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VsOTD: The Left Is The Zombie Apocalypse We’ve Been Waiting For – UPDATED

Jussie Smollett needs to be charged, plain and simple. His “acting” in this police video is beyond weak and pathetic…


The Chicago Police Department released new surveillance footage and files in regards to the Jussie Smollett hoax case on Monday, including one that shows the “Empire” actor shortly after the alleged attack.

Then there’s this sparkling jewel…

E. Jean Carroll is a writer who just happens to have a book coming out, and so, she has recently announced in that Donald Trump “sexually assaulted” her 23 years ago in a ritzy NYC department store’s (Bergdorf Goodman) dressing room. So, the anti-Trump MSM, of course, eagerly give her air time to tell her tale … and they’re reaping what they sew…

And this moonbat that can’t remember how many grandchildren she has, or put a simple thought to sentence and have it smoothly flow from her yapper…


Oh. My. Gawd.

Paul Joseph Watson: Trump Rape Accuser Once Said “Women Love” Idea of Being Dragged Into a Cave by a Man – Yes, really.

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The Left’s Plans To Steal the 2020 Election from Trump

If you thought the left’s and the MSM’s tactics in 2016 were nasty, and these last 2 1/2 years bad, just wait until you see how the 2020 election cycle goes…

Project Veritas:Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent “Trump situation” in 2020 on Hidden Cam

Ace: Project Veritas: Google Insider Says the “Neutral Platform” is Determined to “Prevent the Next Trump”

Tyler O’Neil: Project Veritas Reveals Google’s ‘Fairness’ Efforts to Prevent 2016 From Happening Again


Google’s not alone in this plot. The MSM is already setting their false premise and fake narrative for justifying not covering Pres. Trump. The MSM is trying to outdo itself…

Um… Hellooooo, ^^^ Mr. Potato Head ^^^

Don’t get fooled. Cuomo’s no big hero here. The fact remains, these media people want Trump, and conservatives in general, silenced, simply because they don’t like them. That is it. Plain and simple. And this is exactly what fascistic/communist people do. Make no mistake.

FNC: CNN’s Don Lemon invokes Hitler while discussing media’s role in covering Trump, Cuomo pushes back

The left is using things done before Donald Trump was sworn in as POTUS and editing important details and context in order to pin them on him…

Twitchy: Total LIE! Caleb Hull DRAGS Soap Opera actress in EPIC thread for cropping pics to blame Trump for Obama’s border crisis

Bookworm Room: Ravelry, a fiber arts social network, silences Trump supporters as “white supremacists” – Ravelry, one of the biggest fiber art social media networks, identifies Trump supporters as “white supremacists” and asks its community to help police them.

Ravelry is also a marketplace allowing for individual crafters to sell instructions and patterns. …

Unfortunately, Ravelry has decided to wade into politics and to do so in the most ugly way possible. In an announcement today to its membership, one with a Pride flag proudly displayed in the upper left hand corner, Ravelry said that from now on Trump supporters will be silenced.

Please note that the site is not silencing all political discussions on the ground that they are disruptive to a site dedicated to fiber hand crafts. No, no. It is only silencing Trump supporters because they are “white supremacists” — and it’s asking its other members to go full Stasi and police the site for any incipient Trumpista break-outs. …

Sadly, while Ravelry is the most dramatic outbreak of social justice warrior-ism turning a non-political activity into a toxic soup, this trend has been breaking out for some months in the knitting world….



AntiFa Terrorists Target Tucker Carlson’s Home In DC Poster Campaign

Michigan GOP Headquarters Targeted with Anti-ICE Graffiti

Don Lemon Was Not the First to Make the Trump-Is-Like-Hitler Comparison

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Weekend Reads: Outside Looking In

PM: Trump, Senators Have Been Briefed on UFO Sightings: Government officials are suddenly “coming out of the woodwork” to learn more about the Navy’s encounters with mysterious aircraft.

This week, three U.S. Senators were briefed by the Pentagon about the Navy reportedly encountering unidentified aircraft over the years—the latest group of government officials, including President Trump, to receive classified information about UFO sightings. The recent briefings and a renewed government interest in UFOs, as reported by Politico, begs the question: Why now?

As you’d expect, the information passed on by the Pentagon in the secret sessions is highly classified. But a spokesperson for one Senator involved in the meetings, Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), explained his intrigue and request for more intel.

