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Ignore and Disregard It All You Want But Hillary Clinton Is in Trouble


And anybody else would be nailed to a wall by now.

As the FBI asks to make a new secret filing in Clinton email case, the State Department chuckles a 75-year wait for FOIA request not ‘outlandish’. Yeah, right…

According to CNN, the State Department said getting all the emails together from each official would take at least 16 years each, and in some cases, 33 years. State’s filing indicated that it would only be able to find the emails sequentially, not concurrently, because of the backlog of FOIA requests.

Judge Napolitano: There’s Enough Evidence To Indict Hillary‘This Self-Created Crisis Is Blowing Up In Her Face’


The Funniest BS You’ll Hear Today: State Department Says It’s Going to Take 75 Years…


FBI Suspect Claims Democrat Nomination

Ace @ AoSHQ: “So maybe Hillary can break the glass ceiling and become the First Felon Ever Nominated for President.”

I also love the Intertunnel for turning “Benghazi” into the term for, as the Urban Dictionary defines it: An attempt to cover a screw up so bad that it will cost you everything, then lie, get caught, & continue to lie to try & cover the lies.


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