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Tuesday Newsfeed: The Depths of “The Crazy” Always Seems to Reveal Itself Around the Holidays…

The other day I was telling my husband and older daughter about my childhood memories of Thanksgiving. The ones that stand out the most prominent from back-in-the-day are the Thanksgiving dinners we had at my Grandmother’s house (Dad’s mother’s). Our whole family was there, aunts, uncles, cousins. There indeed was a “kids’ table”, and miraculously both tables set up in Grandma’s kitchen. The counter tops were loaded with various pies and her infamous Jello salads. The long adult table held the dinner items in the center of the table. Several of those adults would make two dinner plates for themselves. Yes, two. Two. And my Aunt Betty (Dad’s younger sister) insisted on smoking her cigarettes while she was eating. Aunt Betty was notorious for this disgusting habit, and it carried into other family eating gatherings. July 4th picnic around our home’s swimming pool, grilled/BBQ with a side of smoldering nicotine. Pie with a side of smoldering nicotine. Jello with a side of smoldering nicotine. You name it and dear Aunt Betty saddled-up a cig beside it. Hell, she actually would be in the swimming pool and hanging onto the side in the deep end with a cigarette. We needed no festive holiday candles or summer sparklers with Aunt Betty around with her bright red lipstick imprinted cigarettes. Oh, yes, and the adult family members always celebrated these family holiday gatherings with lots of booze. The above photo meme was similar to our family parties.

Well, now we can panic. Maybe Nancy Pelosi can release 50 million barrels from her personal reserve…

Ben Zeisloft: Liquor Shortage Hits United States As Holidays Approach … And editor’s warning: PLEASE DON’T RESORT TO DRINKING HAND SANITIZER!

The Daily Zuby:

People Who Have Not Only Willingly Lost Their Minds But Are Coming For Your Sanity Now:

Emma Colton: Milwaukee BLM ‘militant’ says Waukesha Christmas parade attack may be start of ‘revolution’: Activist Vaun Mayes said, ‘It sounds possible that the revolution has started in Wisconsin’

Sam Dorman: Meet the ‘progressive’ prosecutor who gave Waukesha parade suspect Darrell Brooks ‘inappropriately low’ bail: Brooks was out on a $1,000 bond after allegedly running over the mother of his child earlier this month

FNC: Former Wisconsin governor: GOP needs to ‘push back’ on issue of bail reform during midterms: Scott Walker weighs in on political implications of Wisconsin Christmas parade tragedy after officials flag suspect’s criminal history

And you thought the mind-addled geriatrics who’ve made millions, on our dime and with illegal/unethical back door dealings, in the elected elites class in DC have dragged this country’s mentality down? The Squad and its fanatical communist minions are sucking this nation’s brains dry worse than zombies.

Open borders unnaturally ‘progresses’ to open prison doors

THIS woman completely lost her mind before she even started receiving a taxpayer paid salary, with stipends and benefits, so she could make life less productive, far less civil and far far less safe for Americans. Her body language reeks with her self-imposed superiority, arrogance and smugness as she shrugs-off the types of vile people now sitting in those prisons, like human traffickers. Look at her taunting shit-grin when she’s confronted…

Jonathan Swan: “there are human traffickers, child sex…”
Rashida Tlaib “Oh I know…”

She then insists he’s not considering the alleged “mentally ill and substance addicted prisoners”. Yeah, let’s let them out free into society’s streets so we can all be mowed over with their vehicles, or mass-shot/stabbed by them. This chick is beyond evil. Somebody seriously challenge her ass in the next election and use this interview (and other insane statements she’s made) as your campaign ads.

She and her ilk want the prisons emptied (and don’t think for a second that they will allow local and state jails/prisons exist) AND they demand police be defunded and abolished, replaced with “social worker” types. Like who, Rashida? Like the damn SJW thugs we’ve witnessed in the streets burning cities, looting, beating/killing people? GFY.

Chris Pandolfo: Video: Rashida Tlaib claims her bill to end federal prisons would not ‘just release everybody.’ Axios fact-checks her to her face, points out her bill will do just that

Leah Barkoukis: Watch What Happens When Tlaib Actually Confronted About Her Support for Radical Bill to Empty Federal Prisons

Here’s a hint: Tlaib and her ilk want the facilities emptied of real and dangerous criminals more than deserving of being incarcerated in order to open the prisons for the left’s political prisoners. Don’t doubt me. Look at what the Hell is going on in Washington DC right now with the J6 people who have been held, without ‘speedy’ trials for nearly a year.

Tlaib’s soulmate…

Stephen Green @ Instapundit:

Was this tweet another one of the Squads’ in-kind donations to the GOP’s mid-term elections?

Yep, they’re on a roll. BTW…

Kevin Downey, Jr: SHOCKER: Waukesha Car-Ramming Attacker Ran Over a Woman Earlier in November and Was Released on a $1,000 Bond … The same vehicle.