“If naval pilots are running into unexplained interference the air, that’s a safety concern Senator Warner believes we need to get to the bottom of,” said his spokesperson, Rachel Cohen, in a statement. Warner is the current vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Earlier this week, President Trump told ABC News in an interview that he had also been briefed about UFOs, but didn’t seem especially interested in—or convinced by—their existence.

“I want them to think whatever they think,” Trump told George Stephanopoulos. “They do say … I mean, I’ve seen, and I’ve read, and I’ve heard, and I did have one very brief meeting on it. But people are saying they’re seeing UFOs. Do I believe it? Not particularly.”

When Stephanopoulos asked Trump if he thought he’d know if there was evidence of extraterrestrials, the President responded, “Well I think my great, our great pilots would know, and some of them really see things that are a little bit different than in the past,” he said. “So we’re gonna see. But we’ll watch it and you’re gonna be the first to know.”

Until the leader of the free world reveals the long-awaited truth about aliens to George Stephanopoulos, however, we can only speculate as to why the federal government is suddenly UFO-curious…

Does anyone who understands “4D Chess” really believe Trump would either confirm something this generations-long mysterious and have the MSM blame him for inciting panic and/or destruction of humanity’s “religions” … or be subjected to ‘debunking’ and MSM ridicule of him depicted like this…


It’s not if but when the pandemic erupts from our volcanic border…

Heather Higgins: Border crisis puts everyone’s health at risk – Pandemics can’t become ‘the new normal’

Given the current U.S. measles crisis, the World Health Organization’s assertion that we all just needed to adjust to pandemics as a “new normal,” and the growing possibility of the WHO declaring a global health emergency on Ebola, a CDC public health loophole should give us all serious pause: While the CDC requires all legal immigrants to be vaccinated, there are no vaccination requirements for illegal immigrants, temporary visa holders, or visitors to the U.S.

Indeed, testimony from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) says we now face “increased risk of life-threatening incidents and impact to public health” and family units are released with “unknown vaccination status and without a standard medical examination for communicable diseases of public health concern.”


We are spending $1.6 billion on medical care and attention for those apprehended at the southern border, yet only if an immigrant is a) caught, and b) already presenting as ill is he or she treated….

Despite a number of reports of illness among illegal immigrants before they enter the country or when apprehended and detained, weirdly none are so officially reported once here.


Diseases like L.A.’s typhoid problem don’t just spring from nowhere. Someone introduced them. Pretending there is no disease among and from illegal immigrants until an underground practitioner reports a Patient Zero is public health malpractice.

Even if we had sensible vaccination requirements in place for everyone, those entering who are never apprehended (estimated in 2017 at just under 60,000 per year), if unvaccinated present risks to themselves, and if infected present risks to others. Preventing a porous border is a matter of public health…

CNS: Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost: Family Units from 52 Countries Have Illegally Crossed the Border

DC: More Than 100,000 Illegal Migrants Have Escaped Border Patrol Agents In 2019, Agency Chief Says

Jeffrey Allan and Erin Parfet: The Left does not hate Trump, they hate…

The left hates many things and Trump, the person, is not even one of them. The left loved Trump when he was one of them. The left loved the Hollywood Trump as he starred in “Apprentice” and was firing people left and right. They loved the Trump who donated to Hillary and other leftist politicians. The left loved the billionaire and playboy Trump.

So what does the left hate?

The left hates many things including what Trump stands for.

Trump stands for making America great. The left seems to hate the prosperity (possibly use the Wall Street protests) that the United States has brought to so many people, not only here in America but around the world. They appear to hate America because it has a fair and just court system not controlled by the rich and powerful (comparatively to most other countries). They talk like they hate America because it polices the world, keeping it safe from ruthless dictators. Thus, the left really does not hate Trump, they really hate America.

Trump stands for capitalism. The left seems to hates capitalism because it exposes their own greed. Thus they hide behind fake generosity that gives away other people’s money. They hate capitalism because only capitalism levels the field where today’s rich can become poor (mostly through their own wrong choices) and the poor can become rich (mostly through their own right choices). Thus, they give the idea that they hate free choice and the rights of people to choose their destinies. Thus, what the left hates is really you and me…

It’s not just the left. It’s the cuckish (my Grandmother and her broken English used that word for a baby’s poop-filled diaper) RINOs too, only they insist on acting as if they don’t hate Trump’s supporters…

Breitbart: George Will: Most Americans Are ‘Sad and Embarrassed and Exhausted’ by Trump

Will said, “They think the country is angry. I don’t think Americans are angry. I think those who watch certain cable channels are angry, but that’s a small slice of the country. I think most Americans are sad and embarrassed and exhausted.”

