Under the Gun: Katie Couric Busted Editing to Deceive in Her Gun Control Documentary


Well, she did spend a lot of her on air career working at NBC, the “edit” masters of television. Yes, NBC is very well known for their selective and deceptive editing touches to many stories they want(ed) to slant in their favored political agenda direction, or to make somebody look really bad…

(FOX News) – The makers of a new Katie Couric documentary on gun violence deceptively edited an interview between Couric and a group of gun rights activists in an apparent attempt to embarrass the activists, an audio recording of the full interview shows.

At the 21:48 mark of Under the Gun a scene of Katie Couric interviewing members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a gun rights organization, is shown.

Couric can be heard in the interview asking activists from the group, “If there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?”

The documentary then shows the activists sitting silently for nine awkward seconds, unable to provide an answer. It then cuts to the next scene.

However, raw audio of the interview between Katie Couric and the activists provided to the Washington Free Beacon shows the scene was deceptively edited. Instead of silence, Couric’s question is met immediately with answers from the activists. A back and forth between a number of the league’s members and Couric over the issue of background checks proceeds for more than four minutes after the original question is asked…..

Only, there wasn’t a pregnant pause in silent answer to Couric’s question. Instead, there was a very well-informed and robust round of answers to her question with a lot of facts and information to dispute her premise that she obviously deliberately set-up for the editing. The raw audio is VERY, VERY damning of Couric…

The Washington Free Beacon has the full coverage here: Audio Shows Katie Couric Documentary Deceptively Edited Interview with Pro-Gun Activists

Since this hit the fan in the last couple days the people involved are trying hard to cover their asses and explain it away, but are failing (that is also covered in TWFB link under its updates).

Ed Morrissey @ HotAir isn’t taking any bait or buying any crap coming from the documentry’s producers who are urging him to “watch the film”

As Allahpundit already noted in an update, however, the cable channel that aired the documentary (EPIX) doesn’t seem to care about accuracy or honesty. They call the substitution of the actual answer for an unrelated response shot “creative and editorial judgment.” Apparently, Couric also chalks this up to the “creative” urge. The Yahoo News anchor issued a statement in support of Stephanie Soechtig: “I support Stephanie’s statement and am very proud of the film.”

Soechtig eventually offered this non-apology of the “I’m sorry that my brilliance was misunderstood” variety:

“There are a wide range of views expressed in the film. My intention was to provide a pause for the viewer to have a moment to consider this important question before presenting the facts on Americans’ opinions on background checks. I never intended to make anyone look bad and I apologize if anyone felt that way.”



Also, please note the irony of the documentary’s tag line: In the gun debate, truth is the ultimate weapon. Good Lord.

Yep, the liberal/leftist MSM has done a fantastic job of not only cooking its own goose these last over 8 years, but burning the Hell out of it.

And, Goebbels— er, Katie, if you’ve lost the very liberal/left WaPo and HuffPo you’ve really lost it:

WaPo: Audiotape: Katie Couric documentary falsely depicts gun supporters as ‘idiots’

HuffPo: Here’s A Pro Tip For Katie Couric Before She Does Another Documentary: Don’t delete arguments you solicit.

And now some are calling for Katie Couric to be fired for her deliberate deception…

NRO: Dear Yahoo, Fire Katie Couric

Bearing Arms: The Fraud In “Gungate” Is Real, And Should End Katie Couric’s Career

Reason TV give Mz. Couric a bitter taste of her own edit treatment:

Lessons in Liberal Hypocrisy, Deception, and Idiocy


Leo DiCaprio is so very concerned about the end of Earth due to ‘climate change’ disease, or something, that he insists we all reduce our carbon footprints with fossil fuel usage, and stop being so damn selfish ans self-centered, and lower our life’s expectations and … then he jumps a couple planes and flies over 8000 additional unnecessary miles

Leo DiCaprio picked up an environmental award in NYC this week — but hypocritically expanded his carbon footprint by 8,000 miles when he obtained the honor, by taking a private jet from Cannes, then flying straight back to France on another jet for a model-packed fund-raiser a night later.

DiCaprio was at the Cannes Film Festival this week, and was spotted there partying at club Gotha on Monday with model Georgia Fowler, then jetted back to New York for the Riverkeeper Fishermen’s Ball at Chelsea Piers on Wednesday, where he was honored by the clean-water advocacy group and Robert De Niro.

Just 24 hours later, DiCaprio reappeared back in France for amfAR’s glitzy Cinema Against AIDS gala, where he gave a speech.

DiCaprio’s foundation just pledged $15 million to environmental causes at this year’s World Economic Forum. And during his Oscar acceptance speech, he said, “Climate change is real. It is happening right now, it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species.”

