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I talked to my sister last night who’s doctor. She said the fact that the vast majority of the dead around the world are old aged and those with pre-existing medical issues proves the virus was designed in the lab to ‘alleviate and eliminate’ the elderly population from world society. She pointed out that she had previously read the Wuhan lab was one key in using the local bat population in their viral experiments. I pointed out to her that we don’t exactly know the age dynamics of those who died in China but the videos and photos I was seeing leaked out of China were of various ages, including young adults. I then said that proves it came out of their Wuhan lab and that the virus was initially extremely potent and uncontrollable. However once it cycled through a human carrier it mutated away from stronger healthy carriers and is now targeting the elderly and medically weak. Hence infecting the Wuhan population in order to spread it to foreigners therein that would carry it back home was more than acceptable … Basically a remote suicide terror attack. She agreed. I also said that over the last month I have heard/read conflicting reports that the virus had mutated, that there are at least two strains. Then recently I heard someone on TV say it had not mutated. I also believe our CIA/intelligence knows exactly what is going on and it is a weapon. Hence, our government’s/nation’s rapid and extreme measures of closing everything right now. And it is why our President insists on continually pointing out this virus is from China. We, and the world, have been attacked. And Sweet Jesus, take the wheel…

Boss says, “If you read nothing else today, read this, especially the opening…”

Cut Jib Newsletter: The Morning Report 3/20/20:

Good morning, kids. The weekend is here and I’ve become almost numb to the madness brought about by the Chinese Communist Lung March Yellow Peril. That said, while I am heartened by some of the news coming from the President and his team, or at least desperate to be heartened by even some glimmer of hope, it’s difficult to not be alarmed by the potential consequences to me personally and the life of the nation. Whether or not this disease, which originated in and spread out from China, has the potential or will wipe out vast swathes of the populace (and as each day passes I doubt that more and more) the eagerness of the media to intentionally frighten the public is beyond irresponsible or criminal; it’s monstrously evil. The most egregious so far have been the editorial board of the New York Times and Little Big Gulp Bloomberg and his media empire. I think it’s more than just Trump-hatred and America-hatred. I think they are both paid operatives and agents in service to spread propaganda and disinformation and sow unrest. The fact that they, and most of the rest of the media, are parroting almost word for word and almost in real time the abject lies coming out of Beijing and the Central Committee makes them literally treasonous.

Even before this outbreak, it’s an undeniable, well-established fact that China seeks absolute global domination within the next 30 years. The election of Donald Trump and the MAGA agenda’s central pillar of anti-globalist pro-American trade policy, coupled with Chinese economic stagnation, a flat-lining birthrate and serious internal unrest exemplified by the Hong Kong protests threatened their hegemonic goal. But with the unleashing of Sino Sinus Syphillis, the Chi-Coms may have gotten some breathing space (no pun), but America and the world are now taking a long, hard look at their relationships with China, and collectively saying “Sum-Ting-Wong,” followed in short order by “Ho-Lee-Fook.”

And that is why you are seeing the Chinese along with their ventriloquist dummies in the American media and elsewhere desperately trying to place the blame elsewhere, even to the point of blaming – who and what else? – Trump and America, while casting themselves as paragons of virtue and victims of racist xenophobia. Now you understand why Trump makes a very big deal of saying “Chinese virus.” If the Chi-Coms succeed, the world will be once again lulled to sleep before being My Pillowed in the opium den of history….

Read the whole thing. It’s also cross-posted at AoSHQ: The Morning Report – 3/20/20 —J.J. Sefton

***Take comfort. One googolplex year from now everybody gets what’s coming to them.

Breitbart: Chinese Coronavirus: Italy Death Toll Surpasses China’s Official Count

TDW: 5 Things to Know About Italy and the Chinese Coronavirus

The GFYS of The Day Goes to…

CNS News: Chuck Schumer: ‘This Administration Took Far Too Long to Wake Up to This Global Crisis’

A reminder how democrat leadership viewed the Trump administration’s early travel ban from China response…

Matt Margolis: SHAME: Democrats Opposed Travel Bans Now Being Implemented Worldwide to Slow Coronavirus

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced Friday that the deadline for filing federal taxes will move from April 15 to July 15 — a move to ease the burden the coronavirus outbreak has put on individuals and the economy.
“At @realDonaldTrump’s direction, we are moving Tax Day from April 15 to July 15. All taxpayers and businesses will have this additional time to file and make payments without interest or penalties,” he tweeted.
He clarified that taxpayers could still file for refunds now, tweeting: “I encourage all taxpayers who may have tax refunds to file now to get your money.”
The move had been expected in some form since earlier this month…

Apparently some Congress members hurried and cashed in their stocks before the markets melted down”

Newsweek: Sens. Richard Burr, Kelly Loeffler Face Calls to Resign Over Stock Sales

The long-knives are out for Sen. Burr who evidently has a history with the recent FISA scandal…

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson calls on Sen. Burr to explain reported $1.6 million stock sale or resign: A new report claims that the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee sold more a million dollars in stocks in mid-February after learning how devastating the coronavirus could be.

Mollie Hemingway: Insider Trading Scandal Is Just Latest Reason Burr Should Be Removed As Intel Chair: Burr already let the country down by being AWOL and worse during the Russia collusion hoax that was perpetrated on the country.

