Monday NewsFeed: 3-23-20

Thank the doctors, nurses and other medical workers who are just as scared and even more at risk as we all are.

Thank our first responders who are trying to keep the calm and peace, and look at each and every instance in society as an individual one.

Thank the truck drivers who are trying their damnedest to get products and supplies to stores so people can provide for their families during this ‘shut-in’ time of the pandemic. They are having a hard enough time themselves with their long drive hours on the roads, but also with places for meals and even bathroom stops closed along the way.

Thank those working in your still open stores who see the shelves empty moments after stocking them, and then have to put up with the occasional angry shopper cussing at them.

Kurt Schlichter: The People Our Loser Elite Look Down Upon Are Saving Our Bacon

Here are some people who matter, especially now: Soldiers, nurses, truckers, cops, the guy who stocks the shelves at Ralphs, farmers, and that dude rebuilding your roof.

The Chinese Bat Soup Flu has certainly clarified some of the blurred lines between what is important and what is frivolous garbage. Yet, in a time when millions of Americans are at risk of dying as a direct result of ChiCom conspiracies and the bizarre need of its serfs to eat any weird thing that crawls or slithers within reach of their chopsticks, our useless elite is fixated on making sure we don’t hurt the feelz of the very people who stuck us in this predicament.

Our elite is full of self-important morons who contribute nothing but more dumb in a time when the only thing we have a surplus of is dumb. The real hero is the guy who trucks in a load of whole wheat bread, ribeyes, and low-priced cabernet to the Trader Joe’s, not the Prius-piloting sissy with a Maddow fetish who shops there. The people our elite laughed at, scoffed at, poked at, are the very people who are going to rescue us from the mess that same elite helped make…

Yet, it’s weird how this virus is an excuse for our garbage elite to do all the stupid things it always wanted to do. Luckily, people aren’t buying it. At least not real people. Team Dummy is in full effect trying to undercut the president. He’s alternatively too harsh – MUH TRAVEL BANS IS RACISM! – and too soft – OBAMA WOULD HAVE ORDERED THE CHINESE VIRUS TO DIE! Clever people are coming up with innovative remedies and strategies and the job of the trash reporters is to shoot down any hope – TRUMP LIES THAT TREATMENTS MIGHT HELP! It’s like they are rooting for the Woking Pneumonia….

Read the whole thing.

It is (thankfully) rare times, such as these, that we see what some people’s worth truly is. And also see who isn’t worth a damn…

Democrats trying their damnedest to make 2020 political hay out of COVID-19 – Americans expendable:

Twitchy: ‘How crazy is this?!’ Matt Whitlock BURIES Chuck Schumer with his own WORDS for blocking Coronavirus Relief (watch) … The American people are expendable to the democrat-socialist party. Don’t fool yourselves. Even with comrade Bernie Sanders seemingly out of the way now they are still ‘that’ party, just badly covertly.


FNC: Biden launching his own coronavirus briefings, as he fights to return from ‘sideline’

Newt Gingrich: Schumer, Pelosi seek to ‘blackmail’ Trump with dumb ideas

Mark Levin: House Dems’ coronavirus plan: ‘Pelosi is playing games’

Kevin McCarthy: Pelosi, Schumer ‘playing political games’ with coronavirus relief bill

Christopher Paslay: Why COVID-19 Is a Product of the Left

Tyler O’Neil: The Real Reasons Democrats Stopped the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

So what is really going on? Why did Democrats vote to block the bill, leading to a 47-47 split in the Senate?

A Democratic aide dropped an essential clue when discussing the bill with The Hill. The aide complained that the stimulus bill’s small business provision would exclude nonprofits that receive Medicaid from being eligible for Small Business Administration assistance. The aide complained that this provision would impact Planned Parenthood, community health centers, rape crisis centers, and disability service providers.

As PJ Media’s Rick Moran pointed out, Planned Parenthood is not a “small business,” and neither are nonprofits.

On Monday, a senior Republican aide told Townhall’s Guy Benson that Schumer and Pelosi are pushing “unprecedented collective bargaining powers for unions,” “increased fuel emissions standards for airlines,” and “expansion of wind and solar tax credits.” These provisions would arguably make the situation even worse for businesses….

Indeed, Sean. Indeed.

The 2020 Coronavirus “Typhoid Marys”:

CNN: Crowds packed California beaches despite shelter in place order … Nobody gives a gaddamn because they’ve been conditioned by MSM and democrats “who” to blame it on if they get sick. Hint, not themselves…

FNC: Florida college students test positive for coronavirus after spring break trip … These are the one’s who’ve been tested out of the multitude of insistent partiers who crowded beaches foe days against orders, swapping spit in many ways and drinking from other people’s asses.

Frank Camp: Gov Cuomo Blasts New Yorkers Not Taking COVID-19 Seriously: ‘It’s Insensitive, It’s Arrogant’

Rovvy Lepor: To Contain Coronavirus, Trump Must Halt Outgoing Flights from JFK, LaGuardia and Newark

Charlie Martin: NY Times Discovers Travel Restrictions In China Didn’t Work — When They Were Not Implemented.

