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2016 Ending the Way It Arrived … Hard and Deadly – UPDATED


UPDATE (and edit):

Most of all it is so very hard for a parent to outlive their children.
Sympathy and peace for Debbie Reynolds and the rest of Carrie Fisher’s family

Debbie Reynolds’ Last Words: ‘I Want to Be with Carrie,’ Son Says

RIP, Debbie Reynolds


2016 was barely an established notation on our check-writing date when so many celebrity icons, many rock/pop stars, began dying. The last couple months have seen several join the ranks of that great stage in Heaven.

Over the Christmas weekend pop star and gay rights activist George Michael was found dead of an apparent heart attack in his bed.

Last Friday, ahead of the Christmas weekend, actress Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia of “Star Wars”, had a cardiac episode while aboard a flight from London. She had been hospitalized in “stable” but critical condition since.

TMZ reports the family is now reporting Ms. Fisher has now died

Carrie Fisher died Tuesday morning … days after suffering a massive heart attack on board a flight from London to LAX … a family spokesperson has confirmed.

TMZ broke the story … Fisher was on a flight from London to LAX Friday when she suffered the heart attack 15 minutes before landing. People on the plane tell TMZ she appeared lifeless.

A passenger who’s an EMT performed CPR on Carrie and once the flight landed, paramedics rushed her to UCLA Medical Center where she remained in intensive care until her death.

The family had said she was in “stable condition” but we’re told she was not responsive after her medical emergency.

Carrie had been on a publicity tour for her new book, “The Princess Diarist.” The book recently made headlines because she wrote about having an affair with co-star Harrison Ford while shooting the original ‘Star Wars’ movies.

May the Force be with you, Carrie…


Debbie Reynolds @ Facebook:

Thank you to everyone who has embraced the gifts and talents of my beloved and amazing daughter. I am grateful for your thoughts and prayers that are now guiding her to her next stop. Love Carries Mother

Iconic Star Wars Actress Carrie Fisher Dies at 60: ‘She Was Loved by the World and She Will Be Missed Profoundly’

14 Other Movies Featuring Star Wars Actress Carrie Fisher


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