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There were the Tea Party protests. Ours was a party in the happiest sense of the word. We wanted those in Washington who were spending too much and trying to take over too much, and were dividing us and tyrannizing us, to understand that we were not with them in their pursuits which involved “fundamentally changing” our country. We began spontaneously with no political leader, a real grass roots movement. And with no advertising we managed to flood Washington with what looked like millions on September 12th of 2009 in Washington, D.C. I was there. It was fabulous fun, calm and happy and wonderful.

Of course the left media portrayed it as small and insignificant and a bust. They did not turn their cameras on us, but on the empty streets.

And oh, how we were insulted. We were racists, homophobes, and violent – you know the drill. Just listen to Trudeau today about those truckers.

The truckers came out I believe, also leaderless and spontaneously aroused, and drove in endless long lines. Canadians lined the streets, and stood on bridges overhead to cheer them on. This was a huge convoy. Trudeau called it violent of course. And if you look it up on Google it was nowhere near as long or as big a number as described. Isn’t it always the way with the left media and leftist fact checkers?

When our Tea Party demonstration in 2009 was over, and we left not one gum wrapper on the ground – we left the Capitol grounds immaculate – I asked a policeman how did this demonstration compare to others? He told me he had been doing this for a couple of decades and this was the largest demonstration he ever witnessed and the most well behaved. I didn’t have to coach him; he answered me matter of fact. But you would never have guessed that from what the media reported about what happened that day in Washington. So who am I going to believe in the reports about the truckers in Canada?, Trudeau, the left media, a leftist search engine, or my instincts from my personal experience?

The caravan said they are coming to America. I hope they do and I hope it is soon. I want those in Washington to begin to know how angry a lot of Americans are, those who are not sheep, those who believe in individual freedom, like me.

Who am I? I am nobody, Jane Doe, merely an ordinary American. But I am an entity with the greatest power in the world. I am endowed that power by my Creator, and it is not to be taken from me. That is guaranteed to me by the Constitution.

As an American citizen, I have more power than the President. He works for me and does things at my pleasure or displeasure. I have more power than anyone in Congress. They represent me, but they must do what I want or what a collection of individual citizens like me wishes. All that has to happen for my wishes to matter is that my collection of individuals be larger than those who do not agree with me.

So if one person, one nobody, has that much power, what happens when a collection of hundreds or thousands of individuals get together to show their displeasure?

William Buckley once asked Malcolm Muggeridge why tyrants behave the way they do. Muggeridge answered that people who crave power, absolute power have forgotten that G-d’s purpose on earth is love. And when our leaders covet their power more than they love us, we are in trouble.

I sincerely hope we will have a caravan in the U.S., a long one. Let Snopes bellittle its numbers, but just let it be here. And let Americans who are fed up like I am escort them and support them and cheer them on, too.

To what end? To show our displeasure with those in Washington who think they can do what they want with us.

Here is what I want to see happen.

I want an end to all mandates, of vaccines, of vaccine cards, of forcing me to wear a mask anywhere. You want to get twenty shots? Good for you. You want to wear twenty masks? Go for it. But leave me alone. I do not want to have to show my card and wear a mask to go to the ballet. I don’t want five year olds to have to show proof of vaccinations and to have to wear a mask to go see a ballet. I don’t want to be forced to wear a mask to dance. Enough! The virus is not going away. It’s time we get back to normal life.

I want the spending in Washington to stop. I want to see a balanced budget forced on Congress. I want no more new taxes. I want no nationalization of voting laws. The Founders knew what they were doing when they put the power to make voting law in the hands of the state legislatures, those closest to the people. It seems to me the John Lewis Bill or whatever it is called these days, is unconstitutional on its face and if it ever could pass, the Supreme Court should declare it null and void at once in a 9 to 0 decision. Either something is unconstitutional or it isn’t.

I want a lot. That’ll do for openers.

I made up a law. Anyone who did not constantly complain and carry on against the destruction and murder and mayhem of violence in cities run by liberals, does not have the right to offer one opinion about January 6th. And that includes those in the media who called them “mostly peaceful protests”. I like my law.

When we win back the House and Senate – it is unthinkable to say if – when we do that, I hope we get a lot of new Club for Growth members. And I wouldn’t be unhappy if McCarthy were voted out of leadership. Why hasn’t McCarthy been raising the roof about the January 6th arrestees? Why hasn’t he visited them and given them moral support? We need someone in leadership who is as angry as I am, not a smiling sweet person. We need a Club for Growth kind of leader, aggressively interested in liberty for individual Americans.

There have been all kinds of protests. I like the peaceful kind. The violent ones that destroy property, history, and lives – we will leave those kinds of protests to the Communists and the other usual suspects. We will conduct the peaceful ones.

Come on American truckers! Come on angry Americans! Let’s fundamentally change America back to what the Founders expected of us. Let’s show them in Washington who’s boss!

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