Saturday Newsfeed: “You Will Own Nothing and You Will be Happy”

GOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, SPECTATOR DRIVERS!!! Ya went to sleep again, huh?

This administration had one job and make no mistake, they aren’t failing. They are succeeding according to plan. The plan? Collapse the economy and the rest will follow, including punishing the people into submission. “You will own nothing and you WILL BE HAPPY!!!”

Thinking about a summer vacation? Hell, at these gas prices even a ‘stay-cation’ at your local/state camping and recreational areas and lakes/beaches (that boat needs gas too) will be pricey navigating. And have you seen the rising cost of plane tickets?

Daniella Genovese: Gas prices hit $5 nationwide for first time in over 2 decades: Gas prices are already nearly $2 more than they were a year ago —- and it’s only going to get worse, experts fear

One of old Joe’s big brilliant ideas to combat gas prices is not to re-open drilling and pipelines to return the US to energy independence. No, it’s to add yet more stress on food supplies and those outrageous rising prices by calling for an increase in Corn and Cellulosic Ethanol production. Exactly 14 years ago David Pimentel and Marcia Pimentel wrote a stark and scathing report against this type of fuel…

(June 6, 2008) Corn and Cellulosic Ethanol Cause Major Problems

The diminishing supply of oil and high prices is encouraging the conversion of grain or other biomass into ethanol fuel. Using corn and cellulosic biomass for ethanol requires large cropland areas, large quantities of water, and sunlight for green plant production.

All green plants in the U.S., including all crops, forest, and grasses, combined collect only about 70 quads (32 x 1015 BTU) of sunlight energy per year. Meanwhile, Americans use slightly more than 3 times that amount as fossil fuels [1]!

Enthusiasts suggest ethanol produced from corn grain and cellulosic biomass, like grasses, could replace much of the oil used in U.S. In 2007, when 20% of the U.S. corn crop was converted into 6 billion gal of ethanol, it replaced only 1% of U.S. oil consumption [2]. If the entire corn crop were converted, it would replace a mere 7% of oil consumption – and certainly not make the U.S. independent of foreign oil!

Several scientific analyses confirmed that 14 energy inputs go into corn production, plus an additional 9 energy inputs are invested in fermentation and distillation operations. This confirms that more than 140% more energy (mostly high value oil and natural gas) is expended to produce a gallon of corn ethanol than is in the ethanol itself. Some investigators omit several of the energy inputs required in corn production and processing, such as energy for farm labor, farm machinery, energy production of hybrid corn-seed, irrigation, and processing equipment [3].

Cellulosic ethanol is being touted as the replacement for corn ethanol. Unfortunately, cellulose biomass contains only minimal amounts of starches and sugars and therefore requires major fossil energy inputs to release these tightly bound starches and sugars. With existing technology, about 170% more energy (oil and gas) is required to produce ethanol from cellulosic biomass than is in the ethanol produced [4]…

Read the whole thing. It’s not that long and it is mercilessly on-point.

It is a very in-depth and detailed study laying out not only how futile the enormous effort and results would be to do this but how incredibly dangerous it will be to the nation’s food chain and supply.

Tucker Carlson: Jan. 6 hearing coverage is complicity in campaign to fool the public (w/VIDEO)

… A CNBC survey just found that 68% of corporate CFOs are predicting a recession soon. Zero chief financial officers surveyed by CNBC believed a recession could be avoided. All of them thought it was absolutely inevitable. What are the effects? Well, one of them is staples, food prices. They were already up 5% in December. They’re now up more than 10% year over year.

So, when food becomes too expensive to buy, you have a crisis. How is the administration responding to this crisis, a demonstrable crisis? Well, Biden has just unveiled new regulations on ethanol.

By the way, here’s a really simple test if you want to know you’re speaking to someone who understands anything about science or the environment. Anyone who tells you ethanol is good for the “environment” is either ignorant or lying. We know after decades of studying it, that ethanol hurts the environment. There is no environmental benefit to ethanol, and there’s a massive cost both to the land and also to you.