He added, “They’re sad because they’re embarrassed and they’re exhausted because of the constant embarrassment that is inflicted on them by a president that never sleeps. The American people don’t want transformation. They want restoration. They can get the transformation later, but they would like a period of normality.”

Cuba feeling the Venezuela collapse on top of being a shithole paradise in and of itself…

WSJ: Cuba Ration Lines Grow Tense as Economy Flails

Pushed by the implosion of top ally Venezuela and sanctions imposed by the Trump administration, Cuba has driven into an economic ditch. The government has tightened state rations. Residents stand in lines for hours to buy scarce basic goods such as eggs, flour and chicken.

For many Cubans, ration lines and ostrich farms recall the grim “Special Period” in the 1990s after the collapse of its benefactor, the Soviet Union. As the Communist-run island endured near famine conditions, residents devoured cats and fried “steaks” made of breaded grapefruit rind.

“We are starting to go into a new special period,” said Osmary Armas, 45, who owns a neoclassical mansion turned bed-and-breakfast that has been largely bereft of U.S. visitors in recent months. “Things are very bad.”

For years, American officials made no secret of their belief that if the U.S. turned the economic screws, the Cuban government would be forced out. But the Cuban regime has had nearly six decades of experience defying the U.S., administering scarcity and dishing out repression.

Cuba’s police state is intact. The government has scant opposition, and commands the loyalties of many…

Cuba and Venezuela for us just an election away. How fucking cool is that…

WashTimes: Communist Party, USA praises Democrats’ policy shifts ahead of centennial celebration

The Communist Party of the USA will celebrate its 100th birthday this weekend in Chicago, at a conference replete with questions about what the future holds for the organization when national Democrats already embrace some of its most coveted goals.

Well, one of our most “Progressive” states is already making progress in that direction, comrades…

James B. Meigs: California Unplugged: To prevent wildfires, the entire state’s power grid is subject to planned blackouts.

The very idea makes the mind reel: San Francisco, San Jose, Silicon Valley—all gone dark. The electric-car charging stations, the $500-a-plate sushi restaurants, the rows of workstations at Google, Uber, Facebook, Twitter, and Salesforce—all suddenly unplugged. This summer, blackouts could plunge large swaths of California into darkness—an act of deliberate policy, not equipment failure or operator errors.

Pacific Gas & Electric, Northern California’s largest power supplier, recently announced that it will begin shutting down parts of the grid, possibly for days at a time, to help reduce the risk of wildfires. Known as “de-energization,” the process sounds like a metaphor for societal collapse—a return to the Dark Ages—but the policy carries a certain perverse logic.

California has always had wildfires, but recent conflagrations have been particularly devastating. Last November’s Camp Fire burned over 150,000 acres, destroyed the town of Paradise, and killed 85 people, making it the deadliest fire in the state’s history. Like many large California wildfires, that one was sparked—quite literally—by an electric power line and then spread by intense winds. In past years, utilities have occasionally shut off power to certain portions of the grid on the windiest days. Through new rules, the state’s power regulators now permit PG&E and other utilities to shut off power to more customers during periods of elevated risk.

The shutdowns have already begun. In early June, PG&E cut off power to parts of Napa and other northern counties on a day when wind gusts reached as high as 71 miles per hour. De-energization traditionally affected people in rural areas, where local power lines traverse forests and scrublands. But PG&E has expanded the policy to the high-voltage lines that transmit power long distances and supply large cities. It seems absurd that the Bay Area, the global epicenter of high-tech industry, could lose power because of a windy day. But that’s the reality, and there are no quick solutions.
As with most vicious problems, the roots of the state’s power dilemma go back decades.


Many California residents—especially retirees—are drawn to rural areas by the natural beauty. Who wouldn’t want to live in the Sierra foothills? But many also move to escape soaring housing costs in the state’s notoriously anti-development major cities. More people inhabiting the wildland-urban interface means more lives and structures placed at risk. As a result, today’s routine fires cause even more damage than those in the past…

DM UK: 92% of left-wing activists live with their parents and one in three is unemployed, study of Berlin protesters finds … See how that works?