Coronavirus Info:

FNC: Coronavirus in the US: State-by-state breakdown

WE: Lost sense of smell could indicate coronavirus infection … Loss of smell (and taste) senses is sometimes typical in colds and respiratory infections, even allergies in some cases. But apparently it might be a symptom of COVID-19.

DC: Trump Gives Ford, General Motors, Tesla ‘The Go Ahead’ To Mass Produce Coronavirus Ventilators

Rick Moran: Doctor Working in Italy Says They No Longer Allow Those Over 60 Access to Respirators

Michael van der Galien: Report: China May Have Massively Underreported Coronavirus Deaths … Bet on it. And take with a fine grain of salt China’s claims regarding no new infected currently being reported.

arstech: The doctor who helped defeat smallpox explains what’s coming: We can beat the novel coronavirus—but first, we need lots more testing.

BH: Coronavirus may cause disruptions for a year, experts say: The disease could resurface in the fall.

Coronavirus Updates: 3-22-2020

One thing is extremely clear, when the pandemic smoke clears there needs to be a massive and extensive on-the-ground international investigation into China’s bio-lab in Wuhan and any/all data therein and surrounding their outbreak, with as close to accurate as possible numbers and statistics, including the DNA markers of the virus of their victims over their two or more months of epidemic…

Victoria Taft: Report: China Stopped Testing for COVID-19. That’s Why There Are Zero New Cases.

VIDEO: Victor Davis Hanson: China will pay the price for COVID-19

Axios: Timeline: The early days of China’s coronavirus outbreak and cover-up

BRYAN PRESTON: We’ll Be Alright, and then We Must Reckon with Communist China.

NEO: Globalization is the first casualty: Well, maybe not the first casualty. But the entire concept of globalization is taking a big hit. And rightly so…

Matt Margolis: It’s Barack Obama’s Fault There’s a Shortage of N95 Respirator Masks

Last week Bloomberg published a story about the mask shortages and how that was making it difficult for hospital workers in various states to take alternative measures to help protect themselves during the coronavirus pandemic, including making masks out of office supplies, and taking masks home to bleach them so they can be reused. It paints a horrible picture of chaos in our nation’s hospitals, and attempts to blame the problem on the Trump administration, because the Strategic National Stockpile, which is maintained by the Health and Human Services Department, is insufficient for the current crisis.

Back in 2005, the Bush administration published the “National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza.” The strategy called for plans to distribute medical supplies from the national stockpile and to assist state and local efforts to handle an outbreak, but last month, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar told Congress that the national stockpile of N95 respirator masks was 12 million—a mere fraction of the 1.7 billion masks government scientists estimated back in 2015 would be needed in the event of a severe flu outbreak….

Buried several paragraphs deep in the aforementioned Bloomberg story we find out that “after the H1N1 influenza outbreak in 2009, which triggered a nationwide shortage of masks and caused a 2- to 3-year backlog orders for the N95 variety, the stockpile distributed about three-quarters of its inventory and didn’t build back the supply.”…

A different story from the Los Angeles Times published last week goes into more detail about what happened after the swine flu pandemic depleted the supply. According to their story, “After the swine flu epidemic in 2009, a safety-equipment industry association and a federally sponsored task force both recommended that depleted supplies of N95 respirator masks […] be replenished by the stockpile.” The problem is that didn’t happen. According to Charles Johnson, president of the International Safety Equipment Association, about 100 million N95 respirator masks were used up during the swine flu pandemic of 2009-2010, but, he said was unaware of any “major effort to restore the stockpile to cover that drawdown.”

In short, even though the Obama administration was advised to replenish the national stockpile of the N95 respirator masks, they didn’t. Despite the fact the media traced the cause of the shortage back to 2009, they accuse Trump of poor planning and trying to deflect responsibility….

And don’t forget this as well:

WSJ (8/15/03): Hillary’s Vaccine Shortage

Everyone knows America’s vaccine industry is in serious trouble, with an ever dwindling number of producers and recent severe vaccine shortages. What everyone also should know is that the National Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine has now pinned much of the blame on Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Well, not in so many words. The panel of doctors and economists issuing a report on vaccines last week was too polite to mention the former First Lady by name. But they identify as a fundamental cause of the problem the fact that the government purchases 55% of the childhood vaccine market at forced discount prices. The result has been “declining financial incentives to develop and produce vaccines.”

The root of this government role goes back to August 1993, when Congress passed Mrs. Clinton’s Vaccines for Children program. A dream of Hillary’s friends at the Children’s Defense Fund, her vaccines plan was to use federal power to ensure universal immunization. So the government agreed to purchase a third of the national vaccine supply (the Clintons had pushed for 100%) at a forced discount of half price, then distribute it to doctors to deliver to the poor and the un- and under-insured….

You can read the entire WSJ article in a previous post. While this has little to do directly with this COVID-19 virus, it does illustrate the asinine meddling the government does in private industry that ends up backfiring on several levels. It also illustrates the MSM’s lack of intellectual honesty in covering these outbreaks and shortages according to the party affiliation in the White House. And of late, Hillary’s been all over Twitter blaming Pres. Trump for everything right now when it is directly traced back to the previous administration’s failures.

