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Because “Crazy Shit” Stuff…

Wild conspiracy theory claims that Apollo moon landing was ‘faked,’ touts new ‘photo’ evidence … Looks like Brian Williams was there too, huh?

You know how you handle these dickheads, dontcha?

Why Faking the Moon Landing Was Impossible: Tech in the ’60s wouldn’t allow for an accurate simulation of the landing.

Earth Is Getting Hit by Too Much Anti-Matter, And Nobody Knows Why

BOOM! Mystery blasts rattling the globe: From Alabama to Idaho to Michigan to Russia to Denmark

100 full moons: Blazing fireball lights up Arctic sky

We just sent a signal to make contact with aliens on a distant ‘Super Earth’ — here’s what we said

ESO Observations Show First Interstellar Asteroid is Like Nothing Seen Before: VLT reveals dark, reddish and highly-elongated object … Could be an asteroid. Could be a Frisbee. Could be the mothership…

Overt demonic activity coming, warns ‘Spiritual Warfare’ expert: ‘Stand against the powers of darkness rather than ridicule or run from them’ … And you thought it was bad already.

Guess you’d better get that puppy/ kitty now…

Science Confirms That Cats and Dogs Can See “Spirits” and Frequencies That Humans Can’t … Okay, so NOW I really should get freaked out when our cat/dogs suddenly pop up and stare intently at nothing across the room and maybe even begin growling.

Biohackers are using CRISPR on their DNA and we can’t stop it: People are starting to alter their own DNA with cheap, easy gene-editing technology. Is it time to regulate CRISPR?…What could possibly go wrong?

Aging Reversal tests in dogs by 2019 and then in human tests by 2022 if that works … Again, what could possibly go wrong?

World’s first human head transplant a success, professor says … It was done on a dead body in China. Really hard to tell if it was, you know, an actual “success” success.

Does Time Travel Already Exist? Video Claims It Does

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How Bad Is ObamaCare?

This bad: “Helpless, Raging” Charlottesville Families Shocked By These 2018 Obamacare Premiums…”It’s Horrific”

As the Washington Post points out this morning, the Dixons, a family of 4 in Virginia, were shocked earlier this month to find that their Obamacare premiums were going to surge from roughly $900 per month in 2017 to over $3,000 per month in 2018.

Ian Dixon, who left his full-time job in 2016 to pursue an app-development business, did so because the ACA guaranteed that he could still have quality coverage for his young family, he said.

But when the 38-year-old Charlottesville husband and father of a 3- and a 1-year-old went to re-enroll this month, his only choice for coverage would cost him more than $3,000 a month for his family of four, which amounted to an increase of more than 300 percent over the $900 he paid the year before. And this is for the second-cheapest option, with a deductible of $9,200.

“Helpless is definitely a good word for it,” Dixon said. “Rage is also a good word for it.”

Of course, Democrats and the MSM also applauded Obamacare’s ‘great success’ earlier this year when several counties that were previously feared to be left with no coverage options in 2018, suddenly picked up a carrier. That said, perhaps Bloomberg, Reuters, NBC, etc. should reconsider just how meaningful these Obamacare monopolies are if the premiums charged are so high that no one can afford them anyway…


Rush Limbaugh: People Bought Obama’s Lies About Obamacare, and Now They Blame the Trumpster for Sabotaging Health Insurance

Now, this is screwy. Thirty thousand a year for health insurance for a family of four where the parents are in their thirties? Which means they’re either Millennials or just slightly older than Millennials, $30,000 for health care insurance? This family probably won’t come close to spending $30,000 on its actual health care in a year, and yet the insurance is 30,000 dollars?

And you can imagine what the deductibles are here. The deductibles so sky-high that you never even reach them. So what in the world is this? Thirty thousand a year for health insurance when if you had none — what is this family gonna spend on health care, what’s the statistical average of mom-and-pop and 2.8 kids relatively, you know, middle class healthy? I guarantee you outside of catastrophes, they’re not gonna be spending 30 grand on medical costs.

This is not how insurance is supposed to work! A $30,000-per-year — and that’s the best deal they could find? Obamacare has already imploded. This was by design, folks. This family, when looking at possibilities at HealthCare.gov is supposed to see this and throw their hands up in utter frustration like I just did and say, “This is crazy! We can’t afford this!”

And then a whole bunch of people do that and then here comes the government, “You know what, that’s right, this is way out of whack. Insurance companies are such evil, rotten, greedy SOBs, we should take it over here in the government and we should just have single payer or put everybody on Medicare.”

“Yeah, yeah, ’cause I can’t afford it.” And that’s the design. That’s what was supposed to happen. Thirty thousand for healthy people. It’s an illustration again of what the purpose here is. Soak the young in order to fund for huge expenses incurred by seasoned citizens. But this family doesn’t have 30 grand sitting around not being used that they can buy health insurance with it.

