Goodbye, John McCain. You won’t be missed. (Updated x3)

Editor’s note, August 30, 2018: And yet two more superb essays regarding the departed Senator for Arizona. One from Cold Fury:

[…] McCain was the pluperfect example of absolutely everything wrong with Mordor On The Potomac and its despicable denizens—of the loathsome, twisted genotype colloquially known as “professional politicans.” His posthumous parting cheap-shot at Trump was petty, cowardly, and demeaning—to McCain, and no one else. It was the act of a true and irredeemable asshole, a jerk nonpareil; his forbidding Trump to attend his funeral likewise. Petty spite of such a low nature is John McCain’s proper legacy; may he be long remembered for it. […]

…and the other from Raconteur Report:

[…] Whatever you think of the soon-to-be-departed senator, please learn a lesson from him, and try to live your life so that your passing makes your contemporaries weep and angels sing, and not the other way around.

Editor’s Note, August 29, 2018: As if to reinforce all the negative stuff I’ve written about this piece of excrement who has shuffled off our mortal coil, this came in today (my emphasis):

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, who was Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)’s running mate in the 2008 presidential election, has been excluded from his funeral.

Breitbart News has independently confirmed an earlier report in People magazine, which reported that Palin was not sent an invitation, and was told through intermediaries to stay away from the ceremony.

McCain fundraiser Carla Eudy confirmed to People that Palin had not been invited — possibly, People speculated, at the behest of the McCain family.

The news comes on the tenth anniversary of the date in 2008 when Palin was announced as McCain’s pick for Vice President.

Palin now joins President Donald Trump on the list of those barred from the funeral.

But unlike Trump, Palin never feuded with McCain and never criticized him. […]

Editor’s note, August 26, 2018: this was originally published last May as a defense of Sarah Palin. In light of Senator McCain’s death yesterday, I’m bumping it up today. I have zero positive feelings about this man and his career. My opinion of him can be summed up with a quote from Marcus Tullius Cicero:

For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.

I have never been shy about what I think of Senator John McCain. He is one of the most reprehensible members of my former political party — and he is in excellent company. Ten years ago, when he won Super Tuesday, I wrote a rather scathing letter (“Dear John“) where I explained why I would not vote for him that November. I had always thought of him as a Democrat in Republican clothing. Six months later, I was shocked that he selected Sarah Palin, a principled conservative to be his running mate. I was very pleased with the selection. Mrs. Palin, independent self-made woman, former Governor of Alaska, conservative, pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-energy independence, became the bête noire of the media. The tactics of personal destruction were in full force and breathtakingly evil, even for them. The rest, alas, is history.

Over this past weekend, McCain — on his deathbed — stated to an interviewer that he regretted his choice of Palin and that in retrospect he should have chosen a Democrat, Joe Lieberman, as his running mate. This is just one more example of how reprehensible this man truly is. From the voter trenches I can confidently tell him that without Palin his margin of defeat against the second worst thing to ever happen to this country would have been much wider. McCain/Palin lost, yes, but it was not the embarrassing landslide defeat that would have occurred had he picked Lieberman.

Yesterday, the great John Nolte wrote a wonderful piece outlining all this, and ends it like this:

[…] Everything about Sarah Palin, her fearlessness, her governing record, her fight, her ideas, her refusal to conform in the face of unprecedented media hate and unrelenting backstabbing from McCain’s inner-circle — all of these things helped to drop the scales from the eyes of voters, which in turn paved the way for a Donald Trump to, at long last, shift the GOP base away from war, corporations, and pandering to illegals.

From the Tea Party to Trump, the GOP has not been the same since Palin strode into the spotlight, and now it is hardly recognizable from the calcified dinosaur McCain loved so. If that is what he regrets, that is a real shame, because on top of his military career, choosing Sarah Palin was the greatest service McCain ever performed for his country.

In that same interview McCain, allegedly involved in the dissemination of the infamous and fake “Russian dossier” against Donald Trump, said that he didn’t want Trump to attend his funeral. Instead, eulogies will be given by George W. Bush and by the aforementioned second greatest mistake. I wouldn’t attend regardless of whether he had told me not to.

