Sunday Papers: The Living and The Dying

The miles-long queue line waiting to pass the flag-drapped coffin will be cut-off at some point today. The long memorial and mourning week is coming to an end as the official funeral and burial for Queen Elizabeth II is tomorrow morning (British time) with Mr. and Mrs. Biden attending. The Brits have limited invitation only foreign dignitaries to a bare minimum, sans their typical traveling dignitary staffs and family members entourages. And then, as I’ve stated before, there probably will be the formal coronation to-dos for King Charles III. Can’t say how long those will ride-out.

Jay Spoehel: Queen Elizabeth’s death to cost UK economy $2.6B, but tourism could provide boost: Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral will close businesses, cancel sporting events and redirect flights


The absolutely wrong “purge” is happening with the nation’s crime surge:

Gianno Caldwell: Illinois’ no-cash bail law will turn the state into ‘The Purge’ … Caldwell’s younger brother was murdered a few months ago in a yet unsolved drive-by shooting in Chicago.

The “Big Uneasy”…

Michael Lee: New Orleans on pace to have one of the highest murder rates in the world in 2022: Some have blamed District Attorney Jason Williams’ ‘selective’ prosecutions for the New Orleans murder surge

Audrey Conklin: LSU student shot, killed in car remembered as ‘everyone’s daughter’: Baton Rouge police officers found Rice fatally shot in her car Friday morning on Government Street

Emma Colton: BAD BREW – Starbucks makes good on promise to close more stores as crime rages in New Orleans: The Starbucks location in New Orleans will officially close on Oct. 3

And NYC continues its uncivilized dystopia…

Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit:

REPORT FROM THE BLUE ZONES: Tourist shot in back after refusing robber on NYC street, police say. “Robbery and other major crimes have increased by about 40% in the city recently, NYPD data show.”

Related: Man beaten with bat, critically hurt in NYC subway station: cops.

One of the loudest “defund/abolish the police!” cities of a couple of years ago…

Emma Freire: Police By Another Name: Demand for private security is booming in Minneapolis. … About a month ago my oldest daughter was at a medical symposium in the city. I was so worried. She even said when she would talk to the hotel transport van drivers they would warn her never to go out at night and never go out alone … preferably “don’t go out” at all. Thankfully she became a bit under-the-weather from the flight and she had no desire for out-to-dinner, shopping and sight-seeking other than the hotel’s very nice room service, “Prince” stocked gift shop, and the view out of her room’s high-rise window when she wasn’t at the symposium’s functions.


Steve Cortes: Crime vs. Law & Order: Pritzker and other Radicals coddle criminals, presenting a stark choice for citizens. … As usual, another weekend in ‘the windy city’ will have yet another murder stat come tomorrow morning.

An Epidemic of Economic Dementia:

This morning on FOX and Friends I heard FBN’s Maria Bartiromo telling viewers not to make any big purchases going ahead.

Matt Margolis: Dumb Asphalt: Biden Starts Handing Out Grants to Rid Us of Racist Highways

VIDEO: Biden administration’s financial ‘world of imagination’

Chuck Ross: Biden Climate Appointee Studied at CCP-Controlled University Linked to Chinese Military

NYPost: NASDAQ Nancy holds up bills on congressional trading while the insider rot spreads


ZeroHedge: Powerful Earthquake Shakes Taiwan, Buildings And Bridges Collapse

Ben Kesslen: Hurricane Fiona leaves all of Puerto Rico without power

When illegal immigration facts and stats just don’t jibe with the dems’ narrative(s)…

Greg Norman (6/8/18): Philly mayor dances after sanctuary city ruling, despite past crimes in city tied to illegal immigrants

Twitchy: Bill Melugin reports some ‘kidnapping’ and ‘human trafficking’ going on that Dems are NOT freaking out about

Paul Best: NYC Mayor Adams says city is at ‘breaking point’ with arrival of migrants sent from Texas

Cameron Cawthorne: NYC Mayor Adams accuses GOP governors of sending migrant buses to distract from their ‘human rights’ abuses: Eric Adams echoes Democrats calling the border crisis a ‘humanitarian crisis’

Rick Moran: Washington, D.C. Mayor Says Her City Can’t Handle a Few Thousand Illegals Because ‘We’re Not Texas’

Madeleine Hubbard: NBC deletes tweet with immigration activist’s quote comparing illegal migrants to ‘trash’: The immigration activist said DeSantis sending a plane to Martha’s Vineyard is like “taking my trash out and just driving to different areas.”

Paul Sacca: Ted Cruz blasts Biden as the ‘biggest human trafficker on the face of the planet,’ gives list of places to send migrants next … I’m telling you, somebody here in the states is getting a ‘cut’ of that cartel money.

Losing our religion…

Typically, when something very big, and bad, happens people tend to “rediscover/find God”. I dread that might well happen sooner rather than later. As is said, “God, help us”

PRC: Modeling the Future of Religion in America: If recent trends in religious switching continue, Christians could make up less than half of the U.S. population within a few decades

VIDEO: Christian faith in America has ‘never’ been at a lower point: Samaritan’s Purse President Rev. Franklin Graham weighs in on a new study that suggests Americans are rapidly losing religious faith … Losing “faith” or losing formal organized “religion”?

The corruption of the corrupters…

David Strum: Trump/Russia investigator hid ties to Russian billionaire: If there is one thing you can count on with The Swamp it’s that every time they accuse a Republican of doing something, they themselves are likely to be guilty of that very thing themselves…

VIDEO: Miranda Devine: FBI raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate is ‘obviously a partisan’ situation

Joe Concha: Why has fact-checking disappeared under Biden? … I’m old enough to remember when the liberal MSM insisted they wanted to have live line-by-line ‘fact-checking’ during Pres. Trump’s SOTU and other speeches and addresses to the nation. Even liberal Geraldo thought that was total bullshit.

And more Biden/dem money laundering to Ukraine…

Eric Cervone: US announces $600m more in military aid to Ukraine

The new round of funding comes on the heels of a $2.8 billion infusion announced earlier this month and nearly $3 billion announced in late August. The total amount of U.S. aid to Ukraine now stands at nearly $15.9 billion since President Joe Biden took office, reports the Associated Press. According to Blinken’s statement, this is the twenty-first time the U.S. has sent weapons to Ukraine.


SPACE: You Can’t Get There from Here

I love seeing things, like the above picture, that shows how imaginative people of the early last century envisioned the future with ‘space’ influences. Some people today thought we would have ‘flying cars’ by now in the 21st century. But we really don’t. I imagine some engineers are working on it. However, we actually have a major issue powering all those electric vehicles the climate cult insists we must trash our gas vehicles for. But anti-gravity vehicles are a totally different beast with more issues than just where to plug-in for a recharge.

Jason Torchinsky (8/20/21): There’s One Peculiar Detail About Anti-Gravity Vehicles That Sci-Fi Always Leaves Out: The way anti-gravity vehicles are shown in movies and other media leaves out a very messy and I think unavoidable detail

And speaking of anti-gravity and gravity…

Loukia Papadopoulos: The world’s first flying bike can stay in the air for 40 minutes: It can speed up to 100 kilometers per hour. … AND Japan’s hoverbike price tag is US$700,000 is basically a huge ‘fans’-driven drone with landing skids, a seat and steering for one rider.