Now, here’s what the purpose of this story is. This article is intended to convince the Senate not to do away with the Obamacare mandate! That’s what this is. The New York Times and the American left do not want Obamacare gutted. Therefore, they don’t want the individual mandate gutted, because the individual mandate is Obamacare.

Requiring citizens to buy this product, thanks to John Roberts and the Supreme Court calling it a tax, means that everybody has to buy it under penalty of law, penalty of punishment if you don’t. The mandate then maintains the subsidies, you see.

So the New York Times doesn’t want the mandate to go away, and this story is intended to have U.S. senators read it, or their staff in the case of Senator Feinstein and Senator Franken who probably don’t read the stuff anyway, report to them from their staff, it’s what they know. But, anyway, it’s supposed to convince the Senate, this is outrageous. We can’t get rid of the mandate because then that would get rid of the subsidies and we need subsidies because people can’t afford 30 grand.

So this is a disguised panic piece in the New York Times aimed at senators to not put that repeal of the Obamacare mandate in the tax bill. “With the deadline for a decision less than a month away, consumers are desperately weighing their options, dismayed at the choices they have under the Affordable Care Act and convinced that political forces in Washington are toying with their health and well-being.”


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VOTD: WTFFFFFF?!?!?!?!!!!!!

Weather Channel’s Attempt to Film Georgia Dome Implosion Goes Hilariously Awry


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Men Behaving Badly and The Double Standard Outrage

Just when the Clinton’s thought it was safe for Bill to stick his head back out from under the bus the liberals had thrown him under last week…

Former President Bill Clinton is reportedly facing a new round of charges of sexual assault from four women, who claim the incidents occurred after Clinton left the White House in 2001.

Klein, who has written a number of sensationalist books including All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump, reports that the women were employed in “low-level positions” at an organization owned by playboy billionaire Ron Burkle. Clinton was hired by Burkle and flew around the world on Burkle’s private jet — which Klein says was known as “Air Fuck One.”

Klein says there is no evidence that Burkle knew anything about the alleged assaults by Clinton. He also reports that Hillary Clinton is “furious” with Bill for getting stuck in another scandal and offered to hire private detectives to dig up dirt on the women — but Clinton’s attorneys said no.

Sources tell Klein that if they are not given substantial payouts for their silence, the accusers are prepared to hold a joint press conference to air their stories.

That second paragraph in the grab is sorta-kinda bigger news, if you will. Anyhow, you now can ponder if this latest scandal was hitting the internal grapevine and it might have been the catalyst for the liberals to start their weak retroactive condemnation of Bill Clinton over the last week or so.

And just when the liberals/ left thought they had safely shrugged-off Al Franken’s bad sexual behavior…

Woman says Franken inappropriately touched her in 2010

Franken responds and it’s— well, limp noodle:

“I take thousands of photos at the state fair surrounded by hundreds of people, and I certainly don’t remember taking this picture,” he wrote. “I feel badly that Ms. Menz came away from our interaction feeling disrespected.”

So, given Franken’s odds of probability in estimating his photo-op averages I’m guessing there will be more women he treated like this.

Terry Crews names person who groped him, offers detailed account of being ’emasculated’

Russell Simmons and Brett Ratner face new allegations of sexual misconduct

Actor Jeffrey Tambour Has Left Show “TransParent” Amid Sexual Harassment Claims

Glenn Thrush, New York Times reporter, suspended after sexual misconduct accusations


Meanwhile, the hypocrisy…

Jonah Goldberg: The real problem with the new liberal awakening about Bill Clinton isn’t the hypocrisy, it’s the historical revisionism.

RINO MSM mouthpiece Matthew Dowd: GOP ‘Empowered’ Clinton’s Predatory Behavior With ‘Tainted’ Justice Thomas

The Establishment’s Howard Fineman.. Defends The Tongue In The Mouth Against Your Wishes

Terry Crews posts PROOF that Russell Simmons asked him to give a ‘pass’ to agent accused of sexual assault

Lena Dunham apologizes for defending ‘Girls’ writer-producer accused of raping underage actress

Morrissey defends Weinstein and Spacey, blames victims

Laurence Tribe’s hot take on Al Franken so scorching it MELTS hypocrisy detectors

John Ziegler wishes ‘PC wuss’ Al Franken would do MORE to shame Leeann Tweeden


AoSHQ: Angry Adulterous Thumb: Bill Clinton’s 1978 Rape of Juantia Broadderick Was “Empowered” by the Republicans’ Defense of Clarence Thomas Thirteen Years Later in 1991

What if Ken Starr Was Right?

What to Ask When Decades-Old Harassment Surfaces – The starting point should not be “Would this guy be a creep if he did this today?”

