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“The Purge” is a Real-Life Movie Already In-Progress

One month to go in 2021. These stats will increase.

I have said in the not too distant past that the road our society is on right now the ridiculous concept of Hollywood’s movie franchise, “The Purge” would at some point and in some manner be officially implemented. At this point in our nation’s outrageous and unacceptable increasing crime rates on every level, lack of respect for laws and for law and order authority, and obliterated regard for life, property, and liberty “The Purge” is already unfolding. And if you think there will be some even playing field in that crawl into dystopia, think again and ask the McCloskeys … ask Kyle Rittenhouse. Their struggles for proper justice in the growing politicizing of our judicial system in their personal cases of legal gun ownership and self-defense and property rights will eventually dissolve for anyone facing the same legal cases in the not too distant future. Ask the McCloskeys and most recently Rittenhouse how even though you’ve won you case in a court of law you are forever eternally guilty in the rabid fringe quarter of ‘the court of public opinion’ who demand mob justice and cancellation and ruination for the rest of your life. Oh, and ask those being held and rotting in DC jails for well-over 10 months since January 6 without hearings or trials or formal charges, compared to the antifa and blm scum that have carried out violence, murder, and destruction in the nation’s cities, barely, if at all, challenged by authorities and elected officials. And ask the tax-paying parents showing up at their children’s school board meetings to oppose warped leftist classroom curriculum who now have the nation’s AG/DOJ/FBI designating them “domestic terrorists”. Hell, you’re considered a domestic terrorist if you dare oppose anything or anyone the left supporters.

And now “defund the police” is moving into “abolish the police” as they are literally being targeted and executed. I don’t know about you but I’m beyond sick and tired of turning on FOX News in the morning and hearing yet another police officer, or more, has/have been murdered…

VIDEO: Ambush attacks on police increased by 126% in 2021

Paul Bedard: Fraternal Order of Police: Most ever police shot and killed in US history

I think I was 15-16 years old when I watched that old classic movie with Jimmy Cagney, “Angels With Dirty Faces”. Organized crime was spinning and growing out of control. But a criminal might be able to evade the death penalty for murdering another civilian … but never for killing a cop. Not today. No, today it’s excused away as the killer “felt threatened” by the law enforcement officer. The law enforcement officer was “racist”. Etc. And now when you’re part of the fascist anarchist movement (yes, funded by wealthy powers that be) you are bailed out of jail by a Vice Presidential candidate and an army of ‘personal bodyguarded’ celebrities … AND then excused and the exit door held open for you by leftist activist judges/DAs/prosecutors, also typically heavily funded and campaigned for by George Soros and other wealthy anti-American thugs. Do these Sith Lords know the next phase is “eat the rich”?

Throwback Thursday: Mark Megahan (6-29-20): Karma Alert: BLM Begins Marching on Hollywood Elites, Chanting ‘Eat the Rich’

Current Events…

Alex Diaz: BEVERLY HILLS NEIGHBORHOOD ON EDGE – Clarence and Jacqueline Avant’s terrified neighbors fear ‘out of control’ crime wave after music mogul’s wife shot dead in their home

And the interloping and funding is coming from outside forces too…

TTAG: Billionaire Backed International Association of Chiefs of Police Works Against Americans’ Gun Rights

The left in the elected class and the corporate media complex love to pop-off, “This is not who we are”. Seriously?!? What I just laid out above only scratches the surface of my legit declaration of, “This is not who we are!” or are supposed to be in a representative Constitutional republic. This indeed is not “what democracy looks like.” Not unless we are a Cuba or China or Venezuela “democracy.” And that is exactly what the left in our country wants for us.

In addition, I can’t tell you how many raw videos on social media I’ve seen of one or more attacker(s) brutalizing a person, especially on a busy street or on mass transit, and everyone else just standing around and doing nothing.

I guess “LET’S ROLL!” is dead in America.

Dystopia is Just Around the Corner:

Victor Davis Hanson: Third Worldizing America: Violent crime is now soaring in America. But two things are different about America’s new criminality…

Ed Driscoll @ Instapundit:

‘THERE’S NOTHING FESTIVE ABOUT BOARDED-UP STOREFRONTS:’ Union Square retailers look different this holiday season.

As San Francisco approached the critical December shopping month, instead of holiday lights and Santa Claus decorations, dozens of downtown retailers greeted shoppers with plywood-encased storefronts and armed guards in the wake of mass retail thefts in Union Square two weeks ago.

Around a half-dozen stores in the Union Square area were boarded up on Tuesday, including the Louis Vuitton store and others that sustained damage during the robberies. Other luxury stores such as Gucci, which Mayor London Breed said had an existing security gate system and wasn’t damaged in previous robberies, had a guard outside as well.

It’s a stark contrast from previous years when December in Union Square was marked by windows full of holiday ornamentation and the seasonal enticement of products that could fit under Christmas trees.

San Francisco morphed into Detroit so slowly, I hardly even noticed.

VIDEO: San Francisco business owner on struggle to afford private security: ‘It’s just not feasible’

Robert Spencer: San Francisco: Knife-Wielding Afghan Refugee Charges Police, Is Shot Dead

P.M.: Retired Oakland police officer murdered while protecting news crew documenting smash-and-grab retail looters: Kevin Nishita, a father of two and grandfather of three, was shot and killed while protecting a TV crew covering the surge of smash-and-grab crimes in the Bay Area.

Ben Zeisloft: Two Minneapolis Best Buys Robbed On Black Friday As ‘Flash Mob’ Thievery Spreads Beyond California

Throwback Thursday: Brandon Morse (05-12-21): Minneapolis Mayor Comes to Striking Conclusion That Defunding the Police Increased Crime

Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit:

HOW THE LEFT’S LOVE OF RIOTS LED TO KYLE RITTENHOUSE: When You Condone Chaos, You Condone the Consequences of Chaos.

At the time of the Kenosha riots, many many people along the left-of-center, including otherwise reformist liberals, endorsed riots to some degree or another. I know quite a few people who were willing to say that riots were just good on the merits, and there were also many saying in some terms or another that these particular riots could not be judged by progressive people due to what had inspired them. This sentiment stretches back a long way but has picked up steam in the last decade and the past year and a half particularly. Here’s a pro-riot piece and here’s a pro-riot piece and here’s a pro-riot piece and here’s a pro-rioting interview and here’s a pro-looting interview and here’s a riots-aren’t-necessarily-good-but-they-do-good-things piece and here’s a both-sidesy rioting piece and on and on. (And this is merely hilarious.) Pro-rioting sentiment is perfect for our edgelord media; it makes for good, click-farming headlines and engages in the kind of moral simplicity and righteous hectoring that defines our current culture.

