Fun Covid facts and other observations

We have all seen the pictures.

Those who are quick to give us orders and mandates, those who have no problem removing OUR liberties and comforts, have all been seen in fancy restaurants without masks, not social distancing, not staying home, laughing and carefree as if they are not breaking every taboo they force on us.

We have seen the glitterati and those in charge going to large parties and galas maskless, freely celebrating their hearts out.

We have seen those who give us orders about masks talking to each other cheerfully and carelessly until the cameras go on, and then they suddenly put on their masks.

We know about facts relating that fewer people died before the vaccines than now. And we know the more astonishing fact that more people have died under Biden, with vaccines, in less than one year, than under Trump before vaccines. Biden asserted that any president who had so many Americans die under his watch should resign. I don’t see Biden, with more deaths on his hands, volunteering to resign.

And finally, we watch as millions of illegals flood across our southern border, at least 20 percent of them who have Covid, and probably many more have other diseases. But no one is tested or given vaccines. And they are sent all over the country in the biggest super spreader event possible.

Why are we listening to these hypocrites and liars and and why do we continue to do what they order us to do? I don’t know about you, but I am so over this Covid. I wish my liberal friends were.

Most people are not aware that the horrific and deadly 1918 flu epidemic lasted less than TWO years while THIS one is easily on its way to its third year probably with many more years to go. And in 1918 there wasn’t the technology or medical advances or vaccines — or therapeutics — that we have now.

There also wasn’t Dr. Fauci.

There is an easy to find video of Fauci as a very young man teaching America about AIDS. He terrifies everyone as he gets everything wrong. So what else is new?

I like Dr. Atlas better. He is clear and logical and not a hypocrite and terror monger. CNN et al, of course, have no use for Dr. Atlas.

For example, Dr. Atlas says if you wear a mask and sunglasses, your glasses get steamed up. This means the virus is in that breath and escaping just as if you are not wearing a mask at all. Dr. Atlas also he tells us there is no mask that allows us to breathe that does not have air holes larger than any virus. Ergo masks are absolutely pointless in trying to stop the virus from invading you or from floating around to invade others..

It was Dr. Atlas early on who told us that all you have to do is keep surfaces clean, wash your hands and don’t touch your face. That would go a long way to reducing, by the thousands, the numbers of people who would fall victim to the virus.

And here is a startling, but, I believe, accurate, fact. An expert on tv last week asserted that we could have prevented 80% of all deaths from Covid if we had intervened early on with therapeutics.

Inference, if this country was not so nuts about not doing anything because Trump suggested it, we could have saved four fifths of deaths from Covid by early intervention.

These things none of my liberal friends know about, nor would believe if they knew them. They do not want to know about them. It is almost as if they prefer to live in fear than to have hope.

Just think about it. We have already surpassed in length of time the famous and deadly flu epidemic of 1918. And I see no end in sight.

I am convinced the powers that be today do not want to see the end. They much prefer to keep us under their control, living in constant fear.

How else will they be able to steal every election from now on?

3 comments on “Fun Covid facts and other observations

  1. My friend made an interesting observation. She said there were no planes, no international travel in 1918. That would have slowed the rate of contagion. True.

    However, now that the Omicron is known to be only a slight cold if caught, even though it is contagious to the max, perhaps we should not run from catching it. We would not get very sick, especially if we are vaccinated, and then we would have antibodies. That is the best kind of herd immunity. If most got it, there would be no hosts for the virus anymore and it would die out. That is probably what happened in 1918.That was catastrophic. But this wouldn’t be because there are almost no fatalities from omicron and the virus is reported to be almost always mild.

    But lefties want us masked and isolated. They prefer that the virus last for a long time so they can steal elections. I remain paranoid about the left.


  2. […] thanks to Honey and The Universal Spectator for reprint […]


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