Matt Margolis: FAKE NEWS: WaPo Claims Trump Ignored Early Intel Briefings on Possible Pandemic

LI: Italian Virologist: Fear of Being Falsely Called Racist Led to Italy’s Wuhan Coronavirus Crisis

Rick Moran: Americans Rejecting Hysterical Criticism of Trump

Justin Geoffrey: Every Year an Epidemic: Say Goodbye to Normal Winters

Reason: States Can’t Shut Down Non-Essential Businesses Without Harming Essential Ones: The coronavirus outbreak offers another view of the limits of central planning.

DM: Canadian doctor turns one ventilator into nine with some ‘evil genius’ DIY mechanics – winning fans, including Elon Musk

USAToday: Why the new homemade face mask fad won’t protect you from coronavirus

In both the multiple vent rigging and homemade masks all I can say is, desperate times call for desperate measures.

NBC 10 News: Physicians plead with Tennessee governor to order a shelter in place: The group of physicians is requesting that effective midnight Sunday, March 22, that Tennessee declare the shelter in place act for fourteen days.

ABC News: Hanes will start making masks for health care professionals treating coronavirus

WKBN: Anheuser-Busch distributing bottles of hand sanitizer to fight COVID-19 Coronavirus: The brewing giant joins a list of other companies repurposing their production lines to help fight the pandemic that has so far claimed more than 11,000 lives

Science Mag: New blood tests for antibodies could show true scale of coronavirus pandemic

Victoria Taft: FDA Approves New Quick Test to Detect COVID-19

BONUS: Priorities, or something: COVID-19 has its assholes…

Video making the rounds on Twitter of spring break beachgoers defying the various mandated precautions for avoiding the spread of COVID-19. A still shot of the video above, where members of the joyfully drunk and debauching group of student loan debters remark, “”Nobody here gives a f*ck about the #Coronavirus”.

A couple of surface observations here from me…

1. These aren’t ‘boomers’. They’re smug know-it-all “whatever-you-say, boomers” who dismiss everyone in their parents’ and their parents’ parents’ generations for whatever reason(s), but mostly currently because they believe in a socialist utopia where the decrepit elder communist Bernie Sanders will have then farting edible rainbows out their collective lazy asses.

2. And while COVID-19 seems to not hit their age group very hard right now, I’m pretty damn sure a case of it on top of E.coli would raise their chances of being counted in the worst ‘statistic’ of COVID-19. Yeah, death. For the record, top shelf whiskey doesn’t really have the level of alcohol content needed to kill the Coronavirus. Highly doubtful your can of beer has anything of high enough alcohol content to kill E.coli living in somebody’s ass-crack on a hot and bacteria-laden beach and ocean.

But by all means, keep telling us “boomers” how insignificant and stupid we are not to see the world your way.

FNC: Why ‘pandemic bangs’ are trending during coronavirus outbreak … No.

Weekend Reads: Knock-Knock

Some non-viral points of interest I’ve grabbed from fellow bloggers…

PM: In May, SpaceX Will Return Human Spaceflight to U.S. Soil

NatGeo: Artificial islands older than Stonehenge stump scientists: A study of crannogs in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides reveals some were built more than 3,000 years earlier than previously thought. But what purpose did they serve?

PM: Something Weird Just Happened That We Can’t Really Explain With Existing Physics: Why did this particle mysteriously disintegrate?

Quora: On D-Day, how far inland did the battleships shell the Germans?

PM: The 66 Best Inventions of the Past 66 Years

Quora: Which battles in the Middle Ages were really that barbaric as shown in movies?

PM: Twisted Nuclear Fusion Is Much Closer to Actually Happening: Are we on the brink of a reactor breakthrough?

PM: How an Ancient Ring System Might’ve Made Uranus a Bit Tipsy: A new theory suggest orbital resonance and a robust set of rings might have knocked the planet into its atypical 98-degree tilt.

PM: Elon Musk’s Battery Farm Is an Undeniable Success

PM: 7 iPhone Hacks You Actually Haven’t Tried Yet: The latest operating software, iOS 13, brings new tips and tricks to the iPhone.

William Newton: How A Great American Artist And Architect Complemented Each Other: The two friends created works that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also show how presentation is just as important to overall success as is content.

WFB: Be Smart: How the Mainstream Media Sweep Their Mistakes Under the Rug

David Limbaugh: The Media’s Negativity Won’t Dampen the American Spirit

Christian Toto: HBO’s ‘After Truth’ Perfectly Captures Why Journalism is Dying: Documentary ducks reality, obsesses over Trump’s election

Christian Toto: 7 Killer Quotes from Free Speech Hero Ricky Gervais

Recipe Alert:

A couple months ago I binge-watched “Schitt’$ Creek” on Netflix. Just like “The Office” it’s become one of my go-tos when I can’t settle on anything to watch on TV. One scene had the wife of the Mayor of Schitt’s Creek bringing the dislocated at-rock-bottom formerly rich family some Nanaimo Bars that she baked. So, as I do with pretty much any foods I hear mentioned in TV shows and movies, I looked it up…

Wikipedia: “The Nanaimo bar is a dessert item of Canadian origin. It is a bar dessert which requires no baking and is named after the city of Nanaimo, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island. It consists of three layers: a wafer, nut, and coconut crumb base; custard in the middle; and a layer of chocolate ganache on top…”

And here is one of many recipes for this yummy treat.

