Weekend Reads: **sigh**

Remember now, the dems, Biden, MSM, social media, etc. are trying to criminalize anyone that questions the 2020 election and all elections after, yet, are openly meddling with the GOP candidates to the tune of $53M. Chew on that and then spit it back in their faces. Russell Brand is spot-on here…

Richard Kirk: Voter Fraud: The Bottom Line

Julie Kelly: The Regime’s ‘Operation MAGA Fascist’ Gains Ground: The only good news is that Joe Biden and the ruling class have a lousy track record at winning wars.

Andrea Widburg: Democrats aren’t just persecuting Republicans; they’re baiting them

Joy Pullman: New Documents Show College Board Planning To Push Extremist Politics Further Into K-12 Schools: A hugely influential private organization plans to release courses that will teach America’s top students extreme racial and other leftist politics, all with public institutions and funds.

OUT: Michelle Obama’s ‘healthy lunches’ and nutritious food equity.
IN: Making minority children/adults obese and unhealthy and susceptible to diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Robert Spencer: L.A. School District Shares Video from ‘Nutritionist’ Who Says Eating Right Is Racist

Sahar Tartak @ WSJ: My High School’s ‘Antiracist’ Agitprop: Teachers tried to bully me into signing a $375 student government check for a group promoting critical race theory. I refused.

Mike LaChance: VIDEO: Violent Student Mob at U. New Mexico Shuts Down Event Featuring Tomi Lahren: “they started pushing past the officers and banging on the doors so much that these double doors are visibly moving and shaking and they are smashing into the windows”

One of the “Big Lies”…


Good for the goose…

Stephen Dinan: IG announces audit of IRS employees to find tax cheats within workforce

Nicole Pinkston: Democrat Equity: Selling Death, Poverty and Destruction: Today’s Topic: The Democratic Equity for Black voters is death, poverty and destruction. Where is the competing message from today’s Republicans?

Heather Hamilton: WATCH: Megyn Kelly slams The View’s Sunny Hostin for fueling racism

Zachary Faria: Lori Lightfoot is a symptom of Chicago’s Democratic decay

Glenn H. Reynolds: Sorry, Lindsey Graham: Congress doesn’t have the power to legislate on abortion

William Kilpatrick: How the Catholic Church Became a Defender of Islam: And misled Christians in the process.

Rick Moran: UN Report: 50 Million in Forced Labor and Forced Marriages

Victor Davis Hanson: Ukraine with a Whimper or a Bang? Putin deserves what he’s getting, but that moral and strategic victory is still a very different story from America sliding into a nuclear confrontation with a desperate autocrat.

Charles Creitz: Bill Maher roasts woke ‘presentism’: ‘A magic moral time machine’ where you always win: ‘It’s not all up in the air to change or delete or make up based on what makes you feel better today.’

VIDEO: Gutfeld: Will the Left listen to Bill Maher and admit it’s gone too far?

I Heard It Through Martha’s Grapevine…

Twitchy: AOC calls Martha’s Vineyard booting illegal immigrants off the island after just 24 hours a ‘blessing’ then gets BUSTED lying about her own district

Bill and Hillary’s favorite ‘human traffickers’…

David Rutz: Hillary Clinton calls Martha’s Vineyard migrant crisis ‘literally human trafficking’

Jonathan Turley: No, Transporting Undocumented Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard is Not “Literally Human Trafficking”

Jim Treacher: Libs Can’t Decide Whether Martha’s Vineyard Is Good or Not: They know sending illegal aliens there is a problem, but they can’t tell us why

Twitchy: WATCH: Karine Jean-Pierre *really* doesn’t want to answer Jacqui Heinrich’s straightforward questions about Joe Biden’s border crisis

Twitchy: PLOT TWIST! MSNBC reports that illegal immigrants sent to MV are thanking a certain somebody

Another human trafficker Hillary Clinton likes

Kevin Downey, Jr: Toothless Tiger! Harvey Weinstein’s Choppers are Falling Out and Prison Dentists Couldn’t Care Less

The lost … you know … the thing…

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  2. […] Posted by Maggie on September 17, 2022 in General News […]


  3. These men are just bullies says Shriver. But Biden outside of Independence Hall was the soul of togetherness and love.
    Give me a break. Who does she think she is kidding?


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