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D-Day Anniversary: “If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt, it is mine alone.” — Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, in a draft of notes he’d prepared in case the D-Day invasion failed.

FDR’s D-Day Prayer

All Souls of Our Almighty Overlord On Deck…

The Mission Target Maps…

(Map of the British and Canadian beaches on D-Day, June 6, 1944, showing the planned amphibious assault sectors on Gold, Juno, and Sword beaches and the planned airdrop zones near the Orne and Dives rivers.)

The Send-Off…

The Arrival…

The Mission Accomplished…

(Helmets discarded by German prisoners, who were taken to a prison camp, in a field in Normandy, France in 1944.)

(Paratroopers of US 101st Airborne Division display a Nazi flag captured in a village near Utah Beach, Saint-Marcouf, France, Jun 1944)

The Remains of The Day…

(9000 sand drawings “bodies” displayed on Normandy beach to remember DDay.)

The Remembrance…

Barrett Tillman: D-Day, History, and Memory: As it slips over the horizon of living memory, the legacy of D-Day remains

HISTORY BONUS: “In July of 1943, Allied Forces’ troops, guns and transport are rushed ashore, ready for action, at the opening of the Allied invasion of the Italian island of Sicily, before D-Day in 1944…”

(During the invasion of Sicily by Allied forces, an American cargo ship, loaded with ammunition, explodes after being hit by a bomb from a German plane off Gela, on the southern coast of Sicily, on July 31, 1943.)

(Mt. Vesuvius spewing ash into the sky, erupting as a U.S. Army jeep speeds by shortly after the arrival of the Allied forces in Naples, Italy in 1944.)

(Lt. Gen. Lucian K. Truscott, Jr., commanding general of the Fifth Army in Italy, talks to African American troops of the 92nd Infantry Division after they threw back a German attack in the hills north of Viareggio, Italy in 1944.)

Alan Taylor: World War II: The Allied Invasion of Europe


I just came across this photo from the D-Day Anniversary of 7 years ago that I had shared on Facebook. These three had stormed the beach and reunited on D-Day’s 72 anniversary.

Scott Johnson @ Powerline: ANGELS OF OMAHA

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Tuesday Newsfeed: So Much “Pride” and Joy-less

A “drive by” Newsfeed post today, fellow spectators. I’ve got a day today

As the rainbow fades and takes the pot-o-gold with it:

Nicely done, everyone…

Charles Creitz: EYE ON THE TARGET – Woke Target’s $15B ‘stunning collapse’ should be a warning to CEOs: ‘Shark Tank’ star … Elon Musk warned of shareholder lawsuits after JPMorgan reportedly downgraded Target stock

Brian Flood: Target shares plunge 2% as market cap down over $13 billion amid Pride backlash: Shareholders continue to bear the brunt of Target’s Pride controversy

Breck Dumas: Elon Musk says Target can expect shareholder lawsuits soon as retailer’s woes mount: Tesla CEO weighs in amid Target’s Pride merchandising controversy

Hannah Grossman: Target backs org pushing US demilitarization, Mt. Rushmore shutdown for being a ‘symbol of White supremacy’: An organization funded by Target maintains views hostile to the US military, and seeks America to demilitarize itself


Stephen Kruiser: Pride Shouldn’t Be the Only Deadly Sin With Its Own Month

Robert Zimmerman: Pushback: Court victory for volleyball student and coach father who were blacklisted for disagreeing with queer agenda: Blake Allen, punished for being a normal high school girl

David Strom: Gay civil rights attorney comes out fighting for kids: What do you do if you spend your entire career standing up for gay civil rights, only to watch the movement get hijacked by an ideological group that wants to upend the basic moral framework of society?

Daniel Chaitin: ‘What Is A Woman?’ Blows Past 170 Million Views On Twitter: A documentary censored by social media and shunned by legacy outlets is now one of the most popular and influential documentaries of all time.

Climate Scammers:

I like what a soccer spectator labeled them when they recently interrupted a game, “Oil C**ts”. Perfect fit.

Monica Showalter: European eco-crazies encourage recruiting ‘arrestable’ members for planned mayhem campaign in the states: They saw what happened (or didn’t happen) when antifa made American cities unliveable. Now it’s their turn.

Jack Hellner: When fake dire climate predictions turn out to be wrong, they just come up with new scare tactics: It is clearly about controlling people instead of the climate

Meanwhile, Cruel Summer right ahead…

Glenn H. Reynolds: Thank the green-energy cult for major blackouts this summer: That’s the warning from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.

Hunter and his naughty bits of Biden crimes:

Thomas Lifson: Stunning TV interview (in Australia!) on the Hunter Biden laptop evidence: You are not supposed to know about the contents of the laptop computer that Hunter Biden neglected to retrieve from a repair shop in Delaware. You want evidence of crimes? Here it is

Brandon Gillespie, Brooke Singman: FBI ‘afraid’ informant could be killed over Biden family information if unmasked: Congresswoman Luna: The informant has accused President Biden of having been involved in an international bribery scheme

Robert Spencer: FBI Top Dog Wray May Be Held In Contempt of Congress. Can He Be Held In Contempt of the American People?


Richard Pollina: FBI agent who took down sexually deviant spy Robert Hanssen says traitor wanted to be ‘James Bond’: Hanssen was found dead inside his Colorado supermax jail cell on Monday. He was 79.

Reminder that Bobby Jr. is embedded with socialist ideology:

To be fair, here’s a man that grew up having his father and uncle murdered with guns…

I just see RFK, Jr. as a spoiler for Biden/dems in 2024, hopefully splitting the dem vote as an Independent in the general and giving a huge advantage to Trump or whoever is the GOP candidate.

However, you’ll forgive Constitutional conservatives if we really won’t be fooled again on this important issue, sir, not even from you…

Conservative Roof: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Declares: ‘The Second Amendment Is Settled, Not Taking Anyone’s Guns’

Well, they’re all scared of him, so…

Anyhow, he’ll not get my vote anyway. I’m voting for the GOP candidate. Period.

Stephen Green: Dear Conservatives: RFK Jr Is Still Just a F****** Commie


Protecting the rodent…

Julie Kelly: J6 Defendant on Ray Epps: ‘They Are Protecting Him Like Crazy’: Epps’ unusual defenders make less and less sense.

Jim Hoft: Kanekoa Releases The Konnech Files: FBI Shielded Two Firms Tied to Chinese Communist Regime That Holds US Voter Data in Mainland China

The real broke-back coming when we all take it up the— …

Jeff Reynolds: Mark Levin Explains Why the Debt Ceiling Negotiations Didn’t Matter: The System Is Broken

Sen. Tim Scott exposes the real bigotry at the Joy-less “The View”…

Apparently Joy Behar always has Mondays off, or something, but knowing the Senator she besmirched as not understanding the plight of unfortunate blacks in this country you’d think she would have made it a point to come to work and face him, or to insist ABC schedule him for a day that she could be there. But no…

John Sexton: Sen. Tim Scott takes on Sunny Hostin over systemic racism

Throwing cold water on the Ukraine-Russia war: Somebody somewhere blew up a damn dam…

NBC News: Ukraine accuses Russia of blowing up a major dam: Water was surging through the critical Kakhovka dam Tuesday, unleashing flooding that could threaten hundreds of thousands of residents, as well as a nearby nuclear plant.

