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Thirsty Drops of Wisdom

I don’t know why, but these lyrics are rolling through my head today…

Nobody does it better makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Baby, you’re the best…


BPR: Fox News poll shows Americans persuaded toward impeachment; Brad Parscale has 4-letter word for it. … The democrats and their handmaid MSM have done yeoman’s work on crafting and spinning the bullshit false narrative.

She’s not wrong…

Breitbart: Report: Paul Ryan (who now sits on the board of Fox Corp.) Pushing Fox News to ‘Decisively Break’ with Trump … So keep that in mind when you see a FOX News poll that just doesn’t seem in-sync with the public mood you’re hearing/seeing. Polls are no longer a gauge of reality. They are all deliberately skewed to manipulate the outcome numbers, be through lopsided party polling and/or the way the questions are worded and presented to manipulate the person being polled. You know, sort of like that issue on your voting ballot that you do/don’t want to pass but cannot figure out if you’re supposed to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for it to pass/not pass.

GWP: STUNNING. FOX News Plays Trick on Viewers – Oversamples Democrats by 14 POINTS in Junk Impeachment Poll

NYPost: Joe Biden calls for Trump to be impeached … Poor Joe.

DC: Trump Issues Executive Orders Designed To Deconstruct The Deep State While Dems Focus On Impeachment … Go get`em, tiger!

CNS News: Susan Rice: I’m ‘Glad’ Republicans Stood Up to Defend the Kurds – ‘I Wish They Would Stand Up to Defend Our Constitution’ … Step off, you lying bitch. For eight years the Obama administration pissed, shit, and spit all over the Constitution. Your ass is also on the line in the coming IG and Barr reports.

AG: Imagining Chelsea Clinton’s America: Chelsea Clinton doesn’t want her children to grow up in “Donald Trump’s America.” But the miraculous arrival of Donald Trump may just be a speed bump on the road to Chelsea’s utopia. How would Chelsea’s America be different? … Well, we are already seeing it on various levels with the ‘make up shit/rules as you go along’ democrats, the SJW/WOKE thugs, the dictatorial and bloodthirsty left/Hollywood, the kowtowing to communist China by Hollywood/pro-sports/big-tech, the constant firing of shots at our carved in stone rights, especially #1 and #2, with that whole ‘personal property’ thing on the Orwellian chopping block with every fucking democrat running for 2020. So, wake the hell up, Hillary Jr.

Tucker Carlson: Whatever the left accuses you of, is exactly what they are doing – NBC, Hillary Clinton team tried to kill Weinstein story. … That’s one thing I will say about Hillary, she knows where to get the big bucks and will eliminate anyone that gets in her way. Hollywood and the democrats are incestuous whores.

Twitchy: SIREN! President Zelenskiy says ‘We’re ready to investigate Ukraine’s alleged meddling in the US elections’ … He’s now on my Clinton-esque “suicide” watch.

Twitchy: ‘You guys OK?’ Sleeping Giants HILARIOUSLY owned by RedSteeze in heated back and forth about ‘MUH Fox News’ … TDS is a Hell of a drug.

FNC: GM strike forces unpaid workers to skimp on groceries, seek part-time work … Well, yeah. Try having your plant closed.

FPM: The Homeless Myth: It’s not about the real estate, it’s about the drug use and mental illness.

Toto: Comics Maron, Oswalt and Waititi Defend Cancel Culture: Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr and director Todd Phillips lashed out at Cancel Culture. These comics can’t get enough of the status quo. … They’ll be defending public square drawing/disemboweling/quartering next…

THR: “Outstanding,” “Irresponsible”: Oscar Voters React to ‘Joker,’ With Many Avoiding It: “I don’t think the Academy should honor a film with such controversial elements.” … This is so-o-o-o fucking hilarious I can’t even muster a laugh. Where to start? Welp, these are the same shitheads that tore apart Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of Christ” for being to0 time-period ethnic, dark, bloody, brutal, torture, violent, etc. for portraying the last day(s) of treatment and execution of Jesus Christ. These are the same damn people that have, for decades, pumped out endless bloody, merciless violence, and darkness in their movies, and praised themselves in their awards shows while spitting back at critics that they have every First Amendment right of ‘free speech’ to make such pop culture deforming shit. You know that whole ‘gun problem’ these assholes are always gnashing teeth about? Hollywood is not only responsible for the hyped gun culture running rampant in our streets/workplaces/schools, but for the disregard-for-life insanity behind it.