Debra Werner: Vast Space to develop artificial-gravity space station

Staying on tech and energy, while American schools are pushing aside serious empirical academics in-favor of warped and flawed ideological #WOKE ‘social engineering’ bullshit, China is teaching their students the academics needed for them to advance intellectually and be able to do things like this…

Noor Al-Sibai: China Announces Plan for Hybrid Fission-Fusion Power Facility: China says that it will start generating fusion power using the world’s largest pulse-powered energy plant by 2028, thereby turning fusion energy into a reality — an eyebrow-raising claim, considering the decades of research and billions of dollars that have already been poured into doing just that. … Keep in-mind that recently California’s grinning governor (who wants to be POTUS) has mandated that his state will be internal combustion engine vehicle(s)-free and converted over to “zero-emission” EVs by 2035 … and this includes following with a complete conversion to electric power for homes and businesses/factories/etc. … with no sustainable state electric grid for its population dealing with deliberate ‘rolling-blackouts’ and electricity restrictions on Californians. All this as California refuses to create its own power plants and independent grid while currently buying a lot of their electrical power from multiple other states’ power plants generated with fossil fuels but are also in the process of doing their own cutbacks and conversions to non-fossil fuels. Wind and solar will not be the successful go-to energy in our country. They are no more sustainable than a candle in the middle of a pitch-black auditorium. And just a reminder that these same willfully ignorant people pushing zero-emissions energy and EVs refuse to recognize the vast usage of fossil fuels and carbon emissions in the mining and production of these much-lauded new vehicles that the vast majority of Americans can afford to buy and less can afford to maintain…

Jenny Goldsberry: WATCH: Tesla owner locked out of car after battery dies before 75,000th mile … Tesla owner Mario Zelaya cites that a new battery for the EV car is upwards of $26,000, roughly half the price of a new vehicle, saying he refuses to buy a new battery and cannot afford one.

It’s not wrong to question that the powers that be just want the masses back into cold and darkness while the elites that snarl at and control the rest of us with crippling regulations/restrictions and rolling blackouts.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not “pro” communist China. But they are one of our top foreign advisories and they see what is going on in our country bowing to the climate and eco alarmists, AND the Orwellian ‘social engineering’ of our culture and youth … and they recognize it as our major weakness to exploit for themselves in getting stronger and more powerful on the world stage. And we, under the current “anti” mentality, are allowing that to happen as education in our country is taking our newest generation back into the ignorant paganistic bowels of the dark ages in order to control ‘the masses’. Look, sorry to get somewhat political on my weekly space and tech post, but it is indeed a major issue that we are facing right now especially with the current government. This week the MSM was all aflutter over Joe Biden’s cancer “moon shot” announcement via the lab-created mRNA surge since the COVID vaccine development. Yeah, they’re saying it would be a vaccine. Seriously? They continue to disregard the ramifications of that biological ‘god-play’ in people who have had major side effects or even deaths from the mRNA COVID vax. But now, in an attempt to make Biden look like a savior of the people, he’s returning to curing cancer? And a cancer vaccine for who exactly? Everyone?? The fact remains the same big pharma companies he and others are deep in-bed with don’t want cancer cured.

Kurt Snibbe: A look at California’s lofty EV goals and how it could impact the electrical grid: Here’s how many acres of solar panels you would need for 2 million new EVs a year

Okay, I’m done pontificating over idealistic-driven politics vs. real-life advancing and sustainable energy and technology.
Anyhow, let’s light this week’s space candle…

Jyoti Mann: China plans three missions to the Moon after discovering a new lunar mineral that may be a future energy source

Arthur Herman: How to Beat China in the New Space Race: It’s about more than money. The U.S. needs a strategy to harness private innovation.

Clyde Hughes: Experts say ‘fireball’ streaking across sky in Scotland, Northern Ireland likely space junk

Eric Mack: NASA Eyes Target Date of Friday, Sept. 27 for Next Artemis I Rocket Launch, But Hurdles Remain

Unofficial Networks: Starlink Provides Service To Antarctic Research Station, Now Accessed On All 7 Continents

Elisha Sauers: Why NASA blew up a space habitat in Texas

Elisha Sauers: What we’ll see when NASA crashes into an asteroid on purpose

AFP: Webb telescope captures ‘breathtaking’ images of Orion Nebula

Evan Simko-Bednarski: Webb Telescope captures stunning images of rare star births

Douglas Helm: Organic Matter Found On Mars, Confirms Signs Of Life?


Diana Logan: An “Armada” Of UFOs Were Spotted In Colorado

Diana Logan: Video Claims to Show UFO Deploying Other Crafts In Real Time

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Which would you be? The stormtroopers, or the victims?

A depressing and pessimistic essay or a cautionary tale?

I have been thinking a lot about the Third Reich of late. It is hard not to. If I go dancing I must wear a mask and if I take it off to breathe or take a moment’s respite because with heart disease and asthma it is so difficult to dance with a mask on, someone is sure to scold me to put my mask back on. Yellow star anyone?

There is no logic to these rules. They tell me the mask is for my benefit. So if it is, then I should be allowed to take that responsibility. They know it is not for my benefit, but for others’ and secretly they may even suspect it is not helping anyone. The brainwashed and the willingly obedient left not only loves following these rules so they can feel proud of themselves, but they kind of like the power it gives them to feel superior to lesser beings who prefer to think for themselves. Today we can all come up with examples of this kind of wokeness invading and taking away our liberties bit by bit.

And then there’s the climate change goofs. In California we are being warned that soon everyone will be forced to drive electric cars only, in good, green, clean California which follows the rules of those who care about the planet. But uh oh, watch out if you use too much energy, because it turns out solar panels and bird killing windmills don’t crank up enough to fill all the needs for energy of all Californians, so don’t charge your electric cars now. But still, how good it feels for those who do the right things. Ignore the illogic, just be proud you are following the good rules.

And everything costs so much more and there’s less to choose of our favorites in stores because we have a supply chain problem. And suddenly we have all kinds of problems that we didn’t have just a couple of years ago. But don’t complain because “things are going so well” and “We don’t have that horrible Trump to deal with”.

And Illegal immigrants are wonderful. As Whoopie asserts, “These are people, these are children and families, and they must be treated well and not kidnapped.” Readers of this all know the hyper joy we are feeling that DeSantis and Abbott are sending illegals to liberal enclaves. Where does Whoopie live? Surely she won’t be hypocritical like the other liberals have been if we send a few dozen to outside of HER house. She can be an example to liberals everywhere showing how good she is to these people.

And then there is Biden’s speech in front of Independence Hall. I tried to get a liberal friend upset about it and she told me he was not Hitlerian with his fists in the air, as I suggested. She didn’t hear the speech or see it, but she saw how it was reported (probably all pink in the background with selectively chosen bits of it). And she doesn’t want to talk about that anyway. I don’t know which is worse, the actual speech or the indifference to it of too many fellow Americans.

