Space: “Our Aspirations Take Us to the Stars”


Space is my sedative in life, especially right now.

Simon Druker: NASA’s moon rocket, spacecraft return for repair after scrubbed test

NASA’s SLS booster (R) rolls by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon spacecraft Tuesday, as the agency said repairs to the SLS will prevent it from being launched until at least August after multiple failed wet rehearsal tests. Photo by Joe Marino/UPI | License Photo

Mike Howard: A Dawn of Democratized Space Travel: SpaceX has completed a mission with private astronauts.

Robert Zimmerman: NASA extends eight planetary missions, including sending OSIRIS-REx to the asteroid Apophis

AP: Hawaiian teams with Elon Musk company for in-flight internet: Elon Musk’s SpaceX is moving into the business of providing internet service to airline passengers

Leslie Eastman: Double Solar Flare Slams Earth, Creating Radio Blackouts in Asia and Australia: Astronomers discover immense sunspot swarms that could result in more dangerous solar flares in the coming months.

Monisha Ravisetti: To Find Alien Life, Scientists Are Unlocking Mysteries of Saturn Moon Titan: Solving the puzzle of Titan’s landscape could open doors in the quest to find extraterrestrial beings.

SciTech Daily: Models of Landscape Formation on Saturn’s Moon Titan Reveal an Earth-Like Alien World

Elizabeth Howell: Watch a bus-sized asteroid safely zoom past Earth within the moon’s orbit

Robert Zimmerman: Ingenuity photographs Perseverance’s abandoned parachute on 26th flight

In the past week the Mars helicopter Ingenuity successfully completed its 26th and 27th flights, with the first specifically planned to fly over the parachute that had been used by Perseverance when it landed on Mars on February 18, 2021…

Elizabeth Howell: Sharp pictures! James Webb Space Telescope completes alignment in huge milestone: The Webb team can now proceed with science instrument commissioning.

Andrew Jones: China to build a lunar communications and navigation constellation

VIDEO: Astronomers Tease ‘Groundbreaking’ Discovery with Regards to the Milky Way Galaxy

VIDEO: Blue Sunsets Are Very Common on Mars! Science Explains Why

Godly Dice-Roll or “I’m not saying it’s aliens, but it’s aliens” LEGO and chemistry sets…

Shivali Best: Building blocks of life on Earth DID come from meteorites, study says

It’s a question that has baffled scientists for centuries – where did the building blocks of life on Earth come from?

Now, scientists have produced new evidence to back up the long-standing theory that they came from meteorites.

The team, from Hokkaido University in Japan, discovered the compounds needed to form DNA and RNA on three separate meteorites that crashed to Earth in 1950, 1969 and 2000.

‘[The compounds’] delivery to Earth by meteorites may have subsequently played a role in the emergence of genetic functions for early life,’ the researchers said…

Jennifer Leman: Aliens Created Our Universe in a Lab, Scientist Suggests – If true, we started out as a “baby universe.” Cute.

Jeff Parsons: Harvard professor says alien technology may have crashed into the Pacific Ocean

Ashley Nickel: UFO is spotted hurtling across the Outback sky in eerie dashcam video

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