Thanks to Biden, gasoline refiners will be forced to blend 20 billion gallons of ethanol because it’s a renewable fuel for the planet. But what this really is, is a requirement from the Biden administration to burn food in your car. That’s what ethanol is. It’s corn. So, what happens when you divert food crops like corn to ethanol production? Well, we know the answer because it’s been studied for decades.

In 2008, an evolutionary biologist at Cornell called David Pimentel, wrote this: “The use of corn for ethanol has led to major increases in the price of U.S. beef, chicken, pork, eggs, bread, cereal, milk. It’s a boon to agribusiness and a pain to consumers.” In fact, “the director general of the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization reports that using 22 pounds of corn to produce one gallon of ethanol is already causing food shortages.”

Well, of course. That was 2008. This is not news. Anyone who’s been paying attention can tell you ethanol is bad for the environment. It’s terrible for engines, and it is above all a disaster for your food supply.

So, at the same moment we are facing food shortages, the Biden administration has decided to make food scarcer and more expensive. Food will be just as expensive as gasoline. And you probably hadn’t heard about that because once again last night, every single news network in this country except ours was reporting on something else…

Some people think, “Eh, it’s just corn. Corn isn’t that good for you anyway…” No, corn is not an ideal food for humans to consume, but it is edible and some cultures even in the US have corn products are a primary staple in their menu/diet. As I’ve told you I have to drive an hour or more through the countryside and farmlands to get to either of my daughters’ homes. From spring to fall harvest I watch the huge deep fields transform from plowed to overgrown with corn, soybeans, wheat, sunflowers, hay and other domesticated foods for humans and animals.

And most people have absolutely no idea how important corn itself is to our lives. As with fossil fuels— make that ‘other’ fossil fuels because corn and grain used to make ‘alternative fuel’ are fossil fuels if allowed to rot and decay in the pressure of the Earth for millions of years — corn is not just sent to market to sell as corn-on-the-cob or sent to factories to be made for the frozen foods section or can shelves of the grocery stores. When you drive past fields don’t assume, say, the corn is for human consumption. A lot of what you’re seeing is for animal feed between growing seasons either going to market or for the farmers’ own livestock of meat and/or dairy animals. Like fossil fuel (oil) byproducts and derivatives from corn and other vegetation are used for everything from cooking oils to fillers/boosters/additives to our processed foods (and other products we use from health/beauty aids to plastics) to fertilizers to pet foods to FEEDING THE FARM ANIMALS (cows, bison, horses, pigs/hogs, chickens/turkeys/ostriches/ducks/geese for eggs/meat, rabbits, fish farms/hatcheries, goats, lamas) WE EAT!!!

I’ve heard libs scoff at farmers as dumb hicks. Those libs should hope they themselves would have the mental wisdom and acumen and raw strength and nerves to do what farmers have to do inside their bodies and brains 24/7/365. And right now the energy mess in the U.S. and with the halted supplies of fertilizer products because of the Russia-Ukraine war the situation has a lot of important farmland fallow this growing season. Yes, I am seeing it here. And a side note, if farmers cannot feed their stock or sell them off whole or individually the animals are killed … not ‘slaughtered’ and produced for their meat. No, a huge trench is usually dug and they are shot and buried. As I said, a mortal sin. But what can they do in such an impossible situation?

And so, as with the negating of oil/gas production from our market diverting the amounts of farmland/energy/work/production/etc. away from feed and food corn to ethanol is … damn right I’m going to say it … a mortal sin! And for those who don’t believe in an almighty ethereal power, burning human and animal food instead of taking natural fuel resources out of the ground is insanity. But I digress. Laws of common sense and even rudimentary logic and reasoning tell you just how bad this will be for this country’s ability to raise and produce enough food(s) for the population if you take corn and grains themselves out of animal feed (and human consumption) and allot increased massive amounts of land for corn and cellulosic grains ethanol farming and production there will be food shortages and outrageous prices on what is in the stores.

This is all by design, and people had better wake up and understand exactly what is going on here. This pattern was seen in the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba. Collapsed the economy, industries, businesses, stores and farms and then the centralized government takes over everything and forces labor and closely regulates who gets what that is minimally produced … once it’s gone it’s gone. Communism is never a utopia of worry-free abundance for the masses. It is a utopia of fascistic dehumanizing power and control of the limited party membership. The masses be damned … or starved/exterminated.