Well, look: chaos is chaotic. Bad shit happens when people riot. When you create environments where anything can happen… anything can happen. Some people are going to take advantage of that opportunity to do things that you don’t like. You can’t endorse spasms of directionless violence and then complain when some of it plays out in a way that you hadn’t intended. This seems totally obvious to me, and yet so many out there want to both condone riots and condemn their chaotic outcomes. It’s like putting on music and getting mad when people dance.

Plus: “The left-liberal stance towards political violence, at present, is beyond confused. . . . For many posers on the left antifa is less the expression of authentic political strategy and more a tool to define oneself as an aesthetic radical. If you go to various protests and riots and encounter the self-defined antifascists there, I can assure you very few of them will be remotely interested about what happens in the courts at all. Because – and I’m sorry to break this to you romantic types – most people who self-select as antifa in 2021 are just bored white people attracted by the possibility of an excuse for mindless violence.”

John F. Di Leo: Willie Horton and the Democratic Party’s Greatest Fear

It’s all part of the master plan…

Throwback Thursday: Willian Federer @ The Patriot Post (6-8-20): Hitler’s Brownshirts Used Antifa Tactics to Overthrow Germany’s Republic: The National Socialist Workers’ Party used diplomatic intimidation, deception, and Blitzkrieg “lightning war” attacks to take control.

And they are a bloodthirsty cult…

Stephen Kruiser: The Morning Briefing: Democrats’ Lust for Baby Killing Is Really Creepy

Paula Bolyard: [WATCH] Pro-Abortion Death Cult Ghouls Swallow Abortion Death Pills in Front of Supreme Court

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Everything Democrats touch turns to shit, Dennis Prager edition

As you may recall, there are two unequivocal, immutable political truths, truths as real as gravity or electricity. They are, in order:



These two can be applied singly or together for EVERY SINGLE CRAPTASTIC thing Democrats do the nation.

The estimable Dennis Prager has weighed in on my favorite aphorism, though not with the vulgarism I use. He’s written “A Brief Guide to Leftist Destruction” that outlines the damage these vile evil leftist malcontents have done to our nation:

No. 1: Art. The Left long ago conquered the art world. Consequently, since the 20th century, most modern art has been ugly, meaningless, and nihilistic—the opposite of what Western art had always been.

No. 2: Music. What the Left did to the eyes in art, it did to the ears in music. As a part-time conductor, I can say with some knowledge that since the invention of atonal music (an oxymoron if there ever was one), most contemporary classical music is also ugly, meaningless, and uninspiring. The people who like such music are almost all music critics and, of course, music professors. Most lovers of classical music never listen to the stuff.

No. 3: Journalism. Journalists were once highly respected. Unless a piece was listed as “opinion,” people generally believed they were getting, to the best of a journalist’s ability, as truthful a report as possible—”just the facts.” Today, on virtually any controversial issue, they are getting opinion, not truth. The purpose of nearly every major newspaper and other “news” outlet is the same purpose Pravda had in the Soviet Union: to transmit the party line.

No. 4: Colleges and universities. The Left has destroyed universities as places of learning devoted to seeking truth and therefore welcoming, even cultivating, diverse opinions. Virtually every left-wing idea was born at a university.

No. 5: High schools and elementary schools. Most schools in America—private as much as public—teach children that America is systemically racist and that they are not born male or female, but at a later age will choose whether to be one or the other—or neither. And increasingly, American educational institutions deny objective truth exists, even in mathematics.

No. 6: Happiness. You can meet happy and unhappy liberals and happy and unhappy conservatives, but you are unlikely to ever meet a happy leftist. The only question is whether the unhappy gravitate to leftism or whether leftism makes people unhappy. Both are probably true.

No. 7: The family. People on the Left increasingly choose not to get married and not to have children—in other words, not to make families. And their welfare policies serve to disincentivize the creation of families.

No. 8: Women. The rates of depression among young people, especially young women, are higher than ever recorded in American history. One reason is that for half a century, women have been told, as one famous feminist saw put it, “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.” But the fact is that the vast majority of (heterosexual) women need a man to be fulfilled, just as the vast majority of (heterosexual) men need a woman to be fulfilled.

No. 9: Childhood. One reason young people on the Left don’t want children is that the Left doesn’t particularly like children. The teachers’ unions adamant refusal to open schools for over a year has opened many Americans’ eyes to this fact. So has the war on children’s innocence—like prematurely talking to them about sex and having schools introduce them to drag queens from the age of five.

No. 10: Black life. Much like the Democratic Party historically, the Left is racist. And it is so in precisely the way the word was always used—the Left believes in black inferiority. That is why leftists advocate lowering standards for blacks. That is why they advocate policies that always result in more blacks dying at the hands of other blacks. That is why they believe the state must take care of blacks more than any other group. That is why left-wing policies, from the Great Society to today, have destroyed so much of black life, especially its family life—and they don’t care.

No. 11: Black-white relations. According to polls and according to just about every American who remembers life from about a decade ago, black-white relations were far superior then and both groups were optimistic about relations continuing to improve. The Left shattered that with its anti-white, “America is systemically racist” propaganda shouted from almost every major media and relentlessly pushed in almost every school and big business. The Left knows that when blacks and whites feel good about one another, the Left loses its appeal and loses elections.

No. 12: The military. As the military gets more and more woke—recall the testimony of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff testifying before Congress about the need to teach the military about white racism—soldier morale declines. Add to this the utterly gratuitous and cruel mandate that every member of the military get vaccinated or be discharged and you understand why military morale is in steep decline.

No. 13: Late-night television. Americans who remember the titans of late-night comedy—Johnny Carson and Jay Leno—remember how their sole aim was to bring some smiles and laughter to Americans before they went to sleep. Few people had any inkling of the political views of either host. That is now history. The Left has destroyed late-night comedy. It now consists of little more than angry rants against conservatives.

No. 14: Superman. Superman was an iconic American hero. Thanks to the Left, he is no more. About a decade ago, Superman stood in front of the United Nations to announce he was renouncing his American citizenship to become a “citizen of the world.” And the Left has now changed his motto from “Truth, Justice, and the American way” to “Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow.”

No. 15: Free speech. Never before has freedom of speech been threatened as it is today. As has been true since the communist revolution in Russia, everywhere the Left has gained power—from Russia in 1917 to the university and social media today—it has suppressed free speech. There is no exception.

No. 16: Sports. Until last year, sport was a great American unifier. It was one place Americans could go and, leaving politics behind, Left and Right, Democrat and Republican could root for the same team. No longer. The Left has ruined it by radically politicizing baseball, football, and basketball.

* Or PROGRESSIVISM, or LEFTISM, Etc. All the flavors can be included.


