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Marxism for Rage-Filled Idiots: A Bigger Piece of Steaming Crap ‘Journalism’ You Won’t Find Today…

A “woke” female writer for The New Republic pens the latest chapter for their #Resist manifesto:

“The Handmaid’s Tale Is a Warning to Conservative Women: Hulu’s adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s novel lays bare the horrors of collusion with the patriarchy.”

I will not be linking to it. Go to their website and use their search with the title and it will grace your computer screen.

These liberals are so obsessed with their own ridiculous rage to the point of looking and sounding like incomprehensible, bad satire, dystopian clap-trap that now it is women who dare choose to be wives and mothers and strong women who support men they are attacking. And of course the dire threat upon women is “Christians”!!!!

Yet these same liberals and feminists (around the western world) willingly put on the Islamic hijab, in solidarity not sympathy (there is a difference), and support Sharia. Never once have they come out against what has been and continues to be done to females under the hammer of Islam around the world, and “honor killings” popping up around our own nation. No, these asses defend that as ‘cultural’ and must not be questioned or “insulted”.

Here is just one line from TNR piece that vaguely touches on the real theology threatening civilization:

“The execution of a gay woman in episode three seems inspired by a real Iranian execution.”

This female TNR writer barely … barely … touches on the reality, and quite probably only mentions Iran so that she can deflect arguments such as mine. She grossly neglects to include the Islamic doctrine and practices forcing these women to completely hide their bodies (because Muslim men have no self-control, will power, or personal responsibility and believe them evil sex temptresses), the execution of anyone (not just women) who is gay (while Muslim men practice pedophilia and bestiality), the horrific rape culture that turns a female (gang-) rape victim into the criminal who simply cannot defend herself in court to save her life. A rape culture that has invaded relatively peaceful Muslim areas, especially Christian tribes, killed their males and taken their females ranging in age from babies to adults and raped them and sold them into sex slavery. TO. THIS. DAY. And I’m not even getting into all the other severely punishable ‘crimes against Islam’ warranting brutal beatings, hand-chopping, female mutilation, acid-throwing, and death by beheading/hanging/dragging/crucifixion/burying and stoning/burning alive/etc.

No, this high-minded feminist on a mission looks down her nose as she toils away on her keypad to thrust an unrealistic fictional fear into society all while deliberately ignoring the real horror story around the world. She fails miserably to cite one even remotely comparable situation, like those above, being carried out by Christians. NOT. ONE! No, she pounds away in worship of a fictional internet television mini-series based on a fictional novel written by another self-oppressed woman. Her premise is so flawed that she is completely blinded by it.

Recall the outrageous reaction liberal women had to women who voted for Trump and staunch liberal women who refused to vote for Hillary. And then these Hillary crusaders put on their pink pussy hats, clumsy vagina costumes and “I ❤ My Abortion " T-shirts, dragged their emasculated men away from their online poker games and gathered like witches in DC to rant about their monthly discharges and describe their need to blow up the White House and kill people they don't agree with. Yeah, it's obvious the MSM who have spent years of creating their Monster Bride Hillary as the smartest person in the world ever, and then over a year affording her priceless hours of free airtime and great positive press, all while burying her evidence plagued scandals, as campaign ad-like coverage, while shrinking the camera lens to hide emptiness at her rallies and obfuscated overflowing Trump rallies by depicting his supporter as violent mobs as they were beaten in the streets by hired and instigated Liberal/leftist thugs. Hillary literally tied ropes around the media and they slobbered and fawned. Trump called them out for who and what they had become and they tore off their make-up chair masks to show themselves to be the wicked witch's palace guards. Oh, but conservative women are the slaves?

The “patriarchal collusion” and resulting "theocratic dystopia" the female writer at TNR warns about is happening … on the left as they choose a female Islamic terrorist and Sharia worshiper who now calls for “jihad” on Pres. Trump and the administration

Who demands the further violent genital mutilation of those who dare speak out against Islam and fake feminism in opposition to her and her movement as the MSM defends the woman

And a “Women’s March” that embraces barbaric kidnapping murderers

… to lead them to their perceived feminist Utopia.