Last July J. J. Sefton, the author of Ace of Spades HQ‘s always excellent ‘Morning Report’ had this to say about McCain when he returned to the Senate after a hospital stay to cast yet another vote against the will of the people, as was his wont:

I suppose the most galling thing was the revolting display surrounding John McCain as he entered the Senate in the guise of some revered elder statesman and great American. He’s not. He disgusts me. His entire life in politics has been in service of himself and his great, crashing ego. No doubt, in what may have been one of his final performances in the well of the Senate, he showed a complete lack of humility and willingness to even concede that those who oppose him (including people like us) did so quite passionately yet with no personal rancor. He has lived his life as an embittered old hack, defending a corrupt and immoral ruling class while railing against a decent and honest citizenry that seeks moral, civil and cultural restoration. Sadly, since if this revolting display is how he has chosen to exit this mortal coil, all I can say is ‘go.’ And give my regards to Teddy Kennedy when next you see him.

I couldn’t have said it any better…

Hell Yeah, “He Lied”!

Remember during Barack Obama’s 2009 joint address to the US Congress while Obama was beaming and glowing like a healthcare savior that his self-named legislation to take over the nation’s healthcare system would be glorious, and that everyone against it, and him, was just spreading nasty lies about ObamaCare, especially about it covering illegal aliens … and republican Congressman Joe Wilson shouted about the disbelieving mumbles “You LIE!”?

Over and over again Rep. Wilson has been vindicated … And again…

(UPI) – California could become the first state to ask the federal government to let undocumented immigrants buy insurance under the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare.

Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, signed legislation Friday that attempts to allow people in the country illegally to purchase the insurance through Covered California without costing the state or federal government anything.

Undocumented immigrants are barred from the insurance exchanges but Obamacare allows states to apply for a federal waiver if the federal government doesn’t have to pay for the costs. Up to 390,000 people who earned an income too high for Medi-Cal could purchase the insurance through the exchange.

“The current policy disallowing immigrants from purchasing care with their own money is both discriminatory and outdated,” Sen. Ricardo Lara, who wrote legislation, said in a statement. “I thank Gov. Brown for advancing justice today.”

Republicans in the legislature said it would overburden the healthcare system, possibly increase premiums and attract more undocumented immigrants to the state.

Brown last year signed a bill allowing 170,000 people under the age of 19 who are in the county illegally to sign up for Medi-Cal.

The state also has allowed immigrants there illegally to apply for professional licenses and for drivers licenses.

Marielena Hincapié, executive director for the National Immigration Law Center, hopes California’s new law will spur other states to pass similar legislation.



And this: Report: New evidence of rising ‘Obamacare’ premiums

IRS Releases ‘Target’ List of TEA Party and Conservative Groups


Tip of the iceberg of the politicization and weaponization of the federal government under the Obama administration…

(Washington Times) – More than three years after it admitted to targeting tea party groups for intrusive scrutiny, the IRS has finally released a near-complete list of the organizations it snagged in a political dragnet.

The tax agency filed the list last month as part of a court case after a series of federal judges, fed up with what they said was the agency’s stonewalling, ordered it to get a move on. The case is a class-action lawsuit, so the list of names is critical to knowing the scope of those who would have a claim against the IRS.

But even as it answers some questions, the list raises others, including exactly when the targeting stopped, and how broadly the tax agency drew its net when it went after nonprofits for unusual scrutiny.

The government released names of 426 organizations. Another 40 were not released as part of the list because they had already opted out of being part of the class-action suit.

That total is much higher than the 298 groups the IRS‘ inspector general identified back in May 2013, when investigators first revealed the agency had been subjecting applications to long — potentially illegal — delays, and forcing them to answer intrusive questions about their activities. Tea party and conservative groups said they was the target of unusually heavy investigations and longer delays,

Edward D. Greim, the lawyer who’s pursuing the case on behalf of NorCal Tea Party Patriots and other members of the class, said the list also could have ballooned toward the end of the targeting as the IRS, once it knew it was being investigated, snagged more liberal groups in its operations to try to soften perceptions of political bias.


He said if that did happen, it would have “tainted” the list the IRS has now released.


Sixty of the groups on the list released last month have the word “tea” in their name, 33 have “patriot,” eight refer to the Constitution, and 13 have “912” in their name — which is the monicker of a movement started by conservatives. Another 26 group names refer to “liberty,” though that list does include some groups that are not discernibly conservative in orientation.

Among the groups that appear to trend liberal are three with the word “occupy” in their name.

