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And Here We Are, Two Years Later and Finding Out The Depths of ‘The Swamp’…

TUS reader BK Masterson is a faithful and continuing student of history, and in these last years she, as with the rest of us, has become more and more concerned about what is being revealed about the proverbial “Deep State” in our own federal government. BK has spent the better part of these last two years doing close observation and research, following those who have been collecting the data the MSM refuses to investigate.

BK recently revisited her prior post to TUS from October of 2016: Of Effrontry, Scandals and Righteous Men

BK Masterson now writes:

Knowing what I now know after two years of digging and researching, I almost sound naive in my view at the time.

Today, I am convinced that dozens of high officials across all three branches of the Federal government will likely be charged with Treason. The Watergate mess was child’s play by comparison to this long-term effort to take over the Federal government by far Left Globalists, all with the willing participation of the Major Media of the nation, some of them the same people who exposed Nixon’s crime.

Curiously, it may turn out that what both gangs of traitors were seeking to protect was the horrid underbelly of corruption among them, supported by deception, blackmail, violence, threats and murder if you don’t play ball. What in God’s name are they hiding that requires such a trail of broken public servants and dead bodies?

Dig for yourself; it’s all out there in open source materials that the MSM refuse to investigate. But We The People have. And so have a handful of honest incorruptible public servants in the Executive Branch and faithful Military Intell who have taken on the challenge of ending this insidious corruption once and for all. Keep an eye on their team and the progress toward Justice.

BK is very correct.

Over these last two years the MSM has not only gone full-in against a duly elected President of The United States but is now shamelessly announcing it as we see in the last couple days:

WaPo: ‘Not the enemy of the people’: 70 news organizations will blast Trump’s attack on the media

I’m sorry, but the MSM really is the enemy of the people as they attack voters and supporters of Pres. Trump on a daily basis via their warped wording and reporting, and complete burying of real news stories regarding the administration in order to hype the fictional “Russia-Trump collusion” canard. The US media is doing the people a complete disservice as it continues, and escalates, its vicious, baseless, and inane hissy-fit attacks on the President and his administration. The American MSM has made this bed of distrust with the American people and is now astonished the people are making them lay in it.

Oh, and note to the MSM: The American people distrusted you and fully felt you do not have our best interest in actual news and facts for years preceding Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy. Our distrust and disdain for you has been growing since the Bill Clinton era, and was very confirmed during the eight year Obama era. You doubled-down during the 2016 election cycle as you blatantly hoisted Hillary Clinton atop your collective media shoulders and refused to hold her accountable for anything, including her behavior and medical issue during her 2016 campaign.

And so, as BK points out the major attempts at CYA and self-preservation the obvious ‘Deep State’ is currently carrying out against the YUGE Trump ripple in their murky swamp waters of federal agencies, she also notes that you’ll not get real facts and answers from the MSM that refuses to do real and actual journalistic heavy lifting, especially in exposing and reporting on these obvious scandals. There was, and continues to be, incredibly political collusion between levels and people in the DOJ that worked not only to keep Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions alive and moving down a smoothly paved road, but to keep her opponent, Donald Trump, from becoming elected. And that political collusion extends to between these federal government members and agencies and the compliant leftist MSM. The American people are more and more aware of this government “above the law” and also the MSM ‘hands-off’ statuses constantly afforded to Hillary Clinton (and her husband and their charitable foundation) time and again by the news media, and now blindingly revealed (by real investigative journalist-types in their own painstaking researching) to have also been done by the US government under the Obama administration.

In their breathless efforts to create a premise and then to weave it into a narrative as “fact” that Trump and his campaign were corrupt and in collusion with a foreign government, and to this date still without proof or evidence of any crime(s), the various FBI and DOJ holdover players have only exposed the actual criminality of Clinton’s and the DNC’s real illegalities, and the MSM’s and those stated officials enabling of such.

BK is also very correct in insinuating these government political players should be held accountable and punished under the fullest extent of the law. The rest of us would be.