Biden brazenly told all MAGA people, and the “good” rest of the Americans who are not MAGA, that the MAGA White Supremacists (because we all know that no blacks, hispanics or Asians could possibly be stupid enough to like Trump) are the biggest danger to our “Democracy”. He called me a semi fascist, a lover of violence, a racist and whatever else, as long as it made “good” Americans understand that MAGA’s are unacceptable in a civilized society.

I won’t discuss the hypocrisy and projection of the speech because it was the dangerous quality of it that frightened me.

I still can’t understand why Biden does not become halting in his speech or incoherent when he is angry.

I have been on the receiving end of antisemitism in my life and it is no fun. I have also been on the receiving end of cancel culture and that is no fun, either, because it came from places where I expected to be safe. And with the President of the United States proudly making these claims to set aside half of the voters as unsatisfactory Americans, that is scary stuff. And Biden’s saying not all Republicans are MAGA is merely another attempt to split his opponents up. Divide, and conquer more easily, because who wouldn’t rather go with the flow than be ostracized?

Notice it isn’t Biden who gets those crowds with tens of thousands of people. And it isn’t RINOs either. MAGAs are virtually half of the voters these days. So perhaps there is possibly a better future than I see at the moment. However, remember Hitler never got a majority of the vote.

Where does this country go from here? Say the left is able once again to steal elections in 2022, just enough to keep their power. Lying progressives realize that they daren’t ever let Republicans regain power in Congress because there will be those investigations and their lawbreaking, etc. will be disclosed and it would be curtains for them for a long time. And certainly they daren’t allow Trump even to get the chance to run. If they won just enough to hold power in 2022, you know nothing would stop them then. And what would become of our country, already impoverished, with so many citizens being watched and silenced? It is inevitable what our country will become, and it is not good.

Americans would have to make choices. Would they become angrier than ever? Would they fight? Would they be relieved? Would they make noise or would they be quiet and hope nobody notices them or comes after them? By that time there might be only two choices.

Who would be the storm troopers? Who would be the victims?


Weekend Reads: **sigh**

Remember now, the dems, Biden, MSM, social media, etc. are trying to criminalize anyone that questions the 2020 election and all elections after, yet, are openly meddling with the GOP candidates to the tune of $53M. Chew on that and then spit it back in their faces. Russell Brand is spot-on here…

Richard Kirk: Voter Fraud: The Bottom Line

Julie Kelly: The Regime’s ‘Operation MAGA Fascist’ Gains Ground: The only good news is that Joe Biden and the ruling class have a lousy track record at winning wars.

Andrea Widburg: Democrats aren’t just persecuting Republicans; they’re baiting them

Joy Pullman: New Documents Show College Board Planning To Push Extremist Politics Further Into K-12 Schools: A hugely influential private organization plans to release courses that will teach America’s top students extreme racial and other leftist politics, all with public institutions and funds.

OUT: Michelle Obama’s ‘healthy lunches’ and nutritious food equity.
IN: Making minority children/adults obese and unhealthy and susceptible to diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Robert Spencer: L.A. School District Shares Video from ‘Nutritionist’ Who Says Eating Right Is Racist

Sahar Tartak @ WSJ: My High School’s ‘Antiracist’ Agitprop: Teachers tried to bully me into signing a $375 student government check for a group promoting critical race theory. I refused.

Mike LaChance: VIDEO: Violent Student Mob at U. New Mexico Shuts Down Event Featuring Tomi Lahren: “they started pushing past the officers and banging on the doors so much that these double doors are visibly moving and shaking and they are smashing into the windows”

One of the “Big Lies”…


Good for the goose…

Stephen Dinan: IG announces audit of IRS employees to find tax cheats within workforce

Nicole Pinkston: Democrat Equity: Selling Death, Poverty and Destruction: Today’s Topic: The Democratic Equity for Black voters is death, poverty and destruction. Where is the competing message from today’s Republicans?

Heather Hamilton: WATCH: Megyn Kelly slams The View’s Sunny Hostin for fueling racism

Zachary Faria: Lori Lightfoot is a symptom of Chicago’s Democratic decay

Glenn H. Reynolds: Sorry, Lindsey Graham: Congress doesn’t have the power to legislate on abortion

William Kilpatrick: How the Catholic Church Became a Defender of Islam: And misled Christians in the process.

Rick Moran: UN Report: 50 Million in Forced Labor and Forced Marriages

Victor Davis Hanson: Ukraine with a Whimper or a Bang? Putin deserves what he’s getting, but that moral and strategic victory is still a very different story from America sliding into a nuclear confrontation with a desperate autocrat.

Charles Creitz: Bill Maher roasts woke ‘presentism’: ‘A magic moral time machine’ where you always win: ‘It’s not all up in the air to change or delete or make up based on what makes you feel better today.’

VIDEO: Gutfeld: Will the Left listen to Bill Maher and admit it’s gone too far?

I Heard It Through Martha’s Grapevine…

Twitchy: AOC calls Martha’s Vineyard booting illegal immigrants off the island after just 24 hours a ‘blessing’ then gets BUSTED lying about her own district

Bill and Hillary’s favorite ‘human traffickers’…

David Rutz: Hillary Clinton calls Martha’s Vineyard migrant crisis ‘literally human trafficking’

Jonathan Turley: No, Transporting Undocumented Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard is Not “Literally Human Trafficking”

Jim Treacher: Libs Can’t Decide Whether Martha’s Vineyard Is Good or Not: They know sending illegal aliens there is a problem, but they can’t tell us why

Twitchy: WATCH: Karine Jean-Pierre *really* doesn’t want to answer Jacqui Heinrich’s straightforward questions about Joe Biden’s border crisis

Twitchy: PLOT TWIST! MSNBC reports that illegal immigrants sent to MV are thanking a certain somebody

Another human trafficker Hillary Clinton likes

Kevin Downey, Jr: Toothless Tiger! Harvey Weinstein’s Choppers are Falling Out and Prison Dentists Couldn’t Care Less

The lost … you know … the thing…


Friday Newsfeed Pt-Deux: The Gangs of D.C.

Welp, I think we can pretty much officially declare The Swamp is a syndicate and the federal government the mob. It’s one monstrous, metastasized, cancerous RICO tumor. And the Biden cabal is simultaneously hammering the nails into our Constitutional Representative Republic’s wormwood coffin for our collective “Big Sleep”, folks.

Fighting the Weaponized DOJ/FBI:

Louis Casiano: New York Judge Raymond Dearie appointed as special master in Trump Mar-a-Lago case: Raymond Dearie, a former chief federal judge in New York, was nominated to be special master by Trump last week

Margot Cleveland: Trump Scores Two Huge Victories In Fight For Special Master: Trump’s win shouldn’t be a loss for the Department of Justice—unless the Biden administration played fast and loose with the facts.

Matt Margolis: FBI Agents Accuse Biden of Pressuring FBI to Fabricate ‘Extremist’ and ‘White Supremacist’ Cases

Lincoln Brown: Mike Lindell Is Suing the FBI and the Government for Violating His Rights. Pay Attention. … I’d love to see a class action lawsuit against the same from people who were unconstitutionally ‘netted’ and imprisoned from January 6th protest rally/riot. Also those currently involved in the clown and monkey show J6 hearing.

Julie Kelly: The Unidentified and Uncharged Instigator in the Oath Keepers Case: With the reputation of the Justice Department and the FBI in shreds, it is reasonable at this point to suspect that any unidentified participant could have been a fed.