Well! What do ya know, yet another democrat computer/server/data scandal…

Luke Rosiak: Blunders By Democrats And Capitol Police Enabled What Prosecutors Call The ‘Largest Data Theft In Senate History’

Former Democratic aide Jackson Cosko committed the “largest data theft in Senate history” by stealing a senator’s data and “doxxing” Republicans during the hearings for Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The crime was enabled by a series of errors by Democrats.

Capitol Police made multiple mistakes that left spy devices operational in the Senate even after the suspect was arrested.

Chuck Ross: Judge Unseals Text Messages Between Paul Manafort And Sean Hannity

The messages, which date from July 14, 2017 to June 5, 2018, show Manafort expressed confidence he would win his court battle with the special counsel. He also said he believed prosecutors wanted him to “make shit up” about President Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner in order to get a sweetheart deal with the government….

Both Manafort and Hannity were heavily critical of Robert Mueller, the special counsel, and Andrew Weissmann, the lead prosecutor on Manafort’s case.

“They are self righteous criminals,” Manafort wrote on Feb. 3, 2018….

Chuck Ross: Andrew Weissmann, Known As Mueller’s ‘Pit Bull,’ Reportedly Has A Book Deal

Michael van der Galien: Yes Warmongers, Trump Does Have a ‘Coherent Foreign Policy’: It’s Called ‘the National Interest’

Kurt Schlichter: Trump’s Way To Victory

Ignore the battlefield prep from the mainstream media – Donald Trump is the odds-on favorite for reelection against whichever weirdo, loser or mutation the Democrats finally pick as their nominee. The leaked polls purportedly showing Trump deep underwater to Floppy Joe and Bernie Stalin and that has-been furry from Texas are about as reliable as the ones the placed Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit in the White House. She’s now stumbling around the woods guzzling from a queen-sized goblet of Trader Joe’s Chardonnay while The Donald is racking up the greatest streak of conservative victories since Ronald Reagan – maybe even Cal Coolidge.

Trust the Trump….

Rich Lowry: The Madcap Caution of Donald Trump: Subtract Trump’s taste for controversy and rhetorical brinkmanship, and you’re left with an incrementalist center-right government.

Don’t fuck with Condi, MSM…

Pope-heads and Poop-heads…

TGP: Pope Calls for New Catholic Theological Curriculum – Teaching Students to View Muslims as Brothers

NYT: As Pope Francis Champions Immigrants, Some Cardinals Court The Far Right – Clerics who see the pontiff as dangerously inclusive have been lending public support — and the church’s imprimatur — to anti-migration politicians like Italy’s Matteo Salvini.

Guardian UK: Pope Francis declares ‘climate emergency’ and urges action – Addressing energy leaders, pope warns of ‘catastrophic’ effects of global heating

Hey, Madonna must sense an opening to talk the Pope into being pro-choice:

Breitbart: Madonna: Something ‘Poetic and Sometimes Sexual’ About Jesus Hanging on the Cross … Once an attention whore, always an attention whore … even at 61. What a pig.

The weekend brought to you by ‘Heap Big Shitheads’

Townhall: Bernie Sanders Delights Democrats With Plan For Free Healthcare For Illegals

Intercept: Elizabeth Warren Wants to Ban Private Prisons

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Culling the 2020 Dem Herd: MSM and The Left/ Dems Begin to Neuter “Front-Runner” Joe Biden

“Can Biden beat Trump? More and more of them conclude ‘NO’ … It’d be Hillary all over again … He can’t draw crowds … the comparisons would be deadly…,” Rush Limbaugh

Former senator and VP, Joe Biden, seemed to be riding the wave not only to winning the democrat nomination, as his polling numbers have allegedly been indicating since entering the democrat party pack of half-a-dozen, but allegedly leading the polls by 9+ over a head-to-head with incumbent POTUS Donald Trump in a 2020 general election challenge and an alleged defeat … uhhh, “were the election held today”, or some such bullshit a year and a half out.

But in this last week something a bit — shall we say — curious has happened. Good Old Joe has suddenly fallen out of favor with his would be MSM champions and party in general. The daggers are out and the proverbial death by a 1000 cuts flaying has begun, and on some serious stuff these same political executioners should have covered years, Hell, decades ago.

The real question in all of this: Neuter or inoculate?