A Googolplex Newsfeed…

I talked to my sister last night who’s doctor. She said the fact that the vast majority of the dead around the world are old aged and those with pre-existing medical issues proves the virus was designed in the lab to ‘alleviate and eliminate’ the elderly population from world society. She pointed out that she had previously read the Wuhan lab was one key in using the local bat population in their viral experiments. I pointed out to her that we don’t exactly know the age dynamics of those who died in China but the videos and photos I was seeing leaked out of China were of various ages, including young adults. I then said that proves it came out of their Wuhan lab and that the virus was initially extremely potent and uncontrollable. However once it cycled through a human carrier it mutated away from stronger healthy carriers and is now targeting the elderly and medically weak. Hence infecting the Wuhan population in order to spread it to foreigners therein that would carry it back home was more than acceptable … Basically a remote suicide terror attack. She agreed. I also said that over the last month I have heard/read conflicting reports that the virus had mutated, that there are at least two strains. Then recently I heard someone on TV say it had not mutated. I also believe our CIA/intelligence knows exactly what is going on and it is a weapon. Hence, our government’s/nation’s rapid and extreme measures of closing everything right now. And it is why our President insists on continually pointing out this virus is from China. We, and the world, have been attacked. And Sweet Jesus, take the wheel…

Boss says, “If you read nothing else today, read this, especially the opening…”

Cut Jib Newsletter: The Morning Report 3/20/20:

Good morning, kids. The weekend is here and I’ve become almost numb to the madness brought about by the Chinese Communist Lung March Yellow Peril. That said, while I am heartened by some of the news coming from the President and his team, or at least desperate to be heartened by even some glimmer of hope, it’s difficult to not be alarmed by the potential consequences to me personally and the life of the nation. Whether or not this disease, which originated in and spread out from China, has the potential or will wipe out vast swathes of the populace (and as each day passes I doubt that more and more) the eagerness of the media to intentionally frighten the public is beyond irresponsible or criminal; it’s monstrously evil. The most egregious so far have been the editorial board of the New York Times and Little Big Gulp Bloomberg and his media empire. I think it’s more than just Trump-hatred and America-hatred. I think they are both paid operatives and agents in service to spread propaganda and disinformation and sow unrest. The fact that they, and most of the rest of the media, are parroting almost word for word and almost in real time the abject lies coming out of Beijing and the Central Committee makes them literally treasonous.

Even before this outbreak, it’s an undeniable, well-established fact that China seeks absolute global domination within the next 30 years. The election of Donald Trump and the MAGA agenda’s central pillar of anti-globalist pro-American trade policy, coupled with Chinese economic stagnation, a flat-lining birthrate and serious internal unrest exemplified by the Hong Kong protests threatened their hegemonic goal. But with the unleashing of Sino Sinus Syphillis, the Chi-Coms may have gotten some breathing space (no pun), but America and the world are now taking a long, hard look at their relationships with China, and collectively saying “Sum-Ting-Wong,” followed in short order by “Ho-Lee-Fook.”

And that is why you are seeing the Chinese along with their ventriloquist dummies in the American media and elsewhere desperately trying to place the blame elsewhere, even to the point of blaming – who and what else? – Trump and America, while casting themselves as paragons of virtue and victims of racist xenophobia. Now you understand why Trump makes a very big deal of saying “Chinese virus.” If the Chi-Coms succeed, the world will be once again lulled to sleep before being My Pillowed in the opium den of history….

Read the whole thing. It’s also cross-posted at AoSHQ: The Morning Report – 3/20/20 —J.J. Sefton

***Take comfort. One googolplex year from now everybody gets what’s coming to them.

Breitbart: Chinese Coronavirus: Italy Death Toll Surpasses China’s Official Count

TDW: 5 Things to Know About Italy and the Chinese Coronavirus

The GFYS of The Day Goes to…

CNS News: Chuck Schumer: ‘This Administration Took Far Too Long to Wake Up to This Global Crisis’

A reminder how democrat leadership viewed the Trump administration’s early travel ban from China response…

Matt Margolis: SHAME: Democrats Opposed Travel Bans Now Being Implemented Worldwide to Slow Coronavirus

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced Friday that the deadline for filing federal taxes will move from April 15 to July 15 — a move to ease the burden the coronavirus outbreak has put on individuals and the economy.
“At @realDonaldTrump’s direction, we are moving Tax Day from April 15 to July 15. All taxpayers and businesses will have this additional time to file and make payments without interest or penalties,” he tweeted.
He clarified that taxpayers could still file for refunds now, tweeting: “I encourage all taxpayers who may have tax refunds to file now to get your money.”
The move had been expected in some form since earlier this month…

Apparently some Congress members hurried and cashed in their stocks before the markets melted down”

Newsweek: Sens. Richard Burr, Kelly Loeffler Face Calls to Resign Over Stock Sales

The long-knives are out for Sen. Burr who evidently has a history with the recent FISA scandal…

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson calls on Sen. Burr to explain reported $1.6 million stock sale or resign: A new report claims that the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee sold more a million dollars in stocks in mid-February after learning how devastating the coronavirus could be.

