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The Temper Tantrum Shit-Throwing MSM Apes

I have been saying since the morning after the 2016 election in November that the MSM and it’s anger, disdain, hate, and bile are really not aimed so much at Donald Trump as it is at the American people who soundly and firmly rejected Hillary Clinton and the MSM who propped her (and Obama for 8 years) up and called us racists and idiots for over those 8 years right into the 2016 election cycle when we all became sexists and misogynists and all men evil, especially white men, and white women completely ignorant traitors for not voting for Hillary’s vagina.

The MSM are well-versed experts of trashing those they do not agree with, and fully loathing those who disagree with them and their “cosmopolitan bias”. The dust-up at a White House presser earlier in the week between chronic asshole Jim Acosta of CNN and Trump advisor Stephen Miller over the difference between a poem on a statue and the US Constitution and immigration laws and foreign policy therein not only bit Acosta’s ass but continues to infuriate the collective MSM class in general, and they feel the need to continually attack the American people who are putting the MSM who falsely believe they are above reproach, accountability, responsibility, and correcting.

Once again more of that MSM elusive ‘sources/experts’ that are rarely, if ever, named and credentialed to the public in their serving up of this #FakeNews.

And this, America, is what the MSM truly thinks and believes about you. This is how they see you from their glass bubble as time after time one of their own gets owned for their arrogance and ignorance they must hurry to defend and prop up, jumping around screeching on opinion desk panels on TV and reaching up their asses for shit to throw. They’re nothing more than self-serving apes sitting in their protective glass boxes throwing their own shit as we laugh at them. Well the American people have had enough and are throwing it back at them.

Last night PDJT held a rally in coal country West Virginia where he kicked Hillary’s ass in the 2016 election. The venue was full, as is everywhere Donald Trump has gone since the campaign trail, typically with crowds even outside the rally centers who couldn’t get in. In addition to PDJT talking with those regular Joes and Janes in attendance, not condescendingly down to as Obama/democrats/liberals/MSM habitually do, West Virginia’s Gov. Jim Justice publicly announced on the stage to the thousands there and the millions seeing live feed or later video clips that he was switching parties from “D” to “GOP”.

The pre-rally expectation of this obviously already had MSM types heatedly prepping scathing insult shit-pieces ready (or took to Twitter to directly assault) to throw at the people of West Virginia amid the thunderous support shouts and screams in West Virginia. As I cruised Twitter last night I came across a few, and even democrats, some in West Virginia who didn’t vote Trump, are outraged at the media wankers.

Peter Daou STUNNED by Trump’s WV crowd who didn’t want Hillary to ‘improve their lives’

The MSM cannot stand, or even begin to understand, this (and their part in it). Pittsburgh journalist Salena Zito fully understands it and has been outspoken about it since her hard work researching and on the ground one-on-ones with the people from the tri-state region that includes West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. She chastised the national media, and to a degree the local medias that are spoon-fed by their national network betters, for their second guessing and radical underestimations of the real people who work their asses off everyday in this area, and other mirror areas across the vast middle section of this nation always completely ignored by the east coast/west coast mentality of the liberal/left powers that be.

But it doesn’t start/stop with last night’s West Virginia rally and WV governor jumping the democrat party ship. It is a constant barrage of shit-pitching at Americans who live and think for themselves on a daily basis, immune to the smug and self-righteous east/west coast interloping and bloviating, and ridiculing and abusing a vast majority of Americans as bigots, racists, sexists, “phobes” of one invented ‘protected’ group or another, and uneducated troglodytes knuckle-dragging a Holy Bible in one hand and a smoking gun in another down streets and roads only the federal government ‘built’ for them. Just look at this…


Andrew Klavan: Jim Acosta is a Knucklehead

CNN insiders rip Jim Acosta’s antics as ‘auditions’ for his own show

Jim Acosta is suddenly one of CNN’s most controversial figures even among some of his CNN colleagues, who say his public battles with the Trump administration are going too far.

One of Acosta’s colleagues, an on-air conservative political commentator for CNN, said he sees an ulterior motive in Acosta’s actions. He said Acosta’s widely noticed clashes with the White House give the impression that he wants a new role at the network. 

“He’s angling to host an opinion show,” he said. “These [White House] briefings are his auditions.”

Another CNN employee in Washington, D.C. made it clear that Acosta’s outbursts aren’t as popular behind the scenes as CNN sometimes makes them out to be on the air.

“Ugh, just ugh,” a producer told the Washington Examiner when asked about Acosta.


Politico Op-Ed Slurs Jewish Trump Aide as Inspired by Soviet Anti-Semitism: Jeff Greenfield bizarrely suggests Miller invoked ’40s Russian smear by calling CNN reporter ‘cosmopolitan’

Ed Driscoll @ Instapundent:

I could be mistaken, but I don’t believe that Saul Steinberg drew his classic “View of the World from 9th Avenue” cover as a how-to guide to life for cloistered Manhattanites.

John Nolte @ The Daily Wire: Political Journalist Stu Rothenberg Blasts West Virginia With Bigoted Fake News: Supremacist Stu Rothenberg, a plugged-in and longstanding member of the DC elite, wore his Twitter account like a white hood as he smeared West Virginia with provable lies.

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Are More Out of Touch Than Ever

The Democrats are more out of touch than they have ever been. The average Democrat lives in Washington, reads the New York Times or Washington Post, and watches CNN. They admittedly do not travel the country. They mock it.


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