Wednesday “Hump Day” Newsfeed: “I’m your captain, I’m your captain … Though I’m feeling mighty sick…”

Nine Lives:

You’ve heard of “Proof of Life”? I think we’re gonna need a “Proof of Dead-as-a-Doornail-and-Mopping-Up-the-Pieces”. Can the Biden bunch get some balcony splatter samples and run it through one of those DNA companies advertised on TV?

Brie Stimson: CIA targeted al-Zawahri alone on his balcony after months of surveillance, building his ‘pattern of life’: President Biden said al-Zawahri was the only one killed in the precision drone strike in Kabul

Hanna Panreck: Tom Cotton jabs New York Times over Taliban leader’s op-ed: ‘I’ll promise not to harbor al Qaeda leaders’: Cotton famously set off staff uproar with his New York Times op-ed in 2020

Victoria Taft: Al Qaeda Leader Ayman al-Zawahiri Is Dead…for at Least the 4th Time

Tuesday (primary) election results:

Here’s hoping democrats up and down the nation’s ballots take an historic slaughtering…

Michael G. Zey: Armageddon Looms for the Democrat Party

Monica Showalter: Trump’s endorsements triumph in last night’s primaries

Paul Steinhauser: Arizona Republican gubernatorial primary too close to call between Lake, Taylor Robson: Kari Lake was leading Karrin Taylor Robson in Arizona Republican gubernatorial primary, with the race yet to be called … Lake was one of the Trump-backed candidates to win in different states’ republican primaries.

Paul Steinhauser: Eric Schmitt wins Missouri’s heated Republican Senate primary: Five states — Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, and Washington — hold primary elections on Tuesday

Jim Hoft: TRUMP-ENDORSED Arizona Attorney General Candidate Abe Hamadeh Wins GOP Primary!

Jim Hoft: Trump-Endorsed Senate Candidate Blake Masters WINS BIG in Arizona GOP Primary

Jim Hoft: MI-3 Primary: JOHN GIBBS DEFEATS RINO Peter Meijer Who Voted to Impeach Trump and Supported Democrat Spending Bills

‘Abortion rights’ in the voters’ hands…

Worth noting, out-of-state donors pumped millions of dollars into this ballot issue in Kansas. “An estimated 71% of contributions made to a pro-choice coalition in Kansas were from out-of-state donors”… Is that ‘okay’? People and activist groups that don’t even live in the state or pay taxes in the state are dumping money into the state to influence the elections of Kansas citizens?

Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit:

DEMOCRACY AT WORK, EXACTLY AS DOBBS INTENDED: Kansans vote to uphold abortion rights in their state. “Kansas voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly struck down a proposed constitutional amendment that would remove language enshrining reproductive rights in their state, in a move widely seen as a victory for abortion rights activists. . . . A “yes” vote on the measure would remove from the state Constitution the right to an abortion and hand the issue back to the state legislature. A ‘no’ vote on the measure would make no changes, keeping abortion rights enshrined in the state Constitution.”

Kyle Morris: Kansas voters reject constitutional amendment granting lawmakers ability to regulate abortion: Kansas became the first state in the nation to vote on abortion following the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade

VIDEO:Biden DOJ sues Idaho over abortion law: ‘This is about politics, not about winning in court’

How far they will go…

Twitchy: NYT pounds another nail into their own coffin with opinion piece asking ‘Why do we talk about miscarriage differently from abortion?’

The Biden Open Border Highly Successful Drug Industry:

The Brandon Stupid Economy, Stupid Brandon:

VIDEO: Market expert to Biden on recession redefinition: ‘The first step of recovery is knowing you have a problem’: Job Creators Network President and CEO Alfredo Ortiz slams Biden trying to claim to the American people that the United States is not in recession

Phillip Nieto: Wikipedia restricting new users from editing ‘recession’ page: The Commerce Department announced last week the U.S. had negative growth in the second quarter, sparking fears of a recession

The Biden Gestapo is coming…

They will tell you that they are going after “the wealthy” and “big corporations”.
But when that bloody claw reaches out to our blue collars, small businesses, and anyone working their ass-off for a living for themselves and their families that fake narrative/false premise will be shoved down our collective throats and demanded we swallow whole by the politician/dems/MSM, “Well, if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about.” That means spending our money, time, stress, and danger of losing everything we own to prove our innocence…

WSJ: The IRS Is About to Go Beast Mode: The Schumer-Manchin bill has $45.6 billion to audit the middle class.

