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The January Sixth Committee

I did not watch all of the hearings. But I did see a lot of them and saw many of what those on the Committee would consider the “highlights”.

First some observations:

Not once has the Committee played the part of Trump’s comments to his supporters that we will now march to the Capitol to peacefully protest. One questioning visitor to the Committee did, almost under her breath, say that Trump said “peacefully”, but that part of his comments were carefully and continually edited out when they played his recorded words then. It didn’t match their narrative of Trump’s deliberately planning the January 6th “insurrection”.

Not once has there been any mention of the 20,000 troops offered to Pelosi by Trump and refused by her several days before the 6th. Why is that not relevant? It is the most important fact that frames the entire lie they are trying to prove, that Trump deliberately instigated a violent demonstration and planned the whole sequence of events. How does offering troops days in advance not disprove their main contention?

There has been not one person permitted on the committee to question the lies, the misrepresentations, of witnesses, or statements by members of the Committee. This choice is so obvious that the only people who will like what they are seeing and hearing here are the true believers with their TDS, for example those who were described by Jim Davidson, I believe it was him, as having “voluntarily constructed an information iron curtain” so that they do not have to confront anything that doesn’t validate what they already think. When did you ever see an “investigation” that allowed no cross examination? Only when leftists preside, that’s when.

I sit there and without any knowledge of the legal ramifications – I am no lawyer – I can easily tear down every argument, every statement, every word these members are presenting as facts, and final, indisputable conclusions on the matter. If I can do this without any expertise, every Democrat can do it easily as well. So these Committee members know they are lying even as they speak. And they choose to lie.

What I will be saying from here on is a recycling of my greatest hits from past posts on universalspectator.com.

I see projection. Remember my Tevye idea, adding projection to the lyrics of the opening song of Fiddler, Tradition?

Whatever the left is doing, it brazenly accuses us of doing. This went on all through the prejudice shown in the questioning and in the choice of witnesses, as well as in the statements of Committee members. So, for example, if they are accusing Trump of incitement to rioting, it is their side who does this all the time. Who could ever forget Schumer’s “You will reap the whirlwind…?” or Maxine Waters screaming at supporters to tell conservatives they are not wanted at restaurants, etc?

I see deliberate lies. They insist that not only was the 2020 election clean and honest, but nothing Trump says happened and that PROVES that the investigation of any state’s election would not have changed the results of the count.

The jury is still out on that, and half the electorate is with Trump and does not believe the Committee’s assertions. But as with all things, this Committee considers all Trump; supporters to be worthless at best as well as insane and destructive. Imagine if a conservative put all of the liberal half of the voters in this country in such a basket.

A major assumption of the committee’s proceedings is that Trump’s repetition of the “proven false” idea that this election was fraudulent, and was stolen shows that he is never to be trusted again. The Committee takes their lie one step further. They say that by repeatedly asserting this falsehood is true that Trump is guilty of a great dishonesty and shows he is unfit for office.

But by assuming what has never so far been proven, it is they who show they are unfit for the offices they hold and they should all lose their next election bids.

Concurrent with these hearings, some states are now finally finding proof of fraud in their 2020 elections, and what they are finding is that Trump was right. Those states would definitely have had different outcomes if the fraud was proven at that time. The movie, 2000 Mules is out there for just one aspect of made up votes for Biden numbering in the many thousands which would have reversed outcomes especially in the battleground states. We are nowhere near finished with finding out about all of the fraud in the 2020 election and, yes, the fraud would have led to proof that Trump won the election. I have written about this before, often.

One big lie they just threw out and never bothered to offer any proof is that many policemen were killed and many others as well. As far as I knew, there were only two people killed and they were killed by Capitol police. One was Ashley Babbitt, a veteran who happened to be in the wrong place and was killed in cold blood by a police officer. Do you know his name? Was he charged with anything? She was not attacking anyone. She was being pushed through a window that had been broken, I believe.

Another woman was being stampeded on in the rush of the crowd to get inside the Capitol. Someone near her was trying to save her life by using CPR. And the police grabbed her from him and took her away and she died. An unnecessary death, again caused by the Capitol police.

The Committee wants everyone to know that the people who broke into the capitol killed many people. Not one police officer was killed by those at the Capitol. A couple died days later of causes that had nothing to do with the demonstrators. There is a wonderful Victor Davis Hanson column on this subject. But facts and logic mean nothing to the members of this Committee. They have only two main goals – destroy Trump and insult any voter who still supports him.

I see Trompe l’oiel. You know those pictures that are optical illusions that trick your eye? Well, this Committee is constantly bringing in witnesses who seem impressive, but they are either making their testimony up out of hearsay or out of whole cloth, or they are saying nothing but only seem impressive.