Hump Day: The China Pandemic is Moving into the Ferris Bueller Territory

The Daily Zuby:

Well, if only we were allowed to have that complete conversation and questioning with complete and concise answers on this virus, from origin to the points outlined in the tweets above (and then some) to past and current government (and MSM and non-medical) over-reachers now infringing on our Constitutional rights and liberty, without being flagged as “misinformation murderers”?

It’s more than obvious Gates is heavily invested in this. Follow the money, not just Gates but all the major players these last two years.

Becoming the Government’s COVID Chattel:

I heard a report the other day that New York has lost nearly 35,000 healthcare workers because of the vaccine mandates. Think about that when you hear the MSM breathlessly ‘report’ how hospitals are overrun with COVID patients. The hospitals have had to set reduced limits of hospital occupancy (beds/rooms going unused) because of the self-imposed now acute short-staffing on all levels of hospital medical staff/workers. Do people seriously not understand that hospitals cannot simply keep admitting the same ‘max’ occupancy if there is not enough staff (nurses, doctors, technicians, cleaning/meals staff, etc.) to care for the patients? And yet, the MSM never lets you know that this is the major reason why the “hospitals are filled with COVID patients). And now with this latest “variant” New York’s Andrew Cuomo replacement is carrying-on the China plague tradition of punishing patients…

Mica Soellner: New York Gov. Kathy Hochul will halt non-urgent, elective surgeries in the state amid a spike in the new Omicron COVID-19 variant.

“Non-urgent”? While a patient may not be going from the hospital ER to the OR after a heart attack, that does NOT mean surgeries like mine last spring are “non-urgent”. And that goes for a Hell of a lot of other surgeries that are indeed planned within an “in order to avoid urgency” time frame. My situation with my heart surgery was fantastic, as I had not suffered a heart attack, but doctors anticipated that would not be guaranteed if I waited to have the CABG surgery. We are not talking about face-lifts and boob-jobs here, and I am not dumping on plastic surgery here. What this is, once again, is a government wanker wrongly standing between a patient and their doctor/surgeon. How the Hell dare they/she! And this is not just in the U.S…

DM UK: I’ve seen nothing in this variant that warrants Britain’s extreme response to it: Dr ANGELIQUE COETZEE, the doctor who alerted the world to the Omicron Covid variant, says we are over-reacting to the threat

Again, I say, PUBLICLY ADMIT THIS IS A LAB DESIGNED BIO-WEAPON, and maybe we can all come to an intelligent understanding of what exactly is going on … AND just maybe some trust can begin being built. Or not. Because right now, from an amateur position, a lot of us see the growing evidence over these last two years in this virus’s behavior and China’s continuing cover-up that it is just that … a bio-weapon … and that government here and governments around the world are using this weapon to their own fascistic means over us/their people.

VIDEO: Ted Cruz: Fauci is the most dangerous bureaucrat in American history … Has ‘delusion[s] of grandeur’

Yes. Yes, it is all going according to plan.

David Catron: Democrats Eagerly Await the Omicron Variant: They need a pretext to pass the Freedom to Vote Act, complete with nationwide mail-in voting.

Twitchy: ‘Back door lockdown’: Biden admin considering a mandate that all travelers to the U.S. – including American citizens – quarantine for 7 days

Hey, if you travel outside the country and want to get back into the USA simply ship your luggage home, get a flight from whatever country to Mexico and take a cab to the border and walk across.

Matt Margolis: Biden’s Vaccine Mandates Get Spanked by the Courts AGAIN

Matt Margolis: Domestic Travel Ban for Unvaccinated ‘Not Off the Table’ Says Psaki … Hey, Jen, you do realize all those millions of unvaxxed and generally untested ILLEGAL ALIENS from, yes, even South African countries, crossing our border and being transported all over our nation is indeed “domestic travel”, you twatwaffle.

Paul Krause: Don’t Let Them Scare Your Freedoms Away: Another new day, another new variant of the coronavirus, another new scare campaign by the tyrannical medical establishment and their media lackeys…

Tucker Carlson: We’re in for a whole new pandemic: Omicron has caused existential terror, and will inevitably lead to more lockdowns for those who refuse to get the vaccine

Daniel Horowitz: The despicable and indefensible approval of Merck’s dangerous COVID drug

The FDA has refused to even explore approval of cheap, safe, and effective repurposed drugs for 20 months, despite mounds of evidence from studies vouching for their efficacy and safety. So, naturally, now that the agency is on track to issue an emergency use authorization to the first outpatient drug for COVID, this one must be the greatest thing since penicillin, right? Wrong!

Twitchy: FDA advisory panel’s vote to approve Merck’s COVID-19 therapeutic was ‘surprisingly close’

Selwyn Duke: Video: The COVID con is the ’76 swine flu fiasco on steroids

John Daniel Davidson: Our Failed Pandemic Response Represents The Triumph Of Symbol Over Reality: As the Omicron variant of the coronavirus surges, our leaders won’t be guided by science and real-world experience, but by symbols.

Ronn Blitzer: Most Americans believe COVID-19 leaked from Wuhan lab, support ‘reparations’ for cover-up, poll finds: Nearly 72% believe China lied about origin of coronavirus

Elle Reynolds: Skip The ‘Xi’ Variant? It Should Have Been Called That All Along: Arguably no one — except maybe Dr. Fauci — has done more to hinder the world from responding appropriately to the virus and finding out the truth about its origins.

Joseph Clark and Kerry Picket: Lawmakers fume over U.S. pandemic relief funds pilfered by crime gangs in China, Russia: Lawmakers on Capitol Hill demanded hearings into fraud in the government’s coronavirus unemployment benefit program after hearing that crime syndicates in China, Russia and other adversary nations pocketed tens of billions of dollars…

Twitchy: L.A. County has contracted with a genetics firm with ties to China to handle its mandatory COVID-19 testing and registration

Anders Hagstrom: China Is The Primary Source Of Another Plague Killing Americans: While many in the U.S. have attacked China for its role in allowing COVID-19 to spread across the globe, China is also the primary source of another plague that has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans in recent years: Fentanyl…

MORE “Let’s Go Brandon”:

Speaking of the US border under Brandon…

Eric Lindrum: Biden Administration Refuses to Release Full Number of Illegal Alien Population: In an unprecedented move, the Biden White House still has not yet released an official total of the number of illegal aliens who are currently occupying the United States…

VIDEO: Texas landowners face property damage, worker shortages amid border crisis

Robert Spencer: ALMOST NONE of the 82,000 Afghans Airlifted From Kabul in August Were Vetted Before Coming to the U.S.: Until something goes wrong, just keep celebrating diversity!