Have a look. Joe has his own history of self-inflicted problems, but some of his recent ‘biggest’ involve — how you say — “collusion” stuff his son did with foreign governments, and with his help:

Remember, by the democrat/MSM template established by the Clintons, if the MSM actually does cover something regarding a democrat (candidate), come election time said MSM and its wankers can officially deem the wrongdoing(s) as “old news”, therefore not only not worthy of coverage by MSM, but definitely not permitted to be mentioned/reminded by anyone, especially the opposition of said dem candidate. So, Levin might be spot-on with his query.

The fact remains, the stuff Biden is connected with is, yeah, bad, but really in the same category of Hillary Clinton’s “bad”. BOTH should have been seriously broadcasted and legally dealt with on the same damn level as the whole “Trump-Russia collusion” crap that was created by Hillary and Biden’s old boss.

Joe The Racist

Ace @ AoSHQ: ABC News Hits Hunter Biden on Cash-Cozy Relationships with Ukraine, China; Rush Limbaugh Wonders if the Media Hasn’t Decided that Floppy Joe’s Not Woke Enough, and Needs to Be Taken Out: Meanwhile, a former ABC reporter, Red Sam Donaldson, is demanding that Joe Biden apologize for his racially insensitive remarks about segregation. If you don’t know what racially insensitive means, it’s what we say about Democrats when we’d call Republicans “racist.” … Yup.

David Harsanyi: Biden Was More Than ‘Civil’ With Segregationists. He Was An Ally – Senator Biden may not have been a racist. But he wasn’t as innocent as he’d like us to think.

Jim Treacher: If Biden Is a Racist, Why Did the Media and Other Dems Let Him Stand Next to Obama for Eight Years?

Mediaite: Joe Biden Once Referred to Jessie Jackson as ‘That Boy’ in Unearthed Report

Breitbart: AOC: Booker Doesn’t Owe Apology for Calling Out Biden ‘Waxing Nostalgic’ About Segregationists

FNC: Biden, under fire for comments on segregationists, gave eulogies for Strom Thurmond, Robert Byrd

The “white guy” they needed … then…

Alleged “conservative/republican” cucks trying to throw their beloved Joe a bone … one of his own bones…

Twitchy: Jennifer Rubin advises 76-year-old career politician Joe Biden to find a coach and ‘refine his game’


Matt Margolis: Joe Biden Accused of Plagiarism… Again!

Yahoo: Scott Baio accuses Joe Biden of stealing his ‘let’s make America America again’ speech: ‘He’s a plagiarizing fraud’

Rush Limbaugh: How You Know It’s All Over for Joe Biden

Ben Sixsmith: The case for locking Joe Biden in a cupboard – Attention campaign staffers

FNC: Meghan McCain mocks 2020 Dem longshots: ‘You ain’t never going to be president’

Breitbart: Former Ukrainian Prosecutor: ‘No Doubt’ Joe Biden Forced Me Out to Protect Hunter Biden

Breitbart: Hunter Biden Still Active in Chinese-Sponsored Investment Fund

AoSHQ: Woman Comes Forward, Claiming that Hunter Biden is Her Baby’s Secret Father; Sues to Prove It … She says she already has proof the baby is a Biden — it won’t stop nuzzling her cleavage

Page Six: Hunter Biden’s alleged love child debacle just the latest in string of suspicious incidents

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TBT: The Left’s Faux Outrage About “Camps” is Palatable…

Nobody does “camps” better than the fucking left. Nobody. (See: TBT BONUS below)

As the MSM squirms and snipes to protect AOC and her ‘concentration camps’ bullshit…

MNNOFA NEWS: Auschwitz Memorial responds to MSNBC host for defending AOC’s concentration camps rhetoric

A reminder that it’s the left’s playbook. They don’t realize that over the last 12-13 years they have dog-eared and ‘dog-whistled’ their bullshit playbook chapters of racists/phobes/Nazis/etc. so much so that nobody is falling for any of it anymore. Hence their increased ire against the rest of us…

Lionel Shriver: No exaggeration: Hyperbole makes words worthless

See, rhetorical overkill blows up in your face. Hyperbole depletes your linguistic arsenal, and oratorical crying wolf destroys your credibility … Language inflation has the same effect as the monetary kind: your words grow rapidly worthless.

So, now let us recall Hillary’s bright idea of 2015, just before the 2016 election cycle, and how she’d love to deal with ‘political differences’.

