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Kyle Rittenhouse “Acquitted” On All Counts

FNC: NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS: Kyle Rittenhouse ACQUITTED after jury deliberates for 26 hours in tense trial watched across America

One thing is blindingly clear, there are several people in the MSM who should never be seated on a jury in this country…

Stephen Kruiser: Mainstream Media Found GUILTY on All Counts of Lying About Kyle Rittenhouse

Dan Gainor: Kyle Rittenhouse trial was case of media throwing out ethics to throw the book at teen: If fake news were a crime, most legacy media outlets would spend a lot more time in court than Rittenhouse

Twitchy: Drew Holden’s masterful thread revisiting Kyle Rittenhouse coverage conveniently doubles as ‘a list of potential defendants in upcoming defamation lawsuits’

Matt Margolis: [UPDATED] ‘Angry’ Joe Biden Reacts to Rittenhouse Verdict

Greg Jarrett: Kyle Rittenhouse verdict makes sense if you ignore biased trial coverage on MSNBC, CNN: MSNBC convicted Rittenhouse in the court of public opinion. But in a Kenosha court of law, the jury had the final say

These people are full-on fascist liars the likes of which would make the Nazis proud…

Twitchy: DCCC Chair’s first statement on Rittenhouse verdict contains bald-faced lies about Jacob Blake (and the ‘corrected version’ is still hot garbage)

Matt Margolis: Is This the Most Ridiculous Reaction to the Rittenhouse Verdict?!

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