VIDEO: Jim Jordan: What’s been learned from FBI whistleblowers: FBI labels those who display the flag, own a gun and voted for Trump extremists


Max Thornberry: Texas parole board denies George Floyd posthumous pardon: George Floyd’s 2004 drug conviction was being reviewed after a police officer involved turned out to have a track record of corruption

That escalated quickly:

Biden administration 9/8/22…

One week later…

Dana Blanton: Fox News Poll: Majority says Biden administration incompetent: Growing number of Americans call inflation a family hardship in the latest Fox News Poll

VIDEO: Karl Rove and Joe Concha: Biden ‘selling phony’ success on Inflation Reduction Act to America: “This administration is pushing a financial impossibility for an overwhelming majority of Americans…

Peter Kasperowicz: ‘THE PREFERRED CLASSES’ – Democrats shut down GOP request for more details and cost estimates in the hundreds of billions on loan handouts that would only help certain graduates including forgiving government worker student loans

Just shut-up and buy an (atleast $65K) EV, and then parked his diapered boney-ass in an internal combustion-engined 2023 Corvette Z06 which obviously is not electric and is pre-listing at well-over $100K…

Oh, speaking of money and the smartest guy “The Big Guy” knows…

Emily Crane: Hunter Biden cries poverty in trying to slash child support for 4-year-old

Lincoln Brown: Beware: Democrat Vampires Vant to Suck Your Money!

Peter Kasperowicz: Planes, trains and automobiles: Biden administration is a hub of transportation woes: The simple act of traveling from place to place stalks the Biden presidency … Pretty sure this vindicates Govs. Abbott and DeSantis helping illegal aliens get to those open arms ‘sanctuary’ cities/states.

Sarah Foster: Survey: Half of workers who got a raise or higher-paying job say their pay didn’t keep up with inflation

Rick Moran: Biden Can’t Blame His Inflation on the Pandemic or the War Anymore

Ben Zeisloft: Janet Yellen: ‘A Strong IRS Is Critical To The Economic Success Of This Country’ … Sure, Jan. Sure.

Helen Raleigh: Germany’s Green Energy Follies Are A Warning To The United States: Germany’s economic woes serve as a warning to the Biden administration that relying on an authoritarian regime is dangerous and foolish.

Paul Bedard: Voters demand border be secured, OK busing migrants to DC and NYC

It will take decades for the truth to come out about COVID … if ever:

Rick Moran: Major COVID-19 Report Suggests Coronavirus Could Have Escaped From U.S. Lab

Ace: Europe Stops Recommending the Vaccine For Children: Caution: American Media and the Tech Monopolies Do Not Want You To Know This Fact

Jack Cashill: COVID Fascism Fizzles Out in New Zealand

Jim Hoft: FLASHBACK: Video Shows Bill Gates Lied to Trump About Dangers of Vaccines and Trashed Robert Kennedy Jr.


Friday Newsfeed Pt-1: “Save your outrage, you gargantuan gasbags…” – Greg Gutfeld


Frank O’Laughlin @ WFXT Boston: Martha’s Vineyard migrants to be sheltered on Cape Cod; Baker activates National Guard … The National Guard. For 50 people. Let that sink in. I’m not even sure New York has activated their National Guard to handle the several bus loads Gov. Abbott has sent to NYC. But it is Martha’s Vineyard, and they have to call in hazmat when somebody spills a venti double-shot espresso caramel macchiato with soy iced latte. Soooo…

We don’t have the infrastructure and housing to support them!

On a sidenote, democrat-run northern states/cities, like New York City (among others), have been buying bus/plane tickets to warmer states like Florida for their homeless for years. What really is behind the ire here is the MSM, demo-commies and the Biden White Household, has not only ignored the Brandon-made human crisis on our nation’s open border of roughly three million illegal aliens (they are NOT “migrants” or “immigrants”) but have insisted you ignore it too. And now they have to, you know, talk about it by way of bitching about “HUMAN TRAFFICKING!” and “inhumanity and cruelty” and making chess pieces analogies, or something. These last 18 months Biden has literally gone hand-in-glove in ‘human trafficking’ with Mexican cartels in openly accepting nearly three million people into our country at the busted-open border … desperate and opportunistic people whose ransom money has made the cartels (and I wonder who else, hmm?) filthy rich and promoting more and more business for the cartels by doing so. Then Biden began trafficking countless thousands of these illegals from “Oh, the humanity!” Texas to states across the country (including Florida) in the middle of the night and without the prior “notice” the left is now bitching about with Gov. DeSantis.

And so, what is happening right at this moment is the American people are being shown exactly what’s been happening at our Southwestern border (and in the horrifically inundated border cities of Texas and Arizona) for nearly two years since Biden’s junta burned all of Pres. Trump’s very successful border policies, and how the administration has been spreading that inhumane wealth all over the country with our tax dollars. ALL of it with our tax dollars. And with the major assistance of the MSM who not only refuses to cover it all this time but chastises news operations, such as FOX News, for factually, steadily, and comprehensively covering it since it began nearly two years ago. Every despicably hypocritical thing you’re now hearing all those liberal MSM outlets and democrat politicians/administration vomiting in reaction to the governors of Texas and Florida freely transporting Biden’s illegal aliens to the blue states/cities that have declared themselves “sanctuary” for these same people is frantic political bullshit and not reality.

Yep, and plenty of room not only for several FEMA trailers to ‘sanctuary’ some of those 50 new arrivals to the island, but lots of space offshore to anchor those leftist-worshipping wind turbines to power them! Put in a water desalinization plant and put up some outhouses or dig some slit-trenches and the water/plumbing issue is solved as well!

But what really makes me scoff loudly at them is this … The left has suddenly ‘found Jesus’…

Read the samplings here, here, and here. There are loads of others if/when you wade into the cesspool that is Twitter.

Twitchy: Steve Schmidt claims DeSantis is literally attacking Massachusetts by sending immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard and how is that not bigotry?

Lawrence Richard: ‘PLAYING POLITICS’ – Biden lashes out at Republicans for their move to hold Democrats accountable for border crisis: Biden says Republicans are ‘playing politics’ after transporting migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, VP’s home

Twitchy: John Hayward torches ‘the new dumba** talking point’ from self-righteously indignant libs shrieking about ‘inhumane’ transport of migrants

And the demo-commie Left Coast Love-Govvie that is polishing his bleached toothy grin in hopes of being the DNC’s 2024 presidential candidate is doing this bullshit instead of fixing his state’s own massive failures as residents bug-the-Hell-out of California…

Lincoln Brown: Don’t Be a Newsom: California Governor Wants DeSantis and Abbott Investigated for Kidnapping Charges

Twitchy: Florida’s *checks notes* agriculture commissioner asks DOJ to investigate Ron DeSantis’ human trafficking … Lu-hoo-hoozer!

