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“Hump Day” Reads: Happy “Death Day”, Karl…

The best thing Marx did for mankind was die…

I recently re-watched the movie “Nicholas and Alexandra”. I’d read the book (as well as Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment”) in high school (ugh!). Even though it’s fiction, “Doctor Zhivago” is still a more worthwhile loooong view/read. Anyhow, the depiction of the infighting between different commie/Bolshevik groups reminded me a lot of today’s dumb-ass neo-coms. Don’t get me wrong. The Czar was a total ass and not worthy of his people’s loyalty. He’d made his own bed in denying the people an active voice and position in the country. Much like today’s Czar Puddin’-head.

Hump Day Reads:

Victor Davis Hanson: The March Madness of the President: Joe Biden’s political utility and near senility serve as exemptions for his often sexist, racist, and creepy riffs.

Me Too…

Jim Nelles: The Ukraine War Made Me a Hippie, Not a Putin Stooge: Billions in U.S. aid to Ukraine would be better spent here at home. The time for our country to be involved in regional conflicts that do not impact our own security is over.

“DUH-H-H-H” by design…

CR: Historic decline in IQ could stem from poor education, study shows: A recent study suggests that, for the first time in nearly 100 years, Americans’ average IQ is declining, a trend that the study’s authors theorize could result from the quality of education. The authors write that ‘the greatest differences in annual scores were observed for 18- to 22-year-olds.’

Robert Spencer: America’s Teens Are Dumber Than They’ve Been In 100 Years

Not even a ‘cute’ post-turtle…

Christopher Tremoglie: Greta Thunberg’s online climate change cover-up: Thunberg is trying to cover her tracks after yet another climate change doomsday prediction did not come true…

“Shut-up”, they said…

Jonathan Turley: Banking on Censorship: Sen. Kelly Becomes Latest Democrat to Suggest Censoring Views on Social Media

Jonathan Turley: What Stanford, UC Davis campus chaos has in common with Antifa: The anti-free speech movement has racked up two big wins this month at both Stanford and UC Davis

Where’s the money, California…

Brianna Lyman: ‘Where Is Proof Of Damages?’: Leo Terrell Comes Unglued Over San Francisco’s Proposed Reparations

Stephen Green: San Francisco, Reparations, and the Racist Cruelty of Empty Promises

While Carter was indeed ‘bad’ I’d wager there were probably one or two in the running for “second-worst”. Biden, however, has first place wrapped up. And with Brandon giving a televised eulogy it would be “classic mumble-gaffe-whispering Biden”, no doubt…..

Robert Spencer: Second-Worst President in History Asks the Worst President to Deliver His Eulogy

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