Mollie Hemingway: Insider Trading Scandal Is Just Latest Reason Burr Should Be Removed As Intel Chair: Burr already let the country down by being AWOL and worse during the Russia collusion hoax that was perpetrated on the country.

FNC: Sen. Kelly Loeffler grilled by Ed Henry over reports she sold off stocks ahead of coronavirus pandemic … You cannot tell me democrats didn’t do something like this too amid this current crisis. Oh! Speak of the democrat devil Senator who employed the Chinese spy

FNC: DiFi, Burr among senators who dumped shares right before coronavirus hit


Newsmax (Nov 2011): ’60 Minutes’ Uncovers Pelosi’s Insider Stock Trades

CBS News ’60 Minutes’: Congress: Trading stock on inside information? Steve Kroft reports that members of Congress can legally trade stock based on non-public information from Capitol Hill … Not recalling a massive big stink regarding Pelosi nine years ago, especially from her own self-righteous party.

Pamela Geller (2019): Nancy Pelosi Earned Fortune on IPO Stock Through ‘Illegal’ Insider Trading

It’s NOT the dreaded “whataboutism”. It is the fact that our elected class really does consider itself above the laws that typically bust OUR asses. Yet, this is a gottcha political opportunity in an election cycle and during a pandemic crisis where we have witnessed three years of economic growth, employment, and profit erased in less than two weeks. And instead of a great reveal of the facts that our government and its wealthy members need audited on several levels. They are NEVER held accountable for anything, and more so one party than the other.

Our MSM is rotted shit, plain and simple, and not even as useful as compost:

Twitchy: ‘My God!’ Lyndsey Fifield’s thread showing media reaction to Trump barring entry into U.S. from China on 1/31 is IN-FREAKING-FURIATING

Read the whole thing. It’s only the tip of the iceberg. Mike Bloomberg himself is on record that his multi-billion dollar media company operating inside China bends-over backwards to accommodate the Chinese government’s censorship laws, and he doesn’t think Xi is a dictator.

Twitchy: ‘What a coincidence’! Hillary Clinton’s definitely ‘reading from the same script’ as China state media (shot/chaser) … Vile bitch.

But right now the American MSM, the democrats and their various leftist champions are calling this administration “racist” for insisting on countering the Chinese regime’s attempts to blame the COVID-19 pandemic on Trump/America … by parroting the Chinese propaganda machine.

Chrissy Clark: CNN Downplayed Swine Flu Under Obama, Went Gonzo On Wuhan Flu Under Trump: In 2009, CNN casually covered the Swine flu pandemic under Obama. In 2020, CNN started lambasting Trump in its coronavirus coverage.

The Hill: Majority of Americans now say they approve of Trump’s handling of coronavirus: poll … MSM seen collectively shitting themselves.

The COVID-19 Blues and Reds:

DC: Taiwan Says It Warned WHO About Coronavirus In December, But Its Warnings Were Ignored: Taiwan is blaming the World Health Organization’s relationship with China for its failure to act on early warnings of human-to-human transmission of coronavirus. … Never have been a fan of the WHO.

PopSci: COVID-19 could hit homeless communities hard: Access to health care is already limited for people living in shelters or on the streets. A pandemic just makes it worse. … They are already a petri dish of filth, infection, disease, depleted and compromised immunity status, and population crowding. A formula for COVID-19 explosion.

Daniel Horowitz: The key bad assumption in the bipartisan panic pander bill‘We’re from the government and we’re here to help’ … RUN!

FNC: Trump administration moves filing deadline as nation reels under coronavirus crisis: Tax Day moving to July 15 amid coronavirus crisis, Mnuchin announces

Emily Zanotti: Dem Super Pacs Gear Up To Spend MILLIONS On Ad Campaign Blaming Trump For Coronavirus … An additional pox upon these people.

STAT: Teva and Mylan to jumpstart production of old malaria drug to fight the novel coronavirus

Chinese COVID-19 Isolation:

Emily Jashinsky: While Stephen Colbert Argues ‘Chinese Virus’ Is Racist, Let’s Revisit His Jokes About Asians

VIDEO: Adam Carolla’s jailhouse wisdom on self-isolation and social distancing during COVID-19 crisis: Think of it as a short prison sentence, says comedian and podcast host Adam Carolla: You can do the time or the time can do you“Hopefully we’re gonna learn something about ourselves… Hopefully we’re gonna learn it’s not all about the bottom line. Hopefully we’re gonna learn that family is important…”

Twitchy: ‘W.T.F.?! LOLOLOL!’ James Woods shares Nancy Pelosi coronavirus video that made him ‘cry’ … tears of laughter (watch)

Ace: “Vice: Most of You Are Concerrned About People Dying from the Chinese Flu, But Please Give a Thought to the Real Victims: Transgenders Who Are Having Their Elective Dick-Amputation Surgeries Delayed…”

Daniel Greenfield: The Zombie Apocalypse of Leftist Institutions: Like every virus, leftist politics cease to have any meaning once the host is dead.

