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VOTD: The Next Time Somebody Scoffs, “Well, It’ll Be a Longshot”…

I don’t usually watch The Kentucky Derby, and if I do happen to remember when it’s on I’ll try to tune in but not for any of the whatnots before the actual race. Man! Am I glad I didn’t miss this one!

I like to start watching when they walk the horses into the racing stalls. That’s always interesting to see how the horse(s) are behaving in anticipation of the run. They know it’s coming.

And then ‘the race’ … The stall doors fly open and the horses charge out. It’s frightening to think how dangerous it is for the horses as well as the riders.

This year’s race was a huge and historic finish. I keep watching the above ariel view video over and over again in total amazement of how this unfolded for a win. Just the last minute entry was surprising enough, but the win was fantastic.

I played the above video for my track distance and cross-country runner Grandson and told him to study the jockey’s strategy and wisdom in how he ran the race. Every distance runner should learn from this.

Also, the jockey, Sonny Leon, has jockeyed in horse races at the gaming facility right down the road from me in my town here in Ohio. I ponder he won’t be back as he is obviously heading to bigger and better racetracks. Good luck to Sonny Leon and Rich Strike. Two more jewels to go for the crown.

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