Wednesday “Hump Day” Newsfeed: Bye-Bye, Miss American Pie, the Levee’s Gone Dry…

Given the current heatwave and some areas of droughts, and the recession depression rolling in, it’s starting to feel like the 1930s here in Biden’s American dream experiment … no? … and it’s about to get literally a Hell of a lot worse…

Never forget, this is not accidental, it’s fully-intentional and they admit it amid their gaslighting, and more and more people are (hopefully) catching on…

Jack McEvoy: The White House Is Already Trying To Take Credit For Falling Gas Prices. Here’s Why That’s Malarkey

Liz Peek: Liberals want voters to blame Biden’s age, but his progressive playbook is just as much of a problem

Mary Rooke: New CNN Poll Might Be The Most Glaring Indictment Of Biden And Democrats Yet

The ‘Open Border’ Wound:

Adam Shaw: BORDER BATTLE – Biden’s DHS Secretary Mayorkas claims the southern border ‘is secure’ as historic crisis rages

Adam Shaw: Reps. Comer, Stefanik push Mayorkas on funding of NGOs for migrant releases into US: Lawmakers press DHS Secretary Mayorkas about funding NGOs are receiving

Adam Shaw: DHS won’t provide info on terror plots until Congress gets waivers from accused non-citizens: House Republicans wanted briefings on two suspected terror plots.

Thomas Catenacci , Adam Shaw: House Republicans demand Biden admin stop transporting illegal immigrants to get abortions: Republicans tell Biden admin taxpayer funds ‘should not be used to transport illegal aliens for abortions’

About those middle of the night plane loads of illegal aliens the federal government been flying into New York but the Biden administration denies is happening…

Melissa Russo: Asylum Seekers Flooding NYC Shelters, Mayor Says, Calling on Feds for Help: Hundreds of thousands of people are trying to cross the southern borders of the United States every month

Incase you missed this…

TUS: Pro-open border dem mayor’s not happy with homeless illegal aliens in her city

Listen to Tucker Carlson layout the democrats’ decades-long bait-and-switch on (illegal) immigration…

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson : This United States’ population growth being fueled by illegal migration is a recipe for social collapse

VIDEO: Stephen Miller: 1 in 4 American children have a foreign-born parent

From School to Cesspool:

Jessica Chasmar: STAGGERING NUMBERS – At least 181 K-12 educators charged with child sex crimes in first half of 2022: 140 of the arrests, or 77%, involved alleged sex crimes against students … And they wonder why we’re calling them “groomers”. Transgender/sexual curriculum and blatant narcissistic openness of gay/trans/non-binary teachers … all you need to do is follow Libs of TikTok on Twitter to see illustrations of these wack-jobs in charge daily with our young kids. And this pro-abort crap is not helping…

Jessica Chasmar: California school board weighs Planned Parenthood clinic on high school campus: ‘The Norwalk-La Mirada school board should be ashamed,’ parents’ rights group says

Taxpaying parents who trust their kids from PreK-12 in the hands of schools/ teachers and trust that their hard-earned tax dollars are being spent toward the real academic advancement education of their kids are fed-up with what is being done today in classrooms and with school boards…

Joshua Q. Nelson: LESSONS LEARNED- Republicans have advantage over Democrats regarding confidence in handling education, survey shows: A teachers union president is launching a campaign against Republicans’ opposition to critical race theory curriculum.

Joshua Q. Nelson: Betsy DeVos calls for the Department of Education to be abolished: The former secretary of education said, ‘I personally think the Department of Education should not exist’ … A Hell of a lot of people agree with this, and I’m one of them. The federal Dept. of Ed is beyond broken and is nothing more than a front for the communist teachers’ unions. And for all the unions’ caterwauling about “inequity” in the classroom between various different racist outcomes in education, over these last years of COVID they themselves have made it far worse…

Michael Lee: Study shows blue state COVID learning loss widened racial achievement gaps relative to red states: Teachers union and school districts were often involved in contentious battles over remote learning throughout the pandemic … Racial achievement basically came to a screeching halt. And even worse children with disabilities and learning issues actually fell backward in their advancement(s). This was a crime against our school-age children that history had better not be kind to. This bullshit should not be happening in classrooms and if a student really is in a personal gender/sexual quandary the school’s guidance councilor’s office is where to go, with parents called in for the sessions…

Twitchy: Non-binary teacher proud that her outreach helped a first-grader come out as transgender … This is not what a first-grade classroom is for.