Kevin Haggerty: ‘Terrifying’: Man says he was banned from Facebook for sharing this news article ‘excerpt’ from 1950s textbook

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DEVELOPING: Whistleblower says the Government has Been Lying to Us about UFOs…

I mean, seriously, if true, would y’all really be shocked and surprised that they were hiding it all along?

Yes, to drown-out all the real “whistleblowers” coming forward for various wrongdoing the government and MSM want obliterated from view. Of course. The big buzz this afternoon regarding this new report is that it is the ‘false flag’ or ‘distraction’ by the government for, well, whatever reason they would have planned for increased 1. control over the masses 2. the next phase in the devolution of our civilization to globalization and 3. yes, to play cat-and-red-laser-pen-mouse with everyone when we must stay focused on the plethora of reality in this country.

Having said that, as a sidenote from “the aliens are a (political) distraction” responses/remarks from people, when I was a kid in the 1960s when UFOs and alleged “abductions” were a huge checkout counter tabloid sell, one of the running excuses for government not confirming aliens and UFOs as real was that it would shake the core(s) of humanity’s religion(s) and basic belief in God, hence, sending civilization spiraling into helter-skelter lawless anarchy and inhumanity. Think of that in conjunction with the growing attacks on organized religion, most especially Christianity right now. Christian and Catholic religions are indeed the only religion(s) that can be openly and disgustingly be made fun of and mocked at every level. The obviously rogue swamp-infested government would take full advantage of society by opening this can of worms to abandoning God.

ZeroHedge: “We Are Not Alone”: US Has Retrieved Craft Of ‘Non-Human Origin’ Says Whistleblower From Govt. Task Force On UFOs

A new report from two veteran (mainstream) journalists citing a decorated whistleblower provides stunning insight into the US Government’s history with UFOs.

For those who ‘want to believe’ – short of a UFO landing on the lawn of the White House, this is it.

For those who think the recent government UFO disclosures are one big psyop, this is it.

According to the The Debrief;

  • The recoveries of partial fragments through and up to intact vehicles have been made for decades through the present day by the government, its allies, and defense contractors.
  • “We are not talking about prosaic origins or identities,” said Grusch. “The material includes intact and partially intact vehicles.
  • According to analysis, the objects are “of exotic origin (non-human intelligence, whether extraterrestrial or unknown origin) based on the vehicle morphologies and material science testing and the possession of unique atomic arrangements and radiological signatures.”
  • UFO “legacy programs” have long been concealed within “multiple agencies nesting UAP activities in conventional secret access programs without appropriate reporting to various oversight authorities.”
  • Gorsuch told Congress of the existence of a decades-long “publicly unknown Cold War for recovered and exploited physical material – a competition with near-peer adversaries over the years to identify UAP crashes/landings and retrieve the material for exploitation/reverse engineering to garner asymmetric national defense advantages.”
  • [M]aterials from objects of non-human origin are in the possession of highly secret black programs (the classified locations, names and other specific data of which were provided to the Inspector General and intel committee staff).
  • According to an unclassified version of his whistleblower complaint, Grusch has direct knowledge that UAP-related classified information has been withheld and/or concealed from Congress by “elements” of the intelligence community “to purposely and intentionally thwart legitimate Congressional oversight of the UAP Program.”

A vast array of our most sophisticated sensors, including space-based platforms, have been utilized by different agencies, typically in triplicate, to observe and accurately identify the out-of-this-world nature, performance, and design of these anomalous machines, which are then determined not to be of earthly origin,” said Jonathan Grey, an intelligence officer specializing in UAP analysis at the National Air and Space Intelligence Center…

According to Grusch, it’s dangerous for this “eighty-year arms race” to continue in secret because it “further inhibits the world populace to be prepared for an unexpected, non-human intelligence contact scenario.”

“I hope this revelation serves as an ontological shock sociologically and provides a generally uniting issue for nations of the world to re-assess their priorities.”

See what I mean??!? Read the whole ZeroHedge report and the primary report…


Grusch said the recoveries of partial fragments through and up to intact vehicles have been made for decades through the present day by the government, its allies, and defense contractors. Analysis has determined that the objects retrieved are “of exotic origin (non-human intelligence, whether extraterrestrial or unknown origin) based on the vehicle morphologies and material science testing and the possession of unique atomic arrangements and radiological signatures,” he said.

In filing his complaint, Grusch is represented by a lawyer who served as the original Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG).

“We are not talking about prosaic origins or identities,” Grusch said, referencing information he provided Congress and the current ICIG. “The material includes intact and partially intact vehicles.”

As to that alleged “evidence”, mmmkay, where is it because…

Oh, and in case you missed it a couple of “SPACE” posts back…

Joshua Wilburn: Anti-Vax Conspiracy Theorist Warned of a ‘False Flag’ Alien Invasion Just Days Before His Death

I might be waiting for the powers that be to start insinuating the COVID pandemic was caused by…

Think about it. mRNA? Making folks think and believe COVID was an alien virus released somehow on Earth by “aliens” would get people to become more apt to take the endless jabs of the “vaccine”. Right? What’s that you say … People aren’t that gullible, you retort? Have you been paying attention to the “climate change” and “more than two genders” bullshit?

ALL that said, don’t think for a minute the swamp creatures wouldn’t easily line us up and hand us over to whatever “aliens” for whatever purposes to save their own asses.

Dueling “whistleblowers”:

Yeah, it would be just the “distraction” certain earthly entities in the deep state and Biden family need…

Twitchy: Rep. Anna Paulina Luna: FBI is afraid its Biden family informant could be killed if unmasked

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Monday Newsfeed: Same Shite Different Week…

As if Mondays aren’t crap enough…

Victor Davis Hanson: The Strange Pandemic of ‘White’ Disparagement: All of a sudden, the obsession with whites as a Satanic collective has become a national fad.

It is tragic that King’s plea for an integrated, assimilated society, in which race became incidental, not essential to our personas, has mostly been abandoned by the Left in favor of racial stereotyping, collective guilting, and scapegoating by race and gender.

Indeed, many of the old Confederate pathologies—fixation on racial essence, obsession with genealogy, nullification of federal laws, states’ rights, and segregated spaces and ceremonies—are now rehabilitated by woke activists.

In that larger landscape, the collective adjective and noun “white” now has also been redefined and mainstreamed as a pejorative to the point of banality.

“White” followed by a string of subsequent oppressive nouns—“rage,” “supremacy,” “privilege”—has become a twitch on campus. Diversity, equity, and inclusion deans and provosts cannot write a memo, issue a communique, or sign a directive without a reference to “white” something or other.