Case-In-Point goes to AoSHQ:

Daily Caller: Clueless Liberals Are Totally Opposed to Buying Oppo Research From Russians, Unless It’s Hillary Clinton and the DNC Doing the Buying

But so what? They share this religious conviction with the cucks at the Weekly Standard and National Review and half of the “conservative” Twitterati

I’d like to invite the Daily Caller to similarly ask JV Last, Jim “Swabbie” Swift, Michael Warren, Jonah Goldberg, Cap’n Bill Kristol, Senorita Steven Hayes, and David French why Hillary’s payment of US taxpayer dollars (yes, her employee Christopher Steele billed the FBI for his expenses in obtaining this information) to Russian FSB officers for dezinformazinya is not even worth talking about, whereas Trump Jr. merely holding a meeting with a Fusion client is treason

ScrappleFace (satire): Editorial: Trump’s Anti-Press Talk Makes Us Feel Bad

NB: Fake News: CNN’s ‘Trump Voter’ Actually an Anti-Trump Socialist

NB: Deluge: Arrest of GOP Rep Gets 18 Times the Coverage of Corrupt Dems

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BREAKING: Extremely Politically Biased FBI Agent Finally “Fired”

I’m not even going to get into the whole were this the Hillary administration and this guy had been caught with the same situation but having operated against her he’d have been gone a long time ago commentary…

FNC: FBI fires Peter Strzok, months after anti-Trump texts revealed

Zero Hedge: Trump Reacts After Peter Strzok Fired From The FBI

Well now, that is the ‘good question”, isn’t it?


AoSHQ: Peter Strzok Fired, Finally; Lawyer Claims Something Something Freedom of Speech

Twitchy: Brace for Resistance MELTDOWN! FBI fires anti-Trump agent Peter Strzok

FNC: Everything you need to know about Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and the FBI texting scandal

FNC: Peter Strzok demanded declassification, other FBI powers before joining Mueller team, emails show

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Stories the MSM Doesn’t Feel are Headline-Worthy…

TDW: Obama Knowingly Funded Designated Al-Qaeda Affiliate … Hell you say!

MEMRI: Iranian Sources: Obama Administration Granted Green Cards, U.S. Citizenship To Senior Iranian Regime Officials … And as the dems/left/MSM slobber all down the front of their shirts over the Trump-Putin private meeting, more and more oozes out about the ‘secret deals’ within the Obama-Iran nuke deal.

The Tower: Germany Charges Iranian Diplomat in Paris Terror Plot … Hmmm— At a loss as to where he got the money to fund this. Anyone? Anyone? Obama?

Reuters: Japan executes 6 more cult members of deadly sarin attack … Wait, I thought it was only the evil U.S. that executed prisoners. Where are the human rights/amnesty groups, huh????

NYT: Venezuela Inflation Could Reach One Million Percent by Year’s End … An American “Democrat-Socialist’s” utopian dream!!!!

MN: Venezuela has inflation fix: dropping zeros from currency … Yeah! That’ll work! Good answer!

Reuters: Venezuela exported $779 mln in gold to Turkey in 2018 – data … Know who gets rich in socialist ‘democracies’? The socialist leaders and their family members … while the people become skinny, sickly and more oppressed.

The TaxProf: Colleges Can’t — Or Won’t — Track Where Ph.D.s Land Jobs … That’s the one thing I did agree on with Sen. Marco Rubio during the 2016 GOP primary. He said with the out of control student loan debt colleges, and possibly would-be students, should be made to show a valid post-college job potential for the intended degrees before loans be granted. There are a Hell of a lot of bullshit, no-job-reality, unemployable degrees with horrific loan debts coming out of colleges and universities these days.

LI: Gaza border: Palestinian terrorists used children to lure Israeli soldiers into sniper ambush – An escalation of Palestinian terror group use of civilians, particularly children, as human shields. … To be sure and to reiterate, this is a Muslim/Islamic tactic. For all the leftist caterwauling about our military and the IDF mindlessly mowing down Muslim women and children THIS is the reality and truth about it. We know this is why civilian buildings (hospitals and schools, etc.) get hit by IDF fire in conflicts because the terrorists set up their base of operations on their roof tops and in their yards deliberately to fire from, knowing the IDF will hesitate and if not will be painted in a bad light by the western media when the bloody casualties are made public in reports. Our own military was, and still is, up against this bullshit in Iraq and now in Afghanistan. And the damn restrictive ROEs have cost us many of our own troop casualties as they have been forbidden from firing back when being fired upon from inside a village or mosque, etc.