Twitchy: Planned Parenthood has a lobbyist in Hollywood to work on injecting pro-abortion storylines into movies and television … Bloodthirsty, baby-eating, demonic whores.

FNC: Reese Witherspoon and Kristen Bell, Susan Sarandon and Mark Ruffalo at odds over Ellen DeGeneres’ plea for civility … The next time you hear a lib/leftist, especially a Hollywood whore, chide conservatives/republicans/the ‘right’/Trump for the division and “hate speech” and negative rhetoric/tone in this country, remember that the Hollywood whores want division/hate/unrest/disembowelments/etc…

THR: From ‘Gemini Man’ to ‘The Irishman’: Dawn of the De-Aged Actor … I swear they’re doing it (CGI/VFX editing) with Matthew McConaughey. His last couple movies he looked almost as young as the movies at the beginning of his career. Seems only Clint Eastwood has the balls to dare be him “get off my lawn!” self. More proof Hollywood is completely left any measure of the real world behind.

FBN: ‘South Park’ fires F-bomb in response to China ban … Good for them. South Park’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone have always been ‘balls out’ equally with everyone, and is almost a lone voice in this whole dictatorial China bullshit.

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BREAKING: Another Deep State Rat Nabbed…

Can’t wait for the MSM to try to cover for this bastard and defend him and the reporters…

GWP: BREAKING: DOJ Announces Arrest of Defense Official For Leaking Information to Journalists

The Justice Department on Wednesday announced the arrest of 30-year-old Henry Kyle Frese, a Defense Intelligence Agency employee, for leaking to journalists.

Henry Kyle Frese of Virginia was hit with two counts of willful transmission of national defense information.

According to the DOJ, Frese had a romantic relationship with one of the reporters he was transmitting top secret information to and if convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

“In or about mid-April to early May 2018, FRESE accessed an intelligence report unrelated to his job duties on multiple occasions, which contained NDI classified at the TOP SECRET/SCI level, which related to a certain foreign country’s weapons systems,” the indictment said.

According to the indictment, Frese stated he was “down” to help the journalist who contacted him via Twitter direct message because “he wanted to see the journalist progress.”

Yeah, that was his priority. Not national security. Fuckhead.

FNC: Defense Intelligence Agency employee arrested for allegedly leaking classified information to reporters

Between April and May 2018, Frese allegedly accessed classified intelligence reports – some of which were unrelated to his job duties – and leaked secret information regarding a foreign country’s weapons system to a reporter, according to court documents.

The documents accused Frese of being romantically involved with one of the reporters to whom he allegedly leaked information.

A criminal indictment said the reporter wrote at least eight articles from five compromised intelligence reports leaked by Frese. It said Frese re-tweeted a link to one of the articles that used the information he allegedly had provided.

The indictment also accused Frese of speaking about classified national defense information to the second reporter via his cellphone on Sept. 24, 2019. The disclosures reportedly contained information that “could reasonably be expected to cause serious harm to the national security of the United States.”

“As laid out in today’s indictment, Frese was caught red-handed disclosing sensitive national security information for personal gain,” Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Demers said. “Frese betrayed the trust placed in him by the American people—a betrayal that risked harming the national security of this country.”

Neither of the reporters was identified by name in court documents, and the Justice Department declined to provide any additional details about the classified information that was leaked.

U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia Zach Terwilliger told reporters Wednesday that an investigation started after it became apparent the classified information had gone public….

CNBC: Defense Intelligence Agency worker arrested on charges of leaking top secret information to reporters

Oddly enough, or not-so-much-so, Ace chimes in on this one, with “hints” as to the suspected sweetheart connection of the DI worker and his favorite leak-receiver— um, CNBC, pick up your phone…

AoSHQ: Defense Employee Arrested for Leaking National Security Secrets to Reporter; Twitter Profile Strongly Suggests a Liberal NeverTrumper and Member of #TheResistance

One of the reporters he leaked to is Amanda Macias.

She did not attempt to hide her relationship to Frese. She mentioned him constantly on Twitter. They’ve been tweeting at each other since at least 2014.

And returned the favor– retweeting many of her stories. Including the one he leaked to her about.

