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“Death by COVID”: Deaths That are NOT Really COVID Virus Deaths but Will Be/Are Being Counted as COVID Deaths

“We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin … This is not about freedom or personal choice!” – Joe Biden (9-9-21)

When an alleged president of a Constitutional republic believes he is a king, it is not just the body that dies, but the freedom and liberty of our own bodies…

Ronn Blitzer: Nebraska Gov. Ricketts rails against vaccine mandate: Biden ‘pretty ignorant of what’s going on’: Ricketts said he is planning to take legal action against the mandate

Remember now, old Joe said all federal employees were mandated to get the COVID vaccines … However, the “except these employees” list is growing…

Darragh Roche: Members of Congress and Their Staff Are Exempt From Biden’s Vaccine Mandate: President Joe Biden’s new vaccine mandates for federal employees don’t apply to members of Congress or those who work for Congress or the federal court system.

Steven Nelson: White House clarifies USPS workers will be subject to vaccine mandate … Mmm-hmmm, until the USPS workers threaten to strike. Yes, they can.

Tara Golshan: Biden Expands Vaccine Push With Mandates For Private Sector

Peter Aitken: MANDATE MUSCLE: America’s top doc puts vaccine exemptions on notice as outrage over Biden’s controversial move grows. Surgeon general: US to ‘monitor’ whether vaccine exemptions being used properly. Murthy said business have ‘welcomed’ the mandate and other measures. … I think he means those ‘exemptions’ being taken by private citizens, for whatever reason(s) and private businesses (surely no worries on the China CCP ass-kissing corporations).

Nikolas Lanum: New Yorkers react to Biden’s vaccine mandate: ‘It’s going against everybody’s will’ – One man said he wasn’t angry with the unvaccinated. He just thought they were idiots … Just an obvious aside here, you know damn well anyone in NYC that agrees with the vaccine mandates are justified and “aren’t bad” would not be saying the same things were this a Pres. Trump mandate.

Glenn Greenwald Substack: The ACLU, Prior to COVID, Denounced Mandates and Coercive Measures to Fight Pandemics: In a New York Times op-ed this week, the group completely reversed its views, arguing vaccine mandates help civil liberties and bodily autonomy “is not absolute.”

Stephen Sorace: NY hospital puts baby deliveries on hold as maternity workers quit over COVID-19 vaccine mandate: Lewis County General Hospital will ‘pause’ baby deliveries after Sept. 24 … Babies and even women are going to die. You know damn well the MSM would be blaming this on Trump were he in the White House and making this shit happen.

Cassandra Fairbanks: Kentucky Health Care Workers Refused to Comply With Vaccine Mandate, Forced Hospital to Fire Them (VIDEOS)

Joseph A. Wulfsohn: Liberal media embraces Biden’s COVID power grab after rejecting Trump’s threat to override governors last year: Political commentator Drew Holden calls out CNN, AP, Washington Post in his latest viral thread

Ben Dutka: Alaska Governor Drops 25th Amendment On Biden – Dunleavy Claims Joe Can’t Enforce His “Unenforceable” Mandates

With the exception of Australia, who has returned to its ‘penal colony’ days with its beyond draconian mandates and Gestapo measures on civilians with police forced backed by military, the rest of the civilized nations are not doing what Australia is doing, and now the U.S./Biden is planning to do. And those other nations are using the demonized drugs to treat COVID patients in order to shorten and soften their illness, and in many cases perhaps even save their lives. Not in the U.S.. I asked one of my Dr. daughters yesterday what her hospital is doing for COVID patients therein. She said they get hooked up to the ventilator (when needed), and get IV fluids to keep hydrated and also doses of steroids … and maybe one of the “new drugs” that are whispered about. Pretty much it…

Reuters: Biden to announce new COVID-19 steps ahead of U.N. meeting, surgeon general says

