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Thursday Newsfeed: Jumping the Fences…

Just an important public service announcement here, Fellow Spectators: That fence around the SCOTUS is not for SCOTUS Justices’ protection against pro-life folks. I’m just sayin’…

Tyler O’Neil: Massive fence erected around Supreme Court building and justice cancels public event amid protests: Fence suggests authorities may be concerned about threats to the court or to justices following the leaked Roe v. Wade draft opinion


VIDEO: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Roe v. Wade: Supreme Court ‘should get out of the business of writing laws’

Yes, thank you! It is not the job or responsibility of the SCOTUS court or any court, federal, state, local, to write legislation/laws. Their job is to interpret laws in-line with the US Constitution and rule accordingly. What the SCORTUS did in the early 1970s was to establish law for Roe v Wade.

One of two things can happen here.

1. Have the damn courage and fortitude to amend the US Constitution. The US Congress can write law making Roe v Wade “the law of the land” they keep insisting it is. Vote on it, pass it, and send it to the Oval Office desk for POTUS to sign it into law.

2. Or, let the states make it state law by putting it on election ballots for the people … that pro-aborts keep insisting are in a majority for abortion … to vote for it in their state(s).

It is the least a “democracy” can do for something so important. Right? And why aren’t we hearing these pro-abortion pearl-clutchers using that term, “democracy”, right now over this, hmm? Because they know the way this Roe move was done back in the 1970s was a real abomination of the democracy process. What is so hard about that? WHY are these people not doing it the right way? What, exactly, are they so afraid of? Why won’t they write and pass it as federal law? Why don’t they trust the people they claim support abortion in a majority percentage? It has been roughly half a century since Roe was debauched by the then SCOTUS. Our cultural norms have changed. When people are polled on the issue of abortion, yes, a majority are in favor of it within the first trimester. Those numbers dissolve as the poll questions go to later trimester(s) abortions and then into pre-birth/partial-birth/post-birth abortions.

Andrew Mark Miller: Roe v. Wade called into question by many Democrats, liberal scholars over the years: Several Democrats have said the ruling represents judicial overreach

Cameron Arcand: WATCH: I Went to a Roe v. Wade Protest Yesterday. Here’s What I Saw: The “mob” is not just some right-wing media buzzword that we use to further stereotypes, and I learned that reality at a Roe v. Wade protest at the Arizona State Capitol on Tuesday evening…

It felt surreal, as I’d never seen that level of hostility and anger concentrated in one location. While there certainly was some absurdity coming from the pro-life side, there honestly were not enough people counter-protesting to play the “both sides” card for this specific situation.

Rage descended onto the pro-lifers, and they became the center of attention for having the backbone to disagree publicly. Once again, this is based on my personal account of the protest, and I’m sure there are nuances to this that I did not witness…

As many of the pro-life protesters decided to exit their encirclement, the left-wing protesters started to scream so loudly that I was genuinely concerned I was going to lose my hearing. It was nothing short of an attempt to intimidate and dehumanize political dissidents…

As I pointed out above, the fence really is not intended for the pro-life folks.

Anders Hagstrom: JUSTICES TARGETED – Left-wing group calls for protests at homes of 6 conservative Supreme Court justices: Group says they will visit the homes on May 11

Carlos Garcia: PBS journalist ridiculed for bizarre description of pregnancies ‘that will then turn into children’ … Um, so pregnant moms are lying to their little kids when they tell them that it’s a baby brother or sister, and no, it can’t be a pony or a puppy?

Brandon Gillespie: Washington Post editorial board writes entire op-ed about abortion without once mentioning ‘women’: The liberal paper referred to expectant mothers as ‘pregnant people’ and ‘pregnant individuals’

VIDEO: Biden facing scrutiny after defending abortion right as ‘child of God’ … Where, exactly, is that in Scripture, holy Joe? Because I’m seeing The Sixth Commandment that tells us how God feels about killing/murdering/taking the life of another.

Andrew Stiles: HEALTH WATCH: ‘Shaken’ Liz Warren Holds Staffer’s Hand for Balance, Raising Fitness Concerns: Episode reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s collapse during failed 2016 campaign


Biden’s Ministry of Truth Hearing:

Sen. John Kennedy: “Who picked her?”

I love that Kennedy.

Twitchy: Sen. Josh Hawley takes a turn pounding DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over his hiring of Nina Jankowicz

Kelsey Koberg: ‘CANCEL THE WHOLE THING’ – GOP, Dem lawmakers sound the alarm on Biden’s ‘disinformation board’. Democratic, Republican lawmakers speak out against Biden’s disinformation board: ‘Cancel this whole thing’. Democrat Rep. Jim Himes said he is looking at the board from a ‘position of deep skepticism’

VIDEO: Lawmakers speak out about Biden’s disinformation board: ‘Questionable constitutionality’: Republican and Democrat lawmakers shared their insights on the newly-formed Disinformation Governance Board’ at the Milken Institute 2022 Global Conference.

Helen Raleigh: Biden’s disinformation board is authoritarian and reminds me of my life in China: As someone who grew up in China’s authoritarian regime, I see the parallel between Biden’s plan and China’s Central Propaganda Department

Paul Bedard: Trump goes 55-0, no endorsements lost … The Georgia GOP governor’s primary might be a problem, however.

Matt Margolis: Durham Scores Huge Victory Against Hillary Camp and Fusion GPS

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