Which is this story — leaking to her details he knew from US intelligence about China’s deployment of a missile system in the Spratly Islands.
Here he is retweeting his galpal’s scoop:

Apparently there is a cute Twitter trail between the two nearly as long as the Peter Strzok and Lisa Page phone sexts— er, texts.
Safe to assume/say Amanda Macias and Henry Kyle Frese (and other reporters) probably have their own texts piled up over the last few years, eh?

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“Don’t Limit Me”: A&E’s Outstanding “Born This Way” Will End After Season 5

The cast of A&E’s “Born This Way” from L to R) Elena Ashmore, Megan
Bomgaars, Rachel
Osterbach, Cristina Sanz, John Tucker, Sean McElwee, and Steven Clark.
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Weinberg

I’m really rather sad and disappointed about this.

“Born This Way” has been one of the most watch-worthy programs on television. I have been so proud of all involved in bringing these remarkable young adults’ personal stories to a world that typically does not understand or accept Down Syndrome and those who have the condition, and their loving families and friends.

Meghan helping Japanese-born Elena (Japan, where Down Syndrome is shunned and her parents had to move to the U.S.) become accepting, stronger and more self-confident of her DS condition and openly talk about it without shame…

Sean’s fun-loving, humorous, and romantic outlook on life…

“Don’t Limit Me” DS activist Meghan, who built a successful private business with her single mother, but pining to find true love and have a baby, disappointed in the reality of what it would take to be a mother herself..

Levelheaded common sense Steven’s loyalty and friendship with each one of the group…

Rachel, budding actress, with her loving arm around the shoulder of positive support for her friends when they are down, and insisting they were not out

John, Mr. Hip Rap artist, who cut a great CD of his music and is as sharp as a tack with his on-the-spot lyrics…

And then came Rocco a couple of seasons ago. The parents of the young adult cast have been such an inspiration and deep well of information and guidance to his parents. After seasons of watching the young hipsters shop, work, dance, socialize, move out, problem solve, and party we now had a little dude to watch grow into his own…

And that is just the tip of the iceberg of this TV screen-full of wonderful personalities, hearts, souls, and minds of very able individuals. As parents/family, from the very first episode in season 1 of “Born This Way” onward, from the smallest steps to the giant leaps, it has been so uplifting to watch and share little and big pieces of life we have in common with the cast members and with their parents/families.

As a parent of a beautiful daughter with Down Syndrome, it has been such a joy to watch these cast members grow as individuals and as a group to seek and obtain their life goals and dreams. Laughed and cried with these remarkable young people seeking independence, and sharing with their loving families how hard it is to ease up on being the protective parent bear. Season 4’s finale with Angel’s and Christina’s beautiful wedding was moment-to-moment tears of pride and joy.

Cristina and Angel walk down the aisle for the first time as husband and wife
Photo Credit: Michael Radford

Note: Angel does not have Down Syndrome, but he does have a special needs condition, Dubowitz Syndrome.

I am so grateful for their graciously allowing me and my family to be a part of their lives. Year to year I have anxiously awaited each season’s premier on A&E, so eager to see what new avenues and accomplishments the castmates would show us. I will so miss them all so much when the program ends. I will be purchasing the complete boxed set, or individual seasons, of A&E’s “Born This Way” if/when it comes out on DVD.

Love and God’s continued blessings on these young go-getters and their families. Don’t limit them!

Deadline: ‘Born This Way’ To End With Digital Wrap-Up Series & Finale Special On A&E

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Hump Day: Follies


Since Pres. Trump announced he would be pulling out our military that has been helping in some areas of Syria, many have criticized the planned move. Some out of concern that Trump is overstating our success in stomping ISIS, and others out of fear for the always loyal USA-allies Kurds who Turkey loathes…

FNC: Trump defends Syria troop withdrawal, issues warning to Turkey

FNC: Heavy machinery, military personal arrive at Turkey border ahead of Syria invasion

FNC: Turkey launches military assault in Syria as Kurdish fighters say warplanes are bombing region

Roger Kaplan: Trump to Abandon Kurds? The president is urged by Republicans to suspend decision to leave Syria.

