Sunday Newsfeeds: “This and Thats” With a Healthy Serving of Giblet Gravy

The Rittenhouse ‘not guilty’ verdict and acquittal saved and solidified Americans’ right to self-defense. Yes, that is exactly what that politicized trial was about.

Twitchy: Blue-check attorney pushing to change self-defense law after Rittenhouse verdict ‘so HISTORY doesn’t repeat itself’ goes SO very wrong

Don’t believe it? Go back and listen to the prosecutors’ own words/rationalizations in their twisted weak case and their unconstitutional missives about Rittenhouse and what he should and shouldn’t have done while he was on his back on the street with several mob members vocally and literally threatening his life with a slamming skateboard and an illegally possessed gun, and kicking/stomping feet (the new age method of killing someone in the streets) … and choosing his “right to remain silent” after the incident … not to mention their illegal practice of withholding of and tampering with evidence. As to concrete evidence of Rittenhouse being a “white supremacist”, that’s a whole toilet-full of recycled ‘nothing burger’…

Rick Moran: How a Hand Signal Allowed the Left to Define Kyle Rittenhouse as a White Supremacist … I’ve been a fan of watching movies and series period pieces of centuries ago English monarchies. What was constant was the ability for the powers that be, even outside the royal ruler to the religious groups and political class, was to claim without evidence that somebody was a traitor (hieratic in the religious/personal property battle … see Salem witch trials … cases) and was brutally imprisoned and tortured/starved, or even inhumanely executed, and at the very least “canceled” by way of stripping them and their family of everything in their possession. I’m sorry but this really is the mental illness this fascist political movement is heading. The communist revolution in this nation is firmly based in those same revolutionary tactics against the resistant masses we saw in Russia and in China, for example. And little more than mid-century ago Cuba … and even less distant North Korea and Venezuela.

Jim Hoft: Virginia Cop Wants His Job Back After He was Doxxed and Fired for Donating to the Kyle Rittenhouse Defense Fund

AP: Hundreds protest Rittenhouse acquittal across US … Uh-huh.

Recognize this turkey physically hauled out and propped up in the Chicago street to wave the communist banner?

Chris Donaldson: Leftists in Chicago call for ‘communist revolution’ at Jesse Jackson-led protest of Rittenhouse verdict

Israel365: PALESTINIAN FLAGS WAVE AT ANTI-RITTENHOUSE PROTESTS IN BROOKLYN, NY: The connection between the Rittenhouse ruling and the Palestinians was perplexing to many… … Yeah, it’s Orwellian on a whole new level.

Twitchy: ‘WTF is wrong with you?!’ Pedro Pascal DRAGGED for honoring child rapist and domestic abuser (did he even WATCH the Rittenhouse trial?!) … You know, in all the caterwauling over Rittenhouse’s legitimate reason for being in Kenosha and his gun possession (especially at the protest as if he’d pre-meditated), I’ve yet to here the city residence affiliation of the three thugs he shot and the one, who is a convicted felon’s, possession, and reasoning of such, of a gun at that same “protest”. Hmm?

The amazingly spot-on and prescient The Babylon Bee weight in…

TBB: Rittenhouse, Sandmann Agree To Share Joint Custody Of CNN … I hope Rittenhouse sues the Hell out of a whole bunch of these media, and political, a-holes.

Dom Calicchio: MSNBC host blasts GOP ‘White supremacists’ after Rittenhouse verdict: ‘I find these people disgusting’: Tiffany Cross said she took issue with U.S. Reps. Gaetz and Gosar offering to hire Rittenhouse as a congressional intern, a report said … The Rittenhouse “To Sue List” will be lengthy.

I just don’t know how many “big lies” the left can inflict on our nation’s intelligence and psyche, but they should face lawsuit(s)…

Rebecca Downs: Since Deleted JMU Instagram Video: Rittenhouse Charged with ‘Taking Away Two Beautiful Black Lives’

Twitchy: Mark Ruffalo says ‘Anthony and JoJo’ were more afraid of an armed Kyle Rittenhouse than he was of them … Poor sweet pedophile and racist JoJo? This twat-waffle is a mid-level actor and an idiot.

A.J. Kaufman: ESPN Host Says Jacob Blake Was Killed, No Correction From Network … The mob mentality “trial by court of public opinion” via social media lost bigly with the Rittenhouse case.

