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“News” Reporting

Here is how the left wing news reports a story. “Retired conservative federal judge says Republican efforts to overturn the 2020 election were a dry run for 2024.”

I call that “news” story chutzpah, inc.

Here is how I would report the same story. The headline would be:

“The Democrats may steal the election again in 2024 as they did in their dry run in 2020.”

The details of the article would be that in 2016, in Pa. the Attorney General and the Governor tried to change election law. They said it was because of Covid – (never let a crisis go to waste) and the need to find safer ways of voting than in person. They went to the State Legislature, the ONE entity the Constitution gives the power to change election laws. The Legislature refused to change the laws. So they went over their heads and illegally went to the liberal State Supreme Court, which allowed them to change the laws. Where was the Supreme Court when these illegalities were carried out? Pa. should not have been allowed to flout the law and these proposed changes should have been stopped at once.

Incidentally, the Pa. Attorney General is Josh Shapiro, who has hopes of becoming the next governor. It would be better for Pa. to elect a Republican this time. Since Shapiro is running unopposed in his primary, and since there are some excellent people running in the Republican primary, Pa. voters should choose anyone but this law breaking Attorney General, Shapiro, for governor in 2022.

At the end of election day, Trump’s margin of victory in Pa. was 900,000 votes. That is an unheard of win. In Pa. vote margins are usually much closer. But after the votes were “counted” for a week AFTER election day, (It takes a long time to find all of those shoe boxes filled with ballots) Biden won Pa. by, I think it was, 80,000 votes. And so it went in enough other places to give Biden the win.

Trump had the legal right to challenge improprieties in the election. In fact it was his duty to do that. And there was widespread fraud like what I describe in Pa. that took place in many battleground states, enough to throw out the honest vote counts, and steal the election for Biden.

The Supreme Court never looked at Affidavits signed on penalty of perjury. The Supreme Court ignored many things and never took up any challenges. This remains a mystery.

And that is what my reporting on this would have been.

The “conservative” judge they speak of is J. Michael Luttig. For context he also said the public may not grasp the true meaning of what January 6th represented. (Want to guess what he thinks is the true meaning?) He also told Pence to vote with the true electors and not do what Trump wanted him to do; Luttig didn’t want Biden’s victory to be delayed. He also urged Senate members to vote for Judge Jackson, the most radical judge, so far, in the Court’s history. Judge Luttig has made many decisions that we would approve of, but I am showing only these thoughts that should make Republicans at least skeptical of anything he has to say.

People love to say there is fraud on both sides. Excuse me, I take issue with that.

It was not Republicans who disallowed the other party to sit in on the counting of the votes to be able to challenge what looked wrong. This alone should have brought the Supreme Court to say all votes counted after election day should be thrown out because both parties did not sit in on the vote counting.

It is not Republicans in some battleground states who went against their state legislatures and illegally changed election laws.

It is not Republicans who shut down several polling places in Philadelphia in 2008. It took hours to get a judge to come down to order the polls opened again. Do you know how much damage can be done to the vote in a few hours?

The post offices did not send TRUMP ballots illegally to the polls to be counted in 2020 after election night..

It is not Republican ballots sent to the polls, ballots that looked odd because only Trump was voted for and the rest of the ballot was empty. That was done by Democrats sending thousands of Biden ballots like that in 2020 after election night.

It was not Republicans who tampered with voting machines in 2020.

It is not Republicans who refuse to require Voter IDs, claiming that minorities might have difficulty getting those IDs. That is so insulting to minorities. The left claims to be good for minorities and warns against Republicans taking over because it will hurt minorities. If I were a minority voter, I would be so insulted by this condescension that I would vote for Republicans to express my irritation.

It is not Republicans who didn’t care that unsolicited mail in ballots had addresses that didn’t match on the envelope, or had no signatures, or had signatures that did not match, in 2020.

It is not Republicans who harvested ballots illegally and got paid for it bringing in thousands of unsolicited mail in ballots, in 2020. (See the new Dinesh D’Souza film.)

No one is against absentee ballots when they are validated and get in on time and when someone has a good excuse why he can’t get to the polls to vote. It is the countless UNSOLICITED ballots being sent to each household that were thrown out and then stolen by people who wanted to vote more than once that made Republican voters angry in 2020. (My house received at least twenty five of these unsolicited ballots. I chose to vote in person.)
It is not Republicans who engaged in this practice. That is a left wing tactic.

Republicans may make campaign promises they will not keep. But Democrats campaign as if they are conservatives. If Democrats ever told the truth about what they plan to do to us, they could never win any elections. To win, liberals must misrepresent themselves.

I could go on and on with examples of corruption of the vote and phony campaigns. You can add your own list.

In 2020 one candidate for President stayed in his basement for most of the campaign, and when he announced he would be appearing, maybe ten people showed up, and half of them would be members of the press. His opponent would announce an appearance and tens of thousands would show up and wait for hours just to show their support. Yet we are supposed to swallow that the first candidate won the election over the man who, it was shown, won more votes from blacks than any other Republican candidate for President ever. Trump also won votes from more women, more gays, and more Hispanic voters than ever before. And we are to assume that with Biden losing all of those voters from his natural constituencies, and Trump on election day having earned more votes than any other candidate for President in history, that Biden beat even that record number of votes.

Yeah, right. I believe that. I believe that. Sure I do.

To close this out, let’s get some lessons on how to read news articles.

As you read reporting from now on, notice how often devices like these below are used in place of facts:

When an article says things like, “Many Republicans are not going to vote for Trump because they disapprove of his antics, his tweets, his insults”, that is not a NEWS article.

I could as easily say, “The number of Republicans who will vote for Trump because they approve of his tweets, his confronting the Democrats, his antics, and his insults, eclipses the number of Republicans who will refuse to vote for him because of these things.” That is not news either. “NEWS” should report facts.

Beware when you see things like “Many Republicans are skeptical of their party’s leaders and plan to vote democrat.” or “The vast majority of scientists say climate change is the most pressing problem of today.” or “Most Americans believe today’s Republicans are too extreme.” These are just manipulations of opinions. You see and hear this tactic used all the time.

The first example is wishful thinking.

The scientist statement makes no sense on the face of it because science does not come about by taking a vote; science tests and learns and doesn’t need consensus to validate it. All it needs is proof. Examples abound of one scientist proving something and turning “science” on its head.

The third is simple projection. It is the left that has gone off the deep end toward extremism.

I wish the Republicans WERE more extreme because all an extreme conservative wants is less federal government spending, fewer regulations, lower taxes, a strong defense, and school choice. A true conservative wants what the Constitution promises. Individual Americans are promised G-d given natural rights that no government can take away.

Extreme right wing conservatives are not those white supremacists who threaten all Americans’ liberty that we keep hearing about. I don’t take my labels from liberals, progressives, and radicals. Just look how they defined the Tea Party activists.

I take my labels from fellow conservatives. And I wish more Republicans were extreme in the ways I described above.

Only indoctrinated left wing Americans are unable to see the way it is the Democrat party that has become tyrannical. That is my opinion, not news. I am not a journalist. A journalist would have to present videos, or examples, proofs of his assertions. Who, what, where, how, and why. Remember them?

Another example of manipulation in reporting comes from adjectives. If they want to show disdain they will say “far right wing activist”… or “Conservative so and so says… ” Notice that the left media never calls anyone far left… or the radical Senator… They never label liberals or progressives with opprobrium.

Above are my examples of wrong ways to report things.

You have you own examples of manipulations you can find in reporting, I’m sure.

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