PJM: We Don’t Have Good Options With Turkey and Iran—We’ll Have to Work Hard to Get Them

Security Studies: On the Syrian Decision

David Harsanyi: Hey, Congress: Take Back Your War Powers, Or Shut Up About Syria: Congress abdicated its foreign policy responsibilities long before Donald Trump became president

The democrats and the MSM are scoffing at the White House letter to Nancy Pelosi, claiming it is a purely “political” move.
Remember now, we are talking about the same damn democrats who have refused to hold an impeachment vote because they want to completely control this alleged “investigation” into the Trump-Ukraine president phone call … intentionally shutting out the republicans’ deserved ability to question democrat witnesses, and to subpoena their own witnesses to testify and answer questions. And if the democrats are defied by the White House or department members the dems demand come before them, well, that is “obstruction!” The democrats led by lying Adam Schiff and Pelosi are determined to drive this train off the tracks in their planned railroading of a duly elected POTUS they do not like, plain ans simple. THAT, by definition, is purely “political”. So much so that it is unfoldingly obvious it is a total inside job…

Byron York: Whistleblower had ‘professional’ tie to 2020 Democratic candidate

Charlie Martin: Who Does the Whistleblower Know?

And so…

White House Sends Nancy Pelosi a Scarlet Letter:

Charlie Spierling: White House Defies Impeachment Process in Letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi

White House letter to Nancy Pelosi

Your unprecedented actions have left the president with no choice. In order to fulfill his duties to the American people, the Constitution, the Executive Branch, and all future occupants of the Office of the Presidency, President Trump and his administration cannot participate in your partisan and unconstitutional inquiry under these circumstances.

Devin Nunes: Both sides need to be able to gather evidence for impeachment inquiry to be fair – White House refusing to comply with ‘illegitimate’ impeachment inquiry.

VIDEO 1: White House says they won’t cooperate with impeachment inquiry: White House slams inquiry as ‘illegitimate’; reaction from former U.S. attorney Joe DiGenova and Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.

VIDEO 2: Giuliani: I would love to testify before the Senate: Graham asks Giuliani to testify in front of Senate; President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and former U.S. attorney Joe Digenova react.

Stephen Kruiser: War on Impeachment Wednesday

FNC: Trey Gowdy to join Trump’s legal team on impeachment inquiry: report

Twitchy: WH counsel excoriates Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, et al. for their ‘constitutionally illegitimate proceedings’ in scathing letter

Adam Shaw: Trump wants whistleblower ‘exposed and questioned’ after reports of ties to 2020 Dem

Adam Mill: The Ukraine Hoax is About Protecting the Side Hustle: Corruption in modern D.C. is shaped like a triangle. A person or entity seeking a favor doesn’t hand the money directly to the politician or public official. Instead, the money goes to a trusted family relation under a vague “consulting” or “speaking” arrangement. This golden triangle of corruption appears over and over again in the Russia collusion hoax.

Indeed, on both counts.

Opening a Wider Net:

Bret Baier and Jake Gibson: Durham investigation into origins of 2016 Trump campaign surveillance expands its scope

TDW: U.S. Attorney John Durham Beefs Up Investigation Into Russia Probe Origins After Findings

Roger L. Simon: Democrats’ Fear of Durham About to Reach Panic Level

Bob and Weave:

Gregg Jarrett: Did Mueller lie to Congress about meeting with Trump before he took the special counsel job?

Sean Hannity: Mueller investigated the man who passed him up for a job: New scrutiny over Robert Mueller’s special counsel appointment.

FNC: Justice Dept. must turn over material related to Mueller grand jury, judge rules

China Reveals Itself to be the Thorn in the USA’s Side … Just as Pres. Trump has Warned All Along:

VIDEO: NBA apologizes to China over a tweet showing support for Hong Kong protests: NBA tries to play both sides in China dustup; reaction from FS1’s ‘Speak for Yourself’ host Jason Whitlock.

The Federalist: ESPN Bans Staff From Discussing Hong Kong Angle Of NBA-China Controversy

HotAir: Woke NBA coach Steve Kerr: Lemme get back to you on this whole “China violating human rights” thing

ABC News 6: Sixers fan supporting Hong Kong ejected from preseason game amid NBA-China controversy


Slate (8-20-18): Why Is the NBA in Xinjiang? The league is running a training center in the middle of one of the world’s worst humanitarian atrocities.

