Wednesday Newsfeed: Employing All the Right Screw-Ups to Tell the Rest of Us What to Do

Were this a movie the majority of us would be leaving the theater and demanding our money back— no, a f**king recount of every f**king vote from November 2020.

WSJ: President Costanza Takes On Inflation: Biden lays out his plan on prices, but he’d do better if he did the opposite.

President Biden on Tuesday tried to get ahead of Wednesday’s April inflation report with a speech rehashing his well-worn proposals to reduce prices: Boost subsidies, raise taxes, and increase regulation. He should take Jerry Seinfeld’s advice to George Costanza and do the opposite of his every policy instinct.

The President again called on Congress to pass his Build Back Better, er, sorry, “Building a Better America” plan including more subsidies for green energy, electric cars, child care, housing and more. He also doubled down on his proposed billionaire’s tax—i.e., unconstitutional wealth tax—and Medicare drug price controls.

Mr. Biden again blamed inflation on the pandemic and Vladimir Putin, omitting that Democrats poured kerosene on the accelerating economic recovery last March with their $1.9 trillion spending bill. Inflation was already at 7.9% when Mr. Putin invaded Ukraine (see the nearby chart). At the same time, their policies are hampering the supply side of the economy in myriad and interconnecting ways…

What the country needs is more investment to boost the supply side of the economy, which will increase worker productivity, real wages and living standards. Mr. Biden’s plan to hammer businesses and investors with increased taxes and regulation will do the opposite.

In his speech he again lobbied for Medicare to negotiate drug prices—i.e., price caps—but this will create more pharmaceutical market distortions and suppress investment in innovation. By the way, prescription drug prices have risen a mere 2.2% in the last year. Thank competition for that, not government.

As White House aides whispered to friendly media on Monday, Mr. Biden’s Tuesday speech was really less about inflation and more about setting up the fall campaign against Republicans. He claimed the GOP has no plan for inflation, as if Democrats don’t run Congress and the White House…

Read the whole thing.

Yeah, it’s starting to feel like we’re living in a Seinfeld episode on a replay-loop … Or The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits or Groundhog Day or—

‘Don’t Underestimate Joe’s Ability to F— Things Up’ – Obama

“He’s been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past 4 decades.” – Fmr Defense Sec. Robert Gates

Joe Hoft: Biden’s Foreign Policy Is “Reverse American Exceptionalism” When It Comes to Dealing with Iran

Adam Kredo: Congress Investigates Biden Admin for Granting Visa to Iranian Ally of Terror Leader Soleimani

Brandon’s Boogeymen: Blames Bats, Vlad, and “Ultra-MAGA” for His Skyrocketing Bidenflation:

Megan Henney: Inflation soars 8.3% in April, hovering near 40-year high: Economists expected inflation to show that prices surged 8.1% in April

Gabriel Hays: Biden blasted for ‘lying’, ‘gaslighting’ speech blaming inflation on pandemic and Putin: ‘Joe Biden will blame anyone and anything for inflation’

Haisten Willis: Biden invents ‘ultra-MAGA’ as Trump substitute

VIDEO: Sen. Rick Scott hits back after Biden slams ‘ultra-MAGA agenda’

Twitchy: Elizabeth Warren hopes you’re stupid enough to believe that inflation’s happening because ‘giant corporations are price gouging & reaping record profits’

VIDEO: West Virginia coal miner: ‘Voting against the MAGA agenda helped get us where we are’

Megan Henney: HEAT IS ON – Economists have one burning question ahead of inflation data

VIDEO: Biden blames wealthiest Americans for inflation, price gouging – Former D.C. Democratic Party Chairman Scott Bolden and Gianno Caldwell weigh in after Biden’s speech on America’s inflation problem.

Jim Hoft: Outrageous: Biden Lies and Says He Brought Down the Deficit in 2021 After Adding $3 TRILLION in New Debt (VIDEO)

Jim Hoft: Bidenomics: Gas Prices Reach ANOTHER All-Time High as Congress Votes to Send $40 Billion to Ukraine and Baby Formula Shortage Worsens

Jon Michael Raasch , Isabelle McDonnell: Residents from Biden’s home state sound off on gas prices as inflation rages on: Biden will have ‘similar legacy as Jimmy Carter,’ one Delaware resident said … Regular/high-test vehicle gas formulations at the pump are bad enough, but have you seen the price of diesel? You know, that other formulation that fuels farming equipment, truckers, and lots of other production and supply chain machinery used to get our foods and other products from seed/start to market.


