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Which would you be? The stormtroopers, or the victims?

A depressing and pessimistic essay or a cautionary tale?

I have been thinking a lot about the Third Reich of late. It is hard not to. If I go dancing I must wear a mask and if I take it off to breathe or take a moment’s respite because with heart disease and asthma it is so difficult to dance with a mask on, someone is sure to scold me to put my mask back on. Yellow star anyone?

There is no logic to these rules. They tell me the mask is for my benefit. So if it is, then I should be allowed to take that responsibility. They know it is not for my benefit, but for others’ and secretly they may even suspect it is not helping anyone. The brainwashed and the willingly obedient left not only loves following these rules so they can feel proud of themselves, but they kind of like the power it gives them to feel superior to lesser beings who prefer to think for themselves. Today we can all come up with examples of this kind of wokeness invading and taking away our liberties bit by bit.

And then there’s the climate change goofs. In California we are being warned that soon everyone will be forced to drive electric cars only, in good, green, clean California which follows the rules of those who care about the planet. But uh oh, watch out if you use too much energy, because it turns out solar panels and bird killing windmills don’t crank up enough to fill all the needs for energy of all Californians, so don’t charge your electric cars now. But still, how good it feels for those who do the right things. Ignore the illogic, just be proud you are following the good rules.

And everything costs so much more and there’s less to choose of our favorites in stores because we have a supply chain problem. And suddenly we have all kinds of problems that we didn’t have just a couple of years ago. But don’t complain because “things are going so well” and “We don’t have that horrible Trump to deal with”.

And Illegal immigrants are wonderful. As Whoopie asserts, “These are people, these are children and families, and they must be treated well and not kidnapped.” Readers of this all know the hyper joy we are feeling that DeSantis and Abbott are sending illegals to liberal enclaves. Where does Whoopie live? Surely she won’t be hypocritical like the other liberals have been if we send a few dozen to outside of HER house. She can be an example to liberals everywhere showing how good she is to these people.

And then there is Biden’s speech in front of Independence Hall. I tried to get a liberal friend upset about it and she told me he was not Hitlerian with his fists in the air, as I suggested. She didn’t hear the speech or see it, but she saw how it was reported (probably all pink in the background with selectively chosen bits of it). And she doesn’t want to talk about that anyway. I don’t know which is worse, the actual speech or the indifference to it of too many fellow Americans.

Biden brazenly told all MAGA people, and the “good” rest of the Americans who are not MAGA, that the MAGA White Supremacists (because we all know that no blacks, hispanics or Asians could possibly be stupid enough to like Trump) are the biggest danger to our “Democracy”. He called me a semi fascist, a lover of violence, a racist and whatever else, as long as it made “good” Americans understand that MAGA’s are unacceptable in a civilized society.

I won’t discuss the hypocrisy and projection of the speech because it was the dangerous quality of it that frightened me.

I still can’t understand why Biden does not become halting in his speech or incoherent when he is angry.

I have been on the receiving end of antisemitism in my life and it is no fun. I have also been on the receiving end of cancel culture and that is no fun, either, because it came from places where I expected to be safe. And with the President of the United States proudly making these claims to set aside half of the voters as unsatisfactory Americans, that is scary stuff. And Biden’s saying not all Republicans are MAGA is merely another attempt to split his opponents up. Divide, and conquer more easily, because who wouldn’t rather go with the flow than be ostracized?

Notice it isn’t Biden who gets those crowds with tens of thousands of people. And it isn’t RINOs either. MAGAs are virtually half of the voters these days. So perhaps there is possibly a better future than I see at the moment. However, remember Hitler never got a majority of the vote.

Where does this country go from here? Say the left is able once again to steal elections in 2022, just enough to keep their power. Lying progressives realize that they daren’t ever let Republicans regain power in Congress because there will be those investigations and their lawbreaking, etc. will be disclosed and it would be curtains for them for a long time. And certainly they daren’t allow Trump even to get the chance to run. If they won just enough to hold power in 2022, you know nothing would stop them then. And what would become of our country, already impoverished, with so many citizens being watched and silenced? It is inevitable what our country will become, and it is not good.

Americans would have to make choices. Would they become angrier than ever? Would they fight? Would they be relieved? Would they make noise or would they be quiet and hope nobody notices them or comes after them? By that time there might be only two choices.

Who would be the storm troopers? Who would be the victims?

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