Like the mysterious omnipresence of transgenderism in popular culture, all of a sudden, the obsession with whites as a Satanic collective has become a national fad—a pet-rock or hula-hoop-like collective madness…

Cullen Linebarger: REVEALED: Woke Target Funding Anti-White, Marxist Organization that Wants to Destroy America’s Military and Give Away Mount Rushmore and Other Public Lands to “Truly Dismantle White Supremacy”

Twitchy: Tim Scott stares down the bigots of The View and mops the floor with them (very politely, of course)

Over the Weekend:

China acts as if they own the world and knows Brandon won’t care, or something…

Elizabeth Pritchett: ‘CLEARLY INSTIGATED’ – SEE IT: US military releases video of near miss with Chinese warship as it cuts across American destroyer in Taiwan Strait: The move comes nearly a week after a Chinese fighter jet flew directly in front of the nose of a U.S. Air Force reconnaissance aircraft

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin defended the move, saying it was undertaken “in accordance with the law.”

“China’s military actions are completely justified, lawful, safe and professional,” he told reporters in Beijing. “It is the U.S. that should deeply reflect upon itself and correct the wrongdoings.”

Saturday’s incident marked the second time the U.S. accused China of being “unnecessarily aggressive” in the past week after a Chinese J-16 fighter jet flew directly in front of the nose of a U.S. Air Force reconnaissance aircraft over the South China Sea on Tuesday.

At a time when tensions in the region are high, the close calls have raised concerns that a possible accident could lead to an escalation between the two countries…

From “It’s the economy, stupid” to stupid Brandon’s stupid economy, “you ain’t black” stupids:

Would it really be a “stupid question” if I were to ask, “Were these included as ‘new jobs’ in the recent jobs report?” I say it’s legit question seeing as how the Obama-Biden administration counted people going from fulltime to parttime (employer reaction to Obamacare) as “new jobs”…

Ariel Zilber: AI blamed for 3,900 people losing their jobs in May: report

Paul Davidson: May jobs report released: Booming 339,000 jobs added as unemployment rises to 3.7%

Ready for $6 gas and Brandon siphoning off more from the already fumes-level SPR…

Michael Lee: Oil prices could soar higher as Russia, others shrug off criticism from Biden administration: Voluntary cuts made earlier this year sent prices $9 higher to $87 per barrel

Alyssa Blakemore: Saudi Arabia Announces Cuts To Oil Production To Boost Prices


Tristan Justice: Biden Interior Department Cuts Off Navajo Nation From Oil And Gas Development: In May, the Navajo Nation rejected the Biden administration’s plan to withdraw 351,000 acres from consideration for oil and gas leases.

Seth Borenstein: UN climate chief calls fossil fuel phase out key to curbing warming but may not be on talks’ agenda

It’s all about collapsing our economy…

Filthy dirtbag lying-liar MFer says what:

Brianna Lyman: Disgraced Former FBI Director Who Signed Faulty Warrants Claims Trump Will Weaponize The DOJ

Jonathan Turley: CNN Interviews Comey on Every Alleged Violation of the Rule of Law . . . Except His Own

Madeleine Hubbard: Ex-FBI Director James Comey says ‘there’s no one else but Joe Biden’ for 2024: “The president must be someone who abides the law and our Constitution. And there’s no one else but Joe Biden,” Comey said.

Twitchy: James Comey claims the only choice for 2024 is Biden and Twitter is not impressed


Russell Payne: After Durham Report Excoriates FBI for Abuse of Power, GOP Won’t Reauthorize FISA Spy Law Without Reforms: ‘Reforms are necessary,’ Representative Mike Turner told the Washington Examiner. ‘We will be taking up the issue of reforms, and they will not be limited to 702 itself.’

Meanwhile, more filthy dirtbag lying-liar commie MFers: “The personal life is dead. The private life is dead”, and so is our “free speech”:

Samuel Boehlke: DHS Cybersecurity Agency Labels Private Thoughts ‘Critical Infrastructure’ To Justify Censoring You

Just so’s not to overlook this fact, DC judges are adding basically “thought crimes/wrong-think” in their sentencing of January 6 defendants.

Stella Morabito: Federal Loneliness ‘Advisory’ Threatens To Destroy Freedom By Occupying Private Life: We need to start understanding attacks on free speech as direct attacks on our ability to develop relationships with others … Private Life Is Necessary for Freedom.

Jonathan Turley: “Your Speech is Violence”: How the Mob is Using a New Mantra to Justify Campus Violence

Ace: Missouri AG Attorney Bailey: A Judge Is Rejecting Biden’s Argument That He Has the Right to Censor People’s Speech

Perhaps DHS should get their asses out of people’s private thoughts and back to national security:

Catherine Salgado: WATCH: How Many Illegal ‘Got-Aways’ Is Border Patrol Missing?

Virginia Allen: GOP Lawmakers Press Biden Administration Official on Whereabouts of 85,000 Migrant Children

Meanwhile, sanctuary governor of the Sanctuary Republic of Kalifornia is pissed about illegal aliens taking him up on his offer of, you know, SANCTUARY…

Twitchy: Gavin Newsom and the mayor of Sacramento throw a hissy fit over 16 illegal immigrants


There’s GOTTA BE a breaking point for this level of ongoing induced societal insanity…

Stephen Kruiser: The Morning Briefing: Five Days Into Pride Month and the Rainbow Weariness Is Already Bone-Deep

Bailee Hill: ‘THEY’RE TOO YOUNG’ – Fights and chaos erupt as California parents protest Pride event at their kids elementary school: LA-area father said he is ‘fed up’ with school officials, keeping twin daughters home

David Strom: Man video-recording in women’s locker room OK if he is trans

I’m telling you, I’m seeing an awakening of outrage from a lot in the LGB community, and even those not ‘conservative’…

Deroy Murdock: Transgenderism Is The New Homophobia: “Stop transing gay kids,” pleads a placard that Gays Against Groomers and others have used to decry the mounting menace of transgenderism, particularly as it targets grade-school boys and girls.

Ben Bartee: The Gruesome ‘Gender Affirmation’ Surgery Photos Proponents of Child Genital Mutilation Should Be Made to See

NSFW disclaimer: the images contained below in this article are graphic and potentially disturbing. Nonetheless, they have news value because they depict the kind of barbarism that proponents of LGBTQ+++™ gender ideology support for children under the guise of “gender-affirming healthcare.” Proceed accordingly.

Much leftist political discourse related to gender ideology uses children as human shields, decrying Republican initiatives in states across the union to prevent child genital mutilation as “fascist” and decrying cutting “transgender” children off from “gender-affirming healthcare.”…

Take these bastard “professors” to court…

Margaret Flavin: University of Cincinnati Student Claims She Received a Zero on a Class Project for Using Term ‘Biological Women’


Twitchy: Gynecologist corncobs herself in defense of Dylan Mulvaney and trans women’s womanhood

Bryan Chai: Ad Agency That Introduced Dylan Mulvaney to Bud Light Is in ‘Serious Panic Mode’: Report


Jack Montgomery: ‘The Atlantic’ Magazine is Celebrating Art by Pedophiles.

A 2-phase bio-weapon for culling the planetary human herd…

Brandon J. Weichert: COVID-19 Was a Biological 9/11: Given the statements of senior Chinese leaders over the last decade, Beijing clearly believes that weaponized biotechnology is the silver bullet to wage war indirectly against America and its allies.