WSJ (pay-side): ObamaCare Is Robbing Medicaid’s Sickest Patients – The law’s incentives push states to spend more on new enrollees, and less on the disabled and ill. … Rationing. Culling the herd of the sick, elderly, weak. ObamaCare.

DW: ‘Occupy ICE’ Protestors Leave Gross Biohazard Mess In Portland Encampment – The mess has even raised safety and biohazard concerns. … Our social, political, environmental betters, ladies and gentlemen.


FPM: How Hillary Clinton Set Up Mueller to Fail – 46 million reasons Hillary’s “election interference” allegation is a myth. … Evident, after these last several decades, Hillary lives in her own bubble of entitlement, corruption, and criminality.

Politico: Clinton fixer engineers Michael Cohen’s turn against Trump – The PR blitz orchestrated by Lanny Davis is calculated to present Trump’s longtime attorney as someone who will tell truth to power. … Yeah— My shocked face.

AT: A Poisonous String of Thoughts: Is Anti-White Racism the New Anti-Semitism? … Yes, and what’s stunning is ‘whites’ are some of the biggest loud-mouths pushing this bullshit.

AFP: Identical twins run for US office — for rival parties … I saw these ladies a couple of weeks ago in a TV interview. Both seemed very nice. The democrat had a weak platform of democrat talking points and platitudes based in ‘feelings’. The republican sister had a more concise platform based in facts, solutions, and results.

WashT: French butchers say ‘militant’ vegan activists using ‘terror’ tactics to destroy culinary culture … Nothing say “peace” like a virulent vegan.

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The Democrat Dementia is Growing

Somebody call ABC TV studios and tell “The View’s” resident amateur psychiatrist Joy Behar who believes anyone talking with God has a mental illness, that she has a new patient.

Maxine waters is now saying she’s on a mission from God

Easily agitated Corey Booker doesn’t like Pres. Trump’s “evil” second pick for SCOTUS to replace the retiring Justice Kennedy

Twitchy: SHOCKER! Hey look, Cory Booker didn’t follow his own advice about what MUST STOP

Given the examples of Waters and Booker above I believe the next time a democrat insists on “separation of church and state” you remind them that they are the ones injecting churches and religion (and from tax-exempt church pulpits) into their side of the debate at every turn … not us. So, STFU!

Maxine Waters loves her some mob violence…

WE: Maxine Waters: ‘Americans should be out in the streets screaming’ for Trump’s head

So does Booker

And then there is the New York democrat, Joe Crowley, who lost to a halfwit avowed “democrat-socialist”. This loser believes we owe “compensation” to those illegal aliens who have entered our sovereign nation illegally and have been detained

“The damage that’s been done to these children will be lifelong…”?!?!?!?

Really, Joe? As we are lead by the nose to understand it, these children have allegedly fled their native hell-hole/shithole countries where their lives were in danger on many levels. They made the trek north to our country through some of the most dangerous routes and means with nothing but the clothes on their backs. No water. No food. No medicine. Nothing. They have been held in clean and safe facilities where they have been fed, medically tended to, schooled, protected while the government decides on their parents’ statuses. Get a fucking grip.