Marc Burton: A New Commodity Squeeze Could Soon Rival Lumber’s Recent Historic Shortage: Tin is in the grips of one of the longest-running squeezes ever seen in commodities markets, and there’s little sign of it letting up…

VIDEO: Kansas attorney general slams Biden over inflation: It’s a ‘federally caused problem’

The CRT/SJW Social Construct…

Alex Nitzberg: ‘Our curriculum is deeply using critical race theory,’ Detroit Public Schools Community District superintendent says

Spencer Lindquist: Los Angeles Public Schools Host Critical Race Theorist To ‘Challenge Whiteness’ While Saying They Aren’t Teaching Critical Race Theory: L.A. government schools told parents critical race theory isn’t being taught despite bringing in a known critical race theorist to train teachers to ‘challenge whiteness.’

Twitchy: Hot take: What if you didn’t move on in medical school without passing an anti-racism course?

Eddie Scarry: The Jussie Smollett Trial Isn’t About A ‘Hoax.’ It’s About The Entire Social Justice Movement Being A Scam

Jessica Chasmar: Black Lives Matter calls for month-long boycott of ‘white companies’: ‘White-supremacist-capitalism uses policing to protect profits and steal Black life,’ BLM says

I actually Feel sorry for the “Trans” movement … not often, but a slim sometimes. They can’t seem to get out of their own way…

I must admit, he does have some fetching gams below that “lovely lady hump”. Cripes, dude, tuck and roll, for cripesakes!


Alex Nitzberg: Miss USA’s first openly transgender contestant cut before round of 16

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Tuesday Newsfeed: Slamming Doors

The Great COVID Caper:

Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden’s handle on coronavirus ‘greatest public policy failure of all time’: ‘No one in charge has even acknowledged the magnitude of the failure’

Stephen Green: MANDATE CAVE: White House Suspends Vaccine Mandate for Fed Employees

Cristina Laila: Sweden: Get Your Covid Vaccine Passport in a Chip in Your Hand (VIDEO)

The Daily Zuby:

CNN’s Chris Cuomo busted again:

Megan Fox: Chris Cuomo Texts Show He Was Running Strategy for Big Brother’s Sex Scandal

VIDEO: Joe Concha: Chris Cuomo shouldn’t ‘sniff a microphone’ until CNN’s investigation is complete

Twitchy: WOW: Even Rolling Stone magazine is sick of Chris Cuomo’s sh*t

Twitchy: ‘Final word’? Brian Stelter reminds us why his CNN colleague Chris Cuomo has already explained himself enough

Bad Actors:

The then would-be DNC 2020 primary presidential candidates had no qualms about jumping to conclusions on the heels of the Jussie Smollett “MAGA country” and ‘noose’ hoax in Chicago nearly two years ago…

The trial in Chicago of the bad actor began yesterday in Chicago with jury selection…

Jessica Napoli: Jussie Smollett trial: Legal expert says guilty verdict is highly probable because of ‘strong evidence’: The ‘Empire’ actor is accused of lying to police about experiencing a hate crime … Smollett still insists the “racist attack” by Trump supporters/MAGA was real, even though the two friends he hired to play the MAGA parts were caught on video buying the supplies they needed to carry-off the hoax AND admitted that the actor had hired them and scripted the incident. Do you think either Biden or Harris will be retracting their above public statements on social media … or even asked by the news media reporters about it??

Twitchy: We hope you enjoy this delicious compilation of ‘all the gullible libs who fell for the Jussie Smollett hoax’ as much as we did

Jussie is a highly-professional “actor”, doncha know…

Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself: Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial Begins

Marta Dhanis: Ghislaine Maxwell was Epstein’s ‘partner in crime,’ per prosecutors, and a ‘scapegoat,’ according to defense: Trial of British socialite kicked off this Monday with opening statements

AP @ FNC: Ghislaine Maxwell was ‘No. 2’ in hierarchy of Epstein’s operations, pilot testifies: Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr. is the first witness in the sex trafficking trial of Maxwell

Jim Hoft: As Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Opens – FAA Accidentally Reveals Over 700 Previous Unknown Jeffrey Epstein Flights

Joe Hoft: Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Begins with a Obama Judge and Jim Comey’s Daughter Prosecuting – Will Ties to FBI and US Government Be Revealed?

When #WOKE is Broke and Really Wakes-the-Hell-Up:

Twitchy: ALMOST red-pilled Liberal Michelle Tandler’s thread showing the DISASTER progressive policies have made of San Francisco a MUST-read

Jim Hoft: President Trump Calls on Democrats to Deal with Smash-and-Grab Robberies or Call in the National Guard

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss … But Worse:

Kay Smythe: Twitter’s New CEO Parag Agrawal Has Disturbing Anti-American, Anti-White Tweet History. … The usual apologists came out claiming he was tweeting something he had heard on a TV comedy/talk show, and that “it was a joke”, and that “the right” was completely taking it out of context. Even Twitter itself is running CYA interference for the bloke.Even Twitter itself was dismissing the old tweet(s) of the CEO as a non-serious joke. Meanwhile…

Brian Flood: New Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal once said company is ‘not to be bound by the First Amendment’: ‘Our role is to serve a healthy public conversation and our moves are reflective of things that we believe lead to a healthier public conversation,’ Agrawal said in 2020

Vivek Ramaswamy: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey steps down — four reflections on his decision from a tech entrepreneur: Dorsey didn’t really run Twitter by the end of it. The woke mob did

Congrats and Welcome to Our Newest American Citizen:

Nikolas Lanum: NBA player Enes Kanter on his legal name change to include ‘Freedom’ after becoming American citizen: ‘It was probably the greatest moment of my life,’ said the Boston Celtics player

VIDEO: Enes Kanter on his legal name change to include ‘Freedom’ after becoming American citizen: The NBA player discusses his name change as well as his criticism of China and LeBron James.

VIDEO: Enes Kanter Freedom changes name to celebrate first day as an American citizen


VIDEO: Newt Gingrich: Mainstream media will do all it can to not communicate how bad crime is

Joe Hoft: INSANE: World Economic Forum’s Predictions for 2030 Include No Property Ownership, Diminished USA, and Syrian CEO’s

(Fmr) Rep. Bob Barr: Biden’s ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Contains Backdoor ‘Kill Switch’ For Cars … Recall, Obama installed a ‘kill switch’ for the internet (just like places of total freedom and liberty like China and Cuba have). And, unless I’m mistaken, there is also a government ‘kill switch’ for broadcast radio/TV.