The left throws around that “equity” term a whole Hell of a lot. Notice? They’re banking on the probability that you foolishly define that as “equal”. Uh-huh. No, it does not mean ‘equality’. They dropped that a long time ago after, you know, actually achieving it on all ‘boxes-checked’. No, their definition of ‘equity’ is based in ‘retribution based in revenge’ for generations’ gone sins and inequalities. That is why people like Tlaib and others insist they get to decide who is incarcerated and punished for whatever they themselves view as ‘crimes’, and who is not to be, no matter their crimes. Those who dare to expose these criminals and present facts are to be attacked. And this one is the latest…

Twitchy: ‘Sorry, NOT sorry’: Lefties are PISSED at Andy Ngo for telling the truth about Waukesha thug Darrell Brooks (especially Keith Olbermann and LOL)

Bob McManus: Waukesha Christmas parade horror made possible by bail reforms

What if Darrell Brooks had been shot dead by police officers while fleeing a felony in Waukesha, Wis., Sunday afternoon — and never got near that tragic city’s Christmas parade?

Would the nation’s cities be in flames once again?

Odds are the answer is yes — and that sad but entirely reasonable projection speaks loudly to the deranged state of law enforcement in America today.

And, in particular, to the nation’s bewildering inability — make that unwillingness — to confront the chaos and lethal violence now plaguing its cities…


Stephen Kruiser: The Morning Briefing: Waukesha Attack Has REALLY Exposed Left’s Rotten Core … All violent criminals are saints and deities to the left…

Mediaite: Joe Scarborough Rips ‘Fascist Right’ Making Kyle Rittenhouse a Hero: They’re Not Doing the Second Amendment Any Favors … Really, Joe? But George Floyd is a f-ing deity?

Matt Vespa: There’s a New Lord and Savior at Catholic University…And It’s Not Jesus Christ

And then there are the little things…

Oh, the lessons our children are being taught in the 21st century. In the classroom they must learn to uphold antiquated racism. It must not die. As a child in the public school system you’re either a born racist or a born oppressed victim, and real empirical academic curriculum in factual based subjects is “white privilege” and racist. Hard work, excellence and accomplishment is under attack in this country. And now that mental illness of “equity” on whatever given reason/level spills over into kids’ extracurricular activities…

Ryan Glasspiegel: Texas youth football team kicked out of playoffs for being ‘too good’

There’s a definitive reason why the futuristic dystopian movie “Escape From New York” was in, you know, NYC, and NYC City Hall keeps proving it accurate…

Twitchy: Conservative mom calls out NYC Public Schools for making her kids eat outside on the concrete in 37-degree weather because of Covid

Jeremiah Poff: Loudoun sheriff slams school superintendent, says he knew of alleged sexual assault the day it occurred: The sheriff of Loudoun County blasted the county superintendent for allowing a student accused of a highly publicized sexual assault at a local high school to transfer schools despite knowing about the assault the day it occurred…

The government certain voters really do deserve…

Twitchy: Dem NYS Assemblyman is pleased to introduce a bill that would let insurance providers deny COVID19 treatment coverage to the unvaccinated

FINALLY! The Red Pilling of America:

Kurt Schlichter: Kyle Rittenhouse and the Red-Pilling of America

Twitchy: RED PILL?! Liberal woman shares horrifying story about a burglary in San Francisco and how she’s ‘seeing the light’ in MUST-READ thread

Twitchy: BLUE voter’s thread on how extreme and DANGEROUS Left-wing media’s race-baiting ideology is pushing him further Right an EPIC read

REVISIT – Previous Post: Sunday Newsfeeds: “This and Thats” With a Healthy Serving of Giblet Gravy

Anthony Matoria: Why do leftists believe such obvious falsehoods in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse?

Rajan Laad: Racist gang attack on Philadelphia train targeting Asians demonstrates effect of race hustlers on the minds of black youth

And now the demented “leader’, Pres. Poopy-Pants:

Robert Spencer: FJBiden: ‘If You Look at My Presidency So Far, It’s a Jobs Presidency and It’s a Small Business Presidency’ … It has, Joe. It has, but for the exactly 180 degrees OPPOSITE of those lies you spewed yesterday.

Twitchy: Don’t worry, PEASANTS! Biden admin will release a WHOLE 50 MILLION BARRELS of oil (you’ll never GUESS how many we go through a day)

Here’s hoping and praying we don’t end up needing those reserved barrels in the coming months if, God forbid, a natural disaster hits the USA. The fact remains, it should not be released for the reason it’s being released. Simply common sense would be to re-open the Keystone pipeline and make a public address that no other pipelines will be shut-off in the near future … and then watch the markets make the adjustment and gas prices fall.

My guy who knows the oil industry: “Oil prices up with the announcement of tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve” … Mission accomplished, Pres. Poopy-Pants.

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