I’m a Feminist. I Study Rape Culture. And I Don’t Want Al Franken to Resign

Clarice Feldman: A Fair Hearing by a Jury of His Pervs

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/11/a_fair_hearing_by_a_jury_of_his_pervs.html#ixzz4z0xPFqGa
Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

To Avoid Debacles Like Roy Moore, Repeal The 17th Amendment: Voters in Alabama might send Roy Moore to the U.S. Senate. Maybe it’s time to consider allowing state legislatures to elect senators again.

SLIDESHOW: Clinton, Biden and other politicians’ with ‘women problems’

And this BONUS:

Why Bill Clinton’s Legal Reckoning Spells the End of Hillary’s Career

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POTD: Waiting…

Showbird turkeys seeking Trump pardon must first strut stuff

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Not Before My Morning Coffee: 11-20-17

Good Monday morning, fellow Spectators!
For most of us this will be a very short week as the Thanksgiving holiday officially starts on Wednesday. Loads of pre-dinner cooking, baking, and cleaning for the hungry hoard that will attack the dining table on Thursday.

Some giblets for ya…

Dying and Deaths:

Satan FINALLY decided to bring Charlie “Helter Skelter” Manson home. The 83 year old (1971) convicted mass murdering cult leader and evil-as-fuck lunatic died Sunday in the hospital. Che Guevara and Fidel Castro were at the rusty gates of Hell to meet Charlie. Satan and the dregs from the bowels of deepest Hell are welcoming him right now. Years ago I read “Helter Skelter”. There was a lot of background into Manson’s life. A train wreck from birth, obviously some of his most younger years of infancy and toddlerhood were inflicted with his broken and busted environment growing up which deeply contributed to his psyche that had him getting into trouble at a very early age. He went from youth incarcerations to adult jail and prison. At one point Manson admitted he felt at home behind bars.

Mega rock band, AC/DC, co-founder Malcolm Young died over the weekend at age 64. The guitarist and songwriter had been battling dementia for the last few years.

Country music star Mel “Coca Cola Cowboy” Tillis has passed away at age 85. Besides his own country music hits, Tillis wrote over a thousand songs that other artists recorded.

One of my own childhood pop icons, David Cassidy, is in critical condition in ICU. Cassidy was huge in the 1960s and early 1970s, mostly due to his staring role in the hit TV series “The Partridge Family”. He toured with his band during the TV series run, which bolstered the show’s popularity. After the show was canceled on TV, Cassidy still treated his fan base to the old and new hits for years, and still toured well after the “Tiger Beat” days. The 87 year old Cassidy has been on a kidney transplant waiting list, but a family spokes person says his condition has gone beyond that now. Yesterday the internet was back and forth as to Cassidy’s status, some bogus reports having him as having died. However, official word remains that he is currently in the ICU with organ failure.


Della Reese, ‘Touched by an Angel’ Star and R&B Singer, Dies at 86

Famed ‘Cosby Show’ and Broadway actor Earle Hyman dies at 91

Monkeys Flinging Poo:

NYT Blames Racism for Americans Wanting to Keep the Money They Earn

Hillary accidentally pays a YUGE compliment to Fox News and indicts every other MSM outlet

Laurence Tribe calls Trump’s misspelling of “Frankenstein” “at least subconsciously antisemitic.”

Maria Bartiromo blocked Brian Stelter so he and Joy Reid bitched about her on Twitter

Glenn Reynolds has news for Stelter and Reid: Social media threat: People learned to survive disease, we can handle Twitter

We don’t know much about the spread of ideas, or what would constitute the equivalent of intellectual indoor plumbing. But civics and skepticism would be a good start.

Society seems to be growing steadily crazier. And maybe it doesn’t just seem to be. Maybe it actually, is growing crazier.


Then I ran across this observation on Twitter: “The Internet is rewiring brains and social relations. Could it be producing a civilizational nervous breakdown?” And I saw another article noting that depression in teens skyrocketed between 2010 and 2015, as smartphones took over. It made me wonder if we’re in the same boat as the neolithic cities, only for what you might call viruses of the mind: Toxic ideas that spread like wildfire.

As usual, read the whole thing.

Apparently Cher leads the way as one of the social media infected as she is in full babel now:

Let’s just cancel the Oscars … Or as we who don’t watch have come to designate it: The Rape Festival of Silent Victims and Enablers Now Squirming Trying To Decide On An Anti-Trump or an Anti-Hollywood Hell Acceptance Speech”. I agree, spare us. The Oscars have seen very poor, and getting worse, ratings for years now. Let them rent a banquet hall, tank-up on liquor and have at each other out of our sight, already.

Soros-tied donor network to ramp up efforts to elect left-wing prosecutors

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews takes shots at Pelosi, Schumer, says Clinton ‘deplorables’ comment a big mistake — Dems have lost patriotism … I dunno, Chrissy. Ain’t gonna get much better in 2018 and 2020 with all those heavy-lefty Soros billion$ pumped into escalating the democrat ugliness.