Anyhow, this data graph is from 2017. Five years, and close to 3 million illegal aliens (counting estimated ‘got-aways’) in just these last near-two-years, later it is obviously much higher…

VIDEO: New Fox drone footage shows large migrant groups crossing into Texas: Fox News’ Bill Melugin live from Eagle Pass, Texas where an infrared drone shows migrants crossing the border

Twitchy: Womp WOMP: Bill Melugin shares reporting that totally DEBUNKS Lefty’s claims that Abbott and DeSantis are kidnapping or trafficking people

VIDEO: Sen. Tom Cotton: These are the results the Biden administration wanted

Joseph Simonson: Highest Number in US History: Border Patrol Logs 8,000 Migrants Entering US Each Day

The left’s reaction to what amounts to a couple of handfuls of illegal aliens, compared to the millions flooding into US border cities, being transported to sanctuary cities “without notice” would be laughable were it not so damn hypocritical and asinine…

FBF: Paul Bedard (7/18/21): Biden dumping illegal migrants around the nation without notice

FBF: Anna Giaritelli (11/6/21): Biden sent 70 secret night flights of migrants from border to Florida

FBF: NYPost (4/18/22): Biden resumes ‘air illegal’ into Westchester as migrant tide grows even worse

Karol Markowicz: DeSantis was right to send migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. We need to bring border crisis to Democrats: Two planeloads of illegal immigrants arrived on Martha’s Vineyard on Thursday. It’s smart for DeSantis to bring the border crisis to policymakers

Tori Richards: Top Biden official met with Soros activists ahead of border crisis discussions

Try not to shoot hot coffee out your nose…

Rick Moran: Pritzker Declares Disaster, Calls Out National Guard for 500 Illegals Bused From Texas

Jim Hoft: Liberal Logic: Martha’s Vineyard Calls 50 Illegal Immigrants a “Humanitarian Crisis” – But 4.2 Million Illegal Immigrants Crossing a “Secure Border”

Stephen Green: DeSantis Sends Some Illegals to Martha’s Vineyard and Right-Twitter Can’t Stop Laughing

Louis Casiano: Martha’s Vineyard homeless advocate says migrants there will eventually have to move ‘somewhere else’

Joseph Simonson: How the AP Slanted Border Coverage to Hide the Crisis: Wire service ditched ‘border surge’ after facing activist pressure

OK, now go ahead and shoot it out your nose:

The Babylon Bee: Martha’s Vineyard Resident Calls Police To Report A Hispanic In The Neighborhood Not Operating A Leaf Blower

Right now on Martha’s Vineyard…

The Babylon Bee: Obamas Construct New Cages At Martha’s Vineyard To Hold Arriving Migrants

D’OH! Duh! DERP!!!

Ryan Ledendecker: Martha’s Vineyard Declares ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ After DeSantis Drops Off 50 Illegals

Stephen Kruiser: The Morning Briefing: DeSantis Is Just Masterfully Trolling Impotent Libs Now … Indeed!

The ever-brilliant Christina Pushaw is magnificently armed and very dangerous with facts, figures, and receipts here in this Twitter tweet thread-reader

Twitchy: ‘You VOTED for this!’ Christina Pushaw rubs salt in Democrat’s Martha’s Vineyard wounds in MERCILESS, receipt-filled thread

And, of course, there is J.J. Sefton @ AoSHQ:

The weekend is here, and to all of you commies and trolls in the audience, I have this to say:

Alinsky, you magnificent malignant bastard, I read your book!!!

Rule #4: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules


Thursday Newsfeed: Planes, Trains, and Busses…

The left is screaming “HOW DARE YOU!!!” over Texas Gov. Abbott’s transporting illegal aliens to NYC and DC, and now Florida Gov. DeSantis flying them to our-shit-don’t-stink Martha’s Vineyard for a late summer vaycay. NOW they are trying to condemn the use of tax dollars for “HUMAN TRAFFICKING!!!” while willfully ignoring the last nearly two years of Biden spending taxpayer dollars letting illegals into our country, accommodating them with every damn thing they need, and then flying them all over the country and dumping them under the dark of night in other states. By the way, Florida was one of those dumping grounds by the “Biden Red-Eye”, so, don’t even go there with Gov. Ron’s up-grading their destination to the wealthy left’s playground.


At 6:45 this morning two busses with dozens of illegal aliens from the Del Rio sector in Texas arrived in DC and were being dropped off in front of the Naval Observatory where Kamala Harris currently resides. Griff Jenkins of FNC was asking asking riders getting off the bus where they were from. Mostly of them from Venezuela. And then asked ‘is the US border open or closed?’ They said it is ‘open’. Is it secure? They answered it was not secure and they just easily and freely crossed into Texas. He asked them where they heard that the US border is open and they said on they heard it on the news on their TVs at home. One said he wants to go to New York to join his family there.

Again, mostly single military-age fit and trim adult men…

Timothy H.J. Nerozzi, Tyler Olson: 2 migrant buses arrive outside Vice President Kamala Harris’ Naval Observatory residence in DC: Between 75 and 100 migrants who were picked up in Eagle Pass, Texas, were sent by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Twitchy: WATCH: Buses from Texas to DC are apparently full of migrants who believe the border is ‘open because we enter […] free, no problem’

Jessica Chasmar, Adam Shaw, Peter Hasson: Border agents blast Kamala Harris’ border claim, say it’s ‘far from secure’: Biden-era immigration crisis ‘getting worse,’ senior border official says

Adam Shaw: VP Harris’ border comments reveal mass amnesty remains top administration priority


Jessica Chasmar: Ron DeSantis sends two planes of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard: Florida governor sends migrants to Martha’s Vineyard as part of program ‘to transport illegal immigrants to sanctuary destinations’

And get this…

Lawrence Richard: Massachusetts Dems react after DeSantis transports migrants into ritzy vacation spot of rich and famous Martha’s Vineyard: One local representative called the action ‘evil and inhumane’ but said the migrants were taken care of

Twitchy: ‘Basically Obama’s BACKYARD’: Gov. DeSantis tests the sanctuary city status of Martha’s Vineyard and it is IMPRESSIVE

Twitchy: John Berman and Ken Burns discuss thematic similarities between Ron DeSantis sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard and the Holocaust

Illegals are literally sleeping in the streets in El Paso, Texas…

Bob Price: El Paso Mayor Buses Migrants to NYC to Relieve Overwhelmed Detention Facilities: The surge of migrants moving west to the El Paso Border Patrol Sector led to the apprehension of approximately 30,000 in August, a source within U.S. Customs and Border Protection says. The trend overwhelmed the sector’s detention capacity, forcing agents to carry out street releases.

And that’s just one city on our Southwest border that has been inundated and resources depleted during this invasion being allowed by the Biden administration. And now these proud democrat-run “sanctuary cities” in the north are now outraged they are being taken up on their offer? Ha!

Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit:

HEH: “These people who have reached out — who have declared themselves a sanctuary — should say thank you to Governor DeSantis — thank you for facilitating transportation of the migrants to the welcoming shores of Martha’s Vineyard.”