Daniel Greenfield: Coronavirus Communism Comes to California: Bernie Sanders supporters learn what life under socialism is really like.

WFB: Ayatollah’s American Allies Seize on Pandemic in Fresh Push for Sanctions Relief: In echo of regime propaganda, critics falsely claim U.S. sanctions target food and medicine … Sorry, not sorry. I cannot G2Fs right now about Chinese ‘feelings’ and the Obama administration’s pet nuke-seeking ally Iran.

***One Googolplex Year Away

Hump Day: A Day Late and A Trillion Dollars Short

It’s easy to lose track of the days when you don’t have to answer the various time alarms throughout the day (I have several on my iPhone).

Oh, and “Happy First Day of Spring 2020”!!!

Stephen Kruiser: The Stimulation Will Soon Be Upon Us, Or Something: The Check Is in the Mail

Jeffrey Lord: The Impeachment That Killed Americans: Instead of dealing with the virus, Dems focused on getting Trump. … Absolutely.

LI: China Blames America for China Kicking Out American Newspaper Journalists: China threatens to kick out more journalists as part of its coverup campaign of the facts that WUHAN coronavirus began in China and was covered up by China until its spread could not be halted. … See how that works? But better to be kicked out than thrown in a Chinese prison. Hey, anyone know if any of those kicked out were from Bloomberg’s news company?

Matt Margolis: Study Reveals How Deadly China’s Coronavirus Cover-Up Was

Ryan Saavedra: REPORT: Coronavirus Outbreak Could Have Been Reduced By 95% If China Acted Sooner … This IS NOT “Trump’s Chernobyl”. This is, and always will be, China’s — CHINA’S! — Chernobyl.

Rich Lowry: Trump’s Coronavirus Response Isn’t the Work of a Dictator

Andrew C. McCarthy: Trump called it the ‘Wuhan coronavirus’ for a legal — and commonsensical — reason … Good reason, which is why the left is in a fever-pitch to counter right now.

Ace: Kellyanne Fitzpatrick Presses CBS Reporter for Name of Conveniently Unnamed “White House Official” Who Said “Kung Flu” to Her. The Reporter Refuses to Answer.

The left and the media (but I repeat myself) have perpetrated a number of race-related hoaxes. Remember the Covington Kids? …
So this bitch can fuck right off until she names the name and gives this guy a chance to contradict her.
The press has forfeited any benefit of the doubt, long ago…
Would I be out of line to point out that this assertion, made without evidence, just so happens to be in perfect alignment with the gigantic state propaganda machine of Red China?…
And can I also say: Who gives a fuck if someone did say “Kung flu”? There’s nothing racist about pointing out that a Chinese virus is in fact Chinese, or using a pun referencing Chinese martial arts to suggest that.
But then, of course: Red China’s massive propaganda machine is desperate to portray itself as a victim, and cast any suggestion of Red Chinese fault for the virus as “racism.”…

John Daniel Davidson: The Media Are Embarrassing Themselves Over Trump’s Use Of ‘Chinese Virus’: The mainstream media’s ranks are populated by biased hacks who don’t care half as much about reporting accurately on the Wuhan coronavirus as they care about making Trump seem like a racist.

BPR: China expert Gordon Chang warns: China’s Communist Party is trying to collapse the US economy … What I’ve been thinking from the start. Imagine in your own minds the timeline scenario therein, from China’s growing communist-capitalist economy to Trump’s economic pressures on them that were working to the outbreak to the propaganda coming out of China and the American MSM/politicians are now carrying. I don’t go ‘conspiracy’ often but… “shortest distance between 2 points” is in order here, even in a ‘social distancing’ situation.

The Times UK: Chinese scientists destroyed proof of virus in December … And the Chinese government did everything they could to cover it up at the risk to the world, much the way the Soviets did with Chernobyl.

Meanwhile, you thought the left’s pro-China propaganda water-carrying was bad? Here comes the sequel….

Newsweek (of course): Iran Backs China, Calls to Investigate U.S. ‘Creation and Spread’ of Coronavirus … Ben “Hillary is STILL Not POTUS” Rhodes has officially begun the Iran propaganda water-carrying….

Reuters: U.S. sanctions Iran, seeks release of Americans amid coronavirus outbreak … What exactly is the problem, Ben?

And then there’s this political hack, Never-Trump, alleged republican, genius that CNN and MSNBC simply just cannot get enough of, Rick Wilson, who’s showing himself to be as filthy as a fecal/needle-infested San Francisco sidewalk. …

ABC News: Chloroquine, an old malaria drug, may help treat novel coronavirus, doctors say: Chloroquine, or hydroxychloroquine, has been used to treat malaria since 1944 … I’m hearing reports it cures COVID-19 patients in less than a week.

FNC: Don’t use ibuprofen for coronavirus symptoms, some health officials recommend … Or aspirin. Stick to Tylenol/acetaminophen.