Eric Lendrum: Most U.S. Adults Rejecting COVID Booster Shots: Anew study has found that most American adults are refusing to take any more COVID-19 booster shots, as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports on significant differences between the health protection capabilities of those who haven’t had the vaccine vs. those who have.

John Daniel Davidson: No Forgiveness For Pandemic Sins Until The Guilty Repent: The people who abused their power and imposed tyranny during the pandemic will do it again if we don’t hold them accountable.

Jim Hoft: Globalist World Health Organization Will Take Up EU System behind Digital Vaccine Passports to “Facilitate Global Mobility” and “Better Protect Citizens”

Meanwhile, no worries, he has on a COVID mask…

Isabel Keane: Idiots are closer than they appear: Man spotted on car’s rear-view mirror on Calif. freeway. Shocking video has emerged online of a man hazardously perched on the driver’s side window of his car as it jets down a California freeway over the weekend.

A 100% Pure Fat-Free Beef…

Danielle Wallace: Elon Musk, farmers torch Ireland government proposal to slaughter 200K cows to meet EU climate change goals: Irish Department of Agriculture reportedly considering cull of 65K cows per year for the next 3 years

BONUS: For those playing along …Check yunz 2023 BINGO Cards, fellow spectators…

J.J. Sefton @ AoSHQ: “Speaking of savages, how many of you had Iran-Iraq 2: Pass the Popcorn Boogaloo on your dance cards? Except this time it’s the Taliban.”…

Hugh Fitzgerald: Why the Taliban is Threatening to Conquer Iran: A deadly water dispute that isn’t going away anytime soon.

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SPACE: Always Watching You Watching It

Earth watchers:

Mt. Rainier hitting the ‘snooze button’ on the sunrise…

Hasan: The Magnificent Shadow of Mt. Rainier: A Rare and Beautiful Phenomenon

And Mount Fuji puts on its most lovely kasa and gazes in the mirror…

Hasan: Capturing the Majesty of Mount Fuji: A Stunning Photograph by Taitan21

The June events…

Fire in the sky…

Llama Llama … Gamma Gamma…

NASA: NASA Looks Back at 50 Years of Gamma-Ray Burst Science


Robert Zimmerman: Curiosity looks back again as it climbs higher onto Mount Sharp

Robert Zimmerman: A typical glacier, on Mars

There’s a board game for this. I had it and gave it to my Granson a couple of months ago…

Sergio Murillo: New discovery about the atmosphere of Mars

In “The Expanse” timeline, which takes place in 2350, Mars had been colonized for over three centuries and humans (now deemed ‘Martians’ because of being born on that planet) still had not terraformed the planet.

“Habitable”?!? Every planet they finds is more screwed-up and far less ‘habitable’ than the last! I say they name it “Giedi Prime” and be done with it…

NYU: Earth-Sized Exoplanet With Fiery Volcanoes Discovered in Habitable Zone: The planet, named LP 791-18 d, was located and observed using data from NASA’s Tess satellite and the Spitzer Space Telescope.

Space and Other Tech:

Jonathan O’Callaghan: What’s next in space: The moon, private space travel, and the wider solar system will all have major missions over the next 12 months.

Jeff Foust: NASA and Boeing say preparations continue for July Starliner test flight

On the threshold of “Skynet”?…

Julia Musto: Mitigating ‘risk of extinction from AI’ should be a global priority, industry leaders say: Artificial intelligence leaders at Google, OpenAI signed the statement


Allister Heath: The idiot West is sleeping as the end of the world draws near

ZeroHedge: Lawyer Uses ChatGPT In Court And Now “Greatly Regrets” It

Space vs Politics:

Robert Zubrin: A Declaration of Decadence: Mary Jane Rubenstein’s real target in “Astrotopia” is not the corporate space race, but the very ideas of humanism and progress.

The French historian Fernand Braudel remarks in Out of Italy that “decadence” is what occurs in a civilization when it rejects the ideas and ideals responsible for its origin and growth. In her recently published book, Astrotopia: The Dangerous Religion of the Corporate Space Race, Mary-Jane Rubenstein, Professor of Religion and Science in Society at Wesleyan University, offers just such a bold rejection of everything that Western humanist civilization stands for or has ever stood for. If you think that the world has had quite enough of freedom, progress, science, and reason, this is the book for you

NASA: NASA Welcomes Spain as 25th Artemis Accords Signatory

Given Russia’s current war with Ukraine, I mean…

U-FOs and Aliens:

Rick Moran: NASA’s UFO Research Team Holds Public Hearing

Stefano Coledan & Simon Drucker: NASA hearing on UFOs disappoints public, frustrates devotees

Christopher Mellon: If the Government Has UFO Crash Materials, It’s Time to Reveal Them: The benefits to humanity outweigh the fear of discovering we’re not alone in the universe.

Chris Eberhart: OUT OF THIS WORLD – Stanford Professor says we’re not alone and haven’t been ‘for a long time’: Dr. Garry Nolan, a pathology professor at Stanford University, said, ” “Aliens have been on Earth for a long time and are still here.”

Sci-Fi and Other Unreal Reelz:

While I still like Lynch’s adaptation (`twas the 1980s, after all), I am more satisfied by the SyFy Channel’s mini-series “DUNE” of a couple of decades ago, and of course the current feature film(s) of Denis Villeneuve’s vision of the Frank Herbert classic…

Chase Hutchinson: ‘Dune’ Review: David Lynch’s Adaptation Remains Unique

Speaking of SyFy Channel, yesterday I started binge-watching their latest series “The Ark” season 1. It’s been renewed for a second season. While the quality of the production could be worse, but isn’t, the storylines and the characters are, a lot of times, not very serious and annoying. And since I’m watching it on SyFy ‘on demand’ I do have a complaint about the end of episodes just seemingly abruptly and sloppily cutting-off when it seems there might be an extra smother couple of seconds allowed on the episodes when watching in real broadcast time…

Well, this is fascinating. I’ve always thought the alleged prequel to the “ALIEN” movie franchise, “Prometheus” has been unfairly snarled at. It wasn’t a bad movie, just too complex and edited down for serious contemplation in too short of a timeframe, and peppered with some odd characters on the mission. Aside from smarmy atheist “Dr. Halloway”, a real arrogant narcissistic ass with a god complex himself, and the unnecessary character “Vickers” (played by narcissist Charlize Theron who also has producer credits in the film) who is a suspected android — but I concluded was a trans-woman who had been the only son, and a major disappointment of the ‘far-too-past-his-expiration-date’ Peter Weyland, CEO of Weyland Industries (but in the future would later be simply deemed “The goddam Company!” by “Parker” in the first “ALIEN” instalment as it would monopolize entire space travel and industry far into the future). The concept of “Prometheus” was a bit too hurried for the theatrical released finality of a plot so interesting, intellectually challenging, and mind-fueling about the extensive evolution of other intelligent beings in space and if they indeed visited Earth to first ‘Adam and Eve’ seed us on this third rock from the sun. But the movie leaves us wondering why they were planning on returning with all those urns of black goop. The awoken engineer refused to answer Dr. Shaw’s question of why, if they had created us, were they returning to ‘destroy’ humanity on our planet. And we were not given clues in the follow-up “Covenant” movie, just more questions and stark examples of mankind’s unpreparedness to colonize space. But on our event horizon cusp of current nervousness and warnings over our AI development we can see where an AI android created by man would be viewed by the humanoid engineer ‘creators’ as an abomination to creation in “Covenant” (topic fodder for another day)…

Some links to delve into for more speculation on this. I too pondered if in the opening the engineers were on Earth, and given the many hieroglyphic maps if they had ‘seeded’ many other planets giving the movie-watcher an inkling that more ‘humanoid’ races were indeed scattered among the stars…

Jason Hellerman: ‘Prometheus’ Explained—What Did the Movie Mean and Who Are the Engineers?