FNC: Sen. Kelly Loeffler grilled by Ed Henry over reports she sold off stocks ahead of coronavirus pandemic … You cannot tell me democrats didn’t do something like this too amid this current crisis. Oh! Speak of the democrat devil Senator who employed the Chinese spy

FNC: DiFi, Burr among senators who dumped shares right before coronavirus hit


Newsmax (Nov 2011): ’60 Minutes’ Uncovers Pelosi’s Insider Stock Trades

CBS News ’60 Minutes’: Congress: Trading stock on inside information? Steve Kroft reports that members of Congress can legally trade stock based on non-public information from Capitol Hill … Not recalling a massive big stink regarding Pelosi nine years ago, especially from her own self-righteous party.

Pamela Geller (2019): Nancy Pelosi Earned Fortune on IPO Stock Through ‘Illegal’ Insider Trading

It’s NOT the dreaded “whataboutism”. It is the fact that our elected class really does consider itself above the laws that typically bust OUR asses. Yet, this is a gottcha political opportunity in an election cycle and during a pandemic crisis where we have witnessed three years of economic growth, employment, and profit erased in less than two weeks. And instead of a great reveal of the facts that our government and its wealthy members need audited on several levels. They are NEVER held accountable for anything, and more so one party than the other.

Our MSM is rotted shit, plain and simple, and not even as useful as compost:

Twitchy: ‘My God!’ Lyndsey Fifield’s thread showing media reaction to Trump barring entry into U.S. from China on 1/31 is IN-FREAKING-FURIATING

Read the whole thing. It’s only the tip of the iceberg. Mike Bloomberg himself is on record that his multi-billion dollar media company operating inside China bends-over backwards to accommodate the Chinese government’s censorship laws, and he doesn’t think Xi is a dictator.

Twitchy: ‘What a coincidence’! Hillary Clinton’s definitely ‘reading from the same script’ as China state media (shot/chaser) … Vile bitch.

But right now the American MSM, the democrats and their various leftist champions are calling this administration “racist” for insisting on countering the Chinese regime’s attempts to blame the COVID-19 pandemic on Trump/America … by parroting the Chinese propaganda machine.

Chrissy Clark: CNN Downplayed Swine Flu Under Obama, Went Gonzo On Wuhan Flu Under Trump: In 2009, CNN casually covered the Swine flu pandemic under Obama. In 2020, CNN started lambasting Trump in its coronavirus coverage.

The Hill: Majority of Americans now say they approve of Trump’s handling of coronavirus: poll … MSM seen collectively shitting themselves.

The COVID-19 Blues and Reds:

DC: Taiwan Says It Warned WHO About Coronavirus In December, But Its Warnings Were Ignored: Taiwan is blaming the World Health Organization’s relationship with China for its failure to act on early warnings of human-to-human transmission of coronavirus. … Never have been a fan of the WHO.

PopSci: COVID-19 could hit homeless communities hard: Access to health care is already limited for people living in shelters or on the streets. A pandemic just makes it worse. … They are already a petri dish of filth, infection, disease, depleted and compromised immunity status, and population crowding. A formula for COVID-19 explosion.

Daniel Horowitz: The key bad assumption in the bipartisan panic pander bill‘We’re from the government and we’re here to help’ … RUN!

FNC: Trump administration moves filing deadline as nation reels under coronavirus crisis: Tax Day moving to July 15 amid coronavirus crisis, Mnuchin announces

Emily Zanotti: Dem Super Pacs Gear Up To Spend MILLIONS On Ad Campaign Blaming Trump For Coronavirus … An additional pox upon these people.

STAT: Teva and Mylan to jumpstart production of old malaria drug to fight the novel coronavirus

Chinese COVID-19 Isolation:

Emily Jashinsky: While Stephen Colbert Argues ‘Chinese Virus’ Is Racist, Let’s Revisit His Jokes About Asians

VIDEO: Adam Carolla’s jailhouse wisdom on self-isolation and social distancing during COVID-19 crisis: Think of it as a short prison sentence, says comedian and podcast host Adam Carolla: You can do the time or the time can do you“Hopefully we’re gonna learn something about ourselves… Hopefully we’re gonna learn it’s not all about the bottom line. Hopefully we’re gonna learn that family is important…”

Twitchy: ‘W.T.F.?! LOLOLOL!’ James Woods shares Nancy Pelosi coronavirus video that made him ‘cry’ … tears of laughter (watch)

Ace: “Vice: Most of You Are Concerrned About People Dying from the Chinese Flu, But Please Give a Thought to the Real Victims: Transgenders Who Are Having Their Elective Dick-Amputation Surgeries Delayed…”

Daniel Greenfield: The Zombie Apocalypse of Leftist Institutions: Like every virus, leftist politics cease to have any meaning once the host is dead.

Daniel Greenfield: Coronavirus Communism Comes to California: Bernie Sanders supporters learn what life under socialism is really like.

WFB: Ayatollah’s American Allies Seize on Pandemic in Fresh Push for Sanctions Relief: In echo of regime propaganda, critics falsely claim U.S. sanctions target food and medicine … Sorry, not sorry. I cannot G2Fs right now about Chinese ‘feelings’ and the Obama administration’s pet nuke-seeking ally Iran.

***One Googolplex Year Away

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