Twitchy: Elon Musk says SpaceX and Tesla can manufacture ventilators, but he’s not sure they’re needed yet … Private sector.

Reuters: Bayer donates three million malaria tablets to U.S. for potential use against coronavirus … Capitalism strikes again.

WSJ: Companies Retool Operations to Assist in Coronavirus Fight: As the pandemic puts nations on wartime footing, distillers concoct hand sanitizer, a car maker offers to assemble ventilators, a jeans factory switches to face masks … And again.

Katya Sedgwick: Thanks To Capitalism, Grocery Shelves Keep Getting Restocked During Emergencies: The Wuhan coronavirus is giving Americans a taste of the empty shelves and long lines associated with socialist economies — but only a taste. … A few days ago somebody scoffed at the USA’s capitalism, our anti-socialist mind-set, and our using Venezuela as a prime example of socialism’s failures, and compared us to Venezuela in a lame attempt to ‘own’ capitalism. Right here is the huge difference. Which leads me to…

Twitchy: Truckers need HELP! Trucker’s moving thread pleading with Americans about what truckers are going through NOW is a MUST-READ … Keep these folks in your prayers, as you pray for our healthcare workers. These people are “busting their balls” to make sure they get goods to the stores to re-stock the shelves for us. Trucking has always been a tough job, and it just got a bit tougher. And don’t forget those workers still producing foods and supplies we all are needing.

VIDEO: Maria Bartiromo’s harsh warning to China: ‘Major shift’ in American production coming: Corporate America needs to change their China buying mentality and move the supply chain back to America … Now, more than ever before, we must bring back “Made in USA”.

Twitchy: ‘Americans don’t lose’! Kick-a*s thread on what the CoronaVirus pandemic has revealed is what WE ALL need today

Bloomberg: 99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says

And above all, THIS…

Twitchy: ‘America’s finest’: Coronavirus doesn’t stop the Sentinels at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier … *SALUTE*



Twitchy: ‘Influenzer’ – In the time of a Wuhan Virus epidemic it may feel better to see those who are remarkably mentally impaired

Breitbart: Twerking Spring Breakers Party on South Florida Beaches Despite Social Distancing Orders … I’m sure it’s safe to assume they did even worse than this.

Emily Zanotti: Coronavirus Baby Boom? Stores Now Experiencing Condom Shortages, Experts Predict Record Births In Late 2020 … Practicing ‘safe sex’ is not practicing ‘social distancing’, you know.

Twitchy: O.J. Simpson: ‘I’m going to go crazy’ if the golf courses close down because of coronavirus … Nicole Simpson not reached for comment.

LATimes: Amid coronavirus outbreak, drive-in theaters unexpectedly find their moment … How many drive-in theaters do people still have in their areas?

Emily Jashinsky: A Comedy Lover’s Guide To Quarantine Streaming: If you’re stuck inside, need some laughs, and want to catch up on the funniest shows released in the last year or so, hopefully this list will help. … I’ve actually had to set aside my typical FNC prime-time viewing in favor of watching movies on my DVR, DVDs, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. By evening my head just has no more cells to wrap around anymore of it for the day. And, going to the local stores for various foods and supplies has not helped my blood pressure either.

LVRJ: Las Vegas strip club to offer drive-through peep show … ‘Merica!!!

The TDS Zombies of The Coronavirus Apocalypse

There are anti-Trump Coronavirus zombies right now pushing so many broken-wheel carts of bullshit it is really hard to get away from the vile stench of their rotting evil brains. They expect us to believe Pres. Trump and his administration did nothing, and continue to do nothing, regarding Coronavirus from Wuhan, China. The evidence is quite to the contrary of these masters of total bullshit…

Poor, Sulu, he doesn’t have to try so hard to be such a big idiot when it comes so naturally to him…

Do you recall Joe Biden’s ‘Choose Truth Over Facts’ missive gaffe a couple of months ago? I explained to you how ‘truth’ is fluid to the left, and has nothing to do with actual fact-based ‘truth’-truth. Truth is what they say and believe it is at any given twisting and turning opportune moment. ‘Facts’ are mean, biased, racist, sexist, etc., and therefor cannot be used for any reason. This is what is happening right now. The facts of what Trump and the administration did, or didn’t do, and why are out there. However, the MSM and the vicious left intends to eat our brains to keep us from seeing them in spite of their gnashing and tearing.

Then there are those who should be above the bullshit and politicizing something that should never be politicized because: 1. it in no way possible helps the situation and 2. is not just wrong but evil…

RS: MSNBC Legal Analyst, Glen Kirschner, Claims President Trump Could Be Charged With Murder Over Handling of Chinese Wuhan Virus

Utter bullsh** like this is what gives the legal profession a bad rap. There are actual federal laws and Supreme Court decisions that cover this issue. There is no mystery here. Donald Trump can no more be charged with murder than Eric Holder and Barack Obama can be charged with murder over Fast&Furious even though if Holder had not been the Attorney General and organized such an operation… and I mean even if he’d been a state attorney general…he would have been indicted for numerous crimes up to and possibly including homicide.