And here is the socialist halfwit that beat out the above jerk in the democrat primary…

Breitbart: Ocasio-Cortez: Trump Zero-Tolerance Policy on Spectrum of ‘Ethnic Cleansing’

Here is the democrat empress without a throne. For a couple years now we have suspected Hillary Clinton has serious medical issues, but the American people have not been allowed to know what is wrong with her or dare question her, especially after the acutely symptomatic 2016 campaign, and even prior to that when she was being brought before congressional hearings on the Benghazi attack. The MSM willfully covered for her and throat-punched anyone daring to be suspicious of her constant uncontrollable coughing, hacking, choking … her falling … her inability to safely and independently use steps/stairs … the alleged hitting of her head in falls and resulting blood clots … and any number of other bizarre displays. Included in these symptoms is how Hillary wears extremely unflattering clothing. Some have speculated she is hiding a colostomy bag or some other medical device, to this day

And now this

Yet, another ‘for fuck-sake’ democrat demanding taxpayers foot a bill…

WFB: Male House Democrat Wants Taxpayer-Funded Tampons For His Office – Sean Maloney thinks tampons are an office supply

Maloney’s tampon crusade began last month, when he accused House Republicans of an “archaic” and “sexist policy” of not forcing taxpayers to pay for the tampons of Hill staffers.

Maloney complained that the House Finance Office would not reimburse him for the $37.16 worth of tampons he bought for his congressional office.

“My office recently got smacked down by the powers that be in the House because we had the temerity to offer feminine hygiene products for the women who work for me,” he said in a video for Now This News. “By the way, a majority of my staff is female and we have a million people come through our office, and we provide things like paper towels, or tissues, or first aid, like Band-Aids, supplies that people need. And those are paid for by an office budget. Pretty normal stuff.”

Maloney said it is “crazy” that taxpayers do not already pay for his staffers’ tampons, which he considers an “office supply.”

“But we were informed a couple days ago that we couldn’t buy tampons, and we thought that was crazy,” he said. “But I was supposed to write a $37.16 check to reimburse the House for those purchases because they were considered inappropriate.”

Maloney took issue with an email from the House Finance Office, which informed him that he needed to pay for the tampons himself, since tampons are “not an office supply, but a personal care item.”

“I think the key sentence here is, ‘Tampons are not an office supply, but a personal care item,'” Maloney said.

Maloney has suggested women working in the House cannot have “respect and dignity” unless taxpayers pay for their tampons.

This post wouldn’t be complete without another instalment of the whacked out, blithering idiot moonbat, Wicked Witch of the West…

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Facebook and Twitter Feeling the Un-Social Media Backlash

Ya done fucked up, A-A-Zuck…

Bloomberg: Zuckerberg Loses $16.8 Billion in a Snap as Facebook Plunges

CNBC: Facebook plunges more than 24 percent on revenue miss and projected slowdown

  • Earnings per share: $1.74 vs. $1.72 per a Thomson Reuters consensus estimate
    Revenue: $13.23 billion vs. $13.36 billion per a Thomson Reuters consensus estimate
    Global daily active users (DAUs): 1.47 billion vs. 1.49 billion, according to a StreetAccount and FactSet estimate

CNBC: Tech stocks set to crater on Thursday with Facebook on track for biggest drop ever


AM: STUDY: GOP pages suffer 26.8% larger decline than Dems after Facebook algorithm change

Don Surber: Facebook fiasco shows the wisdom of free speech

To be sure, Twitter is on the brink of some major blowback itself…

I follow a lot of high profile conservatives and republicans on Twitter. I have, over the last months, complain about losing followers and shadow banning. I believe it. I also think Twitter’s algorithm Nazis also hit us typical tweeters if we tweet or retweet something they don’t like from one of those high profile tweeters or from conservative news sources such as FOX News. I notice in the people to follow side bar of the site offerings for me to follow people I already follow. So there’s that…

Vice: Twitter is “shadow banning” prominent Republicans like the RNC chair and Trump Jr.’s spokesman

Sara Carter: Prominent Republican Twitter Accounts “Shadowbanned”

Breitbart: Twitter Denies Shadowbanning, Says Suppression of Rep. Matt Gaetz Is an ‘Error’

Twitchy: Twitter CEO finally addresses “shadow banning” of conservatives, aka “conversational health work”

Keep it up, @jack.

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Space Junk: 7-25-18

Yep, the air is getting a bit heavy down here on planet Earth. Time to step off for a bit … again.