Katey Rich, Sean O’Connell, Eric Eisenberg: Prometheus Explained: Unraveling The Unanswered Questions

Stack Exchange: Prometheus beginning

Mark Liberman: Proto-Indo-European in Prometheus?

Joseph Manning: Prometheus: The movie’s connection to proto-Indo-European language and mythology doesn’t end there, however…

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Sunday Newsfeed: #WOKE to a Cup`o Chock full o’Nuts® with a Double Splash Side of Sour Milk Dolts

Poor, poor pitiful PETA…

Twitchy: HILARIOUS: PETA earns a dinosaur-sized RATIO making everyone hungry for T-Rex

More Nuts and Dolts of the Operation:

High school’s despicable anti-scientific move…


People are noting the person who interrupted the choir’s adult director was somebody’s Congressional staffer, and people want to know whose staffer it was…

Carson Choate: Capitol Police Interrupt Children’s Choir Singing National Anthem: ‘It Might Offend’

Tyler O’Neil – EXCLUSIVE: Children’s Choir Director Responds After Capitol Police Claim They Did Not Stop Kids Singing the National Anthem

Meghann Dyke: McCarthy condemns interrupting of SC children’s choir performance at Capitol

VIDEO: Children’s choir stopped from performing national anthem at Capitol building: The choir, based out of Taylors, South Carolina, performed the national anthem during ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’

Adam Sabes: Conservatives call out multinational corporations for supporting pride month in America, but not Middle East: One Twitter user commented ‘What could possibly be the reason?’

Melissa Fine: Bonkers new AP style guide instructs journos to respect preferred pronouns, avoid terms like ‘biological sex’

Kevin Haggerty: DeSantis details true meaning of ‘woke’ for reporter AND Trump, who says ‘half the people can’t define it’

Twitchy: Nina Turner tries to hit DeSantis but gets sidetracked by a SIMPLE request to define WOMAN

Sarah Arnold: DeSantis Responds to Heckler In Best Way Possible

As DeSantis talked about parents’ rights in education, a woman in the crowd yelled, “The right to health care, to their kid’s health care, you’re a f—— fascist.”

The Florida governor was in Lexington, South Carolina, to push parents to be more involved in what their kids learn in school, ensuring they are not being sexualized through books and classroom materials.

“We say gay!” The woman added as the crowd began to boo at the heckler’s comments.

In response, DeSantis said, “Yeah, well, thank you, thank you. We’re not going to let you impose an agenda on our kids. We’re going to stand up for our kids. We’re going to make sure to do it right.”

As the woman was escorted out of the rally, the crowd gave DeSantis a standing ovation.

“Those people like that in Florida are the people we beat every single day on policy,” DeSantis continued.” We do not let them win. We win all these battles. We’re not letting them indoctrinate our kids, not on our watch.”


Mike Gonzalez: The Left will sully everything and anything — unless we fight back

Eric W. Dolan: Antagonistic narcissism and psychopathic tendencies predict left-wing antihierarchical aggression, study finds

Ann Krispenz & Alex Bertrams: Understanding left-wing authoritarianism: Relations to the dark personality traits, altruism, and social justice commitment

VIDEO: Researchers find psychopathy, narcissism linked to far-left extremism: University of Notre Dame professor Patrick Deneen discusses his reaction to the study and why the findings make ‘perfect sense.’

John Kline: What State Harassment and Institutional Terror in Woke America Looks Like Conservatives cannot afford to stay cowed any longer: The VDare case shows why.

Thaddeus G. McCotter: Left-Wing Authoritarianism: In our shared free republic, we cannot defend the Constitution and our God-given liberty and equality against authoritarian ideologies with one arm tied behind our back.


Kevin Haggerty: Source making bribery allegations against Biden is ‘highly credible’ according to report

Debra Heine: Missing Israeli Whistleblower Living as Fugitive in Undisclosed Location: Dr. Gal Luff, the Israeli whistleblower who went missing in Cyprus after claiming the Biden administration was out to “bury” him, “is alive and living as a fugitive in an undisclosed location,” according to the New York Post’s Miranda Devine.

J6 is a bulging rancid can of botulism waiting to burst on the shelf…

John Solomon: Doctored evidence? Democrat-led J6 panel added audio to silent security video for primetime hearings

John Solomon: Lawmaker probing J6 security failures: ‘People of interest’ may have withheld critical intel: Rep. Barry Loudermilk also says he has obtained “scripts” used by Democrat J6 committee to stage-manage last year’s hearings

We have seen just how long it has taken to expose the fed’s boot-stomping conservatives’ First Amendment rights via censorship, and how the MSM and the left continue to poo-poo it…

Twitchy: AG Bailey shares EPIC thread about feds SQUIRMING when judge questioned them about censoring free speech

Meanwhile, the feds seem to think we’re not aware that the MSM and social media are doing the dirty work for them…

TTAG Contributor: What the Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About Its Mass Murder Narrative


Johnathan Turley: Biden Appointee Calls Upon the United Nations to Act to Secure Reparations and the End the “Continuation of Slavery” in the United States

Roger Kimball: A History of Hate: The New York Review of Books joins the chorus of America haters deliberately distorting American history and all those who work to actually understand it.

The battle…

Hannah Ray Lambert: The Army gave this officer a false criminal record, stunting his career. Now he’s getting backpay: Some soldiers slapped with false arrest record still waiting for corrections, accountability from Army

Mr. Bean ‘flies the bird’ at EVs…

DM: ‘I feel a little duped’: Rowan Atkinson says electric cars are not ‘the environmental panacea they are claimed to be’ and tells friends not to get them: The 68-year-old actor has claimed that he feels ‘that our honeymoon with electric cars is coming to an end’

VOTD: Just because the war-love triangle of Putin/Zelenskyy/Biden seems to have a jones for it…

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Sunday’s Lighter Side: Day-O!