Idiots, Assholes, and Dumb Asses:

RS: Minneapolis’s Radical Left Mayor Tries to Shut Down a Trump Campaign Rally

USAToday: ‘Minnesota stands for peace’: Ilhan Omar responds to Trump tweet bashing Dems over Minneapolis rally

HEH! VIDEO: Minneapolis police officers create shirts to wear to Trump rally after mayor bans uniforms – Police lieutenant and president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis Bob Kroll says the ‘Cops for Trump’ shirts are selling out as fast as they come in.

Twitchy: ‘If my columns stink …’: David Brooks defends that horrible ‘Flyover Man’ vs. ‘Urban Man’ fantasy

Variety: Ronan Farrow Book Alleges Matt Lauer Raped NBC News Colleague

Jim Hoft: ‘Believe All Women’ – Revealed: Hillary Clinton Put Pressure on Ronan Farrow to Spike his Harvey Weinstein Story

Breitbart: Hillary: Maybe We Need ‘Rematch’ with Me and Trump, ‘I Can Beat Him Again’

Twitchy: UNBELIEVABLE: Does Hillary Clinton actually think she won the 2016 election?

Brent Bozell and Tim Graham: Republicans Vs. Screaming Anchors

Corporate America gets #WOKE and goes #BROKE…

If these “assault” rifles are really deemed “military-style” by fools like this, why not donate them to the US Military & then write it off on tax return? Oh, yeah, because the US Military would look at the “military style ‘automatic’ assault rifles” and laugh their asses off…

WFB: Dick’s CEO Says Anti-Gun Policy Shrank Company by a ‘Quarter Billion Dollars’: Now spending company money lobbying for gun control

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John Kerry … The Moldy Tree Stump in The Yard That Just Won’t Rot Away

As the democrats and their bag-of-dicks MSM keep fixating on the Trump-Ukraine phone call and deem it some sort of nefarious ‘collusion’ more and more worse democrat interactions of collusion and meddling are being scooped to the surface. Former Secretary of State in the Obama administration, and co-crafter of the mega billion dollars Iran nuclear deal that basically kowtowed to the mullahs and their nuclear program, John F-ing Kerry’s name has now been revealed to having directly talked to foreign leaders.

FNC: John Kerry’s comments on foreign leaders during 2004 election season resurface amid Trump-Ukraine controversy

Tucker Carlson (VIDEO): John Kerry sought political help from overseas: Washington hypocrisy over Donald Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian president.

But here’s the thing. He’s still talking with foreign leaders and doing so with an agenda of malicious interference of the Trump Administration…

Mediaite (9-12-18): Fox News’ Dana Perino Presses John Kerry on if He Told Iran to Wait Out Trump Presidency (VIDEO)

TDW (9-13-18): COLLUSION: John Kerry Won’t Deny Telling Iran To Wait For A Democratic President

GWP (9-13-18): DEEP STATE: John Kerry Held Meetings With Iran – Advised Them To ‘Wait Out’ Trump Presidency

Breitbart (9-12-18): John Kerry Admits to Meeting with Iran’s Former Minister to Save Nuclear Deal

This was after Pres. Trump threw out the Obama/Kerry/Jarrett Iran nuke deal.

However, since we are looking down the Iranian deal, and the democrats and MSM are clutching their pearls and gasping about Pres. Trump talking with a foreign leader and asking for a favor in helping with an investigation, how about we see transcripts from Obama/Kerry/Jarrett, AND Hillary Clinton’s, phone calls with all foreign leaders over those eight years of that administration, most especially those calls involving Russia, Ukraine, and Iran. And how about those (atleast) two direct personal letters between Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani?

WFB (4-20-16): Report: Obama Seeks Meeting With Iranian President

President Barack Obama has sent two letters to senior Iranian leaders in recent months requesting a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, according to Persian language reports recently translated by a Middle East research organization.

“President Obama asked to meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in two secret letters sent in late March to both Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and President Rouhani,” according to the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI, which translated a Farsi-language report published Tuesday by a website affiliated with Iran’s Green movement.

Obama purportedly wrote in the correspondence “that Iran has a limited-time opportunity to cooperate with the U.S. in order to resolve the problems in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, and promised that if Iran agreed to a meeting between him and Rouhani, he would be willing to participate in any conference to this end,” according to MEMRI’s translation of the report….

#PalletsOfCash $1.3 billion is what the Obama/Kerry/Jarrett Iran deal gave to the Iranians. We were told it was their own money that the US had tied up and it was now being returned to them. But that does not make the transaction any better or reasonable or justified or defendable. Exactly what were the conversations between Obama and his officials and the Iranians in order for this money to be physically flown to their country/government and in various nations’ currencies?