Ag-Web: Diesel Prices Just Hit a New Record High, Here’s Why a Diesel Shortage May Be Next

VIDEO: Economist: This is a really, really dangerous time for the American economy

VIDEO: Sean Hannity: Allow me to translate for Joe; There’s no plan to curb inflation

Kristen Altus: Electric grid operators warn of potential summer blackouts: Coal plant closures must ‘completely’ stop as nationwide summer blackouts loom, energy advocate says

Corine Gatti-Santillo: Maryland mom of 4 kids, including 10-month-old twins, is desperate for baby formula: Mom Kayla Zurenko told Fox News Digital of today’s baby formula shortage, ‘This has GOT to be addressed!’

VIDEO: Parents nationwide searching for baby formula amid massive shortages

Andrea Widburg: Sri Lanka shows what happens when we follow radical environmentalist principles

My God … I hope I can find this morning’s Fox & Friends video of Charles Payne angrily responding to Janet Yellen’s disgusting and hypocritically outrageous (and racist) economic warning about abortion that flies in the face of the twisted reality of what’s actually going on. I’ll post an UPDATE w/VIDEO here ‘if’ I come across it… KUDOS, Charles! Meanwhile, here’s my other ‘spirit animal’ Maria Bartiromo firing back at her…

VIDEO: Maria Bartiromo responds to Sec. Yellen: ‘Abortions are not good for the economy’ – Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s assertions that abortions are good for the economy and the $40 billion Ukrainian aid bill that passed the House.


If you click on the link in this guy’s Twitter tweet the Fox and Friends video clip of Charles Payne will come up…

Sen. Tim Scott had a face-to-face opportunity with the racist nincompoop Yellen to tell her off…

Tim Hains: Tim Scott: Abortion Helps The Labor Participation Rate, But “As A Guy Raised By A Black Woman In Abject Poverty, I Am Thankful To Be Here”


VIDEO: Rep. Jim Jordan: Everything costs more for families. What do Americans think of Dems sending $40 billion in aid to Ukraine?

It’s So Damn Good to be the Drug-Fueled, Naked, Non-Registered Foreign Agent Son of the Demented Crap-Midas Naked Emperor:

Daniel Chaitin: Hunter Biden and DOJ could reach settlement for ‘significant fine’: Report

Brooke Singman: Hunter Biden investigation: Grassley, Johnson demand answers on possible recusal of DOJ, Delaware officialsSenators slammed DOJ for casting ‘cloud’ of ‘serious suspicion’ over the probe

Geoffrey Dickens @ MRC/NB (4/18/22): CENSORED: How ABC, CBS, NBC Suppressed the Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal

The Professional Rage Actors:

Peter Hasson: SUPREME PROTESTS – Pro-choice group to target all 6 GOP-appointed SCOTUS justices’ homes for ‘Walk-by Wednesday’ protests: Ruth Sent Us has ramped up protests against conservative Supreme Court justices

Andrew C. McCarthy: Biden encourages people to violate the law by protesting at justices’ homes

Tyler O’Neil: ‘DEMS ‘COMPLICIT’ – Pro-choice protesters turn tables on Pelosi after she urges them to ‘mobilize’, picket Pelosi’s house, claim Democrats are ‘complicit’ in potential overhaul of Roe v. Wade: The pro-choice protesters accused Pelosi of being ‘complicit’ in the reversal of Roe v. Wade, mentioning the Democrats’ supermajority under Obama

Brie Stimson: Susan Collins calls police over pro-choice message left outside home after past violent threats

Callie Patteson: DOJ, AG silent on possibly illegal abortion protests at SCOTUS homes

Monica Showalter: The slimy hand of Soros emerges in abortion protest outrages

Houston Keene: Dem-backed bill would force Christian doctors to perform abortions against religious beliefs, advocates warn: Democrats are making another push for the Protecting Women’s Health Act

LATimes: Letters to the Editor: ‘Human life begins at conception’ is a religious belief, not a fact … Yes, because they are kitties, ponies and puppies until these vampires decide they’re human.