And then there are some surprising names, including three state or local chapters of the League of Women Voters — a group with a long history of nonprofit work.

Some of the most active and prominent tea party groups snared in the targeting aren’t on the class-action list. At least some of them opted not to be part of the joint legal action to preserve their own lawsuits.

The Left’s Full-Monty Hypocrisy Looks as Bad as It Smells


Given everything this current dust-up is all about, don’t forget the left/liberals/democrats are all about erasing states rights to write and install their own state legislation. At the core of the left’s agenda it is to centralize and grow a smothering overlord federal government with no local and state jurisdictions…

At issue are a Mississippi law that narrowly and carefully protects the rights of religious charities, small businesses, and select public servants and a North Carolina law that reasonably protects privacy and safety in public restrooms, while leaving private institutions free to set their own bathroom policies. These laws, apparently, are now unacceptable to some voices on the left.

But are they really? The hypocrisy in their opposition suggests otherwise.

  1. Big Money and Big Business in Politics Are Bad, Unless They Support the Left?

Liberals decry the influence of big business and big money in politics. They denounce, as a direct threat to democracy, the ability of corporations to engage in issue advocacy. They argue that politicians must answer to the people, not the highest corporate bidder.

Or at least that’s what they used to say. Liberals are now cheering Apple, PayPal, Salesforce, and countless other giant corporations threatening legislators and governors with boycotts if they pass popular laws that the left disapproves of.

These corporate elites didn’t win an argument about good public policy. Instead, they threatened to boycott and transfer jobs out of states if the politicians didn’t do as they insisted.

This economic coercion is a form of cronyism—cultural cronyism. Big businesses use their outsized market share to pressure government to do their bidding at the expense of the will of the people and the common good. And, hypocritically, the left cheers it on.

  1. Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams Get to Follow Their Consciences, but the Baker and Florist Don’t?

Many of us think that what these corporate giants are doing is bad for representative democracy and self-government. But they have a right to do it. And yet, they want to deny the rights of bakers, florists, photographers, adoption agencies, and marriage counselors who only want the same liberty to follow their conscience.

Big business is using its market freedom to deny small businesses and charities their religious freedom. The hypocrisy is astounding.

Take the cases of Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams. They said their consciences require them to deny their artistic gifts and talents to citizens of states that have enacted policy they disagreed with. And, of course, they have that right.

Adams wrote: “I cannot in good conscience perform in a state where certain people are being denied their civil rights.”

He’s wrong about the laws—they don’t deny anyone civil rights. Instead, they protect civil rights. They protect religious freedom, which, as the liberal American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) once acknowledged, is a civil liberty.

So Springsteen and Adams are exercising their freedom of conscience by boycotting states that sought to protect the consciences of adoption agencies, religious schools, bakers, and florists. Do they not see the hypocrisy?

  1. North Carolina and Mississippi Are Human Rights Violators, but Singapore and Cuba Are Great?

Finally, if these boycotts are really a matter of principle—and not just grandstanding—then why do so many of these same companies do business in foreign countries with terrible records on human rights in general, and for LGBT people in particular?

The governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory, pointed out this hypocrisy. After New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a travel ban for state employees to North Carolina, Gov. McCrory asked how it was consistent with Gov. Cuomo’s trip to Cuba—with state business leaders—to promote trade with that country.

Is Cuba better on human rights than North Carolina? Or is Cuomo being a bit hypocritical?

Others have pointed out the hypocrisy of PayPal. The CEO of PayPal announced that the company wouldn’t expand in North Carolina because of “PayPal’s deepest values and our strong belief that every person has the right to be treated equally, and with dignity and respect.”


Then PayPal might want to explain why its international headquarters are in Singapore, where people engaged in private consensual same-sex acts can face two years in jail. It might also want to explain why it announced in 2012 that it would open offices in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). While North Carolina placed some commonsense limits on public bathrooms, the UAE reportedly jails gay and transgender people.

What’s Next?

The left knows it can’t win on the merits in the debate aboutreligious freedom and bathroom privacy. These bills enjoy strong public support—that’s why elected representatives are voting to pass them. And it’s why corporate elites have to target governors to veto them.

Missouri is likely the next state to move a religious freedom bill, and we can expect the same cast of characters to come out in opposition. But this time, the left and big business are entering the debate with one big disadvantage—they’ve been beaten. Gov. Phil Bryant of Mississippi and Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina havestood up to the bullies and shattered their aura of invincibility.