Watch it a couple times. There is an ability to read-between-the-lines in her monologue here, especially 1.) when she stresses a “red cabin” and grins and then points out “the blue cabin” after a bit of a sly pause ‘where they can come together and talk’ … scenes from “The Last Emperor” come to mind for me, where the communist Chinese had non-communist Chinese people in ‘camps’ and brainwashed them and forced them into submission to where we saw them eventually parading with the communist flag in the street (communist guards very close by to make sure nobody faltered), and also “The Killing Fields” and the scenes where the Khmer Rouge squats on the dirt floor in front of non-communist ‘campers’ and ‘talks’ to them about their ‘political differences’ between punches and starvation until they either meekly submit or end up with a plastic bag on their head in the rice patty nearby. I mean, I’m pretty sure the communist Chinese and the Khmer Rouge had a Hell of a lot of ‘fun’ in those camps, eh?

And 2.) at the :33-:37 mark she is stressing her point with her finger and thumb on her right hand in a gun shape (that would get any kid not only kicked out of school but the police possibly called to haul them off) and slowly sweeps it from one side of the audience to the other side. No, really, it is not just an abstract gesture she’s doing. It is a calculated and subtly defined gesture/signal she is conveying. 3.) Now, imagine Trump had said something like this regarding political opposition … even without the Clintonesque gestures and facial expressions.

Make no mistake. Hillary was not genuine in bringing people of different political ideologies together. “Progressives” are communists in glittery pantsuits. They will never compromise their beliefs and agenda. They will never agree with anyone else. No, you are the one who has to submit. Just see yesterday’s congressional hearing on reparations for slavery, and those who dared to speak against it. They are still being trashed and demonized today on TV and social media by those who think a trillion more dollars on top of the trillions of welfare/etc. over the last half century-plus will somehow be justice over something that happened a couple centuries ago by people to people long dead. Were that we all could demand monetary compensation from current people for the wrong their ancestors did to our ancestors centuries past.
The fact is the holding camps illegal aliens are being sent to are not punishment facilities. They came her obviously very openly and freely, and if serious about protecting themselves and their children and honestly seeking ‘asylum’ it is the only way to be sure everything and everyone is on the up-and-up and in the system. They’re fed, clothed, medically tended to, protected from gang members/rapists/etc. and when it’s their turn to see the judge are then escorted to their hearing. But above all this, at anytime, I believe, these illegal border crossers can tell those Americans in charge of taking care of and protecting them that they want to return to the home country … and will be quickly accommodated in that decision to do just that. So, it’s just one more thing in the long and growing list of things AOC can ‘shove’.


Just a reminder the foundation for today’s “Progressive” cult that Hillary was probably referring to with her fucking “fun camp” idea…


Twitchy: AOC’s latest spin on why her concentration camp comments were like totally ok is her worst YET

Twitchy: WHOOPS: Kamala Harris accidentally admits why Dems are fighting to keep people in the US illegally

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TBT: A Big REALLY BIG FISH Anniversary

It’s been forty-four years… Forty-four years! Holy shark shit!!!

I spent my childhood and teen summers on the Topsail Island, NC shore. After JAWS going into the ocean was never the same for me. And JAWS came out years after, as a young teen surfing with my cousin, we had seen a tiger shark swim very close to out boards while out beyond the swells where we were just hanging out talking. Fun times. But to this day it is all I think about at the shore and when I dare enter the water. And I no longer will float in said water on anything, raft or surfboard.

THR: ‘Jaws’: THR’s 1975 Review

Last summer it was relatively quiet. However, already this year the North Carolina coast has had several shark attacks, one costing a teenaged girl a leg and some fingers. South Carolina as well is starting to see them. But they are always there. It is always shark time in the ocean and gulf. And the eastern seaboard, especially North Carolina with it’s line of barrier island, is the sharks’ historic route back and forth as the waters cool and warm with the seasons. It is also busy with the fishing industry that inadvertently bait the sharks to the area making it an even more lucrative feeding grounds for them. The “season” of shark is actually human season when people head to the beaches and eagerly get into the ocean and splash around and confuse the stupid eating machine sharks into checking you out to see if you are dinner. It really is so painfully, and deadly, simple.

You just have to be cautious, watch your kids, and never take anything for granted in their world … the ocean. And yes, you really should have “a bigger boat”…

This one is sixteen years old…

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VOTD: I’ll Take, “Things Democrats Didn’t Want To Hear At Today’s ‘Slavery Reparations’ Hearing”, for $500, Alex.

Check yourself…

Meanwhile, the whitest panderer in the room…

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