For a long time I have considered myself a liberated woman, a true feminist. I may not be some icon of industry or politics, but I have freely and with full conscience made my own decisions and path. I have raised two grown daughters who became doctors, one raising a family and the other planning on one with her new husband. They are self-financially able. They are pro-life and deplore the disgusting primal displays of ignorance and vulgarity claiming to be feminism…

I, and my adult daughters, do not need these “nasty” celebrating feminists representing us. Nor do they. Far from it. Nor do we blindly align ourselves to Christianity. Our faith is our own personal and individual choice and none of anyone’s damn business how/what we believe about anything. Save your own damned soul(s)…

This 21st century brand of neo-feminism doesn’t follow any religion, really. It is building itself as a religion based on stomping down and obliterating everything and anything in its path. It has adopted radical fascism as its MO while screaming everyone else is a “Nazi”. That old adage of “Listen to what the left is accusing the right of doing because it is what they themselves are or are about to do…” rings true.

The need to keystone their ideology and movement on aborting the unborn has moved onto eliminating males and maleness from every aspect of society.

And I need here to mention my teenaged daughter with Down Syndrome. Why? Well, because these same “nasty” feminists insist she should be aborted along with the rest of the ‘undesirables’ in the womb. Want a hit of fiction fear actually based in reality? These ‘undesirables’ were dealt with by Hitler before he and his minions even marched the Jewish people into gas chambers. How long before these insane broads are calling for such final solutions for the “imperfect” … and then the ideological opposition.

It is all part of the whole insane “transgender” explosion over the last couple years. Turn DNA based females into males having babies, and pussy-whip DNA based males into pretend females.

And this inane. anti-science/reality bullshit is growingly-seeping into the schools to further indoctrinate our children into mindless irrational bots for the future. Oh, and if you are “transgendered” you had better damn-well be of the correct political ideology or you will be flayed (as are conservative women/minorities) by the left…

‘Self-hating privileged ignorant ass!’: Libs LOSE IT over photo of Caitlyn Jenner in #MAGA hat

I just can’t anymore with this. I can say way more but I really intend to enjoy this beautiful NE Ohio Saturday. I mean, I woke to this TNR article when I checked my Twitter feed and found this tweet…

He’s right. These people are very dangerous.

Instead of pink pussy hats these women should be wearing this because I saw the fucking movie before…


Real feminists no longer recognize the faux feminism being spewed and practiced today:

Tammy Bruce’s Journey

Camille Paglia Denounces ‘Snide, Anti-Male, Feminist Rhetoric’ In Interview

Why I No Longer Identify as a Feminist

Will my baby granddaughter pay the price of my fight for equality? Sixties feminist JEANNETTE KUPFERMAN sees the emotional emptiness facing women today

Ed Driscoll @ Instapundit:


● Shot: Women’s March organizer to NY Times critic: You’re an apologist for ‘white nationalist patriarchy.’

● Chaser: “in my 1st piece since joining the NYT express team, i wrote about my favorite topic: how white men talk too much.”

It’s rather amusing to see someone from the Times called an apparatchik to “white nationalist patriarchy,” when Pinch Sulzberger was quoted in 1992 as having “told a crowd of people that alienating older white male readers means ‘we’re doing something right.’” The year prior, a former Timesman described the atmosphere in Pinch’s newsroom as “moderate white men should die.” The following decade, then-editor Howell Raines, who was responsible for serial fabulist Jayson Blair joining the paper’s staff, described his preference towards diversity over a quality product in a classic Kinsley-esque gaffe: “This [hiring] campaign has made our staff better and, more importantly, more diverse.”

But then, however far you go, there’s no appeasing social justice warriors – but at least in this instance, they’re devouring themselves.

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