from this current field. He could pointedly have proposed they rebuff those endorsements and support. Nope, mini-Mike was on his back as the others rifled through his pockets looking for his billions.

As I said, the Never-Trumpers are looking for the democrat candidate to bolster and promote. With good old Joe Biden looking like the nursing home nurse has stayed too long outside in her smoking break and he’s past his meds time, they were wiping their nervous sweaty brows when Bloomberg stepped in. As it looks this morning, neither Biden or Bloomberg look as if they will last through the primary elections, if they even make it that far. And what will the neo-con resistance do when that happens? Which of the other strident dem-socialists will they put on the hazmat suit for and support going into November? Aside from Bloomberg, none of the rest have accomplished much at all in their careers. Biden is a career politician at its worst. As is Bernie Sanders, who never held a real job in his life and has spent his entire political career insisting the hard-earned money of others must be confiscated, through heavy taxation, and turned over to a centralized federal government to spend as its hierarchy sees fit. Mayor Pete But-edge-edge who has hyped himself with thin record of accomplishments and qualifications when he has none to show for his tenure as mayor of a small midwestern town.

Serious items that should have been addressed last night but were not:

Bloomberg’s dismissive disdain and insult of this great nation’s farmers, factory workers, and coal miners, etc.

Klobuchar and Buttigieg are from the Midwest, the heartland, and neither made any attempt to strike back in representation and defense of the millions of people therein that Bloomberg turns up his nose at and regards in low-intellect. Instead the two went this route…

Klobuchar: ‘I Wish Everyone Was As Perfect As You, Pete.’

“I wish everyone was as perfect as you, Pete,” Klobuchar said in one round, when the topic was immigration. “But let me tell you what it is like to be in the arena.”

(Klobuchar often speaks of being “in the arena,” a reference to her tenure as senator from Minnesota.)

Buttigieg shot back: “Maybe leading a diverse city that was facing ruin doesn’t sound like the arena to you. I’m used to senators telling mayors that senators are more important than mayors. But this is arena, too. You don’t have to be in Washington to matter.”

Klobuchar declared herself “very proud” of the work she’s done on immigration reform — although none of the bills she worked on years ago passed.

“And you know what?” she asked Buttigieg. “You have not been in the arena doing that work. You’ve memorized a bunch of talking points and a bunch of things. But I can tell you one thing. What the people of this country want, they want a leader that has the heart for the immigrants of this country. And that is me.”

To be fair, Buttigieg really does present himself as perfect in everyway, especially as a scripture-thumping “Christian”.

Nor was Bloomberg challenged on his money funneling to lawyers in the DOJ and legal systems throughout the nation.

The growing violent nature of Bernie Sanders’s core supporters constantly caught on video in conversations or at his rallies, and recent harassment against hesitant unions.

Joe Biden’s (who was amazing allowed to basically remain silent last night) ongoing family scandals. The MSM and the left/dems always like to lie about Trump supporters at rallies being so violent and racist.

Mayor Pete’s striking lack of support from the city he failingly governed in Indiana, AND his insistence on smugly second guessing Christians and their political choices. Nobody does Christian hypocrisy like Pete does (his homosexuality aside as it’s his personal conversation with God) with his strong views and defense of limitless unrestricted abortion at any time.

Liz Warren’s political climb via a ladder built on lies.

I’ll give Bloomberg this, he did point out the “democrat-socialist” hypocrisy and lie, especially by Sanders and his millionaire status and three houses. He managed to squeak out a defense of capitalism in the face of communist and socialist failures around the world when it was tried … to which Sanders made the laughable claim of not being a communist. He had better tell that to his rabid supporters brawling in the aisles and streets. But Bloomberg did not defend his own billionaire status, what it took for him to build it, and what he has done (outside his paid-off scandals) for charities and the hundreds of thousands of people he employs.

Bloomberg to Bernie: “What a wonderful country we have. The best known socialist in the country happens to be a millionaire with 3 houses. What’d I miss here?”

He really was a proverbial fly in the dem-socialist ointment on the stage. He may have a gravitas resume, but he doesn’t have the chops to go up against this media darling field of comrades, much less Pres. Trump’s successful first term. “Orangeman Bad” might look like a bull in a china shop, but he would trample that turtle spinning on its back on the china shop floor.

You bet your cat hair covered ass.

By the way…

I use my physical observations of people sparingly. However, here is something that really makes me shake my head while watching Mike Bloomberg last night. Yes, he looked like a turtle to me…

Whatever. But here’s the thing I noticed, we never see his upper teeth when he talks, and he wasn’t smiling much last night while getting kicked around. But we did see his bottom teeth, and they are pretty poorly looking. I mean, we are talking about a guy who is estimated to have at least 60 billion dollars and will not put money into a decent smile? Hey, I’m not asking for Biden-like fake choppers. But at least a nice whitening process in the dentist’s office on a routine basis would be prudent, and at most a natural looking set of implants, even at his age…

MORE Ringside Observations:

FNC: Bloomberg under siege at chaotic debate debut, as Warren attacks field in bid to revive campaign

DM: Mike Bloomberg shrugs off beatdown in Las Vegas debate as his campaign says billionaire who has ALREADY spent $400 million is ‘just warming up’ and pundits warn he could be out by Super Tuesday after rivals rain down blows on his record on sexism and race

Twitchy: FACT CHECK: The Biden protesters at last night’s debate left out the part where Obama put kids in cages

Former Obama DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson did a good job this morning giving the facts about the ‘cages’ the left/MSM/dems constantly blame Trump for. But they’re still not listening. So much easier to ‘feel’ anger instead of thinking: Former Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson on protesters calling out Biden’s immigration record – Protesters interrupt Joe Biden’s closing remarks at the Las Vegas Democrat primary debate to call out his Obama-era immigration record and deportations; former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson responds.

