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SPACE: Leaving the Launch Pad

Yeaaaah, it’s not one of the best vegetables known to Earthlings. However, it does generate a heck of a lot of gas… Good call.

How it’s done in space…

The Great Expanse:

Diana Gitig: Are we ethically ready to set up shop in space? A new book asks hard questions about whether we’ve thought through life in space.

Robert Zimmerman: Curiosity looks ahead: Which way to go?

Russell McLendon: Scientists Think They’ve Cracked The Mystery of Europa’s Weird Rotating Ice Shell

Robert Zimmerman: The ubiquitous presence of ice in the Martian mid-latitudes

Michelle Starr: This Mysterious Planet Could Be Transforming Into a Water World

Competition is a beautiful thing. Isn’t it something how Hubble kicked-up its game since Webb went into space, huh…

Robert Zimmerman: Hubble looks at a nearby dwarf galaxy

Richard Milner: The James Webb Telescope Discovery That Defies How We View The Universe

Ashley Strickland: Magellan spacecraft images reveal volcanic activity on Venus

Ben Turner: 2 pairs of gigantic runaway black holes spotted on collision course, and they’re bringing four entire galaxies with them

Space and Other Tech:

Does it involve mining and eating a “spice”…

Tim Newcomb: Scientists Now Have the Blueprint for an Actual, Working Wormhole

21st Century space race continues…

Robert Zimmerman: Chinese pseudo-commercial rocket industry gearing up to launch numerous times from interior spaceport

Andrew Griffin: Scientists discover superconducting material that could bring total revolution in energy and electronics

Chris Young: In a first, scientists show time reflection of electromagnetic waves: The breakthrough experiment could lead to low-energy, wave-based computers and new applications for wireless communications.

And here we go…

Ben Bartee: Los Angeles Times Columnist: AI Deserves Human Rights

Scott Whitlock: AI expert warns of too much ‘hype’: Humans will still be in charge, won’t be ‘pets’ to new tech: According to Professor Robert J. Marks, Americans should worry about our military falling behind in the technology

Theories or Fiction:

Nadia Drake: What is the multiverse—and is there any evidence it really exists?

Diana Logan: This Theory Claims Quantum Entanglement May Be Responsible For Human Consciousness

U-FOs and Aliens:

Douglas Charles: ‘Most Spectacular’ UFO Photo Ever Taken Revealed After Being Classified For Over 30 Years

Douglas Charles: Filmmaker Claims Footage Exists Of Alien Captured In The Varginha Incident, AKA ‘Brazil’s Roswell’

Maggie Harrison: Meet the People Who Claim to Be Alien “Starseeds”

Sci-Fi and Other Unreal Reels:

Space: Best asteroid movies, ranked

Scott Campbell: “Ashfall”: An unsung disaster epic that bravely played Hollywood at its own game and did it better erupts on Netflix … This is actually no longer available on Netflex. However, it is accessible for ‘free’ via the streaming service FreeVee (formerly IMDb) and if you have Amazone Prime FreeVee is streamed through that server. It’s dubbed in English, but the tedious dialog still translates as tedious in any language. I found it not-so entertaining about halfway into it and not thrilled by the end. It’s no “Volcano” or “Dante’s Peak”.

A real must watch reel is “Train to Busan”, also streaming on FreeVee. It too is a Korean film, but much faster paced and with better characters. Right up there with Brad Pitt’s “World War Z” (streaming on Netflix) on a smaller and more intimate scale…

Watching “The Last of Us”?…

Brooke LaMantia: A Guide to All of the Infected ‘Zombies’ on The Last of Us: A lesson that’s surely not for the squeamish.

ELISA GUIMARÃES: ‘The Last of Us’: How Is Ellie Immune to Cordyceps? Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s the umbilical cord.

Kirsten Acuna: ‘The Last of Us’ finally explains exactly how Ellie became immune to the cordyceps infection

Insider: ‘The Last of Us’ creators say they won’t recast Bella Ramsey amid season 2 time-jump: ‘Let’s put this thing to rest’


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