NYPost: Sanctuary city Democrats’ laughable angst on illegal-migrant costs

Twitchy: Suck it UP! Matt Yglesias arguing for ‘legislative negotiation’ NOW that blue areas are having to deal with illegal immigrants BACKFIRES

“Tentative” translation means it’s all-off the day after the November elections:

Herr Brandon keeps the trains running on-time, for now…

Rick Moran: Biden Head-Knocking Leads to Tentative Sweet Deal for Rail Unions

Ken Martin: Rail strike averted, tentative agreement reached: A strike deadline of Friday morning had been fast approaching that would disrupt a number of industries still struggling from the COVID-19 pandemic

Ed Morrissey: Strike averted? Unions agree to “tentative” 11th-hour deal

The Biden Serfdom:

To the Biden bunch we’re all just pesky, insignificant, disgusting “Wildlings” (reference to my current “GOT” binge-re-watching)…

Larry Kudlow: This inflation scourge has given average working folks a 3.4% wage cut over the past year

Peter Jacobsen: Economic Freedom Falls in the United States, Global Report Shows: The pandemic policies of 2020 flattened economic freedom in the United States.

VIDEO: Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy: Inflation ‘loves Biden like the Devil loves sin’

Chris Enloe: Top Dem economist has more bad news for Joe Biden’s economy amid inflation crisis

Anytime you can use a “Dodge Ball” clip or meme reference solidify your argument is a good thing…

Oh, and you plebs don’t need no stinkin’ badges fighting crime and keeping the law-and-order peace…

Bernadette Hogan, Nolan Hicks and Bruce Golding: Mayor Eric Adams orders NYC agencies — including NYPD — to cut spending 3% over inflation, looming recession

ZeroHedge: McDonald’s CEO Says Chicago “In Crisis”, Urges City Leaders To Address Surge In Crime

Note to horror filmmaker John Carpenter: “Escape from San Fran”:

Reagan Reese: ‘Getting Kind Of Fed Up’: San Francisco Teetering On The Edge Of A Mass Exodus: San Francisco, California, residents are preparing to leave the city after growing frustrations due to homelessness and public safety, according to a poll by SF Next. … Just a reminder to self-fart-sniffing San Franciso erudites, YOUR leftist phlem-chronic voting build this sewer you’re now fleeing from … oddly enough to ‘red’ venues that haven’t voted for your bullshit. Either stay in San Francisco/California-in-general and live in it and fix it, or fundamentally transform your Marxist gene before relocating.

Daniel Greenfield: Half of San Franciscans Have Been Robbed: Here’s life for ordinary people in the pro-crime utopia of San Francisco which doesn’t just have streets covered in human waste, it also has human waste walking the streets.

Glenn Beck: ‘The worst propaganda ever devised’: Speaker Pelosi pushes propaganda as police in her district are targeted by thieves

Those Violent Demo-commie Zealots:

Paul Bois: Democrat Sen. Mazie Hirono Issues ‘Call to Arms’ When Debating Abortion Ban: Democrat extremism in the wake of President Joe Biden’s “Dark MAGA” speech heated up some more on Wednesday when Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) issued a “call to arms” on the Senate floor while debating a national abortion ban.

Stephen Kruiser: The Morning Briefing: ‘Good Catholic’ Biden Wants to Normalize Abortion in a Sinister Way

SIDENOTE: It really wasn’t the best time for the DC Swamp establishment RINOs to do this ahead of a midterm election that should be bulls-eyed on the economy and the border…

VIDEO: Newt Gingrich: Republicans can win November if they ‘stick to the issues’

Back to the demo-commie army barracks…

JOHN BINDER and JACOB BLISS: Democrat Tim Ryan Goes Silent After Saying Voters Must ‘Kill’ MAGA Movement: Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), running against Republican J.D. Vance for Ohio’s open United States Senate seat, has gone silent after saying “Democrats, Republicans, and Independents” must “kill and confront” former President Trump’s Make America Great Again (MAGA) populist-nationalist movement.

John Daniel Davidson: The Biden Administration Isn’t Interested In Governing But In Criminalizing The Opposition: For Biden, actual governance is pure theater. The real work is making sure Trump can’t run again and his supporters rot in prison.

About you plebs believing the First and Fourth Amendments are still valid:

Miranda Devine: Facebook spied on private messages of Americans who questioned 2020 election

Victoria Marshall: Here’s How Big Tech Plans To Rig The 2022 Midterms: Through its censorship, Big Tech controls the flow of information that informs voters and impacts elections.

Unless, of course, you’re a democrat in election-denial…

Pam Key: Stacey Abrams: ‘I Have Never Denied That I Lost’ the 2018 GA Gubernatorial Race

Stephen Kruiser: The Democrat-Media-Industrial Complex Is Doubling Down on Censorship

VIDEO: GOP nominee for governor of AZ Kari Lake: The First Amendment is important – and they’re trying to take it away from us

VIDEO: Gina Carano tells all on her firing from Disney: Former ‘Mandalorian’ actress Gina Carano reveals how she reacted to Disney firing her over her controversial political views

Hon. Thaddeus G. McCotter: The Climate Cult Comes for Federalism

Rand Paul torches Fauci … AGAIN … and gives him a huge warning:

Brianna Lyman: ‘We’re Gonna Change The Rules’: Rand Paul Threatens Oversight Wave Right To Fauci’s Face

Scoops Gazette: Ivermectin emails inside Public Health Agency of Canada: Negligence or bad faith?

Paul Sacca: Ivermectin reduces COVID death risk by 92%, peer-reviewed study finds

Reminder that they are still threatening doctors if they dare dispute or refuse to abide by the ‘approved’ mind-set…

Houman David Hemmati, MD, PhD: In a shocking/unbelievable move, @CASenateDems @AssemblyDems are about to pass #AB2098 & send to @GavinNewsom to sign into law. Would take away any doc’s medical license for “COVID misinformation” as defined by THEM (not necessarily scientific fact).

I believe it is safe to assume there would not only have been countless lives saved but less lingering side effects for those who got sick from COVID.

Carl J. Schramm: What Does Walensky’s Apology Really Mean? The CDC director confessed last month that the agency had failed during Covid—but her mea culpa is likely designed to protect against serious reform.


Wednesday “Hump Day” Newsfeed: Fiddling While Rome Burns…

Next year on the first anniversary celebration of the alleged “Inflation Reduction Act” (shortly after Biden signing it is now known as the “Healthcare and Climate Act” by dems/MSM) can we anticipate the First Annual Hunger Games to be held by Brandon, Nancy, and Salad Kammie?

Twitchy: Biden’s brag the Inflation Reduction Act during WH’s ‘propaganda party’ is the whopper of the year

They celebrate and “applaud” themselves while the rest of us pinch the last of the purchasing life out of our bad pennies…

Ryan King: ‘That’s an applause line,’ Pelosi tells audience while touting Inflation Reduction Act

Twitchy: ‘CRINGE’! Nancy Pelosi had a ‘please clap’ moment trying to rally Dems at the WH’s shameless and insulting ‘celebration’

Meanwhile, the career dem lapdog in my neck of the woods sent out his fatwah

Gabriel Hays: Senate candidate Rep. Tim Ryan tells MSNBC: Time to ‘kill and confront’ the ‘extremist’ Republican movement: Ryan clarified that he is looking to work with ‘normal mainstream Republicans’ … Sure, Tim. Sure.

