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Some Trans-Social-Engineering-Justice-Culture Updates




Trans-gender Boy Wins State Honors In Girls’ Track & Field Events

In Alaska, transgender rights trample all over women’s rights

Video: New California gun rights ad focuses on women, LGBT voters

Episcopal Priest: LGBTQ People Will ‘Revitalize Christianity’

Georgia: State ACLU Director Resigns After Daughters Frightened By Men In Women’s Restroom

VA Proposes Covering Sex Reassignment Surgeries for Transgender Vets

How LGBT Activism Changes the Rules of Adultery, Morality and Fairness: In both marriage and sports, LGBT activism makes hash of our commonsense moral intuitions.

Obama says he’s not to blame for transgender bathroom issue

Salon Tries To Blame White People For Mass Gun Violence, Fails Miserably

Donald Trump Protester Speaks Out: “I Was Paid $3,500 To Protest Trump’s Rally”

“Culture Creep:” How Americans Became So Sensitive To So Many Harms

White House Emailed Pro-Immigration Talking Points to Celebrity Influencers … Yeah, shocked that the useful idiots class that need their lines written for them is getting their lines written for them from their socialist overlords in the house ‘slaves built’…


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