As to the Trump and Ukrainian president phone call and whatever contrived idea that Trump was somehow extorting cooperation on investigations by withholding previously agreed upon US military aid…

FNC: Document reveals Ukraine had already reopened probe of Hunter Biden-linked firm months before Trump phone call

John Solomon: Investigation into Hunter Biden’s Ukraine company began prior to Trump’s call (VIDEO)


I saw a video clip yesterday of Joe Biden insisting Pres. Trump should NOT be talking with foreign leaders.

Ummm, that is exactly part of the POTUS’s job, you idiot. It has been so, and has been done, for well-over 200+ years.

I wish I could find the clip but no luck so far. However, this did pop up…

Breitbart: Joe Biden Claims ‘World Leaders Begged’ Him to Run Against Donald Trump

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Swamp Rats and “ALIENS!”

The IG report is close to being released this month. I’m not the only one suspecting it is real bad news for these bastards of The Deep State…

Chaffetz: John Brennan ‘frightened to death’ over Barr-Horowitz inquiry into Russia probe’s roots

DC: Chuck Todd Blows Up On GOP Senator For Asking About John Brennan

WE: Brennan: US ‘no longer a democracy’ under ‘autocrat’ Trump

Mediaite: John Brennan Says CIA Would Now Assess the United States as ‘Very Corrupt’: ‘No Longer a Democracy’

Twitchy: Let the backpedaling BEGIN! John Brennan admits he ‘may have been fooled’ by bad info on Trump’s Russia connections

Twitchy: Does he realize what he JUST SAID?! James Clapper claims intel agencies just ‘did what Obama told them to’ with Trump (VIDEO)

Twitchy: Nothing to see HERE –> Comey’s FBI spokesman took ‘monetary gifts’ from CNN reporter (then lied about it under oath)


WSJ: FBI’s Use of Surveillance Database Violated Americans’ Privacy Rights, Court Found: U.S. discloses ruling last year by Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that FBI’s data queries of U.S. citizens were unconstitutional

FNC: New book claims Rod Rosenstein thought John Kelly and Jeff Sessions would back use of 25th Amendment against Trump

FNC: ‘UFO’ spotted off NC’s Outer Banks, video goes viral

PM: Strange Fireballs Soared Across Chile’s Skies. They Weren’t Meteorites. Sooo…aliens?

Happy 70th Birthday, Sigourney Weaver.
Thanks for “Ripley”.
Hollywood had better never-ever ‘remake’ her…

LATimes: Review: What made Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’ a sci-fi game changer? The documentary ‘Memory’ has the answer

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Today’s Dem Dames, Their Sloppy Seconds, and “Visibly Pregnant” N`nats

The above picture is apparently the left’s major wet dream for 2020. Not quite sure where one or the other would be positioned on the “Hillary/Liz 2020” or “Liz/Hillary 2020” ticket. And don’t forget, never forget, Hillary actually did steal the 2016 dem nomination from Bernie Sanders. It does have some wondering about Bern’s recent heart attack … yes, it was a ‘heart attack’ … timing. Heh!

Tyler O’Neil: Is Hillary Positioning Herself to Jump in if Biden Falters?

Stephen Kruiser: Hillary Is Running… at the Mouth

Many rumors are swirling saying that Her Majesty the Royal Granny Mao jackets Hillary Clinton may want to dip her ugly toes into the presidential race waters once again. As an American voter who would prefer that no Democrats ever be in power again, I only have one thought about that: Please God, yes.

When pondering best-case scenarios for President Trump in 2020, there may be none better than Hillary Clinton alighting from her alcoholic perch to enter the race.

All of the pieces that propelled Trump to victory in 2016 are still in play. The Democrats have convinced themselves otherwise. If Mrs. Clinton jumps back in, Trump will likely enjoy an Electoral College landslide.

Hillary is showing up every day after her breakfast box of Franzia to pimp her new book. That’s the reason for all of the focus on her. I think she’s probably more interested in making money off of that to feed her chardonnay habit than she is in running for president again.

If I’m wrong I will only write children’s books from now on….

From a box, Stephen. Must be wine from a box.

