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“This world won’t stand long. God won’t let it stand this way long…”

Last night I re-watched the Civil War backdropped movie “Cold Mountain”. The Civil War was anything but civil. No invading foreign army could have inflicted more sin and a deeper scar on this country than its own citizens did during that scourge of all war scourges than that war. Defiant and strong Ruby Thewes’s proclamation is very, very applicable to what is going on in our nation right in front of our six senses. It is at the top of my list of favorite movie quotes…

“This world won’t stand long. God won’t let it stand this way long.”

This was said after she and Ada Monroe discovered their neighbors had been brutalized murdered by the pack of southern men who didn’t themselves go off to fight in the war they had hoped for, but stayed behind as self-anointed enforcers to run roughshod over the innocent people struggling on their farms, and to torture, drag off and even murder those men and boys who dared deserted the gray army to come home. Later in the movie Ada Monroe warns the leader of the pack of bloodthirsty dogs, “When this war is over, there will be a reckoning.”

The problem is today it is a foreign power helping the enemy within, the democrat-“socialist” party and its many arms, to undo all that we have survived, grown past, built, and accomplished…

Joe Hoft: HUGE: Chinese Spy Rep. Swalwell Was Sleeping With Is Pictured with Chinese Agent Who Spied on Sen. Feinstein for 20 Years

J.J. Sefton @ AoSHQ:

Next up, you’ll be happy to learn that the GOP has reached around, I mean, reached across the aisle to The Enemy and passed a $900 billion Chinese COVID relief bill. A few more like this and we’ll Cloward-Piven ourselves into societal collapse before we even get the chance to experience gulag living courtesy of the Left. By the way, that is the aim; if not in actual gulags (and I will not dismiss that possibility out of hand given everything we have been through this past year) then via economic dependence on an all-powerful central government. Just like the framers of the Constitution had in mind!

Unless and until the lockdowns are unilaterally lifted, our entire economy is on track to be fundamentally transformed (wink-wink) forever, centrally planned from DC to inflict maximum pain on the average citizen and provide maximum comfort for our overlords. No more small businesses, no more self-reliance, no more freedom.

And now, just as two vaccines against the Chinese Lung AIDS virus, which was never the existential threat to wipe out humanity that it was and still is being pimped, are being distributed comes news from England that a new strain of the virus has appeared which means more lockdowns are necessary. Translation: China wants to deliver the coup de grace against the US and the West once and for all, so render the magic bullet – which Trump was never supposed to actually bring about but did at “warp speed” as promised – useless. If anyone reading this believes there is a new more powerful and deadly strain of a virus that was marginally more lethal than seasonal flu about to wipe out millions, I have to ask how the hell did you wind up on this page in the first place?

About the only thing I can say with any certainty is that there is a direct correlation between the millions of Americans who supposedly died from this and the number of votes Polident-Elect Joe Biden received after 9PM on election night….

One never knows the future, but given who and what the GOP is, the very people who can at least temporarily avert us from catastrophe may very well be the instrument of our doom. Milton Friedman, PBUH, once said “I do not believe that the solution to our problem is simply to elect the right people. The important thing is to establish a political climate of opinion which will make it politically profitable for the wrong people to do the right thing.” We have got until January 6th to figure out how to do that.

Four days until Christmas. Keep the faith and keep your powder dry…

In this moment stuck in 2020, J.J. speaks for me.

As always, read the following pieces in full at their links.

Richard Bledsoe: 2020, The Invisible War

“Don’t be deceived because you are not hearing the sound of gunfire, because even so you are fighting for your lives. And you’re fighting against the best organized and the most capable enemy of freedom and of right and decency that has ever been abroad in the world.” -Ronald Reagan

Our governing classes are working in unison towards their absurd but deadly goals because for generations a careful war plan has been followed. Communists-initially the Russians, now the Chinese-have bought our elites and made them into an army of anti-American sleeper agents. Conformity is the price of admission to the avenues of power. No one gets in without selling out. As a result, our institutions are stocked top to bottom with operatives whose level of commitment to the destruction of our Constitutional Republic ranges from fellow traveler to enemy combatant. They are bound together through a code of Omertà and webs of mutually assured destruction regarding the crimes and corruption they were allowed to indulge in as members of the Inner Party.

Our country is infested with traitors. Our politicians, Big Tech, academia, the media, and corporate board rooms are all working together to fulfill Khrushchev’s prediction America would be conquered without firing a shot. The fake election of Joe Biden is supposed to be the final straw.

I must say I’m surprised how many pundits from outside the cabal seem to be ready to capitulate. Get your mind clear. Stop with the think piece articles gaming out Biden’s policies and personnel, like he actually won the vote, as if his ascension (really the ascension of his CCP overlords) is just the outcome of another 4 year election. Accepting Joe Biden as President is an extinction level event for the United States. Act accordingly.

We aren’t in a matter of politics any longer. We aren’t even in a place of legality, despite all the lawsuits President Trump and his advocates are involved in. The long slow corruption of our judiciary and legislative bodies were very successful battles for the Chinese, and I expect we’ll get no justice or results from those venues now. The swamp will not drain itself.

