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SPACE: The Twinkles in Our Eyes When We Look Up at Night

The Daily Digest: The world’s newest space telescope just found something that shouldn’t exist: Hidden within images taken by the James Woods Space Telescope were subtle traces of six massive galaxies that astrophysicists argue must have come into existence shortly after the Big Bang, galaxies so old and so large that they couldn’t possibly be real.

Planets and other Heavenly bodies:

(Ghostly photos from NASA’s Curiosity rover reveal beautiful, rare clouds and the first sun rays ever spotted on Mars)

VIDEO: NASA Releases Ghostly Images of Never Before Seen Phenomenon On Mars

Robert Lea: Strange circular dunes on Mars spotted in these NASA photos

(Comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) that passed the Earth in 2020. Scientists expect comet C/2023 A3 will be even brighter. Alexander Ryumin/TASS via Getty Images © Provided by Business Insider)

Marianne Guenot: Brighter than the Green Comet: A bright comet is heading towards Earth and could outshine the stars in the sky, say astronomers

Diana Logan: They Just Discovered an Asteroid on a Collision Course With Earth

Business Insider: NASA image may show first-ever ‘rogue’ supermassive black hole, leaving a trail of newborn stars in its wake

JPost: A planet between Mars and Jupiter could wipe out Earth – study

Space and Other Tech:

Chris Knight: Hubble space telescope is being photobombed, study finds: A recent study in the journal Nature Astronomy reveals that the Hubble Space Telescope – a stalwart orbiting observatory, launched in 1990 – is being regularly photobombed by younger, smaller satellites

Elizabeth Howell: See the evolution of SpaceX rockets in pictures

Not only does Musk build EV vehicles, but he’s developed reusable rockets…

Anthony Cuthbertson: ‘It won’t be boring’: SpaceX Starship launch may end in explosion, Elon Musk hints:

Starship is being developed to fulfil a $1.15 billion contract with Nasa to deliver astronauts to the Moon as part of the Artemis program.

Beyond that, Mr Musk sees the rocket as integral to his ambitions to send the first people to Mars, with the ultimate goal of setting up a permanent human colony on the Red Planet.

“This is a very difficult programme,” Mr Musk said at the conference. “The rocket is roughly two-and-a-half times the thrust of the Saturn V, so if or when it reaches orbit it’ll be by far the largest rocket to reach orbit. But more importantly, it is designed to be the first fully-reusable rocket ever.

“The key to expanding life beyond Earth is a fully and rapidly reusable orbital rocket. This is a very hard problem given the constraints… Earth has a thick atmosphere and strong gravity, it is only barely possible to do this, that is why it has not been done before.”…

Charlene Badasie: Scientists Have Determined The Jobs AI Is Most Likely To Destroy, Will You Be Replaced?

Maggie Harrison: Scientists Discover Enzyme That Can Turn Air Into Electricity

TM: DARPA created a hypersonic aircraft capable of Mach 20 speeds

Theory or Fiction:

My husband asked me about this today…

Kashyap Vyas: The Survival of Bacteria in Outer Space: What happens to the bacteria in space?

U-FOs and Aliens:

Douglas Charles: Pentagon And Harvard UFO Experts: Alien ‘Motherships’ Could Be Flying Through Our Solar System

Ellie Cook: Congressman Says Alien UFO Tech Is Being ‘Reverse Engineered’ in Secret

Mike Reyes: E.T., Close Encounters, War of the Worlds Icon Steven Spielberg Responds To UFO Stories Going Around Online

Kristine Parks: Steven Spielberg concerned about ‘secrecy, lack of transparency’ around UFO sightings: ‘There is something going on…that’s not being disclosed,’ Spielberg said

Sci-Fi and Other Unreal Reels:

Chad Langen: A Terrifying Natalie Portman Science Fiction Film Is Now Free Streaming … This one is actually a few years old now, and I wasn’t impressed with it. But that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t like it. I might watch it again if nothing else catches my attention, but a couple of the actresses are some of the most boring ever, including Portman. Eh, thinking I’ll give a re-watch a “hard pass”. “The Critical Thinker” has the right vibe going…

An AppleTV post-apocalyptic dystopian offering…

Joshua Meyer: Silo Trailer: Rebecca Ferguson Leads A Star-Studded Adaptation Of The Dystopian Bestseller

Hmmm, this one looks intense…


Spencer Connelly: Prometheus’ Forgotten Sequel Totally Changes ALIENS’ Ending

Zack Sharf: James Gunn Fires Back at ‘Racist’ Marvel Troll Upset by ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ Villain Casting: ‘I Don’t Give a S— What Ethnicity He Is’

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