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SPACE: Lots of Space Tech to Be Had…

Yeah, eventually we will all be ‘there’. Heh…

Mike Wall: SpaceX launches and lands 3rd rocket in 36 hours: Sunday morning’s mission lofted a communications satellite for the company Globalstar. … The thrill of the launches is one thing but the successful sticking of landings of this company and its techno-team is outstanding!

Julia Musto: TO THE MOON – Musk announces SpaceX will have Starship rocket ready to fly next month

Robert Zimmerman: Test of solar sail for de-orbiting smallsat ends successfully

Robert Zimmerman: An eccentric debris disk circling a nearby star

Mark Waghorn: Space nova powerful enough to be seen from Earth with binoculars burnt out in a day

Mark R. Whittington: Will space suits delay NASA’s return to the moon until 2026?

Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit:

SPACE COLD WAR: An In-Orbit Game of Cat and Mouse: Close approaches prompt calls for communications and norms. “Removing obsolete satellites from the geostationary belt is a valuable service. The same technology, though, could have more nefarious applications.”

One comment on “SPACE: Lots of Space Tech to Be Had…

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