These people are jokes. But they aren’t harmless jokes. They are vicious, conscienceless and evil jokes who will not think twice about killing you or your family if it serves to make a political point. At a minimum, President Trump should direct Attorney General Barr to go through every case brought by Kirschner with a fine-toothed comb because with this attitude you know his douchebag railroaded a lot of innocent men and women. He should direct the FBI to investigate any questionable cases and, if warranted, he should ensure that this Jack McCoy wannabe gets a taste of what “novel ways” of interpreting the law feels like on the receiving end….

My cure/treatment for Glen Kirschner’s blind hatred would be a public flogging, but I would settle for the above suggestions. That, and anyone who has been, or a had family member, prosecuted by this asshat pustule should demand their cases be re-opened. The ABA should also get involved in penalizing this shithead and any other “lawyer” that spews such unmitigated bullshit. By his inane standard, since a sitting POTUS cannot be prosecuted, the no longer “sitting” Barack Obama should go to trial for the over 1000 deaths during the H1N1 pandemic (270,000 hospitalized and 12,000 deaths April 2009 to April 2010) he ignored for several months. His entire insane Twitter tweeted diatribe of politicized legal fascism is in the Twitchy link below…

Twitchy: NBC News and MSNBC legal analyst (and ex-federal prosecutor!) hopes Donald Trump can be charged with homicide over COVID19 response … Idiots come in all shapes and sizes, some spending a Hell of a lot of time, energy, and money to achieve that status … and they usually end up congregating on MSNBC and CNN.

Twitchy: Hillary Clinton takes a break from partisan politics to help unite the nation (JUST KIDDING!) … You’re such an unmitigated liar, Hillary. Never change.

Twitchy: HELL to the YEAH: Trump absolutely shuts down reporter whining that using ‘Chinese Virus’ creates a stigma (watch)

DC: Dr. Fauci: President Not Responsible For Delayed COVID-19 Testing. Trump: Biden Should Apologize. … Tell Hillary Clinton and the rest of the bitches and bastards continuing to spread the lie.

I could go on and on and on but the horse-shit mountain of simps is so high, and nobody got no time for that.

John Dunetz: We Can Be Critical Of Virus Response Later-For Now There’s Plenty To Be Proud Of

Fookin’ Democrats Rolling Right Along in Predictable ‘Big Government’ Socialist Mode…

While democrats demand “nationalizing” and expanding federal government reach during the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re too damned blinded by their addiction to power to understand the exact opposite is needed here…

Glenn Reynolds:

DECENTRALIZE, DEREGULATE: ALL US states can now use their own coronavirus tests and Americans can ‘see’ their doctors via Skype and FaceTime at NO additional charge, Trump administration announces.

RCP: Bill de Blasio Suggests “Nationalization Of Crucial Factories And Industries That Produce Medical Supplies” … Except that the dingus that claims the President isn’t adequately battling this crisis needs to talk to the reflection in the mirror…

Ryan Saavedra: Bill De Blasio Refused Major Efforts To Combat Coronavirus Until Aides Threatened To Quit, Report Says … Communist fooker.

NYT: Andrew Cuomo to President Trump: Mobilize the Military to Help Fight Coronavirus: The time is growing short and fewer options are available. Using federal troops to help create hospital beds is one we should try.

Politico: Why you can’t just ‘call out the military’ to fix the coronavirus crisis – The military isn’t a cure-all.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants the Army Corps of Engineers to build overflow hospitals. Bernie Sanders wants to call up the National Guard. Joe Biden says “call out the military — now.”

But the military isn’t a cure-all, and there are significant legal and practical limits to what the armed forces can do during the coronavirus crisis….

NYP: Cuomo is showing up de Blasio — but chewing Trump’s ankles won’t play well

News Thud: New Orleans Mayor Issues Emergency Order Granting Her Power to Ban the Sale of Firearms

WFB: Sanders Claims Medicare for All Would Fix Coronavirus. It Might Make Things Worse: U.S. already better prepared than others to face pandemic, experts say

Dov Fischer: A Day at the Coronavirus Supermarket That Communist Bernie Would Have Loved: Empty shelves that will leave him crying from joy. … “OUCH”, but yeah.

Twitchy: ‘You should be ASHAMED!’ Kamala Harris pushing govt. to give families ‘up to $500’ a month pisses EVERYONE off (especially Lefties!)

TWJ: Dems Keep Blasting Trump’s Coronavirus Plan, But Have No Clue What To Do Themselves

Tyler O’Neil: Astounding Ignorance: Bulwark Contributor Molly Jong-Fast Doesn’t Know What Federalism Is

Twitchy: ‘Show your work’: Chris Hayes says proposed $850 billion COVID19 stimulus package is proof that ‘we can, of course, afford a Green New Deal’


GWP: BREAKING: China to Expel US Journalists From NYT, WaPo, WSJ, and More … And just when they were really trying hard to carry the communist Chinese Coronavirus propaganda.

DC: Jennifer Rubin: More Republicans Will Die From Coronavirus Than Democrats

AT: Jennifer Rubin’s death wish for Republicans is factually wrong — and the maps prove it

FNC: All the celebrities slammed for ‘tone-deaf’ coronavirus comments