President Trump talked this year about the invisible enemy. It’s not a virus he means…

True, for decades the Communist Chinese were waging their Invisible War on us. But then Trump happened. It ruined the covert nature of our destruction. Now it’s all out in the open. An exposed enemy becomes a target, and we are now in a target rich environment to say the least. All which is needed is a leader who is willing to pull the trigger, and I believe President Trump is that leader. His recent invocations of Harry Truman, Andrew Jackson, Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln demonstrate Trump is well aware of his responsibilities-and also his opportunities….


Some day I believe honest historians (both of them) will conclude that Trump’s administration was the most consequential and effective one-term presidency in American history, whose legacy will last for a long time. The best comparison would be Lincoln, who never got to serve his second term. Most one-term incumbents who are defeated lose because they have been abject failures, which Trump most assuredly wasn’t (which is why, unlike all past defeated incumbents who lost votes, Trump got 10 million more than his initial election).

Trump may or may not purposely dominate the political scene in the background as Teddy Roosevelt did from 1909 – 1912 and then run again in 2024, but I argue that Trumpism will dominate the scene for a long time to come, and that any successful GOP presidential nominee will need to be a Trumpist. I go further, in fact, and believe the shuffling of the issue map and the realignment of voting coalitions are as substantial as FDR and the New Deal—and it took FDR four terms to effect that change.

This series will explain where and why, and will culminate with an article offering a wider field theory of Trump that I argue still escapes even many sympathetic Trump observers…

Daniel Gelernter: Will Republicans Kill Democracy? Whether it takes a year or 10 years or 100 years for the wheel of history to turn, the Republicans who chose “stability” over democracy will not be remembered kindly, if they are remembered at all.

Republicans are in the process of betraying the United States. Republicans who urge their colleagues not to object when counting the electoral votes, who parrot Joe Biden’s calls for unity, who urge the nation to accept and to move on: these Republicans have decided that nothing is worse than a constitutional crisis. Nothing is worse than turmoil—not even the end of freedom. They are choosing to support an unelected government rather than risk the chaos of leftists rioting in the streets.

Perhaps, above all, they are choosing a world in which they can continue to rub shoulders at fancy social events in Washington, D.C.. Whether or not the people actually voted to send them there is unimportant. What is important is that they are important.

The status quo, the thing which President Trump has threatened more than any politician in living memory, is the breath of life even to those politicians who would, all things being equal, prefer free elections and limited government. But all things are not equal. Most politicians, ironically, would choose prominence in a corrupt system over anonymity anywhere else….

In our present crisis, the future is again uncertain and our political men and leading commentators are making their calculations. The most powerful tool at their disposal is a refusal to look at, and a desire not to hear or understand the evidence which so many Americans—so many private, unimportant, workaday Americans—are risking their livelihoods to attest. Only by rejecting the evidence as unworthy even to be examined can these people convince themselves that their abandonment of Trump and of the majority of Americans who elected him is basically OK: Better to help get rid of a man whom they always despised and who always made life difficult for them than to risk damaging a relationship with the new Kamala Harris Administration.

This is not, however, an answer which Americans will accept in the long term….

Jonathan Turley: Trumpunity: How Democrats Are Adopting Trump Rhetoric and Tactics For The Biden Presidency

As Washington prepares for a Biden administration, congressional Democrats are discovering they cannot live without Donald Trump. In controversies ranging from federal investigations to executive orders, they are invoking Trump to justify abandoning the very principles they inveighed against him for four years. There is a sense of immunity from needing to be consistent or coherent. Call it “Trumpunity.”

Trumpunity is the right to adopt the very practices or policies you once denounced, all because you are not Trump. Even the mention of his name magically relieves any duty to follow prior positions.

So, it was no problem when incoming White House deputy chief of staff Jennifer O’Malley Dillon heralded the Biden administration as ushering in a new “sense of unity” while calling Republicans a “bunch of f—ers.” Although Dillon later apologized, figures like Hillary Clinton and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) publicly supported her vulgar attack as perfectly acceptable given Trump’s past rhetoric. There is now an open license to engage in the very same behavior as he did. AOC (who previously called for a blacklist of those “complicit” with Trump) told Republicans that, after Trump, “you don’t get to sob now” when Democrats engage in vulgar attacks.

This is, of course, little more than a juvenile “he did it first” defense. Washington has long floated on a deep rolling sea of hypocrisy, but now leaders do not even feel the need for pretense — they have Trump….

Let the politicizing of the COVID vaccine officially begin:

As the left, who for months sniped how people who needed/wanted to return to work “want to kill Grandpa and Grandma”, now insists the elderly should not get the vaccine administered first … because they’re ‘mostly white folks’, here’s a study that lays out exactly how prudent it actually is to vaccinate seniors in the first administering…

Arieh Kovler: A little vaccine goes a long way

Three thousand Israelis have died from Covid-19. Of the casualties, 54% were over 80 years old. 80% were over 70, and 93% were over the age of 60.

This is even more striking when considering the size of each age cohort. Israel’s young population means that the over-60s only represent 16% of the total population.