Esther Wickham: Scientific fact now is unscientific, according to the woke Left: The Florida Health Department recently rejected a call to expand Medicaid coverage for those who wish to seek experimental “gender-affirming care,” which includes puberty blockers and physical “reassignment” procedures, because of the harmful long-term effects. So-called experts, however, say Florida’s decision is unscientific.

FNC: San Diego parents furious as schools return to mask mandates and remote classes: ‘We need new leadership’: Sharon McKeeman blasts move to force unmasked students to learn remotely

Cortney O’Brien: San Diego school chief stokes outrage for saying kids who won’t wear masks can stay home: ‘Really disturbing’ … Dr. Sharon Whitehurst-Payne previously touted the effectiveness of N-95 masks for students


Nature: Bacterial and fungal isolation from face masks under the COVID-19 pandemic

Meanwhile, higher learning is a sewer as well…

OMG, how far science at every level has fallen…

Jonathan Turley: Anthropologists Call for an End to Classifying Human Remains by Gender and Ancestry

“Climate” Alarmists Blowing Hot Farts:

A Canadian friend on FaceBook says: “He has no idea of how much oil is in northern Alberta…. 15 hours north of Montana, enough for North America for 100’s of years.”

Biden is to give some close to climate emergency babble today in Massachusetts, completely void of any actual fact-based scientific reality…

NYPost: Biden declaring ‘climate emergency’ will be pure politics at the expense of democracy

Thomas Catenacci: John Kerry’s family private jet emitted over 300 metric tons of carbon since Biden took office: Special presidential envoy for climate John Kerry arrived in Berlin, Germany on Tuesday for the Petersberg Climate Dialogue

Twitchy: Pete Buttigieg smugly says OUR pain at the pump is THEIR gain with electric vehicles and pisses EVERYONE off – even the Left (watch)

VIDEO: Rick Perry shuts down Biden’s electric vehicle push, says it will spike electricity costs for Americans

VIDEO: Jeanine Pirro on Biden’s push for electric cars: He’s forgetting the ‘average American’ can’t afford them … Well, that’s the plan, Judge. They know the cost of any EV for the average and below ‘average’ American is out-of-reach, including electrically charging and maintaining them…

Frank Landymore: Family Annoyed When Replacement Batteries Costs More Than Electric Car … Not to mention the Lithium for EV batteries is in short supply

Drew Berquist: The Race to Strip-Mine Lithium for Electric Vehicle Batteries: To Save The Earth, We Must Strip The Earth? Hmmmm

A lot of people cite how much power grid energy goes into charging those EV batteries, and the actual coal that goes into fueling the power plants. But we need to start bringing up the fossil fuel energy and fossil fuel byproducts for parts/paint/etc. that go into making those EVs.

We are supposed to somehow be all ‘alarmed’ and horrified by the heatwave plaguing Europe and the UK right now. Well, it’s a weather pattern, and it’s hard to get too worked-up over the European-British culture/attitude that we ‘Yanks’ have been obsessive fools and idiots worshiping our A/C and ice-clinking in our cold drink glasses. Note; 1-3% of the UK has A/C, and I’d wager it’s pretty close with the rest of the EU countries now sweltering and bursting into flames…

WSJ: All the Heat in Europe: Politicians boast about ‘net-zero’ climate goals for 2050 but do little or nothing for severe weather mitigation today. … These people bought and swallowed the climate hissy-fitting of a know-nothing child who pouted her way into their common sense with her “HOW DARE YOU!” crap.

Politico: White House privately fumes about Manchin — and sees the futility of airing it out in public: The feeling inside 1600 is that the senator burned time and good faith efforts. But they also believe they still need him. … They hate Manchin for standing in the way of the insane Biden BBB fraud version of AOC’s and Bernie Sanders’s GND. Dare to imagine the deep shit we’d be in right now if he hadn’t.