To say “Liberalism is a mental disorder” these days is a massive understatement…

3 Ways the Religious Freedom Debate Reveals Widespread Psychosis

Mississippi Governor Explains Why He Signed Religious Liberty Law

Obama admin threatens to withhold billions from North Carolina over bathroom privacy law … Extortion is STILL ILLEGAL unless it is tied to politics and government, I guess.

Porn Site Bans North Carolina Users Over Anti-LGBT Law … Might not that be doing harm to those LGBTXYZs in the state you are allegedly standing up for and who depend on your site for entertainment, enjoyment and, um, exercise?

Federal Court Takes IRS and DOJ to the Woodshed for Abuse of Power and Law


Remember, according to the Obama sycophant liberals in the MSM and the talking-heads, there’s no there there with this scandal investigation…

(Washington Times) – A federal appeals court spanked the IRS Tuesday, saying it has taken laws designed to protect taxpayers from the government and turned them on their head, using them to try to protect the tax agency from the very tea party groups it targeted.

The judges ordered the IRS to quickly turn over the full list of groups it targeted so that a class-action lawsuit, filed by the NorCal Tea Party Patriots, can proceed. The judges also accused the Justice Department lawyers, who are representing the IRS in the case, of acting in bad faith — compounding the initial targeting — by fighting the disclosure.

“The lawyers in the Department of Justice have a long and storied tradition of defending the nation’s interests and enforcing its laws — all of them, not just selective ones — in a manner worthy of the Department’s name. The conduct of the IRS’s attorneys in the district court falls outside that tradition,” Judge Raymond Kethledge wrote in a unanimous opinion for a three-judge panel of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. “We expect that the IRS will do better going forward.”




GOP: The Grand Old Poopy-heads and Their Excessive and Expensive Death Wish

dead gop

The GOP and RNC is beside itself in the fact that none of their establishment pets made it very far at all in this party primary cycle, and now some of the old school GOP RINOs are having to actually endorse the free-speaking, mega-non-politician, outsider Donald Trump or the reviled staunch Constitutional conservative Sen. Ted Cruz. The only party insider still standing, and that is because he has used a crazy glue mentality, is Ohio Gov. John Kasich. The current running pondering with the establishment GOP maneuverings is John Kasich is allegedly still in as some sort of Trump/Cruz spoiler with somebody other than himself (Kasich) as the telegraphed party nominee before or during the convention, which in and of itself is projected to be historic in its expected contested path. Either way, it is not just this election cycle that the GOP establishment has continually dabbled in suicide, but its blatant stupidity is finally being over-exposed now to the base and the rest of the voters as this cycle chugs-along…

Following a string of Super Tuesday II victories which placed Donald Trump firmly in the driver’s seat for the GOP nomination and a fellow insurgent candidate, Ted Cruz, as the only viable alternative to Trumpmania on the Republican side, the self-destruction of the Republican Party by its own praetorian guard has apparently been fully engaged.

Already, a gaggle of Washington movers and shakers advertised as having vetted Republican candidates for decades had agreed to appear on Showtime’s political reality series The Circus at The Prime Rib, a tony K Street steakhouse, to discuss their alarm at the Trump phenomenon, with the results playing out all over cable news. The three-minute video segment of such long-time establishmentarians as former Republican National Committee chair Mike Duncan, former Congressman Vin Weber, and GOP pollster and McCain adviser Ed Goeas complaining about Trump and telegraphing their efforts to torpedo his campaign is dumbfounding in its tone-deafness and breathtaking in its snooty arrogance.

“He’s not articulate, he’s not poised, he’s not informed,” complains former Reagan and Bush advisor Ed Rogers, currently partners with former Mississippi governor and ex-RNC chair Haley Barbour in the prominent K Street lobbying firm BGR. “All he has going for him is a lot of votes.”

That so many high-end Republican establishment figures would appear on television in a setting designed to look like they’re conspiring against the party’s frontrunner is a perfect manifestation of how brainless the GOP has become.

No sooner had the conspiratorial cabal played out on Showtime than even more questionable antics were to follow. By Wednesday, a day after Trump’s victories put GOPe favorite Marco Rubio out of the race and made Ohio governor John Kasich a mathematical certainty not to be the nominee, the latter was all over television openly discussing brokered conventions and how he would win in Cleveland without the support of any voters outside of his home state.