Sky Alert:

PM: Here’s How To See the Longest Lunar Eclipse of This Century – It’ll last for almost two hours on July 27, 2018.

PS: Mars has tons of newly discovered water in a 12 mile wide reservoir … Yes, but can you surf it?

PM: We Might Finally Know What Smacked Uranus Sideways … Your mother’s wooden spoon???

UPI: Pair of observatories confirm rare double asteroid … Well, there’s a summer blockbuster sci-fi movie in there somewhere.

DM: I’m an astronaut, not a photographer: Outtakes from Apollo 11 Moon landing reveal the out of focus and embarrassing shots from the historic mission that NASA didn’t want you to see … You had one job!

MSN: 12 new moons found orbiting Jupiter basically by accident

The Africom: ‘Oddball’ among 12 new moons discovered around Jupiter … Just when you think you know everything.

Space.com: Europa Lander May Not Have to Dig Deep to Find Signs of Life … Okay, but just don’t bring it down here.

The Street: Boeing’s CEO Is Bullish on Trump’s Space Force – Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg tells TheStreet he is encouraged by the Trump Administration’s efforts to get back into space in a big way. … Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. So, stop majoring in ‘women’s literature’ and get back to real science and math.

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Newsfeed: Nothin’ But Net

What I am seeing in my various newsfeeds at a glance…

Sex. Lies. Tape. Cash. No Cash. Check. No Crime:

BTW, former Clinton sex scandal and crime family lawyer, Lanny Davis, is Michael Cohen’s lawyer. I know, right? What could go wrong

PJM: Mass Media Hysteria Ensues after CNN Airs ‘Secret’ Trump-Michael Cohen Tape

FNC: Trump and his allies slam Michael Cohen over leaked tape, question cut-off

AoSHQ: Michael Cohen Releases Secretly-Recorded Trump Tape; His Lawyer Lanny Davis Threatens That He’s Ready to Talk, Whatever That Means

The Heat is “ON”:

Well, it is summer and these areas are historically hot pockets during the season. You know, there is a reason it’s called “Death Valley”. Here is hoping they are prepping for a possible nasty fire season come fall during a growing drought

AP: US Southwest sizzles as temperatures near 120 degrees

AZFamily: Heat radiates across Southwest; Death Valley hottest

Toronto Shooter:

First they were quick to push “he’s mentally ill” as a ‘defense’ of the Muslim man that shot-up Toronto and killed people. Well, they always do that, especially in areas of the world where they continue to unlimitedly and openly accept countless numbers of immigrants from the area of the world where radical Islam produces terrorists. But note to these apologists; these people who join the ranks of terror groups are indeed mentally ill on many levels. Your trying to deflect the fact away from terrorism in these deadly cases falls empty in the actual scope of reality…

FNC: ISIS claims Toronto shooting as probe reportedly finds gunman visited terror websites, lived in Middle East

Gropy PM Justin Trudeau is now considering an outright ban on handguns. Yeah, that’ll work, Fidel Jr.

Meanwhile, Canada has lost track of over 50,000 Syrian refugees.

PJM: Toronto Discovers the Joys of ‘Diversity’

Canada’s not the only one…

HotAir: Sweden struggles to address child marriage

Liberal Outrage Over Interview-Spliced Comedy Video:

Like a Diseased Vampire Socialism Sucks and So Does Democrat-Socialism:

Just like a socialist.
Somebody else’s money.
Somebody else’s property…

2020 Socialist-Democrat hopeful Elizabeth Warren wants to roll back our tax cuts

CNBC Video: Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to roll back tax cuts

FBN’s Charles Payne says Warren wants to start the nation’s tax rate at 50% and take it up to 90-95% on ‘the rich’ so she can dump all that money into the government wood chipper and turn it into so much junk. He is right. The fact is, why the Hell would anyone bother to work if much of their own money is going to be confiscated by the government beast?

