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Saturday Newsfeed: Biden Deflections in F*** Major

NYPost: Blathering Biden’s suspicious silences say everything

And when he does speak he lies in the face of the empirical evidence…

Chris Pandolfo: Biden denies $1M in payments to family from Hunter associate, despite bank records: ‘Not true’ … ‘That’s not true,’ Biden said, disputing financial records that show Hunter, Jim and Hallie Biden received lucrative payments from one of Hunter’s business associates, according to Republicans

And if Pres. Trump is arrested come next week, it is purely a political move with no legal merit to deflect from the Biden family investigation the GOP-led House committee is undertaking…

Chris Pandolfo: Trump says ‘illegal leaks’ indicate he’ll be arrested Tuesday: Donald Trump says on Truth Social that Manhattan DA investigating alleged hush money payments he made to Stormy Daniels is ‘CORRUPT’ and ‘HIGHLY POLITICAL’

Jon Levine: Donald Trump says he will be arrested Tuesday

Twitchy: Flashback time! Here are some of the Dems & media who will be triggered by Trump’s call for protest … Uh-huh, but…

Miranda Devine with the receipts: @GOPoversight has bank records of Hunter Biden’s business partner Rob Walker, a former Clinton official whose wife, Betsy Massey Walker, was Jill Biden’s assistant when Second Lady. He wired money from a Chinese company to Hunter Biden, James Biden, Hallie Biden & unnamed Biden

Gregg Jarrett explains this latest political folly by a George Soros heavily-backed dem operative posing as Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg who refuses to prosecute actual criminals plaguing NYC…

VIDEO: Gregg Jarrett on possible Trump indictment: This is the most cockamamie legal theory I’ve ever heard of

And as usual with these demcom third-world junta moves, the bullshit always blows-up in their smug faces…

Adam Shaw: ‘LAND SLIDE’ – Elon Musk predicts potential Trump arrest would seal 2024 presidential election: Twitter’s Elon Musk predicts Trump will win re-election in ‘landslide victory’ if Trump is arrested and put in handcuffs

VIDEO: Dan Bongino issues warning over possible Trump arrest, blames ‘Identity politics left’

Twitchy: Jonathan Turley analyzes case against Trump and concludes it’s ‘legally pathetic’

Jonathan Turley: Get ready for Manhattan DA’s made-for-TV Trump prosecution: high on ratings, but short on the law

Meanwhile, go back and re-listen to Gregg Jarrett’s evaluation of this case. House Speaker McCarthy is ‘following the money’ on this latest load of shit. Jarrett and Turley know what they’re talking about…

Adam Shaw: McCarthy directs committees to probe whether federal funds were used in potential Trump indictment


Our once world power military has been fundamentally transformed into limp dicks overseen by dick-less hacks, many hired to fulfill purely “affirmative action/#WOKE social justice” quotas agenda of the Biden puppet-masters and the left…

Peter Kasperowicz: Navy secretary cited climate change as top priority as Biden proposes shrinking the fleet: The Biden administration proposed cutting two ships from the Navy in its 2024 budget plan

And while our school children are not even being taught passing-grades academic subjects (as they are in communist China) but are being indoctrinated and brainwashed with ‘gender/queer/sexualization’ bullshit and deliberately dividing and pitting them racially this is what Russia (China’s growing Ally) is also training kids in schools under their supervision. Sadly, I doubt the majority of our now deliberately confused anti-American youth would give them much of a fight should they decide to invade us. And never doubt there are ‘those’ already inside our country ready to join their ranks when the time comes, adults as well as indoctrinated children…

Some are scoffing that any invasion would involve drones and missiles and fighter jets. Yeah. But once defeated, an invaded land will be detained and controlled under foot-soldiers. Lots and lots of foot-soldiers on a ground where a citizenry has been allowed to buy and own/possess firearms for well over two centuries.

Production of ‘white flags’ in this country should be booming soon. No doubt Brandon will be patting himself on the hunched-back for those ‘new jobs’…

Steve Janoski: Shocking video shows Russian kids going through military training in Crimea

Meanwhile, in three years the American people has not been fed even one damn milliliter of truth in the entirety of the COVID pandemic, from origins to transmission to therapeutics to vaccines to etc. and still to this day…

Matt Taibi: TWITTER FILES #19 – The Great Covid-19 Lie Machine: Stanford, the Virality Project, and the Censorship of “True Stories”

Why the left in MSM and DC hate FOX News and work so hard to get it “canceled”:

Mediaite: Cable News Ratings Tuesday March 7: Fox News Scores 6 Times More Viewers Than CNN in Prime Time

A very pathetic attempt by Mediaite to polish the turd that is MSNBC with this fantasy title…

Mediaite: Cable News Ratings Monday March 13: Maddow Scores Over 2 Million Viewers to Boost MSNBC In Prime Time

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