Gwendolyn Sims: Our Country Is Going ‘Down the Drain’: Former Disney Animator Takes on the Left

Twitchy: ‘This is the ‘journalism’ of a witch hunt’: Drew Holden carefully dismantles David Frum’s piece claiming to prove that ‘Trump-Russia was not a hoax’

Mike LaChance: Joe Rogan Calls Out The Media Over The Russia Collusion Hoax: ‘No One Is Being Held Accountable’ (VIDEO)

(SATIRE) Titania McGrath (January 2020): Orwell: my self-help guru: Slavery should be reinstated so that it can be abolished by a queer woman of colour

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Tweet of The Day: Jill Decorates White House

I feel as if I’m waiting for that racist Cat In A Hat to come crashing through the doors with Thing 1 and Thing 2…

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Monday Newsfeed: Your Annual Tryptophan Hangover is Particularly Worse This Year

After a long weekend of trying to get your money’s worth and every nibbly-bits of meat off that bird’s carcass … and finally getting that last lingering piece of cookery out of the weekend sudsy-soak and put away … it’s back to the taxpayers’ thankless weekly grind. And Christmas is less than a month away. So, “cyber” the heck out of that Christmas gift list today, y’all! Merry! Merry! Do I sound a bit cynical? Eh, it’s the Bidenflation era. If you’re not cynical too you’re not paying close enough attention. Look, the 2022 midterm elections are just under a year away. And then there are a couple of months before any newly elected (hopefully serious republicans) majority is sworn into office in both houses of the US Congress. That gives Biden’s covert handlers and the Pelosi-Schumer generals to heighten the Hell out of their war on the American people and our Constitutional republic. Look what they’ve already done to us in less than a year. Don’t underestimate their Kamikaze plan(s) being ready if the republicans win big next November.

Onto the news hits…

The Daily Zuby:

COVID has always been the “Xi” variant in the demo-commie master plan for our nation:

From reader/contributor BK @ Patriots’ Soapbox: “Have you noted that the new iteration of the virus-to-make-you-scared-to-death might more accurately scramble its letters to be more correct: MORONIC.”

Peter Aitken: South African doctor says omicron variant symptoms ‘unusual but mild’: “So far, we have detected that those infected do not suffer the loss of taste or smell. They might have a slight cough.”

VIDEO: Dr. Makary on omicron variant: ‘We shouldn’t panic or shut things down’

Jeebus H. Crispies, the SOB is still pushing the Wuhan ‘wet market’…

VIDEO: Robby Soave: American psyche cannot handle more COVID shutdowns

VIDEO: Brian Kilmeade: Fauci has ‘no credibility’

Stacey Lennox: Dr. Anthony Fauci Spends an Hour Pontificating on TV—and Proves He’s A Partisan Hack

VIDEO: Dr. Scott Atlas: Government bureaucrats were threatened by other input

DWN: Top Scientist Blasts Fauci As A ‘Serial Liar,’ Slams Ex-Biden Pandemic Adviser As An ‘Empty Head,’ ‘Dolt’

DWN: Cruz Responds To Fauci’s Attack On Him In Scathing Statement, Doubles Down On Call For Criminal Probe

VIDEO: Tom Cotton calls out Biden’s travel ban hypocrisy on omicron variant … How about that wide open border, Joe??

Jason Chaffetz: Biden’s COVID measures meaningless without border security: How many detained at the border were tested for COVID? How many will be vaccinated?

VIDEO: ICE former acting director Tom Homan: Omicron variant means ‘now’s the time’ to close southern border: The COVID-19 omicron variant can worsen the ongoing border crisis

Mitch Picasso: Everything You Need to Know About the Omicron Variant…so Far

J.J. Sefton @ AoSHQ: Omicron Glory-Hole (or Khoms Out The Ying-Yang)

The main battlefronts in our societal dissolution are mass looting sprees across the nation and the perpetual mass insanity of Chinese COVID fear porn. This time, it’s the Omicron variant. The “Xi” variant was nixed by the Chinese-run Word, I mean, World Health Organization for some unknown reason. Hmm. In any case, over the past few weeks the consensus, at least around here, was that poor man’s Mengele, Anthony Fauci, had seemingly outlived his usefulness to the junta as the confirmation about the origins of the Chinese virus actually was – gasp! – China, and that Fauci and company used American taxpayer dollars to actually funded the Chinese lab in Wuhan and who the hell knows where else in that G-d forsaken accursed land to conduct research in weaponizing coronaviruses for biological warfare purposes. Mission accomplished….

… Ironically, the actual Chinese COVID-19 virus has proven to be about as lethal to the general population as the most virulent strains of seasonal flu. Something like 0.06% IFR or thereabouts. I don’t give a flying fuck about how fast it can spread, infection rates, the case numbers, and most of all the death statistics. We know for sure that the WHO as well as our own corrupt HHS, CDC, NIH and all the rest of these bureaucracies and sadly greedy hospitals and healthcare providers are counting those poor souls who died WITH the virus as having died FROM the virus.

… What it did do was, in effect, create a global societal upheaval that truly evil people here and abroad have used – and continue to use – as a pretext to destroy our freedom and then remake society in the way they think it should be organized. Naturally with them at the top.

So, Psaki-Psircling back, the usual suspects with their willing mouthpieces in the agitprop media are doing the Chicken Little boogaloo about Omigod Omicron! Yet it’s still Fauci being trotted out in front of the cameras to proclaim himself Minerva (with the teeny-tiny penis) and anyone who dare challenge him as a blasphemer. The fucking gall of this criminal is radiant, and yet still he persists….

The “great reset” of the world is upon us, and COVID has been a YUGE help.

Read the whole thing.

Matt Margolis: Is The Omicron Variant The ‘Midterm Election Variant’?

Roger Kimball: The COVID Follies Play Again: We are not yet done with the COVID follies, not by a long shot.

Vasko Kohlmayer: Hard Data Shows the Covid Vaccines Don’t Work

Paul Joseph Watson: Top Physician Says Vaccines Will Be ‘Needed For Years’ to Combat ‘Ebola-Level’ Strain of COVID – Ebola’s average mortality rate is 50 per cent.

Dan O’Donnell: Hospital Struggles To Treat 18 Waukesha Parade Victims Because Of Vaccine Mandate: A high-ranking official said the hospital currently has hundreds of open positions and attributes much of the staffing shortage to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Athena Thorne: Whistleblower: Federal Contractor Forces Unvaccinated Employees to Wear Bright Orange Badge

#WOKE is a Deadly Ideological Virus:

Aaron Sibarium: Doctors Warn New Medical School Guidance Would Lead to Unqualified Physicians and Unscientific Medicine: Accreditation guidelines call meritocracy ‘malignant,’ suggest genetic screening is racist

VIDEO: THE NEXT REVOLUTION: Is ‘wokeism’ a new religion?

Shawn Waugh: Dear Wokesters, Kyle Rittenhouse Is Coming for Your Money: Kyle Rittenhouse has every reason to sue these leftist elites for defamation and slander.