Mark Meadows: Democrats’ debate had 1 winner: President Trump

Tammy Bruce: Bloomberg is a model product of the Democratic Party’s identity politics

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News Feed: Don’t Lose Your Head…

Seeing Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg arguing over who had a heart attack is like that scene in the movie “Scanners” where the two guys are on a stage trying to make the other’s head explode. I think I might just watch tonight’s debate… in case one or the other’s chest explodes on the debate stage…

Ace: “Bernie Sanders, Mike Bloomberg Trade Jabs Over Who Has the Heart Most Likely to Explode In the Next Two Years” … Yeah, it’s gonna be lit.

Twitchy: Team Bernie CALLED OUT for lying about Mike Bloomberg having a heart attack … Let them fight!

Twitchy: ‘Here we go’: Michael Bloomberg and Joe Biden’s war over Barack Obama appears to be escalating [videos] … Yeah, tonight’s 2020 dem-socialist debate in Las Vegas just might be “must see TV”.

Joel Pollak: Washington Post Op-ed: ‘Give the Elites a Bigger Say in Choosing the President’ … How WaPo handled the immediate backlash on Twitter after posting the original title (above)…

The WaPo is getting really good at being really bad.

Bloomy is turning out to be a homegrown version of dirty paws George Soros…

Zero Hedge: Illinois Among States Where Bloomberg Implanted Paid Lawyers In AG Office To Advance His Agenda … Suddenly, the pardon nexus between Blagojevich and Kerik begins to make a bit more sense.

Twitchy: Chelsea Handler can’t help but ‘notice’ that Donald Trump only grants clemency to a certain kind of person … so who wants to tell her? [pics] … Actually, you horrible has-been comic/actress twat…

The Grio: Report finds that incarcerated Black men are biggest beneficiaries of ‘First Step’ act: “Federal report confirms more than 90% of inmates already freed by ‘First Step Act’ are African American men, many of whom have been affected by sentencing disparities…” … So, GFYS, Chelsea.


Victoria Taft: Wayback Machine: Remember Obama’s Iran Deal Pardons? … And just to mention Obama’s other gifts to the forgiveness gods: Bowe Bergdahl and He/She Manning. In Bergdahl’s case the detained terrorists that were swapped for the deserter returned to the battlefield to kill again.

Dumb Ass Awards go to…

WashTimes: James Clyburn rips Trump’s jobs numbers: ‘We were fully employed during slavery’ … So then, according to this congressman, employed black people are slaves. Slavery is not ’employment’ and it’s been outlawed for sometime now. A Hell of a lot of people died abolishing it. It would bode better if you remembered that, you unmitigated asshole. Term limits.

TMZ Sports: Browns Lineman Greg Robinson Busted By Border Patrol … So Much Weed!! … Some football players golf and spend time with their families in the off-season. Some are mules and herbal entrepreneurs. BTW, how long before the USBP agents are called ‘racist’?

Gregg Re: Hunter Biden scandals explained: Ukraine, China, drug history and more

Paula Bolyard: Kent State to Pay Hanoi Jane $83k for May 4 Commemoration Speech; Ohio SOS Wants Her Yanked, Calls It a ‘Disgrace’ … Oh, Hell no, bitch!

FNC: Steven Spielberg’s daughter launches adult entertainment career, says dad supports her sex worker ambitions … Guess she’s not a good enough actress to, you know, actually ‘act’ in one of Dad’s future films. Hollywood sucks, literally.

Okay, now time for some good news in the feed:

FNC: Ryan Newman walks out of hospital days after horrific Daytona 500 crash … Prayers answered.

Yep, he looks like the big winner in this race.

Breitbart: Trump Names Richard Grenell Acting Director of National Intelligence … Awesome choice! Grenell is fearless!

Remember this…

Christopher Hitchens @ Vanity Fair (7-1-09): I Fought the Law: To protest the petty ordinances of Mayor Bloomberg’s New York, the author went on a one-man crime spree: taking his feet off his bike pedals, feeding pigeons, and sitting on a milk crate, among other offenses. Why are the people of America’s most cosmopolitan city being treated like backward children? … I miss, Hitch. I wonder what he would be saying right now about Brexit, American politics, Coronavirus in communist China, and the world in general.

And this…

Aleteia: Video: Rare Footage of a Catholic Mass Aboard a Ship On Its Way to Iwo Jima: An incredible film taken the day before Ash Wednesday in 1945

Martha MacCallum: A prayer from Iwo Jima, 75 years later

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Poor Germany, Still Freshly Stinging from That Whole Brexit Thing On Top of Their Lingering Nazi Scar

The Germans can always be counted on for a cheap scoffing chortle value…


I’m willing to bet that few of those polled knew what the hell any of these guys think or do. And WTF does “world peace” mean, anyway? I mean, if Pakistan and India have a border clash, is that Trump’s fault? I think the poll actually is nothing more than a favorable/unfavorable popularity contest.

Obviously, a lot of Krauts don’t like Trump.

To which I say: so what?

I notice that a these sorts of polls get a lot of publicity whenever a Republican is president, and I’m always amused when progressive incorporate them into their Shame Campaign against their political enemies, i.e. us. “See here”, they tell us, “the Europeans don’t like Trump and they don’t like America, and that’s A Bad Thing. So we’ve got to change the way we do things so they like us again.”

The thing is, Europeans have always hated and resented America. They may have had a marginally higher opinion of America when Obama was president, but that was most likely because his view of America was closer to theirs….

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