Pam Key: Climate of Violence – Tim Ryan: We Need to ‘Kill and Confront’ ‘Extremist’ Republican Movement. Ohio Democrat Follows Dark Brandon’s Lead of Demonizing MAGA

Paula Bolyard: U.S. Senate Candidate Vows to ‘Kill and Confront’ MAGA Movement

Until this week, Ryan, who is running against Hillbilly Elegy author J.D. Vance, was going hard after Republicans and independents. His ads and campaign literature portray him as a centrist who is willing to buck his party to do the right thing for his constituents…

Yeah, that’s a Tim Ryan farce…

But until this week, Ryan was running a disciplined campaign and had even distanced himself from Biden in order to gain the support of Republican and independent voters. Polling shows the race in a virtual tie, with Vance edging out Ryan in the RealClear Politics average by just 2.3 points, a month out from the start of early voting in the state. Ryan’s internal polling must be much worse, because on Tuesday, he turned a sharp corner and went full Joe Biden, lashing out at Trump supporters on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“We have to kill and confront [the MAGA] movement,” Ryan told host Willie Geist, adding that only “normal mainstream Republicans” are worth working with. He said this moments after (laughably) proclaiming that he’s “one of the most bipartisan members of Congress” and insisting, “I want to work across the aisle.”…

It f***ing is what it f***ing is, Timmy.

Terry Jones: By 2-To-1, Voters Call Biden MAGA Remarks Divisive: I&I/TIPP Poll: Most Americans think President Biden’s rhetoric is divisive, threatens free speech, and misuses his office.

The State of The Disunion:

Rick Moran: The Fed Can’t Fight Inflation if Biden and the Democrats Continue Massive Deficit Spending

Well deserved TBB sting that will prove prescient in about a year…

The Babylon Bee: Democrats Propose Another Inflation Reduction Act To Combat Inflation Created By First Inflation Reduction Act … Wait for it.

FNC: ‘LAUGHINGSTOCK OF THE WORLD’ – Voters in key swing state get brutally honest about ‘disgraceful’ Biden presidency … Biden has little to no power without majorities in both houses of the US Congress. Vote them out big time.

VIDEO: Oliver North: We need a commander-in-chief ‘worthy of the title’

The 21st Century’s World Scam #1:

Stuart Varney: The West’s obsession with climate change is getting ridiculous: Transportation Secretary Buttigieg praises California’s electric car initiative that would phase out the sale of gas-powered vehicles by 2035 (w/VIDEO)

Edward Ring: Green Globalism is the Ultimate Expression of White Supremacy: Green globalists are proclaiming a planetary crisis to camouflage an agenda of conquest dominated by white Westerners. Green imperialism is still imperialism.

Fueling the fire … Just follow that thin purple line of the graph from left to right and you get the idea:

Katie Pavlich: Biden’s Depletion of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve Is Reaching Crisis Levels

Robert Rapier: The Strategic Petroleum Reserve Is At Its Lowest Level Since 1984

Bloomberg: Biden May Buy Oil Just Below $80; Democrats Stymied Trump at $24

  • Trump proposed filling strategic reserve at rock-bottom prices
  • Democrats had crowed about blocking an oil industry bailout

Your gas prices may seem lower compared to the near/at $5 a couple of months ago, however currently still at twice what it was when Biden took office. Don’t be fooled. This is the on purpose. The next time some Biden supporter claims “The president doesn’t control gas/oil prices” give them a resounding “BULLSHIT” and point out how the releases of our SPR over these last few months has indeed been to intentionally effect gas prices at the pumps … ahead of the midterm elections. Prices will indeed be climbing as soon as the elections are over and that will also increase inflation. Add to those high prices the supply chain issues if the railroads go on strike…

Joe Cunningham: A Rail Strike Threatens to Shut Down the Country, and the Biden Administration Is to Blame … But I thought old Joe loved him some trains.

The 21st Century’s World Scam #2:

Stacy Lennox: Top Doctors Argue Against All COVID Vaccine Mandates

Jim Hoft: Leo Hohmann: Biden’s Executive Order Designed to Release Transhumanist Hell on America

JONATHAN M. GITLIN: Dear Mr. President: Seriously, please stop with these science “moonshots”: Science needs sustainable, boring growth, but we just get flashy ill-formed initiatives.

Twitter Cage Match with Musk Continues:

Twitter really doesn’t want this to go to court. Why not? Because that is exactly what Elon Musk wants so that Twitter is forced by the court to open ALL their data files…

Lucas Manfredi: Twitter shareholders vote to approve Elon Musk’s $44B acquisition: Twitter accepted Musk’s offer to acquire and take it private at $54.20 per share in April

Ronn Blitzer: Whistleblower: Twitter ‘over a decade behind’ industry standards for cybersecurity: Peiter ‘Mudge’ Zatko noted that a typical Twitter engineer would be able to tweet as any of the senators on the committee

VIDEO: Twitter whistleblower alleges Chinese ‘foreign agent’ infiltrated social media giant: FOX Business’ Connell McShane reports from Capitol Hill, where Twitter whistleblower Peiter Zatko told lawmakers concerns were raised to executives about ‘foreign agents’ being employed.


Allie Griffin: MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says FBI seized his phone at Hardee’s drive-thru

Crime’s not “up” because the law(s) aren’t being enforced and prosecuted…

I’ve been warning about this for over two years since the antifa/blm extreme violence and lawbreaking has basically gone unchecked and unpunished…

That’ll work out as fantastically in Illinois as it is in New York…


Illinois, like New York, has a shit-ton of gun laws. Illinois had better check on their state’s position on “self-defense” before the “SAFE-T” law kicks in…

Michael Ruiz: New York robbery suspect dies in thwarted attack, prompting call for ‘stand your ground’ self-defense law: A Staten Island man died Sunday after attempting to rob two other men with a fake gun, according to the NYPD

And this…

Jessica Chasmar: Zero arrests in at least 17 Jane’s Revenge attacks on pro-life organizations: FBI says, ‘The incidents are being investigated as potential acts of domestic violent extremism’ … Eh, the FBI is super-duper-busy trackingdown the MyPillow guy at a burger drive-thru and hounding a woman that wasn’t even in DC on J6 but publicly supports Pres. Trump.


The Man That Has Drawn Hillary Clinton’s Eternal Revenge on All of Us

That’s not baseless rhetoric.
It can easily be said that Hillary Clinton’s personal formal entrance into government and politics has been one vengeful tactic after another. The “Trump-Russia collusion” bullshit was evidence of that. And then there are all those countless folks she and Bill have known that have died “accidentally” or by “suicide by bullet to the back of the head” and such.She would give “Game of Thrones” Cersei a run for the money.

Louis Casiano, Haris Alic: Ken Starr, Clinton investigator, dead at 76: Ken Starr died in Houston at age 76 from complications from surgery, family says in statement

Jennifer Oliver O’Connell: Ken Starr, Special Counsel During Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal, Dies at 76

VIDEO: Ken Starr: There would be ‘outrage’ if conservatives protested at justices’ homes: Former U.S. Circuit Court Judge Ken Starr on pro-choice activists targeting justices’ homes after Supreme Court draft opinion on Roe v. Wade leaked.