Trump vs. sports idiots:

Recently released from a China jail UCLA basketball player’s father insists he doesn’t “thank” Trump for his son’s release, and claims shop lifting ain’t no real crime anyway. Of course Trump’s not choosing silence in addressing the dad’s public remarks. I guess the UCLA dad is willfully ignorant of the penalty for stealing in communist countries. There are no ‘minor’ crimes in communist states.

Trump hits Raiders’ Marshawn Lynch for standing only for Mexican anthem; suggests suspension

Higher Learning High on Its Own Fart Fumes:

Howie Carr: Whiny Ivies apoplectic over tax – GOP aims at endowments

Brooklyn College doesn’t want police using campus bathrooms

White inventor of ‘white fragility’ tells University of Texas: Whites must stop becoming teachers

Rutgers University president argues that rash of anti-Semitism on the campus is protected by the First Amendment

Wait, what??? How about anti-Muslim, anti-LGBT, anti-(fill in the blank)…

VIDEO: Student radio hosts yanked from air, suspended after using the word ‘tranny’

Professor tells students not to use term ‘he’ without adding ‘she’

Oxford college introduces compulsory classes on ‘cultural appropriation’ for students

What is the racial endgame for campus progressives?

My friend Jeffrey Varasano @ Facebook:

I’d tell these professors that they have adopted an ideology. It’s not “the one and only truth”. In fact it so rare that no on in human history ever thought of it. “Are you suddenly the bearers of the one revealed truth?” “Has everyone in history been wrong up until you and your ideological group found out this new truth?”

In effect it’s your religion and your dogma. And what you are doing now is charging me with heresy to your dogma. You are trying to implement a state religion. You are both trying to brainwash me and all of us and also you are creating a religious test and setting yourselves up as religious police. You are 1984. You are, in all ways, in a cult. And you are doing what cultists do. You are funneling all reality thru your narrow ideology and finding all others guilty.

Extended: Excerpts from secretly recorded meeting between Wilfrid Laurier University grad student and faculty

This: Classic liberal “logic”. Rolling Stone is blaming the fraternity for the magazine’s published story of lies accusing them of rape

Student sues UC San Diego for injuries in anti-Trump election night protest shutting down freeway, claiming university ‘organized’ it

This morning’s NBMMC post brought to you by old school higher Eds who actually make more sense than today’s campus profs…

Go out and make it a great start to the holiday week, Spectators.
And remember, your heart, soul and mind are what make you not so insignificant in the full scope of Creation. Use them wisely…

(The Milky Way on view from the ISS as the moon crosses in front of the sun. Also note the moon shadow across the bottom of the Earth.)

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Pre-Thanksgiving Weekend Reads…

Unless something like the fat bastard of NorK or some ISIS wanker(s) do something worthy of stopping in my tracks to pay attention to the TV news feed, I am definitely taking off the weekend to do various Thanksgiving dinner preps to make my, once again, cooking of the turkey day meal less jammed and less stressful. Also, I am consuming loads of B and C obscure Christmas movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime just to keep me from sinking into pre-holiday funk. Back on Monday, Spectators… That is, unless there’s a mushroom cloud or somesuch, or and EMP— well, in that event I won’t be back with the eltro-techs fried.

Put on your glasses:

KURT SCHLICHTER: At Least My Generation Will Have Our Revenge On The Millennials.

Resistance Royalty: Pelosi, Soros Headline Left’s Biggest Dark Money Conference: Private memo gives inside look at Democracy Alliance’s latest secret donor meeting

The Suicidal Narrative of the Modern Environmental Left

World needs ‘brain washing’ on climate change, Jerry Brown says at Vatican

Tim Kaine Wants to Eliminate Superdelegates … It’s how Hillary “I won the popular vote against Trump” Clinton manufactured her DNC primary theft of Bernie Sanders.

Underground ‘city of the dead’ being built in Jerusalem after it runs out of burial plots: A huge network of catacombs excavated beneath a mountain over the past two years will provide enough space for 22,000 graves

Russia unveils £30m plans to start mining on the Moon

Scientists found a new Earth-sized planet nearby… and it might be habitable

VIDEO: Astronomers have found Milky Way’s twin

A small group of scientists has unilaterally decided to send messages to any advanced alien civilization living in a star system 12.4 light years away (over 70 trillion miles). … Well, this should be fun…

Seventh-Grader Wears ‘Fake News Network’ Shirt on CNN Field Trip

Jon Stewart to Anyone Who Wants Evenhanded Comedy: ‘Tough S**t’

Libya: The Forgotten Reason North Korea Desperately Wants Nuclear Weapons

More than 200 MS-13 members were arrested in a major Trump administration gang sweep

UGH! No…

But as I understand it the boss’s wife does a primo bacon-wrapped bird!

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