I love me a TB Enchirito with double onions on top. They better have planned better for this than they did the return of the Mexican Pizza … which is not what it used to be. That best not be the case here…

Chris Pandolfo: Taco Bell brings back fan favorite item for a limited time: Taco Bell customers decided, and the Enchirito is back on the menu while supplies last

Customers can only order it online or through Taco Bell’s mobile app and it is only available while supplies last…

The new Steak Chile Verde Fries features Taco Bell’s new Chile Verde sauce, packed with flavor from jalapeño, lime and herbs. The sauce is doused over crispy, spiced fries along with Taco Bell’s signature nacho cheese sauce, three cheese blend, reduced fat sour cream, crunchy Fiesta strips and marinated and grilled steak…

Taco Bell is known for pulling menu items but bringing them back at a later time for a temporary period, which is exactly the case for the Enchirito.

On March 30, the chain held another poll asking Taco Bell Rewards Members to choose to bring back either the Beefy Crunch Burrito or Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos. The Beefy Crunch Burrito won with 59.9% of the vote and is set to return to Taco Bell locations in August while supplies last.

Imagine what this checkout total would be today. And look at the size of those boxes/packages. No ‘shrink-flation’ there…

Rare Historical Photos: Retail and Shopping: Vintage Photos Show How People Shopped in the 1960s and 1970s


My Peony bushes did not ‘freeze out’ this spring. Close to five dozen buds and they’re starting to burst. I hope they all bloom!

Cut 10 full blooms with about 10 attached buds on the stems. Hope a lot of those bloom in doors. So full of pollen! We’ll all be sneezing inside until I get my fill of one of my favorite flowers…

Peonies need ants to remove the waxiness from the buds so they can open. That’s how my Grandma explained it to me. I imagine they took that waxy substance back to their colonies for some use. My special-needs daughter Lizzie Rose and I turned the flowers upside down and gently shook them but no ants this time. Lots of pollen though. Grandma rarely let me bring any Peony flowers into the house because of the ants.

Grandma’s Peony bushes were so huge too, very hearty and wide and jamming with so many blooms. My Grandparents would go fishing and in just one outing bring home dozens of fish, and more than once over 100 fish. Grandpa would clean and filet them into the long night as Grandma would fry some up fresh for them to midnight-supper on (I lived this when I spent summer time sleepovers at their house). The next morning Grandpa would wake-up and take the bucket(s) of fish guts and carcasses out to bury it in their massive vegetable garden and their landscaping (Peonies too). They swore by that ‘fertilizer’, and it indeed fed the soil and plants. No AC in their house back in those days, so, the windows were open. Between the Peonies, Honeysuckle bushes, Four O’Clocks and the monstrous Lilac bush out front that reached the second floor my Grandma didn’t need any Glade air fresheners either. I also love Hydrangea but cannot understand why God didn’t give them perfume too.

Cool Finds:

David Nield: Reactivated Genes From Stone Age Dental Plaque Reveal Lost Mouth Microbes: A reconstruction of oral microflora genomes spanning a whopping 100,000-year period of human history may have revealed a surprising shift in the kinds of bacteria that like to call our mouths home.

Hasan: Mammoth Bone Dwellings Discovered in Ukraine Could Be the Earliest Examples of Architecture

Lilli Keeve: Missing Link: The Remains Of Noah’s Ark May Have Finally Been Discovered

Anna Klein: A Collapsed Cliff Reveals a Groundbreaking Discovery in the Grand Canyon

Jasper Gee: Underwater Discoveries Too Bizarre To Believe!


Suma Cuma Laddie…

Simrin Singh: Service dog receives diploma with owner at Seton Hall graduation

Kit Roberts: Scientists discover two underwater cities built by octopuses

Looks like a space alien from an old sci-fi flick…

Jasper King: Tourists warned to stay away from rare venomous stinging jellyfish in Ibiza

‘Striking gold’ in Antarctica…

Hasan: The Golden-Maned Amphipod: A Unique and Fascinating Creature Found in Antarctica

Monty Python was right, “RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!” unless you have a “Holy Hand Grenade”

Recommended “Follow” for incredible bits of history and art if you’re on Twitter – A Beautiful Culture:

BBC: Alert after large crack appears in Seven Sisters chalk cliff face

A Beautiful Culture retweeted this…

That’s Entertainment:

Historic Photographs @ FaceBook: Alfred Hitchcock impersonating Ringo Starr, 1964.

Rare Historic Photos: On set with Alfred Hitchcock: Behind the scenes photos of the Master of Suspense, 1930-1970

David Attenborough Fans @ Facebook:

Most people have heard of Koko, the gorilla who could speak about 1000 words in Sign Language, and understand about 2000 in English. What most people don’t know, however, is that Koko was an avid Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood fan. When Fred Rogers took a trip out to meet Koko for his show, not only did she immediately wrap her arms around him and embrace him, she did what she’d always seen him do onscreen: she proceeded to take his shoes off.
More photo/info: http://bit.ly/3hiXUNz

“Little House”...

Star Wars Characters as Baroque Portraits…

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Weekend Reads: Just Depends on What Your Definition of “Is” is … And if You’re Wearing a Depend®


Alex MacFarland: Abortion and the Question of a Higher Law: With the compliance and funding of the US government, the multi-billion-dollar abortion industry killed over 63 million babies in 50 years.

(Phot HT: AoSHQ)

Ceiling Caving-In…

Sarah Arnold: Biden Lies Several Times While ‘Celebrating’ a ‘Crisis Averted’ Situation In Debt Ceiling Deal

VIDEO: Steve Forbes: May jobs report ‘spells trouble ahead’


Matthew Continetti: The Secret to McCarthy’s Success: The GOP speaker knows his role and plays it well

What will 2024 bring:

Brooke Singman EXCLUSIVE: Person alleging Biden criminal bribery scheme is a ‘highly credible’ FBI source used since Obama admin: Accuser alleges Biden involved in a $5 million bribery scheme with a foreign national

Millennial voters not pleased with the apparent ‘uni-party’ either…

VIDEO: Millennial voters Shiv Sudhakar and David Grasso unpack a report showing their generation is shifting more to the political right but don’t have a ‘political home’.

David Catron: Trump, DeSantis, and the Dangers of Blind Loyalty: Too much is at stake in 2024 to allow emotion to affect our votes.

Miranda Devine: How Google manipulates search to favor liberals and tip elections

The enemies within:

John Nantz: The Weaponization of the FBI: the Tip of the Iceberg: Our country is in peril, perhaps like never before.

Alicia Warren: Former FBI agent sounds off on ‘drastic’ shift in bureau: ‘People are terrified’: Former FBI agent recounts change in bureau after Trump-Russia probe

Sarah Arnold: GOP Demands the FBI to Explain Trump Probe Despite No Evidence to Attack Trump



Jonathan Turley: CNN Interviews Comey on Every Alleged Violation of the Rule of Law . . . Except His Own

Thaddeus G. McCotter: Democrats Demand Homage to Hoover’s Ghost: The FBI knowingly participated in the Democrats’ seditious undermining of a duly elected president.

Dr. Eoin Lenihan: Meet The Violent Anarchist Behind DHS’s ‘Pyramid Of Far-Right Radicalization’ Scandal: The Biden administration has weaponized the Department of Homeland Security to target political opponents.


