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Weekend Reads: Drifting Along The Dog Days of Summer


Warren Henry: The AOC-Pelosi Feud Will Not Be Settled In Congress: The feud between Ocasio-Cortez and Pelosi represents a clash of two different types of politics, the outcome of which will define the Democratic Party and American politics for some time to come.

Daniel J. Flynn: The Four Horsewomen of the Democrat Apocalypse: Pestilence, Famine, War, and Death take a blow from Nancy Pelosi.

Newt Gingrich: If Dems keep doing these five things, Trump will have a landslide victory in 2020

Peggy Noonan: I Come to Bury Biden, Not to Praise Him: Ocasio-Cortez emerges as a one-woman Committee to Re-Elect the President.

FNC: CNN ‘making things easier’ for Democrats with odd debate guidelines, Washington Post media critic says

Democrats Promote Lawlessness to Protect Illegal Aliens Whom They’ve Thrown-Over American Citizens For:

Twitchy: Add Hillary Clinton to the list of Dems giving illegal immigrants tips on how to avoid arrest

And this expands into the citizenship question (Obama removed) from US Census and Pres. Trump seeks to put back on 2020 census…

Liz Sheld: Interest Groups Ready to Fight Trump’s Citizenship Exec. Order

BRYAN PRESTON: The Census Should Ask About Citizenship to Keep House Representation of Citizens Fair.

JOHN KASS: Democrats might win census citizen question in courts but lose at the ballot box.

I have filled out a US Census form a couple times since becoming an adult. On those forms I am asked how many toilets and TVs are in my home, in addition to not only other weird “None of your damn business” questions but redundant of previous questions asked on prior pages. I have heard more than one Constitutional lawyer say you only need to answer the “How many people live in the house” question. But then I hear you will be fined for not answering each question. In the past I have intentionally NOT answered questions on the US Census, either out of refusal or because they were redundant (and pointed out as much on said redundant question). However, whether or not you are a ‘citizen’ of the USA (as seen in the photo above) is a very important question that must be included and answered.

Twitchy: WOW: When even former Obama officials tell Dem candidates to CHILL on decriminalizing border crossing you KNOW it’s bad

Jeh’s low-balling. It would be MILLIONS.

The MSM Insists the Only Reason to Cover the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal is to Nail Trump:

CNN’s Don Lemon ran headlong into the brick wall that is Chris Ruddy as Ruddy insisted the media is not covering this story even-handedly or even honestly (shocker), and only trying to pin Trump with Epstein when the Clintons and other democrats and Hollywood types have been extremely active and friendly with the preophile trafficker. Listen as Lemon shrugs back at Ruddy the patented ‘Well those other people aren’t president…’ BULLSHIT…

The Great College Admission Scams Continue:

DC: College Admissions Are Rigged In Favor Of Prominent Democrats

Hollywood’s Chronic Hemorrhoid Problem:

For some reason Hollywood can no longer grind out entertainment for the sake of, well, entertaining. Ticket prices are climbing and that induces the would be audience to just wait until these movies come out on DVD or premium cable movie channels. If it is a good enough movie I just wait for it to hit the $3 tickets end-run theater here and then I will eagerly buy popcorn, which I will not, budget-wise, buy in the first-run theaters because of the higher ticket price. But now we are seeing/hearing the filmmakers and the actors ahead of their latest film releases making bullshit statements and narratives meant to piss-off a huge chunk of their possible theater audience. They did it with the all-female “Ghostbusters” reboot, the “Captain Marvel” flick (where lead actress stinky cheesy Brie Larson publicly denounced any press coverage of the movie by male reporters/critics, and even implied men could just stay out of the theater and not see it. That was pretty much a bait-line for the LGBT community to flock to the theaters with open arms, or something. Blah-Blah-Blah.

This is a trailer for the latest movie, “Terminator: Dark Fate”, in the “Terminator” franchise. It reunites classic “Terminator” actors Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger, albeit longer in the tooth and snow on the roof, in some even deeper dive into the prequel timeframe of Sarah Conner’s life in order to once again try to head off the apocalyptic future war and extermination between human-kind and unstoppable machines that look like humans but have better healthcare plans, or something…

Looks okay, right? Like any other previous “Terminator” movie, loads of fiery explosions, bounce-back unscathed Terminator scenes, the elongated vehicle(s) chase down a highway, lots and lots of weaponry exchanges, evil Terminator morphing out of a vehicle to personally interact with the targeted vehicle up ahead and its targeted humans and a good pro-human Terminator crowded into it. Yeah, it is a formulaic script anymore, just with new characters and revised reasons for revisiting the past.

Well, months ahead of this latest offering that is scheduled to hit the theaters in November, the director Tim Miller decided it is great marketing and PR to assault, insult, and alienate at least half the possible box office crowd, a bulk of which are “Terminator” fanbase, for his flick …

Salon: Tim Miller says “Terminator: Dark Fate” will “scare the f**k” out of misogynistic internet trolls: Mackenzie Davis, Linda Hamilton, and Natalia Reyes are front and center in Paramount’s upcoming “Terminator” reboot


Oh, my gawwwd! Spare us, asshole! And if it is such a fucking bang-up potential blockbuster why is it not being released for the summer blockbuster season or the 2019 winter holidays season? No, it is currently set for a November first release.

Welp, enjoy, Miller.

While We are On the Topic of Assholes:

Is there anybody more insufferable right now (besides AOC) than the US National Women’s Soccer Team? There are probably hundreds of thousands of young American girls who play soccer and were/are highly interested in the women’s team accomplishment of the trophy win. And yet, these uncouth and un-sportsman-like women continue to show us what is meant by “poor winner”, lead by their team captain, and why sports people should not be role models or heroes for our kids…

IAN HAWORTH: Megan Rapinoe Is No Leader

This one appears to be implying a medieval celebratory rape threat(?) to the city’s women and children … or something…

And of course the MSM has chosen her to be perfect POTUS material———– or something…

WashTimes: Instant politics: Megan Rapinoe for president, the media insists

And even with all the arrogance and boisterous MF-bombs and media interview(s) statements of “inclusion” by the purpled-haired soccer player at yesterday’s parade we discover the team is not so inclusive…

WashTimes: U.S. women’s team snub of black, Christian player Jaelene Hinkle roils soccer


Christopher Tremoglie: On July 1, Nike Ditched the Betsy Ross Flag. On July 4, These African Immigrants Became Citizens Under It.

This post brought to you by Seb Gorka:

Liz Sheld: “You can see from this kerfuffle how professional these “journalists” are. Some kind of fight broke out between Playboy’s (!!) White House reporter and Seb Gorka.”

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