Jazz Shaw @ HotAir: BoJo scraps immunity passports for UK

There had been consistent rumors circulating across the pond that if the United Kingdom couldn’t get their surge in COVID cases under control, extended or additional lockdowns might be coming over the winter. Also, there were plans being drawn up to require a vaccine passport system for people wishing to go out to bars, restaurants, or nightclubs. Much as in the United States, these suggestions were the subjects of hot debate. As of this weekend, the UK has achieved some progress in bringing its numbers down, with a seven-day average of 26,400 new cases per day. That’s considerably lower than the 43,000 average they saw on July 1st, but still far above the rate measured at the beginning of June when they were averaging barely 2,600 new cases per day. Without a firm benchmark to fall back on in terms of government policy, a decision had to be made and it appears that Boris Johnson has made the call. There will be no vaccine passport requirement over the winter and the government does not “anticipate” any new lockdown measures. (Reuters)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will this week set out his plans to manage the COVID-19 pandemic in the winter months, announcing a decision to scrap the introduction of vaccine passports and steps to end some emergency powers.

Johnson, under fire from some in his governing Conservative Party for raising taxes to fix a health and social care crisis, looks set to try to soothe those critics by ditching plans to introduce passports despite an increasing number of coronavirus cases.

Speaking to broadcasters, Health Minister Sajid Javid said he did not anticipate more lockdowns and that the vaccine passports would not be introduced in England, as the government depends instead on vaccines and testing to defend the public.

Meanwhile, the JoBi administration is still tossing about with “vaxports”.

And this ain’t going over well … at all…

Kevin Downey, Jr: White House: Biden’s Vaccine Mandates Are for You, Not the Hundreds of Thousands of Illegals Pouring Over the Border … BTW, I think we might be including the tens of thousands of Afghn “refugees” the US government swept out of Afghanistan, but not our own citizens and/or our loyal Afghan allies civilian groups are currently struggling to save. No, they’re being told they cannot land anywhere the US has control of the airport because those folks aren’t being “properly vetted”. Go ahead. Laugh your collective asses off.

The other day old Joe Biden exclaimed “our patience is wearing thin”. Huh, curious, ya old fart.

VIDEO: Bill Bennet: “I mean, “Our patience is wearing thin”? Who the Hell does he think he is?!? … What kind of country are we living in here??”

Twitchy: ‘You think YOUR patience is running out? LOL, f**k YOU.’ EPIC thread from the ‘unvaccinated’ kicks SO much a*s and takes ALL the names

Hannah Cox: The Horrific Outcomes of the Jacobson Case You’re Using to Justify Biden’s Vaccine Mandates: Biden is about to find out that he’ll have as hard of a time eradicating freedom and personal choice in this country as trying to eradicate the coronavirus.

Tristan Justice: Sweetgreen Controversy Is Another Bizarre Case Of Hostility Towards Health And Fitness: If the COVID crisis taught us anything, it’s that an America addicted to carbs, sugar, and Netflix could maybe use a bit more so-called fat-phobia.

Peter Weber: ‘Vaxenfreude’ and the shame around unvaccinated COVID-19 victims: Politico’s Tyler Weyant argued Tuesday night that people should resist any sort of “vaxenfreude,” which he defines as “the joy the vaccinated feel when the unvaccinated get COVID-19.” … And this is where we are. If you’re old enough, do you recall the outrage from these same people when anyone suggested somebody who had contracted HIV-AIDS through unprotected sex, especially gay sex, or intravenous drug abuse was brought up? I do. I also recall these same people getting outraged when the Red Cross strongly thought they should have gays blood tested for HIV-AIDS before they could donate.

Twitchy: ‘Think you meant TERRIFIED’: Glenn Kessler DRAGGED for being ‘impressed’ after having to show his ID and vaccine card EVERYWHERE in NYC … “Impressive”, huh? Bet Kessler from the WaPoo has opposite thoughts on voter ID, though. Whoopsie, Glenn…

Robby Soave: CNN’s Leana Wen: The Unvaccinated Should Not Be Allowed To Leave Their Homes: “You have the option to not get vaccinated if you want,” said the doctor. “But then you can’t go out in public.”

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