This, Pelosi having her filmmaker daughter filming that day, doesn’t smell of insider planning … nah…

Julie Kelly: J6 Footage Shows Camera Rolling as Pelosi Made Her ‘Insurrection’ Exit: Unseen footage released today by Just the News founder John Solomon shows a “Hollywood movie set” escape for Pelosi and her filmmaker daughter.

FLASHBACK: Julie Kelly (12/26/22): What Did Nancy Pelosi Know and When Did She Know It? The January 6 select committee never intended to act as a truth-seeking mission but rather perform a cover-up for what actually happened.

The Darkest of Dark Sith Lords:

ALAN DERSHOWITZ: Elon Musk Is Right About George Soros: The Hungarian-born billionaire has done more than anyone to turn Americans against Israel.

NYPOST: Musk is right about Soros, libs’ trouble with truth and other commentary

Wendell Husebø: Report: George Soros’ son, Democrat megadonor Alex Soros, reportedly visited the White House at least 17 times since President Joe Biden assumed office.

WE: How George Soros is spreading addiction, death, and chaos across the US: The Drug Policy Alliance, a group that has received millions of dollars from international banker George Soros, takes credit for “creating cutting-edge policies that have fundamentally transformed the direction of drug policy in the U.S.”

Maurice Richards: George Soros and the New York City Subway Tragedy: Soros wants Daniel Penny to be the last hero. We can save our cities and our country by making sure he is just the first.

Democrats have instituted globalist-inspired programs and policies, transforming major cities like New York into dystopian hellscapes. Public safety has been abandoned. Predatory criminals, the drug addicted, and the violently mentally ill roam the streets and subways with impunity. Police are either absent or passive spectators. States attorneys protect criminals instead of their victims.

The result is law-abiding citizens have been left to survive on their own. And when heroes like Daniel Penny stand up to protect their lives and those of their fellow citizens—they are crushed.

The Common Thread of Evil
The common thread of evil which runs through every social catastrophe in America can be traced to George Soros—the dark soul of the Democratic Party.

Every Soros-financed initiative is designed to facilitate the destruction of the roots of Western culture and the foundation of American civilization. His objective is to tear down society by unraveling our culture, values, and traditions. That twisted vision is now the platform of the Democratic Party…


Edward Ring: America and the Future of Globalism: Instead of setting an attractive example, inviting other nations to join a global civilization, America’s elites are imposing a repugnant vision on the world. They must be stopped.


Nearly four years later, Epstein still didn’t kill himself…

Julie Musto: Death of Jeffrey Epstein, chaotic aftermath at the New York City prison is illuminated in new records: Epstein died in the month after being arrested on federal sex trafficking and conspiracy charges

Eric Lendrum: Over 300 COVID-Era Medical Papers Retracted due to Scientific Errors, Ethics Concerns

“Fear is the mind-killer”. Bite me, Sandy…

Joseph Curl: For Ocasio-Cortez, The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Never End: The pandemic lives on for the New York democratic socialist — at least according to an automated phone message that reportedly plays when people call her congressional office in Washington, D.C.

I don’t want to like this guy because I have no respect for the Kennedy clan, but lately he’s been speaking a Hell of a lot of ‘truth to power’ I agree with. Just can that ‘climate change’ bullshit, Bobby. Admit it’s not about the climate or the planet, but about big money to big corporations sucked out of the people via their loss of freedoms…

John Binder: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Wall Street, China Turning American Farms into ‘Corporate Fiefdoms’

I guess they didn’t learn anything from the potato famine. Better idea, I think we should cull 200,000 climate activists instead…

Jamie Blackett: Ireland’s mooted cow massacre is a warning to net zero Britain: The Irish government is reportedly looking at plans to cull around 200,000 dairy cows to meet its climate targets. It’s madness


Sharyl Attkisson: (GALLUP) Americans no longer trust news media, turn to individuals with public platforms for info.

David Strom: Media corruption is destroying America: America is under attack from within. It threatens to destroy our civilization.

The evolution of the revolution, and it ain’t good:

Victor Davis Hanson: Is the Sleeping Conservative Dragon Finally Waking Up?: Conservatives often slept through the woke revolution only to awaken to a country their apathy allowed to transform into one they no longer recognize. Can they finally breathe fire?

He admits he was ‘groomed’ and sexually abused in his youth, but this is how he is spreading the disease…

Briam Flood: ‘DEVIL’ TO PAY – ‘Satanist’ designer Erik Carnell, who’s said Satan ‘respects pronouns’, fires off warning to Target for pulling woke products after big backlash: ‘Satanist’ designer says Target set ‘dangerous precedent’

Charles Creitz: Woke corporate governance often stems from involved investment firms: Former Anheuser-Busch exec: Engaging in woke politics has led to an endangerment of some firms’ fiduciary responsibilities

They all do this with China too,,,

(Photo HT: Instapundit)

Twitchy: Corporate accounts reflect Pride Month (but there ARE exceptions)

Prof Rob Jenkins: Leftists are wrong: Western culture is not white supremacy: Western culture, though imperfect, has produced a wealth of great ideas: that all people are created equal, that we are endowed by our Creator with natural rights, that truth exists and is discoverable.

Frank Connor: Why Does Our Misery Surprise Us?: The most apparent answer is because modern life is built on a philosophy that leads people to believe their lives are meaningless.

Jonathan Turley: ‘Your speech is violence’: the left’s new mantra to justify campus violence

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Friday Newsfeed: Brandon Goes to an Air Force Commencement and a Game of ‘Twister’ Breaks Out…

A different and better view of Brandon’s back to the cameras.

James Lynch: ‘This Isn’t Fair To Anyone’: Liberals Respond To Biden’s Tumble, Call For Contested Democratic Primary

Twitchy: NBC News’ historian does his best to help normalize Biden’s presidential faceplant

And Biden continues to fall all over us.

Senate passes it so now we can see what is, and isn’t, in it…

Liz Sheld: Morning Greatness: Senate Passes Debt Ceiling Deal, Staving Off Default

Shawn Fleetwood: Democrats’ Victory Lap Over McCarthy’s Debt Ceiling Surrender Tells You All You Need To Know About The ‘Compromise’

Philip Pilkington: In debt-ceiling battle, GOP failed to tackle the Big Green blob

Somebody remind gaslighting Joe Manchin that he was Schumer’s stooge-boy in being the primary vote that passed the ‘bullshit’ “Inflation Reduction Act” that has done nothing, and will do nothing, to REDUCE our crippling and growing inflation…

Thomas Catenacci: Joe Manchin calls ‘bulls—‘ on GOP taking credit for gas pipeline in debt ceiling deal: Manchin tells Fox News Digital he has had the ‘living crap’ beat out of him for supporting the project and noted Republicans voted against it in December

“It’s bulls— because they knew there was not going to be a problem on the Democratic Senate side or the Democrat president and his staff because they were the ones who supported it and got us 40 votes in the Senate when we voted,” Manchin said.

“It was the Republicans that killed us when we voted last time — only got seven votes. And the Republicans have always supported permitting. The only reason they wouldn’t support that is because of the Republicans being upset about the [Inflation Reduction Act]. That’s it. So it got caught in the politics.”