Jeff Jacoby: That GOP ‘tax scam’ is putting money in millions of workers’ pockets

Hillary’s Deep Dark Cluttered Closet:

GWP: What is She Wearing? Hillary Clinton Looks Like Hell at OzyFest – Wrapped in a Drape (VIDEO)

DC: Former Special Ops Official ‘Shocked’ White House Isn’t Considering Stripping Hillary Clinton’s Security Clearance

Especially given she has proven and the FBI/DOJ confirmed just how “extremely careless” she is with government and classified information and materials.

Twitchy: What? AP fact-checkers declare the Steele dossier was not a Clinton campaign document

Yup, pretty much how the Clintons roll. Uh-huh … Except:

WaPo: Clinton campaign, DNC paid for research that led to Russia dossier

The Federalist: James Comey’s Own Words Suggest FBI, DOJ Hid Dossier Funding From The FISA Judge – If James Comey, who signed the FISA application, couldn’t figure out who funded the dossier, how could a judge?

Tell Me Again Who is Barfing Hate and Violence in This Country:

Last week, before booting Judge Jeanine Pirro from “The View” stage (and the ABC building) head TDS-addled ‘The View’ hen Whoopi Goldberg blathered the ‘resistance’ chomping-point that Trump and his supporters are responsible for the division, hatred and violence in the nation. To date (that being during the 2016 campaign and election cycle and post-election night results … Hell, go back to 8 years of the Obama administration and the TEA Party rallies) no actual violence from our side is on record. The asshole driver in Charlottesville was a lone lunatic. Anyhow, here are the latest examples of the truth about exactly who is spewing hate and violence in the public discourse…

DC: SHOCK VIDEO: Member Of Right-Wing Group Faces Brutal Beating

And this…

Meet the ‘real Indian’ in the race…

The War On Straws Escalates:

NRO: Santa Barbara Authorizes Jail Time for Handing Out Straws

Twitchy: San Francisco straw ban unites James Woods and BuzzFeed News editor?


Babalú Blog: State Dept. officials make surprise visit to Cuba to investigate ‘sonic attacks’

William A. Jacobson: Democrats’ embrace of Socialism reflects the desperation of a party losing control of the judiciary and regulatory state

Twitchy: Journalist CONFIRMS report that Abolish ICE protesters in Portland ‘spewed racist insults at nonwhite officers’

The Federalist: No One Has A ‘Right’ To Immigrate Into The United States – This is tantamount to saying that individuals have the right to use and occupy someone else’s property against his will. This is a wholesale denial of property and sovereignty rights.

WFB: Cuomo: Trump Admin. Is on a ‘Jihad to Deport as Many People’ as Possible

FPM: All The President’s Hacks: Media Fake News Fueled Obama’s Watergate – FISA application shows how the media allowed Obama to eavesdrop on Republicans.

William Murchison: The Socialist Surge That’s Not Coming

AT: Kirsten Gillibrand tacks hard left for 2020 to compensate for excessive whiteness

BPR: ‘Delusional!’ ‘The View’ explodes when Meghan McCain demands socialist-loving Behar pay more taxes

The Federalist: The Top 5 Forms of Socialism Denial – I wrote that denying the disastrous consequences of socialism is Holocaust denial for the Left. In response, socialism’s defenders set out to prove my point.

George Neumayr: The Withered Branches on Mueller’s Poisoned Tree – He inherited a hopelessly biased probe and has made it worse.

The Federalist: It’s Suspicious That The FBI And DOJ Didn’t Check Into Christopher Steele’s Leaks To The Press – Would you do everything you could to determine whether you could trust a source who lied to you before relying on him to treat a U.S. citizen guilty of treason?

NB: Levin Nukes Liberal Media Over Their ‘Tyrannical Agenda,’ Legitimizing ‘A Porn Star,’ ‘Crackpot’ Avenatti

NB: Bozell & Graham Column: Media Wail for Brennan and Clapper

POTD: Shark Week!

Part of me is in As ‘shock and awe’ at this photo, but part of me really wants someone to tell me it’s photoshopped…

FNC: Shark shocker: 20-foot great white ‘Deep Blue’ caught on camera

FNC: Ancient shark teeth unearthed in Maryland after heavy rainfall: They’re ‘jaws-dropping treasures’

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