But he’s also been slammed for his use of private jets and yachts. Environmental analyst Robert Rapier, who said the actor’s movie-star lifestyle “diminishes his moral authority to lecture others on reducing their own carbon emissions,” told us of DiCaprio’s latest trips…


His publicist’s excuse says Leo didn’t charter any flights, but simply “hitched” rides with people already going that way, so, you know, it’s all good. Um, that doesn’t smack of reduced ‘fossil fuel’ dedication. That’s like saying, “Hey, I didn’t buy the drugs, I just used somebody else’s”. It is a very lame rationalization that falls very flat for the jet-setting playboy who demands better from the rest of us. Oh, and his millions of donated dollars does not erase his carbon footprint. This whole pyramid sceme mentality of the ‘climate change’ hoax cult is more and more total bullshit. He’s not getting away with it: ‘Do as I say not as I do’: Leonardo DiCaprio *serious about #ActOnClimate (*UNLESS he’s got an award to accept)

Then there is this mentally warped dame who claims she’s an “artist”…


An Australian artist has filmed herself having un-simulated sex with a stranger in a so-called ‘rape representation’ to encourage debate on the patriarchal nature of sexual violence.

Sophia Hewson – who arranged and choreographed the three-minute piece called Untitled (“are you ok bob?”) – invited the man to her home in New York to record the video.

Throughout the scene the focus is on Miss Hewson’s face as she looks towards the camera, and only the arms of ‘Bob’ – the man’s pseudonym – can be seen.

“The raped woman is nearly always depicted with her face downcast and her eyes averted,” she explained in a statement on her website.

“The most confronting aspect of Untitled (“are you ok bob?”), isn’t watching as a woman is struck or penetrated, it’s seeing her look back out at us from the experience.

“Caught in her gaze, the viewer is not only forced to bear witness to her subjectivity, but implicated in her desolation.”

The work of the 31-year-old artist, who was born in Cambridge, UK, but is now based in Melbourne, Sydney, has often explored the relationship between female objectification and the role of male power.

She says her latest work is “conceptually challenging” as it “threatens our assumption that man’s power is unsurmountable”.

She also said she wanted to highlight the idea that rape is “more than an unwanted sexual act, that it is the foundation for the entire institution of the patriarchy, and hence it is the crucial battleground for dismantling male power”….

Who, exactly, is “in power” here, really? I mean, she planned the event, invited the guy over, arranged, set-up, choreographed (which means she told him exactly what he had to do and when), and then willing participated in ‘her’ staged coitus with this guy. This “artwork” is a total bullshit lie, and if she ‘wins’ any awards for it they are all complicit in the lie. And she cannot, after all her ‘hard word’ claim that in her head she was saying “no”, or whatever excuse she would use to imply it wasn’t consensual on her part. We’re supposed to see ‘her’ version of the ‘truth’ in her glaring face? Nah, I don’t think so. I look and I see smugness and defiance. This sounds and looks like a really bad “ripped from the headlines” Law and Order: SVU episode.


‘Pulsating hall monitor blob’: @IowahawkBlog sticks a fork in ChooseMyPlate.gov

And then there are our nation’s public schools, and when they aren’t pushing for boys in girls’ bathrooms and in locker room showers, are fascistically banning science books and slamming shut open minds and debate: Oregon school board bans books that question climate change

And our already PC squashed and demoralized military: Costly Renewable Energy Regulations Prevent Our Military From Doing Its Job

Social injustice via AoSHQ: Money – A third of cash is held by 5 U.S. companies. Two of those companies (Alphabet (Google) and Microsoft) were in the top 5 donors to Obama in 2012. I’m sure the other 3 are mostly democrat donors too…

One of Ben Rhodes’ “Force Multipliers”: Group that helped sell Iran nuke deal also funded media $100,000 to do so

‘Dying laughing’! Guy who live-tweeted mandatory diversity training session MIGHT be our new hero (and yours!) [pics]

Wait, I thought PP isn’t ‘political’ at all, but champions of “women’s healthcare”: ‘#WarOnBabies’ escalating? Planned Parenthood ‘training a political army’ [photo]

Hating America at Google

North Carolina High Schools Will Stop Naming a Valedictorian Because It Leaves Some Children Behind

Hillary Can’t Explain Increases in ObamaCare Premiums

Nobody that jammed this blood-sucking monstrosity down Americans’ throats can explain anything about how/why the bait and switch promises are not being met, and how much worse it is than forewarned by opponents before it was signed into law.

As a matter of fact, Barack Obama’s speechwriters think the whole ObamaCare lie pulled over the American people’s heads and beating them into chaos is some pretty damn funny shit

If you are one of the millions of people who lost their health insurance under ObamaCare, the President’s lie “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it” probably still stings. But to CBS This Morning host Charlie Rose and the Obama speechwriters he invited on his PBS show, it’s now a hilarious laugh line.

