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Weekend Reads: Whiskers and Sips

Jonathan Turley: Kitchen Bull Connors: Professor Denounces Cleanliness as Sexist and Racist

Lloyd Billingsley: From January 6 to November 7: What an actual attack on the U.S. Capitol looked like.

Jacqualine Henry: Questioning the January 6 Aftermath: If the Department of Justice can weaponize the FBI and legal system to target and make a cautionary tale out of ideological opposition, who’s next?

J.B. Shurk: Elections Have Consequences; Stolen Elections Have Catastrophes

Julie Kelly: A Haunting Anniversary: As we approach the third anniversary of “15 Days to Slow the Spread” there remains no accountability and no assurances that it couldn’t happen again.

Nicholas Wade: Unnatural Enhancement – The Covid pandemic raises an important question: How should promising but dangerous science be regulated?

Jonathan Turley: “The New Normal”: New York to Lower Math and English Proficiency Standards Due to Poor Test Results

Michael Hartney, Corey DeAngelis: Randi Weingarten’s latest bogus claim gaslights all of us: The evidence shouldn’t be a surprise. They are the teachers’ union, not the kids’ union

Daniel J. FLynn: Girls Are Now Being Banned From Sports for Wanting to Play Against Girls: Liberals won’t let anyone play who doesn’t agree with them.

Megan Fox: New Student-Led ‘Red Guard’ Installed in Maine School District Causes Fury at Board Meeting

Uldis Sprogis: Incompetence rewarded, throughout the U.S. government: The military, education and public health fields all have problems.

Exhibit #5029300…

Joshua Q. Nelson: Dr. Rachel Levine says changing kids’ genders will soon be fully embraced: ‘Wheels will turn on this’. Levine also said gender-affirming care for minors had the ‘highest support’ of the Biden administration

Katelynn Richardson: DOJ Internal Watchdog Shuts Down House Democrats’ Claims Against FBI Whistleblower Steve Friend

TUCKER CARLSON: You’re going to get a hot war with Russia and China, whether you want it or not

The Juicy Smellit Hoax…

Ace: America’s Hottest New Show Is the Fake Lynching of Jussie Smollett, Hosted By Those Nigerian Bodybuilder Brothers

Victor Davis Hanson: Are We the Byzantines? The Byzantines never woke up in time to understand what they had become. Will Americans?

Erik Arnold: Nietzsche in the Shadows: Traces of Nietzsche’s ideas are made manifest in intersectionality.

Matthew Boose: The Right Is Still Afraid to Fight the Culture War: Contemporary society rests atop a bedrock of deviancy that few, even the right-wing culture warriors, dare disturb.

As attacks on FNC escalate, a “leftist’s” perspective…

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