Progressives want Joe Biden to unleash what they call “beast mode” executive power, and the Schumer-Manchin tax bill supplies the cash to turn the Internal Revenue Service into Wolverine.

The pact between Sen. Joe Manchin and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer includes $80 billion in new funding for the tax man. Democrats claim this “investment” will yield more than $200 billion in revenue. That estimate is highly speculative, but if it’s anywhere close to right IRS auditors will soon be coming after tens of millions of Americans…

GOP – House ways and Means: One-Pager: Democrats’ “Inflation and Recession Act” Makes Biden’s Cruel Economy Even Worse

Grover Norquist: Manchin And The Democrats Are Making The IRS More Powerful Than Ever. Here’s How

FBN: Sen. Hagerty slams Biden, IRS over calling for bank data: ‘This is just like the Chinese Communist Party’: WSJ editorial board argues ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ will lead to more IRS audits and increased taxes

VIDEO: Sen. Bill Hagerty, R-Tenn.: On the IRS, ‘They want all of our data’ to justify Democrat spending bills and an increase in IRS audits.

VIDEO: Sean Hannity: Democrats are poised to spend a monumental amount of your money

VIDEO: Victor Davis Hanson: Speaks on Senator Joe Manchin’s support for the Inflation Reduction Act – American economy has been ‘inflated to death’


Have we reached ‘peak insanity’ yet?

Tina Moore: Mom of man in custody for McDonald’s cold-fries shooting details what led to incident, reveals son’s chilling words

Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about…

Greg Norman: Elderly California store owner who shot would-be robber speaks out: ‘I did a lot of hunting when I was a kid’: Suspect in Norco incident heard screaming ‘he shot my arm off!’

Twitchy: Would-be robber upset that 80-year-old store owner shot his arm off

Josh Christenson: As Crime Soars, Democratic Voters Turn on Left-Wing Prosecutors: Democratic voters are turning on left-wing prosecutors and congressional candidates amid a nationwide crime surge.

Hump Day Reads:

Pipeline: Against the Great Reset: ‘The War on Capitalism’

Kenin M. Spivak: The Left is not like Us: Progressives do not want the same things as most Americans.

Tristan Justice: Inside Liz Cheney’s Coordinated Effort To Prevent Troop Deployment Before Jan. 6: Before Liz Cheney claimed President Donald Trump took no action on the National Guard, she coordinated a campaign to prevent deployment.

Twitchy: Liz Cheney won’t accept Mark Levin’s invitation until he ‘returns to being a principled conservative’

Matt Margolis: Dances with Democrats: The Liz Cheney Story

Edward Ring: The Big Lies We Cannot Question: The biggest lie is to suggest that Republicans are spreading lies and misinformation, and the Democrats are not.

Kevin Downey, Jr: SHOCKER: Would-Be Kavanaugh Assassin Has a Secret That the Lefty Media Won’t Touch

Stephen Green: Insanity Wrap: How to Spot a Groomer With This 1 Weird Trick

Jessica Chasmar, Joe Schoffstall: New executive director of liberal dark money education group has repeatedly called to defund the police: Heather Harding deleted 2,588 tweets in the days leading up to the announcement of her new role

That’s Entertainment when Hollywood’s completely run out of original ideas…

Lauryn Overhultz: ‘Rocky’ lands spinoff: A look at Hollywood reboots, recasting and more: A ‘Drago’ spinoff is in the works, but ‘Rocky’ star Sylvester Stallone is furious about it

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