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What Now, Bernie? What Now?

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After yesterday’s “historic” wins (it’s always ‘historic’ with democrats) for overtly ‘fortunately pre-stacked deck’ Hillary Clinton, where does Bernie Sanders’s fight for respect, recognition, and consideration from the DNC go?

Well, for starters, Barack Obama cannot contain himself any longer from all the mass media attention in this 2016 race, and is itching for relevance in the process. He has summoned Bernie Sanders to a meeting at the White House (that the slaves built) Thursday, where I am sure there will be a Hell of a lot of baiting for future switching deal(s), and Obama/Jarrett style threat-filled pressuring (it’s how they roll) to see things their way, and only their way, and drop out of the race with a supportive nod of his white-haired head in Hillary’s direction as the door hits his boney ass on the way out of the democrat race. But to this moment, Bernie Sanders is promising to keep up his fight against the democrat party fix and remain in the race.

As the Sanders camp starts making cuts to his campaign staff, 1-in-4/33% loyalist Bernie supporters are still vowing not to support or vote for Clinton, should Sanders make an exit from the race. As you can expect, the establishment libs/left fucking hate this independent thought process when it comes to their agenda. Bernie supporters are not accepting this so-called defeat and surrender to Clinton and the democrat party overlords, and are vowing to keep up their fight for Sanders, even if they have to write in his name on the general election ballot … or even cast their vote for GOP candidate Donald Trump as a vote against Clinton in the general election.

Bernie Sanders kicked off a revolution. And it’s just getting started


The growing talk now is for Sanders to run as an Independent, as Donald Trump has suggested (of course he’s thinking about splitting the democrat vote in his favor in the general), by his supporters.


Not if Obama and Hillary have anything to say about it/you: Can Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Save the Establishment?

Just a footnote here: The bulk of the “protesters” appearing and causing trouble at Trump venues, inside and outside, are Bernie Sanders supporters, most pre-paid to show up and do so.

With the concern surrounding the coming RNC convention in Cleveland, Ohio next month, as usual the MSM is ignoring the major tear in the democrat party fabric and Bernie protesters making their ire known to the establishment party in Philadelphia in August at their convention. But, no worries…

Philadelphia tells Democratic convention demonstrators they won’t be arrested

MORE via Drudge Report Headlines:


AP warns reporters to be safe after harassment from Sanders fans…

NYT CHOZICK: ‘Bernie supporters telling me they’d hunt me down in streets’…

‘WE CAN’T HEAR YOU!’ Screeching audio mars Hillary’s big moment…

Clinton loses 30% of votes in California from ’08…



Bernie Sanders — President of VT?

Trump Shatters Republican Primary Vote Record by 1.4 Million…


How do ya like that? BuzzFeed won’t run RNC ads, but their chairman can host DNC fundraisers?

One comment on “What Now, Bernie? What Now?

  1. Re Bill Whittle video – I agree about the fact that Trump is enjoyable because he fights our opposition with good points. I hate PC. It has taken all the fun out of dialogue.

    But I must take issue for the umpteenth time – it is not 4 people in Benghazi – it was to have been 34 Americans that Obama and Hillary deliberately condemned to certain, horrible death.
    Two brave men defied orders to stand down and 32 people from that embassy were saved.
    Stop saying 4 people. Say 34! Four may have died, but it was potentially 34.


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