On Monday’s edition of PBS’s Charlie Rose show the host invited on former Obama speechwriters David Litt, Jon Favreau and Jon Lovett to wax fondly about Obama’s “great” communication skills when it came to delivering both serious speeches and funny lines. When Lovett, now a writer in Hollywood, told Rose he was most proud of the “serious speeches” on the economy and health care, Favreau jokingly jabbed that Lovett was responsible for the now infamous lie about keeping your health insurance plan. Rose and the entire panel cracked up at the line.


JON FAVREAU, FORMER OBAMA SPEECH WRITER: Lovett wrote the line about “If you like your insurance, you can keep it.”

LOVETT: How dare you!


LOVETT: And you know what? It’s still true! No.

Ed Driscoll @ Instapundit has more background on these sleazy jackasses and their connection to Hillary.

And it is far, far worse than the MSM is even trying to ignore reporting:

Study confirms medical costs rising for post-ObamaCare patients – along with premiums

Remember this prescription from Dr. Barry ahead of ObamaCare?

Well, this didn’t take long: Doctors urged to prescribe fewer painkillers: Here’s what to take instead

Amid a national wave of opioid addiction, doctors are likely to start prescribing fewer narcotic painkillers, so many non-addicted pain patients may see their dosages reduced as a result.

Millions without addiction issues suffer from chronic pain and rely on strong medication to help them live and work. Reducing the medication they need may seem unfair, but there’s no easy choice in the battle against America’s surging opiate addiction problem…

You see, it’s like they do/think with gun control after some maniac goes on a murder rampage. Take the guns from the law-abiding gun owners. And the same results still ring true with opioid abusers. They will still get their fix, while the chronic pain sufferer will now have their quality of life reduced to not being able to function and get through the day.

So, Obama’s pain pill choice for an elderly patient that needed a pacemaker was also a lie. By the way, a pacemaker was not necessarily needed for pain. Irregular heart issues aren’t always painful. A pacemaker does what the name says, it regulates the heart’s pace/rate to as normal a rate as possible.

This was never about getting (and giving) Americans better healthcare. It has always been about dictating our private decisions about our healthcare issues and choices in dealing with them. And the rising premiums are about redistribution of individual wealth to level the healthcare field in this country to an even and equal level of miserable.


Obamacare’s November surprise: Many consumers will see large rate increases for the first time Nov. 1 — a week before they go to the polls.

Get Ready for Huge Obamacare Premium Hikes in 2017

ObamaCare Insurers Considering Dumping Bronze Plans

Obama Administration Paves Way for States to Bail Out Remaining Obamacare Co-Ops

Cruise Cuba: Elitist American Sluts and Attention Whores Strut the Streets of Communist Paradise


Hey, jet-on-down to commie town, everybody! BOOM!!! To Hell with all that over half a century of economic failure and human rights abuse and communist apartheid bullshit!! We wanna par-r-r-r-ta-a-a-y with Cuban rum running down the backs of our throats and sucking on fat cigars with our injected lips! Sucks not to be us, you Cuban little people!


Apparently the narcissistic Hollywood/celeb horde couldn’t wait to make it public (for Barack Obama’s inane lame-duck foreign policy’s sake) how they just love traveling to communist paradise Cuba to hobnob with the Cuban elites and brush against all that communist Cuba poverty charm as background fodder for an Instagram selfie, but only just a little … and at a safe distance so as not to ruin their overpriced togs.

kardashian2 fidel

And, natch, those horny Kardashians have gotta be the first to squeegee their plastic tits-and-asses all over the Cuba the Castro DICKtator has fermented.

kardashian fidel

It’s like her married boyfriend finally got a messy divorce and now she can wallow in and flaunt the extremely disgusting PDAs with him.

Florida congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen throws-up-a-bunch-in-her-mouth in reaction to the Kardashian photo-op/reality show scenes trip to Cuba and asks, “Haven’t the Cuban people suffered enough?”

“I know it’s cool for celebrities to go to Cuba, but the Cuban people don’t experience the glamorous Havana that is featured on social media,” Ms. Ros-Lehtinen, a Cuban-born Republican, told People magazine. “Far from photo shoots and fruity drinks, everyday Cubans experience a different, sad reality.

“Now, the Kardashians are parachuting into the island to tape their vapid TV show,” she added. “Haven’t the Cuban people suffered enough?”