That was amplified by a foolish statement out of the mouth of Curly Haugland, a North Dakota businessman and longtime RNC member, who went on CNBC’s “Squawk Box”and declared “The media has created the perception that the voters choose the nomination. That’s the conflict here,” implying that it’s party bigwigs and not the GOP electorate who have the real power. Haugland’s dumb statement was a follow-up to aletter he wrote to all the presidential campaigns back in November suggesting a rule change opening the convention to whomever would like to engage in a floor fight in Cleveland, regardless of whether the voters had rejected said candidates.

Then Mitch McConnell, the radioactively unpopular Senate Majority Leader whose record of failure in stopping Barack Obama’s agenda since Republican voters had given him his current position in the 2014 elections created Trump and Ted Cruz as GOP frontrunners, demanded that Cruz apologize for rightfully calling him a liar in exchange for the support of his Senate colleagues virtually nobody in the Republican electorate believes has much value. When McConnell’s deposed House counterpart John Boehner emerged from a cloud of spray-tan and cigarette smoke in his retirement to declare his support for current House Speaker Paul Ryan as the nominee, something Ryan had to quickly disavow, the explosion of political stupidity was complete.

Anyone looking for evidence that the insiders were attempting to steal the nomination from Trump, or Cruz for that matter, hasn’t had to look far. The funny thing about it, for those who have paid attention to the complete incompetence of the Republican Party’s inner circle over the past 15 years, is they’ve been far more successful in creating the perception they’re going to try to steal the nomination than they’ll ever be in actually doing it. Either Trump or Cruz will be the nominee, because by the day of the convention those two will have at least 80 percent of the delegates between them and if there is to be a brokered convention of some kind it will be Trump and Cruz, or their surrogates, serving as the brokers.

But making unforced errors creating the perception of evil where idiocy actually lies is a specialty of the Republican establishment…

Pundits are trying hard to logic and reason the current state of affairs that have unfolded in the GOP this election cycle. Paul A. Rahe @ Ricochet writes in his piece “The Power of The Purse” that he somewhat agrees with a recent Mona Charen piece on defending the republican establishment, but draws the line at where the core responsibility lies in the establishment GOP’s squandered power…

In Mona’s view, the Republicans did as much as they could have done. In her view, the source of our present troubles is not a failure on the part of the Republican establishment to deliver. It is, instead, as she has argued elsewhere, the severe criticism directed at that establishment by the likes of Ted Cruz, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Jim DeMint and his merry lads and lasses at the Heritage Foundation, who asserted that the Republicans had betrayed their constituents.

With this assessment I beg to differ. I believe that the indictment is just and that the Republican establishment is guilty as charged. On Saturday, Mona’s colleague at National Review Andrew C. McCarthy put on display some of the evidence:

“In the House and the Senate, we own the budget.” It was August 2014, the stretch run before the midterm elections, and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell was making promises to voters about how he and his party would face down Barack Obama’s lawless presidency. Put us in charge, he explained, and a Republican Congress would defend Americans by using the main tool the Framers gave them, the power of the purse:

That means we can pass the spending bill. And I assure you that in the spending bill, we will be pushing back against this bureaucracy by doing what’s called placing riders in the bill. No money can be spent to do this or to do that. We’re going to go after them on health care, on financial services, on the Environmental Protection Agency, across the board. All across the federal government, we’re going to go after it.

But wait, couldn’t that lead to a government shutdown? Weren’t Republicans supposed to be the grown-ups in the room who would “restore regular order” and “make Washington work”? Locked in his own reelection battle, McConnell was having none of it. President Obama “needs to be challenged,” he thundered, “and the best way to do that is through the funding process.” Republicans would place scores of spending restrictions on the president — “that’s something [the president] won’t like,” he told Politico, “but that will be done. I guarantee it.” A GOP-controlled Congress would dare Obama to veto bills in order to preserve spending on his transformational agenda. If a shutdown happened, that would be the White House’s problem.

In other words, McConnell and his fellow Republican leaders talked the brave talk when courting voters who wanted the financing plug pulled on Obama policies that are crushing ordinary Americans — the impeachable non-enforcement of our immigration laws that costs Americans jobs, depresses American wages, and stresses American communities; the unfolding Obamacare debacle that deprives ordinary Americans of the doctors and insurance they had, corralling them into plans with premiums and deductibles so high that the “coverage” is illusory.