VIDEO: Lara Logan: Big Tech is ‘not winning anymore’ after Rittenhouse verdict


The other murder acquittal that happened the day of the Rittenhouse acquittal verdict the MSM really must not want Americans to know about because they’ve yet to cover it…

Kemberlee Kaye @ Legal Insurrection: Another self defense case, Andrew Coffee found not guilty on 5 counts, including murder, attempted murder – But you won’t hear this on CNN … As I read into this I couldn’t help but have the feeling of a ‘bad call’ by the police that entered the residence. The whole ‘flash-bang’ and identifying shout-out by the police is simply and scientifically flawed, and horrifically so. If they’re coming in in the middle of the night or ass-crack of dawn when the suspect is asleep. If you’re a parent and have had a home (falling out of bed or vomiting/coughing) and kids (crying and calling out) you know that a sudden waking noise and a verbal shout to somebody trying to wake and make sense of what’s exactly going on is not an instant process. That, for me, would indeed be worthy of self-defense consideration. You’re awakened to an unknown situation … could be the police but it could also be a lying group of criminals carrying out a home invasion and making the residents doubt their use of defending themselves. However, that’s as far as my ‘giving a benefit of a doubt’ extends in this situation. Why cops were busting in on this convicted felon, illegally in possession of a gun, at that time of day in order to grant themselves the path of least resistance is a whole ‘nother thing on the suspect. And here we have another case that now sets legal precedent for anyone charged with resisting arrest and/or the killing a police officer in the course of an attempted arrest.

Across the Panned-Demic Globe:

CBS News: More arrests in Netherlands riots one night after “orgy of violence” over COVID-19 restrictions … The global elites using this virus for more and more power-usurping yokes around societies’ necks is rotting away.

ABC News: Austria locks down the unvaccinated amid a surge of COVID-19: Austria has taken what its leader called the “dramatic” step of implementing a nationwide lockdown for unvaccinated people who haven’t recently had COVID-19

DM: Thousands of ‘freedom protesters’ gather in 13 Australian cities in coordinated day of chaos against Covid-19 vaccinate mandates – as defiant Melburnians fed-up with months of violent rallies storm the CBD to oppose them

The Sun: EUROPE IN CRISIS – Italian police clash with anti-lockdown protesters as violent street battles rage in Austria and Netherlands: The Italian government is currently reviewing stricter measures for the unvaccinated…

Graig Graziosi: Fauci suggests boosters may be required to be considered fully vaccinated … And there will be no set number of booster doses, and they are now being contemplated to becoming mandated.

The Hill: Fauci says babies and toddlers could be eligible for COVID-19 vaccine by early 2022 … Sure does sound like some ongoing experiment, doesn’t it?

Emma Colton: DeSantis bill signed in Brandon forces companies to slam brakes on COVID vaccine mandates: Florida lawyer representing health care workers called the vaccine guidelines a ‘temporary victory’

Ed Driscoll @ Instapundit: The public is catching on to the Biden administration’s incoherent and contradictory Covid response…

Peter Aitken: New Chinese-media Peng Shuai video ‘insufficient,’ WTA maintains threat to pull tournament: Chinese media posted several videos and pictures of Peng over the past four days

Ryan Gaydos: Novak Djokovic on Australian Open plans after COVID vax mandate: ‘We’ll just have to wait and see’: Tennis Australia CEO said vaccinations will be required for players during the Australian Open

Brad Dress: Space Force general: ‘We’re not as advanced as the Chinese or the Russians’ with hypersonic missiles

Oh, and nothing to see here…

Jim Hoft: NY Times Breaks This News One Year After Election: Hunter Biden Helped Facilitate Sale of World’s Richest Cobalt Mines from US Company to Chinese Communists

My latest awesomely “New Spirit Animal”…

Twitchy: Holy SH*T, she went there! Former Trump admin and filmmaker Amanda Milius DECIMATES David Brooks and all leftist media in LEGENDARY thread

Turkey Week, Y`all:

Mark Ellis: A Conservative Thanksgiving: Despite the Biden presidency and all its onerous permutations, conservatives do have things to be thankful for…

And in this leftist-imposed era of “Make Everything About Race”, I will abide and play along…

Yesterday old Joe Biden pardoned two turkeys, “Peanut Butter and Jelly”

This morning Fox and Friends Weekend pardoned two turkeys too…

3 comments on “Sunday Newsfeeds: “This and Thats” With a Healthy Serving of Giblet Gravy

  1. […] REVISIT – Previous Post: Sunday Newsfeeds: “This and Thats” With a Healthy Serving of Giblet Gravy […]


  2. This verdict of this brave jury is the first salvo in the battle against the lying left in this country.

    Their lies are beginning to wear thin.

    I make it a point that anyone who did not scream out against the violence in our cities allowed by the left mayors and governors loses all the right to have one word to say to me of criticism against Rittenhouse.

    This first step of this brave jury, coupled with the news, finally, of all of the lies of the left against Trump coming out now, coupled with the MSM lies – it is OUR side’s time. It is the beginning of the counter revolution and we will do the winning now.

    It is the lies of the “Plight of the Palestinians” and the fear we must face of the mythical dangerous “white supremacists” and the need for socialist reforms – it’s all the beginning of the diseases of the left coming to a head.

    The left must be obliterated, whether it is Communism in Cuba, or the creeps of the Marx Sisters and their allies in the left media and their useful idiots in the democrat party and the real idiots of the Republican party who give them oxygen, they all must be swept out of power.

    Today a brave jury of 12 stood up against the onslaught., Tomorrow Americans will begin to see the light more and more.

    We must not allow Congress to pass any form of that “For the People Act”. Stop that in its tracks.

    The left must lose big time from now on. No More!


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