Gwendolyn Sims: Warning: Your Favorite Holiday Charity May Be Promoting CRT

#WOKE across the water

Breitbart: UK Bureaucrats Ban Word ‘Christmas’ for Fear It Will Offend Minorities: British civil servants have apparently embraced their inner Scrooge…

DM: Notre Dame ‘is being turned into a woke theme park’: Cathedral is being revamped with a ‘discovery trail’ and ‘Christianity for dummies’ exhibits, claim critics

Crime and Non-Punishment:

Stephen Green: The Biden Grift-and-Influence Machine Is Even Worse Than You Thought

Natalie Winters: Biden’s New Federal Reserve Vice Chair is Married to his ‘Asia Tsar’ who Headlined a Conference For a Hunter Biden-Linked Chinese Foreign Influence Group: Oh, and he was a “guest of honor” for the Confucius Institutes, too.

Victor Davis Hanson: A Tale of Two Cities: Kenosha vs. Waukesha: The media’s blatant lies amount to racial arson.

Liz Sheld: Morning Greatness: Multiple Retailers Ransacked Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Kevin Downey, Jr: Your Thanksgiving Weekend Round-up! Shoplifting, Black Supremacy and Antifa Weeps!

VIDEO: Lindsey Graham slams Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the ‘squad’ over cash bail: ‘the enemy is the radical left’

Paul Joseph Watson: Watson Video: The Strange Incident in Waukesha: The media want you to think it’s a mystery.

Andrea Widburg: American cities are reverting to primitive, self-destructive behavior: American cities on the Democrats’ watch are drifting away from civilization. The most obvious problem is the rise in crime…

Emma Colton: NY defund police candidate for governor has NYPD detail, home protected by military with ‘M16s’: Jumaane Williams is ‘hypocritical’ for living on a secure military base, critics say

Tech Stuff:

Lucas Manfredi: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to step down: Twitter shares have fallen nearly 10% this year trailing the S&P’s 23% rise

Jim Hoft: Twitter’s New CEO Does Not Care About or Honor American Rights and Freedoms – Says “Our Role Is Not to Be Bound by First Amendment”

Fay Voshell: The Escape to Mars or Zuckerberg’s Metaverse: There are currently at least two secularist escapist proposals aimed at stopping the world or at least getting some of us off this planet, one featuring escape into outer space and the other featuring retreat into self-created spaces…

Jay Valentine: Meet the Technology That’s Uncovering 2020’s Voter Fraud

Adam Sabes: Arizona university students demand administration to ‘withdraw’ Kyle Rittenhouse: ‘killer off our campus’: Groups claim Kyle Rittenhouse is ‘violent blood-thirsty murderer’ … I believe he’s taking online classes, by the way.

Eric Lendrum: Left-Wing Student Groups at Arizona State University Demand Rescinding of Kyle Rittenhouse’s Admission


Twitchy: Disney+ apparently doesn’t want Hong Kong subscribers to know that The Simpsons once called out China for censorship over Tiananmen Square

Andrew Oleksiw: Natural Law Liberalism—An Ideology for the Republican Party: Unless Republicans anchor their political value system in the absolute truth of inalienable individual rights granted by God the Creator, the Left will eventually win.


Saturday Newsfeed: “Surviving the Holidays” Takes On A Whole New Meaning in the Bidenflation Era

I broke my vow, yesterday, and on pure whim decided to go out into the Black Friday madness. Unlike my oldest daughter who called me very early on her trek to her area mall yesterday morning, my conceding to get my jeans and sweatshirt on and bundle up, as a bit of a frigid clipper was blowing down from Erie with some flakes, hit me just moments before noon. My venture took me out of my suburban neighborhood to a two minute drive up the main drag outside our complex to the little shopping center with an Italian grocery, a Handyman hardware store, a Big Lots, and a Dollar Tree.

I went first to Dollar Tree. With all the stories of the store chain (where everything really is a dollar unless it’s previous holiday or seasonal clearance and prices are cut to fifty cents) planning to raise prices because of inflation and supply chain shortages (you know a lot of their stock is coming from China and other Asian countries) I wanted to get some stocking stuffers for our youngest daughter … and some much needed new kitchen table placemats.

Anyhow, standing at my plague pandemic tape-line on the floor while waiting my turn at the checkout counter (three customers ahead of me and two behind me) I heard the elderly gentleman checking out inquiring about when the prices were going to be marked up. The clerk said corporate hadn’t yet informed them. He then asked what would they do about the store name when the price of everything would rise to $1.25. She chuckled, shrugged and suggested, “Maybe ‘Dollar Tree and More’?” The gentleman turned to the rest of us, chuckling said, “Well, that’ll cover every time they have to raise prices during inflation.” Everyone laughed.

That’s when the two women behind me and I struck up a brief conversation. By the way, I was wearing a mask and they weren’t, and so, while I could read their faces they couldn’t read mine. I said to them that I wondered about the latest news the Dollar Tree would simply be tacking on the added twenty-five cents across the board on products, when previous news had the store chain planning on a section of the store where increased-priced items would be while the rest of store items would remain a dollar. I told the two ladies it’s proud just easier to tack on the price hike to everything. One of them said she didn’t blame corporations. We agreed. I said the inflation was being fueled by the countless cargo ships lingering off the coast of California, especially with that state’s ridiculous policies. I mentioned to them Florida’s recent encouraging the shipping companies, now being fined and more fees climbing, to use that money instead to make the trip to Panama Canal and go to Florida’s ports. The one woman wasn’t aware of that and the other was. One of them said how she blamed the media for the messes we’re going through.

And then I stealthy pushed it up a notch. I said, “They really do think we’re stupid. They seriously think we don’t know and understand what they’re doing and what is exactly going on.” Their eyes got sooo big and they agreed. I think despite my mask they now knew we were on the same political page. One then remarked how these people in the media and in government really don’t shop like regular people do. I told them, “Nor do they work in the factories, trucking companies, stores…”

They got more animated and talky.

One women remarked how Biden releasing 50 million barrels from the federal reserve wouldn’t solve anything. That’s when I said, “Oh, it achieved the exact purpose it was intended to with the markets. And much of it is being given to China. Gas prices are not coming down any time soon.”
She then, a bit angrily, remarked how that federal oil reserve was meant for war or disasters. To which I chimed in, “And not to ‘play the markets’”. That’s when I told them I was a news blogger, and how I was seeing ‘other’ news stories the corporate news channels did not cover or add to their coverage. And how they went from not acknowledging we are under inflation, to blaming American consumers ‘spending all that extra money’ we miraculously have in spite of nobody’s wages going up … to now claiming “Hey, actually this inflation is great!” in just a few short weeks. I lost count of all the “yeahs” they echoed.

So, just know that a basically silent majority of angry Americans is out there and we are onto what is going on.

Tucker Carlson: How can America survive three more years of Joe Biden? Biden has made living in this country much more difficult for millions of Americans

Dom Calicchio: Los Angeles-area looters target Home Depot, Bottega Veneta stores on Black Friday: reports – Tools stolen Friday from a Home Depot store — such as crowbars, mallets and sledgehammers — will likely be used in future crimes, authorities fear … Looting for looting supplies for their growing criminal “looting” enterprise.