Let’s assume the vaccine is 95% effective at preventing death from Covid-19. In reality it might be higher than this, because it seems like the 5% vaccinated people who do get Covid-19 have less severe symptoms, but it’s a reasonable assumption.

With just the 51,000 over-90s vaccinated, which is around 0.5% of Israel’s population, the total risk of fatalities from Covid-19 drops a huge 19%.

Expanding vaccination to all over-80s would only require 273k people to be vaccinated, but would more than half the fatality risk of the virus.

By the time we’ve vaccinated all over-70s, we’ll be up to 76% lower fatality risk with just 735,000 people vaccinated.

For those people who are into 80-20 principles, the graph suggests that when Israel has vaccinated the most vulnerable 20% of people, the fatality risk will be reduced by 80%.

Alongside this drop in fatality should also be a drop in serious cases and hospitalisations, reducing strain on the health system as a whole.

Adding on all over-60s drops the fatality risk by 88%; adding in under-50s brings us to a 93% decrease with a quarter of the whole population vaccinated…

Stephen Kruiser: Welcome to the Miserable Soviet Vaccine Mandate Hell

Twitchy: MSNBC senior producer Kyle Griffin lends Democrats a hand in weaponizing COVID19 vaccine against GOP

Mark Tapscott: Are COVID-19 Vaccines Moral if They’re One Step Removed From Aborted Babies?

DC: New COVID-19 ‘Mutation’ In UK Prompts Several Countries To Ban Travel … The timing on this in conjunction with the vaccine is … well, oddly predictable, no?

ACJ: Study: Vitamin D deficiency found in over 80% of COVID-19 patients

Cristina Laila: After Months of Lockdowns and Stonewalling, Pelosi Calls $600 Direct Payment Checks to Suffering Americans “Significant” (VIDEO)

Jim Hoft: AMAZING! Congress Got Paid Their Full Salary of $130K for 9 Months While they Argued About Giving Every American $600 of Their Own Money

Jessica Chasmar @ Facebook:

Tucker Carlson has long talked about a coming class war, and it can’t be more evident by the $600 “stimulus” checks. $600 is a grocery bill for some families. It’s a shipment of Fancy Nancy’s ice cream. It’s chump change. And people like Schumer and McConnell want to act like it’s some kind of saving grace “the country needed?” you all can eat shit.

Our economic turmoil is no one’s fault but (the pandemic, of course) and our governments that have snuffed out private businesses. I’m a huge believer in charity, and this doesn’t change that. I think charity can be MUCH more effective than government handouts, and the same goes in this instance, but I don’t consider this a handout at all. It’s reparations.

The ruling class don’t care about any of us. They continue to collect their paychecks and get vaccinated first while the rest of us are at their mercy. I’ve never been more disgusted by the people we’ve elected, and that goes for Republicans and Democrats.

LI: Tables Turned: Restaurants Organize To Ban Gov. Cuomo From ‘all New York City establishments’: “He can dine at Gracie Mansion if he wants hospitality in Manhattan. He ain’t getting it here!”

CNBC: Pain, despair and poverty reach fever pitch for unemployed workers

LI: Birx Broke Her Own Recommendation to Limit Thanksgiving to ‘Immediate Household’: Some animals are more equal than others.

KSBY: Overdose deaths far outpace COVID-19 deaths in San Francisco

WAYNE ROOT: A Christmas Message for Dr. Fauci

Dr. Fauci just asked Americans to cancel Christmas. He said, “…it’s just one of those things you’re going to have to accept.” He reported he would not even allow his own three daughters to come home for Christmas this year. He wants all Americans to “painfully” isolate. Fauci says he and his wife will be spending the holiday alone.

I have a message for Dr. Fauci (aka Dr. Scrooge):

First, not just no. But “HELL NO.” This is America. This is a free country. If we want to celebrate Christmas, we will. If we want to go to church, we will. If we want to spend the holidays with our children., we will. We’re adults. We make our own decisions. This isn’t a Nanny State. It’s not the old Soviet Union. It’s not Nazi Germany. We don’t need government bureaucrats telling us what to do, how to live our lives, or how to spend the holidays.

Second, you’re a typical Ivy League egghead. You’re too smart for your own good. You have IQ, but clearly no “emotional intelligence.” And certainly, no common sense.

Third, how can I say this nicely? “SCREW YOU.” I love my family. I love my children. I love Christmas. I don’t know you, I don’t owe you, and I don’t answer to you.

Dr. Fauci and his crowd of moronic Democrat Governors are control freaks. But no one is listening. Certainly not conservatives, not Trump deplorables, not patriots, and not Christians. We love Christmas. We love our families. And no one is taking that away from us. Not in America.

As a matter of fact, if you tell Americans not to do something, the odds are, we’re going to do it. Even if we weren’t planning to do it in the first place.

We’re not a nation of order takers. Didn’t we already make this case with the King of England? He wanted to add a few cents of tax to our tea. We decided to fight a war instead of paying a few cents extra. Thousands died. We defeated the world’s most powerful army. We chased the British out of our country forever…

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