The Spotless Culprit: The ‘REAL” Scientific Reason of Climate Change is Happening

I have lost track of the million mile long list of things the ‘climate change’ cultists keep growing with instalments of ’causes’ and ’caused by’ reasons for/by “climate change”. None of them ever cite the real scientific cause of Earth’s weather cycles… and yes, Earth’s ‘climate’. The Sun…

Robert Zimmerman @ Behind The Black: Sunspot update Sept 2019: The blankest Sun in decades

Electroverse: The Sun has been Spotless for a Total of 224 Days in 2019, and Counting… Looming Grand Solar Minimum: During periods of low solar activity, such as the deep solar minimum we’re in now, the Sun will often be devoid of sunspots.

The 400-year Grand Solar Minimum cycle is returning, and the cold is coming back with it.

Sunspots are continuing to become few-and-far between of late. And while it’s really anyone’s guess what next year will bring, the likelihood of 2020 surpassing 2019’s spotless days total is very high, as the sun looms inevitably-closer to its next Grand Solar Minimum…

As of Oct 28, the current stretch of days without any observable spots has reached 25, making for a total of 224 spotless days in 2019 so far (or 74%). This means that 2019 has now surpassed the 222 spotless days observed in 2018, with more than 2 months to go.

2019 even looks set to eclipse 2008’s total of 269 spotless days (or 73%), when the Sun had just gone through it’s weakest solar cycle, and consequently deepest solar minimum, of the past 100+ years:

NASA have linked periods of low solar activity to spells of global cooling (here) — but don’t go letting no government agency tell you how it is, go correlate the two yourself using the above ‘International Sunspot Number’ graph….

Read both blog posts in full.


FNC: Explosion in Antarctic sea ice levels may cause another ice age

Of course the climate change cultists are hurrying to explain this ice increase is because of ‘global warming’/’climate change’.

And now a word from Gaia’s Only Begotten Daughter…

Victory Girls: AOC Says Climate Change Is Only Reason Why California Has Wildfires

DC: Ocasio-Cortez Responds After Alaska Governor Says Dems’ Green New Deal Will Collapse His State’s Economy: “Yeah that’s kind of the point”


Days of Sunshine Blog: The rolling blackouts in California is not a climate change story. It’s a perfect storm of bad management decisions and rent-seeking green energy contractors.


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