Meanwhile, on planet COVID…

Julia Musto: Fauci would ‘not be surprised’ if omicron is already in US, predicts it will go ‘all over’: Fear of the variant has led nations to implement to travel restrictions

Hell yeah, it’s most likely already here. There are reports of illegal aliens crossing our now open border from African countries. And Biden, who basically condemned Trump as “xenophobic” for halting flights from China to the USA, has halted flights from South Africa to the USA, but that can and will be gotten around by flights from South Africa taking those travelers to other countries where they can use those countries’ flights to travel here … or fly to Mexico and walk across our border.

And carrying on with the political sciencing of this damn virus and pandemic in order to protect communist China, especially its supreme leader, at all cost(s)…

Audrey Conklin: WHO skips over Greek letters ‘nu’ and ‘xi’; names new variant ‘omicron’: The mu variant would have been followed by the nu and xi variants

And get ready for the damn lockdowns again…

Cristina Laila: “It’s Coming” – New York Gov. Hochul Declares State of Emergency Due to Omicron Variant


Carrie Sheffield: If critical race theory can creep into the classrooms of Missouri, it’s likely in yours

Kevin Downey, Jr: Michigan Media: CRT Not Being Taught. Detroit School Head: ‘Yes It Is’

GWP: Alan Dershowitz Warns The Justice System Is Becoming Infected With CRT

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November 26, 2016

Five years ago I had my greatest November ever.

On November 3 my beloved Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Having been a fan since the age of ten this was the crowning glory.

On November 8 Donald Trump was elected President of the United States against all odds. I was not a fan then, only desiring the abomination of desolation (a/k/a Hillary) to lose. (He’s since changed my mind, of course.)

On November 22 I turned the BIG 6-OH. 60 fucking years old. A milestone.

Then, on November 26, the crowning achievement of that November happened when the Beast of Biran, the monster that had haunted so many of us finally died and went o his just rewards in the ninth circle of hell.

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“Black Friday” Weekend Reads: Holiday Week Leftovers

Editor’s note: Not my cat. Stock photo on Bing.

Editor’s note: I began working on this post hours before sunrise Thanksgiving morning. I’m probably/possibly catching up on that lost sleep as you read this.

Good morning, fellow Spectators! Hopefully your Thanksgiving was festive and thankful.

It’s “Black Friday” and, yes, there are seriously dumb and mentally disturbed people in our country that believe the shopping term is ‘racist’, ‘divisive’ and ‘offensive’. I’ve yet to hear one of these people’s explanation as to how the term ‘Black Friday’ can be connected to race other than the appearance of a color in it.

The term “Black Friday” refers to businesses and retailers near the end of annual accounting going from “in the red”, ink color (used to denote a warning or emergency) on the accounting books meaning not making a profit or breaking even from the company’s/business’s spending for the year, to changing to black ink for “in the black” with the massive holiday sales pulling the accounting books back to reflecting a successful and profitable accounting year.

When this is explained to the people who believe everything is ‘racist’ some still don’t buy the real meaning. They are mentally ill. That brings me to the corporate MSM whose ratings are in the deep red and sinking to viewership bankruptcy. And it’s all their own fault.

In my amateur knowledge of law and order I do know that every trial sets precedent for future trials. Hence, had the Rittenhouse verdict been “guilty” it would have impacted pretty much all future self-defense cases. It would also have fueled the anti-gun and anti Second Amendment politicians and lobby groups and activists.

We always hear the left claiming our court and justice system is “broken”. Well, they’re half right. More and more Americans are witnessing on the TV courtroom, where the no-longer fact based but political opinion-charged news media talking heads self-appoint themselves to rule as judge, jury, and sentencer/executioner. The recent Rittenhouse trial has so explicitly exposed this so damningly that I have lost count of the people, not just fence-sitters but full-on liberals with more than a handful of brain cells and sanity, who have taken a baffled stumbling step back upon awakening to the MSM’s shameless attempted public railroading of Kyle Rittenhouse in the minds of the American people. Those awakened people all listed the line of prosecutorial lies the MSM spun hard … while ignoring the actual prosecution’s falsehoods … and ran as a totally false premise and fake narrative every moment of that trial when they reported, and had these viewers/readers of their news fully believing it all as FACTUAL truth. But it wasn’t. It was “their truth” (MSM’s). Those fact-stunned people said they now find themselves seriously questioning and distrusting not only past things the media has covered but current events ongoing and future events that they cover.

The Rittenhouse trial was just as much the biggest overdue trial of the malpracticing MSM … Rittenhouse won his battle for self-defense. The public verdict on the MSM was “guilty” on all counts. Finally, they have been exposed.

Kevin Downey, Jr: Is the Media Culpable in Cases Like Waukesha? … They really are responsible for helping create this anti-American atmosphere of “guilty until proven innocent and even so still guilty no matter what”. So, the answer is yes.

Now the MSM are not helping their “journalistic integrity” deficits with their newspeak and warped coverage of the horrific slaughter of innocent peaceful pedestrians in Waukesha, WI. by an unconscionable decades long criminal driving the SUV. By the way, one way the media is newspeaking this current case is by not saying the perp’s name and making it sound like the vehicle committed the crime, and by insisting it must be referred to as an “incident” or “accident” instead of using more accurate terms to describe what happened…

Matt Margolis: Washington Post Says Waukesha Massacre Was ‘Caused by an SUV’: The Waukesha massacre doesn’t fit the narrative the mainstream media typically likes to promote, so they’ve been generally trying to ignore it…

Twitchy: Washington Post says the ‘Waukesha tragedy’ was ’caused by a SUV’

And the MSM is not alone in this…

Andrew Mark Miller: Wikipedia users try to change Waukesha ‘parade car rampage’ entry to ‘parade incident’: Several news outlets referred to the alleged massacre as a ‘parade crash’

So bad is this journalistic debauchery of evasive wordsmithing dthat even those left of ‘left-of-center’ voices are angry…

Twitchy: ‘Don’t minimize’! Actress Debra Messing hammers media calling Waukesha massacre an ‘accident’

As the background evidence of the basis for Darrell Brooks’s massacre of citizens of a small midwestern town, the same MSM and it’s satellite minions on social media step up their gaslighting of yet another very public criminal case. Some even evading covering areas of it. As prosecutors the media sure does love withholding evidence in the “court of public opinion”. And I say this a a former media/news media member. When I left that career over 30 years ago to start and raise a family it was nowhere near this bad.