Alas, when voters trusted them to follow through, when it came time to walk the walk . . . the GOP went AWOL.

Of course, if McConnell was the only Republican who had advanced such a claim in 2014, one could limit the blame to him. But let’s face it: something of the sort was uttered by virtually every Republican candidate running for the House or the Senate that year. They recognized the wave of resentment in the general public directed at Barack Obama and the Democrats, and they rode that wave with considerable bravado (as they had in 2010). Put bluntly, they promised to make use of the power of the purse, and they did nothing of the sort – not, at least, with regard to the issues about which the voters were worked up.

One could reply by saying that this is all well and good, that McConnell and his colleagues went a bit far, that it is understandable that the voters are miffed, but that the Republicans really could not have accomplished more than they did. One could say, “The American system is slow and balky by design,” as Mona did, and one could blame its “Madisonian architecture.”

There is something to this. Because of that architecture, it is difficult to do much of anything. New initiatives are hard to push through. But it is not so difficult to undo things. One simply has to turn off the spigot by refusing to appropriate money for them, and that is what Mitch McConnell and his colleagues promised and failed to do.

One could respond that they could not risk a government shutdown (though they claimed, while running for office, the opposite). But this response makes no sense. It is the President who shuts down the government by vetoing the budget. “Never mind that,” one could then reply. “They would get the blame. They have gotten the blame every time they tried.”

This, too, is true – but it ignores one thing. Every time they tried they lost their nerve and backed down. Cowards who back down always get the blame…

Read the whole thing.

The establishment GOP has either completely forgot whose voice(s) they are supposed to be listening to and obeying, or are just fully morphed into another cement block in the Washington DC monolith that has set the US Constitution and the “governing with the consent of the people” up in flames. No matter what, they have become “Progressive” and no better than the democrat party. And the people have fully recognized exactly what the fuck is going on an are not exercising their Founding Father designed Second Amendment rights … yet … but their First Amendment rights and revolting at the voting booth with political nukes.

PREVIOUS: GOP, Heal Thyself Before You are DOA!!!


The GOP Sellout Continues

FPM: EVERY REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE IS HITLER: The “Big Lie” has been around for over fifty years.Ed Driscoll @ Instapundit: “Actually, it’s almost 70 years of the big lie — Harry Truman compared Thomas Dewey to Hitler in the bitter last days of his 1948 election bid. (In December 1942, Roosevelt shocked White House correspondents when he presented an iron cross to an isolationist-supporting journalist at the New York Daily News he despised.)”

David Brooks: Gee, I Guess Me and My Fellow Well-Heeled Establisment Swells Kind of Didn’t Listen to the Voters for Years, Huh?

Donald Trump’s rise is death-knell for Republican Party

Huckabee to #NeverTrumpers: “When voters make a decision, you suck it up and accept it”

Col. Ralph Peters: “If you want to understand the angry support for Donald Trump, seek out your local German Idealist philosopher…”


About all of those “Mitt Romney’s Utah endorsement will hurt Ted Cruz” hot takes I keep reading… Recall “In 2012, Mitt Romney defeated Barack Obama, by 72.8% to 24.8%. This is the largest margin of victory in any of the 50 states since Ronald Reagan beat Walter Mondale here by 74.5% to 24.7% in 1984.” There is a large LDS community in Arizona as well, by the way.


Poll: John McCain leads challenger Ann Kirkpatrick by 1 point in AZ Senate race

GOP Battlefield: Landmines and Bouncing-Betties


At this point, if Kasich and Rubio are sane they can see they have no chance of winning the nomination. And if their continued campaigns are an effort to run for the VP nod they are damaging the one candidate whom they both insist must not be the last man standing (Trump). The only other realistic choice for a solid conservative GOP candidate to go up against Hillary Clinton is Ted Cruz. Rubio and Kasich are actually doing the work of Trump in stomping out Cruz’s chances by foolishly continuing their campaigns. Kasich will not win Ohio and Rubio will not win Florida in the coming Super Tuesday next week. It is reality. Daniel Horowitz @ Conservative Review details the reality of where this GOP primary campaign cycle is (click to read the full outline)…

At the risk of sounding like a broken record after every election night, Trump is continuing to win but he can be beat if this becomes a two-man race. But that must happen very soon or it will be too late. Trump won Mississippi, Michigan, and Hawaii while Cruz won Idaho. However, in total, Trump only netted 14 more delegates over Ted Cruz. Trump is roughly 100 delegates ahead of Cruz. Here are the key takeaways:



Ohio’s ‘dirty little secret’: blue-collar Democrats for Trump

Patterico: Why Rubio and Kasich Must Be Crushed

With no Kasich or Rubio, Cruz would be the delegate leader.