Breitbart: Donald Trump: ‘Crooked One’ Hillary Clinton Should Steal Democrat Nomination from ‘Uber Left’ Elizabeth Warren

Well, Killery really does project a feeling of her running for “re-election” in 2020…

Have another drink, Hillary. Liz has fire water

As for Fauxcahontas and her mysterious unborn papoose claim…

Adam Shaw: Warren faces mounting questions on another part of her personal story: Was she fired for being pregnant?

Warren has long told the story of how in 1971 she was fired in the first year of her teaching job because she was “visibly pregnant.” It has been presented as a key moment in her story, propelling her toward Harvard and eventually politics.

But that story was cast into doubt after a 2007 interview re-emerged in which she said she left the job after realizing that the education courses that she needed to take weren’t working out for her.

“I went back to graduate school and took a couple of courses in education and said, ‘I don’t think this is going to work out for me.’ I was pregnant with my first baby, so I had a baby and stayed home for a couple of years and I was really casting about, thinking, ‘What am I going to do?'” she said.

Most recently, The Washington Free Beacon located county records from the local school board, showing that the board in April 1971 voted to extend Warren a second-year contract similar to the one she held the previous year.

A few months later in June, the minutes show that her resignation was “accepted with regret.”

Warren told CBS News on Monday that her life since becoming a senator has caused her to “open up” about different parts of her life as she stood by her account. And on Tuesday, she reiterated her claims that she was pushed out, indicating that while the contract was extended in April when her pregnancy was not visible, that changed a few months later.

“When I was 22 and finishing my first year of teaching, I had an experience millions of women will recognize. By June I was visibly pregnant—and the principal told me the job I’d already been promised for the next year would go to someone else,” she tweeted.

“This was 1971, years before Congress outlawed pregnancy discrimination—but we know it still happens in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. We can fight back by telling our stories. I tell mine on the campaign trail, and I hope to hear yours.” …

This isn’t the first controversy surrounding Warren’s backstory. The beginning of her campaign was dogged by questions about her claim to have Native American heritage.

In February she apologized to Cherokee Nation for taking a DNA test to prove her ancestry — a test that an analysis found suggested she was between 1/64th and 1/1,024th Native American.

WFB: County Records Contradict Warren’s Claim She Was Fired Over Pregnancy

VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren stands by claim she was fired from teaching job because of pregnancy: Newly surfaced video appears to contradict Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s claim that she was fired from teaching job after becoming ‘visibly pregnant’; reaction and analysis from Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich.

Peter Doocy: Warren faces scrutiny over another potential inconsistency, in story about mother’s temper

Ed Kilgore: The Emerging Anybody-But-Warren Campaign

Rick Moran: Maxine Waters Says Trump Is ‘Setting Some of Us up to Be Killed’

WashTimes: AOC Proposes Prison ‘Abolition’

Guess she hasn’t talked to her fellow Squad-ster…

Twitchy: ‘WOOF’: Kamala Harris’ audience doesn’t seem quite as psyched as she is about the prospect of President Kamala Harris

Twitchy: ‘Pure insanity!’ Kamala Harris’ six months paid leave proposal has left people asking ‘who coughs up the money?’

Twitchy: ‘Dishonesty is a recurring theme’: Luke Rosiak exposes Ilhan Omar for the LIAR she is in thread about her filing for divorce

Ace: Ilhan Omar, Currently Carrying on An Expensive and Very Public Affair with Her Kufir Consultant, Files for Divorce, Blaming (Of Course!) The Conservative Media and Political Foes for Her Marital Problems

Samantha Power is said to be considering to run for the Senate, Liz Warren’s seat. Meanwhile, she has to pitch a lie about her former ‘abuse of power’ that didn’t really belong to her while serving in the previous administration…

PJM: Samantha Power on Her Unmasking Requests in 2016: ‘It’s Completely False’

VIDEO: Liz Peek: Panicky Democrats hope Michelle Obama can save 2020 chances

BPR: Chazz Palminteri: De Blasio’s wife ‘racist’ — snubs Italian-Americans over statue


Breitbart: Democrats in Red States Having a Rough Time Defending Impeachment Back Home

Twitchy: Fail to end ALL fails: Ellen Barkin accidentally shows how DUMB she really is while calling Trump supporters dumb and ROFL

BPR: Salena Zito: Old-school House Democrats face primary challenges across the country

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