Tuesday Newsfeed: With Less Than Two Months Before the Midterms Everyone had Better Take off Their Damn Dismissive Blindfolds

If you aren’t asking yourself these questions right about now, you’re not paying attention:

Why do they want to abolish the 2nd Amendment and ban/confiscate our firearms?
Why do they want to track every aspect of your personal/private life from health to bank accounts/credit cards?
Why do they want you unable to freely travel in your own vehicle?
Why do they want you buying/consuming far less than you do now?
Why do they want your school children educated in accepting gender-reassignment/pedophile-acceptence/etc. and not in basic academic subjects?
Why do they want this (and the next) generation(s) stupid/ignorant, racist/hateful, vindictive/judgmental, unproductive/destructive, unhappy/depressed/self-loathing, submissive/dependent, insane?
Why do they want anyone that disagrees-with/debates/opposes the running politicized “science”, “justice”, “education”, culture, unconstitutional measures/actions persecuted, prosecuted and erased?


Let’s get this damn straight. The US border is “secure”. No, really it is. Make that, ‘the Biden open border policy is secure’. In the near 20 months of this administration the Biden cabal’s agenda to illegally flood our sovereign nation with millions of unvetted, unscreened and unconcerned illegal aliens from around the world and human trafficking them all across the country has been an administration success.

And so, as Harris and others puke blame from their forked-tongues that this problem started four years ago because the “Orangeman Bad did it!” just know the very first thing Biden did when he shuffled into the Oval Office after the inauguration, and before his official presidential pudding cup, was to scribble his name onto the waiting foldered prepared documents on the desk, canceling all of Pres. Donald Trump’s highly successful border policies. This is all, every damn filthy bit of it, on Biden and his bunch. And here we are…

Emily Crane: Kamala Harris insists border ‘secure’ as illegal migrants set to pass 2M

NYPOST: Kamala Harris’ bald-faced lies about the ‘secure’ border

She then insisted the answer is “to put into place a law and a plan for a pathway for citizenship for the millions of people who are here and are prepared to do what is legally required to gain citizenship.”

That is: The issue isn’t the 4 million or so who’ve illegally entered the nation under Biden-Harris, but rather the fact that it’s too hard for them to retroactively become legal.

And the problem there, she explained, is that “people are playing politics” — i.e., by not passing a “path to citizenship for illegal migrants” law.

(She also faults the state of Texas for “playing politics,” which has to mean its busloads of migrants to DC and NYC — when the administration is itself sponsoring buses and flights to send migrants all over the country under the radar.)

What an utter load of crap. Securing the border plainly is no priority for this administration, which won’t support increasing the size of the Border Patrol even though at least 800,000 illegal migrants have made it into the interior on its watch without being intercepted, and the tide is growing as migrants increasingly come from further away

The formal count data is that by the end of Biden’s second year in office atleast two million illegal aliens have come crossed our border. Formal estimation has another half-million “got-aways” have entered. However, more realistic estimates put the number at roughly another million got-aways on top of the two million the Border Patrol has directly dealt with. And many of those “got-aways” are wearing camouflage…

Jon Michael Raasch: Migrants killing dogs, stealing from homes prompts some Texas border town residents to arm themselves: Border town residents describe how mass migration has made them feel unsafe, despite Kamal Harris’ claim that ‘the border is secure’

Eagle Pass has three official border crossings, but the most popular course is to illegally cross the Rio Grande, according to locals. The large influx of migrants into the border city has stressed local resources, and residents said they believe the town is not as safe as it used to be.

The Del Rio sector of the southern border, which includes Eagle Pass, has seen over 376,000 migrant encounters since October 2021, averaging out to nearly 1,100 per day, according to Customs and Border Protection. That’s more than double the 183,000 encounters seen the year prior…

AMAC Newsline: Democrats Scramble to Win Back Latino Support Ahead of Midterms

Soviet-Style Persecution Becomes Soviet-Style Prosecution:

Matt Margolis: FBI Shows up on Trump Supporter’s Doorstep, and She Wasn’t Even at the Capitol on Jan. 6

VIDEO: Woman says she was intimidated by FBI agents over support for Trump: ‘I was terrified,’ Lisa Gallagher recalls of being awakened by federal agents at her home on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Tim Hains: Tucker Carlson: Politicized Federal Law Enforcement Is Destroying The U.S.

Tyler Durden: “This Is A Full-Blown Political Purge”: Tucker Carlson Obtains DOJ Subpoenas Targeting Trump Allies

Timothy H.J. Nerozzi, David Spunt: DOJ issues more than 30 subpoenas to Trump associates: The DOJ also seized the phones belonging to two top Trump advisers

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson: The point of this is to suppress political dissent: Fox News host shreds Democrats for politicizing the anniversary of 9/11 and weighs in the Biden administration’s alleged targeting of political opponents after the Jan. 6 riot

ZeroHedge: Prosecuting Trump In The Shadow Of Hillary’s Emails

Gregg Jarrett: Hillary Clinton claims ‘no one is above the law’—except her

Twitchy: ‘MORE Russian connections to Clinton Campaign’: Margot Cleveland’s thread with latest update from Durham another DAMNING must-read

It’s the economy, economically stupid Biden junta:

DIANA GLEBOVA: White House to Celebrate ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Hours after Dismal August Inflation News

Just a reminder that in “GOT” Ned Stark was beheaded for finding out and revealing the “truth” about the ruler(s)…

Twitchy: WATCH: Karine Jean-Pierre emphasizes that ‘prices have been essentially flat in our country these last two months,’ so we’ve got it pretty great

Twitchy: Now that inflation numbers are out, Comfortably Smug wonders if you can ‘notice the trend’ in responses to terrible news

Britty Bernstein: Inflation Continued to Climb in August, Defying Expectations

Twitchy: DISGRACEFUL! U.S. Military service members told to apply for food stamps as Biden admin sends BILLIONS more of our tax dollars to Ukraine

Graham Summers: What Happens to Inflation When the U.S. Dollar Begins to Collapse?

ZeroHedge: 63% Of Small Businesses Have Put Hiring On Hold … You know what’s coming very soon? Holiday hiring. THAT might not be happening.

Meanwhile, better stock-up, Fellow Spectators, in case Heer Brandon can’t keep the trains running on time

Katie Wedell: Looming railroad strike could be ‘economic disaster,’ impacting consumers from all angles

Breck Dumas: Unions accuse railroads of ‘corporate terrorism’ as strike deadline nears: Fears grow of a looming shutdown

Charles Stallworth: Why Railroad Workers Like Me Are Planning to Strike This Friday

It’s going to be a big deal for the American consumer if we go on strike; estimates have put the cost at $2 billion per day. But we’ve reached the end of our rope. In the last few years, the railroad companies have mounted an assault on labor, costing livelihoods and sacrificing worker safety to a point where we just can’t go on…

Hell of a fall, Brandon. HELL of a fall…

FBN: STOCK MARKET NEWS: Stocks plunge as inflation rises 8.3% in August

The Stupids are Now Molding Our Kids into Abominations:

VIDEO: ‘Public education has been hijacked by the far-left’: Leo Terrell explains why the public school system is overrun with critical race theory curriculum

Cortney O’Brien: El Paso teacher’s firing over ‘pedophiles’ comment in classroom touches off firestorm: El Paso’s Independent School District board of trustees said the allegation is being ‘investigated thoroughly’

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