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Friday Newsfeed: All That’s Supposed to be Green but Isn’t … or Shouldn’t Be

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. The day that everybody can put an O’ in front of their surname and be Irish. And remember to sober-up with that Irish coffee after all of those emerald green brewskies.

No blarney like this bloke’s blarney…

Alexander Hall: Biden skewered as ‘world’s worst Catholic’ who cheapens Irish and Catholic identity: A writer slammed President Biden just before St. Patrick’s day as ‘about as authentically Irish as a leprechaun hat’

Biden Family business spreadin’ the green…

Victor Nava: Comer says ‘6 or 7 Biden family members’ may have been involved in overseas business schemes

Steven Nelson: Hallie Biden revealed as ‘new’ Biden family member who got China cash

Victor Nava: Where the money went: The Bidens and Biden associates that received Chinese cash

Kevin Downey, Jr: The Biden Family Influence-Peddling Scandal Just Got Much, Much Worse

NYPOST: Jim Comer shows that the Biden family business is corruption

Jonathan Turley: “Dirty Political Trick”: Hunter Biden Calls for Criminal Investigations of Critics and Media

Brandon’s ‘March Madness’ Bizzmess:

Biden’s brackets…

Veronique de Rugy: Biden’s New Budget Would Hike Taxes and Wage Class Warfare: The higher taxes on small businesses and entrepreneurs could slow growth. Less opportunity means more tribalism and division.

Matt Weidinger: The trillion-dollar hole in the president’s budget: In further proof that he doesn’t understand the first law of holes (when you’re in one, stop digging)…

Betsy McCaughey: Biden’s banking busts include this single biggest monetary policy mistake in half a century: Biden has been obsessing on woke causes while banks are on the brink

NYPOST: SVB turmoil leads Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan to raise recession probability

Liz Sheld: Morning Greatness: Angry Taxpayers Respond to Latest Bank Bailouts

Alex Nitzberg: 19 GOP governors sign statement decrying ESG ‘proliferation’ as ‘a direct threat’


Alexa Schwerha: Biden Admin Is Placing Undercover Federal Agents At Universities. Here’s Why

Come on, man…

Julian Epstein: Democrats Fear the Truth About Biden’s 2024 Presidential Run: A re-election campaign is a manifestly bad idea, but members of his party are too cowardly to admit it.

Russkies being Russkies:

Actually, the Pentagon has already hinted we’ll not be making any attempts to ‘recover’ the $32+M debris that’s allegedly some 5000 feet down in the Black Sea…

Liz Friden, Timothy H.J. Nerozzi: RECOVERY RACE – Russian ships at US drone crash site in Black Sea, US official says: ‘They wasted no time’: Officials have speculated that US drone debris has already sunk too far for recovery, after collision with Russian fighter jet

Kevin Haggerty: ‘Exuding weakness wherever they go’: Kilmeade tears into Biden admin after downing of US drone


Adam Shaw: Homeland Republicans to turn up the heat on Mayorkas after Border Patrol chief’s ‘earth-shattering’ testimonyOrtiz had testified in McAllen, Texas, at committee field hearing

Adam Shaw, Bill Melugin: Homeland Dems booked travel, called witnesses before pulling out of border hearing, Republicans say: The hearing will focus on the ‘unprecedented crisis’ at the border

VIDEO: ‘Mayorkas has failed miserably’: Kinney County, Texas Sheriff Brad Coe details the surge of illegal immigrants he’s encountering ahead of his House testimony.

Kyle Morris: DOD spends nearly $50 million a year ‘to do nothing’ with Trump’s border wall materials, drawing GOP backlash: DOD is spending around $130,000 a day to store materials after Biden canceled Trump’s border wall construction project

Nothing to see here…

It’s not just on our southwestern border. A large number of those illegally crossing our northern border are from China and India…

Susan Jones: 55,736 Undocumented Migrants Encountered at US-Canada Border Since October, Up 133% From FY ’22

Paul Sacca: Cartels use ads on social media apps like TikTok to recruit American teens to smuggle migrants into US: Screenshots from social media show cartels offering as much as $3,500 per trip for Americans to help smuggle migrants across the border

Brian Flood: DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas parties with MSNBC honchos amid border crisis

VIDEO: Joe Concha: Mayorkas looks ‘apathetic’ to the border crisis: Fox News contributor Joe Concha sounds off on DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for attending a party for MSNBC while border officials struggle to maintain security.

Meanwhile, works both ways, demcoms…

Melissa Fine: ‘I would suggest that Republicans leave’: Rand Paul leads GOP walkout after Dem chair tries tactics to block amendments

Latest MSM/CCPChina COVID origins talking-point:

And the leftist MSM outlets are willingly, gleefully running with this latest deflection bullshit that sounds like a damn “South Park” episode…

And, of course, just as…

Jim Pearce: House Votes 419-0 To Declassify All Intel On COVID Origins

DWN: Jean-Pierre: ‘No’ Decision On If Biden Will Sign Unanimously Passed Bill To Declassify COVID Origins Intel


No! No! NOOO! This classroom indoctrination bullshit has to stop. It used to be we viewed people having to eat worms and insects as a sign of severe and unjust poverty and malnutrition. Now it’s the “only right way”. And “cows are killing Earth” compared to the various dinosaur eras of much larger methane producing beasts? Earth will be just fine, teach.

Hannah Grossman: Utah school gives kids ‘disgusting’ insects to eat in class for climate assignment on cows killing the Earth: ‘There’s only one right answer to this essay. And it’s that Americans should be eating bugs,’ a teacher said … You know what’s next, right? “Reduce the surplus population” as Charles Dickens wrote. If these cults believe anything about “methane producing” animal its that Earth is “overpopulated”, with no ‘natural’ depopulation in-sight. Some even espouse reducing the current population. Could the initial COVID pandemic have been a not-so-dry-run?

And you’ll eat those bugs dirty and shivering in the cold. I told you they were coming for more than just your stoves…

Thomas Catenacci: San Francisco latest Dem city to crack down on gas appliances: Regulators characterized the ban as a ‘groundbreaking regulation’ … mark my words. Once they’ve obliterated all gas appliances they will be coming for the electric ones.

Julia Johnson: Greta Thunberg nixes tweet warning end of humanity if climate not fixed by 2023

Stephen Kruiser: The Morning Briefing: Climate Change Whackos Are the Real Danger to the Planet


Misty Severi: California could ban Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, and Campbell’s soup over additives

Carlos Garcia: Elon Musk shoots down Democrat lawmaker’s claim that being a ‘good parent’ means letting a child choose their gender

The problem with those privileged to have been born/live in “evil capitalist” society that think they know the reality of a utopian socialist society…

Actually, in the so-called “socialist utopia” of places like Cuba this sort of “neighborly” “scaling up” isn’t ok with the government, let alone making dwelling repairs without government permission. Socialism always means far less for people than they had before its instalment and far-far more for government after its instalment.

Twitchy: Socialist Party beclowns itself by inventing capitalism

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