A loss in their home states might be what we need to kick Rubio and Kasich out of this car. If they win, the result in Stage Two is that they’ll keep going, and Rubio especially will continue to suck away votes that should be going to Cruz.

As for a contested convention: let’s face the fact that the Republican party is probably going to lose this election, because it is fractured so badly. But if you want to make that possibility a certainty, concoct a scenario where the guy who is in second place in delegates — or third, or fourth, or nowhere — ends up being the nominee.

Yes, we may well be headed towards a “contested convention” where the delegate leader lacks a majority of delegates. But there will be a strong expectation that whoever is in the lead emerges the winner.

If you’re looking to buck that trend, look ahead to Stage Two. Stage One: your candidate comes from a second or third place position in delegates to be the nominee. What happens in Stage Two?

I’ll tell you what happens. The supporters of the original delegate leader walk. And the nominee loses.

It’s not that I’m against a contested convention per se. I’m against one in which the goal is to vault Mr. #2 or Mr. #3 into first place.

I’m not sure Ted Cruz wants the nomination under those circumstances. I’m not sure I want him to have it under those circumstances. Because when Trump’s voters stay home or vote for Hillary in droves, the “lesson” learned will be that real conservatism kills the GOP.

Ted Cruz must go into the convention the delegate leader, even if he does not have a majority.

It is why Rubio and Kasich must get out. And they won’t do so voluntarily. They must be crushed.

American Spectator: Is Love for Trump Blind?

I am a conservative, a Republican, a Tea Partier, and a political commentator who has fought in the trenches with the GOP and on the streets of San Francisco with the Tea Party. Like many of you, I have been furious with the GOP and the politicians we elected. Long before this primary, I wrote about the dangers to the GOP and this country if party elites continue to ignore the base. Clearly such pleas have fallen on deaf ears, and we are now paying for it with a brouhaha of a primary process, a “known unknown” stealing the show, and the devastating prospects of another progressive Democrat victory.

I have been disgusted with the entire process, and judging from the chatter, I am in good company with many of the 60-70% of potential voters in the Republican primary not supporting The Donald – whose numbers have dawdled in the 30+% range with the exception of outliers Massachusetts at 50%, Louisiana at 41%, Alabama at 43%, and Nevada at 46%. His acolytes may be enthralled, but the bulk of voters do not share in that enthusiasm, as evidenced by the failure of votes to shift to Trump as his competitors have dropped out.

I know this is a delegate game, but thus far, Trump’s popular vote average has been 34.8%. While he is admittedly the frontrunner, this hardly reflects the will of Republican primary voters. If anything, that will is splattered all over the conservative spectrum while consensus remains elusive.

Even though conservatives of all stripes are dismayed by the debates and the discourse, the Democrat-Media Complex claims we are all in the tank for Trump – we are racist idiots, thrashing at the red meat tossed our way by our racist-idiot-red-meat-eater-in-chief Donald Trump. And the only Republicans not supporting The Don are members of the “establishment.”

Yet primary results tell us that 60-70% of Republican primary voters are supporting Anyone but Donald, and those voters are not all “establishment.” The recent victories of Ted Cruz (40%) and Marco Rubio (30%) at CPAC – the go-to place for Tea Party conservatives and the strong conservative Republican base – further solidify that point.


PJM: I Voted for Rubio: Here’s the Greatest Service He Can Perform Now for His Beloved Nation

Brody File Exclusive: Ted Cruz Says Donald Trump’s Voters Have “relatively low information” And Are “not that engaged”

Althouse: “Oleaginous spiked on March 8th, after the word was used by New York Times columnist David Brooks, in reference to Senator Ted Cruz.”

“Oleaginous”? It’s a big word, suitable for elite-media prose, where — when a man makes you think about oiliness — you can’t just write something blatant and easy-to-understand like “greaseball”:

usually offensive
: a person of Hispanic or Mediterranean descent

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