But the SJWs and BLMs and antifa fascists told us they fully intended to tear down our system from top to bottom and rebuild it in their image of ‘justice’ and ‘equity’ in a move for judicial and societal ‘reparations’ where a Darrell Brooks is protected by removing him and his criminal intent and crime from these cases and excusing the whole thing just STFU. And a Kyle Rittenhouse, by way of being white and not being ‘with’ the destructive violent mob in their retribution quest in the streets (you know, not the right kind of white guy) he and his alleged crime was all racist all daylong everyday. So much so that those awaken people I mentioned above first listed the MSM lie that the three men Rittenhouse shot were black.

Unfortunately the social justice blokes are a bit more correct in the system being broken. And that is self-inflicted because in addition to media influencing tone and even outcomes of our courts, via judge and/or jury intimidation as was fully on display in the whole of the Rittenhouse trial, outside influencers and their big money, such as George Soros, are responsible for many leftist “activist” AGs, DAs, prosecutors, court commissioners, judges on local and state and even federal levels by funding and fueling their campaigns/career climbs…

Michael Ruiz: Waukesha parade attack: Meet the official who agreed to $1K bail for Darrell Brooks ahead of Christmas carnage: Darrell Brooks’ low bail on felony charges earlier this month prompted an internal review by the Milwaukee DA’s office

For example, you’ll note the same MSM that continues to promote complete lies about what happened on January 6 are not reporting on the unethical bullshit the judge(s) are making up out of whole cloth as “laws” in their ruling on and unfairly sentencing these 10 month-held prisoners.

And now we have this unfolding…

WSJ Ed Board: The Great Ohio Opioid Stick-Up: A jury verdict against pharmacies distorts product liability law.

Thousands of local governments and plaintiff attorneys are seeking to extort companies in the drug supply chain by holding them liable for the nation’s opioid epidemic. Now armed with a jury verdict, a federal judge is holding Walgreens, Walmart and CVS hostage to a settlement.

That sums up the news on Tuesday that a jury in a bellwether case in Ohio has found the three large pharmacy chains liable for creating a public nuisance by filling opioid prescriptions. The companies say they plan to appeal, but they will have to wait until federal Judge Dan Aaron Polster, who presides over the consolidated cases, issues a separate ruling on damages.

Our sources say Judge Polster separated the verdict from the pecuniary punishment to squeeze the companies to settle this case and thousands of others that have yet to go to trial. The two Ohio counties that are the leading plaintiffs have each estimated their costs from the opioid epidemic at about $1 billion. Potential liability for claims by all the plaintiffs could be many times greater.

… He then stacked the deck against the pharmacies with procedural motions and declined to call a mistrial after a juror shared information biased against the defendants with fellow jurors…

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has criticized the judge for violating basic judicial procedure, and the pharmacies could cite his missteps in an appeal as grounds for reversal.

The jury verdict also distorts product liability and public-nuisance law since opioids are legal products and pharmacies had no control over how they were used by customers. If the verdict stands, or the companies settle, the precedent could lead to similar nuisance suits across much of the U.S. economy…


The Daily Zuby:

Robert Spencer: Ahmaud Arbery’s Father Throws a Wrench into the Race-Hate Industry, Says ‘All Lives Matter’

Emma Colton: Career criminal accused of shooting two NYPD officers; de Blasio blames guns: NYC Mayor de Blasio said there are ‘too many guns out there’

Rick Moran: ‘Experts’ Say Calling the Looting of San Francisco’s Expensive Stores ‘Looting’ Is Racist

Jessica Chasmar: Biden strikes far different tone after Arbery verdict than Rittenhouse: Guilty verdicts in Arbery case ‘reflect our justice system doing its job,’ Biden said … Of course.

Twitchy: HO HO HUH? The Salvation Army going WOKE and demanding a ‘sincere apology for white racism’ with donations goes SO wrong … Can’t wait to hear MSM spin the backfire on the 2020 Holiday season decreases in Salvation Army donations. They can’t cite inflation because they’re already weeks into hailing inflation as ‘great’. And they can’t really twist this ridiculous race-baiting donation tactic into having worked for charity donations.

Joseph A. Wulfsohn: Seth Rogen goes viral after shrugging off Los Angeles car burglaries: ‘It’s called living in a big city’: Actor says his car was broken into ’15 or so times’ since living in LA … THAT is indeed elitist Hollywood “white privilege” right there. What an ass.

These are the people that seriously believe Kyle Rittenhouse should have just laid on the street and allowed the violent mob, who were shouting death threats, to beat the Hell out of him and stomp his head into the pavement.

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Thanksgiving 2021

Thank God for all His blessings.

Thank Him for the United State of America, for freedom and liberty.

Tell Him how much you value His given-rights, and ask Him for strength to stay steadfast to our responsibility to preserve them.
Thank your family and friends for their love.
Thank those who sacrifice time and even life everyday … police, firefighters, EMS, doctors and nurses and other medical workers, our military, the border patrol.
Thank the grocer, the mailperson, the trash collector, the guys who plow the snow from the streets, the water department, the crews that climb the poles to restore power when the weather is dangerous.

Thank God for all His blessings,
And never forget, His greatest blessing to us all is each other.

God bless America.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Emily Jashinsky: Thanksgiving Is Meant For The Bad Times As Much As The Good

“In the midst of a civil war of unequalled magnitude and severity … peace has been preserved with all nations, order has been maintained, the laws have been respected and obeyed, and harmony has prevailed everywhere except in the theatre of military conflict,” Lincoln wrote. The first two sentences of his Thanksgiving proclamation make note of “bounties, which are so constantly enjoyed that we are prone to forget the source from which they come.”

The first Thanksgiving itself celebrated not merely a bountiful harvest, but a bountiful harvest enjoyed amidst suffering and scarcity. “For the English, [the first Thanksgiving] was also celebrating the fact that they had survived their first year here in New England,” Tom Begley of Plimoth Plantation told the History Channel.

Both the English and the Native Americans present at the first Thanksgiving had strong traditions of ritual gratitude. “We as native people [traditionally] have thanksgivings as a daily, ongoing thing,” Linda Coombs, a former director of the Wampanoag program at Plimoth Plantation, explained to the Christian Science Monitor. “Every time anybody went hunting or fishing or picked a plant, they would offer a prayer or acknowledgment.”

Pain and suffering are baked into the very fabric of Thanksgiving, as well they should be. We give thanks not to whitewash history or mitigate challenges of the present. We give thanks because of those struggles.

Modernity cushions us from the suffering that induced these ritual expressions of gratitude. In this age of dollar-menu abundance, where starvation in our country is rare, rich and poor alike are less reliant on nature for immediate survival and therefore less likely to celebrate every bite of turkey or every sip of water. But our food and other bounties still sustain us. We need them to survive, no matter how easy it is for us to eat or treat the common cold.

The Bible is clear that we are to give thanks “in all circumstances.” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.)

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