The Inflation Reduction Act, the climate and tax legislation Manchin helped craft and introduce in August, originally included provisions broadly reforming federal infrastructure and energy permitting, and also green-lighting the MVP project. However, that section was separated from the legislation under congressional reconciliation rules…

Get ready for a Hell of a lot of FBI black ink smudging:

John Solomon: Comer wins: FBI relents, agrees to deliver subpoenaed memo alleging Biden bribery to Capitol: FBI Director Christopher Wray was facing a potential contempt vote when the deal was struck.

Not your Grandad’s F.B.I. Just a reminder the F.B.I reduced investigating crimes involving missing children and human trafficking to ‘do other things’…

VIDEO: FBI changed drastically: Former special agent Nicole Parker: Former FBI special agent Nicole Parker discusses the politicization of the agency, arguing Americans would trust the FBI more if they took accountability.

Alicia Warren: Former FBI agent sounds off on ‘drastic’ shift in bureau: ‘People are terrified’: Former FBI agent recounts change in bureau after Trump-Russia probe

David Spunt, Greg Norman, Brooke Singman: John Durham to testify before House Judiciary Committee after releasing scathing report: House Judiciary Committee public testimony set for June 21

The growing “police state” and why the Founding Fathers wrote the 2A for ‘We The People’…

Lincoln Brown: The Feds Want to Take Your Guns While Stockpiling Weapons, Ammo, and Tactical Gear

Meanwhile, strategizing for Hunter…

Failing public schools teaching all other acronyms instead of “ABC” and “123”:

VIDEO: Baltimore mom Blanca Tapahuasco decides to pull her son out of Baltimore public schools to prevent him from falling behind in his education and homeschools due to the struggling public schools


Jessica Chasmar: PASS THE BUCKS – Elementary schools, libraries hosting drag queen story hours for toddlers — with your money

Flanking Brandon’s busted open border mess…

Andrew Mark Miller: Gov. Noem will send 50 National Guard troops to southern border ‘warzone’ to help Texas: Noem previously sent National Guard troops to the border in 2021


Stephen Kruiser: The Morning Briefing: No Pity for Sanctuary Cities That Are Forced to Put Up or Shut Up


More background on the Tara Reade ‘defection’ to Russia…

Toledo, Ohio is a ‘hub’ for the human trafficking that goes on in this country. I did not sleep well during the years my young beautiful daughter went to medical school in that city. But now Cleveland too? Nearly 30 children in two weeks…

Chris Eberhart: Dozens of kids vanish in Cleveland area as police probe alarming trend: One Ohio police chief said ‘it seems like an extraordinary year’ for missing persons

It’s not just our #WOKE Military…

Louis Casiano: Report: United Kingdom’s RAF filtering out ‘useless white male pilots’ in diversity push: Leaked email shows pressure being applied to filter out White male recruits and to fast-track women and minorities for pilot positions

And it’s not just our #WOKE out-of-touch anti-science influencers…

The REALITY is … SHE is a REAL woman deluding HERSELF into believing SHE is a ‘man’ in a ‘queer’ relationship with a REAL man and obviously having a ‘straight’ heterosexual relationship that resulted in HER becoming pregnant because SHE is a WOMAN.

Yael Halon: ‘Could not sink any lower’ – Fashion magazine cover featuring pregnant transgender man sparks outrage: Transgender author declares, ‘I’m a pregnant trans man and I do exist’

Let me just say, I follow a lot of conservative ‘gay’ people on Twitter (One or two ‘trans’ people too). ALL of them, including their gay followers, have had enough of the alphabet additions to the original LGB classification. They are also strongly against and outspoken about the trans grooming movement with kids, especially in schools and the medical field. Some are starting to #RESIST this “Pride” movement into deep insanity. Love it this video: “My ‘Pride flag’ is still Red-white-and blue…”

Twitchy: ‘Mama didn’t raise no B*TCH’: Lesbian takes Pride Month APART in hilarious video (watch) (Language WARNING)

She makes her points while making us all laugh … and her points have MERIT because they are common sense.

We need so much more of this.

The “trans” subject in the above story, who has already given birth to her daughter, is writing a children’s book titled, “My Daddy’s Belly: The Miracle of Male Birth”. So, SHE wants HER daughter growing up believing that ‘men can become pregnant and have babies’. Let that sink in if you are in the life timeline to possibly/probably be alive in 25-30 years when the daughter’s generation is running healthcare and other things directly involved in your life. See what I mean…

Terrance Kible: Hospital Official Bemoans “Heart-Wrenching” Decision to Discontinue Child Gender Transition Services: The decision came after the Texas Legislature approved a bill barring gender transitioning procedures and treatments for children.

‘Well, we keep asking it but it won’t answer us/we/they/them parental units…’

Kurt Zindulka: Trans Babies? Health Centre Asks Parents if Their Newborns Are Transgender or Non-Binary: A health centre in England provided new parents with questionnaires asking if they considered their babies to be transgender or non-binary.

Deliberately literally ignoring crime:

Gwendolyn Sims: ESPN Host Stephen A. Smith Is Fed Up with Silence About Black-on-Black Gun Crime


Kyle Morris: Former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lands teaching gig at Harvard after leaving office

Twitchy: Byron York checks mayoral resume of Harvard’s new ‘Health Policy and Leadership’ teacher

Kids, please don’t be shark-bait…

Sharks in the Bahama waters have, over the decades, become used to following boats because people have stupidly been throwing food in the water to attract them for entertainment and pictures. Shark attacks on tourists swimming in those waters are not uncommon. However, sometimes the dumb-ass youthful antics catch up with you…

Chris Eberhart: Haunting last words shouted to Baton Rouge teen after he went overboard and vanished: Cameron Robbins, an 18-year-old high school graduate from Louisiana, reportedly jumped off a cruise in the Bahamas on a dare

Yeah, really really “comforting” if true:

Greg Wehner: US military AI drone simulation kills operator before being told it is bad, then takes out control tower: US Air Force official says, ‘It killed the operator because that person was keeping it from accomplishing its objective’

Twitchy: In simulation, AI drone tries to murder its human commander

Just a reminder how reality becomes stranger than fiction. “It becomes self-aware at 2:14am Eastern Time, August 29th.” Of course, unlike humans, AI would recall its ‘self-aware’ birth down to the second…

The Guardian: US air force denies running simulation in which AI drone ‘killed’ operator: Denial follows colonel saying drone used ‘highly unexpected strategies to achieve its goal’ in virtual test

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Breaking Brandon: Pride Cometh Before the Fall … and Nobody **Gasped**

Actually, sounds as if the crowd cheering got louder.

Pride cometh before the fall, Brandon.
That little signature jog-off didn’t quite get launched the way you thought.
And it looks like he’s trying to blame that imaginary person he’s always turning to shake hands with on stage but can never find him.

Remember when SNL’s Chevy Chase made great fun and ‘bank’ of Gerald Ford’s falling outs.
But that’s different. Ford was ‘that other party’.

Jack Birle: Biden falls flat at Air Force Academy graduation ceremony

Twitchy: Joe Biden goes flying at Air Force Academy graduation in nasty-looking fall, and MSM leap into action

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