There was that woman who made Trump seem like a crazy person, violent and scary and how can we allow such a man ever to have power? But no one bothered mentioning the efforts this same woman had been making to get a job with the Trump administration up until right before she gave her testimony. One member of Trump’s administration appeared on Fox and told how this witness kept asking for her to use her influence to get her a job with Trump up until recently. We were told that this witness “volunteered to come forth”, making it seem like she felt it was her patriotic duty. So much for that dishonesty. The witness looked great, obviously coached to speak slowly, deliberately and with seriousness, to impress.

The only trouble is she wasn’t telling the truth. All that she testified about was never from her being an eye witness to any of it. Most of it was third hand, or simply made up. And within minutes after her testimony, many who were eyewitnesses said she was not telling the truth. Did the Committee report that many had come forward to say this witness was lying? What do you guess?

And the worst was that hug between the witness and Congresswoman Cheney. When did you ever see a prosecutor hug a witness because she helped his case? The optic of that hug was very bad, I thought.

Then there were the two witnesses who were a repented Proud Boy and a repented “White Supremacist.” These were two arrested at The Capitol. They both humbly said they recanted their original bad choices of admiring Trump, even worshipping him, having been made excited by his love of America, and they were “inflamed” by Trump to go to Washington and then to the Capitol to protest the election results for him and against Biden. Their confessions of their recanting probably made the sentences for what they were charged with softer. What do you think? (I watch Law and Order, too.)

But what were we to make of these witnesses? I couldn’t figure it out. Trump is making people love America and want to defend her? And now they no longer trust Trump? What does that prove? It is wrong to love America and want to defend her and to want free and fair elections? And, we must note that Trump didn’t call these two up or coerce them to make those choices. They just saw something online which “inflamed” them to go to the Capitol. So what was it we were supposed to learn from their testimony?

These optical illusions only mixed up viewers. I don’t think those two reformed white supremacists helped the Committee’s arguments at all. And on reflection I am guessing that woman didn’t do as much good for the Committee as it seemed as I was watching it.

And all of that leads to my biggest complaint about these proceedings.

I see selective indignation.

They are “shocked” and filled with “horror” at the way Trump wanted to break every rule that makes our country great, yet the Committee members ignored the treasonous behavior of Democrats as they tried to take down a sitting president by spying on him, setting the justice department against him with lies and illegal use of the media. They did not notice their side’s incitement to lawbreaking, their permitting illegal protestors to march up and down in front of Justices’ houses; they ignored Democrats’ lack of protecting Justices of the Supreme Court even after a real threat to the life of one of the Justices, and I could cite dozens more examples of the way the Democrats avoid the Constitution and ignore violence when it is their side doing it. They hate Trump and want everyone else to. But Trump did so many impossible-to-pass great things for our country that no one else ever accomplished. And yet the members of this Committee evidence no ability to find fault with Biden, the most incompetent, the most corrupt, and the most destructive president in American history.

It was the perennial thesis of the Committee (And of Biden) that what Americans have to fear the most, and what represents the greatest danger to our liberty are white supremacists. Is that what you fear the most at this moment? When you watched the news these past three years and saw what has been going on, from Covid lockdowns and closing of businesses and schools being closed, is that what you feared as endangering your lives? With violence in our cities and murder and destruction of property and theft, White Supremacists were what you fear most? Were you not bothered more by a horrible economy, with inflation, high gas, food, and utility prices, a disaster in the highest in Afghanistan and all the rest of Biden’s and his handlers’ forced errors?

In their selective indignation this Committee has repeated its nonsensical warnings about Trump stirring up white supremacists and how dangerous they are to our democracy, while ignoring our real problems. First of all we are not a democracy. The best definition of a democracy I heard recently is that it is two wolves and a lamb discussing what’s for dinner. We are a Constitutional Republic. And when they are not warning us about the dangers of white supremacists, they are telling us why we must go green, the very thing that is causing so many of our economic problems right now.

We must have these enemies to focus on to distract us from what is really wrong. Americans are fearful of real dangers – inflation, high gas prices, violence in our streets, and the rest. All these are the result of Biden and his handlers deliberately ignoring what is good for America and for Americans and making deliberate choices that destroy our way of life. This is the opposite of the Trump doctrine which always focused on what was best for Americans.

Is it White Supremacists that first come to mind as you express your current anxieties? Liz Cheney ought to hang her head in shame joining those who want to spread this nonsense.

But alas for her she is now seeing everything go up in smoke. The Hearings are getting few viewers, no matter how sensational the members try to be. And she may lose her seat in Congress over her choices lately. So this once very pretty woman is now looking more like a determined nag. And her efforts may yet prove to have been in vain after all. Oh, no!

