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Who Are the Real Villains Now?

I wonder these days what it was all about. Why did people I trusted as reliable conservatives decide to go away and join the Lincoln Project just to try to cancel Trump out?

Why did the usually intelligent conservative Senator Toomey decide to assert the the insupportable contention that there was no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 Pennsylvania election? Why did Mona Charen praise the obviously corrupt and ineffectual Biden and dis the America-and-Americans-loving Trump as awful? Why did the courts refuse even to look at those sworn affadavits signed under penalty of perjury? You know what I am talking about here. No need to name other examples. What was all that in service of?

And I wonder if any of these same people these days, seeing how many have been killed as a result of their actions feel like they have blood on their hands. All of those Americans left in Afghanistan, all of those American allies there who had to watch their families beheaded before they were killed themselves, and those Americans who died and were wounded in the terrorist attack – all that needn’t have happened. No thoughtful person can say that those things would have happened if we had left Afghanistan with Trump still in office.

Liberals can say anything, or believe anything and they do. They either know nothing, or they are in charge and are the cause of all of the problems. Liberals in charge these days ruin everything they touch, and they are handing the liberty of Americans and the sovereignty of our country to the world as part of The Great Reset.

We have in office the worst administration, by any measure, that has ever been there in our history. They are deliberately, and with malice aforethought, enriching themselves while destroying every part of what makes us America – the melting pot, order at the border, our culture, our children’s education, our superior capitalistic laissez faire economy, our energy policy, and the basis of it all, truth, virtue and our faith in G-d.

So I wonder if those erstwhile icons of all that is good in America, who wrote the columns for us to consider or who ran and got support from fellow Americans who put their trust in them, are happy with the results of their efforts, particularly in the run up to the 2020 elections and afterward.

Was it worth it to them what they have wrought? I have been in a bad mood, in a rage, ever since the aftermath of the 2020 election. And I know I am not alone.

I wonder if these “good and noble” people are pleased with all of the deaths on their hands so far, in Afghanistan, and from Covid and Fentanyl, avoidable deaths, deaths caused by these doofuses called an administration, all of whom those who were ashamed of Trump got into office.

And I wonder how these good and noble people sleep at night.

One comment on “Who Are the Real Villains Now?

  1. The Trinity of Truth:

    Immutable Truth #1: Liberalism is a mental disorder.
    Immutable Truth #2: Everything Democrats touch turns to shit.
    Immutable Truth #3: Whatever the Democrats want, do the exact opposite.


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