Every hyper “climate change” alarmist bullshit you read they stress the need for human depopulation, domesticated human food animals depopulation, forcing humans to buy and eat dramatically less and replace meat with insects … and for humans to become totally subjugated by a centralized government that will regulate and rule ever single aspect of their lives from regulated birth to regulated death … don’t doubt this … like, if Mao and Hitler had a baby shit right there. This is why you hear these leftists demonizing the productive and thriving western countries/societies and allegedly expressing pity and concern for poverty-stricken third world “underdeveloped” countries (many of whom, like China and North Korea and a number of African countries are either communist strangleholds or completely corrupt regimes that keep their people down in the dirt). This isn’t ‘crazy conspiracy theory’ talk. We’ve just been conditioned for decades/generations to scoff and laugh at those “The End Is Near” placards…

Yeah, do not fluff-off what is going on in this country and with the foreigners involved in this whole “globalization” movement bullshit. “You will own nothing, and you will be happy” is being said out loud, and it is not a wish upon a star. It is a threat.


Donnelle Eller: Biden’s EPA finalizes ethanol, biodiesel blending requirements, requiring largest amount on record

“President Biden understands the important role the biofuels industry plays in supporting Iowa farmers and rural communities while reducing the price at the pump for consumers,” U.S. Rep. Cindy Axne, an Iowa Democrat, said in a statement.

“By requiring petroleum refiners to blend larger volumes of low-cost biofuels like ethanol, today’s actions will put downward pressure on gas prices and provide economic relief to American families facing record-high pump prices,” Renewable Fuels Association CEO Geoff Cooper said in a statement.

But Chet Thompson, CEO of the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers, said the blending requirement for this year is “contrary to the administration’s claims to be doing everything in their power to provide relief to consumers.”

“Unachievable mandates will needlessly raise fuel production costs and further threaten the viability of U.S. small refineries, both at the expense of consumers,” Thompson said.

Announcement also include denial of refinery exemptions
The EPA, after gathering comments since releasing it proposed blending requirements in December, said Friday it will require refiners to blend 20.77 billion gallons of ethanol, biodiesel and other renewable fuel this year…

Oilprice.com: What Do Biden’s New Ethanol Mandates Mean For You?

Mr. Biden says E15 can save drivers on average 10 cents a gallon, but the waiver will have a negligible impact on gas prices nationwide since so few stations sell it.

It’s also unclear what legal authority EPA intends to invoke. Under the law EPA can only issue emergency waivers to address temporary fuel-supply shortages in discrete regions or states.

Meantime, Congress’s ethanol mandate is causing many small refiners to shut down and the U.S. to import more foreign fuel. Last week EPA denied 36 hardship exemptions for small refineries, so even more could close.


  • 30% higher corn prices with other crops rising by 20%, according to the National Academy of Sciences.
  • Growing more corn for ethanol causes increased amounts of water pollutants from U.S. farms
  • Expect more fertilizer use when fertilizer costs are soaring
  • More summer smog
  • E15 erodes older car engines, gas pumps, storage tanks and pipelines.
  • Small refiners will suffer and some will go out of business allowing Elizabeth Warren to moan about the concentration of “Big Oil”.

To top things off, when Trump tried the same thing, the courts struck it down as illegal.

Washington Times: Biden administration raises amount of ethanol that must be blended with gas

Stephen Green @ Instapundit:

APPEASING THE GREEN LOBBY AT YOUR EXPENSE: Biden Administration Quietly Raised Amount of Ethanol Required in Summer Blend Gasoline from Ten Percent to Fifteen, Three Predictable Problems Will Surface Soon.

Her’s the third issue:

“Ethanol is a valuable source of octane in finished gasoline, but it is chemically different than petroleum gasoline and cannot be used in concentrations above 10 percent in small engines — like outboard boat motors, motorcycles, lawnmowers, generators or chain saws — or in any cars made before 2001. Complicating matters further, most cars on the road today still aren’t warrantied to run on gasoline with more than 10 percent ethanol. Retail stations also must have compatible infrastructure in order to sell gasoline with higher ethanol blends.” This issue is known within the industry as “The Blend Wall.”

Everything is going swimmingly.

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