The members of this Committee are doing their jobs. In their selective indignation they are not giving attention to real threats to our country. Right now millions of illegals are coming in, bringing sex trafficking. Drug cartels are making tons of money destroying Americans. We watch helplessly as the destruction of our energy resources, and the ruination of our economy, and the shrinking our savings occurs and we cannot stop it. Even our sovereignty is threatened, as this administration supports the World Economic Forum making the U.S. subservient to other countries in The New World Order. Oh, does the left have plans for us! The dangers of this administration causing all of this mayhem and harming ordinary American citizens has to be distracted from. So the Committee creates scary white supremacists, which means Trump supporters.

Communists are not scary. Socialists are wonderful. And cities run by liberal mayors having murders, mayhem, destruction and violence and theft – all that is no problem for the Committee members.

Only Trump is dangerous.

Yes, he is dangerous alright – to liberals, to progressives to those who want to see the Great Reset of the New World Order imposed on this country and who want to bring down America as a free and sovereign nation.

During theses hearings there was no talk about Biden’s choices. The danger in the streets of cities run by liberals, illegal immigrants who do crimes and are sent back on the streets by liberal DA’s. None of these would be Trump’s choices.

A Bodega owner is threatened by a recidivist and his girlfriend, and he defends himself by standing his ground. The recidivist, who was allowed back on the streets, has more rights than his victim, including his right to life. The bodega owner stabbed the recidivist to save his own life. So the hard working Bodega owner winds up in jail. His life is not as important as the criminal’s. The girl, BTW, had already stabbed the Bodega owner. Yet he is arrested and she is not charged and is free as a bird – minus one recidivist criminal boyfriend. Justice is administered upside down. This is Biden’s America.

But the Committee wants everyone to believe Trump is the danger to America.

What is the purpose of this Committee? They declare it is to prove that Trump deliberately and with malice aforethought stirred up violence in the worst event in our history. Every step of the way they tried to repeat and keep up this proof, but anyone who has ever watched a trial on TV or in reality, knows this Committee did not make its case. Stating something does not prove it true. Particularly when there is no other side considered.

Most of those who came to Washington were families who were disappointed and wanted to show their support for Trump. Yet the demonstrators at the Capitol were mostly young and single. This was obviously a group separate from those Trump spoke to.

The Committee used selective clips from videos and obviously left out relevant other clips which showed FBI agitators and informants stirring up the protestors, (Those people were obvious to see and identify yet not one of them was ever arrested.) The Capitol police escorted protestors into the Capitol. No one on the Committee showed those videos. They didn’t show how Trump was miles away when the protestors were already at the Capitol so they couldn’t have heard his words, and those words could not have caused the actions at the Capitol. The Committee tried to make the case that Trump had tweeted his feelings and plans well in advance and wanted to have a cataclysmic event on the 6th. Again then how do you explain Trump offering those troops to Pelosi and her refusing them, as did the Mayor of Washington? I will never stop asking that question. Pelosi is not giving the Committee the answer to that one because she will never be called as a witness.

Remember only what helps them get Trump brought down matches their aims. So there is never the need to call witnesses who may muddy the waters on that score.

When members of the Committee asserted that this was the worst thing ever to happen to America, they showed only they didn’t know a whole lot about our history.

But what was the real purpose of the Committee? It was simply the same as those FRAUDULENT impeachments from Pelosi. To try to make sure that Trump never got to run again.

So what can WE do?

Many have said Trump is damaged goods and has no chance to win. DO NOT ALLOW THE LEFT TO MAKE OUR CHOICES. It doesn’t matter who seems like a better choice. The left will do its best to destroy whomever we run.

If Trump decides to run this time, support him. That’s what we can do. Support him with vigor and make him win. It will make liberal heads explode and what is bad about that?

Support him simply because he was a great president for our country and for the free world and accomplished so many great things for us in the face of the most horrific behavior of the opposition party and their Pravda press.

Unfinished business because the election WAS stolen by the left. No question in my mind. Despite all the efforts of this Committee to show me I am wrong. And how audacious is that? To declare half of the American voters ignorant and dangerous. They only made my feelings stronger because they used so many tactics that were wrong headed. They were afraid that if they allowed Banks and Jordan on the Committee Americans might be exposed to some opposite ideas, that if they didn’t edit videos, and use questionable witnesses, despite all of their eloquence, their message might not have worked. Well, with all of their efforts, the message seems to have fallen mostly on deaf ears anyway.

What is a new conservative? A liberal mugged by reality. All of the terrible choices of Joe Biden have produced horrific results and no amount of creative effort of a one sided Committee is going to cover up or distract Americans from reality.

Let’s hope we have a whole host of these new conservatives mugged by reality show up to vote in November. Let’s hope the left can’t steal all of our elections in November, that we can have free and fair ones. If we come out in droves to vote and get others and flood the system with votes for conservatives, maybe they can’t override our numbers. And let’s hope we and those new conservatives can reelect Trump in 2024!

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