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Time To Bust the Hell Out of the Tech Overlords

And for decades the left/dems insisted the oil companies were bad.
Took these dictators far less time to do considerably more damage to this country.

Rachel Bovard: Twitter Has Too Much Power Over America, And It Needs To End: It’s not enough to kick conservatives off of Twitter. Narrative control is the goal. Any alternative, any other avenue of ‘freer’ speech, must be shut down.

Stephen Kruiser: Congress Needs to Slay Big-Tech’s 3-Headed Monster

Marcy Gordon: Twitter, Facebook CEOs vow election action; GOP touts curbs: As the CEOs of Twitter and Facebook gave assurances of vigorous action against election disinformation, Republicans at a Senate hearing Tuesday pounded the social media companies over political bias, business practices and market dominance, laying the ground for curbs on their long-held legal protections… … And false gods know how those tech giants love them some China Joe Biden.

Jonathan Turley: “All Speech Is Not Equal”: Biden Taps Anti-Free Speech Figure For Transition Lead On Media Agency

sundance: Zuckerberg and Feinstein Discuss The U.S. “Ministry of Truth” Program…

Bet China DiFi doesn’t think these folks doing the doxxing and silencing are ‘dangerous’…

Jordan Davidson: Michigan Democrat Doxxes Children Of Wayne County Election Official

CR: Texas A&M thanks account targeting, publishing information of conservative students

Bryan Preston: The Deplatforming of the American Mind

After a century or two of relative tolerance of competing ideas in our free republic, a republic which in turn spread freedom to countless other lands and peoples, we’re seeing disturbing signs such as WordPress’s apparent deplatforming of the Conservative Treehouse. This should not be happening, not in the United States anyway. But it is. Big Tech is growing rapidly into Big Brother. Twitter just owned up to being “wrong” about crushing that Hunter Biden story — after it very likely tipped the election to Biden. Twitter is sorry, not sorry about that….

There are Americans making lists now, to name and destroy other Americans over political disagreements. CNN, the Washington Post, AOC, the blue-checkmark mob on Twitter…they’re the baddies now whether they realize it or not. They want freedom of speech and thought but only for those who agree with them at the moment. Agreement with them is always subject to change with no notice. They cannot abide the competition of ideas. This doesn’t end well. It never ever does….

But it all took more than 200 years of suffering.

If today’s deplatformers do win, and they might for a while, where does freedom go? Deplatforming in the networked world can have catastrophic effects right down to the ability to make a living.

How long before today’s list-makers find themselves toxic and facing their own woke judgment?…

Tyler O’Neil: Twitter CEO’s Shocking Excuse for Censoring NY Post on Biden While Allowing NYT’s Trump Tax Returns

Christopher Bedford: Science As God: Tech Hearing And COVID Show Us Exactly Where Censorship Is Headed

Jordan Davidson: Zuckerberg Repeatedly Refuses To Provide Information About Censorship Coordination With Other Big Tech Companies

USAToday: Parler, MeWe, Gab gain momentum as conservative social media alternatives in post-Trump age

Meanwhile, this is what happens when one of the wealthiest business tycoons turns over his prized cable news media outlet to his spoiled-assed sons and their leftist wives, and RINO former congressman Paul Ryan…

Oh, yeah, and something to chew on…

Mike Howard: Will Biden Kill the Space Program? So close, yet now so far away.

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