VIDEO: Laura Ingraham Angle: The Climate Con Trolls

The Cheap Stunts of the Fraud Squad:

David Rutz: Ocasio-Cortez, Omar pretending to be handcuffed after arrest at protest blows up Twitter: ‘This is too much’: Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, other House Dems arrested at Supreme Court abortion protest

Cassidy Morrison: AOC among several Democrats arrested outside Supreme Court during Roe protest

Brittany Bernstein: Media Promote AOC, Omar Fake Handcuff Stunt

Twitchy: Check out the photos ABC News used of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar being arrested

Twitchy: You should take AOC’s ‘arrest paperwork’ just as seriously as you took her handcuffs [pic]

Ace: Pro-Abortion Democrat Witness: Black and Brown People Need Abortion Because America Is A Nightmare Fascist Literal Hell for Minority and Trans Children and It’s Literally Better to Be Aborted Than to Live … Good God.

Twitchy: Democratic congresswoman suggests that doctor ‘stop throwing the word abortion around’


Larry Celona, M’Niyah Lynn and Tina Moore: Major crime skyrockets 37% in NYC, NYPD data shows

And under great pressure, especially from the city’s Hispanic business owners community…

Carl Campanile, Elizabeth Rosner, Georgett Roberts, Valentina Jaramillo and Emily Crane: DA Alvin Bragg drops murder charge against bodega worker Jose Alba … The Soros-backed left’s attempts to vilify and criminalize self-defense while championing actual criminals continues and continues to add to its agenda’s failures.

Andrew Mark Miller: Defunding police, vilifying them ‘at every turn’ contributing to officer suicides: ‘The suicides and the current climate go hand in hand,’ a retired Chicago detective told Fox News Digital … Not to mention the danger to them on the streets because of the emboldened criminal element.

Statistically, since the “DEFUND/ABOLISH THE POLICE” movement of over two years ago, the minority corners of the nation’s cities, especially the democrat-run big cities, are suffering the biggest spike in unanswered crime(s)…

Emma Colton: Arrests in Chicago plummet to historic lows as crime rises and police admittedly pull back: ‘No way’: Traffic stops and investigative stops have also dropped in Chicago

Haisten Willis: Voters are moving on from the pandemic, and that’s bad news for Biden

VIDEO: Rep. Jim Jordan: ‘Colbert Nine’ case wasn’t ‘equal treatment under the law’

Nikolas Lanum: New York Times guest essay trashes the south: ‘Awful,’ ‘fury-soaked,’ ‘gun-littered’ … The northern metro elites have always, and will always, hate the American south.

J.J. Sefton @ AoSHQ: Will Trumpism Trump Trump?

Jack Birle: Clinton knocks Trump for ‘improbably’ tying her to Comey in Russiagate lawsuit … As usual, Hillary Clinton is full of FEH.

Brian Flood: TV ratings: ‘The Five,’ ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ help Fox News lead cable for 28th straight week

The nose-thumbing anti-American ginger prince falls on his upturned nose at the U.N….

Gabriel Hays: Twitter tars and feathers Prince Harry for condescending UN speech against America: ‘Go home, little boy’

VIDEO: Adam Carolla rips Prince Harry for bashing America in United Nations address: ‘Colossal blowhard’: Critics mock Prince Harry over his UN speech criticizing America … Harry realizes that it would take a Biblical meteor strike to make him “King” … but also knows he’s not ever going to be POTUS. Or “First Pussy” either. When the flat royal “spare” tire gets divorced, and you know he eventually will, we will hear just who wore the pants in that political Svengali relationship.

Always listen to Thomas Sowell…


Larry Fink: ‘American Pie’ singer Don McLean talks true meaning of his 50-year song: Don McLean talks about what country music legend Garth Brooks said about the classic

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  1. […] we saw a couple of weeks ago with the self-defense bodega worker Jose Alba being arrested by DA Alvin Bragg for killing his attacker, the people of NYC are pretty much on their own against criminals and the lawless […]


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