It’s just too bad that the majority of non-Castro regime Cubans do not have TVs, or aren’t permitted to use the internet (if they even have a smart-phone or computer) to see all the colorful snaps and footage of these celeb trips and elaborate events happening down the road from their dilapidated shacks they call home. Maybe the indigenous Cubans might better appreciate all the Castros have done for them and their island country these last few generations. But that’s okay. It’s the exotic communist-stunted venue, the tropical location all these pampered interlopers are after. No more pretending they care so deeply about the poor downtrodden and freedom-cravers while ducking down to sunny Havana via the cover of other countries’ airplanes. It’s time to fiesta out in the open with the Castro regime’s and Barack Obama’s blessing, bitches!!!! Nothing says perfected communist propaganda like dancing and parading down the newly scrubbed and polished streets of Cuba in outrageously expensive designer rags, y’all!


Hey, you know what would be perfect? A fuckin’ Chanel cruise and fashion show in the streets of Cuba, babies! So, bring all the drug-addicted emaciated models! Let’s go!


Gotta have the purse that would cost more than a Cuban worker’s life-wages…


And nothing says freedom and high-end fashion like a bedazzled retro Che beret, the cost of which could feed a Cuban family for a couple of months…


Nothing … NOTHING says “Libertad for Cuba” like Kardashians and other communist-adoring celebrities displaying “I got mine. Now you get yours, you poor stinky little Cuban peoples!” Blast that red dress and Che beret, Gisèle, you commie-lovin’ Jezebel!


The posh fashion industry’s own “Karl” enjoying the exposure to poverty chic in Cuba. If they are down there long enough maybe the Sunday protest of the Ladies in White will inspire Lagerfeld for a whole line of all white fashions spattered and drizzled with red. Pretentious fuck…


Party on…

And where the fuck are all the brown Cubans??? These brown people ain’t no Cubans…



Hollywood in Havana! Cuban capital is transformed into a runway as fashion glitterati – plus Vin Diesel – attend Chanel street show (but ordinary Cubans are kept behind barricades streets away)

Kim Kardashian puts her famous derriere on display in a sexy skintight outfit as she and Kourtney turn trip to a children’s playground into a photoshoot during Cuba break

ass in cuba

While Obama’s Celebrities (and Carnival) Distract, Record Political Arrests in Cuba

Narcissistic Sociopath: NOW President Wants a “Repeal of the First Amendment in Order to Empower the Government…”

See? Typical left/liberal knee-jerk to their own teeth … Always use ‘free speech’ as a weapon/political fodder when supposedly defending ‘free speech’ and ‘rights’.

Introduced as “feminist attorney” and “activist for social justice” fighting for “racial and economic equality,” O’Neill pushed neo-Marxist narratives of “intersectionality” with respect to hierarchies of oppression of groups designated as composing the neo-proletariat. NOW’s website repeatedly references “intersectionality” in order to highlight disparities – real or imagined – between varying groups composed mostly of women, including but not limited to race, sexual orientation, class, and “gender identity.”

“NOW’s purpose is take action through intersectional grassroots organizing to lead societal change and build a feminist future,” said O’Neill. “When we work for gender justice, we will not be color-blind. We will ask the question, any kind of policy we’re looking at, how does that impact my sisters of color? How does that impact my LGBTQ sisters? How does that impact transgender women of color?”

Calling for a repeal of the First Amendment in order to empower the government to regulate political speech and expression, O’Neill demanded an overturning of the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United v. FEC ruling. Senate Democratsunanimously voted in favor of repealing the First Amendment in September of 2014.

Without any sense of irony, O’Neill blasted “money in politics” as if her career was not within the industry of political agitation, and as if NOW is not a star in a broader constellation of left-wing “women’s issues” lobby groups that enjoy sympathetic coverage from many of the largest media outlets.

Commie twat…

Don’t believe our free speech rights are being targeted by the leftist overlords’ minions in these pockets of squabbles we are seeing on issues, college campuses, and even safety in bathrooms? Have a look at this…

Here is some of the bullshit infecting our nation’s right to discourse by dictating our language and our opposing views/opinions:

Pretty sure ‘blacks’ want their children to be safe in school. It’s not just some ‘white’ thing. It is seriously racist to have such a myopic view on this issue. Much of the worst ‘racism’ going on in this nation today is being said/done by the left/liberals…

You’re now a racist if you say schools need to be safer

Abuse of power is a mega-weapon in a government takeover of the citizens’ rights. Even Obama’s own people have admired and nodded in agreement to that tactic used by Mao when taking over China…

Liberal AGs Have Begun a War Against the First Amendment

Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit’s latest hit-back column: Dear attorneys general, conspiring against free speech is a crime

And the more levelheaded on our college campuses are finally jumping into action before it’s far too late…

Letter from University of Memphis Law Students Requesting Handbook Reform

Law students in the Federalist Society Student Chapter at the University of Memphis have asked that the university reform its policies to preserve free speech.