Nihal Krishan: Conservatives question true motives of Biden’s DHS disinformation board

Robert Spencer: At Last We’re Getting Some (Chilling) Hints About What the Disinformation Chief Wants to Do

Robert Spencer: FDA Commissioner Claims ‘Misinformation’ Is Now America’s Leading Cause Of Death

Matt Margolis: Looks Like Facebook Is Fact-Checking Pro-Life Memes Now

Don’t dare think the 2022 midterms are going to be an easy ride to victory and GOP majorities, folks, even if 100% were voting against every democrat up and down ballot in every state across the nation…

Misty Severi: Box of mail-in ballots found on LA sidewalk

D. Parker: Why aren’t we allowed to question the 2020 election?

Do you find it strange that we do not dare challenge the prevailing narrative of the ‘democratic’ party of projection and the nation’s socialist media? Especially since questioning electoral integrity is a cottage industry for themselves whenever they lose.

Why does this matter? Consider it from another point of view – why is it so important to the nation’s socialist media and the anti-liberty left? (But, we repeat ourselves.) Why have they obsessed about this for months, viciously attacking anyone who brought up the suspiciously-termed ‘Big Lie’?

Could it be they obsess over this because they are hoping for a repeat performance? In military terms, this is known as ‘preparing the battlefield.’ The Biden Regime already issued a dire warning for the fall, with this key line that shows this is all smoke and mirrors…


AFP: Elon Musk says he would lift Twitter ban on Trump


Lee Brown: Jack Dorsey now agrees that Trump should never have been banned from Twitter


Kevin Daley: The Decline of a Democratic (and Clinton) Superlawyer: Marc Elias, the left’s go-to attack dog, is laughed out of court, accused of lying to the special counsel, and on the losing end of several voting-rights cases



Twitchy: Nikki Fried decides she doesn’t need any evidence to suggest that Ron DeSantis is antisemitic or soft on antisemitism


Andrea Widburg: A Lufthansa flight crew bans all Jews from boarding one of its flights

When Lufthansa, Germany’s flag carrier airline, left New York for Frankfurt, most, but by no means all, of its passengers were Jews, with about 80% of them being Hasidic Jews bound for Budapest. Because some of the Hasidic passengers apparently refused to wear their masks, once the plane arrived in Frankfurt, Lufthansa banned all but two Jews (men whose yarmelkes were hidden under baseball caps) from boarding their flight to Hungary. This openly antisemitic conduct was bad under any circumstances, but it was especially ugly coming from a German company. After all, in 1938, a year that was the prelude to the Holocaust, the Nazis also imposed collective punishment on all Jews for the “sins” of a few…


With Nan, it’s a feature, not a bug…

The Morning Briefing: Nancy Pelosi Should Probably Stop Getting Drunk Before Work

Hair and Nails …

Jon Brown: ‘DEFINITELY IN HIDING’ – Doctors fear speaking out against Biden official’s ‘gender-affirming care’ for kids: Doctors slam Levine’s claim all agree on ‘gender-affirming care,’ fear speaking out: Several medical professionals say their colleagues are afraid to ‘challenge this narrative’

If schools want school levies to continue to pass for tax dollars they had better get ahold of the bullshit and insanity going on inside their classrooms and start education our children in the real academic subjects…

Bailee Hill: Louisiana pushes back on wokeism with new social studies curriculum: America was ‘exceptional’ from beginning: The new social studies standards were adopted back in March


The more TikTok videos I see exposed of these entities (on Libs of TikTok on Twitter) the more they cross that Rubicon of their theater of the macabre in society. These people are so easy to parody now that it’s not necessary because who can tell satire from reality now. AwakenWithJP‘s YouTube videos are typically ridiculously hilarious but this one, seriously, is very close to accurate to actual videos these teachers are shamelessly, willingly and willfully posting of themselves on the social media (owned by China) site TicTok…

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